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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6448

Chapter 6448 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gomori, P., 1969:
Some problems of the micro circulation of the kidney

Kassner J.; Kuryszko J., 1980:
Some problems of the morphometric analysis of mouse oocytes

Bondarev, G.I.; Geller, G.M.; Solomatina, K.Z., 1976:
Some problems of the organization of the nutrition of the builders of the baikal amur railroad trunk line russian sfsr ussr

Kosmynin, G.E.; Yarotskii, L.S., 1977:
Some problems of the patho morphology of uro genital schistosomiasis

Tsinzerling V.A.; Murina E.A.; Aksenov O.A.; Berezina N.V., 1985:
Some problems of the pathogenesis and pathomorphology of viral bacterial associations in children who died from meningococcal infection

Korsun, V.F.; Eremenko, S.A., 1975:
Some problems of the pathogenesis and therapy of tinea versicolor

Dzhavakhishvili, A.A.; Chichinadze, A.D.; Dolidze, E.I.; Grigalashvili, N.A., 1978:
Some problems of the pathogenesis and treatment of hypo sexuality

Fazlyeva R.M.; Saltykov B.B.; Khusainova F.S.; Sakaeva M.F., 1986:
Some problems of the pathogenesis of acute renal insufficiency in hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Klibaner, M.I.; Nuzhnyi, V.P., 1978:
Some problems of the pathogenesis of catecholamine damage to the myo cardium

Tikhonov, M.A.; Kondakov, A.V.; Babushkin, V.I.; Arkhangel'skii, D.Y. ; Gavrilyuk, D.N., 1978:
Some problems of the pathogenesis of respiratory disorders resulting from exposure to positive linear accelerations combined with pure oxygen breathing

Kukes, V.G.; Volkov, R.Y., 1977:
Some problems of the pharmacodynamics pharmaco kinetics and use of cardiac glycosides

Roger, F.H., 1975:
Some problems of the problem oriented medical record. Report on an experiment

Molkhov-Zh ; Tsoneva-Pencheva, L., 1976:
Some problems of the prophylaxis and control of suicides in bulgaria

Motokizawa F., 1980:
Some problems of the standard olfactory test using a strip of filtration paper

Dmitriev, V.Yu, 1978:
Some problems of the study of changes in the taxonomic variability of fossil organisms

Terekhov, N.T.; Demidyuk, P.F., 1977:
Some problems of the surgical interventions in patients with hemophilia

Karapetyan S.G.; Petrov V.P., 1985:
Some problems of the surgical treatment of gunshot fractures of tubular bones in angola

Kokotov Y.A., 1986:
Some problems of the thermodynamic description of soils as complex ion exchange systems

Ryabov, S.I.; Stavskaya, V.V., 1987:
Some problems of the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritides

Tashliev, A.O., 1978:
Some problems of the turkmen ssr ussr fauna conservation

Gazenko O.G.; Verigo V.V., 1979:
Some problems of the use of mathematical methods in the assessment of patho physiological changes in the body

Antanyuk V.S.; Haluytski A.P., 1980:
Some problems of the zoo technical science in the light of up to date requirements

Harris, L., 1976:
Some problems of therapeutic trials in hypertension

Chaleva E.; Dimitrova R.; Donchev K., 1985:
Some problems of toxicologic evaluation of alfalfa silage and haylage

Yaremenko, N.N.; Orlova, I.S., 1978:
Some problems of trace element metabolism during low calorie nutrition

Alekseev, G.K.; Gogin, E.E.; Konyaev, B.V.; Nesterenko-Yu, B.; Zabrodskii, V.V.; Sablin, V.M.; Kryukov, M.V.; Min'kova, T.I.; Surnin-Yu, N.; Smolyannikov, A.A., 1977:
Some problems of transfusion therapy in cardiogenic shock

Ivanova, N.I.; Gabrielyan, N.I.; Nikitin, V.S., 1977:
Some problems of tri fluoro styrene transformation in test animals

Yurtsev, B.A., 1978:
Some problems of typology of steppe communities in the northeastern asian ussr

Bovkis, E.N., 1978:
Some problems of using irradiated pollen in genetics and selection of soft winter wheat triticum aestivum

Pavel, U.; Parna, K.; Parna, E.; Parts, V., 1978:
Some problems of veterinary ontogenetics

Kovalenko, G.I.; Babaev, D.; Falik, R.A., 1977:
Some problems on losses of cottonseed germination

Kiryu S.; Fukuda Z., 1984:
Some problems on size of cultivated land by creation of farmland use right and policies in future

Stach H.; Cugier B.; Hildebrandt S., 1987:
Some problems on the role of sex and unfitness for work

Christe, R.; Lhote, E.; Gassmann, M.; Grange, M.F., 1977:
Some problems posed by the linguistic introduction in the analysis of troubles of articulation and speech

Rakhimdzhanov A.R.; Gafurov B.G.; Matkhalikov A.F., 1986:
Some problems regarding the pathogenesis of day time and night time cerebral strokes

Giavelli G.; Rossi O., 1984:
Some problems related to an environmental factual data base the case aeolian project/

Cherkesov, A.M., 1978:
Some problems related to biology of cirsium macrocephalum

Sanotskii, I.V.; Fomenko, V.N.; Sal'nikova, L.S.; Sheveleva, G.A., 1977:
Some problems related to experimental research of the embryotropic action of industrial chemical compounds

Bachelet G., 1982:
Some problems related to secondary production estimates example of the bivalves macoma balthica and scrobicularia plana

Overgaard, J., 1987:
Some problems related to the clinical use of thermal isoeffect doses

Fedotov P.I.; Chistyakov V.F.; Kulakov Y.V.; Gerasimenko M.I., 1981:
Some problems related to the pathogenesis clinical picture and course of acute bacterial pneumonias

Kanaya H.; Ikeda K.; Abe K., 1980:
Some problems related to the variation in radon concentration in ground water in the ground upheaval area of kawasaki japan

Michalek, K.; Capek, P., 1976:
Some problems relating to the production of seeds in sterile and fertile plants lycopersicum esculentum

Innes J.M., 1980:
Some problems with conceptual replications of affiliative behavior more than meets the eye

Beppu, K.; Toda, M.J., 1976:
Some problems with respect to bait trap collections of drosophilid flies

Danyi, O.; Trnovsky, J.; Simuth, J.; Zelinka, J., 1978:
Some problems with studies of rna synthesis with radioactive precursors within streptomyces aureofaciens

Promyslov, M.S. ; Kapytovskaya, I.N., 1977:
Some procedural aspects of the estimation of gamma amino butyric acid in the brain

Zubenko T.F.; Sultanova I.G.; Zakirov M.Z., 1979:
Some procedures of storing the fungus rhizopus microsporus uzlt 1 a lipase producer

Pivec J.; Kucera J., 1986:
Some processes of the transformation of solar radiation in a spruce monoculture and in a clear cutting area on certain days

Oppong, E.N.; Yebuah, N.M., 1981:
Some production traits of the West African Dwarf goat

Rys R.; Strzetelski J., 1986:
Some productive aspects of protein and fat protection from degradation in the rumen including npn utilization

Freeman, B.M.; Muller, C.J.; Kepner, R.E.; Webb, A.D., 1977:
Some products of the metabolism of ethyl 4 oxo butanoate by saccharomyces fermentati in the film form on the surface of simulated flor sherry

Van-Den, T.; Raymundo, L.C.; Mendoza, E.M.T., 1982:
Some products of winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus lip oxygenase ec catalyzed reaction a note

Yano, S.; Katsuyama, Y.; Watanabe, K., 1986:
Some profiles of transmucosal potential difference in rat stomach determined in situ with special reference to effects of timoprazole a hydrogen potassium atpase inhibitor

Engel, A.; Dubochet, J.; Kellenberger, E., 1976:
Some progress in the use of a scanning transmission electron microscope for the observation of bio macro molecules

Seth J.N.; Ghildiyal P.C., 1983:
Some promising apple hybrids developed at chaubattia india

Saparniyazov Zh, 1980:
Some promising medicinal plants found in the kyzyl kum desert near the aral sea ussr

Onishi H., 1981:
Some properties and developmental alteration of protein synthesizing activity of rough microsomes and free ribosomes in rat brain

Yamamoto, T.; Ohata, K.I., 1977:
Some properties and electron microscopy of tomato spotted wilt virus isolated from blackberry lily belamcanda chinensis

Yamashita, S.; Doi, Y.; Yora, K., 1977:
Some properties and intra cellular appearance of rice waika virus

Nartikova V.F.; Egorova T.P.; Rets E.V.; Paskhina T.S., 1986:
Some properties and kinetic parameters of interaction between human high and low molecular weight kininogens

Hisayama T.; Takayanagi I., 1986:
Some properties and mechanisms of thymol induced release of calcium from the calcium store in guinea pig tenia cecum

Matsumoto T.; Okitani A.; Kitamura Y.; Kato H., 1983:
Some properties and post mortem changes of cysteine protease inhibitors from rabbit skeletal muscles

Nesterova, L.Y. ; Donskaya, N.G.; Shadyro, L.L.; Grakovskaya, L.K., 1978:
Some properties and stability of tetracycline hydro chloride tablets

Maidanyuk A.V.; Vasil'ev A.N.; Parkhomets T.I.; Kucherenko N.E., 1982:
Some properties and sub cellular distribution of cyclic amp phospho di esterase and adenylate cyclase activity in rat brain gray matter

