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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6458

Chapter 6458 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pagoulatos G.N., 1988: Specific inhibition of sv 40 protein synthesis by heat and arsenite treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457001

Macario A.J.L., 1979: Specific inhibition of the antibody mediated activation of a defective beta d galactosidase by circulating activating epitope binding molecules

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457003

Williams G.T., 1984: Specific inhibition of the differentiation of trypanosoma cruzi

Corti, A.; Dave, C.; Williams-Ashman, H. G.; Mihich, E.; Schenone, A., 1974: Specific inhibition of the enzymic decarboxylation of s adenosyl methionine by methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone and related substances

Lavigne, J.; Lalanne, M.; Thompson, J. P.; Simard, A., 1977: Specific inhibition of the incorporation of tritiated thymidine in regenerating rat liver by a rat hepatocytes supernatant

Wildner, G. F.; Henkel, J., 1976: Specific inhibition of the oxygenase activity of ribulose 1 5 di phosphate carboxylase

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457008

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457009

Uehara, Y.; Hori, M.; Umezawa, H., 1976: Specific inhibition of the termination process of protein synthesis by negamycin

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457011

Lozoya Saldana H., 1986: Specific inhibition of tobacco mosaic virus protein and single stranded rna synthesis by arabinofuranosyladenine

Tseng, W. C.; Medina, D.; Randerath, K., 1978: Specific inhibition of transfer rna methylation and modification in tissues of mice treated with 5 fluoro uracil

Carrasco, L.; Jimenez, A.; Vazquez, D., 1976: Specific inhibition of translocation by tubulosine in eukaryotic polysomes

Seshimo, H.; Ryuzaki, M.; Yoshizato, K., 1977: Specific inhibition of tri iodo thyronine induced tadpole tail fin regression by cathepsin d inhibitor pepstatin

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457016

Oppenheim, J. J.; Zbar, B.; Rapp, H., 1970: Specific inhibition of tumor cell dna synthesis in vitro by lymphocytes from peritoneal exudate of immunized syngeneic guinea pigs

Heinegard D., 1984: Specific inhibition of type i and type ii collagen fibrillogenesis by the small proteoglycan of tendon

Macara I.G., 1986: Specific inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity by an antibody to the v ros oncogene product

Numata A., 1985: Specific inhibition of urease by n acylphosphoric triamides

Lin, W.; Oishi, K.; Aida, K., 1977: Specific inhibition of viral neuraminidases by an inhibitor neuraminin produced by streptomyces sp

Friedman, R. M.; Pastan, I., 1968: Specific inhibition of virus growth in cells treated with enz phospho lipase c anti viral semliki forest clostridium perfringens chick embryo fibroblast

Gisselbrecht, S.; Blaineau, C.; Levy, J. P., 1978: Specific inhibition of xc syncytia formation by anti murine leukemia virus glyco protein 69 71 antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457025

Ueda A., 1987: Specific inhibitor of complement c5 derived chemotactic activity in systemic lupus erythematosus related antigenically to the bb fragment of human factor b

Helene C., 1988: Specific inhibitor of endogenous beta tubulin synthesis in xenopus oocytes by anti messenger oligodeoxynucleotides

Chaudhry N.I., 1983: Specific inhibitors and substrate studies on the cholin esterases of fasciola gigantica from sheep and goats

Chaudhary N.I., 1982: Specific inhibitors and substrates of cholin esterases of fasciola gigantica from cattle and buffaloes

Fleischer A.E., 1979: Specific inhibitors directed at the individual components of ribo nucleotide reductase as an approach to combination chemo therapy

Tsuru D., 1987: Specific inhibitors for prolyl endopeptidase and their anti amnesic effect

Mundy, D.; Hermann, T.; Strittmatter, W. J., 1987: Specific inhibitors implicate a soluble metalloendoproteinase in exocytosis

Al-Hassan, S. S.; Cameron, R. J.; Curran, A. W. C.; Lyall, W. J. S.; Nicholson, S. H.; Robinson, D. R.; Stuart, A.; Suckling, C. J.; Stirling, I.; Wood, H. C. S., 1985: Specific inhibitors in vitamin biosynthesis part 7. syntheses of blocked 7 8 dihydropteridines via alpha aminoketones

