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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6456

Chapter 6456 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pip E., 1987: Species richness of aquatic macrophyte communities in central canada

Pip E., 1987: Species richness of freshwater gastropod communities in central north america

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Niemela P.; Neuvonen S., 1983: Species richness of herbivores on hosts how robust are patterns revealed by analyzing published host plant lists

Neuvonen S.; Niemela P., 1981: Species richness of macro lepidoptera on finnish deciduous trees and shrubs

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Wildi O., 1984: Species selection by interactive ranking

Sheintuch M., 1987: Species selection in a reactor settler system

Hargreaves N.B.; Lebrasseur R.J., 1985: Species selective predation on juvenile pink oncorhynchus gorbuscha and chum salmon oncorhynchus keta by coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Beniashvili, D. Sh, 1978: Species sensitivity to the blastomogenic effect of methylnitroso urea with changes in body reactivity induced by organo specific immunization of animals

Degawa M.; Hishinuma T.; Yoshida H.; Hashimoto Y., 1987: Species sex and organ differences in induction of a cytochrome p 450 isozyme responsible for carcinogen activation effects of dietary hepatocarcinogenic tryptophan pyrolysate components in mice and rats

Warwick R.M., 1984: Species size distributions in marine benthic communities

Searcy W.A.; Marler P.; Peters S.S., 1981: Species song discrimination in adult female song sparrows melospiza melodia and swamp sparrows melospiza georgiana

Peters S.S.; Searcy W.A.; Marler P., 1980: Species song discrimination in choice experiments with territorial male swamp melospiza georgiana and song sparrows melospiza melodia

Houser C.R.; Barber R.P.; Crawford G.D.; Matthews D.A.; Phelps P.E.; Salvatera P.M.; Vaughn J.E., 1984: Species specific 2nd antibodies reduce spurious staining in immuno cytochemistry

Kessler E.; Huss V.A.R.; Rahat M., 1988: Species specific ability of chlorella strains chlorophyceae to form stable symbioses with hydra viridis

Kwak R.G.M.; Mejer R., 1985: Species specific acceptance levels in the mapping method

Camus A M.; Friesen M.; Croisy A.; Bartsch H., 1982: Species specific activation of phenacetin into bacterial mutagens by hamster liver enzymes and identification of n hydroxy phenacetin o glucuronide as a pro mutagen in the urine

Kato, K. H.; Sugiyama, M., 1978: Species specific adhesion of spermatozoa to the surface of fixed eggs in sea urchins

Keiser I.; Ashraf M.; Silva J.A.; Harris E.J., 1982: Species specific age specific and sex specific susceptibility of mediterranean fruit flies ceratitis capitata oriental fruit flies dacus dorsalis and melon flies dacus cucurbitae to carbon di oxide

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Mueller, W. E. G.; Mueller, I.; Kurelec, B.; Zahn, R. K., 1976: Species specific aggregation factor in sponges part 6 aggregation receptor from the cell surface

Mueller, W. E. G.; Mueller, I.; Zahn, R. K.; Kurelec, B., 1978: Species specific aggregation factor in sponges part 7 its effect on cyclic amp and cyclic gmp metabolism in cells of geodia cydonium

Mueller, W. E. G.; Zahn, R. K.; Kurelec, B.; Mueller, I., 1978: Species specific aggregation factor in sponges part 8 nature and alteration of cell surface charge

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Mueller, W. E. G.; Zahn, R. K.; Kurelec, B.; Mueller, I., 1978: Species specific aggregation factor in sponges transfer of a species specific aggregation receptor from suberites domuncula to cells from geodia cydonium

Marshall N.A.; Chapman M.D.; Saxon A., 1986: Species specific allergens from the salivary glands of triatominae heteroptera reduviidae

Pace M.L.; Porter K.G.; Feig Y.S., 1983: Species specific and age specific differences in bacterial resource utilization by 2 co occurring cladocerans

Hohmann P., 1980: Species specific and cell specific expression of h 1 histones in tissue culture cells

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Keiser I.; Chatha N.; Silva J.A., 1985: Species specific and sex specific differences in arrested development of gonads of chemosterilized mediterranean fruit flies ceratitis capitata melon flies dacus cucurbitae and oriental fruit flies dacus dorsalis

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Kelsey, G. D.; Povey, S.; Bygrave, A. E.; Lovell-Badge, R. H., 1987: Species specific and tissue specific expression of human alpha 1 antitrypsin in transgenic mice

Jaffe C.L.; Sarfstein R., 1987: Species specific antibodies to leishmania tropica minor recognize somatic antigens and exometabolites