Nguyen, J.; Feierabend, J., 1978:
Some properties and sub cellular localization of xanthine dehydrogenase ec in pea leaves

Komoszynski M.; Maslowski P.; Maslowska H., 1985:
Some properties and surface localization of a magnesium atpase in microsomal vesicles of wheat triticum vulgare cultivar kalibria seedlings

Osborne, N.N., 1979:
Some properties and the axonal transport of choline acetyl transferase ec in nervous tissue of the snail helix pomatia

Joubert F.J.; Taljaard N., 1979:
Some properties and the complete primary structures of 2 reduced and s carboxymethylated poly peptides from dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae jamesons mamba venom

Okada, Y.; Kubota, Y.; Koizumi, K.; Hizukuri, S.; Ohfuji, T.; Ogata, K., 1988:
Some properties and the inclusion behavior of branched cyclodextrins

Dobritsa, A.P.; Mikhailov, A.A.; Zarubina, A.P.; Zharikova, G.G.; Vanyushin, B.F., 1975:
Some properties of 1 p plus f bacterio phage of bacillus brevis var gb and its nucleic acid

Maeno M.; Ishida M.; Otsuka K.; Suzuki K., 1985:
Some properties of 2 3 bisphosphoglycerate phosphatase from rabbit masseters

W.J.M.; Wertheimer S.J.; Eslami B.; Figuereido J.C.; Goswami B.B., 1985:
Some properties of 2 5a oligoadenylate binding nucleolytic activities in gel filtered rabbit reticulocyte lysates

Pooley, H.M.; Shockman, G.D.; Higgins, M.L.; Porres-Juan, J., 1972:
Some properties of 2 autolytic defective mutants of streptococcus faecalis

Krakenaite R.P.; Glemzha A.A., 1983:
Some properties of 2 forms of alpha glucosidase from saccharomyces cerevisiae ii

Hucklesby, D.P.; Dalling, M.J.; Hageman, R.H., 1972:
Some properties of 2 forms of nitrite reductase from corn zea mays scutellum

Petersen, H., 1978:
Some properties of 2 high gradient extractors for soil micro arthropods and an attempt to evaluate their extraction efficiency

Jones, A.T.; Young, B.R., 1978:
Some properties of 2 isolates of tobacco rattle virus obtained from peony and narcissus plants in new zealand

Turner, J.R.G., 1970:
Some properties of 2 locus systems with epistatic selection

Bhargava, B., 1977:
Some properties of 2 strains of watermelon mosaic virus

Page, M.A.; Tubbs, P.K., 1978:
Some properties of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a synthase ec from ox liver

Nutter, R.L.; Bullas, L.R.; Schultz, R.L., 1970:
Some properties of 5 new salmonella bacterio phages

Wollgiehn, R.; Lerbs, S.; Munsche, D., 1978:
Some properties of a 500000 molecular weight rna from chloroplasts of nicotiana rustica

Gochnauer, T.A., 1970:
Some properties of a bacterio phage from bacillus larvae

Sawamura T.; Nakada H.; Fujii Kuriyama Y.; Tashiro Y., 1980:
Some properties of a binding protein specific for asialo glyco proteins and its distribution in rat liver microsomes

Harper, F.; Lamy, F.; Calvert, R., 1978:
Some properties of a calcium ion and or magnesium ion requiring nucleoside di phosphatases and tri phosphatase associated with the membranes of rat pancreatic zymogen granules

Furukawa, K.; Kodama, T.; Yokoi, T.; Mochizuki, Y., 1987:
Some properties of a cell line and its clones established from the hepatocellular carcinoma induced in the rat by 2 acetylaminofluorene effect of dexamethasone

Jutila, J.W.; Henry, J.E.; Anacker, R.L.; Brown, W.R., 1970:
Some properties of a crystalline array virus isolated from the grasshopper melanoplus bivattatus orthoptera acrididae

Elahinia S.A.; Habili N., 1984:
Some properties of a cucumber mosaic virus isolate from khuzistan iran

Kuwite C.A.; Purcifull D.E., 1982:
Some properties of a cucumber mosaic virus strain isolated from winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus in florida usa

Yasukochi, Y.; Masters, B.S.S., 1976:
Some properties of a detergent solubilized nadph cytochrome c cytochrome p 450 reductase ec purified by biospecific affinity chromatography

Rokosu A.A.; Edeko J.O., 1981:
Some properties of a dnase isolated from aspergillus niger

Klut M.E.; Antia N.J.; Bisalputra T., 1984:
Some properties of a fluoride resistant mutant of the marine dinoflagellate amphidinium carterae

De-Maertelaer, V.; Galand, P., 1977:
Some properties of a g o model of the cell cycle part 2 natural constraints on the theoretical model in exponential growth conditions

Chang, C.K.; Clark, A.G.; Fieldes, A.; Pound, S., 1981:
Some properties of a glutathione s transferase ec from the larvae of galleria mellonella

Bobrzecka, K.; Konieczny, L.; Rybarska, J.; Krzeminska, E., 1977:
Some properties of a glyco protein with calcium binding ability found in human biological fluids in macro globulinemia immuno globulin m

Wurm, H.; Kenner, T., 1978:
Some properties of a high molecular vaso pressor substance generated in human serum by incubation

Obi S.K.C.; Odibo F.J.C., 1984:
Some properties of a highly thermostable alpha amylase from a thermoactinomyces sp

Lyubetskaya Z.A.; Rudyuk V.F.; Mirolyubskaya S.V.; Maslova N.F., 1979:
Some properties of a lipolytic plant enzyme

Harmon, J.M.; Taber, H.W., 1977:
Some properties of a membrane dna complex isolated from bacillus subtilis

Morosoli R.; Lusena C.V., 1982:
Some properties of a mitochondrial endo nuclease from yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Norden, D.A.; Matanganyidze, C., 1977:
Some properties of a mitochondrial malic enzyme ec from the flight muscle of the tsetse fly glossina

Watanabe T.; Nikaido N.; Izaki K.; Takahashi H., 1987:
Some properties of a new amphiphilic compound designated as material m from selenomonas ruminantium

Gerhardson, B., 1977:
Some properties of a new legume virus inducing mild mosaic in red clover trifolium pratense

Sluyterman L.A.; Wijdenes J., 1981:
Some properties of a papain agarose reactor provided with a ph monitor

Parsons, D.S.; Powis, G., 1971:
Some properties of a preparation of rat colon perfused in vitro through the vascular bed

Chalam T.V.; Reddy M.V.; Nene Y.L.; Beniwal S.P.S.; Subbayya J., 1986:
Some properties of a strain of cucumber mosaic virus isolated from chickpea cicer arietinum in india

Ashby J.W.; Fletcher J.D.; Jermyn W.A.; Goulden D., 1986:
Some properties of a strain of pea seed borne mosaic virus isolated from field peas pisum sativum var arvense cultivar pamaro in new zealand

Gueriguian, J.L.; Pearlman, W.H., 1968:
Some properties of a testosterone binding component of human pregnancy serum inst column chromatography

Kogan, A.B.; Burikov, A.A.; Stavitskii, S.M., 1975:
Some properties of a thalamo cortical nonspecific system

Doskeland S.O.; Lysen N.J.; Kalland T., 1979:
Some properties of a tissue specific antigen isolated from mouse vaginal epithelium

Igwegbe E.C.K., 1983:
Some properties of a tobacco mosaic virus strain isolated from pepper capsicum annuum cultivar california wonder in nigeria

Rathi Y.P.S., 1987:
Some properties of a virus associated with chlorosis and ring spot symptoms in pelargonium zonale

Edwards M L.; Cooper J.I.; Massalski P.R.; Green B., 1985:
Some properties of a virus like agent found in brachypodium sylvaticum in the uk A.; Mansour A., 1982:
Some properties of a watermelon mosaic virus in jordan

Tunnicliff, G.; Tsukada, Y.; Barbeau, A., 1976:
Some properties of acetyl cholin esterase ec from rat retina

Brestkin, A.P.; Vyaz'menskaya, M.M.; Dembo, M.A.; Maizel', E.B.; Raikher, I.I.; Spiridonov, M.E.; Fartseiger, A.G., 1978:
Some properties of acetyl cholin esterase preparations from human erythrocytes

Hama H.; Iwata T.; Miyata T.; Saito T., 1980:
Some properties of acetyl cholin esterases partially purified from susceptible and resistant green rice leafhoppers nephotettix cincticeps hemiptera homoptera deltocephalidae, W.E.; L.R.vière, J.W.; Schmidt, K., 1971:
Some properties of Achromatium oxaliferum

Singer, R.; Barnet, M.; Allalouf, D.; Schwartzman, S.; Sagiv, M.; Landau, B.; Segenreich, E.; Servadio, C., 1980:
Some properties of acid and alkaline phosphatase in seminal fluid and isolated sperm

Soucek, D.A.; Vary, J.C., 1984:
Some properties of acid and alkaline phosphates from boar sperm plasma membranes

Hashimoto, H.; Iwaasa, T.; Tokotsuka, T., 1973:
Some properties of acid protease from the thermophilic fungus penicillium duponti k 1014

