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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6454

Chapter 6454 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Menon K.M.J., 1984: Spatial relationships of the human chorionic gonadotropin subunits in the assembly of the human chorionic gonadotropin receptor complex in the luteinized rat ovary

Dumortier M., 1986: Spatial relationships of the matrix papilla unit of the human hair bulb computer assisted representation in 3 dimensions of hair bulbs

Dubovi, E. J.; Wagner, R. R., 1977: Spatial relationships of the proteins of vesicular stomatitis virus induction of reversible oligomers by cleavable protein cross linkers and oxidation

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453003

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453004

Keen, D. M.; Griggs, R. A.; Sherman, M. E., 1978: Spatial representations of artificial linear orderings

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453006

Fong, S.; Nitecki, D. E.; Cook, R. M.; Goodman, J. W., 1978: Spatial requirements between haptenic and carrier determinants for thymus dependent antibody responses

Rees W.D., 1981: Spatial requirements for insulin sensitive sugar transport in rat adipocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453009

Lipton M.J., 1986: Spatial resolution analysis of computed tomographic images

Henshall J.K., 1979: Spatial resolution and calibration characteristics of 2 narrow probe gamma ray transmission systems for the measurement of soil bulk density in situ

Ottensmeyer F.P., 1981: Spatial resolution and detection sensitivity in micro analysis by electron energy loss selected imaging

Nothdurft, H. C., 1976: Spatial resolution and nonlinearities of simple cells in the cat visual cortex measured with parallel line pairs

Kulikowski, J. J., 1978: Spatial resolution for the detection of pattern and movement real and apparent

Miller A.I., 1988: Spatial resolution in subfossil molluscan remains implications for paleobiological analyses

Poussart D., 1979: Spatial resolution of 4 electrode array

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453017

Sarvas J., 1988: Spatial resolution of neuromagnetic records theoretical calculations in a spherical model

Fox R., 1986: Spatial resolution of the galago galago crassicaudatus

Cocklin M.L., 1986: Spatial resolution requirements for digital chest radiographs an receiver operating characteristic study of observer performance in selected cases

Bakhtin O.M., 1979: Spatial resolving power of the auditory cortex in differentiated conditioning

Bilbro J.D., 1981: Spatial responses of contrasting cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivars grown under semi arid conditions

Ruddle F.H., 1986: Spatial restriction in expression of a mouse homeo box locus within the central nervous system

Gorrell J., 1987: Spatial role taking ability among bilingual and monolingual kindergarten children

Schaie K.W., 1980: Spatial rotation in the elderly performance factors

Schroeder Heister P., 1987: Spatial s r compatibility with unimanual two finger choice reactions effects of irrelevant stimulus location

Emerson R.C., 1981: Spatial sampling by dendritic trees in visual cortex

Oey L Y., 1987: Spatial scales in czcs chlorophyll imagery of the southeastern usa continental shelf

Alasaarela E., 1979: Spatial seasonal and long term variations in the phyto planktonic biomass and species composition in the coastal waters of the bothnian bay off oulu finland

Bristow C.M., 1984: Spatial segregation between aphis vernoniae aphididae and publilia reticulata membracidae 2 species of colonial homoptera on new york ironweed vernonia noveboracensis

Heip, C.; Engels, P., 1977: Spatial segregation in copepod species from a brackish water habitat

Pearse J.S., 1981: Spatial segregation of 4 species of turban snails gastropoda tegula in central california usa

Brandt S.B., 1980: Spatial segregation of adult and young of the year alewives alosa pseudoharengus across a thermocline in lake michigan usa

Teramoto E., 1979: Spatial segregation of interacting species

Griffin J., 1987: Spatial segregation of messenger rna encoding myelin specific proteins

Peters, B. H.; Romer, H.; Marquart, V., 1986: Spatial segregation of synaptic inputs and outputs in a locust locusta migratoria auditory interneuron

Nelson B., 1981: Spatial selectivity in visual search

Harris M.G., 1984: Spatial selectivity of contrast adaptation models and data

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453039

Heiman M.L., 1982: Spatial self reference systems and shortest behavior route in toddlers

Stromeyer C.F.IIi, 1983: Spatial sensitization and de sensitization with small adapting fields interactions of signals from different classes of cones

Tulunay-Keesey, U.; Jones, R. M., 1977: Spatial sensitization as a function of delay

Adams A.J., 1988: Spatial sensitization of the b cone pathways

Etaugh, C.; Keyes, D., 1977: Spatial separation and dimensionality of stimuli in childrens discrimination learning

Gleba Yu Yu, 1987: Spatial separation of parent genomes in hybrids of the somatic plant cells

