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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6449

Chapter 6449 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mocci Demartis A., 1980:
Some relative frequencies of occurrence of birds in spain

Shatunovskii M.I., 1987:
Some relative indices of the individual reproductive capacity of fish

Venanzoni R., 1984:
Some remains of marshy and peaty vegetation in the vizze valley alto adige italy

L'vov, P.L., 1976:
Some remarkable phytocenoses of the dagestan assr

May T., 1987:
Some remarkable species in the coastal ranges of the province of granada

Schizzerotto A., 1985:
Some remarkable species of hydroporus from trentino alto adige italy coleoptera dytiscidae

Miller, F.; Zitnanska, O., 1976:
Some remarkable spiders from slovakia czechoslovakia

Smith, K.G.V., 1978:
Some remarkable tachinid larvae diptera parasitic in species of apirocalus coleoptera curculionidae in new guinea

Senut B., 1983:
Some remarks about a pliocene hominoid humerus from chemeron basin of lake baringo kenya

Bogner H.; Suess M., 1981:
Some remarks about arrangement of technical environment in cattle and pigs

Nicolaj P., 1985:
Some remarks about russula olivaceinae

Bassi, P., 1986:
Some remarks about the cases of tuberculoma diagnosed between 1960 and 1983 in the district of ravenna italy

Guijarro-De-Pablos, J.E.; Ribes-Blanquer, R., 1976:
Some remarks about the histological structure of the cristae and cupulae of the semicircular ducts during their development

Heynig H., 1979:
Some remarks and observations on the genus planctomyces caulobacteriales

Michno Zatorska Z.; Michniewicz M.; Szczesniak T., 1987:
Some remarks concerning the localization of auxillary meristems in relation to flowering of long day and neutral plants

Tomialojc, L., 1976:
Some remarks concerning the sight record of the ivory gull pagophila eburnea near wolin island poland

Hochhaeuser, E., 1977:
Some remarks concerning the tissue air ratio in the case of bilateral total body irradiation

Lebreton P., 1982:
Some remarks of ecological and biological nature formulated in regard to european gallinaceae

Gadea E., 1981:
Some remarks on algae dwelling nematodes of the spanish littoral

Laviano A., 1985:
Some remarks on apulites giganteus

Buehler, W.J.; Keller, G., 1978:
Some remarks on bartoszynskis rabies model

Keij, A.J., 1976:
Some remarks on carterina foraminiferida carterinidae

Dawaa, N.; Nicht, M., 1975:
Some remarks on circadian and seasonal activity of mongolian ground squirrels

Skvortsov A.K., 1979:
Some remarks on classical and nonclassical biology

Urbanek A., 1979:
Some remarks on colony organization in graptolites

Leyhausen, P., 1976:
Some remarks on domestic cats

Leins P.; Erbar C., 1988:
Some remarks on flower development and systematic position of the water plants callitriche hippuris and hydrostachys

Ratajszczak, R., 1976:
Some remarks on kuhls deer cervus kuhlii

Bener, A., 1985:
Some remarks on linkage with a quantitative character

Bezzel E.; Schoepf H., 1986:
Some remarks on long term trends in the breeding population of the eagle owl bubo bubo in bavaria west germany

Fischer, Z., 1977:
Some remarks on nitrogen excretion by fish

Crapper, P.F.; Baines, W.D., 1978:
Some remarks on non boussinesq forced plumes

Kaluza, J., 1977:
Some remarks on oxidation of aryl amines and alkyl amines in fibers of the central nervous system a histochemical study

Cherchi A.; Schroeder R., 1988:
Some remarks on paronipora capeder microcodium gluck baccanella pantic and palaeomicrocodium mamet and roux

Gower, J.C., 1978:
Some remarks on proportional similarity

Wöckel, W.; Thielmann, K., 1977:
Some remarks on recent trends in pathology

Mel, H.C., 1980:
Some remarks on red cell shape and on surface and volume relationships

Miranda Ruiz H., 1986:
Some remarks on scorpion stings

Von Lehmann E., 1982:
Some remarks on striping spotting and tiger striping of the ass equus asinus

Grossu A.V., 1982:
Some remarks on systematics of oxychilus deilus rumelicus

Brignoli, P.M., 1978 :
Some remarks on the agelenidae hahniidae oxyopidae and pisauridae from france and spain araneae

Herter U.; Schneider I.; Ganslosser U., 1985:
Some remarks on the behavioral repertoire of the parma wallaby macropus parma

Cox J.B., 1980:
Some remarks on the breeding distribution and taxonomy of the prions procellariidae pachyptila

Banaszak, J., 1976:
Some remarks on the bumble bee fauna in poland

Coene, H.A., 1976:
Some remarks on the butterfly fauna of western bulgaria

Vachon, M., 1976:
Some remarks on the cavernicolous pseudoscorpions arachnida of switzerland in connection with the description of 2 new species neobisium aelleni new species and neobisium strausaki new species

Manfredi-Romanini, M.; Redi, C.A.; Bernocchi, G., 1978:
Some remarks on the chromatin organization in the giant tropho blast cells of the rat

Hoffmann, L., 1985:
Some remarks on the classification of oscillatoriaceae

Drozdowski, A., 1975:
Some remarks on the community of snails of the xero thermic declivity in kulin near wloclawek poland

Mielcarek R., 1983:
Some remarks on the cuban crocodile crocodylus rhombifer and the perspectives of its survival

Kueppers B., 1979:
Some remarks on the dynamics of molecular self organization

Hendrych R., 1987:
Some remarks on the echinops species in czechoslovakia

Sosnowska J., 1984:
Some remarks on the ecology of algae in heated waters

Ramseyer, G.C.; Leicht, K.L., 1978:
Some remarks on the expected mean squares in analysis of variance in the assessment of individual differences in learning

Veselsky, J.C., 1978:
Some remarks on the extraction of plutonium iv and thorium with tri dodecylamine from nitric acid soil leach solutions and the possible existence of a univalent anionic thorium nitrate complex

Reumer J.W.F., 1982:
Some remarks on the fossil vertebrates from minorca spain

Heynig H., 1980:
Some remarks on the genera marvania and hortobagyiella

Kubasik, A.; Szostakiewicz-Sawicka, H., 1985:
Some remarks on the general structure of the solitary tract nucleus in rat

Georgesco, M., 1975:
Some remarks on the genus pelecopsis and description of pelecopsis margaretae new species micryphantidae

Lamothe-Argumedo, R., 1974:
Some remarks on the genus temnocephala and description of a new species from costa rica

Srodon A., 1984:
Some remarks on the interglacial flora from hamernia southeastern poland

Mielke W., 1984:
Some remarks on the mandible of the harpacticoida copepoda

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1978:
Some remarks on the methods of assessing the population density of higher plants in cases of aggregated spatial structure

Zhou K.; Liang X.; Yan F.; Y.Y., 1983:
Some remarks on the nangou cold period based on the analysis of the pollen from the nihewan stratum

D.Jong H., 1987:
Some remarks on the new zealand crane fly taxon austrotipula alexander 1920 diptera tipulidae

Pessacq Asenjo T.P., 1984:
Some remarks on the nucleolus organizer of drosophila hydei and rhynchosciara americana diptera

Molnar K.; Chan G.L.; Fernando C.H., 1982:
Some remarks on the occurrence and development of philometrid nematodes infecting the white sucker catostomus commersoni pisces catostomidae in ontario canada

Gardiner, J.M.; Herriot, P., 1977:
Some remarks on the relationship between initial output order and subsequent performance in free recall

Bottema, J.K.; Belderok, W.J., 1976:
Some remarks on the simultaneous determination of pregnanediol and estriol by gas chromatography

Castanet J., 1980:
Some remarks on the skeleto chronological method in higher vertebrates birds and mammals

Gruendel J., 1980:
Some remarks on the superfamily cerithiopsacea gastropods and some of its genera

Miksic, R., 1976:
Some remarks on the supposed expansion of geotrupes alpinus ssp balcanicola in the julijska krajina venezia giulia italy

Keve, A., 1976:
Some remarks on the taxonomic position of the tree sparrow introduced into australia

Volf, J., 1976:
Some remarks on the taxonomy of the genus nemorhaedus bovidae rupicaprinae

Nakamura T., 1980:
Some remarks on thorea okadai found in the kanto district japan

Welker D.; Neupert G.; Oehring H., 1986:
Some remarks on toxicity testing of dental materials

Rieth A., 1986:
Some remarks on vaucheria geminata and vaucheria woroniniana ferecta new form

Soszka H.; Cydzik D., 1979:
Some remarks on water quality of great masurian lakes poland according to obligatory legislation

Svejda, J.; Mechl, Z.; Rejthar, A., 1977:
Some remarks to the histological classification of malignant melanoma of the skin and its prognostic values

Speidel W., 1981:
Some renamed genera in the nymphulinae lepidoptera pyraloidea

Pelico J.V.C.; Alcantara Gomes R., 1979:
Some repair effectiveness coefficients as indicators of escherichia coli uv resistance

Vaquero M.P.; Navarro M.P.; Conde R., 1984:
Some repercussions of ethanol consumption on body mineral composition in the rat

Dyte C.E., 1980:
Some replacement names in the dolichopodidae diptera

Walhovd, H., 1975:
Some reports of the yellow necked field mouse apodemus flavicollis in the southern and western parts of jutland denmark

Aruta L., 1985:
Some representatives of the general leptocythere and callistocythere ostracoda podocopida from the lower pleistocene of olivella near palermo italy

Klimova R.S., 1988:
Some representatives of thermophilic plants from the miocene of primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Korkosh V.V.; Timokhina O.I., 1983:
Some reproduction features of the saury scomberesox saurus scomberesocidae in the southwestern indian ocean

Stenzel R.; Zalewski W.; Szwarc B.; Jasinska E., 1983:
Some reproduction indices of cows in large production cowsheds

Villa Cornejo B.; Sosa Fernandez V., 1983:
Some reproductive aspects of the plain pocket gopher pappogeomys tylorhinus tylorhinus rodentia geomyidae in northern mexico city

D.J.Valderrama Puente M.; Rodriguez Schettino L., 1988:
Some reproductive characteristics of anolis lucius sauria iguanidae

Wicklow D.T.; Angel K., 1983:
Some reproductive characteristics of coprophilous ascomycetes in 3 prairie ecosystems

Yenikoye, A.; Andre, D.; Ravault, J.P.; Mariana, J.C., 1981:
Some reproductive characteristics of the Peulh ewe from Niger