Timuk, O.E.; Gorina, E.I.; Saryeva, A.N., 1975:
Some properties of actinomycetes isolated from the soil of mashhad messerian plain in the southwestern turkmen ssr ussr

Sokovnina Y.M.; Guseva M.K.; Anikeicheva N.V., 1981 :
Some properties of adenine amino hydrolase obtained from escherichia coli

Jun H K.; Sakai T., 1979:
Some properties of adenine deaminase of pseudomonas synxantha

Slinchenko N.N.; Shlykov S.G.; Kurskii M.D., 1982:
Some properties of adenylate cyclase of plasma membranes from rabbit myometrium

Mckellar, I.R.C.; Charles, A.M.; Butler, B.J., 1980:
Some properties of adenylate kinase ec from chemo lithotrophically grown thiobacillus novellus

Dubern, J., 1979:
Some properties of african cassava mosaic disease 1. transmission

Kudryavtseva N.N., 1986:
Some properties of aggressive behavior of mice winning in intermale interactions

Hart, G.J.; Dickinson, F.M., 1977:
Some properties of aldehyde dehydrogenase from sheep liver mitochondria

Yenigul M.; Sertdemir O., 1983:
Some properties of alginic acid and alginates

Kado, Y.; Matsushima, O., 1976:
Some properties of alkaline phosphatase in tissues of brackish and fresh water clams corbicula japonica and corbicula leana

Matsumoto T.; Nimura Y.; Furuta T.; Hayakawa N.; Asai M.; Kurokawa Y.; Hattori T.; Iyomasa Y., 1984:
Some properties of amine oxidase from soybean glycine max seedlings

Kovacs, P.; Benesova, M., 1976 :
Some properties of amino peptidases from seedlings of papaver somniferum cultivar dubsky

Nakano, H.; Tajri, T.; Koba, Y.; Ueda, S., 1981:
Some properties of amylase inhibitor a produced by streptomyces sp no. 280

Voronova, L.I.; Dvadtsatova, E.A.; Yarovenko, V.L.; Komarova, G.I.; Vorontsova, N.N., 1976:
Some properties of amylolytic enzymes synthesized by the mold aspergillus awamori

Shust, S.M.; Severina, L.O.; Ruban, E.L., 1976:
Some properties of an acellular preparation of mycobacterium mucosum 1210 oxidizing cholic acid

Murray, D.R., 1980:
Some properties of an acid phosphatase ec isolated from the seed coats of developing pea pisum sativum seeds

Van Der Knaap W.P.W.; Doderer A.; Boerrigter Barendsen L.H.; Sminia T., 1982:
Some properties of an agglutinin in the hemolymph of the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

Dickenson, C.J.; Dickinson, F.M., 1976:
Some properties of an alcohol dehydrogenase partially purified from baker's yeast grown without added zinc

Uyeda, M.; Suzuki, K.; Umemoto, Y.; Matsuzaki, I.; Shibata, M., 1977:
Some properties of an alkaline protease inhibitor ap i and its effect on alpha chymotrypsin and trypsin

Okuyama S.; Horie H.; Akutsu K., 1985:
Some properties of an antiviral factor induced in virus infected plants

Carrico, R.J.; Deutsch, H.F.; Beinert, H.; Orme-Johnson, W.H., 1969:
Some properties of an apo ceruloplasmin like protein in human serum

Zhang Y S.; Oguni A.; Miyamoto S.; Miyamoto Y., 1984:
Some properties of an attenuated strain sa 10 of tobacco mosaic virus

Nishiguchi M.; Oshima N., 1979:
Some properties of an attenuated tomato strain l 11a of tobacco mosaic virus

Yalabik Kas H.S.; Bulut F.; Hincal A.A., 1982:
Some properties of an ethoxylated castor oil and ethoxylated oleyl alcohol

Kalberer P.P., 1984:
Some properties of an extracellular proteolytic enzyme of verticillium fungicola a pathogen of the cultivated mushroom agaricus bisporus

Fukaya N.; Taniguchi T., 1979:
Some properties of an inhibitor of plant virus infection occurring in the leaves of phytolacca americana

Izuka M.; Torii Y.; Yamamoto T., 1983:
Some properties of an invertase liberating enzyme isolated from zymo lyase

Lockhart, B.E.L.; Fischer, H.U., 1977:
Some properties of an isolate of broad bean wilt virus associated with a field disease of peppers in morocco

Scott S.W.; Barnett O.W., 1984:
Some properties of an isolate of broad bean wilt virus from dogwood cornus florida

Lockhart, B.E.L.; Fischer, H.U., 1976:
Some properties of an isolate of pea early browning virus occurring in morocco

Mills P.R., 1985:
Some properties of an isolate of tobacco rattle virus from northern ireland

Lee K.; Joung Y.; Nan Shin J.E.; Park I., 1987:
Some properties of an rna ligase from rhodosporidium toruloides

Martin, K., 1971:
Some properties of an thiol group essential for choline transport in human erythrocytes

Kuninaga S.; Yokosawa R.; Ogoshi A., 1979:
Some properties of anastomosis group 6 and anastomosis group bi in rhizoctonia solani

Ivashchenko A.T., 1980:
Some properties of anion sensitive atpase from rat erythrocytes

Ikekita M.; Moriya H.; Moriwaki C.; Rurikawa T., 1979:
Some properties of anti brady kinin substance from beet beta vulgaris var rapa f rubra roots

Franklin, E.C., 1976:
Some properties of anti sera to serum amyloid a protein inhibition of precipitation by complexing of serum amyloid a protein to albumin

Novin, D.; Sundsten, J.W.; Cross, B.A., 1970:
Some properties of antidromically activated units in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus rabbit

Kalinkovich A.G.; Luganskaya E.L.; Pinegin B.V., 1984:
Some properties of antigen induced b suppressors

Maeda T.; Inouye N., 1985:
Some properties of antisera to cucumber mosaic virus and its d protein

Saheki, T.; Sase, M.; Nakano, K.; Azuma, F.; Katsunuma, T., 1983:
Some properties of arginino succinate synthetase ec purified from human liver and a comparison with the rat liver enzyme

Fujisawa I.; Goto T.; Tsuchizaki T.; IIzuka N., 1983:
Some properties of asparagus virus ii isolated from asparagus officinalis in japan

Eze, L.C.; Echetebu, C.O., 1980:
Some properties of aspartate amino transferase ec and alanine amino transferase ec from trichoderma viride

Kaul, V.; Varma, A.K., 1980:
Some properties of atp sulfurylase ec from candida albicans

Yoshino S.; Ogata S.; Hayashida S., 1982:
Some properties of auto lysin of clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum

Lysak, V.V., 1980:
Some properties of bacteriocins from Erwinia

Filippov V.A., 1980:
Some properties of bacteriocins from lactobacilli

Filippov V.A., 1979:
Some properties of bacteriocins of lactobacillus fermenti lactobacillus brevis and lactobacillus buchneri

Filippov V.A., 1981:
Some properties of bacteriocins produced by lactobacillus acidophilus

Magazova N.S.; Kunaeva R.M.; Baltabaeva G.R.; Ermekbaeva L.A.; Lopatina N.P., 1983:
Some properties of beta galactosidase from artemisia annua

Rafalovskaya T.Ya; Shishkova E.A.; Oreshchenko L.I., 1986:
Some properties of beta glucanase of bacillus subtilis

Amelina D.Sh; Rodionova N.A.; Bezborodov A.M., 1984:
Some properties of beta glucosidase from the cellulolytic enzyme system of the fungus trichoderma longibrachiatum

Kuhn G.B.; Lin M.T.; Kitajima E.W., 1982:
Some properties of bidens mosaic virus

Moore G.L.; Peck C.C.; Sohmer P.R.; Zuck T.F., 1981:
Some properties of blood stored in anti coagulant citrate phosphate dextrose adenine solution a brief summary

Słomiński, A., 1985:
Some properties of Bomirski Ab amelanotic melanoma cells, which underwent spontaneous melanization in primary cell culture. Growth kinetics, cell morphology, melanin content and tumorigenicity

Gladysheva O.S.; Kukushkina D.M.; Martynova G.I.; Ul'yanov M.Yu, 1979:
Some properties of bovine olfactory linings water soluble proteins

Miranda, M.; Botti, D.; Di-Cola, M.; Ragnelli, A.M., 1981:
Some properties of bufo bufo tyrosinase ec during development

N.A.; Cui F.; M.J.; Zhang S., 1982:
Some properties of c 1 enzyme from trichoderma koningii

Durasov, A.M.; Almaev, E.N.; Marchenko, V.F., 1976:
Some properties of calcareous chernozems of the transvolga region ussr

Hsu H.H.T.; Anderson H.C., 1983:
Some properties of calcium binding activity in butanol extracts of matrix vesicles isolated from fetal bovine epiphyseal cartilage

Nilsson, K.B.; Andersson, R.G.G.; Mohme-Lundholm, E.; Lundholm, L., 1978 :
Some properties of calcium binding microsomal subfractions isolated from rabbit colon muscle

Gusev, N.B.; Barskaya, N.V.; Verin, A.D.; Duzhenkova, I.V.; Khuchua, Z.A.; Zheltova, A.O., 1983:
Some properties of cardiac troponin T structure

Dodds, J.A.; Tremaine, J.H.; Ronald, W.P., 1977:
Some properties of carnation ringspot virus single and double stranded rna

