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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6451

Chapter 6451 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jurinak J.J., 1988: Sorption of copper and cadmium from the water soluble fraction of an acid mine waste by two calcareous soils

Millero F.J., 1987: Sorption of copper by a marine vibrio in seawater

Mcbride M.B., 1985: Sorption of copper ii on aluminum hydroxide as affected by phosphate

Baker A.S., 1980: Sorption of copper zinc and cadmium by some acid soils

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450006

Cantelo W.W., 1985: Sorption of diazinon and other chemical vapors by mushrooms and agricultural substrates in enclosed systems

Bhalerao S.S., 1985: Sorption of drug by ion exchange resin and the in vitro release from the resin

Bundgaard H., 1982: Sorption of drugs by plastic infusion bags

Scheffer, K.; Schreiber, A.; Kickuth, R., 1980: Sorption of fertilizer phosphates in soil and the phosphate mobilizing effect of silicic acid 1. phosphate sorption in soil

Lieser K.H., 1986: Sorption of gold silver and mercury on cellulose

Tatsuyama, K.; Egawa, H.; Senmaru, H.; Goto, T.; Jodai, S.; Onishi, H., 1975: Sorption of heavy metals from the solution on forest products waste sorption on wood flour and bark powder

Tatsuyama, K.; Egawa, H.; Toratani, Y.; Goto, T.; Jodai, S.; Onishi, H., 1976: Sorption of heavy metals in polluted soil by forest product wastes sorption by wood flour bark and paper mill waste

Hendricks, C. W., 1974: Sorption of heterotrophic and enteric bacteria to glass surfaces in the continuous culture of river water

Powers B., 1987: Sorption of hydrophobic chemicals from water a hypothesis for the mechanism of the particle concentration effect

Scott T.A., 1979: Sorption of hydrophobic pollutants on natural sediments

Chaplinskaya S.M., 1979: Sorption of influenza a port chalmers 173 h 3n 2 virus on soviet produced anionites

Le Mare P.H., 1982: Sorption of isotopically exchangeable and nonexchangeable phosphate by some soils of columbia and brazil and comparisons with soils of southern nigeria

Roshal', E. R.; Sholin, A. F., 1978: Sorption of l tryptophan on ion exchangers under dynamic conditions

Leckie J.O., 1985: Sorption of lead onto 2 gram negative marine bacteria in seawater

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450025

Sun K H., 1986: Sorption of low level radwaste by spirulina

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450027

Pickering W.F., 1985: Sorption of mercury ii by manganese iv oxide

Lafleur K.S., 1979: Sorption of metribuzin by model soils and agronomic soils rates and equilibria

Harper, S. S., 1988: Sorption of metribuzin in surface and subsurface soils of the mississippi delta region usa

Music S., 1986: Sorption of microamounts of cerium iii promethium iii europium iii gadolinium iii and ytterbium iii on aluminum hydroxide

Elbanowska, A.; Kaczmarek, F.; Zurawski, P., 1975: Sorption of moisture by medicinal plant raw material part 3 leaf of mentha piperita thyme plant fruit of foeniculus anthodium of chamomile

Elbanowska, A.; Kaczmarek, F.; Zurawski, P., 1975: Sorption of moisture by medicinal plant raw material part 4 folium salviae rhizoma calami herba basilici inflorescentia crataegi

Kruchinina N.G., 1979: Sorption of neutral red by acto myosin threads during contraction and heating

Means J.C., 1982: Sorption of nitrogen hetero cyclic compounds by soils and sediments

Williams R.T., 1986: Sorption of nitrogen water vapor and benzene by charcoal cloth

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450038

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450039

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450041

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450042

Ormrod D.P., 1980: Sorption of ozone and sulfur di oxide by petunia leaves petunia hybrida

Ormrod D.P., 1981: Sorption of ozone sulfur di oxide nitrogen di oxide or their mixture by 9 poa pratensis cultivars of differing pollutant sensitivity

Allwood M.C., 1987: Sorption of parenteral nitrates during administration with a syringe pump and extension set

Hirte W., 1984: Sorption of penicillium cellulase on cellulose and lignin

Lafleur K., 1979: Sorption of pesticides by model soils and agronomic soils rates and equilibria

Popl M., 1979: Sorption of phenols from water and subsequent thermal desorption of gas chromatography analysis