Shmidt O.A., 1980: Species specific antigens of flaviviruses for indirect hem agglutination test

Bolske G.; Strandberg M L.; Bergstrom K.; Johansson K E., 1987: Species specific antigens of mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and cross reactions with other porcine mycoplasmas

Heaton, M. B.; Miller, D. B.; Goodwin, D. G., 1978: Species specific auditory discrimination in bobtail quail neo nates

Berendson R.; Cheney C.P.; Schad P.A.; Boedeker E.C., 1983: Species specific binding of purified pili af r 1 from the escherichia coli rdec 1 to rabbit intestinal mucosa

Inoue H., 1982: Species specific calling sounds as a reproductive isolating mechanism in nephotettix spp hemiptera homoptera cicadellidae

Mcdonough J.P.; Springer W.R.; Barondes S.H., 1980: Species specific cell cohesion in cellular slime molds demonstration by several quantitative assays and with multiple species

Saito M., 1981: Species specific cell surface changes during the development in cellular slime molds

Sen, A.; Todaro, G. J., 1978: Species specific cellular dna binding proteins expressed in mouse cells transformed by chemical carcinogens

Jarvinen, O., 1978: Species specific census efficiency in line transects

Leisler, B., 1972: Species specific characters in the feet of adult reed warbler and marsh warblers acrocephalus scirpaceus acrocephalus palustris and their function

Mannan R.M.; Periyanan S.; Kulandaivelu G.; Bose S., 1986: Species specific chlorophyll a fluorescence temperature profile at high temperatures in the leaves

Sinnott J.M., 1980: Species specific coding in bird song

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Crawford, M.; Masterson, F.; Wilson, D., 1977: Species specific defense reactions in escape from fear situations

Treede H J.; Riens B.; Heise K P., 1986: Species specific differences in acetyl coenzyme a synthesis of chloroplasts

Singh B.; Gupta R.S., 1985: Species specific differences in the toxicity and mutagenicity of the anticancer drug mithramycin chromomycin a 3 and olivomycin

Gupta R.S., 1982: Species specific differences in the toxicity of mithramycin chromomycin a 3 and olivomycin toward cultured mammalian cells

Gupta R.S.; Dudani A.K., 1987: Species specific differences in the toxicity of rhodamine 123 toward cultured mammalian cells

Gupta R.S., 1985: Species specific differences in toxicity of antimitotic agents toward cultured mammalian cells

Noll H.; Matranga V.; Palma P.; Cutrono F.; Vittorelli L., 1981: Species specific dissociation into single cells of live sea urchin embryos by fab against membrane components of paracentrotus lividus and arbacia lixula

Schweizer G.; Ganal M.; Ninnemann H.; Hemleben V., 1988: Species specific dna sequences for identification of somatic hybrids between lycopersicon esculentum and solanum acaule

Simoneau J A.; Pette D., 1988: Species specific effects of chronic nerve stimulation upon tibialis anterior muscle in mouse rat guinea pig and rabbit

Ross W.N.; Reichardt L.F., 1979: Species specific effects on the optical signals of voltage sensitive dyes

Thakker D.R.; Levin W.; Buening M.; Yagi H.; Lehr R.E.; Wood A.W.; Conney A.H.; Jerina D.M., 1981: Species specific enhancement by 7 8 benzo flavone of hepatic microsomal metabolism of benzo e pyrene 9 10 di hydro diol to bay region diol epoxides

Keiser, I.; Ashraf, M.; Harris, E. J.; Silva, J. A., 1978: Species specific enhancement of oviposition of female oriental fruit flies melon flies and mediterranean fruit flies when mated with normal males or with males sexually sterilized by tepa or gamma irradiation

Nyman, L.; Skoog, G., 1977: Species specific enzymes in some snail species mollusca gastropoda from fresh and brackish water in sweden

Sakaizumi M., 1985: Species specific expression of parvalbumins in the genus oryzias and its related species

Middelhoven W.J.; Notermans S., 1988: Species specific extracellular antigen production by ascomycetous yeasts detected by elisa

Li J.L.; Li H.W., 1979: Species specific factors affecting predator prey interactions of the copepod acanthocyclops vernalis with its natural prey

Mues R., 1983: Species specific flavone glucuronides in elodea spp

Hara M.; Inoue T.; Akiyama K.; Tsuda R.; Shichijo S.; Yokoyama M.M., 1982: Species specific glyco proteins of the human red cell membrane

Brown H.M.; Thantrey N.; Jackson F., 1979: Species specific grass pollen sensitivity diagnosis and treatment with single grass species allpyral vaccines

