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Specificity of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes for myeloma protein 315

European Journal of Immunology 7(7): 426-431

Specificity of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes for myeloma protein 315

The antibody response of BALB/c mice directed against the idiotype of the BALB/c myeloma protein MOPC 315 (M315) is T [thymus-derived] cell-dependent. The specificity of helper T cells for M315 was investigated. Helper cells were primed with M315, M315 affinity-labeled with N.alpha.-bromoacetyl-N.epsilon.-2,4-dinitrophenyl-L-lysine, M315 L-chain and H-chain, the M315 Fv fragment, myeloma protein MOPC 460 and monoclonal human .kappa. and .lambda. chains. The primed cells were transferred together with (4-hydroxy-5-iodo-3-nitrophenyl(acetyl)) (NIP)-primed B [bone marrow-derived] cells to 500 R-irradiated recipient syngeneic BALB/c mice which were challenged with NIP5M315. The anti-NIP antibody responses were augmented by helpers primed with all derivatives and subunits of M315. This effect disappeared almost completely when the helper cells were treated with anti-Thy-1.2 and complement prior to transfer. Priming with M460 induced weak and inconsistent helper effects, which opens the possibility that some of the helper cells may recognize nonidiotypic determinants on M315. The strong and consistent helper effect induced by free M315 L-chain (L-315)-primed cells was not due to dissociation of NIP-L-315 from intact NIP5M315 used for challenge, because L-315-primed T cells also augmented the antibody response against the idiotype of M315 which is only expressed on associated (H+L) chain pairs. BALB/c antibodies elicited by free L-315 were specific for a determinant which was present on free L-chains but which was not or only minimally accessible on the complete M315. The helper cells apparently recognize determinants which are separate from the ligand binding site of M315 and which are accessible on the complete M315 7S subunit and its isolated chains. B cells stimulated by free L-315 recognize determinants which are hidden on associated (H+L) chains. The associated (VL [L chain variable region] + VH) domains of M315 Fv fragment, which lacks C [constant region] domains are immunogenic for T helper cells.

Accession: 006459151

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