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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6460

Chapter 6460 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Margoliash E., 1979: Specificity of the antibody response of rabbits to a self antigen

Beiderbeck R., 1984: Specificity of the attachment of agrobacterium tumefaciens to wound cells of kalanchoe?

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459002

Howard, L. V.; Gooder, H., 1974: Specificity of the auto lysin of streptococcus pneumoniae diplococcus pneumoniae

Gottesman M., 1979: Specificity of the bacterio phage lambda n gene product p n nut sequences are necessary and sufficient for anti termination by p n

Friedberg E.C., 1981: Specificity of the bacterio phage pbs 2 induced inhibitor of uracil dna glycosylase

Labrie F., 1982: Specificity of the beta 2 adrenergic receptor stimulating cyclic amp accumulation in the intermediate of rat pituitary gland

Hilbers C.W., 1985: Specificity of the binding of bacteriophage m 13 encoded gene 5 protein to dna and rna studied by means of fluorescence titrations

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459008

Wasniowska K., 1982: Specificity of the binding site of vicia graminea anti n lectin

Dean J.L., 1987: Specificity of the bipolaris sacchari and saccharum spp interaction

Zaia, J. A.; Leary, P. L.; Levin, M. J., 1978: Specificity of the blastogenic response of human mononuclear cells to herpesvirus antigens

Mulder, C.; Delius, H., 1972: Specificity of the break produced by restricting endo nuclease r 1 in sv 40 dna as revealed by partial denaturation mapping

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459013

Makus D.J., 1981: Specificity of the carboxy peptidase inhibitor from potatoes

Korn D., 1982: Specificity of the catalytic interaction of human dna polymerase beta with nucleic acid substrates

Argyroudi-Akoyunoglou, J. H.; Castorinis, A., 1980: Specificity of the chlorophyll to protein binding in the chlorophyll protein complexes of the thylakoid

Burstein, S.; Nickolson, R. C.; Byon, C. Y.; Kimball, H. L.; Gut, M., 1977: Specificity of the cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme system of adrenal cortex

Allen, P. J., 1972: Specificity of the cis isomers of inhibitors of uredio spore germination in the rust fungi

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459019

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459020

Ikeda S., 1987: Specificity of the collagenolytic serine proteinase from the pancreas of the catfish parasilurus asotus

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459022

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459023

Wells R.S., 1982: Specificity of the control of tumor formation by the blastocyst

Beutner E.H., 1985: Specificity of the crithidia luciliae method for detecting anti dna antibodies effect of absorption for lipoproteins

Puck T.T., 1988: Specificity of the cyclic amp induced gene exposure reaction in cho cells

Konijn T.M., 1982: Specificity of the cyclic gmp binding activity and a cyclic gmp dependent cyclic gmp phospho di esterase in dictyostelium discoideum

Yoshida, M. C.; Moriwaki, K.; Migita, S., 1978: Specificity of the deletion of chromosome no 15 in mouse plasma cytoma brief communication

Michaelis, O. E. Iv ; Szepesi, B., 1977: Specificity of the di saccharide effect in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459030

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459031

Okabe, H.; Gilden, R. V.; Hatanaka, M., 1973: Specificity of the dna product of rna dependent dna polymerase in type c viruses part 2 quantitative analysis

Hatanaka, M.; Huebner, R. J.; Gilden, R. V., 1971: Specificity of the dna product of the c type virus rna dependent dna polymerase

Roufogalis, B. D.; Thornton, M.; Wade, D. N., 1976: Specificity of the dopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase for anti psychotic antagonists

Zuev P.D., 1981: Specificity of the dry drop method in the determination of hepatitis b surface antigen in capillary blood

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459036

Es'kov, E. K., 1976: Specificity of the dynamic structure of the spectra of acoustic communication signals in social insects

Ardentova N.N., 1979: Specificity of the effect of antorphine on biochemical processes

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459039

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459041

Lin, S.; Lin, D. C.; Flanagan, M. D., 1978: Specificity of the effects of cytochalasin b on transport and motile processes

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459043

Sherman A.D., 1987: Specificity of the effects of neuroleptics on the release of glutamate from the rat amygdala