Momot V., 1987: Spatial separation of parenteral genomes in hybrids of somatic plant cells

Lagercrantz C., 1981: Spatial separation of the 2 essential thiol groups and the binding site of the exchangeable gtp in brain tubulin a spin label study

Hartline P.H., 1980: Spatial sharpening by 2nd order trigeminal neurons in crotaline crotalus viridis ir system

Chizhov O.S., 1986: Spatial shielding of the reaction center on glycosylation of trityl esters of sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453050

Katan J., 1981: Spatial soil temperature regime under transparent poly ethylene mulch numerical and experimental studies

Yau K W., 1981: Spatial spread of activation and background de sensitization in toad rod outer segments

Green D.G., 1987: Spatial spread of adaptation within the cone network of turtle retina

Matthews G., 1985: Spatial spread of light induced sensitization in rod photoreceptors exposed to low external calcium

Libosvarsky, J.; Lusk, S., 1977: Spatial stability of brown trout in stream sections

Schroeder Heister P., 1986: Spatial stimulus response compatibility effects with unimanual two finger choice reactions for prone and supine hand positions

Umilata C., 1980: Spatial stimulus response compatibility presentation of stimuli within 1 visual hemi field

Shannon, L., 1978: Spatial strategies in the counting of young children

Granjon L., 1988: Spatial structure and distribution of populations of the genus mastomys in senegal a study at three levels of perception

Bencheikh Lehocine M., 1984: Spatial structure and dynamic status in a plant community example of dune kermes oak shrubs annaba algeria

Shubeck T.P., 1982: Spatial structure and intraspecific interactions in notonecta populations

Bezrukov M.G., 1979: Spatial structure formation in protein gels

Barker J.S.F., 1987: Spatial structure in drosophila buzzatii populations simple and directional spatial autocorrelation

Robinson J.G., 1981: Spatial structure in foraging groups of wedge capped capuchin monkeys cebus nigrivittatus

Alados C.L., 1986: Spatial structure in groups of spanish ibex capra pyrenaica

Boldeskul I.E., 1988: Spatial structure of 1 2 dihydro 3h 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 ones

Bondarenko V.D., 1979: Spatial structure of a high altitude spruce stand

Oparin M.L., 1981: Spatial structure of a local red tailed lybian jird population in the milsk karabakh plain in eastern transcaucasia ussr

Niell F.X., 1981: Spatial structure of a mid level inter tidal community some comments on sampling

Suvorova L.G., 1980: Spatial structure of a population of ixodes trianguliceps and the effect of ddt on it

Rayner A.D.M., 1982: Spatial structure of a population of tricholomopsis platyphylla in a woodland site

Godzhaev N.M., 1986: Spatial structure of amino terminal tridecapeptide of beta endorphin

Chipens G.I., 1985: Spatial structure of an enkephalin cycloanalog lysyltyrosylglycylglycylphenylalanylleucine

Seapy, R. R.; Kitting, C. L., 1978: Spatial structure of an inter tidal molluscan assemblage on a sheltered sandy beach

Ovchinnikov Yu A., 1980: Spatial structure of apamin in solution conformational nmr analysis

Miroshnikov A.I., 1981: Spatial structure of apamin in solution laser raman spectra analysis

Pozdnyakova M.K., 1988: Spatial structure of cow herd

Kurochkin, A. V.; Bushuev, V. N.; Sepetov, N. F.; Kirpichnikov, M. P., 1986: Spatial structure of cro repressor in solution i. identification of the interactions in the hydrophobic cluster using the nuclear overhauser effect technique

Kurochkin, A. V.; Kirpichnikov, M. P., 1986: Spatial structure of cro repressor in solution ii. effect of ionizable groups

Tolkachev O.N., 1980: Spatial structure of cycleanine

Ivanov V.T., 1982: Spatial structure of delta sleep inducing peptide and its analogs laser raman spectra

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453082

Miklisova D., 1987: Spatial structure of hydrographic systems as a tool for solving some problems of run off integration shape and size as spatial categories in landscape ecological planning landep methods part iii

Kloss M. , 1985: Spatial structure of land management in the jorka river watershed poland

Galaktionov S.G., 1981: Spatial structure of luliberin

Demin V.V., 1988: Spatial structure of membrane proteins revealed by electron microscopy

Bazhenov A.V., 1984: Spatial structure of mountain populations of wood voles

Mikheev, A. V., 1978: Spatial structure of populations in birds

Syrek, D.; Janusz, B., 1977: Spatial structure of populations of spiders trochosa terricola 1856 and pardosa pullata

Mackin Rogalska R., 1982: Spatial structure of rodent populations co occurring in different crop fields

