Spawning behavior eggs and larvae of the butterfly fish chaetodon nippon in an aquarium

Suzuki, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Hioki, S.

Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 26(4): 334-341


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5090
Accession: 006453444

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Spawning behavior and early life history of C. nippon Steindachner et Doderlein are described in detail from aquarium observations. The early life history of the present species is the 1st record among the family Chaetodontidae. Spawning of C. nippon occurs between multiple males and 1 female in the early hours of the night in March, Aug., Sept. and Oct. at water temperatures of C or higher. Fertilized eggs are buoyant, spherical and colorless and measure 0.70-0.74 mm in diameter and contain a single oil globule. Hatching takes place 28 h 10 min after fertilization at water temperatures of C. Newly hatched larvae measure 1.45-1.53 mm in total length and have a large ovoid yolk. An oil globule is situated at the rear of the yolk. Early larval stages of C. nippon are described for the 1st 3 days after hatching. The mode of reproduction and the characteristics of developing eggs and larval stages of this species are compared with those of allied fishes previously studied.