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457034

Al-Hassan, S. S.; Cameron, R.; Nicholson, S. H.; Robinson, D. H.; Suckling, C. J.; Wood, H. C. S., 1985: Specific inhibitors in vitamin biosynthesis part 9. reactions of 7 7 dialkyl 7 8 dihydropteridines of use in the synthesis of potential inhibitors of tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis

Lacefield W., 1979: Specific inhibitors of amino peptidase m relationship to anti inflammatory activity

Hooper, A. B.; Terry, K. R., 1973: Specific inhibitors of ammonia oxidation in nitrosomonas

Hertel R., 1983: Specific inhibitors of auxin transport action on tissue segments and in vitro binding to membranes from maize zea mays coleoptiles

Oxford, J. S., 1975: Specific inhibitors of influenza virus replication as potential chemo prophylactic agents

Hubley, J. H.; Thomson, A. W.; Wilkinson, J. F., 1975: Specific inhibitors of methane oxidation in methylosinus trichosporium

Horgen, P. A.; Griffin, D. H., 1971: Specific inhibitors of the 3 rna polymerases from the aquatic fungus blastocladiella emersonii

Bronzetti G., 1986: Specific inhibitors of the monooxygenase system of saccharomyces cerevisiae modified the mutagenic effect of 4 nitroquinoline 1 oxide and the deethylation activity of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Watanabe K., 1988: Specific inhibitors of tyrosine specific protein kinase i synthesis and inhibitory activities of alpha cyanocinnamamides

Watanabe K., 1987: Specific inhibitors of tyrosine specific protein kinase synthetic 4 hydroxycinnamimide derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457045

Kapoor N., 1980: Specific inhibitory activity against granulocyte progenitor cells produced by non t lymphocytes from patients with neutropenia

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457047

Thoren, M. M.; Sebring, E. D.; Salzman, N. P., 1972: Specific initiation site for sv 40 dna replication

Nja, A.; Purves, D., 1977: Specific innervation of guinea pig superior cervical ganglion cells by preganglionic fibers arising from different levels of the spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457050

Yip J.W., 1986: Specific innervation of neurons in the paravertebral sympathetic ganglia of the chick

Kopecko D.J., 1988: Specific insertion and deletion of insertion sequence 1 like dna element causes the reversible expression of the virulence capsular antigen vi of citrobacter freundii in escherichia coli

Sovik O., 1987: Specific insulin binding in bovine chromaffin cells demonstration of preferential binding to adrenaline storing cells

Tremblay R.R., 1981: Specific insulin binding sites in rat testis characterization and variation

Hsueh A.J.W., 1986: Specific insulin like growth factor i binding and ii binding sites on rat granulosa cells relation to insulin like growth factor action

Ledig M., 1986: Specific insulin mediated regulation of glutamine synthetase in cultured chick astroglial cells

Kurtz J., 1986: Specific integral dose a reconsideration of the integral dose concept

Buchhagen D.L., 1984: Specific integration of recombinant pro viral sequences in ecotropic gross virus accelerated akr thymomas

Hoppe M., 1988: Specific intellectual deficits in children with early onset diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457060

Tye B K., 1988: Specific interaction between a saccharomyces cerevisiae protein and a dna element associated with certain autonomously replicating sequences

Chambon P., 1985: Specific interaction between a transcription factor and the upstream element of the adenovirus 2 major late promoter

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457063

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457064

Deleers, M.; Poss, A.; Ruysschaert, J. M., 1976: Specific interaction between concanavalin a and glyco lipids incorporated into planar bi layer membranes

Gruss P., 1984: Specific interaction between enhancer containing molecules and cellular components

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457067

Lesser, B. H.; Comings, D. E., 1978: Specific interaction between mouse liver nonhistone chromosomal proteins and mouse dna demonstrated by a sequential dna protein binding procedure