Peinemann N., 1980: Sorption of phosphate by bayerite

Jacobsen, O. S., 1977: Sorption of phosphate by danish lake sediments

Szczypa J., 1980: Sorption of phosphate in aggregated soil of various iron content 1

Glinski, J.; Sokolowska, Z.; Szczypa, J., 1976: Sorption of phosphorus and calcium in artificially flocculated soils

Karam A., 1984: Sorption of phosphorus by some surface soils from quebec canada in relation to their properties

Yen J., 1981: Sorption of plutonium 237 by 2 species of marine phyto plankton

Kustovskii S.E., 1983: Sorption of polar gases by woody plant leaves

Wurster C.F., 1983: Sorption of poly chlorinated bi phenyls to clay particulates and effects of desorption on phyto plankton

Means J.C., 1984: Sorption of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons by natural estuarine colloids

Banwart W.L., 1980: Sorption of poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons by sediments and soils

Rahman A.A., 1984: Sorption of radio cesium by active silica

Pilecka N., 1987: Sorption of radiocalcium on human hair

Nordmeyer H., 1988: Sorption of selected pesticides on different tubing materials

Mahler R.L., 1987: Sorption of silica in a northern idaho usa palouse silt loam

Hlavaty V., 1986: Sorption of some cations on urea montmorillonite

Orstavik, D., 1977: Sorption of streptococci to glass effects of macro molecular solutes

Orstavik, D., 1977: Sorption of streptococcus faecium to glass

Kilasara M., 1979: Sorption of sulfate and distribution of total sulfate and mineralizable sulfur in some tropical soil profiles in tanzania

Nilova N.S., 1984: Sorption of sulfophthaleinic dyes by brain synaptosomes of rats deprived of paradoxical sleep

Kohout R., 1980: Sorption of sulfur di oxide by forest humus

Coughlan M.P., 1983: Sorption of talaromyces emersonii cellulase on cellulosic substrates

Garcia-Miragaya, J.; Page, A. L., 1978: Sorption of trace quantities of cadmium by soils with different chemical and mineralogical composition/

Gilbert S.G., 1985: Sorption of vinyl chloride onto polyvinyl chloride by classical partition and inverse gas chromatography comparison of two methods

Samsonov G.V., 1981: Sorption of vitamin b 12 by finely divided forms of carboxyl cation exchange resins

Osajima Y., 1987: Sorption of volatile compounds by plastic polymers for food packaging

Osajima Y., 1988: Sorption of volatile compounds by polypropylene film

Laryea K.B., 1979: Sorption of water in soils a comparison of techniques for solving the diffusion equation

Brendlinger S., 1987: Sorption of water soluble oligomers on sediments

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450079

Mclaren, A. D.; Kirwan, J. P., 1976: Sorption of water vapor by tobacco mosaic virus protein and nucleic acid and photo inactivation of the nucleic acid

Quine D.E.C., 1983: Sorption of water vapor by wafer biscuits the effect of components ingredients and the baking process

Ikeda, S.; Tanemura, K.; Kojima, A., 1976: Sorption of water vapor on poly s carboxymethyl l cysteine and its sodium salt

Lee G.F., 1982: Sorption of zinc by lake michigan usa sediments implications for zinc water quality criteria standards

Jordy, A.; Suhr, H., 1973: Sorption processes in gas sterilization in the medical sector

Akratanakul, S.; Boersma, L.; Klock, G. O., 1983: Sorption processes in soils as influenced by pore water velocity 1. theory

Gezenchova L., 1986: Sorption properties and acidification symptoms in marble overlaying mountain soddy calcareous soils in the alpine belt

Trojanowski J., 1987: Sorption properties of bottom sediments of szczytno male and letowo lakes poland

Samsonov G.V., 1980: Sorption properties of carboxyl cation exchangers with a bacteriostatic effect

Horn D., 1981: Sorption properties of cross linked insoluble poly vinyl pyrrolidone

Koval' E.Z., 1986: Sorption properties of mycodestroyers of metal containing substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450091

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450092

Zuev P.D., 1981: Sorption re infusion of lymph and plasma in patients with severe burns

Pillai V.N.S., 1987: Sorption studies of heavy metal ions on a novel chelating resin and its application in the stripping of mercury ii

Allwood M.C., 1981: Sorption to plastic syringes of drugs administered by syringe pump

Zuman, P.; Ainso, S.; Paden, C.; Pethica, B. A., 1988: Sorptions on lignin wood and celluloses i. bile salts

