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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6464

Chapter 6464 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Knipping G., 1982: Spin labeling study of frozen solutions of porcine high density and low density lipo proteins temperature dependence of the lipid dynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463001

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463002

Nothig-Laslo, V., 1977: Spin labeling study of solutions of carbon mon oxide hemo globin in high concentrations

Tanaka, T.; Sakanashi, T.; Kaneko, N.; Ogura, R., 1986: Spin labeling study on membrane fluidity of epidermal cell cow snout epidermis

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463005

Seidah, N. G.; Roy, G.; Laprade, R.; Cyr, T.; Dugas, H., 1976: Spin labels as probes for tetra phenyl boron ion interaction with liposomes

Schreier, S.; Polnaszek, C. F.; Smith, I. C. P., 1978: Spin labels in membranes problems in practice

Gayda, J. P.; Gibson, J. F.; Cammack, R.; Hall, D. O.; Mullinger, R., 1976: Spin lattice relaxation and exchange interaction in a 2 iron 2 sulfur protein

Maki A., 1986: Spin lattice relaxation in the triplet state of the buried tryptophan residue of rnase t 1

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463010

Ohnishi T., 1983: Spin lattice relaxation rates of iron sulfur proteins and heme proteins affected by dysprosium complexes and temperature

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463012

Brady T.J., 1984: Spin lattice relaxation time measurements in 2 dimensional nmr imaging corrections for plane selection and pulse sequence

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463014

Esterbauer H., 1979: Spin lattice relaxation time measurements of nucleosides

De Jimenez R.L., 1983: Spin lattice relaxation time relaxation times in vivo of human normal pelvic tissues and gynecologic malignancies

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463017

Izawa A., 1987: Spin lattice relaxation times of bound water its determination and implications for tissue discrimination

Gambhir P.N., 1981: Spin lattice relaxation times of seed oils by proton pulsed fourier transform nmr

Froholm L.O., 1983: Spin membrane immunoassay for use in meningococcal serology

Chan, S. W.; Tan, C. T.; Hsia, J. C., 1978: Spin membrane immunoassay simplicity and specificity

Rao, N. P.; Vijayaraghavan, K., 1976: Spin off benefits in nutrition programs

Kamiya, M., 1978: Spin orbit couplings in the dna base pairs/

Galley, W. C.; Purkey, R. M., 1972: Spin orbital probes of bio molecular structure a model dna acridine system

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463025

Curtain C.C., 1985: Spin probe clustering in human erythrocyte ghosts

Miller R.W., 1982: Spin probe studies during freezing of cells isolated from cold hardened and nonhardened winter rye secale cereale cultivar puma molecular mechanism of membrane freezing injury

Livshits V.A., 1981: Spin probe study of cholera toxin action on the enterocyte brush border membranes

Pakhomova G.I., 1982: Spin probe study of micro viscosity of aqueous medium in plant objects

Vladimirov Yu A., 1985: Spin probe study of structural changes at different depth of phospholipid membranes after their peroxidation

Kuznetsov, A. N.; Kharakhonycheva, N. V.; Ogurtsov, S. I., 1977: Spin probe study on adsorption of nonparamagnetic substances on proteins

Bobst A.M., 1986: Spin probes as mechanistic inhibitors and active site probes of thymidylate synthetase

Helman J.S., 1986: Spin relaxation of iron in mixed state hemoproteins

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463034

Earnest F.Iv, 1984: Spin spin relaxation time t 2 dependence in magnetic resonance saturation recovery and inversion recovery images

Beattie J.K., 1982: Spin state and unfolding equilibria of ferri cytochrome c in acidic solutions

Tsai, R.; Yu, C. A.; Gunsalus, I. C.; Peisach, J.; Blumberg, W.; Orme-Johnson, W. H.; Beinert, H., 1970: Spin state changes in cytochrome p 450 cam on binding of specific substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463038

Schenkman J.B., 1979: Spin state control of the hepatic cytochrome p 450 redox potential

