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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6450

Chapter 6450 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Neumann E., 1980: Some unusual findings in poro keratosis mibelli

Krikken J., 1982: Some unusual genera and species from africa coleoptera cetoniidae

Shamma M., 1988: Some unusual pavine and isopavine alkaloids from roemeria refracta

Heineke T.E., 1981: Some unusual plant finds from jackson county illinois usa

Zwenger W.H., 1987: Some unusual preserved forms of tertiary boring clam traces

Shamma M., 1987: Some unusual proaporphine and aporphine alkaloids from stephania venosa

Manasyan K.A., 1984: Some unusual properties of neurons in the cat posterotemporal cortex

Cato D.H., 1980: Some unusual sounds of apparent biological origin responsible for sustained background noise in the timor sea

Morre D.J., 1987: Some unusual staining properties of tannic acid in plants

Bullivant C.M., 1979: Some unusual toxicological aspects of 2 carbon mon oxide deaths

Howard G., 1987: Some upper cervical spine norms

Kassab, I. I. M., 1976: Some upper cretaceous planktonic foraminiferal genera from northern iraq

Martin F., 1980: Some upper ordovician chitinozoans and acritarchs from the white head formation in gaspe quebec canada

Kato M., 1979: Some upper paleozoic corals from turkey

Chakraborty D.P., 1986: Some urea derivatives as growth inhibitors

Assumpcao C., 1988: Some urinary tract disease in australian aboriginal inpatients in 1980

Thompson, F. G.; Franz, R., 1976: Some urocoptid land snails from hispaniola

Talib, H., 1972: Some urological complications of bilharziasis in iraq

Proca E., 1987: Some urological problems of pheochromocytoma

Kudo, I., 1978: Some urothripine thysanoptera from eastern asia

Malhotra, S. K.; Moorthy, S., 1973: Some useful and medicinal plants of chandrapur district maharashtra state india

Brody W.R., 1984: Some useful concepts of matched filtering in intravenous digital subtraction angiography

Rowell T.W., 1984: Some useful conversions in relating historical and future catch statistics of soft shell clams mya arenaria in the scotia fundy region canada

Farooq S., 1987: Some useful plants of northwest frontier province india and its suburbs

Dagar H.S., 1987: Some useful pteridophytes of andaman and nicobar islands india

Walker W L., 1984: Some uses of imaginative involvement in therapy

Wallis, R. L., 1976: Some uses of multi factorial response surface analysis in temperature tolerance studies

Fauconnier R., 1986: Some uses of suitable cycle diagrams in sugar cane growing

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449029

Hradecky P., 1983: Some uterine parameters in antelopes and a giraffe

Graviss E.R., 1979: Some vagaries of the capitellum

Graviss E.R., 1982: Some vagaries of the lateral epicondyle

Luisiri A., 1981: Some vagaries of the medial epicondyle

Luisiri A., 1981: Some vagaries of the olecranon

Graviss E.R., 1982: Some vagaries of the radial head and neck

Kubiatowicz, W., 1976: Some valanginian ostracodes of the genus protocythere from central poland

Konon N.T., 1980: Some valeriana species from the caucasus ussr as perspective medicinal plants

Hara M., 1986: Some valuable information obtained from the use of a total respiratory analysis system

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449039

Tedeschi J.T., 1982: Some variables affecting changes in interpersonal attraction

Minvielle D., 1986: Some variables affecting feeding cycles in the opossum didelphis virginiana

Perkins, C. C-Jr ; Beavers, W. O.; Hancock, R. A. Jr ; Hemmendinger, P. C.; Hemmendinger, D.; Ricci, J. A., 1975: Some variables affecting rate of key pecking during response independent procedures autoshaping

Boren, J. J., 1969: Some variables affecting the superstitious chaining of responses

Wegener, J. G., 1976: Some variables in auditory pattern discrimination learning

Norrby R., 1981: Some variables influencing amino glycoside efficacy in vivo and in vitro

Muller G., 1982: Some variables of the cranio facial complex in a venezuelan population of negroid ancestry

Burdeinyi A.P., 1980: Some variants of bechterews disease

Novikov V.N., 1981: Some variants of progress stabilization in the late stages of malignant schizophrenia

Golovanova O.E., 1981: Some variants of the atypical course of tuberculosis

Balaban S.Ya, 1981: Some variants of the clinical picture and morphology of cardio vascular syphilis

