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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6455

Chapter 6455 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Almaca C., 1979:
Species and speciation of north african pseudophoxinus pisces cyprinidae

Foster D.R., 1988:
Species and stand response to catastrophic wind in central new england usa

Kawano S.; Nakao T.; Hiraga K., 1980:
Species and strain differences in the butylated hydroxy toluene producing induction of hepatic drug oxidation enzymes

Alt, J.M.; Maess, B.; Hackbarth, H., 1985:
Species and strain differences in urinary protein excretion

Jergil, B.; Sung, M.; Dixon, G.H., 1970:
Species and tissue specific patterns of phosphorylation of very lysine rich histones

Gillespie, J.S.; Muir, T.C., 1970:
Species and tissue variation in extraneuronal and neuronal accumulation of noradrenaline

Ellis J.J., 1985:
Species and varieties in the rhizopus arrhizus and rhizopus oryzae group as indicated by their dna complementarity

Golubev V.I., 1981:
Species and varieties of yeasts and yeast like organisms described by soviet scientists

Garcia Ciudad A.; Montalvo Hernandez M.I.; Garcia Criado B., 1984:
Species and variety differences in copper molybdenum and sulfate sulfur content in selected legumes

Lomolino M.V., 1982:
Species area and species distance relationships of terrestrial mammals in the thousand island region st lawrence river usa canada

East R., 1981:
Species area curves and populations of large mammals in african savanna reserves

Nagasawa S., 1987:
Species area relation for butterflies of the japanese archipelago lepidoptera

Rusterholz K.A.; Howe R.W., 1979:
Species area relations of birds on small islands in a minnesota lake usa

Newmark W.D., 1986:
Species area relationship and its determinants for mammals in western north american national parks

Reichholf J., 1980:
Species area relationship for breeding birds in central europe

Mcneill, J.; Cody, W.J., 1978:
Species area relationship for vascular plants of some st lawrence river islands

Dony, J.G., 1977:
Species area relationships in an area of intermediate size

Macgarvin M., 1982:
Species area relationships of insects on host plants herbivores on rosebay willow herb chamerion angustifolium

Stoddart D.R.; Fosberg F.R., 1982:
Species area relationships on small islands floristic data from belizean sand cays

Martin T.E., 1981:
Species area slopes and coefficients a caution on their interpretation

Bengtson S A., 1980:
Species assemblages and coexistence of faroe island denmark ground beetles coleoptera carabidae

Topp W.; Hansen K.; Brandl R., 1982:
Species assemblages of carrion inhabiting rove beetles coleoptera staphylinidae

Guillory V., 1979:
Species assemblages of fish in lake conway

Poysa H., 1984:
Species assembly in the dabbling duck anas spp guild in finland

Colvocoresses J.A.; Musick J.A., 1984:
Species associations and community composition of middle atlantic bight continental shelf demersal fishes

Wenner C.A., 1983:
Species associations and day night variability of trawl caught fishes from the inshore sponge coral habitat south atlantic bight

Hall T.J., 1982:
Species associations in a grassland on a heavy cracking clay soil in northwest queensland australia their structure soil associations and effects of flooding

Colloff M.J., 1988:
Species associations of oribatid mites in lichens on the island of ailsa craig firth of clyde uk acari cryptostigmata

Rottman, M., 1978:
Species associations of planktonic foraminifera and zoo plankton in the south china and java seas

Bianki V.L.; Filippova E.B., 1986:
Species asymmetry of learning to solve an extrapolation task in rats

Vandel, A., 1978:
Species belonging to the genus amerigoniscus crustacea isopoda oniscoidea

Muradian, Z., 1976:
Species belonging to the genus campylaspis cumacea nannastacidae collected from the western atlantic

Pace, R., 1983:
Species belonging to the genus geostiba collected by c. besuchet and collaborators in morocco the iberian peninsula and the balkan peninsula and in the middle east coleoptera staphylinidae

Hill, J.O.; Pavlik, E.J.; Smith, G.L.Iii ; Burghardt, G.M.; Coulson, P.B., 1976:
Species characteristic responses to catnip by undomesticated felids

Keay, G.; Doxey, D.L., 1982:
Species characteristics of serum proteins demonstrated after agarose gel electrophoresis

Karmanova, I.G.; Titkov, E.S.; Popova, D.I., 1976:
Species characteristics of the diurnal rhythm of motor activity and rest in black sea fish

Martens, P., 1976:
Species characteristics of the fecal pellets of 4 dominating copepod species of kiel bight

Yurisova, M.N., 1976:
Species characteristics of the hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system in susliks during hibernation

Wouters G.; Brandt J.; Berkvens D., 1987:
Species characterization of rhipicephalus appendiculatus and rhipicephalus zambeziensis ixioideae acarina by enzyme electrophoresis

Krisper G., 1987:
Species classification and distribution of the species zetorchestes in europe acari oribatida

Kingsbury, D.W., 1985:
Species classification problems in virus taxonomy

Hatch, G.E.; Slade, R.; Stead, A.G.; Graham, J.A., 1986:
Species comparison of acute inhalation toxicity of ozone and phosgene

Schanker, L.S.; Mitchell, E.W.; Brown, R.A., 1986:
Species comparison of drug absorption from the lung after aerosol inhalation or intratracheal injection

Chen S.; Weller M.A.; Barnhart M.I., 1982:
Species comparisons of broncho alveolar lavages from guinea pigs and rats exposed in vivo to diesel exhaust for 1 year

Feistel R., 1984:
Species competition and phenotypic change

Wilson S.D.; Keddy P.A., 1986:
Species competitive ability and position along a natural stress disturbance gradient

Elger D., 1986:
Species complex and resource requirements of symbovine dipterans in a pastureland in north germany

Pal, R., 1978:
Species complexes in the Simuliidae

Boerger H., 1981:
Species composition abundance and emergence phenology of midges diptera chironomidae in a brown water stream of west central alberta canada

Johnels S.A.; Cuadros T.C., 1986:
Species composition and abundance of bird fauna in a disturbed forest in the central andes of colombia

Gerber R.P., 1981:
Species composition and abundance of lagoon zoo plankton at eniwetok atoll marshall islands west pacific ocean

Oleksiv I.T., 1985:
Species composition and abundance of planktonic infusoria in ponds

Horner R.; Murphy D., 1985:
Species composition and abundance of zooplankton in the nearshore beaufort sea in winter spring

Koleshko O.I.; Makeenok N.P., 1980:
Species composition and ammonifying activity of heterotrophic bacteria of reclaimed soils

Cherkashin, V.I., 1976:
Species composition and annual cycle of zoo plankton development in lake num to

Kies L.; Dworsky N., 1982:
Species composition and biomass of floating and dried algal mats in shallow ponds from the vicinity of pevestorf district of luechow dannenberg lower saxony west germany

Wile I.; Miller G.E.; Hitchin G.G.; Yan N.D., 1985:
Species composition and biomass of the macrophyte vegetation of one acidified and two acid sensitive lakes in ontario canada

Braverman Y.; Phelps R.J., 1981:
Species composition and blood meal identification in samples of culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae collected near salisbury zimbabwe in 1976 1977

Johnson C.G.; Crosskey R.W.; Davies J.B., 1982:
Species composition and cyclical changes in numbers of savanna black flies diptera simuliidae caught by suction traps in the onchocerciasis control program area of west africa

Mukanov S.M.; Shumikhin V.V., 1987:
Species composition and density of blood sucking mosquitoes diptera culicidae found in the suburbs of the town of ustinov in udmurt ssr russian sfsr ussr

Haiova V.P., 1985:
Species composition and developmental features of cytospora fungi on fruit crops

Chavtur, V.G., 1978:
Species composition and distribution characteristics of ostracods ostracoda myodocopa in the central part of the arctic basin

Simon J.E.; Campana S.E., 1987:
Species composition and distribution in inshore waters of southern nova scotia canada results of exploratory trawl surveys

Emelina S.V., 1981:
Species composition and distribution of caddis flies trichoptera of the head of the volga delta russian sfsr ussr

Mazelaitis I.V., 1986:
Species composition and distribution of myxomycetes in some regions of the lithuanian ssr ussr in 1984

Yunher V.P., 1985:
Species composition and distribution of oedogoniales algae in the ukrainian polesye ussr

Lapteva N.A., 1984:
Species composition and distribution of oligocarbophilic bacteria in karst lakes

Zgurovskaya, L.N., 1978:
Species composition and distribution of planktonic algae in benthic sediments of the black sea

Bairyamova V.K., 1985:
Species composition and distribution of representatives of family cixiidae homoptera auchenorrhyncha in bulgaria

Thompson, M.J., 1978:
Species composition and distribution of seagrass beds in the indian river lagoon florida

Bengtson, S.A.; Nilsson, A.; Nordstrom, S.; Rundgren, S.; Hauge, E., 1976:
Species composition and distribution of spiders araneae in iceland

Ladygina, N.M., 1977:
Species composition and distribution of stem nematodes in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Kostadinov A., 1985:
Species composition and distribution of the nematodes from genus xiphinema nematoda longidoridae on vines in algeria

Lee S C., 1979:
Species composition and distribution of the taiwan ribbonfishes

Volovnik S.V., 1984:
Species composition and distribution of the weevil coleoptera curculionidae cleoninae in the steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Mavuti K.M.; Litterick M.R., 1981:
Species composition and distribution of zoo plankton in a tropical lake lake naivasha kenya

Mader H J.; Muehlenberg M., 1981:
Species composition and distribution with natural resources of a little habitat island exemplified by the carabid population

Davis J.R., 1980 :
Species composition and diversity of benthic macro invertebrate populations of the pecos river texas usa

Wilhm, J.; Namminga, H.; Ferraris, C., 1978:
Species composition and diversity of benthic macro invertebrates in greasy creek red rock creek and the arkansas river

Davis J.R., 1980:
Species composition and diversity of benthic macro invertebrates in the upper rio grande texas usa

Davis J.R., 1980:
Species composition and diversity of benthic macro invertebrates of lower devils river texas usa