Tewari S.C.; Rao B.U., 1983:
Some properties of carrier strains of foot and mouth disease virus of cattle origin

Berger, U., 1975:
Some properties of carrier strains of Listeria monocytogenes

Kraeva L.N.; Kokryakov V.N.; Chesnokov I.N.; Yakovleva M.F.; Lyzlova S.N., 1988:
Some properties of cathepsin g and elastase from pig peripheral blood neutrophils

Takakuwa S.; Fujimori T.; Iwasaki H., 1979:
Some properties of cell sulfur adhesion in thiobacillus thiooxidans

Berg, B.; Hofsten, B.V.; Göransson, B., 1968:
Some properties of cellulolytic cellvibrio strains from polluted water

Bitsaev A.R.; Ezepchuk Y.V.; Skvortsov V.T.; Krasil'nikov O.V., 1985:
Some properties of cereolysine isolated by thiol disulfide exchange chromatography

Obara, K.; Yamada, T., 1984:
Some properties of chemically skinned single smooth muscle cells

Kashkin K.P.; Dmitrieva L.N.; Aristovskaya L.V.; Liozner A.L., 1984:
Some properties of chitosan as a carrier in conjugated antigens

Trosper, T., 1972:
Some properties of chlorophyll a at hydro carbon water interfaces and in black lipid membranes

Slack C.R.; Roughan P.G.; Browse J.A.; Gardiner S.E., 1985:
Some properties of cholinephosphotransferase from developing safflower carthamus tinctorius cotyledons

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Some properties of rainfall and throughfall water in undisturbed juniper and poplar forest in bugac hungary

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Some properties of rat skeletal muscles amp dependent protein kinases in the normal state and during physical loading before fatigue

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Some properties of receptive fields of the rat visual cortex neurons

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Some properties of Saccharomyces kluyveri

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Some properties of sex steroid binding protein from clawed frog blood serum and detection of estradiol binding component differing from sex steroid binding protein in frog liver cytosol

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Some properties of sodium potassium dependent atpase ec from human erythrocytes

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Some properties of soured and de acidified buffalo's milk mineral composition

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Some properties of spinal gamma moto neurons in the cat determined by micro electrode recording

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Some properties of spontaneous electrical activities in vascular smooth muscle of rat portal vein

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Some properties of starches of grain amaranths and several millets

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Some properties of starches of opaque 2 sugary 2 opaque 2 and waxy opaque 2 mutants of 2 broad based synthetic cultivars of maize zea mays

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Some properties of surface phosphatase in sugar beet tissues

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Some properties of syringaldazine oxidase a peroxidase specifically involved in the lignification processes

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Some properties of the amine oxidase in vicia faba seedlings

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Some properties of the arginine decarboxylase ec in vicia faba leaves

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Some properties of the aromatic amines

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Some properties of the atpase associated with herpes simplex virus and nuclear membranes of host cells

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Some properties of the atpase systems of 2 yeast species saccharomyces cerevisiae and rhodotorula glutinis

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Some properties of the bacterial enzyme preparation of alkyl sulfatase

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Some properties of the calcium stimulated atpase of a rat liver microsomal fraction

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Some properties of the chloroplast envelope as revealed by electrophoretic mobility studies of intact chloroplasts

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Some properties of the citrate synthase ec from the extreme halophile halobacterium cutirubrum

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Some properties of the citrus exocortis viroid low molecular weight protein from citrus exocortis viroid infected gynura aurantiaca

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Some properties of the contractile system and sarcoplasmic reticulum of skinned slow fibers from xenopus laevis muscle

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Some properties of the crude extract of scorpion telsons from heterometrus gravimanus and presence of acetyl choline and histamine like substances

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Some properties of the cytophilic antibodies against the o antigen of salmonella abortus ovis

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Some properties of the defective phage isolated from bacillus subtilis rec 149 mutant cells and its dna

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Some properties of the endo 1 4 beta d glucanase synthesized by the anaerobic cellulolytic rumen bacterium ruminococcus albus

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Some properties of the epithelioma papulosum cyprini cell line from carp cyprinus carpio

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Some properties of the excitatory junction potentials recorded from saphenous arteries of rabbits

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Some properties of the extracellular protease produced by the psychrotrophic bacterium pseudomonas fluorescens strain ar 11

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Some properties of the false broomrape causal agent and its presistence in soil and refrigerated and frozen tumor tissues

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Some properties of the hock joint of stallions representatives of the main horse breeding groups in poland

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Some properties of the hrp factor hemo globin reactive protein in cattle

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Some properties of the initial 4 enzymes involved in shikimic acid biosynthesis in tea camellia sinensis plant

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Some properties of the kynurenine present in wing scales of papilio spp butterflies

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Some properties of the lipase ec of geotrichum candidum evaluated by a fluorometric assay technique

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Some properties of the liquid portion in the frozen fish muscle fluid

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Some properties of the low molecular weight alpha crystallin from normal human lens comparison with bovine lens

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Some properties of the lytic glycosidase of the thermophilic bacteria bacillus species 86

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Some properties of the membrane bound and solubilized forms of the protein di sulfide isomerase ec of rat liver microsomes

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Some properties of the membrane currents underlying the fertilization potential in sea urchin eggs

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Some properties of the nadp dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase ec of rat and pig ovary

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Some properties of the nadp malic enzyme ec from mango fruit mangifera indica

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Some properties of the nadp specific malic enzyme ec from the moderate halophile vibrio costicola

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Some properties of the nucleotide binding site of troponin t kinase casein kinase type ii ec from skeletal muscle

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Some properties of the phosphatidase produced by erwinia aroideae and its possible toxicity to radish cells

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Some properties of the photosynthetic apparatus in great nettle urtica dioica growing under various light conditions

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Some properties of the pili of Corynebacterium renale

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Some properties of the plasma human growth hormone activity in patients with laron type dwarfism determined by a radioreceptor assay using human liver tissue

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Some properties of the protein of hemolymph of the giant african snail achatina fulica

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Some properties of the purified calcium magnesium atpase from human red cell membranes

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Some properties of the pyruvate carboxylase ec from pseudomonas fluorescens

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Some properties of the reaction catalyzed by protein kinase bound to cardiac sarcolemma

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Some properties of the recruiting reaction

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Some properties of the residual circulation in the northern adriatic

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Some properties of the respiratory metabolism of the adult leptoiulus proximus proximus diplopoda

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Some properties of the rna component from amphibian oocyte informosomes

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Some properties of the rnase activities from the parotid and submandibular salivary glands of the neo natal and adult rat

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Some properties of the smooth muscle of mouse vas deferens

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Some properties of the sodium potassium linked magnesium dependent atpase from the erythrocyte plasma membrane of the flounder platichthys flesus

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Some properties of the soluble acid phosphatases of roots of zinc tolerant and nontolerant clones of anthoxanthum odoratum

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Some properties of the sulf oxidases and sulfoxide reductases of the cestode moniezia expansa the nematode ascaris suum and mouse liver

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Some properties of the thiamin uptake system in isolated rat hepatocytes

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Some properties of the toxic substance of erwinia carotovora f citruliis

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Some properties of the udp glucuronyl transferase activity synthesizing thio beta d glucuronides

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Some properties of the visual imagery system investigated through backward spelling

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Some properties of thiaminases associated with cerebro cortical necrosis

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Some properties of thyroidal membrane atpase and iodide uptake effects of basic poly amino acids

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Some properties of tomato lipoxygenase

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Some properties of transport ATPases in functionally different muscles

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Some properties of transposon tn 2555 coding for genes of sucrose utilization

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Some properties of tritium labeled diazepam displacing activity from human urine

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Some properties of tulare apple mosaic and isometric labile ringspot viruses suggesting grouping with tobacco streak virus

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Some properties of tyrosine amino transferase ec from trichoderma viride

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Some properties of uridine cytidine kinase ec from a human malignant lymphoma

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Some properties of vicinal diol epoxides derived from benz a anthracene and benzo a pyrene

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Some properties of virulent and temperate erwinia carotovora phages

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Some properties of volcanogenous dark red soils in the mountain regions in japan hokkaido shibetsu shizuoka amagi atami gifu osaka and hyogy kasumi

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Some properties of whole cell glucose isomerase immobilized in poly acrylamide gel by radiation

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Some properties of xanthomonas campestris var campestris phage

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Some properties of xylanase and cellulolytic enzyme complex from the mold trichoerma harzianum c 1 r 1

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Some prospects for the development of research on genetics and potato d breeding

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Some prospects for the development of soil science up to the year 2000 part 1 soil science problems with respect to technical research progress and the demographic explosion

Tolchel'nikov-Yu, S., 1978:
Some prospects of soil science development by the year 2000 part 2 development of applied divisions of soil science and the science as a whole

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Some prospects of using new sea products in ration nutrition

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Some protein metabolism rates in young healthy males receiving regular standard nutrition

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Some proteins not belonging to the clotting or kallikrein ec kinin system altered by kallikrein

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Some prothoracic and mesothoracic structures important for phylogenetic analysis of hymenoptera with a review of terms used for the structures

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Some psalliotes of new guinea papua new guinea

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Some psammo soils of the miocene pliocene pleistocene region of southern portugal 4. manganese

Sequeira, E.M.D., 1982:
Some psammo soils of the miocene pliocene pleistocene region of southern portugal 6. boron molybdenum and cobalt