Gottikh B.P., 1980: Specific interaction between oligo valine and nucleic acids

Myshkina L.A., 1984: Specific interaction between piperidine derivatives and human serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457071

Grudzinskas J.G., 1981: Specific interaction between placental protein 5 and thrombin

Yu L., 1982: Specific interaction between protein and ubi quinone in succinate ubi quinone reductase

Draper D.E., 1985: Specific interaction between ribosomal protein s 4 and the alpha operon messenger rna

Cech T.R., 1984: Specific interaction between the self splicing rna of tetrahymena and its guanosine substrate implications for biological catalysis by rna

Miura K I., 1985: Specific interaction between transfer rna and its cognate amino acid as detected by circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy

Padmanabhan, R.; Padmanabhan, R. V., 1977: Specific interaction of a protein at or near the termini of adenovirus type 2 dna

Roeder R.G., 1980: Specific interaction of a purified transcription factor with an internal control region of 5s rna genes

Filatova T.N., 1984: Specific interaction of alpha chymotrypsin with immobilized inhibitor from the kidney bean seeds

Uhlenbeck O.C., 1982: Specific interaction of anti codon loop residues with yeast phenylalanyl transfer rna synthetase

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457081

Krauss H., 1987: Specific interaction of bovine igg1 and igg2 subclasses with different chlamydial antigens

Yaniv M., 1985: Specific interaction of cellular factors with the b enhancer of polyoma virus

Read, B. D.; Demel, R. A.; Wiegandt, H.; Van-Deenen, L. L. M., 1977: Specific interaction of concanavalin a with glyco lipid mono layers

Koch, B.; Lutz-Bucher, B.; Briaud, B.; Mialhe, C., 1978: Specific interaction of cortico steroids with binding sites in the plasma membranes of the rat anterior pituitary gland

Takegami, T.; Yoshida, K., 1977: Specific interaction of cyto kinin binding protein with 40s ribosomal subunits in the presence of cyto kinin in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457087

Shrago E., 1985: Specific interaction of fatty acyl coenzyme a esters with brown adipose tissue mitochondria

Podgorodnichenko, V. K.; Bryksina, L. E.; Karpov, V. L.; Poverennyi, A. M., 1975: Specific interaction of healthy human serum proteins with double helix rna

Heinrich, D.; Stephinger, U.; Mueller-Eckhardt, C., 1977: Specific interaction of hl a antibodies eluates with washed platelets

Sperti S., 1979: Specific interaction of human tamm horsfall glyco protein with leuko agglutinin a lectin from phaseolus vulgaris red kidney bean

Maerz L., 1987: Specific interaction of ige antibodies with a carbohydrate epitope of honey bee venom phospholipase a 2

Clark B.F.C., 1979: Specific interaction of initiation factor if 2 of escherichia coli with formylmethionyl transfer rna

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457094

Stanley E.R., 1980: Specific interaction of murine colony stimulating factor with mononuclear phagocytic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457096

Golynskaya E.L., 1985: Specific interaction of pistillate lectins and simple sugars in maize lines and hybrids

Sommerville J., 1983: Specific interaction of proteins with 5s rna and transfer rna in the 42s storage particle of xenopus laevis oocytes

Nakayama R., 1982: Specific interaction of radioactive anti androgen tsaa 291 with androgen receptor in rat prostates

Donato R., 1981: Specific interaction of s 100 protein with synaptosomal particulate fractions evidence for the formation of a tight complex between s 100 and its binding sites

Sahib M.K., 1983: Specific interaction of some nonsteroidal compounds with the progesterone binding site of utero globin

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457102

Deppert W., 1987: Specific interaction of sv 40 large t antigen with cellular chromatin and nuclear matrix during the course of infection

Tanaka R., 1987: Specific interaction of synaptic junction with cytoskeletal proteins in brain cytosol

Ivanov V.I., 1986: Specific interaction of the cro repressor with operator site models circular dichroism studies

Levine A.J., 1982: Specific interaction of the sv 40 t antigen cellular p 53 protein complex with sv 40 dna

Brinton C.C.Jr, 1979: Specific interaction of the tetragonally arrayed protein layer of bacillus sphaericus with its peptido glycan sacculus

