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Spectinomycin resistant gonococci

British Medical Journal 287(6408): 1827-1829

Spectinomycin resistant gonococci

A study was conducted examining the properties of 10 clinical isolates of spectinomycin resistant gonococci from patients attending clinics at St. Mary's and St. Thomas's Hospitals, London [England, UK]. All of the isolates produced .beta.-lactamase, and contained plasmids of 2.6, 4.4 and 24.5 megadaltons and required proline for growth. None produced aminoglycoside modifying enzymes. Resistance to spectinomycin was transferred from some of the isolates by transformation but at a much lower frequency than resistance to streptomycin. The isolates from St. Mary's Hospital were detected after therapy with spectinomycin; those from St. Thomas's Hospital were not. Four recent non-.beta.-lactamase producing gonococci isolated at St. Mary's Hospital and 2 isolated at St. Thomas's Hospital also were not related to use of spectinomycin.

Accession: 006459331

PMID: 6231077

DOI: 10.1136/bmj.287.6408.1827

Related references

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