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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6450

Chapter 6450 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krikken J., 1982:
Some unusual genera and species from africa coleoptera cetoniidae

Heineke T.E., 1981:
Some unusual plant finds from jackson county illinois usa

Zwenger W.H., 1987:
Some unusual preserved forms of tertiary boring clam traces

Charles B.; Bruneton J.; Pharadai K.; Tantisewie B.; Guinaudeau H.; Shamma M., 1987:
Some unusual proaporphine and aporphine alkaloids from stephania venosa

Shevelev I.A.; Manasyan K.A., 1984:
Some unusual properties of neurons in the cat posterotemporal cortex

Cato D.H., 1980:
Some unusual sounds of apparent biological origin responsible for sustained background noise in the timor sea

Cretney M.J.; Ginger R.C.; Bullivant C.M., 1979:
Some unusual toxicological aspects of 2 carbon mon oxide deaths

Monu, J.; Bohrer, S.P.; Howard, G., 1987:
Some upper cervical spine norms

Martin F., 1980:
Some upper ordovician chitinozoans and acritarchs from the white head formation in gaspe quebec canada

Kato M., 1979:
Some upper paleozoic corals from turkey

Karmakar T.; Mukherjee M.; Chakraborty D.P., 1986:
Some urea derivatives as growth inhibitors

Assumpcao, C., 1988:
Some urinary tract disease in Australian aboriginal inpatients in 1980

Thompson, F.G.; Franz, R., 1976:
Some urocoptid land snails from hispaniola

Proca E., 1987:
Some urological problems of pheochromocytoma

Kudo, I., 1978:
Some urothripine thysanoptera from eastern asia

Malhotra, S.K.; Moorthy, S., 1973:
Some useful and medicinal plants of chandrapur district maharashtra state india

Maier, J.K.; Riederer, S.J.; Enzmann, D.R.; Brody, W.R., 1984:
Some useful concepts of matched filtering in intravenous digital subtraction angiography

Hawkins C.M.; Rowell T.W., 1984:
Some useful conversions in relating historical and future catch statistics of soft shell clams mya arenaria in the scotia fundy region canada

Farooq S., 1987:
Some useful plants of northwest frontier province india and its suburbs

Dagar J.C.; Dagar H.S., 1987:
Some useful pteridophytes of andaman and nicobar islands india

Walker W L., 1984:
Some uses of imaginative involvement in therapy

Wallis, R.L., 1976:
Some uses of multi factorial response surface analysis in temperature tolerance studies

Fauconnier R., 1986:
Some uses of suitable cycle diagrams in sugar cane growing

Silberstein, M.J.; Brodeur, A.E.; Graviss, E.R., 1979:
Some vagaries of the capitellum

Silberstein, M.J.; Brodeur, A.E.; Graviss, E.R., 1982:
Some vagaries of the lateral epicondyle

Silberstein, M.J.; Brodeur, A.E.; Graviss, E.R.; Luisiri, A., 1981:
Some vagaries of the medial epicondyle

Silberstein, M.J.; Brodeur, A.E.; Graviss, E.R.; Luisiri, A., 1981:
Some vagaries of the olecranon

Silberstein, M.J.; Brodeur, A.E.; Graviss, E.R., 1982:
Some vagaries of the radial head and neck

Kubiatowicz, W., 1976:
Some valanginian ostracodes of the genus protocythere from central poland

Gorbunov Y.N.; Konon N.T., 1980 :
Some valeriana species from the caucasus ussr as perspective medicinal plants

Hara M., 1986:
Some valuable information obtained from the use of a total respiratory analysis system

Blagov, N.A.; Baryshev, M.D.; Firsov, V.N., 1987:
Some values of cellular immunity in patients with intestinal nematode infections

Boren, J.J., 1969:
Some variables affecting the superstitious chaining of responses

Rylander M.; Brorson J E.; Holm S.E.; Norrby R., 1981:
Some variables influencing amino glycoside efficacy in vivo and in vitro

Ievleva L.V.; Akimova T.F.; Mylov N.M.; Burdeinyi A.P., 1980:
Some variants of bechterews disease

Novikov V.N., 1981:
Some variants of progress stabilization in the late stages of malignant schizophrenia

Borisov I.A.; Golovanova O.E., 1981:
Some variants of the atypical course of tuberculosis

Saksonov S.I.; Bekker O.M.; Slugina S.V.; Balaban S.Ya, 1981:
Some variants of the clinical picture and morphology of cardio vascular syphilis

Jorgensen P.F., 1985:
Some variations in plasma thyroxine and triiodothyronine total and free in pigs

Wilman, D.; Omaliko, C.P.E., 1978:
Some varietal differences in factors affecting nutritive value and in recovery after cutting in lolium multiflorum

Galil Ogly G.A.; Poroshin K.K., 1980:
Some varieties of malignant fibrous histio cytoma

Harms, V.L.; Hudson, J.H., 1978:
Some vascular plants new to the flora of saskatchewan canada

Goodman N.W.; Black A.M.S.; Carter J.A., 1987:
Some ventilatory effects of propofol as sole anesthetic agent

A.H.ssan L.A.J.; Naama A.K., 1986:
Some vertebral abnormalities in fishes collected from the euphrates in iraq

Wingfield M.J.; Marasas W.F.O., 1983:
Some verticicladiella species including verticicladiella truncata associated with root diseases of pine in new zealand and south africa

Ramachandran V.S.; Nair V.J.; Nair N.C., 1980:
Some very rare or noteworthy plants from kerala state india

Zumpt, I.F.; Heine, E.W.P., 1978:
Some veterinary aspects of bontebok in the cape of good hope nature reserve

Mihalka, S., 1980:
Some veterinary problems of a specialized dairy plant 2. reproductive biology problems

Pagliarini N.; Spasic R., 1984:
Some viewings about appearance and harmfulness of leaf miner phytomyza horticola

Pasini M., 1988:
Some views on the biological crises at the permian triassic boundary in the dolomites area italy

Nicolis, J.S.; Protonotarios, E.; Lianos, E., 1975:
Some views on the role of noise in self organizing systems

Brcak, J.; Pozdena, J., 1976:
Some virus and virus like diseases of tobacco tomato papaya and rubber tree in vietnam and cambodia