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Some psammodius from seychelles and la reunion coleoptera scarabaeidae

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Some pselaphidae coleoptera from east africa

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Some pseudotumors and pitfalls in ultrasound

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Some psychic and psychopathologic manifestations after acute virus encephalitis

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Some psycho neurological requirements in assessment of the functional condition of cosmonauts during a flight

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Some psycho physical determinants of discrete moire patterns

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Some psychodidae diptera from the southern caucasus ussr and iran

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Some psychodids and aquatic empidids diptera from the middle east

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Some psychological aspects of intestinal obstruction

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Some psychological correlates of motion sickness and susceptibility

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Some psychological determinants of curling performance

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Some psychological determinants of electro dermal responses to deception

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Some psychological developmental aspects of psycho sexual disturbances in children and adolescents

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Some psychological hypotheses concerning the evolution of constructs

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Some psychological sequelae of prolonged social isolation

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Some psychopathological and clinical statistical aspects of neuroses secondary to craniocerebral traumata

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Some psychophysiological effects of environmental noise experimental study

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Some psychosomatic aspects of cardiac infarction

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Some psychotropic properties of hormonally inactive androstane derivatives

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Some pteridicolous ascomycetes

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Some pteromalids hymenoptera associated with forest pests in japan with descriptions of 2 new species

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Some pteropoda euthecosomata mollusca opisthobranchia from gaira bay santa marta colombian caribbean

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Some ptychadena amphibia ranidae of ethiopia

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Some public expenses in connection with occupational accidents a follow up study of emergency department material

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Some public health considerations in the classification of populated areas

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Some pulmonary functions in chronic pancreatitis

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Some pungent principles of spices cause the adrenal medulla to secrete catecholamine in anesthetized rats

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Some pyrenocarpous lichens from 24 parganas district west bengal india i. anthracothecium

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Some pyrenomycetous fungi found in the amazon district south america

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Some qualitative aspects of the social behavior of autistic children an ethological approach

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Some qualitative differences of hCG in serum from early and late pregnancies and trophoblastic diseases

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Some qualitative indicators of meat from lambs of different slaughter weight

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Some qualitative indices of meat from calves fed a ration containing heat treated manure litter

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Some qualitative parameters of mentha piperita cultivar perpeta

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Some quality aspects of okra abelmoschus esculentus as influenced by cultivars and age

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Some quality aspects of the use of sewage effluents in agriculture

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Some quality characteristics of selections of vicia faba and their bearing upon field bean breeding

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Some quality factors of sweet oranges grown in nigeria

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Some quality of parameters of intermediate moisture deep fried mackerel scomberomorus commersoni

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Some quantifiable aspects of arborigenesis and sylvigenesis

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Some quantitative aspects of myoplasmic atp and total internal and arginine phosphate levels in resting barnacle balanus nubilus muscle fibers

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Some quantitative aspects of the labelling of proteins with iodine 125 by the iodine mono chloride method

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Some quantitative aspects of the passive sensitization of human basophils

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Some quantitative aspects of vibrissa driven neuronal responses in rat neo cortex

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Some quantitative biochemical evaluations of developing skeletal muscles in the human fetus

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Some quantitative characteristics of the pathological architectonics of the cerebral cortex in pick's and alzheimer's disease

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Some quantitative characters used in the identification of taenia hydatigena taenia ovis taenia pisiformis and taenia multiceps adult worms and taenia multiceps metacestodes

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Some quantitative competitive relations between neighboring plants of winter rape inbred lines and their hybrids 1. empirically established linear relation between the numerical values of a competition parameter of inbred lines and their f 1 in different competition situations

Huehn, M., 1983:
Some quantitative competitive relations between neighboring plants of winter rape inbred lines and their hybrids 2. relations to the number of competitors with equal or different genotype

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Some quantitative data on the high altitude herbaceous formations of the nimba mountains west africa

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Some quantitative dietary comparisons for mongolian gerbils the need for choline

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Some quantitative effects of iaa on the wood production and tracheid dimensions of picea

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Some quantitative estimates of inhomogeneity effects in electro cardiography

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Some quantitative hemispheric electro encephalographic measures reflecting the affective profile of students differing in university academic success

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Some quantitative histochemical studies of the periodic acid oxidation of glycogen in situ

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Some quantitative indices of culture growth of nitrogen fixing microorganisms

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Some quantitative inherited differences in blood parameters in swine of danish landrace

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Some quantitative methods of assessing the conservation value of ecologically similar sites

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Some quantitative micro morphological characteristics of granulocytic leukemia in plutonium 239 injected mice and untreated controls

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Some quantitative patterns of control of the skin blood flow during thermo regulatory reactions

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Some quantitative results on benthic communities of the deep norwegian sea

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Some quantitative values of the immune status of subjects vaccinated with different tick borne encephalitis vaccines

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Some question concerning mutational alterations in fur color of blue fox alopex lagopus

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Some questions about combined action of radon and silicon di oxide

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Some questions about natural hybrids in ferns

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Some questions concerning the problem of search for clear and unclear chemical structure biological activity interrelations

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Some questions of danubian eastern europe lowland selected ecosystem production potential

Ockert G., 1980:
Some questions of microscopic detection of intestinal protozoal infections

Dohy J., 1986:
Some questions of modernization of system of breeding value estimation in breeding of dairy cattle

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Some questions of the year to year dynamics of steppe phytocenoses

Petrov B., 1979:
Some questions of the zoo geographical division of the western palearctic in the light of the distribution of mammals in yugoslavia

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Some questions on the area history and evolution of soil inhabiting beetle mites oribatida

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Some questions on the botanical geography of northeast asia

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Some questions on the mechanism of angina pain formation

Kozar, F., 1978:
Some questions on the population dynamics of the san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus homoptera coccoidea

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Some questions related to mechanisms of slave raids in amazon ant polyergus rufescens

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Some questions relating to electro myographic investigations of synergies in man

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Some radio carbon dates for moa remains from natural deposits

Lychev V.A.; Yuzhakov V.V.; Savina N.P., 1979:
Some radiobiological aspects of tumor therapy by californium 252 radiation

Cullen, B.M.; Manjil, L.G., 1979:
Some radiobiological consequences of mycoplasma contamination of mammalian cells in tissue culture

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Some radiochemical studies on the adsorption behavior of molybdenum 99 on silver coated carbon granules and activated carbon

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Some radiological aspects of acute respiratory distress syndrome an analysis of 22 post operative cases under extracorporeal circulation

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Some radiometric micro assays for butyryl cholin esterase ec

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Some range extensions and a new state record for the oregon usa flora

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Some ranunculi of the acri cycle

Bevan M.; Northcote D.H., 1981:
Some rapid effects of synthetic auxins on messenger rna levels in cultured plant cells

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Some rare agarics from the krkonose giant mountains czechoslovakia 1. inocybe acutella

Landa, J.; Fellner, R., 1986:
Some rare agarics from the krkonose giant mountains ii. russula salmoneolutea new species

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Some rare and fast disappearing plants discovered in trivandrum district kerala india

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Some rare and interesting angiosperm taxa from the forests of idukki hydro electric project area kerala india

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Some rare and interesting chlorococcales from jabalpur madhya pradesh india

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Some rare and interesting plants from kerala state india

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Some rare and neglected ferns of the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

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Some rare and new adventive plants in the volga kama region russian sfsr ussr

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Some rare and new bryophytes from the flora of luxembourg

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Some rare and previously unknown species of spiders from slovakia czechoslovakia

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Some rare and uncommon plants found in rawalpindi and islamabad districts pakistan

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Some rare and unknown miocene bryozoans from grzybow poland

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Some rare and unusual occurrences of fishes off california usa and baja california mexico

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Some rare and very scarcely collected plants of india

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Some rare and wild plants of the turkmen ssr ussr

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Some rare bohemian trinucleina trilobita

Poivret P.; Ogorzaly F.; Benichoux R., 1979:
Some rare causes of mechanical occlusion of the small intestine in adults

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Some rare leptocephali from the atlantic and indo pacific oceans

Dao-Van-Tien, 1977:
Some rare mammals from north vietnam

Werner J., 1987:
Some rare mediterranean mosses from the middle part of the moselle valley muschelkalk area rheinland pfalz west germany

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Some rare members of the flora of the larger rivers of noordland province northern sweden

Bogi C., 1987:
Some rare or little noted mediterranean micromolluscs ii

Zahariadi, C.A., 1977:
Some rare or newly discovered taxa of the grecian flora part 2

Douglas G.W.; Ratcliffe M.J., 1981:
Some rare plant collections including 3 new records for canada from cathedral provincial park southern british columbia canada

Regula Bevilacqua L., 1986:
Some rare plants in the flora of strahinscica mountain yugoslavia

Murti S.K., 1986:
Some rare plants of garo hills meghalaya india and their conservational aspects

Frey, A.; Dzwonko, Z., 1976:
Some rare plants of synanthropic flora in mielec southern poland

Grosse Brauckmann H., 1987:
Some rare resupinate basidiomycetes

Niss A.I.; Trubkovich M.Ya, 1985:
Some rare side effects and complications of psychopharmacotherapy

Fabry, I., 1977:
Some rare species from the group agaricales in slovakia

Gore R.H., 1985:
Some rare species of abyssobenthic shrimp families crangonidae glyphocrangonidae and nematocarcinidae from the venezuela basin caribbean sea decapoda carida