Jorgensen P.F., 1985: Some variations in plasma thyroxine and triiodothyronine total and free in pigs

Helenes J., 1986: Some variations in the paratabulation of gonyaulacoid dinoflagellates

Wilman, D.; Omaliko, C. P. E., 1978: Some varietal differences in factors affecting nutritive value and in recovery after cutting in lolium multiflorum

Poroshin K.K., 1980: Some varieties of malignant fibrous histio cytoma

Nyman, U.; Hall, O., 1976: Some varieties of papaver somniferum with changed morphinan alkaloid content

Lipscomb D.M., 1979: Some vascular effects of noise exposure in the chinchilla cochlea

Harms, V. L.; Hudson, J. H., 1978: Some vascular plants new to the flora of saskatchewan canada

Taylor C.A.Jr, 1988: Some vegetation responses to selected livestock grazing strategies edwards plateau texas usa

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449060

Naama A.K., 1986: Some vertebral abnormalities in fishes collected from the euphrates in iraq

Marasas W.F.O., 1983: Some verticicladiella species including verticicladiella truncata associated with root diseases of pine in new zealand and south africa

Nair N.C., 1980: Some very rare or noteworthy plants from kerala state india

Zumpt, I. F.; Heine, E. W. P., 1978: Some veterinary aspects of bontebok in the cape of good hope nature reserve

Mihalka, S., 1980: Some veterinary problems of a specialized dairy plant 2. reproductive biology problems

Spasic R., 1984: Some viewings about appearance and harmfulness of leaf miner phytomyza horticola

Jernstrom M., 1980: Some views on sterility treatment in cattle

Pasini M., 1988: Some views on the biological crises at the permian triassic boundary in the dolomites area italy

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449069

Brcak, J.; Pozdena, J., 1976: Some virus and virus like diseases of tobacco tomato papaya and rubber tree in vietnam and cambodia

Gray D.F., 1980: Some virus diseases of domestic animals in oman

Clark, R. C.; Rao, V. N. M.; Young, C. T., 1977: Some visco elastic and macro nutrient characteristics of peanuts

Elgsaeter A.A., 1985: Some viscoelastic properties of human erythrocyte spectrin networks end linked in vitro

Michaels C., 1988: Some viscoplastic characteristics of bovine and human cortical bone

Clarke, P. G. H., 1977: Some visual and other connections to the cerebellum of the pigeon

Raskin, I. M., 1978: Some vitamins enzymes mineral substances and lipid containing leukocytes in the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease

Richman, B., 1976: Some vocal distinctive features used by gelada monkeys

Eskin N.A.M., 1988: Some volatile and nonvolatile flavor components of the dwarf quince chaenomeles japonica

Webb A.D., 1980: Some volatile components of vitis vinifera variety cabernet sauvignon wine

Flath R.A., 1985: Some volatile constituents of female dog urine

Almy J., 1986: Some volatile tract nitrogen components in california usa brandy

Malec F., 1987: Some wasps hymenoptera vespoidea vespidae eumenidae from the kassel area west germany

Kothandaraman, V.; Evans, R. L., 1975: Some water quality aspects in a nascent impoundment in central illinois

Mccully M.E., 1986: Some water related physical properties of maize root cap mucilage

Suschetet M., 1979: Some water soluble vitamins in the liver of sulfite tannic acid and ethanol treated rats

Anderson W.K., 1980: Some water use response of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar clipper lupine lupinus angustifolius cultivar unicrop and rapeseed brassica napus cultivar wesreo

Eneva S., 1980: Some water yield correlations of maize irrigation on leached chernozem smolnitsa soils

Eletskii, Y. K.; Yaglov, V. V.; Lenichenko, V. P., 1976: Some ways and approaches for the optimal teaching of morphological disciplines in medical institutes

Anikeeva, S. P.; Prozorovskaya, K. N., 1977: Some ways for eliminating the side effects of antibiotic therapy in experimental pneumonia

Chilingaryan A.G., 1985: Some ways for improving working conditions in light bulb assembly shops

Shilova S.A., 1982: Some ways of artificial changes in the population structure of small mammals

Kotelenko L.M., 1985: Some ways of evaluating the structure of neuronal trace responses within the geniculate body

Tsvetkova L.S., 1980: Some ways of optimization of aphasics rehabilitation

Grunina L.K., 1985: Some ways of the adaptation of tundra plants to nitrogen deficit