Lloyd D.G., 1979:
Some reproductive factors affecting the selection of self fertilization in plants

Tumanov I.L., 1984:
Some reproductive features of predatory mammals

D'yakov Y.P., 1987:
Some reproductive features of the pacific black halibut reinhardtius hippoglossoides

Barbosa M.J.F.; Abreu J.V., 1986:
Some reproductive parameters in lusitanian and arabian horses

Batt, B.D.J.; Prince, H.H., 1978:
Some reproductive parameters of mallards in relation to age captivity and geographic origin

Harvey N.C.; Rhine R.J., 1983:
Some reproductive parameters of stump tailed macaques macaca arctoides

Ismail E.M.; Younes A.A.; Hassan S.G.; E.B.llal S.S.; Ezzo O.H., 1985:
Some reproductive patterns of egyptian fat tailed sheep

Vashchenok V.S., 1980:
Some reproductive peculiarities of microbes in fleas xenopsylla cheopis siphonaptera during parenteral infection

Symanski, T.A., 1977:
Some reproductive statistics from the Polish National Stud

Calmes M.A.; Zasada J.C., 1982:
Some reproductive traits of 4 shrub species in the black spruce forest type of alaska usa

Taha A.; Younes A.A.; Hassan S.G., 1983:
Some reproductive traits of buffalo bulls under desert conditions of egypt

Shortman, K.; Dunkley, M.; Ryden, A., 1978:
Some requirements for a linear cell dose response in vitro assay for the thymus derived cell progenitors of cyto toxic lymphocytes

Shortman, K.; Ryden, A.; Dunkley, M.; Von-Boehmer, H., 1977:
Some requirements for the response of separated thymus derived cell sub populations to the mitogens phyto hem agglutinin and concanavalin a

Kurzweg W., 1981:
Some research results of 2 past 5 year plan with relevance to practice

Bonalberti L., 1984:
Some researches on the presence of parasites in mollusks in ferrara province italy

Pervushina P.A., 1980:
Some respiratory characteristics of hothouse lemon plants

Raymond, J.A.; Devries, A.L., 1976:
Some respiratory characteristics of the blood of 4 antarctic fishes

Boutilier, R.G.; Randall, D.J.; Shelton, G.; Toews, D.P., 1978:
Some response characteristics of carbon di oxide electrodes

Panciera M.T.; Fulkerson R.S., 1981:
Some responses of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar iroquois birdsfoot trefoil lotus corniculatus cultivar leo mixtures to seeding year management

Morris M.G., 1982:
Some responses of arthaldeus pascuellus hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae to changes in an arrhenatherum grassland

Rhee, C.; Briggs, W.R., 1977:
Some responses of chondrus crispus to light part 1 pigmentation changes in the natural habitat

Adams, P.; Graves, C.J.; Winsor, G.W., 1975:
Some responses of chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar hurricane grown as a year round crop in a peat sand substrate to micro nutrients and liming

Murray F., 1985:
Some responses of ladino clover trifolium repens cultivar regal to low concentrations of sulfur dioxide

Adams, P.; Graves, C.J.; Winsor, G.W., 1978:
Some responses of lettuce grown in beds of peat to nitrogen potassium magnesium and molybdenum

Coughlan S.J.; Jones R.G.W., 1980:
Some responses of spinacia oleracea to salt stress

Hughes, G.M.; Johnston, I.A., 1978:
Some responses of the electric ray (Torpedo marmorata) to low ambient oxygen tensions

Taylor, E.W.; Butler, P.J.; Al-Wassia, A., 1977:
Some responses of the shore crab carcinus maenas to progressive hypoxia at different acclimation temperatures and salinities

Suski Z.W.; Sokolowski R.J., 1986:
Some responses to alpha farnesene of newly hatched larvae of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella

Aussenac, G.; Granier, A., 1978:
Some results about daily kinetics of xylem sap pressure for forest trees

Korneev N.A.; Sirotkin A.N., 1986:
Some results and problems of radioecological monitoring in forage production and animal husbandry

Gavrilyuk, F.Y. ; Val'kov, V.F.; Grishin, A.D.; Zhukov, A.I.; Klimenko, G.G.; Kuprichenkov, M.T.; Motsnenko, T.M.; Kumakhov, V.I.; Fiapshev, B.K. ; Et-Al, 1976:
Some results and problems of soil valuation in the north caucasus ussr

Shreter A.I.; Terekhin A.T., 1980:
Some results and prospects for the use of electronic computers in the search for new medicinal plants

Tokarev-Yu, N., 1977:
Some results and prospects in studying the problem of hereditary hemo globinopathies

Shestakov, N.V.; Epifanov, N.S.; Svedentsov, E.P.; Timofeev, G.A.; Kozlov, A.I.; Zhuravlev, V.A.; Konyukhov, S.G.; Sadkov, S.A.; Shestakova, G.A.; Et-Al, 1977:
Some results and prospects of scientific and practical activity of the kirov institute of blood transfusion russian sfsr ussr

Kozinets G.I.; Khomchenovskii E.I.; Reshchikov V.P.; Khanykova O.K.; Egorov L.V., 1979:
Some results and prospects of studies in the area of experimental chemo therapy of leukemias

Bilibin, A.F.; Khundanov, L.L., 1975:
Some results and prospects of studying the bacterial carrier state in typhoid fever

Cherkes, V.O., 1976:
Some results and prospects of studying the basal ganglia

Gusev, N.A., 1978:
Some results and prospects of the study of water exchange and the state of water in plants

Lapin, B.A., 1977:
Some results and prospects of using monkeys in biomedical experiments

Morizet J.; Cruiziat P.; Togola D., 1984:
Some results and reflections on drought resistance mechanisms examples of maize and sunflower

Priilinn, O., 1977:
Some results and tasks of biological investigation aimed at developing agriculture in relation to the resolution of the 25th congress of the communist party of the ussr

Yavorkovskii L.I.; Solovei D.Ya; Udris O.Yu; Ryauzova L.Yu; Blyumental' R.Ya; Zile M.A.; Reiskart L.V.; Pushkarev I.A.; Sakson M.P., 1981:
Some results for the primary treatment of multiple myeloma with a cytostatic drug

Koleva A., 1986:
Some results from studies concerning cherry rootstock scion compatibility in the nursery

Kapelev I.G., 1980:
Some results from the introduction of foeniculum vulgare cultivar southern in the nikitski botanical garden ukrainian ssr ussr

Green P., 1985:
Some results from the use of a long life radio transmitter package on corvids

Hedqvist K J., 1984:
Some results from work on a catalog of swedish chalcidoidea

Gyulane, L.; Peter, T.; Gyulane, V., 1980:
Some results in poppy papaver somniferum breeding 1. breeding of winter poppy

Chernikov, M.P.; Kon, I.Y., 1977:
Some results in the development of nutrition biochemistry

Havriliuc M.; Tiriac S.; Ibric S.; Ursuleanu N.; Goergescu M.; Poenaru F.; Dan M.; Voica C.; Pastramagiu C., 1984:
Some results obtained by automatic processing of the coded file cards of patients with cancer of the ovary and hodgkins disease treated in the oncologic institute bucharest romania from 1972 1983

Kalvelis, A.D., 1987:
Some results obtained with a new method of rapid electrocardiographic diagnosis

Rotshtein V.G.; Badalyan A.M., 1981:
Some results of a clinical statistical study of continuous paranoid schizophrenia

Rybkina, G.V., 1978:
Some results of a comparative in vivo study of cell and chloroplast water exchange

Andryushchenko, I.V.; Libenzon, R.T., 1987:
Some results of a prospective epidemiological study of arterial hypertension in a population of working women

Azimuratova R.Zh; Nazarova L.M.; Shmanov M.A., 1986:
Some results of a search for auxin receptor proteins in the cytoplasm and nucleus of higher plants

Evtushevskii, N.N., 1977:
Some results of acclimatization of the axis deer cervus nippon hortulorum in the cherkassy oblast

Alimkhanov Z.A., 1985:
Some results of an epidemiological study of paranoid schizophrenia

Drushchits V.V.; Kvantaliani I.V.; Knorina M.V.; Sharikadze M.Z., 1981:
Some results of an investigation of the internal structure of shells of the aptian ammonites cheloniceras and epicheloniceras

Konovalov-Yu, B., 1977:
Some results of analyses of methodical selection problems of field cultures

Tsvetkova, F., 1976:
Some results of applied interspecific hybridization in sunflower breeding

Bagirov B.A.; Rzaeva T.B.; Gashimova G.I., 1984:
Some results of assessing the state of cotton sowing based on data on aerial photography and measurements taken on the ground

Nosova, L.M., 1977:
Some results of bio geocenological studies in the ussr during 1976

Nosova, L.M., 1978:
Some results of bio geocenological studies in the ussr during 1977

Arzumanyan, E.A.; Ivanov, V.A.; Kipkaev, G.D.; Podshivalov, N.A.; Koksharova, Z.A., 1977:
Some results of breeding the ural black pied cattle

Mordasova, N.V., 1975:
Some results of chlorophyll a and pheophytin determinations by the fluorescent method in water and sediments of the black sea

Salinger S.; Strehlow H., 1987:
Some results of competition experiments with different grasses i

Kapatsinskii E.V.; Starinskii V.V.; Kovalev B.N.; Popova A.A.; Nevskaya E.A.; Sokolova L.V., 1983:
Some results of cooperative research in oncology conducted in the russian sfsr ussr

Butorac, A.; Uscumlic, L., 1977:
Some results of copper concentration in lucerne

Yursinova M.Sh, 1982:
Some results of epidemiological studies of schizophrenia patients with samarkand uzbek ssr ussr

Bolotina A.Yu; Mazina N.M.; Kuz'mina N.N.; Mikhailova I.N.; Alikhanova E.A.; Petrova L.M.; Kogan K.M.; Kovalenok O.V.; Lev A.N.; E.A., 1981:
Some results of examining relatives of rheumatic patients

Nigulyanu V.I., 1982:
Some results of experimental shock therapy with reduced glutathione and cytochrome c

Sheedy G., 1986:
Some results of fertilization in 2 jack pine plantations in central quebec canada

Lueddecke, H., 1976:
Some results of field observations on phyllobates palmatus amphibia ranidae in colombia

Shtenberg A.I., 1979:
Some results of food toxicology development

Petrykin, A.D.; Khlebnyi, V.S.; Dubtsov, G.G.; Levin, V.I.; Mikhailova, M.I.; Fokina, T.I., 1976:
Some results of gamma pre irradiation of wheat and barley seeds in the ryazan oblast ussr