Hedger R.S.; Barnett I.T.R.; Gray D.F., 1980:
Some virus diseases of domestic animals in oman

Clark, R.C.; Rao, V.N.M.; Young, C.T., 1977:
Some visco elastic and macro nutrient characteristics of peanuts

Raskin, I.M., 1978:
Some vitamins enzymes mineral substances and lipid containing leukocytes in the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease

Richman, B., 1976:
Some vocal distinctive features used by gelada monkeys

Lesinska E.; Pryzbylski R.; Eskin N.A.M., 1988:
Some volatile and nonvolatile flavor components of the dwarf quince chaenomeles japonica

Slingsby R.W.; Kepner R.E.; Muller C.J.; Webb A.D., 1980:
Some volatile components of vitis vinifera variety cabernet sauvignon wine

Ough C.S.; Almy J., 1986:
Some volatile tract nitrogen components in california usa brandy

Malec F., 1987:
Some wasps hymenoptera vespoidea vespidae eumenidae from the kassel area west germany

Kothandaraman, V.; Evans, R.L., 1975:
Some water quality aspects in a nascent impoundment in central illinois

Guinel F.C.; Mccully M.E., 1986:
Some water related physical properties of maize root cap mucilage

Lhuissier M.; Suschetet M., 1979:
Some water soluble vitamins in the liver of sulfite tannic acid and ethanol treated rats

Anderson W.K., 1980:
Some water use response of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar clipper lupine lupinus angustifolius cultivar unicrop and rapeseed brassica napus cultivar wesreo

Eneva S., 1980:
Some water yield correlations of maize irrigation on leached chernozem smolnitsa soils

Eletskii, Y.K.; Yaglov, V.V.; Lenichenko, V.P., 1976:
Some ways and approaches for the optimal teaching of morphological disciplines in medical institutes

Anikeeva, S.P.; Prozorovskaya, K.N., 1977:
Some ways for eliminating the side effects of antibiotic therapy in experimental pneumonia

Chilingaryan A.G., 1985:
Some ways for improving working conditions in light bulb assembly shops

Shilova S.A., 1982:
Some ways of artificial changes in the population structure of small mammals

Kotelenko L.M., 1985:
Some ways of evaluating the structure of neuronal trace responses within the geniculate body

Tsvetkova, L.S., 1980:
Some ways of optimization of aphasics rehabilitation

Grunina L.K., 1985:
Some ways of the adaptation of tundra plants to nitrogen deficit

Gutnik, R.B.; Leonenko, N.A.; Muravova, L.P., 1975:
Some ways of the rational use of the globular mass of donor blood in therapeutic practice

Arsenijevic, M., 1986:
Some weed species as a test of the pathogenicity of phytopathogenic pseudomonads i. reaction of black nightshade solanum nigrum

Arsenijevic, M., 1986:
Some weed species as a test of the pathogenicity of phytopathogenic pseudomonas ii. reaction of jimsonweed datura stramonium l. and lamb's quarters chenopodium album l

Adam, W., 1975:
Some west african species of nassarius described by f p marrat 1877 1878 and by h von maltzan 1884 mollusca prosobranchia

Huggert L., 1981:
Some west palearctic and australian species of idrini hymenoptera proctotrupoidea scelionidae

Anjum F.M.; Ullah M.; Chaudhry N.M.; Sarwar M., 1987:
Some wheat grain quality parameters as affected by locations

Ho-Shan, L., 1976:
Some willow stem borers and their control measures

Dayan Lintzer M.; Winaver D.; Bydlowski M., 1988:
Some women never complain the denial of pain

Bernicchia A.; Campadelli G.; Furia A., 1981:
Some wood inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi from italy st vitale pine forest ravenna 1

Bernicchia, A.; Campadelli, G., 1987:
Some wood inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi from italy st. vitale pine forest ravenna second contribution

Kar, A.K.; Chakrabarti, H.S., 1977:
Some wood inhabiting discomycetes of west bengal

Potts Torres B.; Martinez Valladares M.; Fuertes Jesus G.; Diaz Padron H.; Macias Betancourt J., 1986:
Some working characteristics associated with malignant neoplasias and the nior

Tomov Sh; Chaushev G.; Karayashev G.; Dimitrov G.; Nedyalkova M.; Nikolov G.; Drumeva P., 1988:
Some x ray cardiologic and vegetologic studies in scleroderma progressiva

Skotnikov V.I., 1986:
Some x ray signs of hiatal hernia

Richard J L., 1984:
Some xerophilous plant associations in the val de binn valais switzerland

Waraitch, K.S., 1977:
Some xylariaceous fungi from india

Arnberg A.C.; Van Ommen G J.B.; Grivell L.A.; Van Bruggen E.F.J.; Borst P., 1980:
Some yeast mitochondrial rna is circular

Jain S.K.; Abuelgasim E.H., 1981:
Some yield components and ideotype traits in meadowfoam a new industrial oil crop

D.Armas L.F., 1982:
Some zoo geographic aspects of antillean west indies scorpion fauna

Uherkovich, A., 1978:
Some zoo geographic questions on the butterflies of southern and western transdanubia hungary

Rajkovic M., 1980:
Some zoo hygienic problems in houses for the fattening of calves and young cattle within pozega yugoslavia

Tranter D.J.; Tafe D.J.; Sandland R.L., 1983:
Some zoo plankton characteristics of warm core eddies shed by the east australian current with particular reference to copepods

Mesa Garcia R., 1983:
Some zoogeographic aspects of genus emoda gastropoda prosobranchia helicinidae in cuba

Sergienko, G.F.; Sergienko, S.S.; Kudryashov, A.G., 1976:
Some zootechnical physiological and biochemical aspects of the race horse training intensification on stud farms

Rattan R.S., 1981:
Some zygnemaceae from northern india 2

Tierney K.J.; Smith H.V.; Gannon K.N., 1987:
Somes tests of molar models of instrumental performance

Rallo, J.L.; Gottesmann, C., 1976:
Somesthesic cortex reactivity during the sleep waking cycles in the rat

Johnston O'connor E.J.; Kirschenbaum D.S., 1986:
Something succeeds like success positive self monitoring for unskilled golfers