Solomon A.K., 1984: Specific interaction of the water transport inhibitor p chloromercuribenzenesulfonate with band 3 in red blood cell membranes

Lin S., 1987: Specific interaction of vinculin with alpha actinin

Rajeswari M.R., 1988: Specific interactions between amino acid side chains a partial molar volume study

Tsuji, S.; Murata, M., 1976: Specific interactions between the d genome and the 3 alien cytoplasms in wheat part 2 seed inviability induced by the alien cytoplasms

Hennighausen L., 1988: Specific interactions between transcription factors and the promoter regulatory region of the human cytomegalovirus major immediate early gene

Pieterse, A. H., 1976: Specific interactions in the physiology of flowering and gibbosity of lemna gibba g 3

Deshko T.N., 1979: Specific interactions in transcortin steroid complex

Seydoux, F. J.; Kelemen, N.; Kellershohn, N.; Roucous, C., 1976: Specific interactions of 3 phospho glyceroyl glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase with coenzymes

Geiduschek E.P., 1982: Specific interactions of saccharomyces cerevisiae proteins with a promoter region of eukaryotic transfer rna genes

Kassab R., 1986: Specific interactions of the alkali light chain 1 in skeletal myosin heads probed by chemical cross linking

Banerjee A.K., 1984: Specific interactions of vesicular stomatitis virus l and ns proteins with heterologous genome ribonucleoprotein template lead to messenger rna synthesis in vitro

Rodbard, D., 1977: Specific interference parallel displacement in radio ligand assays by extraneous binding proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457120

Singer F.R., 1984: Specific internalization and action of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 in cultured dermal fibroblasts from patients with x linked hypophosphatemia

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457122

Szego C.M., 1984: Specific internalization of estrogen and binding to nuclear matrix in isolated uterine cells

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457124

Fulton R.W., 1982: Specific involvement of coat protein in tobacco mosaic virus cross protection

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457126

Schlager S.I., 1979: Specific iodine 125 iodination of cell surface lipids plasma membrane alterations induced during humoral immune attack

Demchenko N.P., 1981: Specific iodine 125 labeled insulin binding in the fat cellular plasma membranes in patients with pheo chromo cytoma

Shoda Y., 1981: Specific iodine 125 labeled prolactin binding in the mouse mammary gland during pregnancy and lactation

Dockery J., 1981: Specific iodine 125 radio immunoassay for cholyl glycine a bile acid in serum

Bivins B.A., 1986: Specific iodine 125 radioimmunoassay for morphine

Thorsson, A. V.; Hintz, R. L., 1977: Specific iodine 125 somatomedin receptor on circulating human mononuclear cells

Smith, W. P.; Landau, J. V.; Pope, D. H., 1976: Specific ion concentration as a factor in baro tolerant protein synthesis in bacteria

Varma S.K., 1981: Specific ion effect on early growth in wheat triticum aestivum

Varma S.K., 1980: Specific ion effect on the accumulation of abscisic acid in wheat triticum aestivum

Fedan J.S., 1981: Specific irreversible antagonism of histamine receptors in the isolated guinea pig vas deferens by 4 5 2 4 azido 2 nitroanilinoethyl imidazole a photo affinity analog of histamine

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457137

Shulman, M. L.; Shiyan, S. D.; Khorlin, A. Y., 1976: Specific irreversible inhibition of sweet almond beta glucosidase ec by some beta glyco pyranosylepoxy alkanes and beta d gluco pyranosyl iso thio cyanate

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457139

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457140

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457141

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457142

Sun T T., 1984: Specific keratins as molecular markers for neoplasms with a stratified epithelial origin

Mishima Y., 1982: Specific killing effect of boron 10 labeled p boronophenyl alanine in thermal neutron capture therapy of malignant melanoma in vitro radiobiological evaluation

Muzykantov, V. R.; Sakharov, D. V.; Sinitsyn, V. V.; Domogatsky, S. P.; Goncharov, N. V.; Danilov, S. M., 1988: Specific killing of human endothelial cells by antibody conjugated glucose oxidase