Kuts, G. A.; Tkacheva, N. N.; Voskresenskaya, N. S., 1975: Specificity of the embryonic development of precoce sheep

Villemin M A., 1980: Specificity of the embryonic egg diapause in meloidogyne nematoda

Johnson W.M., 1983: Specificity of the envelopment of bacteria and other particles in cotton gossypium hirsutum cotyledons

Longo, G. P.; Scandalios, J. G., 1968: Specificity of the enz dehydrogenases of maize m endosperm inst starch gel electrophoresis inst spectrophotometry

Stiles M.L., 1981: Specificity of the enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique drug abuse urine assay methods

Kusov-Yu-Yu ; Kiseleva, E. V.; Danilov, L. L.; Shibaev, V. N.; Kochetkov, N. K.; Rozhnova, S. Sh ; Kilesso, V. A., 1979: Specificity of the enzymes of salmonella anatum o antigen biosynthesis 4. the reaction kinetics for salmonella anatum o antigen biosynthesis with derivatives of bacterial poly prenol and moraprenol

Shibaev, V. N.; Eliseeva, G. I.; Kraevskaya, M. A.; Kochetkov, N. K., 1981: Specificity of the enzymes of salmonella anatum o antigen biosynthesis 5. synthesis of sugar nucleotides derived from alpha d talo pyranose

Shibaev, V. N.; Eliseeva, G. I., 1983: Specificity of the enzymes of salmonella o antigen biosynthesis 6. synthesis of sugar nucleotides through activated glycosyl phosphates analogs of gdp mannose modified at carbon 6 of purine nucleus

Rowland, I.; Tristram, H., 1975: Specificity of the escherichia coli proline transport system

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459055

Fujijura T., 1982: Specificity of the fatty acyl moieties of di acyl glycerol for the activation of calcium activated phospho lipid dependent protein kinase

Manikowska-Lesinska, W.; Linda, B.; Zajac, W., 1978: Specificity of the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption and treponema pallidum hem agglutination assay tests during pregnancy

Birnbaumer L., 1985: Specificity of the functional interactions of the beta adrenergic receptor and rhodopsin with guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins reconstituted in phospholipid vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459059

Bignami, A.; Dahl, D., 1977: Specificity of the glial fibrillary acidic protein for astro glia

Doyle R.J., 1988: Specificity of the glucan binding lectin of streptococcus cricetus

Nikaido H., 1988: Specificity of the glucose channel formed by protein d1 of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Schaefer, F. W-Iii ; Mukkada, A. J., 1976: Specificity of the glucose transport system in leishmania tropica promastigotes

Reddy C.C., 1987: Specificity of the glutathione s transferases in the conversion of leukotriene a 4 to leukotriene c 4

Sasaki T., 1985: Specificity of the glycolipid transfer protein from pig brain

Reed L.J., 1985: Specificity of the heat stable protein inhibitor of the branched chain alpha keto acid dehydrogenase phosphatase

Pitrat M., 1985: Specificity of the helper component mediated aphid myzus persicae transmission of 3 potyviruses infecting muskmelon

Burakoff S.J., 1981: Specificity of the helper t cell for the cytolytic t lymphocyte response to influenza viruses

Onisk D.V., 1985: Specificity of the histone lysine methyltransferases from rat brain chromatin

Dimock R.V.Jr, 1982: Specificity of the host induced negative photo taxis of the symbiotic water mite unionicola formosa

Taylor A.J.N., 1986: Specificity of the human immunoglobulin e response to inhaled acid anhydrides

Deng J S., 1987: Specificity of the hydrochloric acid modified crithidia luciliae immunofluorescence assay for detection of antibody to native dna

Hirst M., 1982: Specificity of the hypothalamic opiate receptor responsible for food intake in the rat

Miwa I., 1979: Specificity of the immaturity substances in paramecium

Darby G., 1987: Specificity of the immune response of mice to herpes simplex virus glycoproteins b and d constitutively expressed on l cell lines

Little, J. R.; Eisen, H. N., 1969: Specificity of the immune response to the 2 4 di nitro phenyl and 2 4 6 tri nitro phenyl groups ligand binding and fluorescence properties of cross reacting antibodies rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459077