Vasan N.S.; Miller E., 1985:
Somite chondrogenesis in vitro differential induction by modified matrix a biochemical and morphological study

Lash, J.W.; Vasan, N.S., 1978:
Somite chondrogenesis in vitro. Stimulation by exogenous extracellular matrix components

Hornbruch, A.; Summerbell, D.; Wolpert, L., 1979:
Somite formation in the early chick embryo following grafts of Hensen's node

Tosney, K.W., 1988:
Somites and axon guidance

Panattoni G.L.; Andreotti L.; Daneo L.S., 1988:
Somitic topography sclerotomal differentiation and vertebral development in the early chick embryo

Elsdale, T.; Davidson, D., 1983:
Somitogenesis in amphibia 4. the dynamics of tail development

Orts Llorca F., 1981:
Somitogenesis in the human embryo development of the myotomes

Chebataroff J., 1981:
Sommerfeltia cabrerae new species compositae

Likhtenshtein V.A., 1986:
Somnogenic effect of rhythmic thermal stimulation of the nasolabial zone

Skinner S.W., 1985:
Son killer a 3rd extrachromosomal factor affecting the sex ratio in the parasitoid wasp nasonia vitripennis

Nemeth, R.J.; Bowling, J.M., 1985:
Son preference and its effects on Korean lactation practices

Amin, R.; Mariam, A.G., 1987:
Son preference in Bangladesh: an emerging barrier to fertility regulation

De-Boer, P.; Van-Der-Hoeven, F.A., 1977:
Son sire regression based heritability estimates of chiasma frequency using t 7oh mouse translocation hetero zygotes and the relation between univalence chiasma frequency and sperm production

Sabbagha, R.E.; Barton, F.B.; Barton, B.A., 1976:
Sonar bi parietal diameter part 1 analysis of percentile growth differences in 2 normal populations using same methodology

Sabbagha, R.E.; Barton, B.A.; Barton, F.B.; Kingas, E.; Orgill, J.; Turner, J.H., 1976:
Sonar bi parietal diameter part 2 predictive of 3 fetal growth patterns leading to a closer assessment of gestational age and neo natal weight

Pilleri G., 1979:
Sonar field patterns in cetaceans feeding behavior and the functional significance of the pterygoschisis

Shilts W.W., 1982:
Sonar studies of sediments in quebec canada lakes threatened by acid precipitation

Fish, J.F.; Johnson, C.S.; Ljungblad, D.K., 1976:
Sonar target discrimination by instrumented human divers

Masters, W.M.; Moffat, A.J.; Simmons, J.A., 1985:
Sonar tracking of horizontally moving targets by the big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus

Ahlen I., 1988:
Sonar used by flying lesser horseshoe bats rhinolophus hipposideros bechstein 1800 rhinolophidae chiroptera in hunting habitats

Zacharias D., 1987:
Sonchetum palustris vlieger and zinderen bakker 1942 van donselaar 1961 in eastern lower saxony west germany

Nazarova E.A.; Barsegyan A.M., 1983:
Sonchus araraticus new species asteraceae from the armenian ssr ussr

Ahmad R.; Ahmad I.; Ahmad F.; Osman S.M., 1986:
Sonchus oleraceus seed oil characterization of hydrogen bromide reactive oxygenated acid

Womersley H.B.S.; Sinkora D., 1981:
Sonderophycus and the type specimen of peyssonnelia australis cryptonemiales rhodophyta

Fonstad T., 1981:
Song activity of the willow warbler phylloscopus trochilus and the brambling fringilla montifringilla in a heath birch forest during the breeding season

Latimer W., 1980:
Song and spacing in gampsocleis glabra orthoptera tettigoniidae

Crawford H.S.; Hooper R.G.; Titterington R.W., 1981:
Song bird population response to silvicultural practices in central appalachian usa hardwoods

Ambuel B.; Temple S.A., 1982:
Song bird populations in southern wisconsin usa forests 1954 and 1979

Titterington R.W.; Crawford H.S.; Burgason B.N., 1979:
Song bird responses to commercial clear cutting in maine usa spruce fir forests

Bankwitz K.G.; Thompson W.L., 1979 :
Song characteristics of the yellow warbler dendroica petechia

Slater P.J.B.; Ince S.A., 1982:
Song development in chaffinches fringilla coelebs what is learned and when?

Petrinovich L.; Baptista L.F., 1987:
Song development in the white crowned sparrow modification of learned song

Baptista L.F.; Petrinovich L., 1986:
Song development in the white crowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys social factors and sex differences

Guettinger, H.R.; Achermann, J., 1972:
Song development of spermestes cucullata

Mundinger, P., 1975:
Song dialects and colonization in the house finch carpodacus mexicanus on the east coast

Baptista, L.F., 1976:
Song dialects and demes in sedentary populations of the white crowned sparrow zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli

Baptista L.F.; Morton M.L., 1982:
Song dialects and mate selection in montane white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha

Payne R.B., 1987:
Song dialects and neighborhood habitats in the indigobirds vidua chalybeata and vidua purpurascens at lochinvar national park zambia

Baker, M.C.; Mewaldt, L.R., 1978:
Song dialects as barriers to dispersal in white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli

Avery, M.; Oring, L.W., 1977 :
Song dialects in the bobolink dolichonyx oryzivorus

Petrinovich L.; Baptista L.F., 1984:
Song dialects mate selection and breeding success in white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli

Heinemann D., 1981:
Song dialects migration and population structure of puget sound white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys pugetensis

Baker M.C.; Thompson D.B., 1985:
Song dialects of white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli historical processes inferred from patterns of geographic variation

Payne R.B.; Budde P., 1979:
Song differences and map distances in a population of acadian flycatchers

Gelter H.P., 1987:
Song differences between the pied flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca the collared flycatcher ficedula albicollis and their hybrids

Macnally R.; Young D., 1981:
Song energetics of the bladder cicada cystosoma saundersii

Lemon R.E.; Struger J.; Lechowicz M.J., 1983:
Song features as species discriminants in american warblers parulidae

Latimer W.; Lewis D.B., 1986:
Song harmonic content as a parameter determining acoustic orientation behavior in the cricket teleogryllus oceanicus

Borror D.J., 1987:
Song in the white eyed vireo

Waser, M.S.; Marler, P., 1977 :
Song learning in canaries

Clayton N.S., 1987:
Song learning in cross fostered zebra finches a re examination of the sensitive phase

Eales L.A., 1987:
Song learning in female raised finches another look at the sensitive phase

Whitney C.L.; Miller J., 1987:
Song learning in the wood thrush

Eales L.A., 1985:
Song learning in zebra finches taeniopygia guttata some effects of song model availability on what is learnt and when

Thielcke G., 1984:
Song learning of short toed tree creepers certhia brachydactyla

Feekes F., 1982:
Song mimesis within colonies of cacicus cela cela icteridae aves a colonial password?

