Section 7
Chapter 6,460

Spectral downwelling irradiance in an antarctic lake

Palmisano, A.C.; Simmons, G.M.Jr

Polar Biology 7(3): 145-152


ISSN/ISBN: 0722-4060
DOI: 10.1007/bf00259202
Accession: 006459653

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Spectral downwelling irradiance (400-700 nm) was determined in the ice-covered Lake Hoare located in the dry valleys near McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Full waveband PAR beneath the ice was < 44 .mu.E .cntdot. m-2 .cntdot. s-1 or < 3% of surface downwelling irradiance. Maximum light transmission just beneath the 2.6-4 m ice cover, which contained sediments and air bubbles, occurred between 400-550 nm. In the water column below, attenuation of light by phytoplankton in the 400-500 nm region and between 656-671 nm suggested absorption of light by algal pigments.

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