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459078

Kocher H.P., 1987: Specificity of the immunoadsorbent used for large scale recovery of interferon alpha 2a

Trager W.F., 1979: Specificity of the in vitro destruction of adrenal and hepatic microsomal steroid hydroxylases by thio steroids

Minford, J. K.; Cramer, D. V.; Gill, T. J. Iii, 1976: Specificity of the in vitro immune response to synthetic poly peptide antigens in inbred rats

Dulac G.C., 1987: Specificity of the indirect elisa for detection of pseudorabies virus antibodies in pigs exposed to bovine herpesvirus 1

Van Opdenbosch E., 1980: Specificity of the indirect immuno fluorescence test in the survey for antibodies to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in cattle vaccinated with an aujeszkys disease vaccine

Weinheimer, P. F.; Acton, R. T.; Sawyer, S.; Evans, E. E., 1969: Specificity of the induced bactericidin of the west indian spiny lobster panulirus argu

Mcfarland, H. F.; Griffin, D. E.; Johnson, R. T., 1972: Specificity of the inflammatory response in viral encephalitis part 1 adoptive immunization of immuno suppressed mice infected with sindbis virus

Ebbesen, P.; Olsson, L., 1978: Specificity of the inhibition of dna synthesis by extracts from cloned normal sarcoma virus transformed and revertant 3t3 cells

Herva, E.; Ilonen, J., 1977: Specificity of the inhibitory effect of a grand multi para serum on mixed leukocyte culture reactions and on responses to phyto hem agglutinin pokeweed mitogen and purified protein derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459088

Novikov E.A., 1982: Specificity of the interaction between estrogen and cytoplasmic receptors in cercopithecus griseus uterus and oviduct

Barton L.L., 1979: Specificity of the interaction between phenyl methane dyes and bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459091

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459092

Tal'yanskii, M. E.; Atabekova, T. I.; Atabekov, I. G., 1975: Specificity of the interaction of rna with protein during the combined reconstruction of 2 strains of tobacco mosaic virus

Pribyl, T.; Kraml, J.; Schreiber, V., 1976: Specificity of the interaction of thyroxine with rat adeno hypophyseal proteins in vitro

Mark J., 1983: Specificity of the involvement of chromosomes 8 and 12 in human mixed salivary gland tumors

Cantwell F.F., 1987: Specificity of the ion exchange atomic absorption method for free copper ii species determination in natural waters

Babadzhanyan A.P., 1979: Specificity of the isozyme spectrum of serum lactate dehydrogenase in patients with hormonal dependent tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459098

Matossian Rogers A., 1979: Specificity of the macrophage spreading test with reference to leishmania antigens and correlation with delayed hyper sensitivity

Mischustin E.N., 1985: Specificity of the microflora of soil types

Tanaka M., 1986: Specificity of the monoclonal anti i antibody hy

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459102

Kubota M., 1983: Specificity of the newly formed cortico rubral synapses in the kitten red nucleus

Barnard E.A., 1986: Specificity of the opioid affinity reagent daleck in a set of isolated tissue assay systems

Ashman L.K., 1985: Specificity of the passive antibody induced suppression of the humoral immune response of mice to surface antigens on human cells

Cossen C.K., 1981: Specificity of the passive hem agglutination test for antibody to rubella virus and the passive hem agglutination response after vaccination

Voerman, S.; Minks, A. K.; Goewie, E. A., 1975: Specificity of the pheromone system of adoxophyes orana and clepsis spectrana

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459108

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459109

Nesterenko V.A., 1986: Specificity of the population dynamics of 3 rodent species in primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459111

Babonas I.L., 1986: Specificity of the precipitation reaction of antiserum to antigens in the cabbage butterfly caterpillar hemolymph with hemolymph antigens of other insects

Barsukov N.P., 1982: Specificity of the protein distribution in the cell nucleus and cytoplasm of the early human embryo provisory and definitive structures

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459114

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459115

Roche T.E., 1983: Specificity of the pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase for pyruvate dehydrogenase component bound to the surface of the kidney pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and evidence for intra core migration of pyruvate dehydrogenase component

