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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6462

Chapter 6462 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oh, Y. H., 1970: Spectroscopic studies of 5 purified histones from calf thymus

Loscalzo, J.; Reed, G. H., 1976: Spectroscopic studies of actin metal nucleotide complexes

Dooley, D. M.; Dawson, J. H.; Stephens, P. J.; Gary, H. B., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of ascorbate oxidase ec electronic structure of the blue copper sites

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461003

Kopera M., 1984: Spectroscopic studies of chemically modified synthetic melanins

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461005

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461006

Taillandier E., 1984: Spectroscopic studies of conformational transitions in double stranded dna in the presence of carcinogenic nickel compounds and an anti tumoral drug penta ziridino cyclo di phosphathiazene

Woody R.W., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of congo red binding to rna polymerase

Nafie L.A., 1982: Spectroscopic studies of copper ii bound at the native copper site or substituted at the native zinc site of bovine erythrocuprein super oxide dis mutase

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461010

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461011

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461012

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461013

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461014

Motten, A. G.; Chignell, C. F.; Mason, R. P., 1983: Spectroscopic studies of cutaneous photo sensitizing agents 6. identification of the free radicals generated during the photolysis of musk ambrette musk xylene and musk ketone

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461016

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461017

Li, A. S. W.; Chignell, C. F., 1987: Spectroscopic studies of cutaneous photosensitizing agents x. a spin trapping and direct esr study of the photochemical pathways of daunomycin and adriamycin

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461019

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461020

Norden B., 1984: Spectroscopic studies of dna complexes formed after reaction with antibenzo a pyrene 7 8 dihydrodiol 9 10 oxide enantiomers of different carcinogenic potency

Burgess B.K., 1984: Spectroscopic studies of ferri cyanide oxidation of azotobacter vinelandii ferredoxin i

Ragan, C. I.; Garland, P. B., 1971: Spectroscopic studies of flavo proteins and nonheme iron proteins of sub mitochondrial particles of torulopsis utilis modified by iron and sulfate limited growth in continuous culture

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461024

Prasad R.L., 1986: Spectroscopic studies of heteroligand complexes containing oxygen nitrogen and sulfur donor atoms

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461026

Amin D., 1983: Spectroscopic studies of iso nicotinoyl hydrazine nicotinoyl hydrazine and piconoyl hydrazine with chloranil

Himmelwright, R. S.; Eickman, N. C.; Solomon, E. I., 1978: Spectroscopic studies of ligand perturbation effects on the half oxidized active site of busycon canaliculatum hemo cyanin

Tosi, L.; Garnier-Suillerot, A., 1982: Spectroscopic studies of metal complexes containing pi delocalized sulfur ligands the resonance raman spectra of the anti tumor agent 3 ethoxy 2 oxo butyraldehyde bis thio semi carbazone 2 n 1 n 1 s s copper ii and the related cation 3 ethoxy 2 oxo butyraldehyde bis thio semi carbazone n 1 n 1 s s' copper ii

Horrocks W.D.Jr, 1985: Spectroscopic studies of metal ion binding to a tryptophan containing parvalbumin

Agrawal, S.; Singh, N. K., 1986: Spectroscopic studies of n salicyl n' 2 furanthiocarboxy hydrazine and its 3 dimensional metal complexes new potential antitumor agents

Greene, B. I.; Hochstrasser, R. M.; Weisman, R. B.; Eaton, W. A., 1978: Spectroscopic studies of oxy hemo globin and carbon mon oxy hemo globin after pulsed optical excitation

Nakatani, H.; Kitagishi, K.; Hiromi, K., 1976: Spectroscopic studies of pepsin ec and its complex with streptomyces pepsin inhibitor

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461034

Simon S.R., 1985: Spectroscopic studies of protein heme interactions accompanying the allosteric transition in methemoglobins

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461036

Gennis R.B., 1985: Spectroscopic studies of pyruvate oxidase flavoprotein from escherichia coli trapped in the lipid activated form by crosslinking

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461038

Ortner, M. J.; Turek, N.; Chignell, C. F., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of rat mast cells mouse masto cytoma cells and compound 48 80 1. a spin label study of membrane fluidities and the effect of compound 48 80

Ortner, M. J.; Chignell, C. F., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of rat mast cells mouse masto cytoma cells and compound 48 80 2. the synthesis and some binding properties of spin labeled compound 48 80