Merickel F.W.; Wangberg J.K., 1981:
Species composition and diversity of macro invertebrates in 2 playa lakes on the southern high plains texas usa

Pfiester L.A.; Lynch R.; Wright T.L., 1979:
Species composition and diversity of periphyton in the grand river dam area mayes county oklahoma usa

Pfiester L.A.; Lynch R.; Wright T.L., 1980:
Species composition and diversity of phyto plankton in the grand river dam area oklahoma usa

Krivosheeva, L.I., 1975:
Species composition and dynamic of development of phyto plankton in growing ponds of novosibirsk spawning rearing farms russian sfsr ussr

Miseiko G.N., 1982:
Species composition and dynamics of the zoo benthos of lake chany russian sfsr ussr

Rtishcheva A.I.; Makeev A.M.; Laryushkina T.I., 1980:
Species composition and ecological biochemical features of micromycetes found on rosaceae species in the galichya gora preserve lipetsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Bodrova-Yu, D., 1978:
Species composition and ecological characteristics of black flies simuliidae in the construction region of the baikal amur ussr railway

Kirpichnikova, V.A., 1978:
Species composition and ecology of horse flies diptera tabanidae in the main forest formations of the central sikhote alin mountain range russian sfsr ussr

Steklova M., 1983:
Species composition and food plants of subfamily apioninae coleoptera curculionidae in jursky sur

Verem'eva S.S., 1986:
Species composition and fruit bearing dynamics of food macromycetes in forest biogeocenoses in southern taiga

Hiraishi A.; Horie S., 1982:
Species composition and growth temperature characteristics of coliforms in relation to their sources

Seip D.R.; Bunnell F.L., 1985:
Species composition and herbage production of mountain rangelands in northern british columbia canada

Muzinic R., 1979:
Species composition and length characteristics in mixed species catches of pelagic fishes in the adriatic

Ziroyan A.N.; Manakyan V.A.; Voskanyan V.E., 1980:
Species composition and mass of mosses in fundamental associations of mount aragatz ussr

Petrova K., 1987:
Species composition and morphology of nematodes from the genus amidostomum railliet et henry 1909 strongylata amidostomatidae in bulgaria

Dockova B.K.; Atanasov N.; Vasileva E.I., 1987:
Species composition and number of the wild bees hymenoptera apoidea pollinating forage plants from the region of pleven bulgaria

Hegewald H B., 1982:
Species composition and nutrient content of weeds in maize 1977

Buntin G.D., 1988:
Species composition and phenology of leafhoppers homoptera cicadellidae and planthoppers homoptera delphacidae in bermudagrass forage

Lubyanskene V.N.; Yankyavichyus K.K., 1979:
Species composition and physiological biochemical activity of microorganisms of pond waters and the digestive tract of carp grass carp and tench living in them

Dagar J.C., 1987:
Species composition and plant biomass of an ungrazed and a grazed grassland at ujjain india

Koyumdzhieva M.I.; Angelkova E.B., 1985:
Species composition and population dynamics of mites gamasina mesostigmata and acaridae astigmata in a dunghill

Zhivoglyad A.F.; Krivonosov G.A., 1982:
Species composition and productivity of charophyta at the lower reaches of the volga delta russian sfsr ussr and the northern caspian

Markina, N.P.; Vishnyakova, O.V., 1977:
Species composition and quantitative distribution of net phyto plankton in the great australian bight

Vigg S., 1981:
Species composition and relative abundance of adult fish in pyramid lake nevada usa

Thursby G.B.; Davis J.S., 1984:
Species composition and relative abundance of attached diatoms and other algae in the coastal waters adjacent to seahorse key florida usa

Misitano, D.A., 1977:
Species composition and relative abundance of larval and post larval fishes in the columbia river estuary washington usa 1973

Rana B.D., 1985:
Species composition and relative abundance of small mammal population in desert grassland ecosystem

Advani R., 1982:
Species composition and relative abundance of small mammal populations in the house complexes in the indian desert

Shubeck P.P.; Downie N.M.; Wenzel R.L.; Peck S.B., 1981:
Species composition and seasonal abundance of carrion beetles in an oak beech forest in the great swamp national wildlife refuge new jersey usa

Jones D.B.; Cherry R.H., 1986:
Species composition and seasonal abundance of stink bugs heteroptera pentatomidae in southern florida usa rice

Kalas J.A., 1985:
Species composition and seasonal activity patterns of carabidae coleoptera in a small deciduous forest in western norway

Aminova, D.G.; Gal'tsova, V.V., 1978:
Species composition and seasonal distribution of free living nematodes in the chupa inlet of the white sea

Robertson S.H.; Sanders D.P., 1979:
Species composition and seasonal distribution of the dipterous fauna inhabiting swine confinement housing in west texas usa

Piirsoo K., 1986:
Species composition and seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in matsalu bay estonian ssr ussr

Saifullah, S.M.; Moazzam, M., 1978 :
Species composition and seasonal occurrence of centric diatoms in a polluted marine environment

Lowe, G.C.J. ; Cox, E.R., 1978:
Species composition and seasonal periodicity of the marine benthic algae of galveston island texas usa

Cooper J.J.; Vigg S., 1985:
Species composition and seasonal succession of the zooplankton community of eutrophic lahontan reservoir nevada usa

Huh S H., 1986:
Species composition and seasonal variations in abundance of fishes in eelgrass meadows

Louw S., 1987:
Species composition and seasonality of pitfall trapped coleoptera at a site in the central orange free state south africa

Poysa H., 1986:
Species composition and size of dabbling duck anas spp feeding groups are foraging interactions important determinants

Kvasnykov-Ye, I.; Kotlyar, A.N.; Vasyl'yeva, Z.A., 1976:
Species composition and some aspects of the physiology of bacteria isolated in sugar production

Zhdanova N.N.; Redchits T.I.; Vasilevskaya A.I., 1986:
Species composition and sorption properties of deuteromycetes in soils polluted by industrial waste waters

Anyushin V.V., 1985:
Species composition and spatial distribution of herpetobiontic beetles coleoptera carabidae tenebrionidae in lentochnye pine forests of central siberia russian sfsr ussr

Busing R.T.; Clebsch E.E.C., 1983:
Species composition and species richness in 1st year old fields responses to season of soil disturbance

Mensaveta P.; Wongratana T.; Chaitanawisuti N.; Rungsupa S., 1986:
Species composition and standing crop of coral reef fishes in the sichang islands gulf of thailand

Ballesteros E., 1988:
Species composition and structure of infralittoral corallina elongata community on the costa brava northwestern mediterranean

Ishankuliev M., 1980:
Species composition and structure of the calligonum community of the eastern kara kum ussr

Gutowski J.M., 1986:
Species composition and structure of the communities of longhorn beetles coleoptera cerambycidae in virgin and managed stands of tilio carpinetum stachyetosum association in the bialowieza forest northeast poland

Sinev S.Yu, 1981:
Species composition and systematic position of the genus trachydora lepidoptera momphidae

Lapteva N.A., 1984:
Species composition and the number of oligocarbophilic bacteria in lake sevan armenian ssr ussr

Tokranov A.M., 1987:
Species composition and the peculiarities of distribution of agonidae pisces in the kamchatka littoral waters russian sfsr ussr

Nikitskii, N.B., 1978:
Species composition and trophic groups of predatory and main bark beetle associated insects in the northwestern caucasus ussr

Tanaka J.; Chihara M., 1987:
Species composition and vertical distribution of macroalgae in brackish waters of japanese mangrove forests

Dzhurtubaev, M.M., 1977 :
Species composition and vertical distribution of psammophilic infusorians in odessa bay

Permitin-Yu, E., 1977:
Species composition and zoo geographic analysis of benthic fish fauna of the scotia sea

Hicks, G.R.F., 1977:
Species composition and zoo geography of marine phytal harpacticoid copepods from cook strait and their contribution to total phytal meio fauna

Steubing L.; Ramirez C.; Alberdi M., 1979:
Species composition available light and energy content of the herb strata of the valdivian rain forest near st martin southern chile

Veselov, A.Ya, 1976:
Species composition biological properties and antibiotic sensitivity of microbes isolated from patients with surgical infections

Domingos D.J.; Cavenaghi T.M.C.M.; Gontijo T.A.; Drumond M.A.; Carvalho R.C.F.D., 1986:
Species composition density and biological aspects of the fauna of termites from the cerrado of sete lagoas brazil

Parsons W.F.J.; Parkinson D., 1986:
Species composition distribution and abundance of collembola colonizing reclaimed mine spoil in alberta canada

Maciorowski, A.F.; Benfield, E.F.; Hendricks, A.C., 1977:
Species composition distribution and abundance of oligochaetes in the kanawha river west virginia usa

Bubinas A.D., 1985:
Species composition distribution and biomass of zoomacrobenthos in the baltic sea in 1981

Brotherson J.D., 1983:
Species composition distribution and phytosociology of kalsow prairie a mesic tall grass prairie in iowa usa

Wilhm, J.; Cooper, J.; Namminga, H., 1978:
Species composition diversity biomass and chlorophyll of periphyton in greasy creek red rock creek and the arkansas river oklahoma usa

Gaevskaya A.V.; Shukhgalter O.A., 1984:
Species composition ecological geographic features and formation of the acanthocephalan fauna of the north and east atlantic

Advani R., 1982:
Species composition habitat preference and relative occurrence of chiroptera populations in south gujarat india with comparison of 2 major biomes

Staines C.L.Jr; Malan S.C.; Williams G.L.; Shea T.L.Jr, 1984:
Species composition in a guild of overwintering rhyacionia spp lepidoptera tortricidae olethreutinae populations in maryland usa

Georgiev D., 1986:
Species composition morphology and some cultural properties of the causative agents of tracheomycosis in the sessile and pedunculate oak in southern bulgaria

Ionaitis, V.P.; Aliev, A.A., 1982:
Species composition number distribution and certain phenological features of ichneumonid fauna of the subfamily gelinae in the azerbaijan ssr ussr 1. the tribe gelini

