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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6459

Chapter 6459 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

B'chir M.M., 1986: Specific ultrastructure of the trophic site induced by tylenchulus semipenetrans in citrus roots citrus aurantium

Kurose H.; Katada T.; Amano T.; Ui M., 1983: Specific uncoupling by islet activating protein pertussis toxin of negative signal transduction via alpha adrenergic cholinergic and opiate receptors in neuro blastoma x glioma hybrid cells

Sanborn, W. G.; Langer, G. A., 1970: Specific uncoupling of excitation and contraction in mammalian cardiac tissue by lanthanum kinetic studies

Hall B.M.; Jelbart M.E.; Gurley K.E.; Dorsch S.E., 1985: Specific unresponsiveness in rats with prolonged cardiac allograft survival after treatment with cyclosporine mediation of specific suppression by t helper inducer cells

Bartlett G.L.; Kreider J.W., 1981: Specific unresponsiveness to corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes as measured by delayed hyper sensitivity

Mahdi N.A.; Hutchinson I.V.; Brent L., 1983: Specific unresponsiveness to fully allogeneic kidney allo grafts in rats induced by procarbazine hydro chloride and anti lymphocyte serum

Holub M.; Hraba T.; Madar J., 1982: Specific unresponsiveness to sheep red blood cells visualized by levamisole in athymic nude mice

Maki T.; Gottschalk R.; Wood M.L.; Monaco A.P., 1981: Specific unresponsiveness to skin allo grafts in anti lymphocyte serum treated marrow injected mice participation of donor marrow derived suppressor t cells

Wood P.; Horsburgh T.; Brent L., 1981: Specific unresponsiveness to skin allo grafts in mice

Brent L.; Opara S.C., 1979: Specific unresponsiveness to skin allo grafts in mice part 5 synergy between donor tissue extract procarbazine hydro chloride and anti lymphocyte serum in creating a long lasting unresponsiveness mediated by suppressor thymus derived cells

Silver M.A.; Jacobowitz D.M., 1979: Specific uptake and retrograde flow of antibody to dopamine beta hydroxylase by central nervous system noradrenergic neurons in vivo

Marques M.; Da Silva R.S.M.; Turyn D.; Dellacha J.M., 1985: Specific uptake dissociation and degradation of iodine 125 labeled insulin in isolated turtle chrysemys dorbignyi thyroid glands

Freake H.C.; Iwasaki J.; Mccarthy D.M., 1984: Specific uptake of 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol by human chronic myeloid leukemia cells

Verhoef, J.; Witter, A.; De-Wied, D., 1977: Specific uptake of a behaviorally potent tritiated acth 4 9 analog in the septal area after intra ventricular injection in rats

Laborda J.; Naval J.; Allouche M.; Calvo M.; Georgoulias V.; Mishal Z.; Uriel J., 1987: Specific uptake of alpha fetoprotein by malignant human lymphoid cells

Yoshida T., 1987: Specific uptake of arachidonic acid in the human amniotic membrane

Hara T.; Ishihara H.; Aramaki Y.; Tsuchiya S., 1988: Specific uptake of asialofetuin labeled liposomes by isolated hepatocytes

Neale T.J.; Couser W.G.; Salant D.J.; Lowenstein L.M.; Wilson C.B., 1982: Specific uptake of heymanns nephritic kidney eluate by rat kidney studies in vivo and in isolated perfused kidneys

Padron F.; Duran Garcia S.; Obregon M.J.; De Escobar G.M.; Del Rey F.E., 1981: Specific uptake of human growth hormone by the liver of severely hypo thyroid rats

Buck J.; Bruchelt G.; Girgert R.; Treuner J.; Niethammer D., 1985: Specific uptake of iodine 125 m iodobenzylguanidine in the human neuroblastoma cell line sk n sh

Knight L.C.; Olexa S.A.; Malmud L.S.; Budzynski A.Z., 1983: Specific uptake of radio iodinated fragment e 1 by venous thrombi in pigs

Hashimoto Y.; Kagechika H.; Kawachi E.; Shudo K., 1988: Specific uptake of retinoids into human promyelocytic leukemia cells hl 60 by retinoid specific binding protein possibly the true retinoid receptor

Jackson J.C.; Walker R.F.; Brooks W.H.; Roszman T.L., 1988: Specific uptake of serotonin by murine macrophages

Koevary S.B.; Mcevoy R.C.; Azmitia E.C., 1980: Specific uptake of tritium labeled serotonin in the adult rat pancreas evidence for the presence of serotonergic fibers