Payne, R.B., 1976:
Song mimicry and species relationships among the west african pale winged indigo birds

Samways, M.J., 1976:
Song modification in the orthoptera part 1 proclamation songs of platycleis spp tettigoniidae

Samways, M.J.; Broughton, W.B., 1976:
Song modification in the orthoptera part 2 types of acoustic interaction between platycleis intermedia and other species of the genus tettigoniidae

Samways, M.J., 1976:
Song modification in the orthoptera part 3 micro syllabic echemes in platycleis spp tettigoniidae

Samways, M.J., 1977:
Song modification in the orthoptera part 4 the platycleis intermedia platycleis affinis interaction quantified

Sullivan, G.A., 1976:
Song of the finch lagonosticta senegala interspecific mimicry by its brood parasite vidua chalybeata and the role of song in the hosts social context

Bell, K., 1976:
Song of the superb lyrebird in southeastern new south wales australia with some observations on habitat

Hansen, P., 1976:
Song organization in a chaffinch fringilla coelebs

Guettinger H.R.; Clauss G., 1982:
Song organization in hybrids between goldfinch carduelis carduelis and canary serinus canaria in comparison to their parent species

Panov, E.N.; Kostina, G.N.; Galichenko, M.V., 1978:
Song organization in the southern nightingale luscinia megarhynchos

Lein M.R., 1979:
Song pattern of the cypress hills alberta canada population of white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha

Wiens J.A., 1982:
Song pattern variation in the sage sparrow amphispiza belli dialects or epiphenomena?

Greig Smith P.W., 1982:
Song rates and parental care by individual male stonechats saxicola torquata

Searcy W.A., 1984:
Song repertoire size and female preferences in some sparrows melospiza melodia

Yasukawa K.; Searcy W.A., 1985:
Song repertoires and density assessment in red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus further tests of the beau geste hypothesis

Yasukawa K., 1981:
Song repertoires in the red winged blackbird agelaius phoeniceus a test of the beau geste hypothesis

Brown, E.D.; Farabaugh, S.M.; Veltman, C.J., 1988:
Song sharing in a group living songbird the australian magpie gymnorhina tibicen part i. vocal sharing within and among social groups

Farabaugh, S.M.; Brown, E.D.; Veltman, C.J., 1988:
Song sharing in a group living songbird the australian magpie part ii. vocal sharing between territorial neighbors within and between geographic regions and between sexes

Morris G.K.; Beier M., 1982:
Song structure and description of some costa rican katydids orthoptera tettigoniidae

King A.P.; West M.J.; Eastzer D.H., 1980:
Song structure and song development as potential contributors to reproductive isolation in cowbirds molothrus ater

Payne R.B., 1979:
Song structure behavior and sequence of song types in a population of village indigobirds vidua chalybeata

Kramer H.G.; Lemon R.E.; Morris M.J., 1985:
Song switching and agonistic stimulation in the song sparrow melospiza melodia 5 tests

Ruiz X.; Jover L.; Llorente G.A.; Sanchez Reyes A.F.; Febrian M.I., 1988:
Song thrushes turdus philomelos wintering in spain as biological indicators of the chernobyl ussr accident

Clayton N.S., 1988:
Song tutor choice in zebra finches and bengalese finches the relative importance of visual and vocal cues

Mcgregor P.K.; Krebs J.R., 1982:
Song types in a population of great tits parus major their distribution abundance and acquisition by individuals

Mcgregor P.K., 1986:
Song types in the corn bunting emberiza calandra matching and discrimination

Lein, M.R., 1978:
Song variation in a population of chestnut sided warblers dendroica pensylvanica its nature and suggested significance

Baptista L.F.; Johnson R.B., 1982:
Song variation in insular and mainland california usa brown creepers certhia familiaris

Bradley R.A., 1981:
Song variation within a population of white eyed vireos vireo griseus

Vukhuc, D., 1977:
Songdaella new genus bivalvia from upper triassic deposits of north vietnam

Searcy W.A.; Marler P.; Peters S.S., 1985:
Songs of isolation reared sparrows function in communication but are significantly less effective than learned songs

Shy E., 1985:
Songs of summer tanagers piranga rubra structure and geographical variation

Kroodsma D.E., 1984:
Songs of the alder flycatcher empidonax alnorum and willow flycatcher empidonax traillii are innate

Kroodsma D.E.; Ingalls V.A.; Sherry T.W.; Werner T.K., 1987:
Songs of the cocos flycatcher vocal behavior of a suboscine on an isolated oceanic island

Martin, D.J., 1977:
Songs of the fox sparrow part 1 structure of song and its comparison with song in other emberizidae

Martin, D.J., 1979:
Songs of the fox sparrow passerella iliaca 2. intra population and inter population variation

Kosugi Y.; Goto T.; Ikebe J.; Johshita H.; Takakura K., 1983:
Sonic detection of intra cranial aneurysm and arterio venous malformation

Sonstegard, D.A.; Metthews, L.S., 1976:
Sonic diagnosis of bone fracture healing a preliminary study

Khan A., 1979:
Sonic dispersion of soil di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid solution suspension as an extraction procedure for di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid micro nutrient test

Bass, A.H., 1985:
Sonic motor pathways in teleost fishes: a comparative HRP study

Huish, M.T.; Benedict, C., 1977:
Sonic tracking of dusky sharks in the cape fear river north carolina

Maruyama, K., 1981:
Sonic vibration induces the nucleation of actin in the absence of magnesium ions and cytochalasins inhibit the elongation of the nuclei

