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Spectral properties of the light green pea mutant with the semidominant character of mutation

Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) (11): 28-33

Spectral properties of the light green pea mutant with the semidominant character of mutation

The unstacking of the heterozygous plant lamellar structures of Pisum sativum L. is followed by the decrease of the general chlorophyll concentration, by the increase of chlorophyll a/chlorophyll b ratio, by the decrease of the optical density of bands of the chlorophyll native forms with maximum of 648, 660, 686 and 695 nm and by the increase of the forms content with maximum at 669, 681 nm, by the decrease of longwave fluorescence at 735 nm, by the disappearance of the shoulder at 695 nm and the saturation of delayed fluorescence intensity at higher intensities of exciting light.

Accession: 006459808

Related references

Levenko, B.; Gostimskii, S.; Matorin, D., 1984: Spectral properties of light-green pea mutant with semidominant character of mutation. Biologicheskie nauki: Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly: 1) 28-33

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Konishi, T., 1975: Characteristics and inheritance of EMS-induced mutants in barley. I. A semidominant chlorophyll mutant, several glossy-sheath mutants and a smooth-awned mutant. In the mutant OUM 215, the chlorophyll mutation is controlled by the semidominant gene Xa, which either blocks the synthesis of chlorophyll b or breaks it down. Fifteen mutants with glossy sheaths, OUM 17-31, each thought to be controlled by a sin...

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