Simon M., 1985: Specific uptake rates of amino acids by attached and free living bacteria in a mesotrophic lake

Biro J., 1982: Specific uridine binding by some proteins

Elton, D.; Burrows, G. D., 1978: Specific use of imagery in treatment by hypnosis the secret room

Markevich A.I., 1988: Specific use of the territory and homing of sebastes taczanowski steindachner

Simon E., 1987: Specific uv absorbancy of pure ribosomal rna isolated from trout liver as a standard for the quantification of rna from fish tissues

Wellmann, E., 1976: Specific uv effects in plant morphogenesis

Tamanini, L., 1974: Specific validity of aradus pallescens aradus frigidus and aradus italicus hemiptera heteroptera aradidae

Chang C.H.J.; Sibata J.L.; Fritz S.L.; Dwyer S.J.; Templeton A.W., 1979: Specific value of computed tomographic breast scanner in diagnosis of breast diseases

Freiberg, M. A., 1970: Specific value of phrynops hilarii testudines chelidae

Zaletaeva, T. A.; Kanyuka, V. K.; Golovchanskii, O. V.; Ershikova-Yu, E., 1978: Specific variability of the number of cells with x chromatin in short lived cultures of the human female buccal epithelium with the action of hormones at various phases of individual 24 hour bio rhythm

Erdo S.L.; Amenta F., 1986: Specific vascular localization of gamma aminobutyric acid transaminase in the guinea pig lung

Guillon G.; Gallo Payet N., 1986: Specific vasopressin binding to rat adrenal glomerulosa cells relationship to inositol lipid breakdown

Saliternik, Z., 1977: Specific vector control methods for prevention and eradication of malaria in israel

Safa A.R.; Felsted R.L., 1987: Specific vinca alkaloid binding polypeptides identified in calf brain by photoaffinity labeling

Macnab J.C.M.; Visser L.; Jamieson A.T.; Hay J., 1980: Specific viral antigens in rat cells transformed by herpes simplex virus type 2 and in rat tumors induced by inoculation of transformed cells

Long D.L.; Schafer J.F.; Roelfs A.P., 1985: Specific virulence of puccinia recondita f sp tritici in the usa 1978 1983

Jablonowska, K.; Budohoska, W., 1978: Specific visual disability in relation to ontogeny of brain asymmetry

Korn A.P.; Spitnik Elson P.; Ottensmeyer F.P.; Elson D., 1983: Specific visualization of ribosomal rna in the intact ribosome by electron spectroscopic imaging

Andersen, B.; Osborn, M.; Weber, K., 1978: Specific visualization of the distribution of the calcium dependent regulatory protein of cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase modulator protein in tissue culture cells by immuno fluorescence microscopy mitosis and inter cellular bridge

Horiuchi H., 1980: Specific volume and free space relating to mechanical properties of waxy rice cake

Maxwell J.L.; Kurtz F.A.; Strelka B.J., 1984: Specific volume density of saccharide solutions corn syrups and blends and partial specific volumes of saccharide water mixtures

Wiener M.C.; Tristram Nagle S.; Wilkinson D.A.; Campbell L.E.; Nagle J.F., 1988: Specific volumes of lipids in fully hydrated bilayer dispersions

Fry J.P.; Zieglgaensberger W.; Herz A., 1979: Specific vs nonspecific actions of opioids on hippocampal neurons in the rat brain

Guyda H.J.; Posner B.I., 1980: Specific water soluble binding sites for serum insulin like peptides in human and animal tissues

Loh, Y. P.; Ruechel, R.; Gainer, H., 1977: Specific water soluble poly peptides in identified neurons of aplysia californica

Bratusch-Marrain, P.; Schmid, P.; Waldhaeusle, W.; Schlick, W., 1978: Specific weight loss in hyper thyroidism

Romanenko, V. I.; Dobrynin, E. G., 1978: Specific weight of dry biomass of pure bacterial cultures

Baryshnikov, A. J.; Radzikhovskaya, R. M.; Morozova, L. F.; Belyanchikova, N. I.; Slavina, E. G.; Vinogradova, J. E.; Mkheidze, D. M.; Polotskaya, T. M.; Volkova, M. A.; Et-Al, 1976: Specific xenogenous anti serum to cells of chronic myeloid leukemia in blastic crisis

Siddiqui, A. H.; Janssen-De-Limpens, A. M. P.; Cormane, R. H., 1978: Specific y chromosome fluorescence in interphase nuclei of epithelial cells in human buccal smears

