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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6452

Chapter 6452 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Scott H.A., 1983: Southern bean mosaic virus in mexican bean beetle and bean leaf beetle regurgitants

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Yunis E.J., 1987: Southern blot analysis of bii cell line a putative variant of hl 60

Jones P.A., 1986: Southern blot analysis of dna extracted from formalin fixed pathology specimens

Lauder I., 1988: Southern blot analysis of dna extracted from formol saline fixed and paraffin wax embedded tissue

Arnason U., 1982: Southern blot hybridization in cetaceans using killer whale restriction fragment as a probe

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Sehnem, A., 1976: Southern brazilian mosses part 4

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451010

Busey, P.; Center, B. J., 1987: Southern chinch bug hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae overcomes resistance in st. augustinegrass

Cummins D.G., 1984: Southern corn billbug sphenophorus callosus coleoptera curculionidae and plant parasitic nematodes influence of no tillage coulter in row chiseling and insecticides on severity of damage to corn zea mays

Durant J.A., 1981: Southern corn billbug sphenophorus callosus effect of plant height and billbug population density on injury to corn

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Barrat, A.; Mougin, J. L., 1978: Southern elephant seal mirounga leonina of possession island crozet archipelago 46 degrees 25 minutes south 51 degrees 45 minutes east

Hikita T., 1984: Southern extreme in the range of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha new record along the pacific coast of honshu japan/

Bentley W.J., 1985: Southern fire ant solenopsis xyloni hymenoptera formicidae damage to harvested almonds in california usa

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Riley T.J., 1987: Southern green stink bug nezara viridula heteroptera pentatomidae feeding in corn

Premoli Silva I., 1986: Southern hemisphere origin of the cretaceous laytonville limestone of california usa

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Duffield, J. W., 1977: Southern journal of applied forestry

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451030

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451031

Rodriguez M.C.G., 1981: Southern limit of sauvageaugloia chordariaeformis chordariaceae phaeophyta

Yukawa J., 1983: Southern limit of the distribution for the soybean pod gall midge asphondylia sp new record diptera cecidomyiidae

Nix H.A., 1988: Southern limits of distribution and abundance of the biting midge culicoides brevitarsis kieffer diptera ceratopogonidae in south eastern australia an application of the growest model

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451035

Calcote V.R., 1983: Southern pecan leaf phylloxera phylloxera russellae homoptera phylloxeridae clonal resistance and technique for evaluation

Vite J.P., 1981: Southern pine bark beetles ips calligraphus evaluation of nonsticky pheromone trap designs for survey and research

Moser J.C., 1983: Southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae brood adults reverse emergence

Connor M.D., 1985: Southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae infestations without the bluestain fungus ceratocystis minor

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Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451046

Williams G.E., 1982: Southern polar forests the early cretaceous floras of victoria australia and their paleo climatic significance

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451048

Mathiasen, R. L., 1976: Southern range extension of the white fir dwarf mistletoe in arizona usa

Duffy, J. M., 1977: Southern range extensions for chum and sockeye salmon oncorhynchus keta and oncorhynchus nerka

Lannefors H.O., 1984: Southern scandinavian aerosol composition and elemental size distribution characteristics dependence on air mass history

Micle S., 1980: Southern sinai egypt bedouin tribes preliminary communication on an anthropological survey

Tarman, K., 1977: Southern species of the oribatid fauna of yugoslavia

South-Soybean-Dis-Workers-Soybean-Dis-Loss-Estimate-Comm, 1978: Southern states soybean disease loss estimate 1976

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Mihm J.A., 1987: Southwestern corn borer attractiveness to synthetic pheromone

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Zepp, D. B.; Keaster, A. J., 1977: Southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella girdling activity inhibition by fluorescent lighting of host plants

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451069

Davis F.M., 1985: Southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella larval growth on corn zea mays callus and its relationship with leaf feeding resistance

Davis F.M., 1982: Southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella oviposition cage for mass production

Davis, F. M.; Scott, G. E.; Williams, W. P., 1978: Southwestern corn borer effect of levels of 1st brood on maize

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Harris, R. L., 1976: Southwestern entomologist

Coetzee D.J., 1986: Southwestern extension of the known range of two freshwater shrimps caridina nilotica new record roux and macrobrachium petersi new record hilgendorf in south africa

El-Najjar, M., 1978: Southwestern physical anthropology do the cultural and biological parameters correspond

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451077

Wells O.O., 1983: Southwide pine seed source study loblolly pine pinus taeda at 25 years

Earlam R., 1979: Souttar tubes for esophageal carcinoma

Schoettger R.A., 1984: Soviet american cooperation in the field of protecting water from pollution

Puchkov-Yu, I.; Komarova, L. E.; Kiselev, A. K., 1976: Soviet american cooperation in the problem of malignant neoplasms