Saroff S.A.; Alfano M.C.; Chasens A.I.; Ewen S.J.; King W., 1980:
Sonicated and passively dispersed hydrogen per oxide in periodontitis

Schmid, R., 1982:
Sonication and other improvements on Jeffrey's technique for macerating wood

Achar, S.B.; Strada, S.J.; Sanders, R.B.; Pledger, W.J.; Thompson, W.J.; Robison, G.A., 1977:
Sonication as a tool for the study of adenylate cyclase activity

Hall T., 1981:
Sonication for the study of floc strength and re flocculation of activated sludge

Hall T., 1982:
Sonication induced changes of particle size and their effects on activated sludge de waterability

Banks, C.J.; Walker, I., 1977:
Sonication of activated sludge flocs and the recovery of their bacteria on solid media

Deloach J.R., 1983:
Sonication of reconstituted freeze dried bovine and porcine blood effect on fecundity and pupal weights of the tsetse fly glossina palpalis palpalis

Colaianne, J.J.; Bell, A.E., 1970:
Sonless a sex ratio anomaly in drosophila melanogaster resulting from a gene cytoplasm interaction

Fialkowska D.; Janczewski G.; Kukwa A.; Kochanek K.; Dobrzynski P., 1981:
Sono motor reflex as a descending control mechanism in the auditory system in man

Kojecky, Z.; Simek, I., 1976:
Sono tomography in pseudocysts of the pancreas

Balogh, B.; Frühwald, F.; Neuhold, A.; Wicke, L.; Firbas, W., 1986:
Sonoanatomy of the shoulder

Weiner, C.P.; Sabbagha, R.E.; Tamura, R.K.; Dalcompo, S., 1981:
Sonographic abdominal circumference dynamic vs. static imaging

Mauser R.; Mauser R.Jr, 1985:
Sonographic analysis of postoperative blood flow characteristics after microvascular anastomoses

Kleiner, B.; Callen, P.W.; Filly, R.A., 1987:
Sonographic analysis of the fetus with ureteropelvic junction obstruction

Lustig-Gillman, I.; Snyder, J.R.; Silverman, F.; Young, B.K., 1984:
Sonographic anatomy of the fetal cerebral ventricles, with reference to the early diagnosis of hydrocephaly

Ralls, P.W.; Quinn, M.F.; Rogers, W.; Halls, J., 1981:
Sonographic anatomy of the hepatic artery

Päivänsalo, M.; Myllylä, V., 1984:
Sonographic and cholecystographic diagnosis of cholesterolosis of the gallbladder

Zacher J.; Kisslinger E.; Wessinghage D.; Bambach T., 1988:
Sonographic and macroscopic findings in a rheumatically changed joint

Heckemann, R.; Schmitt, G., 1976:
Sonographic and roentgenologic follow up examinations in radiation therapy of retroperitoneal tumors

McDonald, K.L.; Lwin, T., 1986:
Sonographic and scintigraphic evaluation of gallbladder duplication

Hernanz-Schulman, M.; Dohan, F.C.; Jones, T.; Cayea, P.; Wallman, J.; Teele, R.L., 1985:
Sonographic appearance of callosal agenesis: correlation with radiologic and pathologic findings

Aufschnaiter M., 1981:
Sonographic appearance of diffuse infiltrated stomach cancer

vanSonnenberg, E.; Simeone, J.F.; Mueller, P.R.; Wittenberg, J.; Hall, D.A.; Ferrucci, J.T., 1983:
Sonographic appearance of hematoma in liver, spleen, and kidney: a clinical, pathologic, and animal study

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Sonographic pitfalls in the diagnosis of pancreatic neoplasms

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Sonographic proof of early radiologically negative intestinal obstructions

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Sonographic representation of fibroses (a contribution to the problem of tissue differentiation)

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Sonographic transducer performance cannot be evaluated with clinical images

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Sonographic visualization of physiologic anterior abdominal wall hernia in the first trimester

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Sonographical clinical surgical correlation in diagnostics and follow up of tongue infiltrations

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Sonographically guided extraction of a submucous myoma

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Sonographically guided fine needle or cannula puncture of the abdominal and retroperitoneal spaces

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Sonographically guided needle biopsy for diagnosis of thoracic lesions

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Sonographically guided percutaneous biopsy of small (3 cm or less) masses

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Sonography as an adjunct to plain film in the evaluation of acute abdominal pain

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Sonography as an aid to diagnosis of cecal carcinoma in the elderly

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Sonography at the time of genetic amniocentesis to screen for fetal malformations

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Sonography computed tomography and lymphography in retroperitoneal lymphoma reappreciation of lymphography

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Sonography follow up of extrapancreatic fluid collections secondary to acute pancreatitis

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Sonography for early diagnosis of enlarged parathyroid glands in patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism

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Sonography for space occupying lesions in the liver

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Sonography for the investigative demonstration of main pancreatic duct dilatation

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Sonography in acute pelvic inflammatory disease

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Sonography in adrenal gland diseases

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Sonography in blunt renal trauma

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Sonography in differential diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis of the leg

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Sonography in emergency diagnosis of the abdomen

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Sonography in pleural effusion

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Sonography in prehepatic portal occlusion

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Sonography in septic arthritis of the hip in the child: report of four cases

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Sonography in the detection of kidney tumors at a peripheral hospital

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Sonography in the detection of meniscal injuries of the knee: evaluation in cadavers

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Sonography in the diagnosis and management of acute acalculous cholecystitis

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Sonography in the diagnosis of acute renal allograft rejection and cyclosporine nephrotoxicity

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Sonography in the diagnosis of branchial cysts

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Sonography in the diagnosis of hepatic artery aneurysms

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Sonography in the diagnosis of renal expansions

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Sonography in the diagnosis of retroperitoneal fibrosis

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Sonography in the diagnostics of lymphogranulomatosis

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Sonography in the early detection of non palpable second primary testicular tumors a prospective study

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Sonography in the evaluation of reduced function of kidney transplants

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Sonography most important screening for renal cell carcinomas

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Sonography of abdominal masses of gastrointestinal origin

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Sonography of abruptio placentae