Ainso, S.; Paden, C.; Pethica, B. A.; Zuman, P., 1988: Sorptions on lignin wood and celluloses ii. nitrosamines

Wieber, J.; Kulik, F.; Pethica, B. A.; Zuman, P., 1988: Sorptions on lignin wood and celluloses iii. copper ii and zinc ii ions

Couvreur P., 1988: Sorptive properties of antibodies onto cyanoacrylic nanoparticles

Silyutina Yu I., 1980: Sorptive properties of claydite vermiculite and gravel

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450101

Capon, M. R. C.; Polkinghorne, P. J.; Fitzke, F. W.; Bird, A. C., 1988: Sorsby's pseudoinflammatory macula dystrophy sorsby's fundus dystrophies

Bird A.C., 1981: Sorsbys pseudoinflammatory macular dystrophy

Wongratana T., 1987: Sorsogona melanoptera new species a new flathead fish from the northern indian ocean teleostei platycephalidae

Bueckmann, A., 1973: Sorted samples and quantitative counts in appendicularian catches

Allen D.W., 1987: Sorted stone nets and circles of the columbia plateau oregon usa a hypothesis

Sabatini D.D., 1986: Sorting and endocytosis of viral glycoproteins in transfected polarized epithelial cells

Nichols, J. H.; Wood, R. J., 1978: Sorting and identification techniques for clupeoid larvae

Kelly R.B., 1984: Sorting and secretion of acth in a pituitary tumor cell line after perturbation of the level of a secretory granule specific proteoglycan

King B.F., 1986: Sorting and transepithelial transport of adsorbed protein tracers effects of temperature

Sheffield J.B., 1982: Sorting behavior among cells from the 14 day embryonic chick neural retina

Venables P.H., 1980: Sorting consistency as a diagnostic tool for schizophrenics and normals

Cisneros G., 1986: Sorting large lists of small items a module for scientifically oriented applications

Brown G.V., 1986: Sorting large numbers of clones expressing plasmodium falciparum antigens in escherichia coli by differential antibody screening

Simons K., 1984: Sorting of an apical plasma membrane glycoprotein occurs before it reaches the cell surface in cultured epithelial cells

Cambier J.C., 1983: Sorting of b lympho blasts based on cell diameter provides cell populations enriched in different stages of cell cycle

Strous G.J., 1987: Sorting of endocytosed transferrin and asialoglycoprotein occurs immediately after internalization in hep g2 cells

Babkoff H., 1984: Sorting of hemi field presented temporal and spatial stimuli

Bouteille M., 1986: Sorting of micronuclei from ptk 1 cells

Fuller S.D., 1987: Sorting of progeny coronavirus from condensed secretory proteins at the exit from the trans golgi network of att20 cells

Eversmeyer M.G., 1980: Sorting of puccinia recondita and triticum infection type data sets toward the gene for gene model

Simons K., 1987: Sorting of sphingolipids in epithelial madin darby canine kidney cells

Campbell A., 1986: Sorting out aggression dimensional and categorical perceptions of aggressive episodes

Takeuchi I., 1979: Sorting out behavior of dis aggregated cells in the absence of morphogenesis in dictyostelium discoideum

Spiegel, J.; Garber, B., 1981: Sorting out co aggregated brain cell types mediated by specific cell recognition factors in vitro 2. kinetic and metabolic parameters

Rao K.V., 1983: Sorting out in heterotypic cell aggregates is regulated by differences in the cell surface charge

Spiegel, J.; Garber, B., 1981: Sorting out of co aggregated brain cell types mediated by specific recognition factors in vitro 1. experimental histogenesis and quantitative analysis

Swartzberg D., 1983: Sorting out of cytoplasmic elements in somatic hybrids of petunia and the prevalence of the heteroplasmon through several meiotic cycles

Kang S.W., 1980: Sorting out of new isolates pathogenic against the tongil varieties of korean rice from a japanese rice blast fungus pyricularia oryzae

Spiegel, M.; Spiegel, E., 1978: Sorting out of sea urchin embryonic cells according to cell type

Kondic-Mitin, N.; Hauptfeld, M.; Kastelan, A., 1976: Sorting out process in lethally irradiated mice restored with mixture of bone marrow from different donors

Rukavina D., 1985: Sorting out process in the offspring of female rats injected during pregnancy with allogeneic cells

D'ari R., 1986: Sos associated division inhibition gene sfi c is part of excisable element e 14 in escherichia coli