Craik J.D., 1984: Specificity of the rat hepatocyte monosaccharide transporter

Pagani, R.; Casella, A.; Beffa, F.; Marinello, E., 1981: Specificity of the reaction of rat liver l serine dehydratase ec with amino thiols

Vezzoni P., 1988: Specificity of the rearrangements of the t cell receptor gamma gene in human lymphomas

Rubin, H., 1977: Specificity of the requirements for magnesium and calcium in the growth and metabolism of chick embryo fibroblasts

Schreckenbach, T.; Walckhoff, B.; Oesterhelt, D., 1978: Specificity of the retinal binding site of bacterio rhod opsin chemical and stereochemical requirements for the binding of retinol and retinal

Smayevsky J., 1985: Specificity of the reverse cyclic amp test with groups a c and g streptococci for the identification of clostridium perfringens

Wiegand, R. C.; Godson, G. N.; Radding, C. M., 1975: Specificity of the s 1 nuclease from aspergillus oryzae

Jencks W.P., 1988: Specificity of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase at the hydrolysis step

Hageman J.H., 1979: Specificity of the serine protease inhibitor phenylmethyl sulfonyl fluoride

Zachrau, R. E.; Black, M. M.; Dion, A. S.; Shore, B.; Williams, C. J.; Leis, H. P-Jr, 1978: Specificity of the simultaneous cell mediated immune reactivity to r iii murine mammary tumor virus glyco protein 55 and human breast cancer tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459127

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459128

Smolin, D. E.; Umbarger, H. E., 1975: Specificity of the stimulation of in vitro rna synthesis by guanosine 5 di phosphate 3 di phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459130

Shikita M., 1983: Specificity of the suppressive action of gluco corticoids on the proliferation of monocyte macrophages in the colony stimulating factor stimulated cultures of mouse bone marrow

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459133

Unanue E.R., 1985: Specificity of the t cell receptor 2 different determinants are generated by the same peptide and the i a k molecule

North R.J., 1984: Specificity of the t cells that mediate and suppress adoptive immuno therapy of established tumors

Gathiram V., 1986: Specificity of the testryp card agglutination test in a non sleeping sickness area of africa

Van-De-Woestijne, K. P., 1976: Specificity of the tests proposed for the detection of small airway disease

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459138

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459139

Steyrer K., 1981: Specificity of the treponema pallidum hem agglutination test analysis of results

Padgett, B. L.; Hunt, J. M.; Walker, D. L., 1977: Specificity of the tumor specific transplantation antigen induced by jc virus a human polyomavirus

D'ambrosio, S. M.; Glover, G. I.; Nelson, S. O.; Jensen, R. A., 1973: Specificity of the tyrosine phenyl alanine transport system in bacillus subtilis

Van Heijenoort J., 1985: Specificity of the udp n acetylmuramyl l alanyl d glutamate meso 2 6 diaminiopimelate synthetase from escherichia coli

Owens, S. L.; Bell, F. E., 1970: Specificity of the valyl rna synthetase ec from escherichia coli in the binding of valine analogues

Sarkar, S. K.; Howarth, R. E., 1976: Specificity of the vanillin test for flavanols

Johnson, G. G.; Geiduschek, E. P., 1977: Specificity of the weak binding between the phage spo 1 transcription inhibitory protein tf 1 and phage spo 1 dna

Collins E.B., 1982: Specificity of the westerfeld adaptation of the voges proskauer test

Uhlenbruch, G.; Pardoe, G. I.; Bird, G. W. G., 1968: Specificity of the wheat m germ enz lipase agglutinin characteristic for neopl tumor cells

Matsue, M.; Majima, E.; Ichishima, E., 1982: Specificity of thermophilic streptomyces rectus var proteolyticus alkaline proteinase ec

Ryan, T. J.; Fenton, J. W-Ii ; Chang, T. L.; Feinman, R. D., 1976: Specificity of thrombin evidence for selectivity in acylation rather than binding for p nitrophenyl alpha amino p toluate

Jorgensen, T.; Hannestad, K., 1977: Specificity of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes for myeloma protein 315

Kohn L.D., 1983: Specificity of thyro globulin interactions with thyroid cells and membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459153

