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Spectral leaf properties of rhododendron ferrugineum and alnus viridis

Bulletin de la Societe Botanique Suisse 85(1): 25-30

Spectral leaf properties of rhododendron ferrugineum and alnus viridis

Diffuse reflectivity, transmissivity and absorptivity at wavelengths from 425-750 nm were determined. Measurements were taken with a spectroradiometer ISCO SR with attached integrating sphere. It distinguished between the optical properties of upper and lower leaf surfaces. For R. ferrugineum leaves of the previous year and of present year vegetation were measured. Results for A. viridis differ to a greater extent from those for young leaves of R. ferrugineum only in reflectivity. Greater differences in absorptivity arise by comparison of young and old leaves of R. ferrugineum, due to increased xeromorphy of older leaves. Significant changes in reflectivity at lower leaf surfaces were also observed.

Accession: 006459717

Related references

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