Gutnik, R. B.; Leonenko, N. A.; Muravova, L. P., 1975: Some ways of the rational use of the globular mass of donor blood in therapeutic practice

Arsenijevic, M., 1986: Some weed species as a test of the pathogenicity of phytopathogenic pseudomonads i. reaction of black nightshade solanum nigrum

Arsenijevic, M., 1986: Some weed species as a test of the pathogenicity of phytopathogenic pseudomonas ii. reaction of jimsonweed datura stramonium l. and lamb's quarters chenopodium album l

Baker M.B., 1983: Some west african cenozoic agglutinated foraminifers with inner structures taxonomy age and evolution

Adam, W., 1975: Some west african species of nassarius described by f p marrat 1877 1878 and by h von maltzan 1884 mollusca prosobranchia

Huggert L., 1981: Some west palearctic and australian species of idrini hymenoptera proctotrupoidea scelionidae

Sarwar M., 1987: Some wheat grain quality parameters as affected by locations

Ho-Shan, L., 1976: Some willow stem borers and their control measures

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449105

Furia A., 1981: Some wood inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi from italy st vitale pine forest ravenna 1

Bernicchia, A.; Campadelli, G., 1987: Some wood inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi from italy st. vitale pine forest ravenna second contribution

Kar, A. K.; Chakrabarti, H. S., 1977: Some wood inhabiting discomycetes of west bengal

Macias Betancourt J., 1986: Some working characteristics associated with malignant neoplasias and the nior

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449110

Skotnikov V.I., 1986: Some x ray signs of hiatal hernia

Richard J L., 1984: Some xerophilous plant associations in the val de binn valais switzerland

Waraitch, K. S., 1977: Some xylariaceous fungi from india

Borst P., 1980: Some yeast mitochondrial rna is circular

Abuelgasim E.H., 1981: Some yield components and ideotype traits in meadowfoam a new industrial oil crop

De Armas L.F., 1982: Some zoo geographic aspects of antillean west indies scorpion fauna

Uherkovich, A., 1978: Some zoo geographic questions on the butterflies of southern and western transdanubia hungary

Rajkovic M., 1980: Some zoo hygienic problems in houses for the fattening of calves and young cattle within pozega yugoslavia

Sandland R.L., 1983: Some zoo plankton characteristics of warm core eddies shed by the east australian current with particular reference to copepods

Mesa Garcia R., 1983: Some zoogeographic aspects of genus emoda gastropoda prosobranchia helicinidae in cuba

Sergienko, G. F.; Sergienko, S. S.; Kudryashov, A. G., 1976: Some zootechnical physiological and biochemical aspects of the race horse training intensification on stud farms

Rattan R.S., 1981: Some zygnemaceae from northern india 2

Gannon K.N., 1987: Somes tests of molar models of instrumental performance

Rallo, J. L.; Gottesmann, C., 1976: Somesthesic cortex reactivity during the sleep waking cycles in the rat

Pontius, A. A., 1977: Somesthetic hallucinations and motility in schizophrenia neuro physiological views and information flow model

Kenshalo D.R.Sr, 1986: Somesthetic sensitivity in young and elderly humans

Kirschenbaum D.S., 1986: Something succeeds like success positive self monitoring for unskilled golfers

Cooke, J., 1978: Somite abnormalities caused by short heat shocks to pre neurula stages of xenopus laevis

Heick A.E., 1985: Somite chondrogenesis alterations in cyclic amp levels and proteoglycan synthesis

Vasan, N.; Lamb, K. M.; La-Manna, O., 1986: Somite chondrogenesis in vitro 1. alterations in proteoglycan synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449131

Miller E., 1985: Somite chondrogenesis in vitro differential induction by modified matrix a biochemical and morphological study

Lash, J. W.; Vasan, N. S., 1978: Somite chondrogenesis in vitro stimulation by exogenous extracellular matrix components

Wolpert L., 1979: Somite formation in the early chick embryo following grafts of hensens node

Tosey K.W., 1988: Somites and axon guidance

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449136

O'rahilly R., 1986: Somitic vertebral correlation and vertebral levels in the human embryo

Elsdale, T.; Davidson, D., 1983: Somitogenesis in amphibia 4. the dynamics of tail development