Ortner, M. J.; Chignell, C. F., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of rat mast cells mouse masto cytoma cells and compound 48 80 3. evidence for a protein binding site for compound 48 80

Gray H.B., 1979: Spectroscopic studies of rhus vernicifera and polyporus versicolor laccase electronic structures of the copper sites

Sukhomudrenko, A. G.; Kiladze, A. A.; Shchipakin, V. P.; Evtodienko-Yu, V., 1977: Spectroscopic studies of soluble atpase ec from mitochondria

El Baradie K.Y.F., 1986: Spectroscopic studies of some hydroxy derivatives of benzylidene hydrazide

Salas J.M., 1988: Spectroscopic studies of some palladium ii platinum ii silver i and gold iii complexes of 4 6 diamino 2 thiopyrimidine and 4 6 diamino 2 methylthiopyrimidine structure and binding site determination

Oldfield E., 1979: Spectroscopic studies of specifically deuterium labeled membrane systems nmr investigation of protein lipid interactions in escherichia coli membranes

Oldfield, E.; Meadows, M.; Rice, D.; Jacobs, R., 1978: Spectroscopic studies of specifically deuterium labeled membrane systems nmr investigation of the effects of cholesterol in model systems/

Gray H.B., 1980: Spectroscopic studies of stella cyanin plasto cyanin and azurin electronic structure of the blue copper sites

Holwerda R.A., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of stellacyanin derivatives

Lockshin, A.; Mondal, K.; Danenberg, P. V., 1984: Spectroscopic studies of ternary complexes of thymidylate synthetase ec deoxyribonucleotides and folate analogs

Tipping, E.; Ketterer, B.; Christodoulides, L.; Enderby, G., 1976: Spectroscopic studies of the binding of bilirubin by ligandin and amino azo dye binding protein a

Solomon E.I., 1987: Spectroscopic studies of the binuclear ferrous active site of deoxyhemerythrin coordination number and probable bridging ligands for the native and ligand bound forms

Laporte, D. C.; Builder, S. E.; Storm, D. R., 1980: Spectroscopic studies of the cyclic amp binding sites of the regulatory subunits of types i and ii protein kinase

Myers, B. Ii ; Glazer, A. N., 1971: Spectroscopic studies of the exposure of tyrosine residues in proteins with special reference to the subtilisins

Shafer, R. H., 1977: Spectroscopic studies of the interaction of daunomycin with transfer rna

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461056

Satterlee, J. D.; Teintze, M.; Richards, J. H., 1978: Spectroscopic studies of the nature of ligand bonding in carbon mon oxy hemo globins evidence of a specific function for histidine e 7 from ir and nmr intensities

Rao K.K., 1984: Spectroscopic studies of the nature of the iron clusters in the soluble hydrogenase from desulfovibrio desulfuricans strain norway 4

Eccleston J.F., 1981: Spectroscopic studies of the nucleotide binding site of elongation factor tu from escherichia coli an approach to characterizing the elementary steps of the elongation cycle of protein biosynthesis

Cammack, R.; Rao, K. K.; Hall, D. O.; Moura, J. J. G.; Xavier, A. V.; Bruschi, M.; Le-Gall, J.; Deville, A.; Gayda, J. P., 1977: Spectroscopic studies of the oxidation reduction properties of 3 forms of ferredoxin from desulfovibrio gigas

Szent Gyorgyi A., 1980: Spectroscopic studies of the protein methyl glyoxal adduct

Sweeney W.V., 1987: Spectroscopic studies of the seven iron containing ferredoxins from azotobacter vinelandii and thermus thermophilus

Onori G., 1980: Spectroscopic studies of the structure of the rna in the ribosome influence of magnesium ii and ribosomal proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461064

Garg K.N., 1984: Spectroscopic studies on a withanolide from withania coagulans

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461066

Zacharias W., 1982: Spectroscopic studies on acetylamino fluorene modified poly thymidylate deoxy guanylate poly deoxy cytidylate deoxy adenylate suggest a left handed conformation

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461068

Bergmann F., 1986: Spectroscopic studies on caffeine and isocaffeine

Ritchie V.S., 1983: Spectroscopic studies on copper ii complexes of human lactoferrin

Jernstrom B., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on double stranded poly deoxyg c g c in b and z form after covalent modification with the anti diastereomer of trans 7 8 dihydroxy 9 10 epoxy 7 8 9 10 tetrahydrobenzo a pyrene