Lessard E.J.; Swift E., 1985: Species specific grazing rates of heterotrophic dinoflagellates in oceanic waters measured with a dual label radioisotope technique

Murakami Y.; Eki T.; Yamada M A.; Prives C.; Hurwitz J., 1986: Species specific in vitro synthesis of dna containing the polyoma virus origin of replication

Korcz A.; Markiewicz M.; Pulikowska J.; Twardowski T., 1987: Species specific inhibitory effect of lupine alkaloids on translation in plants

Tansik, R. L.; Averett, D. R.; Roth, B.; Paterson, S. J.; Stone, D.; Baccanari, D. P., 1984: Species specific irreversible inhibition of neisseria gonorrhoeae dihydrofolate reductase ec by a substituted 2 4 diamino 5 benzylpyrimidine

Zardi L.; Cianfriglia M.; Balza E.; Carnemolla B.; Siri A.; Croce C.M., 1982: Species specific mono clonal antibodies in the assignment of the gene for human fibronectin to chromosome 2

Tachibana H.; Nagakura K.; Kaneda Y., 1986: Species specific monoclonal antibodies for a membrane antigens in all developmental forms of trypanosoma cruzi

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Aldrich J.R.; Blum M.S.; Fales H.M., 1979: Species specific natural products of adult male leaf footed bugs hemiptera heteroptera

Kopp E.; Mayr B.; Schleger W., 1986: Species specific non expression of ribosomal rna genes in a mammalian hybrid the mule

Hampton, A.; Kappler, F.; Picker, D., 1982: Species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inhibitors 4. design of a 2 site inhibitor of adenylate kinase with isozyme selectivity

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Hai, T. T.; Abo, M.; Hampton, A., 1982: Species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inhibitors 9. selective effects in inhibitions of rat pyruvate kinase isozymes by adp derivatives

Naef Daenzer L., 1984: Species specific panic calls to scare carrion crow corvus corone corone a pilot experiment on a rubbish dump

Becker, P. H., 1976: Species specific parameters underlying song recognition in goldcrest and firecrest regulus regulus regulus ignicapillus

Masuda M., 1979: Species specific pattern of ciliogenesis in developing sea urchin embryos

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Stoner A.W., 1979: Species specific predation on amphipod crustacea by the pinfish lagodon rhomboides mediation by macrophyte standing crop

Dores R.M.; Akil H., 1987: Species specific processing of prodynorphin in the posterior pituitary of mammals

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Bias U.; Trueper H.G., 1987: Species specific release of sulfate from adenylylsulfate by atp sulfurylase or adp sulfurylase in the green sulfur bacteria chlorobium limicola and chlorobium vibrioforme

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Priesner E., 1985: Species specific sex attractants for male diachrysia chrysitis and diachrysia tutti lepidoptera noctuidae plusiinae

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Lille R., 1988: Species specific song and mixed singing of nightingale and thrush nightingale luscinia megarhynchos luscinia luscinia

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Shono, T.; Casida, J. E., 1978: Species specificity in enzymatic oxidation of pyrethroid insecticides 3 phenoxybenzyl 3 2 2 dihalovinyl 2 2 dimethyl cyclo hexanecarboxylates and alpha cyano 3 phenoxybenzyl 3 2 2 dihalovinyl 2 2 dimethyl cyclo propanecarboxylates

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Phillips, J. L., 1976: Specific binding of radio iodinated transferrin to poly propylene culture tubes

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Walker F.; Burgess A.W., 1985: Specific binding of radioiodinated granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor to hemopoietic cells

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Dolle, R.; Nultsch, W., 1988: Specific binding of the calcium channel blocker tritiated verapamil to membrane fractions of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Hung S.C.; Ghali N.I.; Venton D.L.; Le Breton G.C., 1983: Specific binding of the thromboxane a 2 antagonist 13 aza prostanoic acid to human platelet membranes

Hergenhahn M.; Hecker E., 1981: Specific binding of the tumor promoter 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate in various mouse organs as measured by a cold acetone filter assay

Sen, A.; Sherr, C. J.; Todaro, G. J., 1976: Specific binding of the type c viral core protein p 12 with purified viral rna

Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Harms Y.M.; Batink H.D.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1982: Specific binding of threo 1 1 2 1 4 benzodioxan 2 yl 2 hydroxyethyl 4 piperidyl 2 benzimidazolinone r 29814 to rat brain membranes

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Goodnough L.T.; Saito H., 1982: Specific binding of thrombin by human peripheral blood monocytes possible role in the clearance of activated clotting factors from the circulation