Hofnung M., 1982: Sos chromotest a direct assay of induction of an sos function in escherichia coli k 12 to measure geno toxicity

Norris V., 1986: Sos independent coupling between dna replication and cell division in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450137

Sugimoto K., 1987: Sos inducing activity of chemical carcinogens and mutagens in salmonella typhimurium ta1535 psk 1002 examination with 151 chemicals

Echols H., 1981: Sos induction and auto regulation of the him a gene for site specific recombination in escherichia coli

Scott J.R., 1983: Sos induction by p 1 km mini plasmids

Devoret R., 1985: Sos induction by thermosensitive replication mutants of mini f plasmid

Reich J., 1986: Sos induction of gene sul a is partly inhibited in escherichia coli k 12 cells overproducing in rec a protein

Roberts J.W., 1988: Sos like induction in bacillus subtilis induction of rec a protein analog and a damage inducible operon by dna damage in rec positive and dna repair deficient strains

Radman M., 1984: Sos mutator effect in escherichia coli mutants deficient in mismatch correction

Fischer H., 1985: Sos type functions in mammalian cells enhanced reactivation of uv irradiated sv 40 in uv irradiated cv 1 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450146

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450147

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450148

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450149

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450150

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450151

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450152

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450153

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450154

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450155

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450156

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450157

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450158

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450159

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450160

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450161

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450162

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450163

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450164

Theron J.G., 1988: Sotanus chrissiensis linnavuori from the transvaal south africa transferred to a new genus heidinus new genus homoptera cicadellidae

Bernasconi R., 1986: Soteria berne first experiences with a new milieu therapy for acute schizophrenics

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450167

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450168

Bril J., 1982: Soul and climate

Sevenet T., 1981: Soularubinone a new anti leukemic quassinoid from soulamea tomentosa

Bodo B., 1988: Soulattron a a c 24 terpenoid from calophyllum soulattri

Van-Eyl, F. P.; Van-Eyl, E. M., 1977: Sound affect and visual auto kinesis

Webster D.B., 1988: Sound amplification negates central effects of a neonatal conductive hearing loss

Takeyama I., 1987: Sound analysis of rock music at a concert

Wingate M., 1981: Sound and pattern in artificial fluency spectrographic evidence

Denton E.J., 1981: Sound and startle responses in herring clupea harengus shoals

Butler R.A., 1982: Sound as a reinforcer for infants manipulations of toys

Fricke F., 1984: Sound attenuation in forests

Rapin J.R., 1982: Sound avoidance conditioning and a mathematical approach to the description of acquisition performance

Gierut J.A., 1986: Sound change a phonemic split in a misarticulating child

Emmons, L. H., 1978: Sound communication among african rain forest squirrels

Bisazza A., 1980: Sound communication between male and female mice preliminary report

Mal'chevskii, A. S., 1976: Sound communication in animals based on the example of birds

Korsunovskaya, O. S., 1978: Sound communication in oecanthus pellucens orthoptera oecanthidae

Zhantiev, R. D.; Dubrovin, N. N., 1977: Sound communication in the genus isophya orthoptera tettigoniidae

Anisimov, V. D.; Il'ichev, V. D., 1980: Sound conducting functions of the middle ear in birds 1. structural adaptations of specialized systems

Austin, D. F., 1978: Sound conduction of the diseased ear

David, E.; Finkenzeller, P.; Kallert, S.; Keidel, W. D., 1969: Sound correlated d c changes at the intact head of human subjects

David, E.; Findenzeller, P.; Kallert, S.; Keidel, W. D., 1969: Sound correlated direct current changes in the primary auditory cortex of the awake cat

Krebs J.R., 1984: Sound degradation as a distance cue in great tit parus major song

Ritsma R.J., 1983: Sound emission from the ear triggered by single molecules?