Grosse, R.; Eckert, K.; Otto, M.; Jacobasch, G.; Repke, K. R. H., 1977: Spectroscopic studies on effector induced and substrate induced conformation changes of phospho fructo kinase ec

Solomon E.I., 1988: Spectroscopic studies on ferrous non heme iron active sites magnetic circular dichroism of mononuclear iron sites in superoxide dismutase and lipoxygenase

Gennis R.B., 1986: Spectroscopic studies on heme d in the visible and ir

Oohara, I.; Wada, A., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on histone dna interactions i. the interaction of histone h2a h2b dimer with dna dna sequence dependence

Oohara, I.; Wada, A., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on histone dna interactions ii. three transitions in nucleosomes resolved by salt titration

Chylack L.T.Jr, 1985: Spectroscopic studies on human lens crystallins

Yeh C L., 1984: Spectroscopic studies on in vitro retinol transferred retinol binding protein

Chantler, P. D.; Szent-Gyorgyi, A. G., 1978: Spectroscopic studies on invertebrate myosins and light chains

Lerch K., 1983: Spectroscopic studies on neurospora crassa copper metallo thionein

Chakrabarti B., 1981: Spectroscopic studies on pepsin solubilized vitreous and cartilage collagens

Solomon E.I., 1981: Spectroscopic studies on plasto cyanin single crystals a detailed electronic structure determination of the blue copper active site

Tamburro A.M., 1986: Spectroscopic studies on purified particles and isolated rna of cucumber mosaic virus

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461085

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461086

Gaber M., 1985: Spectroscopic studies on some derivatives of 4 hydroxycarbostyriles

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461088

Kay C.M., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on terbium iii binding to s 100a protein

Yamauchi F., 1983: Spectroscopic studies on the aggregates and the dissociates induced by heating soybean 11s globulin in the presence of n ethyl maleimide

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461091

Harrison P.M., 1984: Spectroscopic studies on the binding of iron terbium and zinc by apo ferritin

Cohen, J. S.; Fisher, W. R.; Schechter, A. N., 1974: Spectroscopic studies on the conformation of cytochrome c and apo cytochrome c

Villafranca J.J., 1979: Spectroscopic studies on the copper ii complexes of carnosine

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461095

Balaram P., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on the interaction of bilirubin with symmetrical alkyl diamines

Aisen P., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on the interaction of phosphate with uteroferrin

Das Gupta A., 1981: Spectroscopic studies on the interaction of the antibiotic lasalocid a x 537a with lanthanide iii ions in methanol

Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1986: Spectroscopic studies on the interactions between lipoxygenase 2 and its product hydroperoxides

Wang S M., 1986: Spectroscopic studies on the interactions of achatina hemocyanin with some halides

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461101

Pelletier M.R., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on the mixed disulfide formation of lens crystallin with glutathione

Clark B.A., 1988: Spectroscopic studies on the photooxidation of calf lens gamma crystallin

Hanaki A., 1985: Spectroscopic studies on the reaction of superoxide ion with tocopherol model compound 6 hydroxy 2 2 5 7 8 pentamethylchroman

Andley U.P., 1988: Spectroscopic studies on the riboflavin sensitized conformational changes of calf lens alpha crystallin

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461106

Miles H.T., 1981: Spectroscopic studies on the structure of poly 8 bromo adenylic acid effect of glycosidic torsion angle on the conformation and flexibility in poly ribo nucleotides

Margalit, R.; Shaklai, N., 1978: Spectroscopic studies on the tyrosine residues of canavalin

Onori, G.; Araco, I. A.; Belli, M.; Giorg, C., 1977: Spectroscopic studies on the unfolding of escherichia coli ribosomes

Marlborough D.I., 1979: Spectroscopic studies on the urea denaturation of hemo cyanin from the australian fresh water crayfish cherax destructor

Nowak, M. J.; Szczepaniak, K.; Barski, A.; Shugar, D., 1978: Spectroscopic studies on vapor phase tautomerism of natural bases found in nucleic acids

Jori G., 1987: Spectroscopic studies on zinc ii phthalocyanine in homogeneous and microheterogeneous systems

Khaloimov, A. I.; Zhukovskii, A. P.; Sidorova, A. I., 1976: Spectroscopic study of conformational changes of proteins in aqueous solutions and in mixed solvents