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459154

Godson G.N., 1984: Specificity of tn 5 insertions into a 36 base pair dna sequence repeated in tandem 7 times

Turner K.J., 1988: Specificity of toxocara elisa in tropical populations

Williams, L. R. T.; Daniell-Smith, J. H.; Gunson, L. K., 1976: Specificity of training for motor skill under physical fatigue

Horak, J.; Kotyk, A.; Rihova, L., 1977: Specificity of trans inhibition of amino acid transport in bakers yeast

Ivanov I.G., 1981: Specificity of transcription of single copy dna in different rat tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459161

Aronson A.I., 1981: Specificity of translation of spore poly peptides in bacillus in vitro systems

Model P., 1984: Specificity of translational regulation by 2 dna binding proteins

Milgrom F., 1984: Specificity of transplantation heterophile antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459165

Lowe J.B., 1983: Specificity of transposon tn 5 insertion

Smirnov G.B., 1982: Specificity of transposon tn 9 insertion into the genome of bacterio phage lambda att 80 depending on the preceding location of the transposon

Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1980: Specificity of trapping of plant viruses on antibody coated electron microscope grids

Vajda, T.; Szabo, T., 1976: Specificity of trypsin and alpha chymotrypsin towards neutral substrates

Seifter S., 1981: Specificity of trypsin and carboxy peptidase b for hydroxy lysine residues in denatured collagens

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459171

Micklem H.S., 1984: Specificity of tumor associated transplantation antigens of different clones from the same tumor

Houssini E.E., 1981: Specificity of tumor cell stimulation of dna inhibitory cytokine production in vitro

Van Weeren Kramer J., 1985: Specificity of two insect toxins as inhibitors of high affinity transmitter uptake

Fujita Yamaguchi Y., 1988: Specificity of tyrosine protein kinases of the structurally related receptors for insulin and insulin like growth factor i tyrosine containing synthetic polymers as specific inhibitors or substrates

Bespalova L.A., 1985: Specificity of ultrastructural changes in rat myocardium exposed to hypokinesia and irradiation

Giompres P., 1981: Specificity of uptake by isolated torpedo marmorata synaptic vesicles

Magill J.M., 1979: Specificity of uracil uptake in neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459179

Fitzgerald R.J., 1979: Specificity of utilization of human salivary proteins for growth by oral streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459182

Miyashita M., 1983: Specificity of velocity in strength training

Rott R., 1982: Specificity of viral sialidases use of oligo saccharide substrates to probe enzymic characteristics and strain specific differences

Alexandrov I.O., 1982: Specificity of visual and motor cortex neurons activity in behavior

Weir D.G., 1983: Specificity of wheat protein reactivity in celiac disease

Tracy O.A., 1983: Specificity of word meaning and use of sentence context by hearing impaired adults

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459188

Simarov B.V., 1984: Specificity on interaction between rhizobium meliloti and various host plants

Saper C.B., 1985: Specificity on spinal projections from hypothalamic and brainstem areas which innervate sympathetic preganglionic neurons

Pang, T.; Andrew, M. E.; Melvold, R. W.; Blanden, R. V., 1977: Specificity or affinity of cyto toxic thymus derived cells for self h 2k determinants apparently does not change between primary and secondary responses to ectromelia virus infection

Shashkov A.S., 1981: Specificity patterns of different types of human fucosidase recognition of a certain region of the pyranose ring in sugars by the enzymes

Singer A., 1985: Specificity phenotype and precursor frequency of primary cytolytic t lymphocytes specific for class ii major histocompatibility antigens

Williams, L. R. T.; Cooper, C. M.; Gilkison, B. K., 1976: Specificity principle and performance and learning a gross tracking task under interpolated heavy physical exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459195

Visser J.H., 1988: Specificity related suppression of responses to binary mixtures in olfactory receptors of the colorado potato beetle

Pilarski, L. M.; Piotrowska-Krezolak, M.; Gibney, D. J.; Winger, L.; Winger, C.; Mant, M. J.; Ruether, B. A., 1985: Specificity repertoire of lymphocytes from multiple myeloma patients 1. high frequency of b cells specific for idiotypic and fab' 2 region determinants on immunoglobulin