Lindmo, T.; Boven, E.; Mitchell, J. B.; Morstyn, G.; Bunn, P. A. Jr, 1985: Specific killing of human melanoma cells by iodine 125 labeled 9.2.27 monoclonal antibody

Seon B.K., 1984: Specific killing of human t leukemia cells by immuno toxins prepared with ricin a chain and mono clonal anti human t cell leukemia antibodies

Brunda, M. J.; Minden, P.; Ferguson, H. R., 1978: Specific killing of line 10 cells in vitro in the presence of normal lymphoid cells and antibodies from immune rabbits or tumor resistant guinea pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457149

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457150

Silver, R. P.; Falkow, S., 1970: Specific labeling and physical characterization of r factor dna in escherichia coli

Ragan, C. I.; Bloxham, D. P., 1977: Specific labeling of a constituent poly peptide of bovine heart mitochondrial nadh ubi quinone reductase by the inhibitor di phenylene iodonium

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457153

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457154

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457155

Lam D.M K., 1986: Specific labeling of ganglion cells in the cat retina by a monoclonal antibody

Muehlethaler K., 1981: Specific labeling of glyco proteins in yeast plasma membrane with concanavalin a

Kjeldsberg E., 1985: Specific labeling of human rotaviruses and adenoviruses with gold immunoglobulin g complexes

Pfefferkorn, E. R.; Pfefferkorn, L. C., 1977: Specific labeling of intra cellular toxoplasma gondii with uracil

Freedman R.B., 1981: Specific labeling of microsomal proteins by reactive intermediates generated from 2 acetylamino fluorene in vitro

Blumberg P.M., 1983: Specific labeling of mouse brain membrane phospho lipids with tritium labeled phorbol 12 p azido benzoate 13 benzoate a photolabile phorbol ester

Langer S.Z., 1979: Specific labeling of postsynaptic alpha 1 adrenoceptors in rat heart ventricle by 3 h wb 4101

Aebi U., 1985: Specific labeling of protein domains with antibody fragments

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457164

Burger, K. J.; Trautner, T. A., 1978: Specific labeling of replicating phage spp 1 dna analysis of viral dna synthesis and identification of phage dna genes

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457166

Fluegge, U. I.; Heldt, H. W., 1978: Specific labeling of the active site of the phosphate translocator in spinach chloroplasts by 2 4 6 tri nitro benzenesulfonate

Sargent M.G., 1980: Specific labeling of the bacillus subtilis chromosome terminus

Verheijen, J. H.; Postma, P. W.; Van-Dam, K., 1978: Specific labeling of the calcium ii ion plus magnesium ii ion atpase of escherichia coli with 8 azido atp and 4 chloro 7 nitro benzofurazan/

Soda K., 1988: Specific labeling of the essential cysteine residue of l methionine gamma lyase with a cofactor analogue n bromoacetylpyridoxamine phosphate

Kaback H.R., 1980: Specific labeling of the lac carrier protein in membrane vesicles of escherichia coli by a photo affinity reagent

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457172

Henderson, R.; Jubb, J. S.; Whytock, S., 1978: Specific labeling of the protein and lipid on the extracellular surface of purple membrane

Perret V., 1987: Specific labeling of the thyroxine binding site in thyroxine binding globulin determination of the amino acid composition of a labeled peptide fragment isolated from a proteolytic digest of the derivatized protein

Miller R.G., 1987: Specific labelling by peanut agglutinin of the outer acrosomal membrane of the human spermatozoon

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457176

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457177

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457178

Goto Y., 1979: Specific lamellar structures of agranular endoplasmic reticulum in the senile mouse adrenal cortex

Singh S.P., 1987: Specific landmarks on radiographs as diagnostic tools in determining hip diseases in the cross river state of nigeria

Edmundson A., 1987: Specific language impairment as a maturational lag evidence from longitudinal data on language and motor development

Il'ina T.V., 1985: Specific latex preparations in the etiological diagnosis of purulent bacterial meningitis