Panchenko T.M., 1987: Spatial structure of siberian dwarf pine elfin wood in phytocenoses of southern magadan oblast russian sfsr ussr

Cassaing J., 1988: Spatial structure of some populations of the west mediterranean mice mus musculus domesticus and mus spretus

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453093

Stebaev, I. V., 1976: Spatial structure of the animal population and bio geocenoses in flow geochemical series of landscapes

Akhverdieva G.A., 1986: Spatial structure of the gamma melanotropin molecule

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453096

Cloutier L., 1986: Spatial structure of the insect community of a small dimictic lake in the laurentians quebec canada

Piontkovskii S.A., 1985: Spatial structure of the planktonic fields and their connection with environmental physicochemical properties

Ivanitskii V.V., 1985: Spatial structure of the population territorial behavior and polygyny in the rock sparrows petronia petronia

Shilov, I. A.; Kaletskaya, M. L.; Ivashkina, I. N.; Soldatova, A. N., 1977: Spatial structure of the root vole microtus oeconomus populations in the darwinian state reservation ussr

Novifova L.A., 1981: Spatial structure of the watershed area of the central russian meadow steppe ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453102

Pechenev S.I., 1984: Spatial structure reproductive effectiveness and genetic heterogeneity of rock pigeon populations in an urban environment

Zaugol'nova L.B., 1982: Spatial structures and interrelationships of ceno populations in some steppe grasses

Mimura, M.; Murray, J. D., 1978: Spatial structures in a model substrate inhibition reaction diffusion system

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Murray, J. D., 1976: Spatial structures in predator prey communities a nonlinear time delay diffusional model

Simpson H.C., 1979: Spatial structures in predator prey communities with hereditary effects and diffusion

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453110

Heske E.J., 1987: Spatial structuring and dispersal in a high density population of the california vole microtus californicus

Lutzemberger L., 1986: Spatial summation across the vertical meridian in hemianopics a test of blindsight

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453127

Henry, G. H.; Goodwin, A. W.; Bishop, P. O., 1978: Spatial summation of responses in receptive fields of single cells in cat striate cortex

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Aminev, G. A.; Okuneva, N. P., 1976: Spatial synchronization of cortical potentials at different levels of the functioning of short term verbal memory

Baccus R., 1982: Spatial temporal and age dependent hetero zygosity of beta hemo globin in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus

Greenwood J.G., 1988: Spatial temporal and behavioral patterns in emergence of zooplankton in the lagoon of heron reef great barrier reef australia

Mel'nik T.A., 1985: Spatial temporal characteristics of horizontal and vertical distribution of zooplankton in the indian ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453138

Sinanoglu O., 1984: Spatial temporal dissipative structures arising in open reactive systems with a negative feedback loop

Lair, N., 1978: Spatial temporal distribution biomass and production of zoo planktonic populations from the lake of aydat france in the aestival period

Mordvinov E.F., 1981: Spatial temporal distribution of cat single electro encephalogram theta oscillations in biologically different situations

Gomez N., 1984: Spatial temporal distribution of closterium aciculare var subpronum desmidiaceae in embalse rio iii cordoba argentina

Serbinenko M.V., 1985: Spatial temporal distribution of electroencephalographic activity during verbal logical and visual image forming activity

Shoshmin A.V., 1984: Spatial temporal electroencephalogram characteristics of cat during formation of a delayed conditioned reflex before and after damage to the neocortex

Belousov L.V., 1984: Spatial temporal features of cell cycles in xenopus laevis embryos during gastrulation and neurulation

Rogowitz B.E., 1983: Spatial temporal interactions backward and forward meta contrast masking with sine wave gratings

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453147

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453148

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453149

Section 7 , Chapter 6454, Accession 006453150

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453151

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453152

Williams W.T., 1983: Spatial temporal scales of zoo planktonic assemblages in 3 areas of the north pacific a further analysis

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453161

Massey J.T., 1981: Spatial trajectories and reaction times of aimed movements effects of practice uncertainty and change in target location

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453173

Thompson S.D., 1982: Spatial utilization and foraging behavior of the desert wood rat neotoma lepida lepida

Skinner J.D., 1986: Spatial utilization of an enclosed area of the karoo south africa by springbok antidorcas marsupialis and merino sheep ovis aries during drought

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453192

Boettcher, J.; Strebel, O., 1988: Spatial variability of groundwater solute concentrations at the water table under arable land and coniferous forest part 1. methods for quantifying spatial variability geostatistics time series analysis fourier transform smoothing

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453210

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453275

Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453276

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Section 7, Chapter 6454, Accession 006453298

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