Ionaitis, V.P.; Aliev, A.A., 1983:
Species composition number distribution and certain phenological features of the fauna of ichneumonids belonging to the subfamily gelinae in the azerbaijan ssr ussr 3. the tribe mesostenini

Mazheikaite S.I., 1982:
Species composition numbers and biomass of planktonic protozoans in the cooling reservoir of the lithuanian state regional electric power plant ussr

Vorob'eva T.I.; Medvedeva S.E., 1981:
Species composition of a luminescent bacteria collection

Simeonov S.Ya, 1985:
Species composition of algae in the water collectors in the poda area near burgas bulgaria

Salit A.M.; Salih N.E., 1987:
Species composition of asynanthropic and hemisynanthropic flies in northern iraq

Egorova, S.V.; Stepanova, M.F., 1976:
Species composition of bacterial flora of oak and ash rhizospheres

Colijn F.; Dijkema K.S., 1981:
Species composition of benthic diatoms and distribution of chlorophyll a on an inter tidal flat in the dutch wadden sea the netherlands

Blake, J.G.; Karr, J.R., 1984:
Species composition of bird communities and the conservation benefit of a large vs. small forests

Shcherbinina, O.Kh, 1976:
Species composition of bird mites in the turkmen ssr ussr

Annaeva E.Ch, 1986:
Species composition of birds in the middle course of the amu darya turkmen ssr ussr

Sheremet, V.P.; Chernogorenko, E.B., 1976:
Species composition of blood sucking mosquitoes diptera culicidae of the kiev oblast ussr and adjacent territories

Kalynychenko R.A., 1987:
Species composition of blue green algae of the periphyton in the cooling reservoir of the chernobyl atomic power station ukrainian ssr ussr

Borets L.A., 1985:
Species composition of bottom fishes on the shelf of the sea of okhotsk russian sfsr ussr

Kubanin, A.A., 1977:
Species composition of bryozoa in fouling communities of ships with different cruising duties

Berezin M.V.; Berezina N.V.; Zakhvatkin Y.A., 1987:
Species composition of bumble bees as clover pollinators on the training and experimentation farm mikhailovskoe

Kubota S., 1981:
Species composition of catch by set net fishery on the sanriku joban coast japan

Musych, O.H., 1977:
Species composition of cellulolytic fungi in phytocenoses of the ukrainian national steppe reservation ussr

Pavlova, M.V.; Belyanina, S.I., 1977:
Species composition of chironomids in lake issyk kul

Minoranskii, V.A.; Ponomarenko, A.V., 1978:
Species composition of click beetles elateridae in the rostov oblast russian sfsr ussr

Kuz'minskii S.N.; Znamenskii V.A.; Chaikovskaya V.L.; Teslenko V.P.; Alekseeva M.S., 1981:
Species composition of coagulase negative staphylococci of clinical origin

Musaev M.A.; Mamedova M.A., 1980:
Species composition of coccidia in sheep of the kuba khachmas zone azerbaijan ssr ussr

Glagolev S.M., 1986:
Species composition of daphnia in lake glubokoe ussr with notes on the taxonomy and geographical distribution of some species

Nakasone Y.; Tsuchiya M.; Manthachitra V.; Nishihira M., 1986:
Species composition of decapod crustaceans associated with living corals in the gulf of thailand

Lopez J.D.Jr; Jones S.L., 1985:
Species composition of egg parasites of heliothis spp in different cotton growing areas of texas usa

Aho J.; Ranta E.; Vuorinen J., 1981:
Species composition of fresh water snail communities in lakes of southern and western finland

Abishev, B.A.; Khodzhaniyazov, T.K.; Abiev, S.A., 1986:
Species composition of fungal diseases in cereals of dzhuvalinskii raion dzhambul oblast kazakh ssr ussr

Popushoi, I.S.; Grinberg-Sh, M.; Prostakova-Zh, G.; Kogan, E.D.; Khripunova, E.F., 1976:
Species composition of fungi in root rots of winter wheat during the tillering phase

Novobranova T.I., 1985:
Species composition of fungi on apples stored in controlled atmosphere

Ur, I.I., 1976:
Species composition of fungi on fruit crops in the north ossetian assr ussr

Ilieva E.; Mladenova M.; Ali A.Z., 1980:
Species composition of fusariosis on glasshouse cucumbers

Dzhamalov T.D.; Achilova Sh; Runov V.I., 1980:
Species composition of gas condensate oxidizing yeasts

Pinchuk V.I.; Savchuk M.Ya, 1982:
Species composition of gobies of the genus pomatoschistus gobiidae from the soviet seas

Ismahulova A.Zh, 1986:
Species composition of green algae in the lakes of kokchetav oblast kazakh ssr ussr

Lapteva, N.A., 1977:
Species composition of heterotrophic bacteria in the water of the rybinsk reservoir

Gordina, A.D., 1986:
Species composition of ichthyoplankton in 7 areas of the eastern central atlantic in jan. april 1981

Vas'kov E.L., 1981:
Species composition of insects potential hosts of scleroderma turcmenica

Osmolovskii, G.E.; Zhemchuzhina, A.A., 1977:
Species composition of leaf eating dendrophilous insects potential pests of fruit orchards in the leningrad oblast ussr

Ul'yanova, T.N., 1985:
Species composition of main weed plants in the flora of the soviet far east

Nozhevnikova A.N.; Zhilina T.N.; Sokolova T.G., 1988:
Species composition of methanogenic bacteria in fermented cattle manure

Jonova I.; Monov G.; Kaloyanov J.; Petkov R.; Gogov J.; Nikolova G., 1985:
Species composition of microflora concomitant to bacterial protein production

Vorgetts J.Jr; Ezell W.B.Jr; Campbell J.D., 1980:
Species composition of mosquitoes produced in dredged material wildlife management and natural salt marsh habitats of the south carolina usa coast

Kogan I.B.; Monakhova E.V.; Fedorenko G.M., 1980:
Species composition of mycococcus

Koval, E.Z.; Berehova, V.I., 1978 :
Species composition of mycophilous fungi from the ukrainian ssr ussr

Hokyo, N.; Otake, A.; Okada, T., 1977:
Species composition of nephotettix hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae in west malaysia and indonesia

Priddle J., 1985:
Species composition of net phytoplankton from drake passage bransfield strait and scotia sea during summer 1982

Aliev S.N.; Salmanov M.A., 1983:
Species composition of oil oxidizing and phenol destroying bacteria in the water of the kura river and ciskura area of the caspian sea ussr

Solhoy, T., 1976:
Species composition of oribatei acari on oceanic mountain ground in western norway

Trifonova, I.S.; Martynova, V.I., 1977:
Species composition of phyto plankton from different types of lakes in the central karelian isthmus ussr

Skalska T., 1982:
Species composition of phyto plankton in the rybnik reservoir poland

Shevchenko A.K.; Steblyuk M.V.; Popovich A.P., 1987:
Species composition of phytoplankton and its consumption in breeding places of blood sucking mosquitoes

Taira M.; Hogetsu K., 1987:
Species composition of phytoplankton and zooplankton communities in fertilized and non fertilized paddy fields

Nebrat A.A., 1980:
Species composition of planktonic infusoria in the kiev and kremenchug reservoirs ukrainian ssr ussr

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Species composition of spore bacterial flora of mosquito larvae from natural bodies of water in the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Species composition of sublittoral algae in the region of the kanin peninsula ussr

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Species composition of the all union research institute of plant growing ussr collection and its use in breeding

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Species composition of the family astronesthidae salmoniformes in the northwestern part of the pacific ocean off the ussr

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Species composition of the genus metastrongylus a lung parasite of pigs and wild boars in the ussr

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Species composition of the genus paragonimus and the causative agents of human paragonimiasis

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Species composition of the ichthyofauna in the freshwater bodies of water in northwestern sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

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Species composition of the reef fishes at honmura bay of kuchierabu island japan

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Species composition of the tachinid fauna tachinidae diptera in the vicinity of zemplinska sirava

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Species composition of trawler landings at sassoon dock bombay india during 1971

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Species composition of zoo periphyton in the cooling reservoir of the chernobyl nuclear power plant ukrainian ssr ussr

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Species composition of zooplankton in 2 kumaun himalayan lakes uttar pradesh india

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Species composition of zooplankton in surface waters near the upper silesia poland in the aspect of water quality

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Species composition relative abundance and association of chiroptera fauna with different rainfall zones in the indian desert

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Species composition temporal abundance and community structure of zooplankton in lake sattal uttar pradesh india

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Species composition trophic relationships and zoo geographic characteristics of looper moths geometridae lepidoptera in the trostyanets reserve

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Species concept and taxonomic principles

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Species concept in anthracoidea ustilaginales and some new species

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Species concept in coccal green algae

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Species concept in the genus cyphellopsis 1. characterization of 2 well deviating specimens

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Species containing diosgenin in tissue culture in vitro i. effect of culture conditions on trigonella foenum graecum l. tissue growth as well as on diosgenin content

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Species criteria in anguispira anguispira pulmonata discidae

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Species criteria the ecological criterion

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Species cum provenance trial of eucalyptus in punjab india

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Species delimitation in corticiaceae basidiomycetes

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Species delimitation within the crinum ornatum group amaryllidaceae in east africa

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Species delimitation within the green algal genus dicranochaete

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Species density and taxonomic diversity of texas usa amphibians and reptiles

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Species dependence of the major late promoter in adenovirus type 12 DNA

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Species dependent and age dependent changes in the relative amounts of cardiac myosin iso enzymes in mammals

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Species dependent antigenicity of the 34 kda glycoprotein found on the membrane of various primate lymphocytes transformed by human t cell leukemia virus type i htlv i and simian t cell leukemia virus stlv i

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Species dependent relaxation of intrapulmonary arteries of rabbits dogs and humans by prostacyclin

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Species dependent variables in blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier function for proteins

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Species described within the genus depressaria by matsumura lepidoptera