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Sonography of axillofemoral and femorofemoral subcutaneous arterial bypass grafts

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Sonography of blunt abdominal trauma

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Sonography of brain abscesses complicating Citrobacter neonatal meningitis

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Sonography of brain tumors in infants

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Sonography of bronchopulmonary sequestrum

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Sonography of caudal hepatic veins in children. Incidence, importance and relation to cranial hepatic veins

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Sonography of cerebral infarction in infancy

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Sonography of cervical lymph node metastases

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Sonography of diffuse benign liver disease: accuracy of pattern recognition and grading

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Sonography of gallbladder duplication and differential considerations

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Sonography of gynecomastia

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Sonography of hepatic amoebic abscesses

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Sonography of hypertensive portal venous system: correlation with arterial portography

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Sonography of imperforate anus

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Sonography of lymph nodes in melanoma patients sensitivity in the detection of lymphatic metastases

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Sonography of mesenteric and retroperitoneal cysts in adults

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Sonography of Nabothian cysts

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Sonography of neonatal and infant hip discussing the effect of decentralization especially

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Sonography of neonatal periventricular cystic leukomalacia

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Sonography of neonatal periventricular leukomalacia recent experience with a 7.5 megahertz scanner

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Sonography of ovarian fibromas

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Sonography of ovarian tumors: predictability of tumor type

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Sonography of periventricular leukomalacia

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Sonography of pyogenic splenic abscess

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Sonography of splenic abscess

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Sonography of subfascial hematoma after cesarean delivery

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Sonography of systemic lupus nephritis

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Sonography of testicular trauma

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Sonography of the accessory spleen

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Sonography of the Achilles tendon and adjacent bursae

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Sonography of the adrenal glands: normal glands and small masses

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Sonography of the anterior abdominal wall

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Sonography of the bile ducts after a fatty meal: an aid in detection of obstruction

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Sonography of the breast: findings following conservative surgery and irradiation for early carcinoma

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Sonography of the caudal spine and back congenital anomalies in children

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Sonography of the endometrium during conception and nonconception cycles of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

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Sonography of the fetal duplex kidney

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Sonography of the gallbladder in bone marrow transplant patients

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Sonography of the internal capsule and basal ganglia in infants: 1. Coronal sections

Naidich, T.P.; Yousefzadeh, D.K.; Gusnard, D.A.; Naidich, J.B., 1986:
Sonography of the internal capsule and basal ganglia in infants. Part II. Localization of pathologic processes in the sagittal section through the caudothalamic groove

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Sonography of the kidneys in hemolytic uremic syndrome

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Sonography of the maxillofacial region using a panoramic tomograph zonark

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Sonography of the neonatal craniocervical junction

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Sonography of the normal pediatric gallbladder and biliary tract

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Sonography of the Page kidney

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Sonography of the patellar tendon: preliminary observations

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Sonography of the postoperative rotator cuff

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Sonography of the radial artery at the wrist

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Sonography of the renal arteries: left lateral decubitus position

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Sonography of the right upper quadrant using the oblique axial scanning method

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Sonography of the scrotum

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Sonography of the shoulder in rotator defects techniques and prognosis

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Sonography of the shoulder joint techniques sonomorphology and diagnostic significance

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Sonography of the sole of the foot. Evidence for loss of foot pad thickness in diabetes and its relationship to ulceration of the foot

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Sonography of the testes with a new 5 megahertz transducer

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Sonography of the thickened gallbladder wall: a nonspecific finding

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Sonography of the tongue and floor of mouth

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Sonography of the transverse fetal lie

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Sonography of thickened gallbladder wall: causes in children

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Sonography of thigh abscess: detection, diagnosis, and drainage

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Sonography of tumefactive biliary sludge

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Sonography of vaginal masses

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Sonography of ventricular size and germinal matrix hemorrhage in premature infants

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Sonography vs. excretory urography in acute flank pain

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Sonoline 8000 a system with new focusing methods in ultrasound diagnosis

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Sonolucent biliary cast preventing endoscopic sphincterotomy

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Sonomammography in benign breast disease

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Sonometric auditory tubal function test for evaluation of children with otitis media with effusion

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Sonometrics of the prostate

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Sonomorphology of the normal achilles tendon and the pattern of pathological changes

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Sonoran desert arizona usa myxomycetes

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Sonorella aguafriensis new species gastropoda pulmonata helminthoglyptidae from sonora mexico

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Sonorella cananea new species of land snail gastropoda pulmonata helminthoglyptidae from sonora mexico

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Sonorella new record pulmonata helminthoglyptidae from the table top mountain pinal county arizona usa with a description of sonorella milleri new species

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Sonotubometry experience with the 2nd trial model wio 01

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Sonotubometry in chronic ear disease

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Sonotubometry of eustachian tube function using band noise stimuli and a multiple recording method

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Sonourethrography in the evaluation of urethral strictures: a preliminary report

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Sonourethrography: technique for evaluation of prostatic urethra

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Sons and lovers the functional significance of sexual dichromism in a fish neoheterandria tridentiger

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Soorjo coomar goodeve chuckerbutty the 1st indian contributor to modern medical science

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Soothing cough in acute tracheo bronchitis a comparison of the results obtained with dextromethorphan and oxolamine

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Sooty blotch of avocado persea americana caused by akaropeltopsis sp

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Sooty mold on mango mangifera indica plants and its relationship with leafhoppers and climatic factors in karachi pakistan during 1978 1979

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Sooty shearwaters puffinus griseus off california usa distribution abundance and habitat use

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Sopagraha sibika new genus new species hyphomycete from leaf litter from india

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Sophora jaubertii spach nonnaturalized subspontaneous species

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Sophora leguminosae in southeastern polynesia

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Sophoraside a a new aromatic glycoside from the roots of sophora japonica

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Sophoro lipids from torulopsis bombicola as microbial surfactants in alkane fermentations

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Sophorose induction of an intra cellular beta glucosidase in trichoderma

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Sophorose metabolism and cellulase ec induction in trichoderma

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Sopite syndrome: a sometimes sole manifestation of motion sickness

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Soporific effect of local rhythmic heat stimulation

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Sorbamine a new infusion solution for correcting metabolic alkalosis