Chappuis, C., 1978: Sound illustration of bio acoustical problems raised by birds in the ethiopian zone continuation

Nikol'skii I.D., 1979: Sound in the behavior of the bee eater merops apiaster aves coraciiformes meropidae

Miller J.M., 1987: Sound induced artifact in cochlear blood flow measurements using the laser doppler flowmeter

Fay R.R., 1985: Sound intensity processing by the goldfish carassius auratus

Matskevich M.V., 1985: Sound late realization function in affection of the hemispheric acoustic mechanisms

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450200

Shenai, J. P., 1977: Sound levels for neo nates in transit

Roper R.G., 1987: Sound levels from personal cassette players

Passmore N.I., 1981: Sound levels of mating calls of some african frogs

Karlsson K., 1983: Sound levels recorded within the symphony orchestra and risk criteria for hearing loss

Newton, V. E.; Hickson, F. S., 1981: Sound localization 2. clinical procedure

Heffner H.E., 1988: Sound localization and use of binaural cues by the gerbil meriones unguiculatus

Feng, A. S.; Gerhardt, H. C.; Capranica, R. R., 1976: Sound localization behavior of the green tree frog hyla cinerea and the barking tree frog hyla gratiosa

Konishi M., 1979: Sound localization by the barn owl tyto alba measured with the search coil technique

Masterton B., 1982: Sound localization effects of unilateral lesions in central auditory system

Feng, A. S.; Capranica, R. R., 1976: Sound localization in anurans part 1 evidence of bin aural interaction in dorsal medullary nucleus of bull frogs rana catesbeiana

Feng, A. S.; Capranica, R. R., 1978: Sound localization in anurans part 2 bin aural interaction in superior olivary nucleus of the green tree frog hyla cinerea

Gatehouse, R. W.; Shelton, B. R., 1978: Sound localization in bobwhite quail colinus virginianus

Newton V.E., 1983: Sound localization in children with a severe unilateral hearing loss

Heffner R.S., 1984: Sound localization in large mammals localization of complex sounds by horses

Masterton R.B., 1979: Sound localization in pigeon columba livia

Konishi M., 1981: Sound localization in the owl

Heffner R.S., 1985: Sound localization in wild norway rats rattus norvegicus

Norat M.A., 1986: Sound localization of frequency modulated sinusoids by old world monkeys

Palmgren P., 1982: Sound location in owls

Rahmani F., 1987: Sound meaning relationships in speakers of urdu and english evidence for a cross cultural phonetic symbolism

Devanathan T., 1982: Sound output of electronic laryngeal prostheses at room and body temperature

Takessian A., 1983: Sound perception by 2 species of wax moths lepidoptera pyralidae

Sorokin M.A., 1987: Sound perception in the chub mackerel scomber japonicus houttuyn

Stosman I.M., 1982: Sound perception in the dolphin phocaena phocaena

Kawamoto K., 1987: Sound perception in the ultrasonic region

Guernsey R.M., 1983: Sound pressure distribution about the human head and torso

Burkhard, M. D.; Sachs, R. M., 1977: Sound pressure in insert earphone couplers and real ears

Burkard R., 1984: Sound pressure level measurement and spectral analysis of brief acoustic transients

Gerhardt, H. C., 1975: Sound pressure levels and radiation patterns of the vocalizations of some north american frogs and toads

Villet M., 1987: Sound pressure levels of some african cicadas homoptera cicadoidea

Nedzelnitsky V., 1980: Sound pressures in the basal turn of the cat cochlea

Reitsma P., 1984: Sound priming in beginning readers

Courtenay, W. R. Jr ; Mckittrick, F. A., 1970: Sound producing mechanisms in carapid fishes with notes on phylogenetic implications

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450234

Schwarz, A. L., 1980: Sound production and associated behavior in a cichlid fish cichlasoma centrarchus 2. breeding pairs

Rowland, W. J., 1978: Sound production and associated behavior in the jewel fish hemichromis bimaculatus

Harrington B.J., 1981: Sound production and courtship behavior in the seed bug ligyrocoris diffusus

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450238

Popov A.V., 1981: Sound production and hearing in the cicada cicadetta sinuatipennis homoptera cicadidae

Aiken R.B., 1982: Sound production and mating in a water boatman palmacorixa nana heteroptera corixidae

Rudinsky J.A., 1980: Sound production and pairing behavior of leperisinus californicus and leperisinus oregonus coleoptera scolytidae attacking oregon ash fraxinus latifolia

Macmillan D.L., 1987: Sound production and stridulatory structures in hermit crabs of the genus trizopagurus

Saini R.K., 1983: Sound production associated with feeding behavior of the tsetse glossina morsitans morsitans

Selander, J.; Jansson, A., 1977: Sound production associated with mating behavior of the large pine weevil hylobius abietis coleoptera curculionidae

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450246

Wilkens L.A., 1982: Sound production by abdominal stridulation in the australian murray river crayfish euastacus armatus

Edwards G.B., 1981: Sound production by courting males of phidippus mystaceus araneae salticidae