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Species determination by multi variate analysis of measurements from the skulls of historic specimens of gray kangaroos attributed to macropus fuliginosus fuliginosus from kangaroo island south australia

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Species determination of human hookworm using the poly ethylene tube culture technique in selected areas in the philippines

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Species difference and changes in the physical properties of fish muscle as freshness decreases

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Species difference and characterization of intestinal esterase on the hydrolyzing activity of ester type drugs

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Species difference between mice and rats in expiratory excretion of carbon tetrachloride and its metabolites

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Species difference in circadian carbon 14 labeled 2 deoxy glucose uptake by suprachiasmatic nuclei

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Species difference in glutathione level and glutathione related enzyme activities in rats, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters

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Species difference in increased vascular permeability by synthetic leukotriene c 4 and leukotriene d 4

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Species difference in metabolism of parathion apparent inability of hepato pancreas fractions to produce paraoxon

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Species difference in myo cardial response to actodigin correlation with inhibition of myo cardial sodium potassium atpase

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Species difference in temperature dependence of cardiac sodium potassium atpase activity

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Species difference in the metabolism of l 5 hydroxy tryptophan and 5 hydroxy tryptamine in mice rats dogs and monkeys

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Species difference in the structure of urinary 2 hydroxy estrone glucuronide

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Species difference of 2r 4r 2 o hydroxyphenyl 3 3 mercaptopropionyl 4 thiazolidinecarboxylic acid in inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme

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Species difference of glucagon like materials in the brain

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Species differences among forest ants in appearance mode of life organization behavior nest and street structure ecology and preparation

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Species differences between rat and rabbit renal sodium proton exchangers

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Species differences between tetranychus cucurbitacearum and tetranychus arabicus in response to rearing humidity

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Species differences in blood serum reserves for cholesterol solubilization

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Species differences in cardiac energetics

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Species differences in catecholamine uptake and storage cyclic amp levels and adenylate cyclase activity in heart muscle

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Species differences in decompression

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Species differences in histamine receptors in the seminal vesicle

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Species differences in l leucine amino peptidase ec activity during tooth formation in the macaque monkey and rat

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Species differences in mechanisms of d xylose absorption by the small intestine

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Species differences in monoamine oxidase a and monoamine oxidase b ec as revealed by sensitivity to trypsin

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Species differences in sodium potassium atpase activity in the smooth muscle of the guinea pig and rat vas deferens

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Species differences in steroidogenesis following the in vitro incubation of de capsulated testes

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Species differences in stimulation of intestinal and hepatic microsomal mixed function oxidase enzymes

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Species differences in susceptibilities of proteeae species to 6 cephalosporins and 3 amino glycosides

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Species differences in temporal control of behavior

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Species differences in temporal control of behavior part 2 human performance

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Species differences in the ability of isolated epiphyseal chondrocytes to hypertrophy after transplantation into the wall of the Syrian hamster cheek pouch

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Species differences in the angiotensin converting enzyme activity of mammalian serum

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Species differences in the aromatization of quinic acid in vivo and the role of gut bacteria

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Species differences in the behavior correlates of hippocampal rhythmic slow activity

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Species differences in the behavioral toxicity produced by intrathecal substance p antagonists relationships to analgesia

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Species differences in the binding of tritiated nitrobenzylthioinosine to the nucleoside transport system in mammalian central nervous system membranes evidence for interconvertible conformations of the binding site transporter complex

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Species differences in the brain regional distribution of receptor binding for trh

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Species differences in the choleretic response to bile salts

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Species differences in the conjugation 4 hydroxy 3 methoxyphenyl ethanol with glucuronic acid and sulfuric acid

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Species differences in the cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of 2 acetylaminofluorene and its primary metabolites 2 aminofluorene and n hydroxy 2 acetylaminofluorene

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Species differences in the deamination of dopamine and other substrates for mono amine oxidase in brain

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Species differences in the disposition and metabolism of camazepam

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Species differences in the disposition and metabolism of sulfinpyrazone

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Species differences in the effect of isoproterenol and pindolol on renin release in vitro

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Species differences in the effects of 1 1 di 4 chlorophenyl 2 chloro ethylene and 1 1 di 4 chlorophenyl 2 3 dichloro ethylene on glutathione levels in isolated hepatocytes from japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica and rat

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Species differences in the handling of lysosomotropic metals and Triton WR 1339 by rat and Chinese hamster liver

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Species differences in the hemorrhagic response to butylated hydroxy toluene

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Species differences in the hepatic microsomal oxidation of nalidixic acid

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Species differences in the hydrolysis of meperidine and its inhibition by organophosphate compounds

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Species differences in the in vitro metabolism of methapyrilene

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Species differences in the in vitro metabolism of phencyclidine

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Species differences in the induction of microsomal hemo proteins and 3 4 benzpyrene hydroxylase by pheno barbital and 3 methyl cholanthrene

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Species differences in the inhibitory effect of ouabain on high potassium induced contraction in the ileal longitudinal muscle

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Species differences in the interaction of serum albumin with certain antibiotics

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Species differences in the intra retinal electro retinogram within the leopard frog complex

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Species differences in the kinetics and metabolism of fenfluramine isomers

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Species differences in the metabolic c oxidation and n oxidation and n methylation of carbon 14 labeled pyridine in vivo

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Species differences in the metabolism of hycanthone

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Species differences in the metabolism of suprofen in laboratory animals and man

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Species differences in the muscarinic receptors of thoracic aorta

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Species differences in the sensitivity to a gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist

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Species differences in the sensitivity to the anti testicular effects of 1 n acetyl d 2 naphthylalanine 2 4 fluoro d phenylalanine 3 d tryptophan 6 d arginine lhrh a potent lhrh antagonist

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Species differences in the stereoselective hydrolysis of esmolol by blood esterases

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Species differences in the toxicity of p chloro o toluidine to rats and mice covalent binding to hepatic macromolecules and hepatic non parenchymal cell dna and an investigation of effects upon the incorporation of tritiated thymidine into capillary endothelial cells

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Species differences in uptake and distribution of fluorine 18

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Species differences in vascular connections between the adrenal and the kidney in the monkey, human and dog

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Species differences of galactose metabolism in erythrocytes

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Species differences of kinetic catalase activity of intact and hemolyzed erythrocytes

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Species differences of mixed function oxidase induction between rabbits and rats after pre treatment with poly chlorinated bi phenyls

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Species differences of the hepatic uptake of bile acids

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Species differences related to hepatomegaly and hypo lipidemic activity of bis 4 chlorophenoxyacetyl urea egypt 1299

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Species differentiation in Caenorhabditis briggsae and Caenorhabditis elegans

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Species differentiation in javanese mucuna spp with particular reference to seedling morphology

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Species differentiation in solanum section petota 11. genomic relationships between solanum acaule and certain di ploid commersoniana species

Matsubayashi, M., 1983:
Species differentiation in solanum section petota 12. intra series and inter series genomic relationships in di ploid commersoniana and tuberosa species

Matsubayashi, M., 1984:
Species differentiation in solanum section petota 13. meiotic behavior of a hepta ploid hybrid from solanum acaule x solanum demissum and its bearing on the genomic relationship between the parent species

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Species differentiation in the genus Leishmania by morphometric studies with the electron microscope

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Species differentiation of the glochidia of anodonta cataracta and anodonta implicata mollusca unionidae by scanning electron microscopy

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Species discrimination between hybridizing and non hybridizing terrestrial salamanders

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Species discrimination in infant pigtail macaques macaca nemestrina with pictorial stimuli

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Species dispersion profiles of anthropogenic grasslands in the italian eastern pre alps

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Species distinction in potentilla pollen type rosaceae of northwestern europe

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Species distinctiveness and variability of acoustic calling signals in the planthopper genus javesella homoptera delphacidae

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Species distinctiveness of long billed dowitcher limnodromus scolopaceus song aves scolopacidae

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Species distribution and abundance of culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae in nigeria

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Species distribution and antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria isolated preoperatively and postoperatively from patients undergoing transurethral prostatic resection

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Species distribution and antibiotic sensitivity pattern of urinary tract bacteria in hospitalized patients in norway

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Species distribution and community organization in a nebraska usa sandhills mixed prairie as influenced by plant soil water relationships

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Species distribution and sampling tree density a preliminary investigation using quadrats in a tropical high forest

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Species distribution of the genus helichrysum family asteraceae in caucasia and the crimea oblast ussr

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Species distribution of the genus quadraceps mallophaga philopteridae on new zealand endemic plovers

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Species distribution of trombiculid mites on murine rodents in Rangoon, Burma

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Species diversity and abundance of dacus diptera tephritidae in 5 ecosystems of penang west malaysia

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Species diversity and community organization in desert seed eating ants

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Species diversity and community structure in bryophytes new york state usa studies

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Species diversity and comparative ecology of the falconiformes of tropical forests on 3 continents

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Species diversity and distribution of scolytidae along the forest boundary in a forest savanna mosaic belt of the ivory coast

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Species diversity and distributional relationships of pseudoscorpions from slash pine pinus elliottii in florida usa arachnida pseudoscorpionida

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Species diversity and dominance of the avi fauna in different types of human settlement

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Species diversity and gene conservation in indian tree species in relation to forestry

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Species diversity and necromass of wrack at niebla valdivia chile

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Species diversity and primary productivity in miscanthus sinensis grasslands 1. diversity in relation to stand structure and dominance

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Species diversity and reproductive mechanisms in jamaican trees

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Species diversity and seasonal abundance in charaxes butterflies nymphalidae in a garden in northern nigeria

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Species diversity and seasonal abundance of spider in latifoliate tree stand

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Species diversity and size ranges of cephalopods in the diet of jackass penguins spheniscus demersus from algoa bay south africa

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Species diversity and species co occurrence in tropical forests habitat use by a guild of insectivorous birds in french guiana

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Species diversity and the quantitative role of chironomidae in the zoobenthos of lake peipus estonian ssr ussr

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Species diversity and the systematics of some new world leaf litter thysanoptera phlaeothripinae glyptothripini