Karam A.; Cescas M.P.; Ledoux R., 1983: Specific zinc sorption by some gleysolic c horizons in quebec soils canada

Fomin D.Kh; Bogach Ya N.; Vlokh T.V.; Shevchenko L.V., 1988: Specific zonal features of viral hepatitis a incidence rate for a prolonged period according to the data collected in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Fantl W.J.; Di Donato A.; Manning J.M.; Rogers P.H.; Arnone A., 1987: Specifically carboxymethylated hemoglobin as an analogue of carbamino hemoglobin solution and x ray studies of carboxymethylated hemoglobin and x ray studies of carbamino hemoglobin

Chojkier M.; Spanheimer R.; Peterkofsky B., 1983: Specifically decreased collagen biosynthesis in scurvy dissociated from an effect on proline hydroxylation and correlated with body weight loss in vitro studies in guinea pig calvarial bones

Prunet, J.; Birrien, J. L.; Panijel, J.; Liacopoulos, P., 1976: Specifically depleted spleen cell populations recover responsiveness by a concomitant unrelated delayed hyper sensitivity reaction

Sethi, K. K.; Brandis, H., 1977: Specifically immune mouse thymus derived cells can destroy h 2 compatible murine target cells infected with herpes simplex virus types 1 or 2

Johansson G.; Joelsson M., 1986: Specifically increased solubility of enzymes in polyethyleneglycol solutions using polymer bound triazine dyes

Silverman G.A.; Peri B.A.; Rothberg R.M., 1983: Specifically induced suppression of t cell and natural killer like cytolytic activity by ingested soluble antigens

Gynther J.; Huhtikangas A.; Auriola S.; Juvonen H., 1986: Specifically labeled beta carbolines for biomedical investigations

Scheiblechner H., 1979: Specifically objective stochastic latency mechanisms

Rohde W.; Schnoelzer M.; Rackwitz H R.; Haas B.; Seliger H.; Saenger H.L., 1981: Specifically primed synthesis in vitro of full length dna complementary to potato spindle tuber viroid

Tagi, H.; Dansette, P.; Jerina, D. M., 1976: Specifically tritiated arene oxides

Desrosiers R.C., 1982: Specifically unmethylated cytidylic guanylate sites in herpesvirus saimiri dna in tumor cells

Tomberg U.Kh, 1987: Specification and differentiation of irrigation rates based on capillary replenishment

Maeda K.; Maeda K.; Jimbow K., 1988: Specification and use of a mouse monoclonal antibody raised against melanosomes for the histopathologic diagnosis of amelanotic malignant melanoma

Anufrieva V.N.; Artem'ev M.M., 1981: Specification of a method for determining the physiological age of female mosquitoes as exemplified by populations of anopheles pulcherrimus and anopheles hyrcanus in northeastern afghanistan and fertility of females of these species

Taylor, K. W.; Mcloughlin, M. J.; Aldridge, H. E., 1977: Specification of angulated projections in coronary arteriography

Solomon F., 1981: Specification of cell morphology by endogenous determinants

Magomedov M.Sh, 1981: Specification of cow demand for magnesium

Moser, J. W-Jr, 1976: Specification of density for the inverse j shaped diameter distribution

Spijkers W.A.C.; Steyvers F.J.J.M., 1984: Specification of direction and duration during programming of discrete sliding movements

Bonnet M.; Requin J.; Stelmach G.E., 1982: Specification of direction and extent in motor programming

Hailey D.M.; Lea A.R.; Kendall C.E., 1982: Specification of limits for particulate contamination in pharmaceutical dosage forms

Bueno Gaston C.; Mendez Gonzalez J.; Santamaria Ballesteros J.; Bomoy Mingarro M.T., 1986: Specification of phenoxy acid herbicides by gas chromatography in waters for public supply

Hunt, R. K.; Jacobson, M., 1973: Specification of positional information in retinal ganglion cells of xenopus assays for analysis of the unspecified state

Hunt, R. K.; Jacobson, M., 1972: Specification of positional information in retinal ganglion cells of xenopus laevis stability of the specified state

Henze E.; Tymiec A.; Delagardelle C.; Adam W.E.; Bitter F.; Stauch M., 1986: Specification of regional wall motion abnormalities by phase analysis of radionuclide angiograms in coronary artery disease and non coronary artery disease patients

Bradley D.E.; Taylor D.E.; Cohen D.R., 1980: Specification of surface mating systems among conjugative drug resistance plasmids in escherichia coli k 12

Khanna S.M.; Stinson M.R., 1985: Specification of the acoustical input to the ear at high frequencies