Kamen, M. D.; Kakuno, T.; Bartsch, R. G.; Hannon, S., 1973: Spin state correlations in near ir spectroscopy of cytochrome c prime

Appleby C.A., 1979: Spin state equilibria in soybean ferric leg hemo globin and its complexes with formate and acetate

Takenaka T., 1985: Spin state equilibrium in the model complexes of azide hemoprotein

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463043

Leroux J.P., 1985: Spin state studies on cytochrome p 450 in liver microsomes from obese and diabetic animals

Estabrook R.W., 1979: Spin state transitions of liver microsomal cytochrome p 450

Ellfolk, N.; Ronnberg, M.; Aasa, R.; Vanngard, T.; Angstrom, J., 1984: Spin states of and interactions between the hemes of pseudomonas aeruginosa cytochrome c peroxidase ec evidence from proton nmr and cyanide binding studies

Barefoot S.T., 1987: Spin trap determination of free radical burst kinetics in stimulated neutrophils

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463048

Camilleri P., 1985: Spin trap study of the reactions of ferredoxin with reduced oxygen species in pea chloroplasts

Mason R.P., 1980: Spin trapping and direct esr investigations of the redox metabolism of quinone anti cancer drugs

Lion, Y.; Kuwabara, M.; Riesz, P., 1981: Spin trapping and esr studies of the direct photolysis of aromatic amino acids di peptides tri peptides and poly peptides in aqueous solutions 1. phenyl alanine and related compounds

Lion, Y.; Kuwabara, M.; Riesz, P., 1982: Spin trapping and esr studies of the direct photolysis of aromatic amino acids di peptides tri peptides and poly peptides in aqueous solutions 2. tyrosine and related compounds

Lion, Y.; Kuwabara, M.; Riesz, P., 1982: Spin trapping and esr studies of the direct photolysis of aromatic amino acids di peptides tri peptides and poly peptides in aqueous solutions 3. tryptophan and related compounds

Saprin, A. N.; Piette, L. H., 1977: Spin trapping and its application in the study of lipid per oxidation and free radical production with liver microsomes

Mason R.P., 1987: Spin trapping artifacts in dmso

Thompson J.E., 1985: Spin trapping evidence for formation of the sulfite radical anion during chloroplast mediated oxidation of bisulfite ion

Hood, R. A.; Prince, R. H.; Rubinson, K. A., 1978: Spin trapping experiments on nadh analogs and the role of radicals in carbonyl reductions

Griller D., 1980: Spin trapping for hydroxyl in water a kinetic evaluation of 2 popular traps

Bernhard W.A., 1982: Spin trapping free radicals by solvating x irradiated crystalline pyrimidines

Wiseman B.B., 1979: Spin trapping free radicals in the auto oxidation of 6 hydroxy dopamine

Floyd, R. A.; Soong, L. M., 1977: Spin trapping in biological systems oxidation of the spin trap 5 5 di methyl 1 pyrroline 1 oxide by a hydro per oxide hematin system

Hirata M., 1985: Spin trapping of a free radical intermediate formed during microsomal metabolism of hydrazine

Kaneda T., 1984: Spin trapping of alkyl radicals generated in methyl esters of fatty acids

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463064

Dianzani M.U., 1988: Spin trapping of free radical species produced during the microsomal metabolism of ethanol

Rauckman E.J., 1981: Spin trapping of free radicals during hepatic microsomal lipid per oxidation

Bray T.M., 1984: Spin trapping of free radicals formed during in vitro and in vivo metabolism of 3 methyl indole

Quintanilha A., 1981: Spin trapping of free radicals formed during microsomal metabolism of ethyl hydrazine and acetyl hydrazine

Igarashi S., 1982: Spin trapping of hydroxyl radical in the troposphere for determination by esr and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463070

Sato F., 1987: Spin trapping of precursors of thymine damage in x irradiated dna

Zimbrick J.D., 1982: Spin trapping of reactive uracilyl radicals produced by ionizing radiation in aqueous solutions