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Species diversity at wet tropical environment i. polymorphic variation and population structure of schismatoglottis lancifolia in west sumatra indonesia

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Species diversity at wet tropical environments ii speciation of schismatoglottis okadae araceae an adaptation to the rheophytic habitat of mountain stream in sumatra indonesia

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Species diversity concept measurement and response to clear cutting and site preparation

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Species diversity in aquatic micro ecosystems

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Species diversity in net diatom plankton of some lakes of prairie deciduous forest and coniferous deciduous forest regions of central north america

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Species diversity in the phanerozoic species area effects

Eloranta, P., 1976:
Species diversity in the phyto plankton of some finnish lakes

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Species diversity in young douglas fir plantations compared to old growth

Erard C., 1986:
Species diversity of 2 populations of equatorial forest birds comparison of gabon and guiana

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Species diversity of algal floral in vishwamitri river baroda india

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Species diversity of aquatic hyphomycetes in four austrian streams

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Species diversity of benthic diatoms in a lotic environment

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Species diversity of chydorid fossil communities in the mississippi usa valley chydorus sphaericus

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Species diversity of deep sea benthic foraminifera from the central arctic ocean

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Species diversity of filaria of the genus waltonella coexisting in bufo marinus

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Species diversity of finnish birds part 2 biotopes at the transition between taiga and tundra

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Species diversity of helminth parasites in chrysemys scripta scripta from a variety of habitats in south carolina usa

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Species diversity of ichneumonidae and serphidae hymenoptera in an english uk suburban garden

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Species diversity of littoral zone fishes along a phosphorus production gradient in lake memphremagog quebec canada vermont usa

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Species diversity of parasites on the great barrier reef

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Species diversity of periphyton as an index of pollution of river ganga india

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Species diversity of phytophagous hemipterans in relation to the vegetation composition of karachi university pakistan

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Species diversity of plant communities of native taiga spruce picea abies forests

Danin, A., 1978:
Species diversity of semi shrub xerohalophyte communities in the judean desert of israel

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Species diversity of some larval chironomidae diptera communities in 2 rivers

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Species diversity patterns in some middle ordovician communities from california nevada usa

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Species dominance by brook trout salvelinus fontinalis and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in a simulated stream environment

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Species dominance in chromosome elimination in barley hordeum hybrids

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Species dynamics in mycophagous thrips of the oriental region thysanoptera

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Species energy theory an extension of species area theory

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Species existing in aqueous solution in the copper ii pyridine acetate system and their relation to the proposed biological activity

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Species group of spiny rats genus proechimys rodentia echimyidae

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Species groups in the genus ehrharta poaceae in southern africa

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Species groups within the australo papuan hylid frog genus litoria

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Species habitat relationships in an oregon usa cold desert lizard community

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Species heterogeneity in macrophage expression of the CD4 antigen

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Species heterogeneity of pineal hydroxy indole o methyl transferase ec

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Species hybridization of anagallis arvensis and anagallis foemina and genesis of the section anagallis

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Species identification and age classification of the jaws of some common indian ungulates near mudumalai wildlife sanctuary

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Species identification and antibiotic sensitivity of coagulase negative staphylococci from continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis peritonitis

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Species identification and genome mapping of cytoplasmic adenovirus type 2 rna synthesized late in infection

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Species identification and microscopic structure of wood artifacts excavated from the remains of sainotoge and nishikawatsu

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Species identification cards of northwestern africa order scorpaeniformes family scorpaenidae and family triglidae

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Species identification distribution and abundance of gerreidae teleostei in the estuaries of natal south africa

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Species identification in the North American cowbird: appropriate responses to abnormal song

Tempelis, C.H.; Reeves, W.C.; Nelson, R.L., 1976:
Species identification of blood meals from Culex tarsalis that had fed on passeriform birds

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Species identification of deer blood by iso electric focusing

Simonsen H.B., 1976:
Species identification of mammalian hair keratin a biochemical and immunochemical study of s carboxymethyl keratin

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Species identification of mollusks and crustaceans by latex agglutination test

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Species identification of potato cyst nematodes in andean populations according to the female color sequence

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Species identification of some cucurbita cultivars

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Species importance within a virgin and a timbered beech maple forest ecosystem

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Species in statu nascendi

Walker C., 1982:
Species in the endogonaceae glomus occultum new species and glomus geosporum new combination new status

Mytsyk L.P., 1986:
Species in the flora of crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr promising for the formation of lawn type grass stands

Atyeo W.T.; Perez T.M., 1988:
Species in the genus rhytidelasma gaud acarina pterolichidae from the green conure aratinga holochlora sclater aves psittacidae

Niculescu, E.V., 1977:
Species in the process of formation

Kochina E.M.; Monchenko V.I., 1986:
Species independence of cyclops kikuchii crustacea cyclopidae

Kvavadze E.Sh; Nikolaishvili K.G., 1980:
Species independence of dendrobaena schelkovnikovi and dendrobaena hyrcanica new species of earthworm from the hyrcan reserve ussr

Yakhontov, V.D., 1976:
Species independence of naumanns thrush

Loskot, V.M., 1977:
Species independence of parus hyrcanus new status

Semenov D.V.; Shenbrot G.I., 1982:
Species independence of phrynocephalus moltschanovi new status reptilia agamidae

Sattarov T., 1981:
Species independence of phrynocephalus strauchi reptilia sauria from the ferghana valley uzbek and kirgiz ssr ussr

Yakobi V.E., 1979:
Species independence of the indian sparrow passer indicus

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Species, individual and kin specific blends in Dufour's gland secretions of halictine bees : Chemical evidence

Urusov V.M., 1985:
Species individualization in acer tschonoskii and acer komarovii aceraceae

Gilason H.; Helgason T., 1985:
Species interaction in assessment of fish stocks with special application to the north sea

Whittam T.S.; Siegel Causey D., 1981:
Species interactions and community structure in alaskan usa sea bird colonies

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Species isolation and song types of the genus ruspolia orthoptera tettigonioidea in uganda

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Species limits and phylogenetic relationships in corellas of the cacatua pastinator complex

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Species limits in the genus chrysispa an investigation of micro evolution coleoptera chrysomelidae hispinae

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Species limits in the peromyscus mexicanus group mammalia rodentia muroidea

Hutterer R.; Jenkins P.D., 1983:
Species limits of crocidura somalica and crocidura yankariensis insectivora soricidae

Broadbent A.B.; Tomlin A.D., 1979:
Species list of acari recovered from soil of a guelph cornfield and a london ontario canada pasture

Drozdowski A., 1979:
Species list of gastropods of the polish coastal region between gdynia and gdansk poland

Dautbaeva K.A., 1980:
Species make up and ecology of sand flies diptera phlebotomidae in the lower reaches of the syr darya river kazakh ssr ussr

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Species mating types and pathogenicity of phytophthora distributed in citrus orchards in taiwan

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Species names of vascular plants in the polish flora

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Species nonspecific fraction of nonhistone chromatin proteins in mice and rats immunized with bacterial lipo poly saccharides

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Species novae in brasilia bromeliacearum new brazilian bromeliaceae species xxix

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Species number and compositional similarity of the galapagos flora and avi fauna

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Species number species abundance and body length relationships of arboreal beetles in bornean malay archipelago lowland rain forest trees

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Species numbers areas and habitat diversity on the habitat islands of mizorogaike pond japan

Moller T.R.; Rordam C.P., 1985:
Species numbers of vascular plants in relation to area isolation and age of ponds in denmark

Dana T.F., 1979:
Species numbers relationships in an assemblage of reef building corals mckean island phoenix islands

Papp, L., 1978:
Species of 9 acalyptrate fly families from tunisia diptera

Gonzalez Hernandez A.; Tejada L.O., 1980:
Species of anastrepha diptera tephritidae in the state of nuevo leon mexico

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Species of animals maintained for the 1st time in the berlin zoo in 1973

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Species of aphis homoptera aphididae in manitoba canada with a key and descriptions of new species

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Species of apistogramma teleostei cichlidae from the orinoco drainage basin south america with descriptions of 4 new species

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Species of aquatic ferns from the family azollaceae new for the flora of the ussr

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Species of ascarophis nematoda cystidicolidae in north atlantic fishes

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Species of asellotes isopoda paraselloidea from anvers island antarctica

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Species of bacteria producing coronatine a new physiologically active substance

Luqman M.K., 1982:
Species of basiria associated with fruit trees in india nematoda psilenchinae

Lavrov L.S., 1979:
Species of beavers of the genus castor in the palearctic

Garcia J.; Castillo J., 1981:
Species of boletaceae and gomphidiaceae fungi known in nuevo leon mexico

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Species of braconids of the subgenus taphaeus hymenoptera braconidae described by w. hellen

Alekseenko, T.L.; Starobogatov-Ya, I., 1987:
Species of caspia and turricaspia gastropoda pectinibranchia pyrgulidae of the azov black sea basin ussr

Austin A.D., 1984:
Species of ceratobaeus hymenoptera scelionidae from southeastern australia

Tsarenko P.M., 1983:
Species of chlorococcal algae new for the algo flora of the ussr

Brunetti, R., 1988:
Species of clavelina in the mediterranean sea

Beveridge, 1979:
Species of cloacina nematoda strongyloidea from the black tailed wallaby wallabia bicolor from eastern australia

Batson W.E.; Roy K.W., 1982:
Species of colletotrichum and glomerella pathogenic to tomato fruit

Izquierdo Moya I.; Del Castillo C.R., 1985:
Species of collyria hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Vetrova, Z.I., 1977:
Species of colorless euglenophyta new for science

Dipeolu, O.O.; Ogunrinade, A.F., 1976:
Species of culicoides breeding on rocks and river banks in nigeria

Holttum R.E., 1983:
Species of cyathea in the western pacific related to cyathea multiflora and allies in america

Gonzalez E.M.S., 1983:
Species of cyperaceae recorded the 1st time for the flora of the valley of mexico and mexico