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Sorbent for the purification of di amine oxidase by affinity chromatography

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Sorbent recycling of ultrafiltrate in man

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Sorbent therapy of the porphyrias 2. experimental plasma or hemo perfusion with a commercial charcoal cartridge

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Sorbent therapy of the porphyrias 3. comparative efficacy of experimental plasma perfusion with several commercial hemoperfusion cartridges

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Sorbent therapy of the porphyrias. IV. Adsorption of porphyrins by sorbents in vitro

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Sorbent thin layer chromatography in antibiotic chemistry chromatography of macrolide amino glycoside peptide anti mycotic anti neoplastic antibiotics tetracyclines and chloramphenicol

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Sorberacea a new class of tunicata

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Sorbic acid and benzoic acid found in meat products without preservatives

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Sorbic acid as a preservative in sparkling wine its efficacy and adverse flavor effect associated with ethyl sorbate formation

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Sorbic acid induced differences in the ultrastructural development of oocytes in the microbially ecto symbiotic female of xyleborus ferrugineus coleoptera scolytidae

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Sorbic acid inhibition of clostridium botulinum in nitrite free poultry frankfurters

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Sorbinil partially prevents decreased erythrocyte deformability in experimental diabetes mellitus

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Sorbinil protection of lens protein components and cell hydration during diabetic cataract formation

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Sorbistin a new amino glycoside antibiotic complex of bacterial origin part 3 structure determination

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Sorbitol 1 phosphate and sorbitol 6 phosphate in apricot leaves

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Sorbitol a precursor of l guluronic acid in alginic acid biosynthesis

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Sorbitol and proline as intra cellular osmotic solutes in the green alga stichococcus bacillaris

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Sorbitol as a sweetener in the diet of insulin dependent diabetes

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Sorbitol clearance: a parameter reflecting liver plasma flow in the rat

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Sorbitol concentrations in plasma in connection with transurethral resection of the prostate using sorbitol solution as an irrigating fluid

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Sorbitol dehydrogenase ec the primary structure of the sheep liver enzyme/

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Sorbitol dehydrogenase is a zinc enzyme

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Sorbitol determination by liquid chromatography: application to red blood cells of diabetic rats

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Sorbitol disrupted spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts 1. poly phenol oxidase substrate specificity

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Sorbitol disrupted spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts 2. atpase peroxidase and chlorophyll

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Sorbitol in the kidney of nsy mice with congenital hyper glycemia

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Sorbitol increases the growth inhibition of xylitol on streptococcus mutans omz 176

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Sorbitol induced diarrheal illness model

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Sorbitol intolerance an unappreciated cause of functional gastro intestinal complaints

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Sorbitol metabolism and sink source inter conversions in developing apple malus domestica cultivar starkrimson leaves

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Sorbitol metabolism by apple malus domestica seedlings

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Sorbitol metabolism in aerobacter aerogenes

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Sorbitol metabolism in nectaries from flowers of rosaceae

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Sorbitol metabolism the climacteric and watercore in apples malus domestica

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Sorbitol pathway in lenses of normal and diabetic rabbits

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Sorbitol pathway of glucose metabolism during hibernation of animals

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Sorbitol to sorbose oxidation by gluconobacter oxydans resting cells

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Sorbose in Salmonella diagnosis

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Sorbose resistant mutants of neurospora crassa do not have altered beta 1 3 glucan synthase activity

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Sorbus aucuparia productivity in the southern karelian assr russian sfsr ussr

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Sorbus teodori and its distribution in gotland sweden

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Sorbus torminalis in derbyshire england

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Sorbus velutina rosaceae a disappearing species of rowan tree in caucasia ussr

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Sorcin v19 a soluble acidic calcium binding protein overproduced in multidrug resistant cells identification of the proteins by anti sorcin antibody

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Sordana new genus for the gypona sordida complex homoptera cicadellidae

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Sordaria bosensis an earlier epithet for areolospora terrophila

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Sore throat after intubation of the trachea

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Sorelline and hobartine 2 new indole alkaloids from aristotelia peduncularis

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Soret circular dichroism of cobalt substituted myo globin and hemo globin derivatives

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Sorex alpinus new record and apodemus agrarius new record in the slovakian karst area czechoslovakia

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Sorex alpinus new record apodemus microps new record and microtus agrestis new record in the liptov basin western carpathians czechoslovakia

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Sorex caecutiens annexus from korea

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Sorex isodon marchicus new subspecies central europe

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Sorex minutus new record in the prades mountains catalonia spain

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Sorghastrum poaceae in florida usa

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Sorghum and broken rice as basic materials for glucose production

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Sorghum and pellagra like disease part 1 nutritional effects on chicks

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Sorghum anthracnose and the growth and sporulation of the causal fungus colletotrichum graminicolum at different light exposures

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Sorghum arundinaceum a natural host of peanut clump virus in upper volta

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Sorghum autotetraploid and its hybrid

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Sorghum bicolor stover digestibility as affected by juiciness

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Sorghum damage by bacterial diseases and the effect of sowing time and trace element fertilization on plant susceptibility

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Sorghum development and sensitivity to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide singly and in mixtures

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Sorghum downy mildew biology of systemic infection by conidia and of a resistant response in sorghum

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Sorghum food quality and utilization in kenya

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Sorghum growing in vojvodina yugoslavia in order to obtain alcohol as a blend with gasoline for motor fuel

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Sorghum halepense control with foliar applied herbicides in conventional and no tillage soybeans glycine max cultivar williams

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Sorghum in feeding ruminants

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Sorghum midge contarinia sorghicola diptera cecidomyiidae adult ovipositional behavior on resistant and susceptible sorghum hybrids

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Sorghum midge contarinia sorghicola diptera cecidomyiidae management with resistant sorghum and insecticide

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Sorghum milling a comparative study

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Sorghum proteinase inhibitors part 2 mode of interaction with serine proteinases

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Sorghum rice intercropping a security system for the poorly drained soils of southern sudan

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Sorghum root morphogenesis and growth part 1 effect of maturity genes

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Sorghum smut along the volga ussr distribution harmfulness and disease resistance of selected cultivars

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor and barley hordeum vulgare in southern alberta canada grain yield response to irrigation and fertilizer