Hanaki A., 1987: Spin trapping of sulfite radical anion by a water soluble nitroso aromatic spin trap

Paxton J., 1979: Spin trapping of super oxide

Rosen G.M., 1986: Spin trapping of superoxide and hydroxyl radicals with substituted pyrroline 1 oxides

Hanaki A., 1986: Spin trapping of superoxide ion by a water soluble nitroso aromatic spin trap

Mason R.P., 1985: Spin trapping of the azidyl radical in azide catalase hydrogen peroxide and various azide peroxidase hydrogen peroxide peroxidizing systems

Rauckman E.J., 1980: Spin trapping of the primary radical involved in the activation of the carcinogen n hydroxy 2 acetylamino fluorene by cumene hydro per oxide hematin

Chedekel M.R., 1980: Spin trapping of the super oxide radical by 4 n methyl pyridinium tert butyl nitrone

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463080

Lai, C. S.; Piette, L. H., 1978: Spin trapping studies of hydroxyl radical production involved in lipid per oxidation

Tomasi A., 1982: Spin trapping studies on the free radical products formed by metabolic activation of carbon tetra chloride in rat liver microsomal fractions isolated hepatocytes and in vivo in the rat

Vladimirov Yu A., 1984: Spin trapping study of linolenic acid radicals during the initiation of lipid peroxidation in fentons reagent

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463084

Graceffa P., 1988: Spin trapping the cysteine thiyl radical with phenyl n tert butylnitrone

Kwan T., 1981: Spin trapping with 5 5 di methyl pyrroline n oxide in aqueous solution

Ward A.M., 1985: Spina bifida a vanishing nightmare

Bois E., 1980: Spina bifida and anencephaly geographic correlation with the hla system

Feingold N., 1980: Spina bifida and anencephaly geographic distribution correlation with hla system

Cole S., 1984: Spina bifida and anencephaly in scotland uk

Breschi F., 1984: Spina bifida and its possible risk factors a case control study

Baker D., 1982: Spina bifida and maternal rh phenotype

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463093

Grote W., 1986: Spina bifida anterior atlantis misinterpretation of a congenital malformation as fracture of the dens axis

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463096

Tew, B., 1977: Spina bifida childrens scores on the wechsler intelligence scale for children

Feingold J., 1981: Spina bifida cystica families x ray examination and hla typing

Jansen, J., 1978: Spina bifida epidemiological data from a pilot study

Keeler, R. F.; Young, S.; Brown, D., 1976: Spina bifida exencephaly and cranial bleb produced in hamsters by the solanum alkaloid solasodine

Hunt G.M., 1981: Spina bifida implications for 100 children at school

Sood M., 1981: Spina bifida occulta its incidence in himachal pradesh state india

Sherwood T., 1985: Spina bifida occulta lesion or anomaly

Chretien F.C., 1987: Spinability and ph of cervical mucus value and practical aspects of their determination during clinical examinations

Latshaw S.P., 1987: Spinach chloroplast fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase identification of the subtilisin sensitive region and of conserved histidines

Mache R., 1985: Spinach chloroplast genes coding for 3 ribosomal proteins

Zapponi, M. C.; Berni, R.; Iadarola, P.; Ferri, G., 1983: Spinach chloroplast glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase nadp ec formation of complexes with coenzymes and substrates

Bottomley W., 1988: Spinach chloroplast rpo bc genes encode three subunits of the chloroplast rna polymerase

Schurmann P., 1983: Spinach chloroplast thioredoxins in evolutionary drift

Asada K., 1980: Spinach chloroplasts scavenge hydrogen per oxide on illumination

Latzko E., 1987: Spinach ferredoxin is a calcium binding protein

Mikami B., 1986: Spinach ferredoxin nitrite reductase a purification procedure and characterization of chemical properties

Wrischer M., 1983: Spinach latent virus some properties and comparison of 2 isolates

Miziorko H.M., 1987: Spinach leaf ribulose 5 phosphate kinase examination of sulfhydryls by chemical modification and spin labeling