Liberman, I.S., 1970:
Some results of genetic analysis based on a survey of patients with diabetes mellitus part 2 the familial diabetes anticipation

Geburek T., 1986:
Some results of inbreeding depression in serbian spruce picea omorika

Kozlov, A.A.; Dadunashvili, K.S.; Kakhidze, I.G.; Tumanishvili, T.G.; Kharatishvili, N.M.; Chkhikvishvili, M.S., 1987:
Some results of irradiation of incubated chick embryos with very low doses of penetrating radiation

Tran Cong Khanh, 1985:
Some results of landmark analysis on species of the genus strychnos loganiaceae in vietnam

Hetmar, O.; Pedersen, F., 1980:
Some results of long term medical treatment 1. course during hospitalization

Hetmar, O.; Pedersen, F., 1980:
Some results of long term medical treatment 2. the frequency of re admission causes and further course and suggested prognosis

Aleksandrovich E.V., 1980:
Some results of mathematical modeling of the work of the muscle apparatus in the human eye

Nikolic M.; Pravica P.; Brankovic M.; Pjerotic L., 1981:
Some results of measuring environmental pollution in pancevo yugoslavia

Stajkov V.; Kalajdzhiev I., 1980:
Some results of oil bearing rose hybridization

Danilenko, A.F., 1977:
Some results of protein investigations in the suspended matter of the black sea

Liberman, I.S.; Vlasova, E.N., 1969:
Some results of questionnaires of a genetic survey of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus part 1 specific genetic features of separated age related forms of diabetes mellitus

Kuliev Z.M.; Markarova I.A., 1983:
Some results of rainbow trout cultivation under conditions of sheki raion of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Shumnyi V.K.; Pershina L.A., 1980 :
Some results of remote hybridization of several barley species

Okhapkin S.K.; Khrunova A.I., 1984:
Some results of research on natural selection and breeding interaction model of b locus of cattle blood groups

Rustamov I.G.; Imamkuliev B.R., 1984:
Some results of rhizological studies in badkhyz turkmen ssr ussr

Shkhvatsabaya, I.K.; Karpova, G.D.; Agranovich, R.I., 1976:
Some results of scientific research on the problem of arterial hypertension athero sclerosis and ischemic coronary heart disease from 1971 1975

Skryabin, A.S.; Murav'eva, S.I., 1978:
Some results of studies of tetrabothriidae cestoda tetrabothriidae parasites of large commercial whales of the southern hemisphere

Semikhatova O.A.; Alekseeva L.N., 1979:
Some results of studies on desert plant respiration

Apostolov, L.G., 1978:
Some results of studies on invertebrates in forest bio geocenoses of the southeastern ukrainian ssr ussr

Kamshilov, M.M., 1977:
Some results of studies on the cycle of substances and biological self purification of bodies of water

Alimbaeva P.K.; Arbaeva Z.S., 1982:
Some results of study of plant resources of the kirgiz ssr ussr

Mailyan E.S.; Kovalenko E.A.; Buravkova L.B., 1985:
Some results of studying muscle bioenergetics in weightlessness

Fajmonova, E., 1977:
Some results of studying the influence of the spruce on the sorption complex of the soil

Khayutin V.M.; Sonina R.S.; Evstifeev I.K., 1984:
Some results of studying the reactions of the arterioles of a working muscle using a new method

Bohus G., 1981:
Some results of systematic and ecological research on agaricales 8

Salzmann, H.C., 1977:
Some results of the breeding biology of chamois in the jura mountains switzerland

Katona, S., 1976:
Some results of the chemical investigations of the river tisza in 1974

Fajmonova E., 1986:
Some results of the direct gradient analysis of environment and vegetation on the plesivska planina plain czechoslovakia

Delamare-Deboutteville, C., 1976:
Some results of the french section of the international biological program in soil ecology

Omran, H.; Doerreich, K.; Gierschner, K., 1986:
Some results of the isolation of discrete enzymes exopolygalacturonase and pectinesterase from a commercial pectic enzyme preparation i. isolation purification and characterization of an exopolygalacturonase exopg

Doerreich, K.; Omran, H.; Gierschner, K., 1986:
Some results of the isolation of discrete enzymes exopolygalacturonase and pectinesterase from a commercial pectic enzyme preparation ii. isolation purification and characterization of a pectinesterase pe

Bonashevskaya, T.I., 1977 :
Some results of the morpho functional investigation of the lung in the hygienic assessment of atmospheric pollution

Mailov A.I., 1986:
Some results of the phytomelioration of winter pastures

Peterfi, I.; Nagy-Toth, F.; Barna, A., 1976:
Some results of the research of the university of cluj romania concerning the nutrition of algae

Nikolaev, A.S., 1977:
Some results of the study of adult salmon migration routes in the gulf of kamchatka

Polatova B.B.; Kravchenko M.E., 1984:
Some results of the study of ashkhabad sewage algoflora turkmen ssr ussr

Sadykov, A.S.; Yusupov, M.K., 1975:
Some results of the study of colchicine alkaloids in the ussr

Ivanovskii, A.B., 1977:
Some results of the study of paleozoic coelenterata in recent years

Nikolaeva, M.G., 1977:
Some results of the study of seed dormancy

Kaurichev, I.S., 1976:
Some results of the study of soils of the nonchernozem zone

Averintseva, S.G.; Savel'eva, R.P., 1977:
Some results of the study of steppe hole spectral brightness coefficients

Soboleva-Dokuchaeva, I.I.; Louda, J., 1975:
Some results of the study of the ecology of carabids coleoptera carabidae inhabiting arable lands in czechoslovakia during recent years

Heran, I., 1976:
Some results of the testing of the method of momentary recording used for studying the activity of mammals in zoological gardens

Akoev, I.G., 1976:
Some results of the theoretical analysis of radiation damage to the organism

Kulik, I.I., 1976:
Some results of the training of pathological anatomical physicians through internship

Capasso V.; Paveri Fontana S.L., 1981:
Some results on linear stochastic multi compartmental systems

Man'ko Y.I., 1981:
Some results on picea ajanensis introduction

Benassai, S.; Dobici, F.; Susanna, A.; Indovina, P.L.; Pugliani, L.; Salvadori, P.; Prozzo, E., 1977:
Some results on radiation exposure of the Italian population due to medical diagnostic examination in 1974

Frerot B.; Chambon J P.; Cocquempot C., 1987:
Some results on sexual trapping of lepidoptera noctuidae and geometridae

D'alessio T., 1984:
Some results on the optimization of a digital processor for surface electromyographic

Vekua A.K.; Mamatsashvili N.S.; Tushabramishvili D.M., 1979:
Some results on the paleontological and palynological studies of the bronzovaya cave tsutskhvati western georgian ssr ussr

Milhet, Y.; Ferron, F.; Costes, C., 1978:
Some results on the physiology of abrus precatorius

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Some retrohippocampal afferents to the entorhinal cortex cells of origin as studied by the horseradish peroxidase method in the rat and mouse

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Some rheological characteristics of soy extrudates in tension

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Some rheological properties of a cheese like product prepared by direct acidification

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Some rheological properties of dough alkalified and neutralized

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Some rheological properties of the yeast polysaccharides aubazidan and rodexman

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Some rhizomiicolous and foliicolous fungi of ginger from india part 2

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Some ribosomal rna operons in escherichia coli have transfer rna genes at their distal ends

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Some ricinulei arachnida from ivory coast including ricinoides megahanseni new species and a note on the immature stages of ricinoides westermanni

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Some ring trap mutants of the fungus dactylella brochopaga

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Some risk factors for diarrhea among children in suburban burma

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Some risk factors in pathologic aging

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Some risk factors in the development of early recurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis after chemotherapy

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Some risk factors to biliary calculi

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Some risks and causes of mortality in mountain pine beetle populations a long term analysis

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Some rivulariaceae from paddy fields of kaira district gujarat india

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Some rodents rodentia mammalia from the middle and upper pleistocene of dobruja romania

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Some roles of soil fertility in grain production of rice plants

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Some Rorschach data comparing schizophrenics with borderline and schizotypal personality disorders

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Some rotifers from south korea

Turner P.N., 1980:
Some rotifers from southeast virginia usa

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Some rubiaceae 1

Ivanovskii A.B.; Latypov Y.Y., 1979:
Some rugose corals from the wenlock of wales

Kharchenko, E.P., 1976:
Some rules of the composition of the genetic code and the possible path of its evolution

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Some russulae of the subsection sardoninae the russula sardonia russula queletii russula torulosa complex

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Some s alkyl derivatives of cysteine suitable for sequence determination by the phenyl iso thio cyanate technique

Suzuki T.; Sasaki K.; Takeda M.; Uchiyama M., 1984:
Some s containing metabolites of tributyl phosphate in the rat

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Some sampling properties of selectively neutral alleles effects of variability of mutation rates

Hayes, W.B., 1978:
Some sampling properties of the fager index for recurrent species groups

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Some sarcophagidae diptera from pirapora state of minas gerais brazil

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Some sarcophagidae from southern spain

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Some savanna and forb rich communities on the isla de la juventud cuba

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Some sawflies hymenoptera pergidae and tenthredinidae from new britain papua new guinea and palawan island philippines

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Some scanning electron microscopic features of human cervical epithelium in cell culture

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Some scanning electron microscopic observations on the oocyst and sporozoite of plasmodium gallinaceum in aedes togoi

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Some scelionid egg parasites reared from coffee bugs antestiopsis spp and from some unusual pentatomid hosts

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Some schiff base complexes from diaquobisethylenediaminecupric iodide and mono and diketones

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Some schiff bases of 1 amino adamantane part 2

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Some scolopendridae centipedes from somalia chilopoda scolopendromorpha

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Some scorpions from mozambique

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Some scuttle flies diptera phoridae from poland

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Some seagrasses from the philippines

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Some seasonal adaptations of sitobion avenae to unfavorable conditions

Harrison P.T.C., 1979:
Some seasonal and laboratory induced changes in the oxygen consumption of the fresh water pulmonate lymnaea stagnalis

Inns, R.W., 1976:
Some seasonal changes in antechinus flavipes marsupialia dasyuridae

Kang J W., 1981:
Some seaweed diseases occurring at seaweed farms along the southeastern coast of korea

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Some secondary metabolites from nectria spp

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Some sedentary foraminifera from the late bajocian of the dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

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Some seed rot fungi isolated from pulses and oil crop seeds

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Some seed seedling and maternal characters as estimates of commercial performance in sweet potato breeding