Giannini R., 1986: Specific leaf area and leaf area index distribution in a young douglas fir plantation

Sterba H., 1985: Specific leaf area and needle weight of norway spruce picea abies in stands of different densities

Berg A., 1979: Specific leaf area of douglas fir reproduction as affected by light and needle age

Hough R.A., 1983: Specific leaf area photosynthesis and respiration in 2 sympatric nymphaeaceae populations

Noitsakis B., 1986: Specific leaf weight an index of dry matter production

Nelson C.J., 1987: Specific leaf weight in zones of cell division elongation and maturation in tall fescue leaf blades

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457190

Landolfo S., 1983: Specific leukocyte inhibitory factor production in laryngeal cancer patients evidence of suppressor activity exerted by adherent cells

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457192

Sirois P., 1988: Specific leukotriene d 4 receptors on guinea pig alveolar macrophages

Maurer R., 1987: Specific lhrh receptor binding sites in hippocampus and pituitary an autoradiography study

Kurganov B.I., 1983: Specific ligand induced association of an enzyme a new model of dissociating allo steric enzyme

Waser P.G., 1980: Specific ligands for the affinity chromatography of cholinergic proteins

Kroeker, W. D.; Fairley, J. L., 1975: Specific limited cleavage of bi helical dna by wheat seedling nuclease

Lebherz H.G., 1986: Specific limited tryptic modification of wheat germ fructose bisphosphate aldolase subunits destruction of catalytic activity but not of ability to establish precise subunit subunit recognition

Asselineau C., 1984: Specific lipids from mycobacterium ulcerans

Zambetti G., 1984: Specific local immunotherapy in the treatment of hay fever

Pepys M.B., 1988: Specific localization and imaging of amyloid deposits in vivo using iodine 123 labeled serum amyloid p component

Bayer, E. A.; Skutelsky, E.; Viswanatha, T.; Wilchek, M., 1978: Specific localization and quantification of biotin transport components in yeast by use of a biotin conjugated impermeant electron dense label

Jones, M.; Keenan, R. W., 1981: Specific localization of 2' 3' cyclic nucleotide 3' phospho hydrolase ec calcium magnesium atpase and acetyl cholin esterase in human erythrocyte membrane

Sandermann H.Jr, 1982: Specific localization of beta d glucoside conjugates of 2 4 d in soybean glycine max cultivar mandarin vacuoles

Ishibashi T., 1985: Specific localization of glutathione s transferases in astrocytes and ependymal cells of rat brain immunocytochemical demonstration

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457206

Milgrom E., 1984: Specific localization of plasma cortico steroid binding globulin immuno reactivity in pituitary corticotrophs

Head J.F., 1982: Specific localization of scallop aequipecten irradians gill epithelial calmodulin in cilia

Ceccarelli B., 1984: Specific localization of the alpha latro toxin receptor in the nerve terminal plasma membrane

Kannagi R., 1987: Specific localization of tissue type transglutaminase in acth producing cells of the human pituitary gland as demonstrated by immunohistochemistry

Vazquez D., 1986: Specific location of penicillin binding proteins within the cell envelope of escherichia coli

Kelly E.M., 1982: Specific locus mutation frequencies in mouse stem cell spermatogonia at very low radiation dose rates

Hunsicker P.R., 1984: Specific locus mutation rates in the mouse following inhalation of ethylene oxide and application of the results to the estimation of human genetic risk

Papworth D.G., 1985: Specific locus mutation response to unequal 1 plus 9 gray x ray fractionations at 24 hour and 4 day fraction intervals

Phipps E.L., 1979: Specific locus test shows ethyl nitroso urea to be the most potent mutagen in the mouse

Ramareedy, G.; Reiter, H., 1969: Specific loss of newly replicated dna treated bacillus subtilis 168

Janeway, C. A. Jr ; Mosier, D. E.; Tigelaar, R. E., 1976: Specific loss of stimulator activity following mixed lymphocyte reactions is due to cyto toxic cells

Saez J.M., 1981: Specific low density lipo protein receptors in pig leydig cells role of this lipo protein in cultured leydig cell steroidogenesis

