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Specific sex attractants for adoxophyes orana f. v. r. and archips crataegana hb

Specific sex attractants for adoxophyes orana f. v. r. and archips crataegana hb

Revue Roumaine de Biologie 32(1): 23-28

In tests carried out in an apple orchard, mixtures of Z9- and Z11-14:OAc, applied on rubber stoppers, displayed the best attractancy and selectivity to the males of Adoxophyes orana at the 80/20 ratio, and to those of Archips crataegana at the ratio of 25/75. As in our zone the two species are sympatric, partially occupy the same ecological niche, and the unique flight of A. cratdaegana overlap the first flight of A. orana, they probably use as sex-attractants the same two compounds, and their reproductive isolation is assured by different blendings of both compounds by the females and by different sensitivity of the males of these blends.

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