Bradley D.E., 1983: Specification of the conjugative pili and surface mating systems of pseudomonas plasmids

Myasnikov-Yu, A.; Tkachenko, E. A.; Rezapkin, G. V.; Petrov, V. A.; Gasanova, T. A.; Bagan, R. N.; Spiridonova, A. G.; Loginov, A. I.; Vereshchagin, N. N.; Et-Al, 1987: Specification of the eastern border of the european area endemic for hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Popov K.P., 1982: Specification of the eastern border of the range of picea orientalis and abies nordmanniana pinaceae in the greater caucasus ussr

Vagera J.; Jilek M., 1984: Specification of the effect of chelating complex of iron ions in androgenesis in vitro by means of cation free minimal medium

Berking S.; Schindler D., 1983: Specification of the head body proportion in hydra attenuata regenerating the head

Couderc J.; Perrodon Y.; Ventura M.; Liacopoulos P.; Danchin A., 1983: Specification of the immune response its suppression induced by chloramphenicol in vitro

Miroshnichenko A.I., 1980: Specification of the morphology of spores of myxobolus rotundus myxosporidia myxobolidae

Brown B.L.; Hemmes N.S.; Coleman D.A.Jr; Hassin A.; Goldhammer E., 1982: Specification of the stimulus reinforcer relation in multiple schedules delay and probability of reinforcement

Mainguy P., 1979: Specifications for identity and purity of food additives to provide the necessary scientific basis for toxicological evaluation

Guennelon, G.; D'arcier, F.; Trincal, J., 1975: Specifications for mass producing lobesia botrana lepidoptera tortricidae on an artificial diet

Valentine K.W.G.; Lidstone A., 1985: Specifications for soil survey intensity survey order in canada

Ben Aissa H.; Paulie S.; Koho H.; Biberfeld P.; Hansson Y.; Lundblad M.L.; Gustafson H.; Jonsdottir I.; Perlmann P., 1985: Specificities and binding properties of 2 monoclonal antibodies against carcinoma cells of the human urinary bladder

Hedin A.; Hammarstrom S.; Larsson A., 1982: Specificities and binding properties of 8 mono clonal antibodies against carcino embryonic antigen

Gupta R.C., 1985: Specificities and characteristics of mitochondrial protein antigens assessed by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for antimitochondrial antibodies relationship to immunofluorescent and precipitating antibodies

Watanabe H.; Hastings J.W., 1982: Specificities and properties of 3 nadph fmn reductases coupling to bacterial luciferase

Frentzen, M.; Heinz, E.; Mckeon, T. A.; Stumpf, P. K., 1983: Specificities and selectivities of glycerol 3 phosphate acyl transferase and mono acyl glycerol 3 phosphate acyl transferase ec from pea pisum sativum and spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts

Blomberg J.; Klasse P.J., 1988: Specificities and sensitivities of three systems for determination of antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus by electrophoretic immunoblotting

Morita T.; Morita R.; Takagi S.; Shimoyama N.; Nagai K., 1981: Specificities and some properties of human t and b lymphocyte anti sera

Painter C.J.; Monestier M.; Chew A.; Bona Dimitriu A.; Kasturi K.; Bailey C.; Scott V.E.; Sidman C.L.; Bona C.A., 1988: Specificities and v genes encoding monoclonal autoantibodies from viable motheaten mice

Takasugi, M.; Akira, D.; Takasugi, J.; Mickey, M. R., 1977: Specificities in human cell mediated cyto toxicity

Koide, Y.; Takasugi, M., 1978: Specificities in natural cell mediated cyto toxicity against lympho blastoid cell lines part 1 selective inhibition by cross competition

Takasugi, M.; Koide, Y.; Akira, D.; Ramseyer, A., 1977: Specificities in natural cell mediated cyto toxicity by the cross competition assay

Gumpert J.; Schade W.; Krebs B.; Baykusheva S.; Ivanova E.; Toshkov A., 1984: Specificities in the phospholipid and fatty acid composition of the stable protoplast type l form of escherichia coli b

Bacic T., 1981: Specificities in the structure of the stomata of 3 different oak tree species quercus robur quercus frainetto and quercus cerris related to the influence of ecological factors

Somjen, D.; Kaye, A. M., 1976: Specificities in the synthesis of a cytoplasmic estrogen induced uterine protein

Moshkov B.S.; Selitskaya I.V., 1979: Specificities of actino rhythmic induction of flowering of pharbitis nil