Scott P.G., 1986: Spectroscopic study of environment dependent changes in the conformation of the isolated carboxyl terminal telopeptide of type i collagen

Kharatishvili M.G., 1980: Spectroscopic study of gamma irradiated copper ii dna complexes

Klimovich V.M., 1983: Spectroscopic study of hydration and dynamic structure of trypsin and some of its lipid protein and protein carbohydrate complexes

Zheltovskii N.V., 1981: Spectroscopic study of interactions between nucleic acid bases and amino acid esters in di methyl sulfoxide

Valero R., 1986: Spectroscopic study of intermolecular complexes between fad and some beta carboline derivatives

Murisasco A., 1984: Spectroscopic study of isaxonine phosphate sites of protonation

Tomas F., 1987: Spectroscopic study of molecular associations between flavins fad and rfn and some indole derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461121

Bohmova B., 1986: Spectroscopic study of n nitroso compound decomposition in presence of dna bases

Hsiao T.L., 1980: Spectroscopic study of photo receptor membrane incorporated into a multi lamellar film

Scheraga H.A., 1981: Spectroscopic study of the conformations of proline containing oligo peptides in the crystalline state and in solution

Bisagni E., 1981: Spectroscopic study of the dark interaction and of the photo reaction between a new mono functional psoralen 3 carbethoxy psoralen and dna

Saint Ruf G., 1983: Spectroscopic study of the effects of c alkylation of n acetoxy n acetyl 2 amino fluorene on some properties of the carcinogen modified dna

Nunez A., 1982: Spectroscopic study of the interaction of 1 di n propylamino 2 6 dinitro 4 trifluoromethyl benzene with amines

Rao M.S.N., 1985: Spectroscopic study of the interaction of gossypol with bovine serum albumin

Chizhova, E. B.; Ermakova, T. V., 1976: Spectroscopic study of the interaction of some cation dyes with mitochondria

Koenig J.L., 1986: Spectroscopic study of the structure of sucrose in the amorphous state and in aqueous solution

Chylack L.T.Jr, 1987: Spectroscopic study on the effects of nonenzymatic glycation in human alpha crystallin

Rossi, V.; Grandi, C.; Dalzoppo, D.; Fontana, A., 1983: Spectroscopic study on the structure and stability of beef liver arginase ec

Yarbrough L.R., 1979: Spectroscopic techniques for study of phospho di ester bond formation by escherichia coli rna polymerase

Muller F., 1987: Spectroscopy and photochemistry of 8 substituted 5 deazaflavins

Kurtin, W. E., 1978: Spectroscopy and photochemistry of bilirubin photo products part 1 methylvinyl maleimide

Kliger D.S., 1985: Spectroscopy and photochemistry of thiouracils implications for the mechanism of photocrosslinking in transfer rna

Salomatin E.M., 1987: Spectroscopy in uv and visible regions of the spectrum used for the detection of phenothiazine derivatives in chemotoxicological study of biological matter

Brunori M., 1982: Spectroscopy of carbon mon oxy hemo cyanins phosphorescence of the bi nuclear carbonylated copper centers

Yaffe, M.; Taylor, K. W.; Johns, H. E., 1976: Spectroscopy of diagnostic x rays by a compton scatter method

Lang F., 1981: Spectroscopy of long wavelength forms of chlorophyll a and chlorophyllide a

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461141

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461142

Das, P. K.; Kogan, G.; Becker, R. S., 1979: Spectroscopy of polyenes 3. absorption and emission spectral investigation of polyene schiff bases and protonated schiff bases related to visual pigments

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461144

Gal'pern M.G., 1985: Spectroscopy of polymer gels containing covalent bound zinc phthalocyanin as models of superassembling systems in photosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461146

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461147

Navashin S.M., 1985: Spectroturbidometric method for the rapid estimation of microbial sensitivity to antibiotics

Theophilopoulos A.N., 1984: Spectrotypic analysis of antibodies to acetyl choline receptors in experimental auto immune myasthenia gravis

Nell L.J., 1988: Spectrotypic analysis of antibodies to insulin a and b chains

Elkon K.B., 1986: Spectrotypic analysis of immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin a rheumatoid factors

Catty D., 1984: Spectrotypic analysis of passively acquired and newly synthesized immuno globulin g antibodies in the neo natal and young mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461153