Gardiner S.E., 1986: Spinach leaves desaturate exogenous carbon 14 palmitate to hexadecatrienoate evidence that de novo glycerolipid synthesis in chloroplasts can utilize free fatty acids imported from other cellular compartments

De-La-Rosa, F. F.; Palacian, E., 1981: Spinach nitrate reductase ec kinetic studies of nadh diaphorase

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463117

Markley, J. L.; Ulrich, E. L.; Krogmann, D. W., 1977: Spinach plasto cyanin comparison of reduced and oxidized forms by natural abundance carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Tollin G., 1987: Spinach plastocyanin as an electron acceptor from membrane bound chlorophyll triplet state in positively charged lipid bilayer vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463121

Van Eldik L.J., 1980: Spinach spinacia oleracea calmodulin isolation characterization and comparison with vertebrate calmodulins

Meunier J C., 1988: Spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplast sedoheptulose 1 7 bisphosphatase activation and deactivation and immunological relationship to fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase

Wintermans J.F.G.M., 1985: Spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts localization of enzymes involved in galactolipid metabolism

Bassham J.A., 1984: Spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar america pyruvate kinase isoforms partial purification and regulatory properties

Preiss J., 1983: Spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar bloomsdale long standing leaf intra chloroplast and extrachloroplast phosphorylase activities during growth

Bohnert H.J., 1980: Spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar monopa chloroplast messenger rna for a 32000 dalton poly peptide size and localization of the physical map of the chloroplast dna

Fido, R. J.; Notton, B. A., 1984: Spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar noorman nitrate reductase ec further purification and removal of nicked subunits by affinity chromatography

Nakagawa, H.; Yonemura, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Sato, T.; Ogura, N.; Sato, R., 1985: Spinach spinacia oleracea nitrate reductase ec purification molecular weight and subunit composition

Zucchelli G., 1986: Spinach thylakoid phosphorylation studies on the kinetics of changes in photosystem antenna size spill over and phosphorylation of light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein

Golbeck, J. H.; Cammarata, K. V., 1981: Spinach thylakoid poly phenol oxidase ec isolation activation and properties of the native chloroplast enzyme

Reyes, A. A., 1977: Spinach wilt in ontario

Khabarova T.V., 1988: Spinacine an inhibitor of gamma aminobutyric acid capture

Woo L.K., 1987: Spinacine from panax ginseng

Arnt J., 1984: Spinal 5 hydroxy tryptamine or noradrenaline uptake inhibition potentiates supra spinal morphine anti nociception in rats

Drvaric D.M., 1988: Spinal abnormalities in pediatric patients mr imaging findings compared with clinical myelographic and surgical findings

Kim, Y. S.; Hahn, Y. S.; Lee, H. J., 1978: Spinal abscess

Canepa A., 1988: Spinal accessory nerve function following neck dissection

Yaksh T.L., 1986: Spinal action of dermorphin an extremely potent opioid peptide from frog skin

Jacques L., 1987: Spinal action of neurokinins in the rat effects on mean arterial pressure heart rate and vascular permeability

Regoli D., 1987: Spinal actions of substance p analogues on cardiovascular responses in the rat a structure activity analysis

Hopkins C.J., 1986: Spinal adenosine modulates descending antinociceptive pathways stimulated by morphine

Macchi G., 1986: Spinal afferents and cortical efferents of the anterior intralaminar nuclei an anterograde retrograde tracing study

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463144

Tomasulo, K. C.; Emmers, R., 1970: Spinal afferents to thalamic region si and thalamic region sii of the rat thalamus

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463146

Richard J., 1981: Spinal analgesia comparison of the mu agonist morphine and the kappa agonist ethyl ketazocine

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463148

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463149

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463150

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463151

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463152

Brown, R. H.; Burstein, A. H.; Nash, C. L.; Schock, C. C., 1976: Spinal analysis using a 3 dimensional radiographic technique

Grasso A., 1988: Spinal and central sensory conduction times in subjects aged between 20 and 60 years