Pamplona D., 1983:
Species of dasymorellia diptera muscidae muscinae

Teodorescu I.; Ursu A., 1979 :
Species of diapriinae hymenoptera proctotrupoidea parasitizing pupae of synanthropic diptera

Kheiri A.; Barooti S., 1984:
Species of dorylaimoidea nematoda dorylaimida from iran

Vasilev, I.; Kanev, I., 1979:
Species of echinostomes trematoda in bulgaria 3. 2 species of echinostome cercariae with 37 collar spines

Burdsall H.H.Jr; Nakasone K.K., 1983:
Species of effused aphyllophorales basidiomycotina from the southeastern usa

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Species of eimeria of small wild rodents from the british isles with descriptions of 2 new species

Gomez E.; Blandino T.; Faure M.; Crespo Garcia F., 1983:
Species of eimeria sporozoa coccidia isolated from hens gallus gallus f domestica in la habana province cuba preliminary study

Lojtnant, B., 1977:
Species of epidendroideae orchidaceae new to ecuador

Luteyn J.L., 1985:
Species of ericaceae new to venezuela

Subils, R., 1977:
Species of euphorbia from argentina

Hussain S.M.; Khan J.A., 1981:
Species of family soleidae pleuronectiformes from pakistan

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Species of flora new for the amur oblast

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Species of free living amoebae protozoa lobosea found in bottled mineral waters

Dianese J.C.; Ribeiro W.R.C.; Bolkan H.A.; Couto F.A.A., 1981:
Species of fusarium associated with the rhizosphere of pineapple in monte alegre state of minas gerais brazil

Joffe, A.Z.; Palti, J., 1977:
Species of fusarium found in uncultivated desert type soils in israel

Ando A.; Ando I., 1985:
Species of gallium 67 binding acid mucopolysaccharide in liver

Pernetta J.C.; Black D., 1983:
Species of gecko lepidodactylus in the port moresby area papua new guinea with the description of a new species

Koske R.E.; Walker C., 1985:
Species of gigaspora endogonaceae with roughened outer walls

Harris P.D., 1985:
Species of gyrodactylus monogenea gyrodactylidae from freshwater fishes in southern england uk with a description of gyrodactylus rogatensis new species from the bullhead cottus gobio

Harris P.D., 1986:
Species of gyrodactylus monogenea gyrodactylidae from poeciliid fishes with a description of gyrodactylus turnbulli new species from the guppy poecilia reticulata

Lichtwardt R.W., 1984:
Species of harpellales living within the guts of aquatic dipteran larvae

Hayat, M.; Verma, M., 1978:
Species of helegonatopus and parasyrpophagus from india with description of a new genus hymenoptera encyrtidae

Leuchtmann A., 1987:
Species of heterosphaeria discomycetes and their anamorphs

Rogerson C.T.; Samuels G.J., 1985:
Species of hypomyces and nectria occurring on discomycetes

Pisica C.; Petcu I.; Mateias M.C., 1979:
Species of ichneumonidae hymenoptera parasites of some lepidopterous pests of lucerne in romania

Shainidze O.T., 1980:
Species of imperfect fungi new for the georgian ssr ussr

Ogandzhanyan A.M., 1984:
Species of ixodids ixodidae new for the fauna of the armenian ssr ussr

Poelt, J.; Doebbeler, P., 1975:
Species of lichen genera micarea and vezdaea parasitic on bryophytes

Kudratov, I., 1978:
Species of lichens from zeravshan mountain new for the ussr

Demoulin, V., 1976:
Species of lycoperdon with a setose exoperidium

Zelezins'ka L.M., 1979:
Species of marine imperfect fungi new for myco flora of the ussr

Dusek J.; Laska P., 1980:
Species of metasyrphus from afghanistan and kirgiz ssr ussr with keys and descriptions of 3 new species diptera syrphidae

Romaszewska Salata J., 1982:
Species of microscopic phytopathogenic fungi new and rare in polish flora

Ambler J.W., 1980:
Species of munidopsis crustacea galatheidae occurring off oregon usa and in adjacent waters

Zwick P., 1987:
Species of neoperla from the south east asian mainland plecoptera perlidae

Last H., 1985:
Species of new guinea paederus coleoptera staphylinidae in the collection of bishop museum hawaii usa

Domrow R., 1985:
Species of ophionyssus from australian lizards and snakes acari dermanyssidae

Solheim H., 1986:
Species of ophiostomataceae isolated from picea abies infested by the bark beetle ips typographus

Kosciuszko H., 1985:
Species of paramecium aurelia complex in some regions of the ussr

Przyboś, E.; Komala, Z.; Kościuszko-Scislawska, H., 1977:
Species of Paramecium aurelia complex in the central part of Poland

Nakasone K.K.; Burdsall H.H.Jr; Noll L.A., 1982:
Species of phlebia section leptocystidiophlebia aphyllophorales corticiaceae in north america

Nand, K.; Mehrotra, B.S., 1977:
Species of pilobolus and pilaira from india

Absy M.L.; Camargo J.M.F.; Kerr W.E.; Miranda I.P.D.A., 1984:
Species of plants visited by meliponinae hymenoptera apoidea for collection of pollen in the central amazonas region

Krno I.; Ertlova E., 1979:
Species of plecoptera new for the fauna of czechoslovakia

Shawkat A.L.B.; Tarabeih A.M.; Attrackchi A.A.; Ahmed J.M., 1979:
Species of populus and pinus pinea as new hosts of hendersonula toruloidea in ninevah iraq

Mustaquim, J.; Rabbani, M.M., 1976:
Species of portunid crabs decapoda brachyura from karachi pakistan

Brown M.J.; Riedel R.M.; Rowe R.C., 1980:
Species of pratylenchus associated with solanum tuberosum cultivar superior in ohio usa

Pritzl G.; Mahler V., 1981:
Species of ptiliidae and clambidae new to denmark coleoptera

Sycheva T.P., 1982:
Species of puccinia in leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

Kapsanaki Gotsi E.; Pantidou M., 1987:
Species of puccinia on cichorioideae from kriti greece

Khurana I.P.S.; Thind K.S., 1979:
Species of ramaria aphyllophorales with dimitic fruitbody context from india and observations on their hyphal system

Jones K.B.; Kepner L.P.; Martin T.E., 1985:
Species of reptiles occupying habitat islands in western arizona usa a deterministic assemblage

Lorenzen, S., 1975:
Species of rhynchonema nematodes monhysteridae from south america and europe

Van D.W.lle C.; Deltour R.; Forgeur G., 1983:
Species of rna synthesized during early germination in the radicle of the lentil vicia lens embryo

Shinchi S.; Abe M., 1987:
Species of rumen ciliate protozoa which produce extra cellular protease and influence of bacteria on its activity

Koske R.E.; Walker C., 1986:
Species of scutellospora endogonaceae with smooth walled spores from maritime sand dunes two new species and a redescription of the spores of scutellospora pellucida and scutellospora calospora

Davies J.C.; Seshu Reddy K.V.; Reddy Y.V., 1980:
Species of shoot flies reared from sorghum sorghum bicolor in andra pradesh india

Clark W.E., 1984:
Species of sibinia coleoptera curculionidae associated with mimosa pigra

Tolliver S.C.; Lyons E.T.; Drudge J.H., 1985:
Species of small strongyles and other internal parasites recovered from donkeys at necropsy in kentucky usa

Cox, H.U.; Newman, S.S.; Roy, A.F.; Hoskins, J.D., 1984:
Species of Staphylococcus isolated from animal infections

Hirano Y.M., 1985:
Species of stauromedusae from hokkaido japan with notes on their metamorphosis

Schwassmann H.O., 1984:
Species of steatogenys pisces gymnotiformes hypopomidae

Benick G., 1982:
Species of subfamily athetae from mongolia coleoptera staphylinidae

Kies L.; Berndt M., 1984:
Species of synura chrysophyceae from the state of hamburg and its northeastern vicinity northern west germany

Johnson N.F.; Bin F., 1982:
Species of telenomus hymenoptera scelionidae parasitoids of stalked eggs of neuroptera chrysopidae and berothidae

Kaszab, Z., 1975:
Species of tenebrionidae the genus microcrypticus coleoptera

Belcher, J.H.; Swale, E.M.F., 1977:
Species of thalassiosira diatoms bacillariophyceae in the plankton of english rivers

Dippenaar A.S.; Meyer M.K.P., 1980:
Species of the african genus ammoxenus araneae ammoxenidae with descriptions of 2 new species

Biavati, B.; Castagnoli, P.; Crociani, F.; Trovatelli, L.D., 1984:
Species of the Bifidobacterium in the feces of infants

Bystrek, J.; Cieslinski, S., 1976:
Species of the bryopogon genus in the area of the swietokrzyskie mountains poland and their outskirts

Brown W.C.; Gibbons J.R.H., 1986:
Species of the emoia samoensis group of lizards scincidae in the fiji islands with descriptions of two new species

Gruev B.; Tomov V., 1979:
Species of the family chrysomelidae coleoptera occurring in turkey yugoslavia and greece from the zoological state collection munich west germany

Kristensen T.K., 1986:
Species of the family neritidae in north west africa gastropoda prosobranchia

Krendl, F., 1978:
Species of the galium glaucum group on the iberian peninsula and a comparison with galium cinereum

Hongsaprug W.; Wilson M.R., 1985:
Species of the genera bakera and mangganeura homoptera auchenorrhyncha typhlocybinae occurring on mango and other crop plants in the oriental region

Khasanov B.A., 1987:
Species of the genera bipolaris shoemaker and exserohilum leonard et suggs on cereals and in the air in the central asia and kazakh ssr ussr

Perel, T.S., 1977:
Species of the genera helodrilus allolobophora and nicodrilus oligochaeta lumbricidae in ussr fauna

Aboul Eid H.Z.; Ameen H.H., 1981:
Species of the genera iotonchus mononchus and mylonchulus nematoda mononchida from egypt

Nikitskii N.B., 1984:
Species of the genera wanachia and abdera coleoptera melandryidae from east palearctic

