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Chapter 6,463

Spiders of the families tetragnathidae uloboridae and dipluridae in dominican amber and general aspects arachnida araneae

Schawaller, W.

Stuttgarter Beitraege zur Naturkunde Serie B (Geologie und Palaeontologie) (89): 1-20


Accession: 006462762

Fossil spiders of the families Tetragnathidae (Tetragnatha pristina sp. nov.), Uloboridae (Miagrammopes sp.), and Dipluridae (? Ischnothele sp.) from Dominican amber are presented. Fossils of the family Uloboridae have not previously been recorded. Some critical comments are added for the known fossils of the family Tetragnathidae which may be of general interest in studying amber fossils. The fossils verify for the first time the existence of a tarsal and a lyriform organ of spiders in the Tertiary age. A first detailed documentation is given for a cribellate spinning apparatus in fossils, the structure of which allows some conclusions about the spinning behavior in that time.

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