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Spectra and reactions of acetyl and acetylperoxy radicals

International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 17(8): 891-924
Spectra and reactions of acetyl and acetylperoxy radicals
The ultraviolet absorption spectra of the acetyl and acetylperoxy radicals have been characterized in the range 195-280 nm. The acetyl radical was generated by the flash photolysis of Cl2 in the presence of CH3CHO and was converted to the acetylperoxy radical in the presence of excess O2. The extinction coefficient of the acetylperoxy radical was measured to be 2300 L/mol cm at the maximum at 207 nm and the rate constant for the reaction 2CH3CO3 .fwdarw. 2CH3 + 2CO2 + O2 was evaluated to be k5 = (4.8 .+-. 0.8) .times. 109 L/mol s.

Accession: 006459339

DOI: 10.1002/kin.550170809

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