Kabelitz D., 1987: Specificity repertoire of splenic lyt 2 positive f23 positive cytotoxic lymphocyte precursors from b6 mice

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459200

Adamich, M.; Dennis, E. A., 1978: Specificity reversal in phospho lipase a 2 ec hydrolysis of lipid mixtures

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459202

Trobaugh G.B., 1985: Specificity sensitivity and prevalence in the design of randomized trials a univariate analysis

Kraus S.J., 1981: Specificity sensitivity and reproducibility among the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test the micro hem agglutination assay for treponema pallidum antibodies and the hem agglutination treponemal test for syphilis

Wernet P., 1982: Specificity spectrum and cell surface markers of mono functional and multi functional mixed leukocyte culture derived t cell clones in man

Plata F., 1982: Specificity studies of cytolytic t lymphocytes directed against murine leukemia virus induced tumors analysis by mono clonal cytolytic t lymphocytes

Sokol, W. N.; Beall, G. N.; Kruger, S. R., 1978: Specificity studies of leukocytic catecholamine receptors

Coulson W.F., 1981: Specificity studies of mono clonal and rabbit antibodies raised against steroid glucuronides

Rozhin, J.; Soderstrom, R. L.; Brooks, S. C., 1974: Specificity studies on bovine adrenal estrogen sulfo transferase

Ennis, F. A.; Martin, W. J.; Verbonitz, M. W.; Butchko, G. M., 1977: Specificity studies on cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes reactive with influenza virus infected cells evidence for dual recognition of h 2 and viral hem agglutinin antigens

Lentze M.J., 1987: Specificity studies on enteropeptidase substrates related to the amino terminus of trypsinogen

Mendla, K.; Cantz, M., 1984: Specificity studies on the oligo saccharide neuraminidase ec of human fibroblasts

Facklam R.R., 1987: Specificity study of kits for detection of group a streptococci directly from throat swabs

Cottenot F., 1985: Specificity study of purified protein derivative reactive human t cell line and clones

Shimokata K., 1986: Specificity to ovomucoid domains of human serum antibody from allergic patients comparison with anti ovomucoid antibody from laboratory animals

Sidorovich, E. A.; Rupasova-Zh, A.; Zubkova, G. P.; Ignatenko, V. A.; Afanaskina, I. P., 1988: Specifics of boron accumulation in oxycoccus macrocarpus ait. pers. cultivated in the belorussian ssr ussr

Volobuev V.V., 1984: Specifics of chum oncorhynchus keta salmonidae reproduction and ecology of young chum in the taui river basin the northern coast of the sea of okhotsk russian sfsr ussr

Sivash O.O., 1985: Specifics of complex formation between chlorophyll and chlorophyllide and protein

Tsaryuk V.F., 1986: Specifics of computed tomography of the male and female small pelvis under normal conditions

Pankova N.G., 1987: Specifics of development of a standard sample of saline soil

Koroleva I.V., 1986: Specifics of dichotic perception of speech signals in overweight children and in children with normal weight

Sheres I.Z., 1985: Specifics of external respiration in people living in the northwest of the ussr

Popova O.A., 1984: Specifics of fattening of pike esox lucius esocidae and catfish silurus glanis siluridae in the arakum water bodies of the dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Imangulov Sh A., 1987: Specifics of fodder energy utilization by broilers using heated water

Gorovoi L.F., 1984: Specifics of fruitbody ontogeny in amanita spp

Krivosheev V.G., 1986: Specifics of gas exchange in the northern redbacked vole clethrionomys rutilus pallas and large eared high mountain vole alticola macrotis radde

Tulebekov B.T., 1987: Specifics of hemostasis and platelet functions in the yellow suslik

Kharatishvili Z.V., 1983: Specifics of hodgkins disease recurrence in children following combined therapy

Bozhko G.T., 1986: Specifics of homotopic transcallosal potentials of the cat somatosensory and parietal cortex

Molodozhnikova L.M., 1984: Specifics of hypericum maculatum restitution after harvesting

Komov V.T., 1985: Specifics of ion regulation of the perch perca fluviatilis percidae in connection with the problem of the acidification of reservoirs