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Ben-Sasson, S. Z.; Lipscomb, M. F.; Tucker, T. F.; Uhr, J. W., 1977: Specific binding of thymus derived lymphocytes to macrophages part 2 role of macrophage associated antigen

Ben-Sasson, S. Z.; Lipscomb, M. F.; Tucker, T. F.; Uhr, J. W., 1978: Specific binding of thymus derived lymphocytes to macrophages part 3 spontaneous dissociation of thymus derived cells from antigen pulsed macrophages

Lipscomb M.F.; Ben Sasson S.Z.; Tucker T.F.; Uhr J.W., 1979: Specific binding of thymus derived lymphocytes to macrophages part 4 dependence on cations temperature and cytochalasin b sensitive mechanisms

Lyons C.R.; Tucker T.F.; Uhr J.W., 1979: Specific binding of thymus derived lymphocytes to macrophages part 5 the role of immune response associated antigens on macrophages in the binding

Biro J., 1981: Specific binding of thyroid stimulating hormone by human serum globulins

Wheeler K.P.; Barhanin J.; Lazdunski M., 1982: Specific binding of toxin ii from centruroides suffusus suffusus to the sodium channel in electroplaque membranes

Colburn N.H.; Gindhart T.D., 1981: Specific binding of transforming growth factor correlates with promotion of anchorage independence in epidermal growth factor receptorless mouse jb 6 cells

Ichikawa H.; Ikeda K.; Wishart W.L.; Ohtsubo E., 1987: Specific binding of transposase to terminal inverted repeats of transposable element tn3

Matulich D.T.; Baxter J.D.; Gomez Sanchez C.; Holland O.B., 1979: Specific binding of tritiated 16 beta hydroxy dehydroepi androsterone by rat kidney

Hwang S B.; Lam M H.; Chang M.N., 1986: Specific binding of tritiated dihydrokadsurenone to rabbit platelet membranes and its inhibition by the receptor agonists and antagonists of platelet activating factor

Zlobina G.P.; Chekalina N.D., 1987: Specific binding of tritiated domperidone a selective ligand of d 2 receptors to the human caudate nucleus

Powell-Jones, W.; Davies, P.; Griffiths, K., 1976: Specific binding of tritiated estradiol by cytoplasmic protein components of female rat liver

Swaneck G.E.; Alvarez J.M., 1985: Specific binding of tritiated estradiol to rat prostate nuclear matrix

Bushmeyer S.M.; Bellin M.E.; Ax R.L., 1985: Specific binding of tritiated heparin to bovine granulosa cell membranes

Lo W.W.Y.; Hughes J., 1987: Specific binding of tritiated inositol trisphosphate to rat cerebral cortical microsomal membranes

London E.D.; Coyle J.T., 1979: Specific binding of tritiated kainic acid to receptor sites in rat brain

Fiedler J.L.; Arqueros L.; Bustos G., 1986: Specific binding of tritiated l glutamic acid to rat substantia nigra synaptic membranes

Bockaert, J.; Roy, C.; Rajerison, R.; Jard, S., 1973: Specific binding of tritiated lysine vasopressin to pig kidney plasma membranes relationship of receptor occupancy to adenylate cyclase activation

Asselin J.; Melancon R.; Gourdeau Y.; Labrie F.; Bonne C.; Raynaud J P., 1979: Specific binding of tritiated methyltrienolone to both progestin and androgen binding components in human benign prostatic hypertrophy

Diop L.; Dausse J P., 1986: Specific binding of tritiated nicergoline in rat brain comparison with the selective alpha 1 antagonist tritiated prazosin

Spero L., 1985: Specific binding of tritiated phenytoin in the human brain

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Dunn J.A.; Blumberg P.M., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled 12 deoxy phorbol 13 iso butyrate to phorbol ester receptor subclasses in mouse skin particulate preparations

Degtyar V.G., 1982: Specific binding of tritium labeled 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol by cytosol of male and female rat hypophysis

Bahouth S.W.; Lazaro D.M.; Brundish D.E.; Musacchio J.M., 1985: Specific binding of tritium labeled 8 tyrosine physalaemin to rat submaxillary gland substance p receptor

Schwabe U.; Kiffe H.; Puchstein C.; Trost T., 1979: Specific binding of tritium labeled adenosine to rat brain membranes

Murtazaeva L.A.; Makarkin V.D.; Khamidov D.Kh, 1981: Specific binding of tritium labeled cortisol in developing chick embryo tissues