Szarapinska Kwaszewska J.; Mikucki J.; Zietarski J., 1979:
Some selected metabolic features of coagulase negative staphylococci and their sensitivity to normal human serum

Jones B.L., 1979:
Some selection models in catalytically coupled self reproducing macro molecular systems

Brockner J.; Dinardo E., 1981:
Some self esteem correlates of methadone maintenance patients

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Some serological properties of actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae strains of serotypes 1 through 5

Nicoletti J.L.D.; Kohayagawa A.; Gandolfi W.; Iamaguti P.; Quintanilha A.M.N.P., 1981:
Some serum biochemical contents and hemogram in gir black and white holstein and cross bred girolanda cows in the botucatu region sao paulo brazil

Haider, G., 1978:
Some serum electrolytes in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Obaseki A.O.; Adeyi O.; Anyabuike C., 1985:
Some serum enzyme levels as marks of possible acute effects of the aqueous extract of azadirachta indica on membranes in vivo

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Some sesquiterpenes and diterpenes from the tribe eupatorieae

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Some setose saprobic pyrenomycetes on old basidiomycetes

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Some sexologic observations on oxyloma retusa

Aleshin B.V.; Brindak O.I., 1983:
Some sexual differences in human thyroid gland development during the pre natal period

Lelijveld J.L.M.; Leentvaar Kuijpers A.; Hekker A.C.; Polak Vogelzang A.A.; D.W.t R.F.E., 1981:
Some sexually transmitted diseases in female visitors of an out patient department for venereal diseases in utrecht netherlands

Nedelcheva N.; Gigov R.; Drumeva P., 1987:
Some sexually transmitted diseases in transport workers in the city of varna bulgaria

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Some shark teeth from miocene ichishi formation in mie prefecture japan

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Some sheets for description of the profile environment

Fleysher M.H.; Bernacki R.J.; Bullard G.A., 1980:
Some short chain n 6 substituted adenosine analogs with anti tumor properties

Rosen E., 1984:
Some short term changes in the dynamics of limestone grassland of south oland sweden

Kinako P.D.S., 1984:
Some short term effects of reclamation treatments on regeneration of an oil polluted tropical grass herb vegetation

Reitan J.B.; Tvera K., 1985:
Some short term kinetic effects of ionizing radiation on mouse bladder urothelium

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Some shortcomings in the planning of motor transport manufacturing enterprises in donetsk ukrainian ssr ussr

Schram F.R.; Schram J.M., 1979:
Some shrimp of the madera formation pennsylvanian manzanita mountains new mexico usa

Aymonin, G.G., 1975:
Some shrubby mediterranean formations problems of definition and nomenclature

Tomov Sh, 1987:
Some side effects of levamisole application in dermatologic practice

Guinochet M., 1984:
Some sigmatist phytosociological releves from tadzhikistan and the caucasus ussr

Caputa, A., 1976:
Some significant moths lepidoptera of the rozsutec czechoslovakia nature reservation

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Some significant palynomorphs from b member of the jutogh formation of simla hills india

Johnston D.I.; Chatterton B.D.E., 1983:
Some silicified middle silurian rostroconches mollusca from the mackenzie mountains northwest territories canada

Krstic, B., 1978:
Some silurian graptolites from eastern serbia ussr

Tassell C.B., 1982:
Some siluro devonian rostroconch mollusks from southeastern australia

Kaul R.N., 1983:
Some silvicultural aspects of sand dune af forestation

Channon L.D., 1987:
Some similarities between disordered drinking and eating patterns case illustrations and implications for treatment

Ivanov V.A.; Fel V.Ja, 1980:
Some similarity between membrane antigens of zajdela hepatoma cells and liver of rats subjected to a single 4 di methylamino azo benzene injection

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Some simple methods for studying the species and vegetation of hortobagy national park hungary

Gurtin M.E.; Maccamy R.C., 1979:
Some simple models for nonlinear age dependent population dynamics

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Some siphonaptera from small mammals in kashmir insecta india

Malencon, G., 1977:
Some sistotrema corticiaceae of morocco

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Some situational determinants of competitive performance on sex stereotyped tasks

Webster, K.E.; Peters, R.H., 1978:
Some size dependent inhibitions of larger cladoceran filterers in filamentous suspensions

Chen M., 1979:
Some skeletal fossils from the phosphatic sequence early lower cambrian south china

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Some skull structure characteristics of 2 late cretaceous turtles

Kalyanasundaram, I., 1975:
Some slime molds from southern india part 11

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Some small collections of alpheid shrimp from the indian ocean including 2 new species of the genus synalpheus

Brown E.E., 1979:
Some snake food records from the carolinas usa

Demidova N.V.; Krokhina M.A., 1984:
Some social and biological factors of immune response in donors

Motro M.; Motro U.; Ishay J.S.; Kugler J., 1979:
Some social and dietary prerequisites of oocyte development in vespa orientalis workers

Schmidt K.M.; Badger D.D., 1979:
Some social and economic aspects in controlling vampire bats desmodus rotundus

Corpus V.A.; Inciong M.B., 1981:
Some social and economic factors affecting the nutritional status of preschool school in a peri urban community

Papoyan S.P.; Arutyunyan A.M.; Avakyan A.M.; Din'dinyan O.G., 1986:
Some social and hygienic aspects of the morbidity with temporary loss of working capacity invalidity in workers of luminescent shop of the yerevan electrical bulb plant armenian ssr ussr

Morrison, A.S., 1976:
Some social and medical characteristics of Army men with testicular cancer

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Some social factors relevant to the stress reducing effect of fighting in rats

Dimitrov, I., 1977:
Some social hygienic aspects of induced abortions

Barnett S.A.; Fox I.A.; Hocking W.E., 1982:
Some social postures of 5 species of rattus

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Some social problems of the higher medical personnel in the rural health services of plovdiv district bulgaria

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Some social psychiatric observations on alcohol addiction

Roach D.A., 1980:
Some social variables in conceptual style preference

Luganskii N.E., 1981:
Some socio economic and clinical diagnostic features of syphilis in recent years

Boshoff A.F., 1980:
Some socio economic aspects of a bird of prey questionnaire survey

Rogaar, H.; Boswinkel, J.A., 1978:
Some soil morphological effects of earthworm activity field data and x ray radiography

Whitehead D.C., 1987:
Some soil plant and root shoot relationships of copper zinc and manganese in white clover and perennial ryegrass

Ranzani, G., 1978:
Some soils of transamazonia brazil in the region of maraba

Chernysheva N.E., 1980:
Some solenopleura trilobites

Schafer U.; Golden L.; Rosbash M.; Hyman L.E.; Colot H.V., 1982:
Some somatic sequences are absent or exceedingly rare in xenopus laevis oocyte rna

Rodriguez M., 1984:
Some sooty mold fungi new for cuba

Lim, G., 1975:
Some sooty molds and black mildews from singapore and the malay peninsula

Kharitonov S.P.; Tikhonov A.V., 1982:
Some sound signals of the fulmar fulmarus glacialis and fork tailed petrel oceanodroma leucorrhoa during the nest period

Shishkov, B.I.; Popovich, S.P.; Kolesnik, I.Y., 1977:
Some sources of atmospheric pollution at stopes utilizing pneumatic drilling

Charman, W.N., 1975:
Some sources of discrepancy between static retinoscopy and subjective refraction

Gibson J.P.; Alliston J.C., 1983:
Some sources of error and possible bias in danscan ultrasonic measurements of cattle

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Some sources of error in the 1 stage assay of factor viii

Heddle J.F.; Russell J.M., 1982:
Some sources of error in the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand test a note

Ellis, K.J.; Morrison, J.F., 1975:
Some sources of errors and artifacts in spectrophotometric measurements

Rudyakov-Yu, A.; Sapozhnikov, V.V., 1978:
Some sources of errors in the studies of respiration of marine invertebrates

Mayzaud P., 1980:
Some sources of variability in determination of digestive enzyme activity in zoo plankton

A.R.wl A.A.; Said S.I., 1980:
Some sources of variation associated with pre weaning growth in pure bred and cross bred friesian

Farid, A.; Makarechian, M., 1976:
Some sources of variation in the body weights of karakul mehraban naeini and bakhtiari breeds of sheep

Talbot, W.J., 1978:
Some south african challenges to science and technology

Van-Bruggen, A.C., 1977:
Some southern african achatinidae mollusca gastropoda pulmonata in american museums with the description of a new species

Righi, G.; Ayres, I., 1975:
Some southern brazilian oligochaeta

Gerstberger, M., 1978:
Some southern european eupithecia spp lepidoptera geometridae

Eriksson G., 1983:
Some southern immigrant species along a power line in uppland sweden

Henry M.R.J M., 1981:
Some special aspects of the physio pathology of reproduction in mares

Phat V.N.; Baviera E.; Thevenon Gonguet A.M.; Houissa Vuong S.; Schoonaert M.F.; Barres D., 1984:
Some special cytological aspects of the appearance of cervico vaginal trichomoniasis as found on smears from the cervix and vagina stained by papanicolaous method

D'yakonova T.L., 1982:
Some special features of sinusoidal trans membrane current effect on neuron electrical parameters

Jakobi, H.; Bruchmueller, W.; Gollmitz, H.; Gall, V., 1977:
Some special features of the treatment of laryngeal carcinoma in halle saale

Mainx, F., 1976:
Some special forms of polytene chromosomes in 2 species of diptera trypetidae and rhagionidae

Durakovic Z., 1986:
Some specialities of acute renal failure in cardiogenic shock

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Some specialized little known groupings from the vineyard district of the central jura france

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Some species from the flora of etna italy

Michalak S., 1981:
Some species in the synantropic flora in the province of opole silesia poland 4

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Some species of abyssal ascidians from the surinam basin

Faulder R.J., 1984:
Some species of aganippe araneae ctenizidae from eastern australia

Vigna M.S., 1979:
Some species of algae new or little known for argentina chlorophyceae chrysophyceae xanthophyceae

Brglez J., 1980:
Some species of anisakidae in slovenian yugoslavia birds

Deeming, J.C., 1975:
Some species of atherigona diptera muscidae collected by e lindner in africa

Stella E., 1979:
Some species of calanoid copepods recently found in italy

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Some species of calymenella eohomalonotus and kerfornella trilobita ptychopariida from the ordovician of the armorican massif and the iberian peninsula

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Some species of coleochaete chlorophyta found in hiroshima prefecture southwestern japan

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Some species of coleoptera new for the fauna of central asia from southwest turkmen ssr ussr

