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Spectral analysis in the study of intra cellular control of metabolism and energy

Tsitologiya 18(4): 408-418

Spectral analysis in the study of intra cellular control of metabolism and energy

Absorption and fluorescent spectra of oxidized and reduced forms of the energy system main components are presented. The interrelation between the spectral characteristics and the functional states of the living cell and its organelles is considered in rat liver cytochromes, frog retinal cells, molluscoid neurons, cerebral cortex from old cows, pond tortoise brain cells, neurons and muscle cells of river crabs. The problems and perspectives of the absorption and fluorescent analysis as applied to the study of energy system states in a single living cell are dealt with. Methods of luminescent spectral analysis in rat cerebral cortex cells in situ are described.

Accession: 006459377

Related references

Kohen, E.; Kohen, C.; Thorell, B., 1976: Rapid automatic micro spectro fluorometric study of intra cellular energy metabolism. A microspectrofluorometer with automated data recording is used for topographic scanning of fluorescence from 100-150 adjacent regions within a same cell .apprx. every 64 ms (or alternatively for spectral scan from a selected cell region). Topogra...

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