Glazek, T., 1976:
Some rare species of vascular plants from the calciferous hills of the checiny district poland

Hahn G.; Hahn R., 1982:
Some rare trilobite taxa from the german culm lower carboniferous

Kumar, N.S.; Rao, P.R., 1982:
Some rare variants of placental enzymes

Juyal N.; Goel A.K., 1982:
Some rarely known sedges from northwestern himalaya india

Parker B.C.; Schumacher G.J.; Whitford L.A., 1984:
Some rarely reported algae of the appalachian mountains eastern north america why so rare

Goodwin, A.E.; Cabbiness, D.K.; Mottola, H.A., 1977:
Some rate considerations on chemical oxygen demand determinations

Straka V., 1982:
Some rather rare finds of diptera xylophagidae and empididae in the surroundings of nova sedlica in the bukovske mountains czechoslovakia

Mikhova M.; Khristov Kh; Trifonov G.; Apostolova A.; Fatkhi U., 1985:
Some rather uncommon postoperative surgical complications in appendectomized children

Barua, A.K.; Basak, A.; Banerjee, S.K.; Chatterjee, T.K.; Basu, K.; Chakrabarti, P., 1978:
Some reaction products of spergulagenin a a new tri terpene from mollugo spergula

Ondrus T.A.; Knaus E.E.; Giam C.S., 1979:
Some reactions of 1 2 di hydro pyridines with organic azides synthesis of di aza bi cyclo 410 hept 4 enes 1 2 5 6 tetra hydro pyridylidene 2 cyan sulfon carbon amides and piperidylidene 2 cyan sulfon carbon amides

Pasutto, F.M.; Knaus, E.E., 1978:
Some reactions of 10 methyl 10h pyrido 3 2 b 1 4 benzothiazine n butyl lithium adduct with electrophiles

Pasutto F.M.; Knaus E.E., 1979:
Some reactions of 10 substituted 10h pyrido 3 2 b 1 4 benzothiazine n butyl lithium adducts with acyl and sulfonyl chlorides

E.B.rbary A.A.; Hammouda H.A., 1984:
Some reactions of 2 aryl 4 chloromethyl 1 3 4 thiadiazoline 5 thiones

El-Rayah, E.A., 1970:
Some reactions of 2 desert beetles adesmia antiqua and pimelia grandis tenebrionidae to temperature

Essawy, A.; Heikal, A.Z.M., 1982:
Some reactions of 3 cyano 4 p chlorophenyl 6 1' 2' methoxy naphthalenyl 2 thio pyridone and 2 methyl b 2 alpha b methoxynaphthalenyl 4 p chlorophenyl 3' 4' dihydropyridyl aza chromone

Hishmat, O.H.; Abd-El-Rahman, A.H.; Moawad, M.I., 1981:
Some reactions of 4 2' 3' di phenyl 6' methoxy 5' benzofuranylmethylene 2 phenyl oxazolin 5 one and 4 2' 3' di phenyl 5' methoxy 6' benzofuranylmethylene 2 phenyl oxazolin 5 one

Cremlyn R.J.; Swinbourne F.J.; Mookerjee E., 1986:
Some reactions of 4 chlorosulfonyl alpha naphthylchalcone

Merchant J.R.; Martyres G.; Venkatesh M.S., 1981:
Some reactions of amino coumarins

E.H.shash M.A.; E.K.dy M.; Sayed M.A.; Elsawy A.A., 1984:
Some reactions of chalcone epoxides

Khoshtariya T.E.; Kintsurashvili L.A.; Kurkovskaya L.N.; Suvorov N.N., 1985:
Some reactions of electrophilic substitution of indolo 5 4 d benzo b thiophene

Khoshtariya T.E.; Kintsurashvili L.A.; Kurkovskaya L.N.; Suvorov N.N., 1984:
Some reactions of electrophilic substitution of indolo 5 6 d benzo b thiophene

Massy Westropp R.; Price M.F., 1981:
Some reactions of enol lactones with metal alkoxides

Kochetkov N.K.; Malysheva N.N.; Struchkova M.I.; Klimov E.M., 1985:
Some reactions of glycosylation by 1 2 o cyanoethylidine sugar derivatives violation of the reaction stereospecificity

Ondrus, T.A.; Knaus, E.E.; Giam, C.S., 1978:
Some reactions of n substituted 1 2 di hydro pyridines with cyanogen azide synthesis of 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro pyridylidene 4 cyanamides

Sayed M.A.; E.G.ndy A.M.; E.F.argy A.F., 1985:
Some reactions of nitrogen nucleophiles with 6 bromo 2 4 dichloroquinazoline 6 bromo 2 chloro 3 methyl 4 3h quinazolinone and 6 bromo 4 chloro or 6 bromo 4 chloro 1 phenyl 1h quinazolin 2 thione

Purushothaman, K.K.; Sarada, A., 1976:
Some reactions of oleanolic acid

Chin J.; Breslow R., 1982:
Some reactions of phenolic maleamic acids relevant to carboxy peptidase catalysis

Subrahmanyam, K.; Madhusudhana-Rao, J.; Jagannadha-Rao, K.V., 1977:
Some reactions of the chromeno chalcones from pongamia glabra

Watts H.L., 1980 :
Some reactions to illness of urban black and indian families in durban south africa a summary of an exploratory study

Hassan H.M.; Bayomi S.M.; Yousif M.M.; Ali M.M., 1987:
Some reactions with 3 aminocoumarin

Kamel M.M.; Gadalla K.Z.; E.H.mouly W.S.; E.W.ssimi M.T., 1985:
Some reactions with 4 p cinnamoylanilinoquinolines

Mahmoud M.; E.H.shash M., 1979:
Some reactions with 4h 3 1 benzoxazin 4 one and some studies on the growth of bacteria

Tamoshyunas, A.A.; Sadauskas, P.B.; Kaluina, V.A., 1974:
Some reactivity indices of hens with leukosis tumors and anemia part 5 phagocytic properties of blood cells from healthy hens

Maidanova, N.V.; Shevchuk, V.A., 1976:
Some realization mechanisms of the action of cortico steroids and acth on the activity of pentose phosphate pathway key enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in rat livers

Gerasimova E.N.; Nikitin Y.P.; Ozerova I.N.; Shcherbakova I.A.; Sidorenko B.A., 1985:
Some reasons for alteration in the phospholipid composition of high density lipoproteins in hypo alpha cholesterolemia

Kershengol'ts B.M.; Alekseev V.G.; Gavrilova E.M.; L.N.G., 1985:
Some reasons for decrease of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in liver tissue and blood of rats with chronic alcohol intoxication

Dremailova, L.M., 1976:
Some reasons for development of irrigation erosion

Singh G., 1986:
Some recent additions and name changes concerning indian poaceae

Aird, R.B.; Garoutte, B., 1976:
Some recent advances in electro encephalography

Pope J.M., 1985:
Some recent advances in nmr imaging

Rakusin, W., 1981:
Some recent advances in the management and prevention of blindness and visual disability

Ban, T.A., 1978:
Some recent biochemical findings with possible therapeutic implications for schizophrenia

Provost M., 1979:
Some recent data on the distribution of certain rare vascular plants unrecognized or new in lower normandy france 1

D.Fonseca P., 1979:
Some recent data on the geographic distribution and habitat of salamandra salamandra terrestris in eastern and western flanders belgium

Vernet, G.; Bressac, C.; Trilles, J.P., 1978:
Some recent data on the y organ molting gland of decapod crustaceans

Hardwick R.C., 1984:
Some recent developments in growth analysis a review

Higginbotham J.D., 1984:
Some recent developments in high intensity sweeteners

Garnham, P.C.C., 1975:
Some recent developments in parasitology

Ganesh K.N., 1985 :
Some recent developments in solid phase synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides

Devadoss E., 1986:
Some recent developments in the field of water borne and dry pressure sensitive adhesives coatings

Sharma S.D.; Mehra U., 1988:
Some recent developments in the synthesis of beta lactams via cycloadditions

Janssen H.H.; Orosco C.; Largo D.; Ayson F.; U.W., 1984:
Some recent findings on the sea star archaster typicus

Atta U.R.hman; Miana G.A.; Ahmad Y.; Khan M.A.; Ahmad V.U.; Zehra F.; Ansari A.A.; Bashir M.; Sultana M.; E.A., 1984:
Some recent isolation and synthetic studies on the constituents of indigenous medicinal plants

Drew, T.J.; Flewelling, J.W., 1977:
Some recent japanese theories of yield density relationships and their application to monterey pine plantations

Williams, R.B., 1978:
Some recent observations on the acrorhagi of sea anemones

George, W.G., 1977:
Some recent records of the southeastern shrew in southern illinois usa

Veselsky, J.; Kubicka, J.; Curik, R., 1978:
Some recent remarks to death cap poisonings amanita phalloides

David, H., 1979:
Some recent results of the quantitative characterization of heart muscle cells

Mcleod, R.; Ough, C.S., 1970 :
Some recent studies with glucose oxidase in wine

Bley, D.; Baudot, P., 1986:
Some recent trends in infant mortality in the province of Marrakech, Morocco: a demographic transition in process

Franzini C.; Biolcati A.; Sartori M., 1985:
Some recommendations for eubiotic nutrition of healthy elderly subjects