Kobayasi, Y.; Shimizu, D., 1977:
Some species of cordyceps and its allies on spiders

Claassen, M.I.; Eicker, A., 1985:
Some species of cosmarium chlorophyta desmidiaceae from the transvaal south africa

Lee, A.T., 1978:
Some species of crotalaria in australia

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Some species of dolichopodidae diptera new to the fauna of czechoslovakia

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Some species of epilampra of amazonia brazil dictyoptera blattaria

Abbott I.A., 1983:
Some species of gracilaria rhodophyta from california usa

Diaz Ungria C., 1979:
Some species of helminths new to venezuela

Tsvelev N.N., 1979:
Some species of koeleria and origin of koeleria grandis poaceae

Vellinga E.C., 1986:
Some species of laccaria from india

Mishina E.M., 1980:
Some species of lower permian ostracoda suchonellidae of the moscow syneclise russian sfsr ussr

Bontea, V.; Cirtu, D.; Glodeanu, C., 1975:
Some species of micromycetes and host plants new for romania

Samuels, G.J., 1978:
Some species of nectria having cylindrocarpon imperfect states

Naidu T.S.V., 1981:
Some species of nematode parasites of birds from nagpur india

Castro Romero R.; Baeza Kuroki H., 1986:
Some species of neobrachiella copepoda lernaeopodidae parasitic on chilean fishes with description of neobrachiella paralichthyos new species from paralichthys adspersus

Fauchald K., 1982 :
Some species of onuphis polychaeta onuphidae from the atlantic ocean

Linardi P.M., 1979:
Some species of rhopalopsyllidae siphonaptera south american components of the polygenis pradoi complex

Henry R., 1982:
Some species of rozites and cortinarius

Iqbal S.H.; Perveen B., 1980:
Some species of sclerocystis endogonaceae from pakistan

Nagasawa, E.; Otani, Y., 1977:
Some species of the bambusicolous ascomycetes from japan part 1

Ahmed M.; Naheed R., 1981:
Some species of the genera edwardsiana and farynala from pakistan homoptera cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Karayeva, N.I., 1987:
Some species of the genus amphora ehr. in the caspian sea ussr

Yakovlev G.P.; Svyazeva O.A., 1986:
Some species of the genus caragana fabaceae

Dumitrescu M.; Georgescu M., 1980:
Some species of the genus centromerus araneae linyphilidae found in romania

Perez-Silva, E., 1977:
Some species of the genus cordyceps pyrenomycetes in mexico

Dworakowska I., 1980:
Some species of the genus empoascanara homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Raynaud C., 1984:
Some species of the genus helianthemum section helianthemum

Starmach K., 1980:
Some species of the genus homoeothrix cyanophyceae homoeothrix juliana homoeothrix nordstedtii and homoeothrix balearica

Straneo, S.L., 1978:
Some species of the genus melanchiton coleoptera carabidae

Mccammon J.A.; Montagne D.E., 1979:
Some species of the genus phyllodoce polychaeta from southern california usa

Puthz V., 1981:
Some species of the genus stenus from taiwan including descriptions of new species a key to the east asiatic representatives of the stenus comma group and a checklist of species known from taiwan coleoptera staphylinidae 172nd contribution to the knowledge of steninae

Lange C.; Negri R.M.; Benavides H.R., 1983:
Some species of the genus thalassiosira bacillariophyceae of the argentine sea 1

Hernandez-Pombo-Machado, L.; Osvaldo-Diaz-Canel, A., 1976:
Some species of the genus triatoma that are vectors of trypanosoma cruzi in cuba

Ahmed M.; Naheed R.; Samad K., 1981:
Some species of the genus typhlocyba from pakistan homoptera cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Terada, K., 1976:
Some species of the laboulbeniales from taiwan

Baryar M.A.; Ahmed M.R., 1984:
Some species of the ostracod genus cytheropteron from paleocene and eocene strata of lakhra area sind pakistan and their stratigraphic range

Langdon, R.F.N.; Boughton, V.H., 1978:
Some species of tilletia from australia

Samsinak K., 1981:
Some species of troublesome arthropoda in buildings

Van-Den-Berg, E., 1976:
Some species of tylenchoidea nematoda from south africa with descriptions of 2 new species

Nikolaeva S.A.; Shcheglov A.I.; Tsvetnova O.B., 1987:
Some specific changes in the structural state of chernozems irrigated with mineralized waters

Gjurcevick Kantura V.; Babic K.; Frank A.; Zobundzija M.; Jukic Brestovec V., 1986:
Some specific characteristics of the development of musculus rectus abdominis and musculus transversus thoracis within porcine fetus

Savos-Kin, I.P.; Cheredeeva, V.S., 1969:
Some specific cyto genetical features of radish d tetra ploids

Lomov, S.P.; Sosnovskaya, V.P., 1976:
Some specific features of cinnamonic soils of the tadzhik ssr ussr

Chesnokov N.I., 1981:
Some specific features of commercial muskrat ondatra zibethicus farming on the forest steppe lakes of western siberia ussr

Derevenco, P.; Marin, G.; Duma, E.; Băban, A.; Don, F., 1986:
Some specific features of exercise stress in athletes

Erokhina, L.I., 1969:
Some specific features of fusarium moniliforme mutants

Baubinene A.V.; Goshtautas A.A.; Gribauskas P.; Daknis R.L.; Domarkene S.B.; Krishchyunaite R.I.; Kuzmitskene A.; Prokhorskas R.P.; Rugyavichyus M.Z.; Trakumaite M.L., 1984:
Some specific features of individuals at behavioral risk for coronary heart disease

Desalmand F.; Serpolay R.; Podzimek J., 1985:
Some specific features of the aerosol particle concentrations during the dry season and during a bushfire event in west africa

Chernukh, A.M.; Shinkarenko, V.S., 1977:
Some specific features of the participation of the micro circulatory system in metastasis

Perepechkina N.P.; Mats A.N.; Keler G Yu; Shul'tse G A.; Gur'ev I.S., 1986:
Some specific features of the ultrafiltration of immunobiological preparations

Shishkina, T.A.; Alikhanyan, S.I., 1969:
Some specific features of the variability of actinomyces streptomycini the producer of streptomycin with respect to 2 quantitative characters

Bakhteev, F.K., 1970:
Some specific segregation features in hybridization of hordeum spontaneum m x hordeum vulgare m

Mollenhauer H.H.; Droleskey R.E., 1980:
Some specific staining reactions of potassium ferri cyanide in cells of guinea pig testes

Martsinkevich L.D.; Garcia Rodriguez R.E., 1983:
Some specifics in the development of the small intestinal tunica mucosa in humans and rats

Aliev A.A., 1984:
Some specifics of distribution of the fauna of ichneumon flies of the subfamily gelinae in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Lacok, A., 1978:
Some specifics of the biological characteristics of the hop cultivar brewers gold

Abashidze L.Ya, 1983:
Some specifics of variability of morphological features in the beech species and forms within the common caucasian european area

Mees, G.F., 1977:
Some specimens of the extinct rail pareudisates pacificus

Amtmann R., 1982:
Some spectra near the top of a spruce forest

Panuska E.; Rosell R.A., 1980:
Some spectral properties of humus in relation to large groups of soils

Goldfein S., 1980:
Some speculations on biological super conductors nerve electrical conduction and retrieval and storage of information

Harrison K., 1984:
Some sphaeromatid isopods crustacea from southern and southwestern australia with the description of a new genus and 2 new species

Wolf, H., 1977:
Some spider wasps described or mentioned by haupt hymenoptera pompilidae

Holm A., 1987:
Some spiders araneae new to sweden

Patel, B.H., 1975:
Some spiders of the families filistatidae and scytodidae from gujarat india

Fredj M.; Greppin H., 1980:
Some spinach characteristics during development and aging

Bogdanov E.I.; Popelyanskii A.Ya, 1980:
Some spinal fluid and hemodynamic shifts during experimental stimulation and clamping of the vertebral artery

Van Den Berg E.; Kirby M.F., 1979:
Some spiral nematodes from the fiji islands southwest pacific ocean hoplolaimidae nematoda

Kipshidze N.N.; Dumbadze Z.G.; Namoradze T.V., 1981:
Some spiro ergometric indices in elderly men with painless ischemic heart disease with initial electro cardiographic lesion and ischemia syndromes

Benito J., 1981:
Some sponges of the littoral of mediterranean spain

Sole Cava A.M.; Kelecom A.; Kannengiesser G.J., 1981:
Some sponges porifera demospongiae from the infralittoral of guarapari espirito santo brazil

Ichas J., 1986:
Some spores and pollen grains from the jurassic of the krakow region poland

Berch S.M.; Fortin J.A., 1984:
Some sporocarpic endogonaceae from eastern canada

Gottschalk K.; Winter R., 1984:
Some sports medical aspects accelerating rehabilitation processes by athletic training

Fisher M.E.; Goh B.S.; Vincent T.L., 1979:
Some stability conditions for discrete time single species models

Focarile A., 1982 :
Some staphylinidae coleoptera from switzerland and the western alps

Chakravarty A.S.; Sen P., 1985:
Some startling revelations from positron annihilation studies in plants

Wijesinha A.; Federer W.T.; Carvalho J.R.P.; Portes T.D., 1982:
Some statistical analyses for a maize zea mays and beans phaseolus vulgaris inter cropping experiment

Wild, J.M.; Hussey, M.K., 1985:
Some statistical concepts in the analysis of vision and visual acuity

Dmitriev, E.A., 1976:
Some statistical concepts used in the investigation and interpretation of results in experimental soil science

Curry, D.J., 1976:
Some Statistical Considerations In Clustering With Binary Data

Lenarz W.H.; Adams P.B., 1980:
Some statistical considerations of the design of trawl surveys for rockfish sebastes scorpaenidae

Chitashvili, R.Y. ; Tsagareishvili, G.G., 1976:
Some statistical criteria in medical diagnostic problems of large dimension

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Some statistical regularities in the regeneration of virus free potato plants from callus tissue

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Some statistical regularities of control of the vascular thermo regulatory responses

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Some statistics on 2,810 cases of epilepsy

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Some steps in the development of angiology

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Some stipitate discomycetes of iowa usa

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Some stochastic problems in epidemiology under the binomial damage model

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Some stock poisoning plants of nigeria

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Some stress strain relationships of cellular cleavage and noncleavage

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Dubois G., 1988:
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Some structural and functional characteristics of erythrocyte membranes in malignant growth

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Some structural and functional features of leaf assimilatory apparatus in plants of forest steppe oak stands 1. leaf plastid apparatus in plants of various forest layers

