Some properties of large and small starch granules of barley hordeum vulgare endosperm

Kang, M.Y.; Sugimoto, Y.; Kato, I.; Sakamoto, S.; Fuwa, H.

Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 49(5): 1291-1298


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1369
Accession: 006447361

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Large and small starch granules were isolated and characterized from grains of 6 cultivars of barley, one with waxy and 5 with nonwaxy endosperms, including types with high protein and high lysine and high-lysine types. Large granules of a given nonwaxy cultivar contained more amylose than small granules of the cultivar. Large granules of a cultivar contained more long B chains of amylopectin and had the lower ratio of Fr. III to Fr. II, which represent one of the structural characteristics of amylopectin, than those of small granules of the cultivar. Small granules had higher conclusion temperature and smaller heat of gelatinization than those of large granules of the cultivar by DSC. Small granules of a nonwaxy cultivar were digested .apprx. 4 times or more faster than large granules of the cultivar by glucoamylase.