Aulich A., 1985: Spectrum analysis of continuous wave doppler ultrasound signals of the extracranial carotid artery

Fischer A.A., 1985: Spectrum analysis of large toe plethysmographic waveshape

Lester, B. M., 1976: Spectrum analysis of the cry sounds of well nourished and mal nourished infants

Delaunois, A. L.; Van-Rompu, E.; Vanderheeren, F., 1978: Spectrum analysis of transient phenomena of the left ventricular pressure

Sugawara M., 1988: Spectrum analysis of turbulence in the canine ascending aorta measured with a hot film anemometer

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461159

Potulova, L. A.; Trush, V. D., 1976: Spectrum and correlation analysis of the bio electric activity of rabbit brain structures during electro sleep

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461161

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461162

Han Z., 1987: Spectrum and voice range analysis of 160 male and female cases aged from 55 to 74

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461164

Robinson, T. N. Jr ; Rosenthal, D.; Rasmussen, P. V., 1977: Spectrum diagnosis and ego strength functioning as related to electro dermal activity in a conditioning paradigm

Sundberg J., 1988: Spectrum factors relevant to phonetogram measurement

Strackee J., 1985: Spectrum of a series of point events generated by the integral pulse frequency modulation model

Qureshi M.A., 1987: Spectrum of accidental poisonings among children in afghanistan

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461169

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461170

Rammohan G., 1985: Spectrum of advanced upper airway obstruction due to goiters

Desai P.B., 1983: Spectrum of alpha chain disease in india

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461173

Bisson G.Y., 1987: Spectrum of alveolitis in quartz exposed human subjects

Harper, A. P.; Yune, H. Y.; Franken, E. A. Jr, 1977: Spectrum of angiographically demonstrable renal pathology in young hypertensive patients

Fraser F.C., 1982: Spectrum of anomalies in fanconi anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461177

Record C.O., 1981: Spectrum of antibiotic associated diarrhea

Chevez A., 1982: Spectrum of aortic bi ventricular connection and double outlet right ventricle produced experimentally in the chicken heart with hypo thermia

Persky L., 1982: Spectrum of bilateral ureteral ectopia

Holcomb G.W.Jr, 1986: Spectrum of biliary disease in childhood

Alboliras, E. T.; Shub, C.; Gomez, M. R.; Edwards, W. D.; Hagler, D. J.; Reeder, G. S.; Seward, J. B.; Tajik, A. J., 1986: Spectrum of cardiac involvement in friedreich's ataxia clinical electrocardiographic and echocardiographic observations

Boswell R.N., 1988: Spectrum of cerebrospinal fluid findings in various stages of human immunodeficiency virus infection

Dunford H.B., 1980: Spectrum of chloro peroxidase compound i

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461185

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461186

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461187

Singh M., 1987: Spectrum of complications of measles in afghanistan a study of 784 cases

Desanctis R.W., 1986: Spectrum of conditions initially suggesting acute aortic dissection but with negative aortograms

Tynan M., 1985: Spectrum of congenital heart disease detected echocardiographically in prenatal life

Goldman, M. R.; Boucher, C. A.; Block, P. C.; Buckley, M. J.; Austen, W. G.; Strauss, H. W.; Pohost, G. M., 1981: Spectrum of congestive heart failure late after aortic valve or mitral replacement differentiation of valvular vs. myo cardial cause by radio nuclide ventriculogram ejection fraction

Hughes P.B., 1981: Spectrum of cross resistance to insecticides in field samples of the primary sheep blow fly lucilia cuprina

Levinson R., 1986: Spectrum of deranged sodium homeostasis in essential hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461194

Frasch C.E., 1988: Spectrum of disease due to haemophilus influenzae type b occurring in vaccinated children

Diamond H.S., 1988: Spectrum of diseases for resident education in internal medicine

Rowinski R.S., 1986: Spectrum of drops and batching

Aronow W.S., 1979: Spectrum of echo cardiographic findings in tricuspid valve endo carditis

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461199

Goldman J., 1987: Spectrum of endocrine abnormalities associated with acanthosis nigricans

Kazaryan B.K., 1980: Spectrum of entomo pathogenic action and efficiency of application of biological insecticide preparations

Badr H., 1979: Spectrum of escherichia coli agglutinins in dam sera colostrum and calf sera in friesian cows and buffalo in egypt