Goryshina, T.K., 1979:
Some structural and functional features of leaf assimilatory apparatus in plants of the oakwood forest steppe 2. seasonal dynamics of plastid apparatus in the herbaceous cover

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Some structural and functional properties of nerves and muscles in the oviduct of the pink bollworm moth pectinophora gossypiella

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Some structural and physiological properties of fimbriae of Streptococcus faecalis

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Some structural aspects of a western cross timbers forest in north central texas usa

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Some structural aspects of deviant child behavior

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Some structural aspects of the fate of the nuclear envelope during mitosis

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Some structural aspects of the interaction between yeast hexo kinase and insulin

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Some structural aspects of urbanization in Ethiopia

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Some structural aspects of vital dyes

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Some structural change mechanisms of erythrocyte membranes under the influence of ph shift

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Some structural characteristics in the superficial vascular net of the human cerebral hemispheres during the 2nd half of the intra uterine and early post natal periods of development

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Some structural characteristics of egg membranes of the nesting fish lumpsucker cyclopterus lumpus and three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus

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Some structural characteristics of starches of maize zea mays having a specific genetic background

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Some structural characteristics of the chloroplasts in the glucose bleaching and re greening cells of chlorella protothecoides

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Some structural elements of the dna sequence from the area of the balbiani ring of chromosome iv of chironomus thummi

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Some structural features in the adventitious roots of a fescue festuca valesiaca in the process of their onto morphogenesis

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Some structural features of a heteropolysaccharide from the leaves of the cactus pereskia aculeata

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Some structural features of a new sulfated hetero poly saccharide from padina pavonia

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Some structural features of amylo maize starch zea mays

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Some structural features of leukocytes in multiple sclerosis

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Some structural features of rabbit muscle aldolase ec as derived from its limited proteolysis

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Some structural features of the central nervous system and its nucleic acid content in young sturgeons and salmon

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Some structural features of the mitochondria in the apical meristem of winter wheat shoots

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Some structural features of the pectic acid isolated from sunflower heads

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Some structural features of the poly saccharide of mahua madhuca indica flowers

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Some structural features of the septal system of ammonoids

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Some structural features of the teichuronic acid of Bacillus licheniformis N.C.T.C. 6346 cell walls

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Some structural features of the thalamic neuronal fields in macaca mulatta a golgi study

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Some structural observations on psilotum nudum var molesworthae iranzo prada and salvo psilotaceae pteridophyta

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Some structural peculiarities of a protein synthesizing system bound to the primary membranes of chloroplasts

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Some structural properties of 80S acid protein from pea ribosomes

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Some structural properties of thymus leukemia antigen solubilized with detergent

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Some structural requirements for inhibition of high affinity synaptosomal serotonin uptake by cannabinoids

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Some structural specificities of human vocal folds

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Some structure activity relationships of iodophorous iodine complex compounds 1. chemistry

Lucka, B.; Wozniak-Parnowska, W.; Eckstein, Z., 1979:
Some structure activity relationships of iodophorous iodine complex compounds 2. biological

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Some structure regularities in the annual vegetative shoots of liriodendron tulipifera magnoliaceae correlation between the anatomical characteristics of metameres from formed shoots

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Some structures in azolla mega spores and an anomalous form

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Some structures in nannotrigona postica hymenoptera meliponinae

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Some studies in spring frost tolerance in black currants ribes nigrum l

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Some studies into the chemical control of dawson gum or blackbutt eucalyptus cambageana part 2 stem injection of sapling trees

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Some studies on acquired immunity to Plasmodium chabaudi and Plasmodium yoelii in mice

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Some studies on equine strains of Escherichia coli

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Some studies on harpacticoidea copepods of the genus elaphoidella in bulgaria with a revision of the genus

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Some studies on the cytological cultural characters and cultural variants of ustilago esculenta

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Some studies on the effect of zinc on nereis diversicolor polychaete annelida

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Some studies on the egg parasites of rice stem borers in bangladesh

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Some studies on the metabolism and the effects of molybdenum 99 labeled and sulfur 35 labeled thiomolybdates after intravenous infusion in sheep

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Some studies on the pharmacology of tetramethylpyrazine an alkaloid from the stem bark of jatropha podagrica

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Some studies on the physiology of corticium sasakii shirai matsumoto in cuba

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Some studies on the protease from a novel source the plant cucurbita ficifolia

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Some studies on the protein requirement of the guppy poecilia reticulata

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Some studies on the proteins of carica papaya seeds

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Some studies on the sites of uptake of chlortoluron isoproturon and metoxuron by wheat avena fatua and alopecurus myosuroides

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Some studies on the soybean rust caused by phakopsora pachyrhizi

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Some studies on the sterilizing activity of homo aza steroidal ester of p bis 2 chloroethylaminophenylacetic acid in house fly musca domestica l

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Some studies on tylenchorhynchinae proposal of divittus new genus nematoda tylenchida

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Some subclinical forms of epileptic dysphoria and their outpatient treatment

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Some subjective and objective prerequisites to educational integration of handicapped children

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Some subspecies of ranunculus fallax from inner finland

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Some substances from the coelomic fluid of lumbricus terrestris possess functions common to certain human complement components

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Some substances in malt inducing early flocculation of yeast part 1 preliminary investigation on high molecular weight substances in malt and wort

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Some substances in malt inducing early flocculation of yeast part 2 further investigation on a substance isolated from wort inducing early flocculation

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Some substances present in fungal protein preparations as interfering factors in the determination of protein by the lowry method

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Some substituted polysaccharides as low temperature middle distillate additives

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Some substrates and enzyme levels in the indirect flight muscles of chrysocoris purpureus westw. during induced flight

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Some suffix effects on lip read lists

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Some suggestions for the development of a test to detect the subacute effects of chemicals

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Some sulfonamidobenzimidazoles as metal complexing ligands 2. the complex formation of 2 1' benzenesulphonylamino 3' methylmercaptopropylbenzimidazole with cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and zinc ii

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Some sulfonyl derivatives of phenoxy acetamide

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Some sulfur containing compounds in cooked odor concentrate from boiled antarctic krills euphausia superba

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Some sulfur containing quinoxalines

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Some suprasegmental contours in french 2 year old childrens speech

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Some surface characteristics of the chloroplast envelope

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Some surface structures of ascaris lumbricoides adults under the scanning electron microscope

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Some surfactant properties of drugs

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Some surgical treatment problems of congenital cardiac defects in adult patients

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Some swedish finds of hypogeous fungi

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Some symbiotic associations between anemones and gastropods in japan

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Some symptoms of apospory observed during sporogenesis and gametogenesis in cichorium intybus brussels chicory

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Some syndromes through altered ossification of skull bones of membranous origin

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Some syndromes with camptodactyly

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Some syngnathids of the indo pacific region and the antilles

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Some synonymies in old world spiders

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Some t cell functions in patients with viral myo carditis the effect of polymorphonuclear leukocyte lysosome factors on t suppressor cell activity in vitro

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Some tabanids diptera of turkey

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Some tables and remarks concerning the pelagic crustacean association of lake constance west germany 1952 1962

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Some task and signal dependent rules for spatial vision

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Some tasks in planning biological experiments

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Some tasks of ichthyology in providing the theoretical base for increasing the productivity of continental waters

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Some tasks of plant breeding in view of future restrictions in the means of agricultural production

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Some tasmanian australia spiders of the families oonopidae anapidae and mysmenidae

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Some taxa of red flowered hibiscus endemic to the hawaiian islands usa

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Some taxonomic and biological observations of the aphids caught on vegetables in the autumn

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Some taxonomic data on the unionacea of the lower cretaceous of the sahara africa response to the note of h modell 1964

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Some taxonomic implications of pollen and seed morphology in mimulus hymenophyllus and mimulus jungermannioides and comparisons with other putative members of the mimulus moschatus alliance scrophulariaceae

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Some taxonomic observations on polypodium australe sensu lato of the atlantic islands azores madeira canaries

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Some taxonomic problems in major soils of the arid and semi arid regions of india

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Some taxonomic problems in the genisteae

Zheng B., 1983:
Some taxonomic problems of campephagidae

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Some taxonomic recommendations and a proposal of neotype strains for 19 species of enterobacteriaceae international committee on systematic bacteriology subcommittee on taxonomy of enterobacteriaceae

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Some taxonomic studies on the aquatic beetles of iraq coleoptera gyrinidae

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Some taxonomical adjustments in eurasiatic wheatgrasses

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Some taxonomical considerations on candida and allied genera

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Some technical and economic indices in baby beef fattening stations of the southeastern parts of romania

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Some technical aspects of quantitative immuno electrophoresis of human serum and cerebro spinal fluid

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Some technical improvements for genetic experiments on mammalian somatic cells

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Some technical improvements in routine laboratory diagnosis of enteric bacteria i. an acetated clark and lubs medium for voges proskauer test

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Some technical problems of micro electrode implantation in the cochlea

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Some techniques for laboratory rearing and experimentation with ephestia cautella lepidoptera phycitidae

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Some temperature responses of lymnaea tomentosa and lymnaea columella mollusca gastropoda and their eggs

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Some temporal characteristics of eye tracking

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Some temporal properties in intra cranial self stimulation

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Some temporal properties of local contrast

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Some tendencies in dynamics of fish abundance of the new zealand plateau

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Some tendencies in the accumulation of free amino acids under various conditions of energy supply

Dzik J., 1979:
Some terebratulid populations from the lower kimmeridgian of poland and their relations to the biotic environment

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Some terrestrial isopoda from reunion mauritius and the seychelles indian ocean

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Some terricolous sphaerocerids and drosophilids from hungary diptera sphaeroceridae and drosophilidae

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Some tertiary and recent conescharelliniform bryozoa

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Some tertiary brachiopods of the east coast of the usa

Ediger V.S., 1981:
Some tertiary dinoflagellate cysts from the thrace basin turkey and their usage in paleo environmental analysis

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Some tests of inter modality transfer of intensity in squirrel monkeys

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Some tests of the encoding specificity and semantic integration hypotheses

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Some thalassinideans decapoda crustacea from heron island queensland eastern australia and a new species of gourretia from east africa

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Some thalassiosira species with 1 central process bacillariophyceae

Riispere, U.R., 1977:
Some theoretical and methodological problems of phyto parasitology

Kulikov, N.V.; Tikhomirov, F.A., 1978:
Some theoretical and practical aspects of radio ecology

Hache A.; Seitz H P.; Guenther K., 1979:
Some theoretical aspects of electron transport chains