Nelissen, M. H. J., 1976: Sound production by haplochromis burtoni and tropheus moorii pisces cichlidae

Catala J.D., 1986: Sound production by males of a coral reef fish pomacentrus partitus its significance to females

Nelissen, M. H. J., 1978: Sound production by some tanganyikan cichlid fishes and a hypothesis for the evolution of the r communication mechanisms

Tschinkel, W. R.; Doyen, J. T., 1976: Sound production by substratal tapping in beetles of the genus eusattus tentyriidae coniontini

Abu-Gideiri, Y. B.; Nasr, D. H., 1973: Sound production by synodontis schall

Hollien, H.; Hollien, P.; Caldwell, D. K.; Caldwell, M. C., 1976: Sound production by the atlantic bottle nosed dolphin tursiops truncatus

Ladich, F., 1988: Sound production by the gudgeon gobio gobio l. a common european freshwater fish cyprinidae teleostei

Meyer-Rochow, V. B.; Penrose, J. D., 1976: Sound production by the western rock lobster panulirus longipes

Hochberg Y., 1979: Sound production by workers facing the queen in vespa orientalis hymenoptera vespinae frequency and amplitude auto and cross correlations

Ballantyne, P. K.; Colgan, P. W., 1978: Sound production during agonistic and reproductive behavior in the pumpkinseed lepomis gibbosus the bluegill lepomis macrochirus and their hybrid sunfish part 1 context

Ballantyne, P. K.; Colgan, P. W., 1978: Sound production during agonistic and reproductive behavior in the pumpkinseed lepomis gibbosus the bluegill lepomis macrochirus and their hybrid sunfish part 2 recipients

Ballantyne, P. K.; Colgan, P. W., 1978: Sound production during agonistic and reproductive behavior in the pumpkinseed lepomis gibbosus the bluegill lepomis macrochirus and their hybrid sunfish part 3 response

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Fricke F., 1982: Sound propagation through vegetation

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Kagawa, Y.; Nitta, S.; Satoh, N.; Saji, K.; Shibota, Y.; Horiuchi, T.; Tanaka, M., 1977: Sound spectro analytic diagnosis of mal functioning prosthetic heart valve

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450288

Hall Craggs J., 1979: Sound spectrographic analysis suggestions for facilitating auditory imagery

Michelsson, K.; Sirvio, P.; Wasz-Hockert, O., 1977: Sound spectrographic cry analysis of infants with bacterial meningitis

Rinne A., 1984: Sound spectrographic cry analysis of infants with hydrocephalus

Rice D.A., 1983: Sound speed in pulmonary parenchyma

Rice D.A., 1980: Sound speed in the upper airways

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450294

Borrell S., 1980: Sound stimulation and its effects on the pituitary adreno cortical function and brain catecholamines in rats

Zugaib, M.; Nobile, L., 1984: Sound stimulation test 1. proposition of an acoustic transmitter

Zugaib, M.; Nobile, L.; Behle, I., 1984: Sound stimulation test 2. gestational age effect on fetal heart rate response

Zugaib, M.; Nobile, L.; Behle, I., 1984: Sound stimulation test 3. analysis of normal fetal heart rate response

Zugaib, M.; Nobile, L.; Behle, I., 1984: Sound stimulation test 4. analysis of some factors affecting evoked fetal heart rate response

Zugaib, M.; Ruocco, R. M. S. A.; Nobile, L.; Neme, B., 1984: Sound stimulation test 5. effects of sedative drugs on fetal heart rate response

Ruocco, R. M. S. A.; Nobile, L.; Zugaib, M.; Neme, B., 1984: Sound stimulation test 6. about fetal heart rate evoked response among well oxygenated fetus of hypertensive pregnants

Zugaib, M.; Barros, A. C. S. D.; Neme, B., 1984: Sound stimulation test 7. the cerebral malformation as a experimental model to study the mechanism of fetal cardiac response

Strobel, M. G.; Suen, C. Y., 1976: Sound synthesis by mini computer system phon

Chappuis, C., 1975: Sound track illustration of bio acoustic problems created by birds of the ethiopian zone

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Wever, E. G., 1978: Sound transmission in the salamander ear

Ueno A., 1980: Sound transmission of bone and its application to fractures of the femur and total hip replacement

Saunders J.C., 1980: Sound transmission through the avian inter aural pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450309

Section 7, Chapter 6451, Accession 006450310

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