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451082

Lapaev, E. V.; Pavlov, G. I., 1977: Soviet and non soviet data on the effect of some space flight factors on the human vestibular analyzer

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Jacobson M.K., 1980: Soviet contributions to malacology in 1978

Raskin B.M., 1985: Soviet dry nutrient media and prospects for their development

Polienko V.G., 1985: Soviet experience in resolving the problem of desertification in south and southeast asia

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Shekrota A.G., 1980: Soviet interferon in therapy of relapsing herpes simplex

Losev, O. L., 1976: Soviet literature on problems of medical parasitology and parasitic diseases for 1975

Losev, O., 1976: Soviet literature on the problems of medical parasitology and parasitic diseases for 1975 1976

Losev, O., 1976: Soviet literature on the problems of medicinal parasitology and parasitic diseases for 1975

Zeini S.M., 1981: Soviet made acth in the treatment of neuro dermatitis and eczema

Holowinsky I.Z., 1985: Soviet psychology and its view of american behaviorism

Ermolov A.V., 1982: Soviet radiopaque tubes for uro nephrologic procedures

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Shapiro A.A., 1987: Sovol as an inducer of procarcinogen activating microsomal enzymes

Nielsen H.E., 1980: Sow and litter recording procedures report of a working party of the european association for animal production commission on pig production

Kolushev N., 1985: Sow corpora lutea glycogen content

Aumaitre A., 1979: Sow culling reasons for and effect on productivity

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Stewart, D. A., 1976: Sowerbaea subtilis new species liliaceae from queensland

Moravec J., 1988: Sowerbyella angustispora new species and otideopsis kaushalii new combination discomycetes pezizales pyronemataceae

Harmaja H., 1984: Sowerbyella brevispora new species a new discomycete species from finland

Stewart R.K., 1980: Sowing date and cereal aphid infestations and damage to barley hordeum vulgare in southwestern quebec canada

Malesevic M., 1984: Sowing date and density for wheat from the aspect of varietal specificity

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451124

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451125

Daoudi A., 1984: Sowing date effects on the yield components of soft wheat triticum vulgare and barley hordeum vulgare in arid and semi arid areas

Compton I.J., 1980: Sowing date harvest date and the yield of forage brassica crops

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Alam M., 1983: Sowing material qualities of some representatives of quercus genus and germination dynamics of the acorn in nursery conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451134

Bakeev V.V., 1984: Sowing qualities of barley and winter wheat seeds depend on their phosphorus content

Shegai V.Yu, 1981: Sowing qualities of desert fodder seeds and methods for their evaluation

Bakeev V.V., 1985: Sowing qualities of seeds of barley cultivars varying in vigor during long term fertilization

Garside A.L., 1984: Sowing time effects on the development yield and oil characteristics of irrigated sunflower helianthus annuus in semi arid tropical australia

Rao S.M., 1984: Sowing time of indian senna cassia angustifolia in relation to the management of the larvae of catopsilia pyranthe

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Narkiewicz-Jodko, M.; Schneider, J., 1983: Sowing value and mycoflora of seeds of leguminous crops during the 5 year storage part ii. white clover seeds

Narkiewicz-Jodko, M.; Schneider, J., 1983: Sowing value and mycoflora of seeds of leguminous crops during the 5 year storage part iii. seradella seeds

Schultz, M. G.; Peters, D., 1976: Sowthistle yellow vein virus in europe

Setchell K.D.R., 1984: Soy a dietary source of the nonsteroidal estrogen equol in man and animals

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Howell J.F., 1987: Soy a substitute ingredient for casein in the codling moth larval rearing medium

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Forio E.E., 1986: Soy sauce production utilizing root crop flour as substitute for wheat flour 100 percent substitution

Zani G., 1988: Soy sensitivity personal observation on 71 children with food intolerance

Lehrer S.B., 1987: Soy specific and shrimp specific ige responses in orally and intraperitoneally immunized mice

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Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451186

Kinloch R.A., 1986: Soybean and maize cropping models for the management of meloidogyne incognita in the coastal plain usa

Patterson C.G., 1983: Soybean and mite interaction effects of cultivar and plant growth stage

Ihnuma A., 1988: Soybean blight caused by fusarium oxysporum var redolens and the production of fusaric acid by the fungus

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Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451191

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451192

Honda Y., 1984: Soybean chlorotic mottle a new caulimovirus on soybean glycine max

Deema N., 1983: Soybean crinkle leaf a new whitefly borne disease of soybean glycine max

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Hodges H.F., 1981: Soybean cultural practices effects on populations of green cloverworm plathypena scabra velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis loopers and heliothis complex

Heatherly L.G., 1988: Soybean cyst nematode effect on soybean grown at controlled soil water potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451205