Rodin, S.N.; Ratner, V.A., 1983:
Some theoretical aspects of protein co evolution in the ecosystem phage bacteria 1. the problem

Rodin, S.N.; Ratner, V.A., 1983:
Some theoretical aspects of protein co evolution in the ecosystem phage bacteria 2. the deterministic model of micro evolution

Wagemann, R., 1978:
Some theoretical aspects of stability and solubility of inorganic arsenic in the fresh water environment

Stelmachowicz, P.G.; Lewis, D.E., 1988:
Some theoretical considerations concerning the relation between functional gain and insertion gain

Golterman, H.L., 1977:
Some theoretical considerations of thermal discharge in shallow lakes

Janssen, L.H.M.; Perrin, J.H., 1976:
Some theoretical observations on the estimation of partition coefficients from pi and fragmental constants

Teinberg, R., 1986:
Some theoretical principles and practical results of the estimation of bulls' breeding value by the tests of their progeny

Zaverukha B.V., 1980:
Some theoretical problems in studies of the volhynia podolia ukrainian ssr ussr floral endemism

Ratner, V.A., 1976:
Some theoretical problems of molecular evolution

Targul'yan V.O., 1986:
Some theoretical problems of pedology as an earth science

Starobogatov-Ya, I., 1978:
Some theoretical problems on the species and taxonomy of commercial marine organisms

Biro, J., 1982:
Some theoretical questions of peptide and steroid hormone regulation 2. the second messenger system

Harris, E.K., 1975:
Some theory of reference values part 1 stratified categorized normal ranges and a method for following an individuals clinical laboratory values

Harris, E.K., 1976:
Some theory of reference values part 2 comparison of some statistical models of intra individual variation in blood constituents

Karryev, M.O.; Bairyev, C.B.; Ataeva, A.S., 1976:
Some therapeutic properties and phytochemistry of white horehound

Pace R., 1982:
Some therian and maghrebian species of atheta of the subgenus microdota coleoptera staphylinidae 36th contribution to the aleocharinae

Lee, R.; Samuel, D.E., 1976:
Some thermal and biological effects of forest cutting in west virginia usa

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Some thermal indices of humic acids of soils in the moldavian ssr ussr

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Some thermal properties of methyl malvalate methyl sterculate and their di hydro derivatives

Jankowski T.; Jankowski S.; Koziol K., 1981:
Some thermal properties of root vegetables

Mitra, S.P.; Chattoraj, D.K., 1978:
Some thermodynamic aspects of expanded and condensed films of bovine serum albumin adsorbed at the alumina water interface

Khaziev, F.Kh, 1975:
Some thermodynamic characteristics of enzymatic reactions in soil

Saakyan S.V.; Khtryan N.K., 1981:
Some thermodynamic characteristics of moisture of irrigated soils in the ararat hollow armenian ssr ussr

Volobuev, V.R.; Ponomarev, D.G., 1977:
Some thermodynamic characteristics of soil mineral associations

Zaalishvili T.M.; Kobakhidze G.T.; Visochek L.M., 1981:
Some thermodynamic parameters of the frog rana ridibunda skeletal muscle contractile proteins

Furetta, C.; Tuyn, J.W.N., 1986:
Some thermoluminescent properties of a new preparation of calcium sulfate dysprosium phosphor

Shimkus G.T., 1981:
Some thermophilic fungi from the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Paul, H.; Migulla, H., 1978:
Some thienyl analogs of amidinomycin

Stangl J., 1985:
Some things about inocybes which are more rare or seldom found

Petlychna, L.I.; Turkevych, M.M., 1975:
Some thio phosphamide derivatives of berberine and their interaction with hydrogen chloride

Lee J.J.; Reimer C.W.; Mahoney R., 1986:
Some thoughts about the conservation of scanning electron microscopic preparations of diatoms in a museum repository

Mielcarek R., 1985:
Some thoughts after visiting the zoological garden in saigon vietnam

Martens M.; Mosselmans G.; Fumero S.; Jacobs G.; Lafontaine A., 1984:
Some thoughts on a possible regulatory approach at european economic community level on the classification and labeling of dangerous preparations/

Ito, T., 1977:
Some thoughts on forest disease fungi in taiwan part 1 1931 1938

Kelly, R.C., 1977:
Some thoughts on proficiency testing in forensic toxicology

Wilber, C.G., 1987:
Some thoughts on suicide. Is it logical?

Clark, G.A., 1988:
Some thoughts on the black skull an archaeologist's assessment of wt 17000 australopithecus boisei and systematics in human paleontology

Rose S.S.; Ahmed A., 1986:
Some thoughts on the etiology of varicose veins

Wallace M.E., 1982:
Some thoughts on the laboratory cage design process

Coles E.M.; Patterson R.I., 1986:
Some thoughts on the nature of concrete thinking

Drummond R., 1982:
Some thoughts on the origin of rna and the roles of ribosomes the nucleolus and nucleus

Alberti, B., 1978:
Some thoughts on the problem of the genus

Oosterbroek P., 1985:
Some tipulidae new for corsica france and sardinia italy diptera

Marchiori, S., 1987:
Some topics on quercetea ilicis cenoses and their degradation forms in italy

Campos, M.; Berberian, G.; Beauge, L., 1988:
Some total and partial reactions of sodium potassium atpase using atp and acetyl phosphate as a substrate

Mckague A.B., 1981:
Some toxic constituents of chlorination stage effluents from bleached kraft pulp mills

Weinberger, P.; Pomber, L.; Prasad, R., 1978:
Some toxic effects of fenitrothion on seed germination and early seedling growth of jack pine spruce and birches

Ekpenyong, T.E.; Borchers, R.L., 1981:
Some toxic factors in winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus seeds 1. anti trypsin hem agglutinating and urease activities

Mori, H.; Kawai, K.; Ohbayashi, F.; Bunai, Y.; Yamada, K.; Hirono, I., 1984:
Some toxic properties of a carcinogenic pyrrolizidine alkaloid, petasitenine

Cheng, Y.L.; Ye, J.R.; Lin, D.J., 1981:
Some toxicities of triptolide in mice and dogs

Gostinskii V.D.; Krasnopevtseva G.B., 1980:
Some toxico kinetic characteristics of chemicals absorbed through the skin

Abdeen S.A.O.; Gadallah A.I.; Saleh W.S.; Hossein N.M.; Moawad G.M., 1986:
Some toxicological and biochemical effects of bacterium bacillus thuringiensis on the american bollworm heliothis armigera hbn

Stavreva, M., 1976:
Some toxicological and hygienic problems associated with the use of epoxy resins in the food industry

Zayed, S.M.; Fakhr, I.M.; el-Magraby, S., 1984:
Some toxicological aspects of methamidophos exposure in mice

Bocharov-Yu, S., 1975:
Some toxicological problems of the early stages of animal ontogenesis

Petrusha N.A., 1987:
Some toxicopharmacological properties of 6 azacytidine

Jakutowicz, K.; Korpaczewska, W., 1976:
Some trace elements in 3 avian tapeworm tissues

E.B.nawy S.; Badr G.; Abdel Moety A.; Zaki A.; Safaa E.; Fatma N., 1980:
Some trace elements in chronic renal failure

Jakutowicz, K.; Korpaczewska, W., 1976:
Some trace elements in plerocercoid and adult forms of ligula intestinalis cestoda diphyllobothriidae

Jauhiainen, E., 1977:
Some trace elements of podzol profiles in southeastern norway and western denmark

Steinberg C.; Mueller W.; Klee R., 1983:
Some trachelomonas taxa section rotundatae subsection longisetae newly recorded in central europe

Barykina R.P.; Chubatova N.V., 1980:
Some traits of structure in evergreen representatives of the berberidaceae

Abramov A.A.; Kotlyar A.N., 1980:
Some traits of the biology of cavalla trachurus symmetricus murphyi

Savitskaya, N.V.; Gortinskaya, T.V.; Nyrkova, V.G.; Fedorova, I.N., 1977:
Some transformations of 3 4 di aza phenoxazine derivatives in the vilsmeier reaction

Zemlicka, J.; Murata, M., 1976:
Some transformations of dl phenyl alanine ortho esters and n benzyloxycarbonyl l phenyl alaninyl

Tkachuk B.V., 1979:
Some transformations of the anti microbial drug ciminal

Gorishnii V.Ya; Vlazimirskaya E.V., 1984:
Some transformations of the new thrombolytic drug diamiphen

Molony, D.A.; Reeves, W.B.; Andreoli, T.E., 1987 :
Some transport characteristics of mammalian renal diluting segments

Kumari S.; Gupta N.K., 1984:
Some trematode parasites of microchiropteran bats in india 1

Hua, Z.; Minmin, L.; Changong, G.; Zhaozhi, Q., 1978:
Some trematodes belonging to the genus tanaisia family eucotylidae from birds in yunnan china

Shoop W.L.; Corkum K.C., 1981:
Some trematodes of mammals in louisiana usa

Dyer W.G.; Williams E.H.Jr; Williams L.B., 1986:
Some trematodes of marine fishes of southwestern and northwestern puerto rico

Smrz J., 1979:
Some trends in anageny of male reproductive organs in the suborder adephaga coleoptera

Tomita H.; Suzuki T., 1985:
Some trials on measurement of the coefficient of permeability

Schmid F.; Levanidova I.M., 1986:
Some trichoptera from the soviet far east

Bolles, R.C.; Collier, A.C.; Bouton, M.E.; Marlin, N.A., 1978:
Some tricks for ameliorating the trace conditioning deficit

Rao T.R.; Khan I.A., 1987:
Some trivalent lanthanide complexes of levo tyrosine hydrazide

Kajak, Z.; Kajak, A., 1976:
Some trophic relations in the benthos of shallow parts of marion lake british columbia canada

Dumont, B.; Verneaux, J., 1976:
Some trophic relationships in the upper reaches of a forest stream

Coulon G., 1982:
Some tropical african clavigerines synonymous notes and description of 2 new genera coleoptera pselaphidae

Jonsell, B., 1976:
Some tropical african cruciferae chromosome numbers and taxonomic comments

Botelho J.R.; Inardi P.M.; Williams P.; Nagem R.L., 1981:
Some true hosts of ecto parasites of caratinga county minas gerais brazil

Mason C.; Yochelson E.L., 1985:
Some tubular fossils sphenothallus vermes from the middle and late paleozoic of the usa

Shelepov V.P.; Davydova S.Ya; Shapot V.S., 1980:
Some tumor induced endocrine disorders in vivo