Packard D.S.Jr, 1980: Somitogenesis in cultured embryos of the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Malacinski G.M., 1981: Somitogenesis in the amphibian xenopus laevis scanning electron microscopic analysis of intra somitic cellular arrangements during somite rotation

Orts Llorca F., 1981: Somitogenesis in the human embryo development of the myotomes

Lash J.W., 1988: Somitogenesis in the mouse embryo

Sanders E.J., 1986: Somitomeres in the chick tail bud an sem study

Chebataroff J., 1981: Sommerfeltia cabrerae new species compositae

Schweitzer P.K., 1980: Somnambulism clinical characteristics and personality patterns

Klackenberg G., 1982: Somnambulism in childhood prevalence course and behavioral correlations a prospective longitudinal study 6 16 years

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449147

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449148

Nelson J.C., 1979: Somnambulistic like episodes secondary to combined lithium neuroleptic treatment

Likhtenshtein V.A., 1986: Somnogenic effect of rhythmic thermal stimulation of the nasolabial zone

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449151

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449152

Bowling J.M., 1985: Son preference and its effects on korean lactation practices

Mariam A.G., 1987: Son preference in bangladesh an emerging barrier to fertility regulation

De-Boer, P.; Van-Der-Hoeven, F. A., 1977: Son sire regression based heritability estimates of chiasma frequency using t 7oh mouse translocation hetero zygotes and the relation between univalence chiasma frequency and sperm production

Sabbagha, R. E.; Barton, F. B.; Barton, B. A., 1976: Sonar bi parietal diameter part 1 analysis of percentile growth differences in 2 normal populations using same methodology

Sabbagha, R. E.; Barton, B. A.; Barton, F. B.; Kingas, E.; Orgill, J.; Turner, J. H., 1976: Sonar bi parietal diameter part 2 predictive of 3 fetal growth patterns leading to a closer assessment of gestational age and neo natal weight

Whalley P.J., 1980: Sonar cephalometry in twin pregnancy discordancy of the bi parietal diameter after 28 weeks gestation

Whalley P.J., 1979: Sonar cephalometry in twins a table of bi parietal diameters for normal twin fetuses and a comparison with singletons

Reisch J.S., 1980: Sonar fetal cephalometry comparison of bistable with gray scale and real time techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449161

Goebel C.A., 1984: Sonar observations explain behaviors noted during boat maneuvers for radio tagging of humpback whales megaptera novaeangliae in the glacier bay area alaska usa

Shilts W.W., 1982: Sonar studies of sediments in quebec canada lakes threatened by acid precipitation

Fish, J. F.; Johnson, C. S.; Ljungblad, D. K., 1976: Sonar target discrimination by instrumented human divers

Simmons J.A., 1985: Sonar tracking of horizontally moving targets by the big brown bat eptesicus fuscus

Ahlen I., 1988: Sonar used by flying lesser horseshoe bats rhinolophus hipposideros bechstein 1800 rhinolophidae chiroptera in hunting habitats

Zacharias D., 1987: Sonchetum palustris vlieger and zinderen bakker 1942 van donselaar 1961 in eastern lower saxony west germany

Barsegyan A.M., 1983: Sonchus araraticus new species asteraceae from the armenian ssr ussr

Osman S.M., 1986: Sonchus oleraceus seed oil characterization of hydrogen bromide reactive oxygenated acid

Sinkora D., 1981: Sonderophycus and the type specimen of peyssonnelia australis cryptonemiales rhodophyta

Moller A.P., 1983: Song activity and territory quality in the corn bunting miliaria calandra with comments on mate selection

Fonstad T., 1981: Song activity of the willow warbler phylloscopus trochilus and the brambling fringilla montifringilla in a heath birch forest during the breeding season

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Latimer W., 1980: Song and spacing in gampsocleis glabra orthoptera tettigoniidae

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449182

Guettinger, H. R.; Achermann, J., 1972: Song development of spermestes cucullata

Mundinger, P., 1975: Song dialects and colonization in the house finch carpodacus mexicanus on the east coast

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449226

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449227

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449228

Lein M.R., 1979: Song pattern of the cypress hills alberta canada population of white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449230

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449243

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449250

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Clayton N.S., 1988: Song tutor choice in zebra finches and bengalese finches the relative importance of visual and vocal cues

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449286

Dobrzynski P., 1981: Sono motor reflex as a descending control mechanism in the auditory system in man

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449590

Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449591

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449596

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Section 7, Chapter 6450, Accession 006449850

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