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Spectral analysis of rat electro encephalogram

Nihon University Journal of Medicine 25(6): 319-326

Spectral analysis of rat electro encephalogram

EEG of the unanesthetized rat was recorded with parietal s.c. needle electrodes. EEG was analyzed with a data processing computer system combined with a real time correlation analyzer. Power spectrum was obtained by the fast Fourier transfer (FFT) method. In the case of the rat, no characteristic peaks were observable up to the frequency of 390 Hz. Comparing the 4 levels of maximal frequency for analysis, 390, 190, 78 and 39 Hz, the most suitable to use for the rat is 39 Hz. When the maximal frequency was set at 39 Hz, the band-pass filter must be set at 50 Hz or above. When the calculation was repeated 8 times, it meant that an EEG of 13 s was analyzed. If the EEG was stable, 2.5 s of delay of the starting point for calculation had no influence on the power spectrum. When the EEG interferes with the ECG, a peak was seen at 5-7 Hz which was certainly corresponded to the rat's heart beats. When the EEG interferes with the EMG [electromyography], a peak appeared at .apprx. 30 Hz. This procedure was considered to be useful for evaluating EEG of the animal objectively in physiologically and pharmacological experiments.

Accession: 006459435

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