Strohecker H.F., 1983:
Some records of indian endomychidae with descriptions of 3 new species coleoptera

Xia J., 1986:
Some records of mi lu elaphurus davidianus in chinese ancient books

Chemini C., 1979:
Some records of opilionids from the italian alps arachnida opiliones

Dubiel, E.; Loster, S.; Zajac, E.U.; Zajac, A., 1975:
Some records on the flora of the beskid niski range and doly jasielskie depressions

Kartsev, V.I.; Luk'yanov, N.K., 1976:
Some recovery patterns of the central vision after temporary blindness

Afifi, F., 1985:
Some red blood cell abnormalities in patients with liver cirrhosis and ascites 1. red blood cell sodium potassium and water content

Kulkarni, A.G.; Ibazebo, R.O.; Dunn, D.T.; Fleming, A.F., 1985:
Some red cell antigens in the Hausa population of northern Nigeria

Bakker, C., 1978:
Some reflections about the structure of the pelagic zone of the brackish lake grevelingen southwest netherlands

Van Bruggen A.C., 1982:
Some reflections mainly bio geographical on the land operculates mollusca gastropoda prosobranchia of the afro tropical region

Gammill, J., 1980:
Some reflections on analytic listening and the dream screen

Tallantire P.A., 1981:
Some reflections on hazel corylus avellana on its boundary in fennoscandia during the postglacial

Brett-Crowther, M.R., 1975:
Some reflections on myco toxicosis an introduction

Tobin T.; Combie J., 1984:
Some reflections on positive results from medication control tests in the usa

L.Grand Pernot F., 1986:
Some reflections on sources of variability in a 1 isolates of phytophthora infestans

Aguzzi, O.; Gattinoni, G.; Montagna, A.M., 1977:
Some reflections on the experience of a reciprocal help association for alcoholics after 1.5 years of effort

Von-Der-Emde, W., 1986:
Some reflections on the extension of vienna's main sewage treatment works austria

Andersen K.P., 1985:
Some reflections on the possibility of estimating predation and digestion parameters from stomach data

Emerit M., 1984:
Some reflections on the postembryonic development of spiders and the nomenclature of stages

Coles, J.A., 1971:
Some reflective properties of the tapetum lucidum of the cat's eye

Halsey, J.H.; Clark, L.C., 1970:
Some regional circulatory abnormalities following experimental cerebral infarction

Allen, D.J.; Persky, B.; Low, F.N., 1978:
Some regional variations in ventricular lining material in laboratory mammals and man

Mamedov M.K., 1985:
Some regular characteristics of immunoglobulin g adsorption on the surface of polystyrene beads

Galaktionov K.V.; Marasaev S.F., 1986:
Some regular features in the distribution of infestation of mollusks of the genus littorina with trematode parthenites in the littoral of the barents sea and white sea

Gogoleva N.P., 1985:
Some regular features of amphibian linear and weight growth

Novikov Y.V., 1986:
Some regular features of distribution and migration of widespread pelagic fish in the northwestern pacific

Kuparashvili, O.G.; Chankseliani, A.B., 1986:
Some regular features of the development of the principal fungus diseases of grapevines in the georgian ssr ussr

Shumakov, V.I.; Mirskii, M.B., 1978:
Some regularities and trends in the development of modern transplantology the problem of scientific prognosis

Monakhova, M.A.; Steppe, Z.G., 1975 :
Some regularities in chromatin displacement during ultra centrifugation of plant cells

Ulitina L.M., 1980:
Some regularities in colonial development of rugosa

Sluka, B.A., 1978:
Some regularities in development of the peri ganglial vascular bed in respiratory tract ganglia during human embryogenesis

Vilenskaya, N.I.; Apekin, V.S., 1978:
Some regularities in formation of final fertility in black sea striped mullet mugil cephalus

Samokhin, P.A., 1978:
Some regularities in generalizations of cytomegalia infantum and its patho morphological diagnosis

Kudryavtsev I.A., 1980:
Some regularities in pre morbid background effects on type formation of reactive psychoses

Popkov M.Yu, 1988:
Some regularities in radial increment of pine plantations in various regimes of felling

Rotenberg-Yu, S.; Serbinovskaya, N.A., 1976:
Some regularities in reaction of liver bio energy systems to sublethal and threshold effects

Uglova, M.V.; Shlyapnikov, V.N.; Uglov, B.A., 1977:
Some regularities in size changes of neuronal nucleoli of the human heart in post natal ontogenesis

Sizova, T.P., 1977:
Some regularities in soil fungi distribution

Ofitserov, V.N.; Zagoruiko, G.E., 1977:
Some regularities in structural homeostasis of cardio myocytes

Kajak, Z., 1977:
Some regularities in the changes in lake ecosystems in connection with anthropogenic factors

Koznova, L.B.; Lebedeva, G.A., 1978:
Some regularities in the development of enteric syndrome in mice during long term fractionated and continuous irradiation

Mózsik, G.; Kutas, J., 1980:
Some regularities in the development of gastric stump cancer in patients partially gastrectomized for duodenal ulcer

Lebedeva, G.A., 1978:
Some regularities in the development of radiation tumors of the stomach and intestine

Kozhevnikov-Yu, P., 1978:
Some regularities in the distribution of plants in chukot ussr landscapes

Parakshin Y.P., 1982:
Some regularities in the formation and development of solonetzic soils of the kokchetav upland kazakh ssr ussr

Shvarts V.Ya; Kuznetsov B.G.; Frolkov V.K.; Osipov Y.S.; Tovbushenko M.P.; Tolmachev G.N.; Bykov A.A., 1988:
Some regularities in the formation of endocrine reactions as a function of the nature and severity of pathological process in the gastroduodenal area

Abedikova T.M., 1980:
Some regularities in the growth of sturgeons acipenseridae in the sea of azov ussr

Shvarts, S.A.; Bukova, V.E., 1976:
Some regularities in the measles epidemic process during a period of mass vaccination of children

Tsendrovskaya V.A., 1982:
Some regularities in the migration of substances from polymer building materials

Fedorov V.D.; Smirnov N.A.; Fedorov V.V., 1988:
Some regularities in the production of organic matter by phytoplankton

Sivtseva L.V.; Dubrovin V.N., 1981:
Some regularities in the quantitative distribution of carotenoid pigments in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri body

Rakhomova V.M.; Gordon L.Kh, 1987:
Some regularities in the response of wheat root cells to the effect of toxins

Bozhkov, D.K., 1976:
Some regularities in the secondary simplification of the life cycles of helminths

Vasil'ev, B.R.; Gol'tsova, N.I., 1980:
Some regularities in the structure of a year old shoot of liriodendron tulipifera 2. changes in metamere structure depending on its position on the grown shoot

Korovin V.V.; Zuikhina S.P., 1985:
Some regularities in the structure of abnormal wood in the maple birch and alder

Vasil'ev B.R.; Gol'tsova N.I., 1979:
Some regularities in the structure of annual vegetative shoots in liriodendron tulipifera structure of metameres and variability in their characteristics at the end of the growing period of the shoot

Liu H.; Liu Q.; Kang B.; H.L.; Chen C.; Zhao K.; Hong M.; Huang L.; Jian Z.; L.J., 1988:
Some regularities in the syntheses and structure of linear molybdenum iron sulfur cluster complexes

Strel'nikova L.I.; Tsaplina I.A.; Loginova L.G.; Kalunyants K.A., 1979:
Some regularities in the synthesis of neutral protease from bacillus subtilis

Shutov V.N.; Moskevich L.P.; Drichko V.F., 1982:
Some regularities in the transfer of alkaline earth elements from soil to the wheat plant

Yartsev E.I.; Novosel'tsev S.D.; Shkirman S.F.; Arabei S.M.; Solov'ev K.N.; Ponomarev G.V., 1982:
Some regularities in the transport and radioprotective efficiency of methylated hemato porphyrin in experiments on cell cultures

Dudinskii-Ya, A., 1978:
Some regularities in tissue growth in the simple leaves of beans

Korobko I.V.; Kuznetsov V.P.; Malinovskaya V.V.; Frolova I.S.; Kushko I.V.; Kuz'micheva G.I.; Timofeeva L.I., 1985:
Some regularities of biosynthesis and effect of human gamma interferon

Poluda A.M., 1983:
Some regularities of bird seasonal dynamics in kiev water reservoir area ukrainian ssr ussr

Alikin-Yu, S., 1975:
Some regularities of carbon di oxide evolution of the baikal fishes during swimming

Shafirkin A.V., 1983:
Some regularities of changes in a relative number of hemopoietic stem cells during long term irradiation at different dose rates

Klypina, N.S.; Plakunov, V.K., 1977:
Some regularities of chlortetracycline absorption and regulation of this process in escherichia coli k 12/

Frolov A.K., 1979:
Some regularities of cyto genetic alterations in lymphocytes of the peripheral blood in children immunized against small pox and parotiditis

Snetkov, M.A.; Smurov, A.V., 1978:
Some regularities of dandelion inflorescence visits by the bee apis mellifera revealed by theoretical statistical distributions

Pavlov, D.S.; Pakhorukov, A.M.; Kuragina, G.N.; Nezdolii, V.K.; Nekrasova, N.P.; Brodskii, D.A.; Ersler, A.L., 1977:
Some regularities of downstream migrations of juvenile fish in the volga and kuban rivers russian sfsr ussr