Myers O.Jr, 1980: Soybean cyst nematode heterodera glycines and rhizobium japonicum strain influences on soybean glycine max nodulation and nitrogen fixation

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Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451216

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451219

De La Guardi M.D., 1987: Soybean genetic differences in response to iron and manganese activity of metalloenzymes

Sinclair J.B., 1988: Soybean germ plasma evaluation for resistance to colletotrichum truncatum

Abney T.S., 1986: Soybean glycine max allelopathy and subsequent cropping

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451223

Mendoza J.B., 1983: Soybean glycine max anthracnose and its seed assay in puerto rico

Ruesink W.G., 1984: Soybean glycine max as a host for the leaf miner sumitrosis rosea coleoptera chrysomelidae

D'arcy, A. L., 1982: Soybean glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 and lentil lens culinaris anicia exudates 1. kinetics of exudation of phenolic compounds amino acids and sugars in the 1st days of plant growth

Campbell W.J., 1984: Soybean glycine max cultivar bragg canopy growth photosynthesis and transpiration responses to whole season carbon di oxide enrichment

Smith J.M., 1986: Soybean glycine max cultivar bragg growth and yield response to elevated carbon dioxide

Williams J.C., 1981: Soybean glycine max cultivar bragg yield losses caused by meloidogyne arenaria and heterodera glycines in a field infested with the 2 parasites

Ushijima T., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar braxton adaptation to water stress at selected stages of growth

Byrne M.C., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar chippeina 64 seed growth and maturation by in vitro pod culture

Nickell C.D., 1980: Soybean glycine max cultivar columbus green stem caused by bean pod mottle virus

Roth M.R., 1981: Soybean glycine max cultivar columbus mesophyll protoplasts

Evans S.D., 1985: Soybean glycine max cultivar evans evapotranspiration leaf water potential and foliage temperature as affected by row spacing and irrigation

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Krupa S.V., 1981: Soybean glycine max cultivar hodgson response to ozone

Winkler R.G., 1984: Soybean glycine max cultivar itachi leaf urease a seed enzyme

Werner D., 1984: Soybean glycine max cultivar mandarin root response to infection by rhizobium japonicum saccharidases in root and nodule tissue

Kimes T.M., 1986: Soybean glycine max cultivar mixtures in a narrow row noncultivatable production system

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451241

Verma D.P.S., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar prize nodulin genes analysis of complementary dna clones reveals several major tissue specific sequences in nitrogen fixing root nodules

Connor E.F., 1986: Soybean glycine max cultivar ransom cell sap response to water deficits

Shuman L.M., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar ransom response to the application of several elements on a low manganese soil

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Keeling B.L., 1985: Soybean glycine max cultivar reactions to soybean stem canker caused by diaporthe phaseolorum var caulivora and pathogenic variation among isolates

Eastin E.F., 1979: Soybean glycine max cultivar response

Gray E., 1987: Soybean glycine max cultivar response to fluchloralin metribuzin and vernolate

Hardcastle W.S., 1979: Soybean glycine max cultivar response to metribuzin in solution culture

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451250

Hunter W.J., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar tracy root and nodule nitrate reductase

Hunter W.J., 1985: Soybean glycine max cultivar tracy stem in vivo nitrate reductase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451253

Taylor H.M., 1980: Soybean glycine max cultivar wayne growth and yield as affected by row spacing and by seasonal water supply

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Ryan, S. A.; Nelson, R. S.; Harper, J. E., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar williams mutants lacking constitutive nitrate reductase activity 2. nitrogen assimilation chlorate resistance and inheritance

Minor H.C., 1983: Soybean glycine max cultivar williams production systems for claypan soils

Wagner F.W., 1986: Soybean glycine max cultivar woodworth root nodule ultrastructure during dark induced stress and recovery

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Section 7, Chapter 6452, Accession 006451260

Silva A.L.D., 1986: Soybean glycine max endogenous alpha galactosidase and invertase during the germinative process

Shumway C.R., 1985: Soybean glycine max genotypes with resistance to races of soybean cyst nematode heterodera glycines

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Poneleit C., 1982: Soybean glycine max germ plasm evaluation for length of the seed filling period

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Horn, P. W.; Burnside, O. C., 1985: Soybean glycine max growth as influenced by planting date cultivation and weed removal

Keisling T.C., 1982: Soybean glycine max growth over and between sub soil channels on 2 loamy sands

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Chaudhary B.D., 1983: Soybean glycine max ideotypes in 2 agro climatic conditions in india

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Kadhem, F. A.; Specht, J. E.; Williams, J. H., 1985: Soybean glycine max irrigation serially timed during stages r 1 to r 6 2. yield component responses

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