Tikhonov A.V., 1984: Specific lpa lipo protein as additional genetic marker in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease

Alford C.A.Jr, 1981: Specific lymphocyte blastogenic responses in children with cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus infections acquired early in infancy

Kalofoutis A., 1980: Specific lymphocyte phospho lipid changes in chronic renal failure

Kaneene, J. M.; Johnson, D. W.; Anderson, R. K.; Angus, R. D.; Pietz, D. E.; Muscoplat, C. C., 1978: Specific lymphocyte stimulation in cattle naturally infected with strains of brucella abortus and cattle vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19

Ohnishi, K.; Bonavida, B., 1986: Specific lymphocyte target cell conjugate formation between tumor specific helper t cell hybridomas and ia bearing reticulum cell sarcoma tumors and ie bearing allogeneic cells i. role of ia and both l 3t4 and lfa 1 antigens in recognition binding

De Bruyn J., 1988: Specific lymphoproliferation gamma interferon production and serum immunoglobulin g directed against a purified 32 kda mycobacterial protein antigen p32 in patients with active tuberculosis

Cohen, A. B.; Gruenke, L. D.; Craig, J. C.; Geczy, D., 1977: Specific lysine labeling by oxygen 18 hydroxyl ion during alkaline cleavage of the alpha 1 anti trypsin trypsin complex

Kaufmann S.H.E., 1988: Specific lysis by cd8 positive t cells of schwann cells expressing mycobacterium leprae antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457228

Berke G., 1983: Specific lysis of antigenically irrelevant cells by cyto toxic t lymphocytes upon insertion of appropriate antigens into the target cell plasma membranes

Tompkins, W. A. F.; Seth, P. B.; Yip, D. M.; Palmer, J. L.; Gee, S. R.; Rawls, W. E., 1976: Specific lysis of human colon tumor cells by antibodies to carcino embryonic antigen and iso antigen a dependence on rabbit serum or neuraminidase

Segal D.M., 1986: Specific lysis of human tumor cells by t cells coated with anti t 3 cross linked to anti tumor antibody

De Libero G., 1987: Specific lysis of listeria monocytogenes infected macrophages by class ii restricted l3t4+ t cells

Levy J P., 1986: Specific lysis of murine cells expressing hla molecules by allospecific human and murine h 2 restricted anti hla t killer lymphocytes

Berzins K., 1983: Specific lysis of plasmodium yoelii infected mouse erythrocytes with antibody and complement

Brown C.G.D., 1986: Specific lysis of theileria annulata infected lymphoblastoid cells by a monoclonal antibody recognizing an infection associated antigen

Levin M., 1986: Specific lysis of varicella zoster virus infected b lymphoblasts by human t cells

Hayashida S., 1981: Specific lysogenicity in streptomyces azureus

Hahn H., 1979: Specific lyt 123 thymus derived cells are involved in protection against listeria monocytogenes and in delayed type hyper sensitivity to listerial antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457239

Endolov, V. V.; Artsimovich, N. G., 1977: Specific macrophage adherence inhibition in animals with post traumatic auto allergic aspermatogenesis

Cerami A., 1988: Specific macrophage receptor activity for advanced glycosylation end products inversely correlates with insulin levels in vivo

Bockaert J., 1979: Specific magnesium and adenosine sites involved in a bi reactant mechanism for adenylate cyclase inhibition and their probable localization on the enzymes catalytic component

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457243

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457244

Chen K Y., 1985: Specific malformation of patent ductus arteriosus in a puppy

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457246

Braude V.I., 1982: Specific manifestations of pathomorphosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Kirk D.N., 1985: Specific mass fragmentographic assay for 25 26 dihydroxyvitamin d in human plasma using a deuterated internal standard

Minkovskii A.E., 1987: Specific mass of sunflower seeds as a parameter of their sowing qualities and productivity

Milburn J.A., 1984: Specific mass transfer and sink controlled phloem translocation in castor bean ricinus communis

Lambert D.M., 1984: Specific mate recognition systems phylogenies and asymmetrical evolution