Tanaka K.; Ono T., 1985: Specificities of acylglycerols and phospholipids for interaction with phorbol ester receptor on friend leukemia cells

Thung S.N.; Gerber M.A., 1981: Specificities of albumin receptors and albumin antibodies

Matta, M. S.; Staley, D. D., 1974: Specificities of alpha chymotrypsin and subtilisin carlsberg the alpha acylamido effect in beta phenyl propionates and their rigid analogues

Jensenius J.C.; Andersen I.; Crone M.; Koch C., 1982: Specificities of anti rabbit v h antibodies in mammalian and fowl anti sera

Vernooy-Gerritsen, M.; Veldink, G. A.; Vliegenthart, J. F. G., 1982: Specificities of anti sera directed against soybean glycine max cultivar williams lip oxygenase 1 and lip oxygenase 2 ec and purification of lip oxygenase 2 by affinity chromatography

Mcphaul J.J.Jr; Stastny P.; Freeman R.B., 1981: Specificities of antibodies eluted from human cadaveric renal allo grafts multiple mechanisms of renal allo graft injury

Tzartos S.J.; Seybold M.E.; Lindstrom J.M., 1982: Specificities of antibodies to acetyl choline receptors in sera from myasthenia gravis patients measured by mono clonal antibodies

Retegui L.A.; Masson P.L.; Paladini A.C., 1985: Specificities of antibodies to human growth hormone in patients treated with human growth hormone longitudinal study and comparison with the specificities of animal antisera

Van-Vunakis, H.; Wasserman, E.; Levine, L., 1972: Specificities of antibodies to morphine

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Knight, D. W.; Pattenden, G., 1976: Specificities of enzymatic prenylation and chromanation in the biosynthesis of aspulvinone pigments in aspergillus terreus

Ichishima E.; Takada Y.; Taira K.; Takeuchi M., 1986: Specificities of extracellular and ribosomal serine proteinases from bacillus natto a food microorganism

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Ogino T.; Suzuki K., 1981: Specificities of human and rat brain enzymes of cholesterol ester metabolism toward very long chain fatty acids implication for biochemical pathogenesis of adreno leuko dystrophy

Mukuria C.J.; Fujii Y.; Kato S.; Naiki M., 1986: Specificities of human heterophile hanganutziu and deicher antibodies to glycosphingolipids and a glycoprotein

Fujii Y.; Higashi H.; Ikuta K.; Kato S.; Naiki M., 1982: Specificities of human heterophilic hanganutzia and deicher antibodies and avian anti sera against hanganutzia and deicher antigen active glyco sphingo lipids

Snyder, H. W-Jr ; Pincus, T.; Fleissner, E., 1976: Specificities of human immuno globulins reactive with antigens in preparations of several mammalian type c viruses

Willetts N.; Maule J., 1986: Specificities of inc f plasmid conjugation genes

Gooding, L. R., 1977: Specificities of killing by cyto toxic lymphocytes generated in vivo and in vitro to syngeneic sv 40 transformed cells

Whitmore A.C.; Gooding L.R., 1981: Specificities of killing by t lymphocytes generated against syngeneic sv 40 transformants cross reactivity of the h 2k b m 1 through k b m 4 h 2 mutant alleles in k b restricted sv 40 specific killing

Gooding L.R., 1979: Specificities of killing by thymus derived lymphocytes generated against syngeneic sv 40 transformants studies employing recombinants within the h 2 complex

Maget Dana R.; Veh R.W.; Sander M.; Roche A C.; Schauer R.; Monsigny M., 1981: Specificities of limulin and wheat germ agglutinin towards some derivatives of gm 3 gangliosides

Huber Lukac M.; Luethy P.; Braun D.G., 1983: Specificities of mono clonal antibodies against the activated delta endo toxin of bacillus thuringiensis var thuringiensis

Fuller A.O.; Spear P.G., 1985: Specificities of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that inhibit adsorption of herpes simplex virus to cells and lack of inhibition by potent neutralizing antibodies

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Schmidt U.J., 1985: Specificities of pharmacotherapy in age

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Aliev T.A.; Nasibov A.I., 1986: Specificities of the immunological reactivity of the body in patients with diffuse toxic goiter as a function of the length of the disease

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Robinson N.C., 1982: Specificity and binding affinity of phospho lipids to the high affinity cardio lipin sites of beef heart cytochrome c oxidase

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Tasaka H.; Nomura T.; Matsuo Y., 1985: Specificity and distribution of alpha antigens of mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare mycobacterium scrofulaceum and related species of mycobacteria

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