Driscoll, D. J.; Mottram, C. D.; Danielson, G. K., 1988: Spectrum of exercise intolerance in 45 patients with ebstein's anomaly and observations on exercise tolerance in 11 patients after surgical repair

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461204

Dubinina I.I., 1982: Spectrum of free amino acids and cathepsin activity in the blood serum of patients with diabetes mellitus combined with diffuse toxic goiter

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461206

Pohost G.M., 1983: Spectrum of global left ventricular responses to supine exercise limitation in the use of ejection fraction in identifying patients with coronary artery disease

Bockemuehl J., 1986: Spectrum of gram negative bacteria in wastewater from jeddah saudi arabia

Bronshvag, M. M., 1978: Spectrum of gustatory sweating with especial reference to its presence in diabetics with autonomic neuropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461210

Soto B., 1986: Spectrum of hearts with one underdeveloped and one dominant ventricle

Mitskene V., 1986: Spectrum of high frequency oscillations of a electrocorticogram and their nature

Gallo R.C., 1986: Spectrum of human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii infection in children recognition of symptomatic asymptomatic and seronegative patients

Kellner S., 1986: Spectrum of human t lymphotropic virus type iii infection in a hemophilic cohort treated with blood products from a single manufacturer

Bhatnagar, R.; Malaviya, A. N.; Narayanan, S.; Rajgopalan, P.; Kumar, R.; Bharadwaj, O. P., 1977: Spectrum of immune response abnormalities in different clinical forms of tuberculosis

Ford R., 1980: Spectrum of immuno deficiencies with hodgkins disease

Nahm M.H., 1986: Spectrum of immunoglobulin g 2 subclass deficiency in children with recurrent infections prospective study

Ellner J.J., 1987: Spectrum of immunoregulatory functions and properties of human alveolar macrophages

Cox, R. A.; Vivas, J. R., 1977: Spectrum of in vivo and in vitro cell mediated immune responses in coccidioido mycosis

Carry M.R., 1987: Spectrum of inclusion body myositis

Sudhakar P., 1987: Spectrum of induced floral mutants in petunia

Lockwood J.A., 1985: Spectrum of insecticide cross resistance in pyrethroid resistant populations of haematobia irritans diptera muscidae

Kerkis T.I., 1979: Spectrum of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes in pre implantation mouse embryos

Moiseenok A.G., 1985: Spectrum of lipoproteins composing serum euglobulins in diabetes mellitus

Moodie D.S., 1981: Spectrum of m mode echo cardiographic findings in total anomalous pulmonary venous return

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461226

Zimmerman, R. A.; Bilaniuk, L. T.; Pahlajani, H., 1978: Spectrum of medullo blastomas demonstrated by computed tomography

Dent P.B., 1979: Spectrum of melanoma antigens on cultured human malignant melanoma cells as detected by monkey antibodies

Thomas, E.; Rosenthal, W. S.; Zapiach, L.; Micci, D., 1977: Spectrum of methyl dopa liver injury

Forster R.K., 1980: Spectrum of microbial keratitis in south florida usa

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461231

Wong Staal F., 1987: Spectrum of natural antibodies against fire htlv iii antigens in infected individuals correlation of antibody prevalence with clinical status

Hurwitz E.L., 1982: Spectrum of neurological deficits in experimental central nervous system ischemia a quantitative study

De Campo M., 1986: Spectrum of nonatretic biliary tract obstruction in children

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461236

Beierwaltes W.H., 1981: Spectrum of pheo chromo cytoma in multiple endocrine neoplasia a scintigraphic portrayal using iodine 131 labeled meta iodobenzyl guanidine

Brenner S., 1981: Spectrum of phosphorus 32 induced mutants of caenorhabditis elegans

Sharp, D. G.; Mcguire, P. M., 1970: Spectrum of physical properties among the virions of a whole population of vaccinia virus particles

Arya L.S., 1984: Spectrum of poisonings among children in afghanistan

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461241

Bhuyan U.N., 1982: Spectrum of rapidly progressive crescentic glomerulo nephritis in northern india

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461243

Srivastava, V. K.; Rohatgi, V. K.; Gupta, J. C., 1978: Spectrum of rectal radiation lesions in cases of cervical cancer part 2

Malik N., 1985: Spectrum of renovascular hypertension in the young in north india a hospital based study on occurrence and clinical features