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor and pigeon pea cajanus cajan inter cropping and the effects of plant population density 1. growth and yield

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor and pigeon pea cajanus cajan inter cropping and the effects of plant population density 2. resource use

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor and soybean glycine max growth as influenced by synthetic pans

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor cultivar csh 1 yield in relation to physiological maturity

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor genotype differences in phosphorus uptake rate and distribution in plant parts

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor genotype differences to leaf red speckling induced by phosphorus

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor leaf sugary exudate caused by plant water status and environment

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor root growth and water use as affected by water supply and growth duration

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor seed safeners as insecticide synergists

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Sorghum sorghum bicolor tannin content during maturity under different environmental conditions

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Sorghum varietal reaction to the armyworm mythimna separata walker under field conditions

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Sorghum vulnerability and germ plasm resources

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Sorghum wheat and corn in diets for broiler chicks

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Sorghum yield and soil analysis from sludge amended calcareous iron deficient soil

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Soricidex dimorphus new genus new species acari demodicidae from the common shrew sorex araneus

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Soriculopus nepalensis new genus new species acari glycyphagidae an endo follicular hypopus from nepalese shrews soriculus spp

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Sorjan cropping system trial in irrigated wet land conditions

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Sorocarp development by a newly discovered ciliate

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Sorption adsorption and chemo sorption of phosphate by danish lake sediments

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Sorption and bioavailability of phosphorus during the drainage period of flooded drained soils

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Sorption and desorption kinetics of carbon tetra chloride vapor on wheat kernels

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Sorption and desorption of pesticides on brazilian soils

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Sorption and hydrolysis of added organic phosphorus compounds in lake sediments

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Sorption and interaction of chlorophyll and chlorophyllase on methyl aerosil

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Sorption and leaching of 3 nonfumigant nematicides in soils

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Sorption and mineral equilibria controls on moisture chemistry in a c horizon soil

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Sorption and mobility of sulfometuron and imazapyr in five alabama soils

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Sorption and release of cadmium in some canadian soils

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Sorption and retention of lead copper and cadmium ions in three species of mosses used for air pollution studies in nigeria

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Sorption and sedimentation of zinc and cadmium by seston in southern lake michigan usa

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Sorption and thermo oxidative destruction of chitins and chitosans isolated from invertebrates and fungi

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Sorption and transport of acetyl choline in reconstituted bio membrane structures

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Sorption behavior of molybdenum on different metal oxide ion exchangers

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Sorption characteristics of organic compounds on hexadecyltrimethylammonium smectite

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Sorption complexes of nystatin and amphotericin b with poly vinyl pyrrolidone in nonaqueous solvents

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Sorption de sorption of vinyl chloride in selected poly vinyl chloride food simulating solvent systems

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Sorption de toxication in resuscitation

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Sorption degradation and plant availability of carbendazim

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Sorption desorption of parathion in soils

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Sorption desorption of vinyl chloride monomer in poly vinyl chloride selected food simulants systems

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Sorption desorption phenomena of chemicals from polymer paint films

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Sorption detoxication as a component of combined treatment of cancer patients

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Sorption drying of maize seeds for long term storage

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Sorption drying of wheat seeds intended for long term storage

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Sorption dynamics of several natural phenolic compounds on ion exchange resins

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Sorption equilibrium and hydration studies of lysozyme water activity and 360 mhz proton nmr measurements

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Sorption isotherms and drying rates for mullet mugil cephalus fillet and roe

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Sorption isotherms and drying rates of jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus

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Sorption isotherms for predicting potassium requirements of some iowa usa soils

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Sorption isotherms of whole cowpeas and flours

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Sorption kinetics of a microbial protease by carboxylic cation exchanger

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Sorption kinetics of binary protein solutions general approach to multi component systems

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Sorption kinetics of nicotinic acid by some anionites

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Sorption method of water reclamation for the personal hygiene of cosmonauts

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Sorption methods of correcting hyperuricemia in the multimodality treatment of gout

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Sorption movement and dissipation of tebuthiuron in soils

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Sorption of 2 2' bi pyridine on clays and oxides

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Sorption of a cationic polymer by stratum corneum

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Sorption of abiogenic and biogenic forms of manganese and nickel by carbonate sediments of the indian ocean

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Sorption of acid rnase from penicillium brevicompactum by various ion exchange resins

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Sorption of alpha naphthol implications concerning the limits of hydrophobic sorption

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Sorption of americium of geologic media

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Sorption of amino acids from aqueous solutions on activated charcoal

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Sorption of amino substituted and carboxy substituted polynuclear aromatic hydro carbons by sediments and soils

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Sorption of aminoglycoside antibiotics by weak acid cation exchange resins

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Sorption of ammonium by glass frits and filters implications for analyses of brackish water and fresh water

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Sorption of ammonium ions from waste waters by natural zeolites

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Sorption of arsenic and cadmium and their effects on growth micro nutrient utilization and photosynthetic pigment composition of asterionella formosa

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Sorption of bacteria by blood cells as an indication of the response of animals to gamma irradiation

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Sorption of benzocaine by plastic cellulose acetate 1. effect of concentration and temperature

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Sorption of bromacil chlortoluron and diuron by soils

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Sorption of cadmium and its effect on growth and the utilization of inorganic carbon and phosphorus of 2 fresh water diatoms

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Sorption of cadmium by a population of the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum in culture

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Sorption of cadmium by calcareous soils influence of solution composition

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Sorption of cadmium by the green micro algae chlorella vulgaris ankistrodesmus braunii and eremosphaera viridis

Miller T.P.; Gold R.E., 1983:
Sorption of carbon 14 labeled chlorpyrifos killmaster ii by german cockroaches blattella germanica orthoptera blattellidae

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Sorption of cations by bottom sediments of szczytno male lake and letowo lake poland with cage trout culture

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Sorption of cellulase to wheat straw and its components

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Sorption of cesium micro quantities by some belorussian soils ussr

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Sorption of chromium iii and chromium vi on lead sulfide

Music S., 1986:
Sorption of chromium vi and chromium iii on aluminum hydroxide

Music, S.; Ristic, M.; Tonkovic, M., 1986:
Sorption of chromium vi on hydrous iron oxides

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