Freyria A M., 1980: Specific measurement of alternate pathway activation of complement in human glomerulo nephritides 125 cases

Brunner H.R., 1986: Specific measurement of angiotensin metabolites and in vitro generated angiotensin ii in plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457254

Vlassak K., 1983: Specific measurement of soil microbial atp

Loske, K. H., 1978: Specific measures for safeguarding the population or increasing the number of little owls athene noctua in central westphalia west germany

Povinelli M.A., 1979: Specific membrane binding of angiotensin ii the role of degradative enzymes

Barrett, J. N.; Crill, W. E., 1974: Specific membrane properties of cat moto neurons

Blaine E.H., 1984: Specific membrane receptors for atrial natriuretic factor in renal and vascular tissues

Woodworth R.C., 1981: Specific membrane receptors for di ferric transferrin in cultured rat skeletal myocytes and chick embryo cardiac myocytes

Tsukube H., 1983: Specific membrane transport of amino acid derivatives mediated by synthetic metallo carriers

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457263

Clauvel J.P., 1985: Specific meningeal involvement in multiple myeloma

Sells B.H., 1985: Specific messenger ribonucleoprotein complexes characterization of the proteins bound to histone h 4 messenger rna isolated from l 6 myoblasts

Briggs W.R., 1987: Specific messenger rna and ribosomal rna levels in greening pea leaves during recovery from iron stress

Rosenberg R.N., 1983: Specific messenger rna changes in joseph disease cerebella

Lodish H.F., 1987: Specific messenger rna destabilization in dictyostelium discoideum requires rna synthesis

Einarsson, K.; Gustafsson, J. A.; Ihre, T.; Ingelman-Sundberg, M., 1976: Specific metabolic pathways of steroid sulfates in human liver microsomes

Hassall, H., 1970: Specific method for estimation of l histidine using l histidine ammonia lyase

Weatherburn, M. W.; Trotman, R. B. B.; Jackson, S. H., 1978: Specific method for serum creatinine determination based on ion chromatography and an automated alkaline picrate reaction a proposed reference method

Kochetkov N.K., 1983: Specific method for the fragmentation of the poly peptide chain of glyco proteins distribution of carbohydrate chains on the peptide core of blood group specific glyco protein

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457273

Giesecke D., 1979: Specific methods for the determination of radioactivity in d levo 3 hydroxy butyrate in blood plasma

Kukain R.A., 1979: Specific methods of prophylaxis and diagnosis of viral infections in conditions of industrial animal husbandry

Yanulaitis A.A., 1981: Specific methylase from bacillus centrosporus

Roy C.C., 1988: Specific methylation of plasma nonesterified fatty acids in a one step reaction

Toniolo, D.; D'urso, M.; Martini, G.; Persico, M.; Tufano, V.; Battistuzzi, G.; Luzzatto, L., 1984: Specific methylation pattern at the 3' end of the human housekeeping gene for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457279

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457280

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457284

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457285

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457309

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457310

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Rothenberg, S.; Schottenfeld, S.; Selkoe, D.; Gross, K., 1980: Specific oculo motor deficit after acute methadone 2. smooth pursuit eye movements

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457365

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457366

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457373

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457374

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457404

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457405

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457407

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457408

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457414

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457415

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457433

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457434

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457457

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457458

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457466

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457474

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457476

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457481

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457485

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457507

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457508

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457522

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457536

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457537

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457540

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457541

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457546

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457547

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457552

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457559

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457563

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457568

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457569

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457603

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457636

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457637

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457638

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457648

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457649

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457663

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457664

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457672

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457673

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457677

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457678

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457708

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457709

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457723

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457724

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457767

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457774

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457775

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457789

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457792

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457795

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457796

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457802

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457810

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457813

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457824

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457832

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457851

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457852

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457861

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457914

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457925

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457926

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457944

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457958

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457964

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457965

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457968

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457977

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457978

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457979

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457991

Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457992

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Section 7, Chapter 6458, Accession 006457998

Movsesyan S.O., 1983: Specific ultrastructure of diorchis inflata cestoda hymenolepididae tegument

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