D.M.rtino G.; Dericoloso A.; Iannucci F.; D.M.teo L.; Bizzarro A.; Molero U., 1981:
Some tumoral markers in primary lung cancer correlation with histological kinds

Golabek, W.; Stephens, S.D., 1979:
Some tuning fork tests revisited

Jayaker S.D., 1987:
Some two locus models for the evolution of sex determining mechanisms

Van Den Berg E.; Spaull V.W., 1985:
Some tylenchid nematodes from aldabra atoll western indian ocean with a description of a new species

Huang C.S.; Raski D.J., 1986:
Some tylenchidae from brazil with description of cucullitylenchus amazonensis new genus new species tylenchoidea nemata

Van Doorsselaere R.; Samsoen L., 1982:
Some tylenchids from coffee fields of ivory coast with the description of hemicriconemoides snoecki new species nematoda tylenchida

Olmi, M.; Currado, I., 1975:
Some type of dryinidae of ljungh snellen van vollenhoven and klug hymenoptera bethyloidea

Dumont, H.J.; Van-De-Velde, I., 1976:
Some types of head pores in the cladocera as seen by scanning electron microscopy and their possible functions

Zurabashvili A.; Darchiya N.Sh; Tskhadadze M.Sh, 1982:
Some types of inclusions in different forms of clasmatosis

Shkvarnikov P.; Kulik M.I., 1979:
Some types of induced mutations of spring durum wheat as material for practical breeding

Khoang-Dyk-H'uan, 1977:
Some types of stichotinae and scymninae coccinellidae coleoptera from the collection of motschulsky

Dworakowska I., 1979:
Some typhlocybinae from india and adjoining areas

Dworakowska I., 1981:
Some typhlocybinae from india sri lanka and nepal homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Dworakowska I., 1980:
Some typhlocybini from india and nepal auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Uspenskii V.M.; Galuzo V.V., 1981:
Some typological features of the gastric secretory apparatus in normal subjects and their role in the formation of gastro duodenal pathology

Tsenkov I., 1979:
Some udder morphologic and functional qualities of stara zagora ewes and their crosses with east friesian rams

Micu, D.; Manolescu, N., 1982:
Some ultrastructural aspect of T and B lymphocytes and their significance in chronic internal diseases with immune component

Rizzo M.; Faussone Pellegrini M.S.; Ponchietti R., 1981:
Some ultrastructural aspects in the uretero pelvic junction pathology

Soares M.J.; Brazil R.P.; Tanuri A.; Souza W.D., 1986:
Some ultrastructural aspects of crithidia guilhermei new species isolated from phaenicia cuprina diptera calliphoridae

Devi S., 1979:
Some ultrastructural aspects of developing sporangia of cyrtomium caryotideum and tectaria fuscipes

Walsh, M.A.; Popovich, T.M., 1977:
Some ultrastructural aspects of meta phloem sieve elements in the aerial stem of the holo parasitic angiosperm epifagus virginiana orobanchaceae

Mcdougall, J., 1976:
Some ultrastructural aspects of mitosis and early differentiation in human fetal lung

Ryvnyak V.V., 1985:
Some ultrastructural aspects of reverse sclerotic changes in the liver

Carothers, Z.B.; Robbins, R.R.; Haas, D.L., 1975 :
Some ultrastructural aspects of spermatogenesis in lycopodium complanatum

Lopes, A.C.; Villa, N.; Medeiros, L.O.; Sustovich, D.R.; Sasso, W.D., 1979:
Some ultrastructural aspects of the cardiac muscle of albino rat during the acute stress produced by formaldehyde

Brlansky R.H.; Carroll T.W.; Zaske S.K., 1986:
Some ultrastructural aspects of the pollen transmission of barley stripe mosaic virus in barley hordeum vulgare

Wujek, D.E., 1975:
Some ultrastructural aspects of the pyrenoid of the chaetophoracean alga pleurastrum

Malecaze, F.; Caratero, C.; Caratero, A.; Arne, J.L.; Mathis, A.; Bec, P.; Planel, H., 1985:
Some ultrastructural aspects of the vitreoretinal juncture

Jareno M.A., 1987:
Some ultrastructural changes produced by vaccinia virus in onychodromus acuminatus ciliata hypotricha

Reunov A.V.; Reunova G.D.; Lapshina L.A.; Reifman V.G., 1980:
Some ultrastructural characteristics in parenchyma cells of datura stramonium leaves of different ages systemically infected with potato x virus

Ding M.; M.L.; Zhai Z.; Xiang D.; Tang G., 1982:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of infectious laryngotracheitis virus in morphogenesis

Zacharuk R.Y., 1979:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of mandibular cuticle in an elaterid larva ctenicera destructor coleoptera

Suciu M.; Toader G.; Moldovan L.; Popescu D., 1987:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of skin scar tissue under the influence of treatment with exogenous collagen

Balercia G.; Morroni M.; Cangiotti A.M.; Montillo M., 1986:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of the interaction between erythroid precursors and stromal cells in human bone marrow

Osborne-Pellegrin, M.J., 1978:
Some ultrastructural characteristics of the renal artery and abdominal aorta in the rat

Burton, P.R.; Stueckemann, J.; Welsh, R.M.; Paretsky, D., 1978:
Some ultrastructural effects of persistent infections by the rickettsia Coxiella burnetii in mouse L cells and green monkey kidney (Vero) cells

Bloom, G.D.; Carlsöö, B.; Henriksson, R., 1977:
Some ultrastructural features of acinic cell carcinoma

Lanot, R., 1976:
Some ultrastructural features of cobalt fixation within cells of young chicken embryos

Tiras N.P.; Moshkov D.A., 1985:
Some ultrastructural features of inhibitory afferent synapses of the goldfish mauthner cells as revealed by blockade of inhibition

Jurand, A., 1976:
Some ultrastructural features of micro nuclei during conjugation and autogamy in paramecium aurelia

Faussone Pellegrini, M.S.; Cortesini, C., 1983:
Some ultrastructural features of the muscular coat of human small intestine

Halcrow K., 1982:
Some ultrastructural features of the nuchal organ of daphnia magna crustacea branchiopoda

Vysotskii V.V.; Kotlyarova G.A., 1982:
Some ultrastructural features of the peripheral parts of the l colonies of listeria monocytogenes

Gelashvili, K.D.; Gachechiladze-Ts, V., 1977:
Some ultrastructural indices of irradiated rat ovaries

Santa Rosa M.R.D., 1984:
Some ultrastructural observations of changes after prolonged fasting in monodinium balbiani ciliata gymnostomatida rhabdophorina didiniidae

Spearman, R.I.; Hardy, J.A., 1976:
Some ultrastructural observations on human palmar stratum corneum

Mims, C.W.; Glidewell, D.C., 1978:
Some ultrastructural observations on the host pathogen relationship within the telial gall of the rust fungus gymnosporangium juniperi virginianae

Chin, K.N.; Wong, W.C., 1977:
Some ultrastructural observations on the intestinal mucosa of the toad (Bufo melanostictus)

Greven, H., 1976:
Some ultrastructural observations on the mid gut epithelium of isohypsibius augusti eutardigrada

Farnesi, R.M., 1975:
Some ultrastructural observations on the pharynx of dugesia lugubris treated with colcemid

Mityushin, V.M.; Kozyreva, E.V., 1978:
Some ultrastructural types of animal cell mitochondria and their connection with energy production

Shing H.; Erickson E.H., 1982:
Some ultrastructure of the honey bee apis mellifera sting

Papaconstantinou C.; Tsimenidis N., 1979 :
Some uncommon fishes from the aegean sea

Andersson, K., 1979:
Some unconventional feedstuffs to laying hens 1. effects on production and gross chemical composition of eggs

Gupta, S.K., 1976:
Some undescribed and little known species of amblyseius acarina phytoseiidae from western and northern india

Min K.H., 1986:
Some undescribed cladosporium alternaria curvularia and eurotium repens new record in korea

Ando K.; Tubaki K., 1984:
Some undescribed hyphomycetes in rainwater draining from intact trees

Ando K.; Tubaki K., 1984:
Some undescribed hyphomycetes in the raindrops from intact leaf surface

Lai C L.; Cheng S L.; Shiue H I., 1981:
Some undesirable factors affecting ethanol fermentation in cane molasses from carbonation process

Wadeleux P.A.; Winand R.J., 1981:
Some unexpected effects of thyrotropin on the metabolism of thyroid cells isolated from nontoxic goiter

Spaights E.; Simpson G., 1986:
Some unique causes of black suicide

Seshachar B.R.; Balakrishna T.A.; Shakuntala K.; Gundappa K.R., 1982:
Some unique features of egg laying and reproduction in ichthyophis malabarensis apoda amphibia

Kibblewhite R.P.; Okayama T., 1986:
Some unique properties of neutral sulfite anthraquinone pulp fibers

Ballesta, J.P.; Cundliffe, E.; Daniels, M.J.; Silverstein, J.L.; Susskind, M.M.; Schaechter, M., 1972:
Some unique properties of the dna bearing portion of the bacterial membrane

Amor, A., 1975:
Some unknown cuticular structures of acanthopriapulus horridus priapulida priapulidae

Mooij, J.H.; Vos, B.J., 1978:
Some unpublished calls of the tawny owl strix aluco

Quimio T.H.; Abilay L.E., 1982:
Some unreported fungal genera and species in the philippines

Chatterjee, S.K., 1984:
Some unresolved legal issues relating to punishment of offenders in criminal law and their effect on sentencing policies: the case of drug abusers

Ivashkin V.T.; Minasyan G.A., 1987:
Some unsolved problems of secondary prophylaxis of peptic ulcer

Shenefelt R.D., 1979:
Some unusual braconidae hymenoptera

Feuerman, E.J.; Alteras, I., 1980:
Some unusual cutaneous manifestations of Trichophyton rubrum in Israel

Taylor R.M.S., 1986:
Some unusual dental conditions in sheep

Teixeira L.L., 1983:
Some unusual features in the wood of sloanea lasiocoma elaeocarpaceae and casearia obliqua flacourtiaceae

Tiwari, S.C., 1978:
Some unusual features of floral trichomes and nectaries in grewia subinaequalis

Chakravorty, N.K., 1978:
Some unusual features of Paget's disease of bone

Staroń, K.; Jerzmanowski, A.; Fronk, J.; Toczko, K., 1980:
Some unusual features of Physarum polycephalum chromatin are due to the presence of slime

Borowitzka, M.A., 1976:
Some unusual features of the ultrastructure of the chloroplasts of the green algal order caulerpales and their development

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