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Spectral studies on coumarins and the determination of the constitution of ekersenin by total synthesis

, : Spectral studies on coumarins and the determination of the constitution of ekersenin by total synthesis. Tetrahedron 34(8): 1221-1224

During the determination of the constitution of ekersenin isolated from Ekerbegia senegalensis, 8 isomeric monomethoxy-monomethylcoumarins were synthesized. These studies proved that ekersenin was 4-methoxy-5-methylcoumarin, a constitution with novel biosynthetic implications. Apparently ekersenin is the first example of natural coumarin biosynthesis involving only the polyketide route. Comparative spectral correlations on substituted coumarins are summarized.

Accession: 006459942

DOI: 10.1016/0040-4020(78)80149-5

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