Jorgensen, J. H., 1977: Spectrum of resistance conferred by ml o powdery mildew resistance genes in barley

Ghizdavu, J.; Ghizdavu, L., 1976: Spectrum of resistance to insecticides in a romanian strain of musca domestica

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461248

Wade C.E., 1987: Spectrum of serum cortisol response to acth in icu patients correlation with degree of illness and mortality

Zimmer, J. G.; Williams, T. F., 1978: Spectrum of severity and control of diabetes mellitus in skilled nursing facilities

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461251

Hartman G.W., 1983: Spectrum of sonographic findings in 125 renal masses other than benign simple cyst

Deboer J.G., 1986: Spectrum of spontaneous frameshift mutations sequences of bacteriophage t 4 r ii gene frameshifts

Glickman B.W., 1988: Spectrum of spontaneous mutation at the aprt locus of chinese hamster ovary cells an analysis at the dna sequence level

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461255

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461256

Furnadzhiev G., 1984: Spectrum of the antiinflammatory effect of arctostaphylos uva ursi and achillea millefolium

Myasnik M.N., 1986: Spectrum of the development of photoreactivable and nonphotoreactivable damage to escherichia coli cells exposed to uv light 250 334 nanometers

Seljeskog, E. L.; Chou, S. N., 1976: Spectrum of the hangmans fracture

Kosterlitz H.W., 1982: Spectrum of the mu binding sites delta binding sites and kappa binding sites in homogenates of rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461261

Irvine, W. J.; Gray, R. S.; Toft, A. D.; Seth, J.; Lidgard, G. P.; Cameron, E. H. D., 1977: Spectrum of thyroid function in patients remaining in remission after anti thyroid drug therapy for thyro toxicosis

Cook J.L., 1982: Spectrum of tumorigenic phenotypes among adenovirus type 2 transformed adenovirus type 12 transformed and sv 40 transformed syrian hamster cells defined by host cellular immune tumor cell interactions

Cripps, D. J.; Horowitz, S.; Hong, R., 1978: Spectrum of uv radiation on human bone marrow derived lymphocytes and thymus derived lymphocyte viability/

Ahloowalia B.S., 1983: Spectrum of variation in soma clones of tri ploid rye grass lolium spp

Pollock H.M., 1983: Spectrum of vibrio infections in a gulf coast usa community

Manucci, P. M.; Barbui, T.; Baudo, F.; Ciavarella, N.; Capitanio, A.; Pareti, F.; Ruggeri, Z. M.; Mariani, G., 1977: Spectrum of von willebrands disease a study of 100 cases

Bigos, S. T.; Ridgway, E. C.; Kourides, I. A.; Maloof, F., 1978: Spectrum pituitary alterations with mild and severe thyroid impairment

Daneliya G.I., 1981: Spectrum processing by a computer in the estimation of the methods of activation analyses of agricultural samples

Risberg, J.; Uzzell, B. P.; Obrist, W. D., 1977: Spectrum subtraction technique for minimizing extracranial influence on cerebral blood flow measurements by xenon 133 inhalation

Spencer W.H., 1981: Specular microscopic and histologic observations in nonguttate corneal endothelial degeneration

Leibowitz H.M., 1984: Specular microscopic appearance of damaged and dead endothelial cells in corneas following short term storage

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461273

Edelhauser H.F., 1986: Specular microscopic evaluation of donor corneal endothelium

Mccarey, B. E.; Mcneill, J. I., 1977: Specular microscopic evaluation of donor corneal endothelium

Konishi F., 1987: Specular microscopic findings of lattice corneal dystrophy

Kanai A., 1982: Specular microscopic observation of corneal guttata

Peiffer R.L.Jr, 1981: Specular microscopic observations of the corneal endothelium in the normal rabbit

Komine T., 1982: Specular microscopic studies in corneal endothelium after intra capsular lens extraction effect of filling materials in anterior chamber

Kanari T., 1981: Specular microscopic studies on contact lens wearers

Grabner G., 1981: Specular microscopy a comparison of the contact and noncontact method

Lieberman H.L., 1980: Specular microscopy in cataract and intra ocular lens patients 564 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6462, Accession 006461285

Schanzlin D.J., 1983: Specular microscopy in pars plana vitrectomy

Oak S.S., 1983: Specular microscopy of corneal epithelium

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