Petrova A.O.; Vasser S.P., 1985:
Species of the genus agaricus new for the asian flora

Berest Z.L., 1986:
Species of the genus aprionus diptera cecidomyiidae in the forest habitats of polesye and forest steppe zones of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Perez-Gandaras, G.; Guerra, A., 1978:
Species of the genus bathypolypus off the galician northwest spain

Biavati, B.; Castagnoli, P.; Trovatelli, L.D., 1986:
Species of the genus Bifidobacterium in the feces of human adults

Nikitskii N.B., 1983:
Species of the genus biphyllus coleoptera biphyllidae in the east palearctic

Skopin, N.G.; Kaszab, Z., 1978:
Species of the genus blaps coleoptera tenebrionidae collected by dr w wittmer in 1976 in kashmir india

Bourdon R., 1980:
Species of the genus bopyrella crustacea isopoda bopyridae

Bystrek, J.; Gorzynska, K., 1976:
Species of the genus bryopogon in the lublin poland region

Bystrek, J., 1986:
Species of the genus bryoria brodo et hawksw. lichenes usneaceae in europe

Yunher V.P., 1984:
Species of the genus bulbochaete from shatsk lakes ukrainian ssr ussr new records for the ussr

Manga Gonzalez M.Y., 1979:
Species of the genus candidula gastropoda stylommatophora in the province of leon spain

Bortnyak M.M., 1984:
Species of the genus carex in the flora of kiev oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Romanczuk, M.C.; De-Martinez, M.A.D.P., 1978:
Species of the genus celtis ulmaceae in the argentine flora

Chazeau, J., 1978:
Species of the genus coelophora coleoptera coccinellidae in new caledonia and the new hebrides

Baldizzone, G., 1979:
Species of the genus coleophora described by emilio turati 7. contribution to knowledge of lepidoptera coleophoridae

Jelinek J.; Evans A.N., 1982:
Species of the genus conotelus from the west indies coleoptera nitidulidae

Papp, L., 1976:
Species of the genus coproica diptera sphaeroceridae

Palamar Mordvyntseva H.M., 1985:
Species of the genus cosmarium desmidiales new for the algoflora of the ussr

Bacescu, M.; Mauradian, Z., 1977:
Species of the genus cumella cumacea nannastacidae from the western tropical atlantic

Capape, C., 1977:
Species of the genus dasyatis pisces rajiformes from the tunisian coasts

Negrobov O.P.; Dukhanina E.V., 1987:
Species of the genus diaphorus meigen dolichopodidae diptera of the soviet far east

Nikitskii N.B., 1985:
Species of the genus dircaea coleoptera melandryidae from the eastern palearctic

Khan M.Y.; Shafee S.A., 1980:
Species of the genus eretmocerus aphelinidae eretmocerinae from india

Polatschek, A., 1978:
Species of the genus erysimum on the iberian peninsula

Manitz H., 1982:
Species of the genus evolvulus in cuba

Wautier, J., 1975:
Species of the genus ferrissia gastropoda basommatophora from the continental rhodanian neogene france

Van-Hille, J.C., 1977:
Species of the genus formicomus from northeast africa and adjacent parts of the arabian peninsula coleoptera anthicidae

Puchkov, V.H., 1975:
Species of the genus glaucopterum heteroptera miridae of the ussr fauna

Darge, P., 1977:
Species of the genus goodia from cameroon lepidoptera attacidae

Akopyan Z.A., 1980:
Species of the genus halanthium chenopodiaceae in the armenian ssr ussr

Woas S., 1980:
Species of the genus hermannia acari oribatei from the mediterranean supralittoral

Myartseva S.N., 1981:
Species of the genus homalotylus hymenoptera encyrtidae parasites of coccinellids coleoptera coccinellidae in the turkmen ssr ussr

Cherepanov P.S., 1985:
Species of the genus hypoxylon in barguzin preserve russian sfsr ussr

Peshev G.P., 1981:
Species of the genus isophya orthoptera tettigoniidae from bulgaria

De-Vattimo, I., 1977:
Species of the genus jacaranda bignoniaceae which occurs in rio de janeiro state brazil the section monolobos

Roques, A.; Martinez, M.; Delplanque, A., 1983:
Species of the genus lasiomma diptera anthomyiidae destroying cones of the european larch larix decidua in france 1. taxonomy and distribution

Roques, A.; Raimbault, J.P.; Delplanque, A., 1984:
Species of the genus lasiomma diptera anthomyiidae destroying cones of the european larch larix decidua in france 2. biological cycles and damages

Pace, R., 1982:
Species of the genus leptusa from the caucasus and the armenian ssr ussr collected by dr. iablokoff khnzorian coleoptera staphylinidae 31. aleocharinae

Negrobov O.P., 1979:
Species of the genus liancalus dolichopodidae diptera in south korea and taiwan

Sergienko V.G., 1980:
Species of the genus luzula in the flora of the kanin peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Domek J.M.; Scott D.R., 1985:
Species of the genus lygus and their host plants in the lewiston moscow area of idaho usa hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Fridman E.P.; Popova V.N., 1983:
Species of the genus macaca cercopithecidae primates as research subjects in the modern biology and medicine

Puchkov, V.H., 1978:
Species of the genus macrolophus heteroptera miridae of the ussr fauna

Cooper M.C., 1980:
Species of the genus meligethinus coleoptera nitidulidae

Puchkov P.V., 1984:
Species of the genus metapterus heteroptera reduviidae of the fauna of the ussr

Helyuta V.P., 1981:
Species of the genus microsphaera new record for the myco flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Kotsakis, T., 1978:
Species of the genus neochelys testudinata pelomedusidae from the eocene of the venetian area italy

Mikhailov, V.I., 1976:
Species of the genus nitzschia bacillariophyta in relict lakes of western uzboi turkmen ssr ussr

Mikhailov, V.I., 1976:
Species of the genus nitzschia bacillariophyta in the volga water reservoirs ussr

Yunher V.P.; Moshkova N.O., 1985:
Species of the genus oedogonium new for the algoflora of the ussr

Holman J., 1981:
Species of the genus paczoskia homoptera aphididae confined to echinops

Khan M.Y.; Shafee S.A., 1982:
Species of the genus pediobius eulophidae entedontinae from india

Fedorenko I.A.; Bel'skaya G.S., 1979:
Species of the genus penenirmus mallophaga ischnocera parasitizing chats saxicola and wheatears oenanthe

Woo F C., 1982:
Species of the genus periplaneta from china with reference to their bionomics and economic importance blattaria blattidae

Cherepanova N.P., 1982:
Species of the genus peronospora in the flora of leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

Fedorenko I.A., 1984:
Species of the genus philopterus mallophaga ischnocera from the larks of the ussr fauna

Kelton, L.A., 1977:
Species of the genus pinalitus found in north america heteroptera miridae

Rymkiewicz A., 1979:
Species of the genus plantago with reference to carpology and chemo taxonomy

Bajtenov, M.S., 1978:
Species of the genus platygasteronyx coleoptera curculionidae in mongolia

Batyrova, G.Sh, 1976:
Species of the genus pleurotus in the kopet dagh

Yazaki S.; Kamo H.; Maejima J.; Yamane Y., 1979:
Species of the genus plicobothrium new record expelled from a short finned blackfish globicephala macrorhyncha in toba aquarium japan

Capocasale R.M., 1982:
Species of the genus porrimosa araneae hippasinae

Pujals M.A., 1985:
Species of the genus pristina and bratislavia oligochaeta naididae of the buenos aires province argentina

Notenboom J., 1987:
Species of the genus pseudoniphargus chevreux 1901 amphipoda from the betic cordillera of southern spain

Winiszewska Slipinska G., 1987:
Species of the genus pungentus thorne and swanger nematoda dorylaimida occurring in poland

Rack, G., 1975:
Species of the genus pygmephorus acarina pygmephoridae carried by small mammals

Vodop'yanova N.S.; Krogulevich R.E., 1981:
Species of the genus ranunculus ranunculaceae from middle siberia russian sfsr ussr

Nikitskii N.B., 1984:
Species of the genus rhizophagus coleoptera rhizophagidae from the eastern palearctic

Ter Crigoryan M.A., 1980:
Species of the genus rhizopulvinaria homoptera coccoidea coccidae in the armenian ssr ussr and nakhichevan assr azerbaijan ssr ussr

Krichfalushii V.V., 1982:
Species of the genus salix in the ukrainian carpathians ussr

Grushvitskii, I.V.; Skvortsova, N.T., 1975:
Species of the genus schefflera new for the flora of north vietnam from the subsection octophyllae and some problems of their biology

Puchkov, V.H., 1978:
Species of the genus solenoxyphus heteroptera miridae of the ussr fauna

Tsien, H.H., 1976:
Species of the genus tabulophyllum in the middle devonian and the frasnian of belgium

Kozlov, M.A.; Kononova, S.V., 1978:
Species of the genus telenomus hymenoptera scelionidae with shortened wings

Makarova I.V.; Genkal S.I.; Kuz'min G.V., 1979:
Species of the genus thalassiosira bacillariophyta found in continental waters of the ussr

Grushvitskii I.V.; Skvortsova N.T.; Arkhangel'skii D.B.; Chistyakova L.D., 1984:
Species of the genus trevesia araliaceae in the flora of vietnam

Bystrek J.; Gorzynska K.; Sawa K., 1981:
Species of the genus usnea in the lublin poland macro region

Botta S.M., 1984:
Species of the genus verbena section junellia of northeastern argentina

Keffermuller, M.; Sowa, R., 1975:
Species of the group centroptilum pulchrum new record ephemeroptera baetidae in poland

Klausnitzer, B., 1977:
Species of the helodes flavicollis group from the far eastern region of the ussr coleoptera helodidae part 47 contribution to the information on the helodidae

Babos M., 1979:
Species of the leucocoprinus rubentes group

Awasthi D.D.; Mathur R., 1987:
Species of the lichen genera bacidia badimia fellhanera and mycobilimbia from india

