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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6463

Chapter 6463 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

De-Jong-Brink, M.; Boer, H. H.; Hommes, T. G.; Kodde, A., 1977: Spermatogenesis and the role of sertoli cells in the fresh water snail biomphalaria glabrata

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Menezes De Goes G., 1980: Spermatogenesis before and after renal transplant

De Paiva E.R., 1980: Spermatogenesis before and after renal transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462006

Shinyaeva L.I., 1980: Spermatogenesis during pre diapause and diapause formation in the shield bug eurygaster integriceps

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Lyapkalo E.V., 1982: Spermatogenesis in gyrocotylidae

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462033

Littlefield, C. L.; Dunne, J. F.; Bode, H. R., 1985: Spermatogenesis in hydra oligactis 1. morphological description and characterization using a monoclonal antibody specific for cells of the spermatogenic pathway

Rungger-Brandle, E., 1976: Spermatogenesis in larval testes of drosophila hydei cultured in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462036

Webb, R. A.; Omar, F. E., 1981: Spermatogenesis in leeches 2. the effect of the supraesophageal ganglion and ventral nerve cord ganglia on spermatogenesis in the north american medicinal leech macrobdella decora

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Stefanini M., 1984: Spermatogenesis in mammals study of differentiative markers and regulative mechanisms

Holstein E., 1979: Spermatogenesis in men exposed to poly brominated bi phenyl

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462042

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462043

Moran C., 1981: Spermatogenesis in natural and experimental hybrids between chromosomally differentiated taxa of caledia captiva

Bertout, M., 1976: Spermatogenesis in nereis diversicolor annelida polychaeta part 1 cytoplasmic evolution and acrosome elaboration

Bertout, M., 1977: Spermatogenesis in nereis diversicolor annelida polychaeta part 2 morphological and auto radiographic study of nuclear development

Etges F.J., 1988: Spermatogenesis in oncomelania hupensis quadrasi a molluscan host of schistosoma japonicum

Schirren U., 1985: Spermatogenesis in patients with spinal cord injury

Biswas N.M., 1982: Spermatogenesis in rat effect of l tryptophan loading

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Abbott, A. G.; Gerbi, S. A., 1981: Spermatogenesis in sciara coprophila 2. precocious chromosome orientation in meiosis ii

Rumpler Y., 1982: Spermatogenesis in several intraspecific and interspecific hybrids of the lemur lemur

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462060

Mueller D.M.J., 1985: Spermatogenesis in the hepaticae family fossombroniaceae

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Obert, H. J., 1976: Spermatogenesis in the yellow bellied toad bombina variegata variegata during the yearly activity period and its correlation to mating call activity discoglossidae anura

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462075

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462076

Desjardins C., 1984: Spermatogenesis is modified by food intake in mice

Buckland-Nicks, J. A.; Chia, F. S., 1976: Spermatogenesis of a marine snail littorina sitkana

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462079

Plakhuta-Plakutina, G. I., 1978: Spermatogenesis of dogs during chronic gamma irradiation for several years and in the aftereffect period

Teisaire E.S., 1979: Spermatogenesis of pheretima hawayana oligochaeta megascolecidae

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462082

Marchand, B.; Mattei, X., 1976: Spermatogenesis of the acanthocephala part 1 the centriolar and flagellar apparatus during spermiogenesis of illiosentis furcatus var africana paleacanthocephala rhadinorhynchidae

Marchand, B.; Mattei, X., 1977: Spermatogenesis of the acanthocephala part 3 formation of the centriolar derivative during spermiogenesis of serrasentis socialis paleacanthocephala gororhynchidae

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Bryan, J. H. D., 1977: Spermatogenesis revisited part 4 abnormal spermiogenesis in mice homo zygous for another male sterility inducing mutation hyp hydrocephalic poly dactyl

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462090

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462091

Grassle J.P., 1987: Spermatogenesis sperm storage and comparative sperm morphology in nine species of capitella capitomastus and capitellides polychaeta capitellidae

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462093

Krause W., 1987: Spermatogenetic arrest with inhibition of acrosome and sperm tail development

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462099

Risley M.S., 1983: Spermatogenic cell differentiation in vitro

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462107

Hatakeyama S., 1986: Spermatogenic disturbance induced in mice by combined local injection of monoclonal antibodies to sertoli cell and to basal lamina of seminiferous tubule

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462123

Pederzani H., 1987: Spermatologic investigations in 300 varicocele patients with different degrees and in diverse age groups

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462126

Suwarsono M., 1981: Spermatophagy induced by spermatozoa in whole blood cultures from infertile husbands and their wives

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462161

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462166

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462171

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462196

Warburton D., 1988: Spermicide use and pregnancy outcome

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462198

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462199

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462200

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462201

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462202

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462203

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462204

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462205

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462207

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462208

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462209

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462210

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462211

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462212

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462213

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462214

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462215

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462216

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462217

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462218

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462219

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462220

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462221

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462222

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462223

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462224

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462225

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462226

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462227

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462228

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462229

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462230

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462231

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462232

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462233

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462234

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462235

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462236

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462237

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462238

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462239

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462240

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462241

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462242

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462243

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462244

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462245

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462246

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462276

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462277

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462926

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462927

Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462928

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Section 7, Chapter 6463, Accession 006462944

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