Babenko A.B., 1980:
Some regularities of formation of the complex of soil micro arthropods on open mountain field dumps

Bianki V.L.; Makarova I.A.; Bozhko G.T., 1987:
Some regularities of formation of the transcallosal connections in the cat cortex projection and associative areas

Zakharov I.A., 1986:
Some regularities of gene localization in eukaryotic chromosomes definition of the problem and analysis of nonrandom localization of the mating type loci in fungi

Spektorov, K.S.; Kalinkina, L.G.; Murei, I.A., 1976:
Some regularities of growth and development of chlorella pyrenoidosa 82t in cultures of various density

Gorbach Z.V.; Maglysh S.S.; Nefedov L.I.; Ostrovskii Y.M., 1987:
Some regularities of intracellular metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids in thiamine deficient animals

Ageev A.K., 1981:
Some regularities of involvement of different parts of the hemopoietic system in leukemias

Tumantseva N.I., 1981:
Some regularities of micro zoo plankton distribution in the area of eastern pacific upwellings

Kurdish I.K.; Khenkina L.M., 1987:
Some regularities of microorganism growth inhibition by the copper edta complex

Lavnikova, G.A., 1976:
Some regularities of radiation induced pathomorphism of tumors in humans and their practical use

Rozov, N.F.; Silyutina-Yu, I., 1977:
Some regularities of root nutrition of plants in a phytotron under various daily doses

Shutenko E.P.; Vasil'ev B.R., 1980:
Some regularities of shoot morphological structure of anethum graveolens

Basangova N.O., 1982:
Some regularities of soil dwelling beetles coleoptera distribution as a function of soil factors

Shchepashchenko G.L.; Riverol' M.; Kal'sada N., 1988:
Some regularities of soil erosion in cuba

Dmitriev, E.A.; Karpachevskii, L.O.; Oreshkina, N.S.; Zakharina, L.D.; Shein, E.V.; Kuklik, V., 1977:
Some regularities of statistical distribution of soil moisture values

Kipiani, R.Y. ; Tvalchrelidze, E.V.; Zoidze, D.S. ; Modzamanashvili, G.G., 1977:
Some regularities of strontium 90 contamination of plants in the georgian ssr

Bogolepova I.N.; Amunts V.V.; Orzhekhovskaya N.S.; Malofeeva L.I., 1985:
Some regularities of structural changes in the cortex and subcortical formations in human brain during aging

Ionov S.P.; Godovikov N.N.; Lyubimov V.S.; Kabachnik M.I., 1979:
Some regularities of the combined inhibition of acetyl cholin esterase and butyryl cholin esterase by organo phosphorus inhibitors

Karulin, A.Y. ; Dzantiev, B.B.; Orlova, G.G.; Egorov, A.M., 1987:
Some regularities of the enzyme immunoassay of bacterial cells

Reznik V.I.; Zdanovskaya N.I.; Sokur I.V.; Pereskokova M.A.; Esakova M.A.; Vyborova A.E.; Skulkina A.I.; Kirpichnikova E.N.; Bogomolova F.I., 1980:
Some regularities of the epidemic processes of enterovirus infections with respect to studies of a aseptic meningitis outbreak

Vasil'ev B.R.; Antonova I.S., 1979:
Some regularities of the morphological structure of the annual shoot of tilia cordata

Rozhanskaya T.I.; Margolina N.A.; Voznaya E.E.; Selezneva A.A., 1981:
Some regularities of the process of ultra filtration of protein solutions

Katul'skii Y.N., 1983:
Some regularities of the relationship between the effect and dose of chemical carcinogens

Piruzyan L.A.; Kanshin N.N.; Permyakov N.K.; Kuznetsov A.A.; Dzhalagoniya R.A.; Chikov V.M., 1979:
Some regularities of tissue compression and regeneration under formation of anastomoses without stitches in the hollow organs of the alimentary canal

Volina, E.V.; Manukhin, B.N., 1975:
Some regularities of tritiated catecholamine synthesis and uptake by the isolated vas deferens in rats

Lukin N.S.; Kazarinova L.A., 1985:
Some regulation peculiarities of the imp biosynthesis in mutant strains of brevibacterium ammoniagenes

Tyukavin A.I.; Mazurkevich G.S., 1987:
Some regulatory and actuating mechanisms of adaptation to hypovolemia

Deane Drummond C.E., 1986:
Some regulatory aspects of carbon 14 methylamine influx into pisum sativum cultivar feltham first seedlings

Schlender, K.K.; Doster, C.M., 1983:
Some regulatory properties of a glucose 6 phosphate dependent form of glycogen synthase ec purified from rabbit renal medulla

Hirel, B.; Lavergne, D.; Mcnally, S.F.; Gadal, P., 1983:
Some regulatory properties of glutamine synthetase ec isoforms in a 4 carbon pathway plant pennisetum americanum

Barthova, J.; Novak, J.; Taborsky, O.; Leblova, S., 1981:
Some regulatory properties of lactate dehydrogenase ec from germinating pea pisum sativum cultivar junior plants

Glinka E.Yu; Belyaeva N.F.; Bykovskaya K.N.; Kagan Z.S., 1986:
Some regulatory properties of liver fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase in normal rats and in animals with experimental autoimmune cardiomyopathy

Tanaka, M., 1977:
Some relations among natality survival rate and growth rate part 1 an easy method to estimate natality and growth rate

Tanaka, M., 1978:
Some relations among natality survival rate and growth rate part 2 how does size distribution relate to population recruited growth rate and survival rate

Tanaka, M., 1978:
Some relations among natality survival rate and growth rate part 3 is our intuition available in solving growth rate

Hake, D.F.; Campbell, R.L., 1980:
Some relations between classically conditioned aggression and conditioned suppression in squirrel monkeys

Spaargaren D.H.; Ceccaldi H.J., 1984:
Some relations between the elementary chemical composition of marine organisms and that of sea water

Anderson W.K., 1986:
Some relationship between plant population yield components and grain yield of wheat triticum aestivum in a mediterranean environment

Moore W.H.Jr; Pamflowers; Cunko C., 1981:
Some relationships between adaptation and electro myographic activity at laryngeal and masseter sites in stutterers

Vinogradov V.V.; Chernyavskaya S.I., 1984:
Some relationships between birds and the vegetation of the volga delta russian sfsr ussr

Borthwick P.W., 1980:
Some relationships between bond lengths and angles in carboxylate anion carboxyl and methoxycarbonyl groups

Ten Berge, J.M., 1986:
Some Relationships Between Descriptive Comparisons of Components from Different Studies

Clift, A.D.; Mcdonald, F.J.D., 1976:
Some relationships between diet and ovarian development in lucilia cuprina diptera calliphoridae

Freas K.E.; Kemp P.R., 1983:
Some relationships between environmental reliability and seed dormancy in desert annual plants

Perdue J.A.; Beattie J.H.; Chew K.K., 1981:
Some relationships between gametogenic cycle and summer mortality phenomenon in the pacific oyster crassostrea gigas in washington state usa

Lazarova M.; Roussinov K.; Kleinrok Z.; Rajtar G., 1980:
Some relationships between gamma amino butyric acid ergic and 5 hydroxy tryptamine ergic mechanisms in pentylene tetrazole convulsive seizure reactions

Lockard, L.L.; Parsons, R.R.; Schaplow, B.M., 1975:
Some relationships between internal parasites and brown trout from montana usa streams

Matejcek M., 1980:
Some relationships between occipital electro encephalographic activity and age a spectral analytic study

Reed, C.G.; Lingwall, J.B., 1976:
Some relationships between punishment, stuttering, and galvanic skin responses

Dale, J.W.; Smith, J.T., 1971:
Some relationships between r factor and chromosomal beta lactamase in gram negative bacteria

Adams S.N., 1986:
Some relationships between soil chemical and physical properties geology and pasture quality in northern ireland uk

Bolton E.F.; Dirks V.A.; Findlay W.I., 1979:
Some relationships between soil porosity leaf nutrient composition and yield for certain corn rotations at 2 fertility levels on brookston clay

Wiggins, G.B.; Mackay, R.J., 1978:
Some relationships between systematics and trophic ecology in nearctic aquatic insects with special reference to trichoptera

Von Caemmerer S.; Farquhar G.D., 1981:
Some relationships between the biochemistry of photosynthesis and the gas exchange of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar hawkesbury wonder leaves

Barrer, P.M.; Hill, R.J., 1977:
Some relationships between the calling posture and sexual receptivity in unmated females of the moth ephestia cautella

Bergdahl D.R.; Mazzola M., 1985:
Some relationships between uredinopsis mirabilis paradiplosis tumifex and dasineura balsamicola in the needles of abies balsamea

Szebeni J.; Tollin G., 1988:
Some relationships between uv light and heme protein induced peroxidative lipid breakdown in liposomes as reflected by fluorescence changes the effect of negative surface charge

Lockard, L.L., 1975:
Some relationships between water fertility and egg production in brown trout salmo trutta from montana usa streams

Robards, G.E.; Tribe, D.E.; Thomas, R., 1976:
Some relationships between wool production nitrogen intake and digestible organic matter intake

Knowles C.J., 1986:
Some relationships of black tailed prairie dogs cynomys ludovicianus to livestock grazing

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