Przyboś, E.; Komala, Z., 1981:
Species of the Paramecium aurelia complex in northern Poland

Przybos E.; Komala Z., 1986:
Species of the paramecium aurelia complex on the ciezkowice and strzyzow plateaus poland

Belle J., 1983:
Species of the progonphus polygonus group with a description of a new species odonata gomphidae

Inger R.F.; Brown W.C., 1980:
Species of the scincid genus dasia

Yakovlev G.P.; Svyazeva O.A., 1984:
Species of the section chrysochamaecytisus of the genus chamaecytisus fabaceae

Serdyukova L.B., 1984:
Species of the section latilimbus of the genus campanula

Mikheev A.D., 1986:
Species of the section rhoeadium of the genus papaver papaveraceae in the northern caucasus russian sfsr ussr

Kondratyuk Y.M.; Ostapko V.M., 1982:
Species of the series telephia genus sedum in the territory of the donets basin ussr

Shilenkov V.G., 1983:
Species of the subgenus diocarabus coleoptera carabidae from siberia

Price, D., 1977:
Species of tretaspis trilobita from the ashgill series in wales

Katalan Gateva S., 1984:
Species of trichodoridae nematoda dorylaimida family in bulgaria

Lopez J.D.Jr; Jones S.L.; House V.S., 1982:
Species of trichogramma parasitizing eggs of heliothis spp and some associated lepidopterous pests in central texas usa

Kamijo K.; Grissell E.E., 1982:
Species of trichomalopsis hymenoptera pteromalidae from rice paddy with descriptions of 2 new species

Tung, J.S.; Pinter, A.; Fleissner, E., 1977:
Species of type c viral core poly protein on akr mouse leukemia cells

Vanky, K., 1977:
Species of urocystis on juncaceae

Monoson, H.L.; Rogers, G.M., 1978:
Species of uromyces that infect new world cucurbitaceae

Habe T.; Ito K., 1980:
Species of volutharpa buccinidae

Nakata M.; Tanaka R.; Taniguchi K.; Shimotomai N., 1987:
Species of wild chrysanthemums in japan cytological and cytogenetical view on its entity

Birenheide R., 1979:
Species of xystriphyllum and sociophyllum rugosa from the eifelian of the eifel west germany

Dimitrov M.; Doncheva I.; Nikolcheva M., 1982:
Species of zearalenone producing fusarium isolated from wheat maize and kidney beans

Dorjes, J.; Karling, T.G., 1975:
Species on turbellaria acoela in the swedish museum of natural history with remarks on their anatomy taxonomy and distribution

Leuven R.S.E.W.; Jaros P.P.; Van Herp F.; Keller R., 1982 :
Species or group specificity in biological and immunological studies of crustacean hyper glycemic hormone

Mccarthy B.C.; Vierheller T.I.; Wistendahl W.A., 1984:
Species ordination of upper slope oak hickory stands of southeastern ohio usa

Werner, E.E., 1977:
Species packing and niche complementarity in 3 sunfishes

Bohnsack J.A.; Talbot F.H., 1980:
Species packing by reef fishes on australian and caribbean reefs an experimental approach

Yoshiyama, R.M.; Roughgarden, J., 1977:
Species packing in 2 dimensions

Topp W.; Engler I., 1980:
Species packing in catopidae coleoptera of a beech stand

Hairston N.G., 1980:
Species packing in the salamander genus desmognathus what are the interspecific interactions involved

Poynton J.C., 1982:
Species pairs among southern african amphibians

Hulina, N., 1985:
Species panicum dichotomiflorum michx. new weed in yugoslavia

Rüstow, B.; Nakagawa, Y.; Rabe, H.; Waku, K.; Kunze, D., 1988:
Species pattern of phosphatidylinositol from lung surfactant and a comparison of the species pattern of phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylglycerol synthesized de novo in lung microsomal fractions

Dawson T.E.; Bliss L.C., 1987:
Species patterns edaphic characteristics and plant water potential in a high arctic brackish marsh

Martirosyan M.E., 1983:
Species peculiarities of post castration metabolic changes

Andreeva N.G.; Vasil'ev A.G.; Vinogradova E.P., 1984:
Species peculiarities of the electrical activity of the colliculus inferior in bats

Doubinger J.; Germer R., 1984:
Species poor genera of ferns from the carboniferous of the saarland west germany

Mina, M.V., 1978:
Species population structure in fishes an evaluation of some hypotheses

Razmashkin, D.A., 1978:
Species position of metacercariae of the genus metorchis trematoda opisthorchidae from fishes of western siberia

Isaev V.A., 1980:
Species potential fertility of blood sucking midges of the genus culicoides and its regulation

Scholl, A.; Geiger, W., 1976:
Species problems in lake and brook trout a biochemical genetic contribution

Ratcliffe, L.M.; Grant, P.R., 1983:
Species recognition in darwins finches geospiza 1. discrimination by morphological cues

Ratcliffe, L.M.; Grant, P.R., 1983:
Species recognition in darwins finches geospiza 2. geographic variation in mate preference

Ratcliffe, L.M.; Grant, P.R., 1985:
Species recognition in darwins finches geospiza 3. male responses to playback of different song types dialects and heterospecific songs

Carter R.L.; Brand L.R., 1986:
Species recognition in wild caught laboratory reared and cross fostered peromyscus californicus and peromyscus eremicus rodentia cricetidae

Kochev V.A., 1986:
Species related criteria of the m 1 molars in microtus agrestis microtus arvalis microtus oeconomus microtus gregalis microtus middendorffi and microtus hyperboreus

Sachs, H.G.; Colgan, J.A.; Lazarus, M.L., 1978:
Species related difference in calcium accumulation by cardial mitochondria

Belyanin V.L.; Kerimov A.Kh, 1987:
Species related differences in experimental lung candidiasis

Stropus, R.; Vaicekauskas, V., 1978:
Species related differences in the cholinergic and adrenergic innervation of the heart

Benga C.; Petrescu I.; Tarmure C.; Pop V., 1980:
Species related functional properties of mitochondria comparison between rat and human liver mitochondria

Phillips W.M., 1979:
Species relations within the chrysomelid genus altica in britain uk

Brody T.; Mendlinger S., 1980:
Species relationships and genetic variation in the di ploid wheats triticum aegilops as revealed by starch gel electrophoresis

Bulinska Radomska Z.; Lester R.N., 1986:
Species relationships in festuca section ovinae poaceae

Lioi L., 1987:
Species relationships in phaseolus electrophoretic analysis of seed storage proteins

Ladizinsky G., 1979:
Species relationships in the genus lens as indicated by seed protein electrophoresis

Guppy, G.A., 1978:
Species relationships of hieracium asteraceae in british columbia canada

Cameron G.N.; Kincaid W.B., 1982:
Species removal effects on movements of sigmodon hispidus and reithrodontomys fulvescens

Hils M.H.; Vankat J.L., 1982:
Species removals from a 1st year old field plant community

Mccomas S.R.; Drenner R.W., 1982:
Species replacement in a reservoir fish community silverside labidesthes sicculus feeding mechanics and competition

Nilssen J.P.; Ostdahl T.; Potts W.T.W., 1984:
Species replacements in acidified lakes physiology predation or competition

Adams D.E.; Anderson R.C., 1980:
Species response to a moisture gradient in central illinois usa forests

Abrahamson W.G., 1984:
Species responses to fire on florida usa lake wales ridge

Mentzer S.J.; Barbosa J.A.; Strominger J.L.; Biro P.A.; Burakoff S.J., 1986:
Species restricted recognition of transfected hla a 2 and hla b 7 by human cytolytic t lymphocytes clones

Hogg, N.; Balkwill, F.R., 1981:
Species restriction in cytostatic activity of human and murine monocytes and macrophages

Sugimoto M.; Egashira Y.; Pierres A.; Greene M.I., 1980:
Species restriction in the ability of tri nitro phenyl derivatized cells to induce delayed hyper sensitivity response

Hammarström, L.; Smith, C.I., 1979:
Species restriction of the mitogenicity induced by lanatoside C. Lymphocyte activation by digitalis glycosides is confined to cells from digitalis resistant species

Sires L.R.; Hruby S.; Alvord E.C.Jr; Hellstrom I.; Hellstrom K E.; Kies M.W.; Martenson R.; Deibler G.E., 1981:
Species restrictions of a mono clonal antibody reacting with residues 130 to 137 in encephalitogenic myelin basic protein

Birse E.L., 1982:
Species rich scrub communities and their soils on hoy orkney scotland uk

Haynes A., 1987:
Species richness abundance and biomass of benthic invertebrates in a lowland tropical stream on the island of viti levu fiji

Reichholf, J., 1974:
Species richness abundance and diversity of birds of prey in some regions of south america

Marsh, B.; Crowe, T.M.; Siegfried, W.R., 1978:
Species richness and abundance of clinid fish teleostei clinidae in inter tidal rock pools

Chandler D.S., 1987:
Species richness and abundance of pselaphidae coleoptera in old growth and 40 year old forests in new hampshire usa

Nilsson, S.G.; Nilsson, I.N., 1978 :
Species richness and dispersal of vascular plants to islands in lake mockeln southern sweden

Rodgers W.A.; Homewood K.M., 1982:
Species richness and endemism in the usambara mountain forests tanzania

Van Der Linde T.C.D.K.; Hewitt P.H.; Van Pletzen R.; Kok D.J.; Fourie S.; Mostert D.J.; Nel A., 1982:
Species richness and relative abundance of female mosquitoes at a site in the western orange free state south africa

Foissner W., 1980:
Species richness and structure of the ciliate community in small water bodies of the austrian alps hohe tauern

Nilsson A.N., 1984:
Species richness and succession of aquatic beetles in some kettle hole ponds in northern sweden

Sasvari L.; Moskat C., 1988:
Species richness bird density and niche shifts in central european man made habitats

Rice B.; Westoby M., 1983:
Species richness in vascular vegetation of the west head new south wales australia

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