Zlobina G.P.; Kondakova L.I.; Khalansky A.S., 1985: Specific binding of tritium labeled diazepam in mouse glioblastoma the influence of clonazepam and ro 5 4864 diazepam p chlorophenyl analog on tritium labeled diazepam binding

Boctor A.M.; Band P.; Grossman A., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled estradiol to the cytosol of rat pancreas alteration of the apparent number of binding sites by an endogenous factor and oligo peptide derivatives

Dausse J P.; Cardot A.; Meyer P., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled guanfacine to alpha 2 adrenoceptors in rat brain

Marcusson J.; Fowler C.J.; Hall H.; Ross S.B.; Winbald B., 1985: Specific binding of tritium labeled imipramine to protease sensitive and protease resistant sites

Slevin J.; Collins J.; Lindsley K.; Coyle J.T., 1982: Specific binding of tritium labeled l glutamate to cerebellar membranes evidence for recognition site heterogeneity

Nishimura J.; Kanaide H.; Miwa N.; Nakamura M., 1985: Specific binding of tritium labeled mepyramine to histamine h 1 receptors in the sarcolemma from porcine aorta and coronary artery

Goedert M.; Pittaway K.; Williams B.J.; Emson P.C., 1984: Specific binding of tritium labeled neurotensin to rat brain membranes characterization and regional distribution

Depover A.; Matlib M.A.; Lee S.W.; Dube G.P.; Grupp I.L.; Grupp G.; Schwartz A., 1982: Specific binding of tritium labeled nitrendipine to membranes from coronary arteries and heart in relation to pharmacological effects paradoxical stimulation by diltiazem

Kim R.S.; Labella F.S., 1980: Specific binding of tritium labeled ouabain to heart is inhibited by long chain fatty acids and alcohols

Ferrier B.M.; Mcclorry S.A.; Cochrane A.W., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled oxytocin in the female rat brain

Weinstein H.; Maayani S.; Goldschmidt R., 1980: Specific binding of tritium labeled phencyclidine artifacts of the rapid filtration method

Zukin S.R.; Fitz Syage M.L.; Nichtenhauser R.; Zukin R.S., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled phencyclidine in rat central nervous tissue further characterization and technical considerations

Lehrer R.I.; Cohen L.E.; Koeffler H.P., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled phorbol di butyrate to phorbol di ester responsive and resistant clones of a human myeloid leukemia kg 1 line 1

Skomedal T.; Aass H.; Osnes J B., 1984: Specific binding of tritium labeled prazosin to myo cardial cells isolated from adult rats

Malet C.; Scherrer H.; Saavedra J.M.; Dray F., 1982: Specific binding of tritium labeled prostaglandin e 2 to rat brain membranes and synaptosomes

Ferkany J.W.; Coyle J.T., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled racemic 2 amino 7 phosphono heptanoic acid to rat brain membranes in vitro

Diop L.; Dausse J P.; Meyer P., 1983: Specific binding of tritium labeled rauwolscine to alpha 2 adrenoceptors in rat cerebral cortex comparison between crude and synaptosomal plasma membranes

Panet, A.; Haseltine, W. A.; Baltimore, D.; Peters, G.; Harada, F.; Dahlberg, J. E., 1975: Specific binding of tryptophan transfer rna to avian myeloblastosis virus rna dependent dna polymerase ec reverse transcriptase

Higashi K.; Ishibashi S., 1985: Specific binding of tubulin to a guanine nucleotide binding inhibitory regulatory protein in adenylate cyclase system n i

Vignais M L.; Woudt L.P.; Wassenaar G.M.; Mager W.H.; Sentenac A.; Planta R.J., 1987: Specific binding of tuf factor to upstream activation sites of yeast ribosomal protein genes

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Saftner, R. A.; Evans, M. L.; Hollander, P. B., 1976: Specific binding of victorin and calcium evidence for calcium binding as a mediator of victorin activity

Romanov G.A.; Taran V.Ya; Khvoika L.; Kulaeva O.N., 1986: Specific binding of zeatin to a protein fraction from barley leaves and purification of cytokinin binding proteins

Phillips, J. L., 1976: Specific binding of zinc transferrin to human lymphocytes

Reinhardt T.A.; Conrad H.R., 1980: Specific binding protein for 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 in bovine mammary gland

Rahmsdorf, H. J.; Gerisch, G., 1978: Specific binding proteins for cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in dictyostelium discoideum

Chan D.W.; Bill M.J.; Rosenshein N., 1981: Specific binding proteins for human chorionic gonadotropin in a patient with tropho blastic disease

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