Ekimova G.M., 1983: Specifics of laryngeal motor innervation

Bulekbaeva L.E., 1987: Specifics of lymph flow during passive movements of the limbs in dogs during postnatal ontogeny

Krestinkov I.S., 1984: Specifics of nitrogen assimilation by winter wheat at various temperatures

Lyashchenko Yu N., 1986: Specifics of nutrient hydrolysis and transport in proximal and distal portions of the ileum

Kolosova L.D., 1983: Specifics of open flowering of some barley cultivars

Bykorez A.I., 1983: Specifics of rat hepatocyte growth in primary culture and diffusion chambers after administration of di ethyl nitrosamine

Kuznetsov G.T., 1983: Specifics of seasonal dynamics of the ground arthropods in kopet dag turkmen ssr ussr

Klymyshyn, O. S., 1987: Specifics of seed reproduction of luzula sylvatica huds. gaudin in phytocenoses of the ukrainian carpathian mountains ussr

Mikhal'tsev I.E., 1983: Specifics of selective sensitivity of the neuronal electro sensitive membrane to low frequency sinusoidal stimulation

Zaitseva I.I., 1987: Specifics of sodium ion exchange in the early ontogeny of the atlantic salmon salmo salar

Zonn, S. V., 1977: Specifics of soil formation on sandy deposits in the northern part of the algerian sahara ussr

Gromov B.V., 1984: Specifics of soil strains of budding bacteria of the genus hyphomicrobium

Avdeeva, N. I.; Bazanova, I. S.; Mashanskii, V. F.; Merkulova, O. S., 1978: Specifics of synaptic and intra cellular activation of the neuron

Shishlyannikova L.V., 1980: Specifics of the behavioral activation following cessation of electrical stimulation of the caudate nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459246

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459247

Karelin D.V., 1984: Specifics of the feeding strategy of parus montanus and parus cinctus

Kokhanenko E.M., 1984: Specifics of the hormonal status of patients with exogenous constitutional obesity before and after administration of nalorphine

Vadiya V., 1984: Specifics of the reproductive system in epinephelus aeneus and epinephelus alexandrinus serranidae from the southeastern mediterranean

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459251

Kaplin V.G., 1987: Specifics of trophic relationships of eremias grammica in the eastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Bakeev N.N., 1985: Specifics of vitamin a deposition in certain mammals

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459254

Emmam A.S., 1986: Specified parameters of peach kernel protein

Magarshak-Yu, B.; Stefanov, V. E., 1978: Specifying a method of graphic analysis of kinetic curves

Parkin A.J., 1979: Specifying levels of processing

Waddell V.P., 1982: Specifying morphological factors affecting rates of death due to malignant neoplasms

Midgley G., 1982: Specifying the effect of visual deprivation on the rats ability to recognize patterns

Franks J., 1981: Specimen coating for high resolution scanning electron microscopy

Wee J.L., 1983: Specimen collection and preparation for critical light microscope examination of synuraceae chrysophyceae

Castelao A., 1985: Specimen collection time for enzyme analysis in urine

Lindberg, L. G.; Ohlin, B., 1978: Specimen fixation in urinary cytology

Section 7, Chapter 6460, Accession 006459264

De Verdier C H., 1981: Specimen handling for the assay of adenylates and glycerate 2 3 bis phosphate in erythrocytes

Crosby P., 1981: Specimen heating during sputter coating

Powell D., 1987: Specimen histology after one or two preoperative cf 252 implants for bulky stage ib cervical cancer

Rice, R. M.; Hegyeli, A. F.; Breeden, L. G. Jr, 1976: Specimen holders for simultaneous critical point drying of multiple biological specimens

Wilkins, J. R.; Tynan, C. I-Jr ; Boykin, E. H., 1976: Specimen housing unit for cine micrographic studies in the vertical plane

Olson, D. R., 1978: Specimen photo copying for surgical pathology reports

Villiger W., 1982: Specimen preparation for electron microscopy using low temperature embedding resins

Madsen E.H., 1984: Specimen radiography of bone tumors

Ploem J.S., 1987: Specimen stage incorporating light microscopical optics for a cambridge s180 scanning electron microscope

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