Jansen H., 1983: Spinal and cerebral somato sensory evoked potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463156

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463157

Britt R.H., 1986: Spinal and cortical somatosensory evoked potential monitoring during corrective spinal surgery with 108 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463159

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463160

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463161

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463162

Vallance R., 1980: Spinal and general anesthesia in total hip replacement frequency of deep vein thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463164

Rovainen C.M., 1982: Spinal and medullary dorsal cell axons in the trigeminal nerve in lampreys

Craig, A. D-Jr, 1978: Spinal and medullary input to the lateral cervical nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463167

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463168

Burk, D. L-Jr ; Brunberg, J. A.; Kanal, E.; Latchaw, R. E.; Wolf, G. L., 1987: Spinal and paraspinal neurofibromatosis surface coil mr imaging at 1.5 t

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463170

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463171

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463172

Meli A., 1987: Spinal and supraspinal components of gabaergic inhibition of the micturition reflex in rats

Sato, A.; Schmidt, R. F., 1971: Spinal and supraspinal components of the reflex discharges into lumbar and thoracic white rami

Sato, A., 1972: Spinal and supraspinal inhibition of somato sympathetic reflexes by conditioning afferent volleys

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463176

Coote J.H., 1984: Spinal and supraspinal reflex pathways of cardio cardiac sympathetic reflexes

Schroeder L.A., 1981: Spinal and supraspinal sites for morphine and nefopam analgesia in the mouse

Saper C.B., 1985: Spinal and trigeminal dorsal horn projections to the parabrachial nucleus in the rat

Basbaum A.I., 1987: Spinal and trigeminal projections to the nucleus of the solitary tract a possible substrate for somatovisceral and viscerovisceral reflex activation

Peschanski M., 1988: Spinal and trigeminal projections to the parabrachial nucleus in the rat electron microscopic evidence of a spino ponto amygdalian somatosensory pathway

Drummond G.B., 1988: Spinal anesthesia and lumbar lordosis

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463183

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463184

Roy W.L., 1986: Spinal anesthesia for minor pediatric surgery

Sundnes K.O., 1986: Spinal anesthesia how can it fail

Soppi A M., 1981: Spinal anesthesia in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463188

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463189

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463190

Adams, H. J.; Mastri, A. R.; Doherty, D. Jr ; Charron, D., 1978: Spinal anesthesia with batracho toxin in sheep and microscopic examination of spinal cords and roots

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463192

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463193

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463194

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463195

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463196

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463197

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463198

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463199

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463200

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463201

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463202

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463203

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463204

Gran, J. T.; Husby, G.; Hordvik, M., 1985: Spinal ankylosing spondylitis a variant form of ankylosing spondylitis or a distinct disease entity

Takemori A.E., 1983: Spinal antagonism of tolerance and dependence induced by systemically administered morphine

Yaksh T.L., 1987: Spinal antinociceptive action of three representative opioid peptides in frogs

Maki Y., 1987: Spinal antinociceptive effects of adenosine compounds in mice

Duncan, A. W.; Hoare, R. D., 1978: Spinal arachnoid cysts in children

Mooij J.J.A., 1980: Spinal arachnoiditis disease or coincidence

Laterre E.C., 1986: Spinal arachnoiditis due to aspergillus meningitis in a previously healthy patient

Hoffman, G. S.; Ellsworth, C. A.; Wells, E. E.; Franck, W. A.; Mackie, R. W., 1983: Spinal arachnoiditis what is the clinical spectrum 2. arachnoiditis induced by pantopaque autologous blood in dogs a possible model for human disease

Merry, G. S.; Appleton, D. B., 1976: Spinal arterial malformation in a child with hereditary hemorrhagic telangi ectasia case report

Galioto F., 1982: Spinal arterio venous malformations in an infant unusual symptomology and pathology

Et Al, 1988: Spinal arteriovenous malformation mr imaging

Ethier R., 1986: Spinal arteriovenous malformations advances in therapeutic embolization

Willmer J., 1987: Spinal artery aneurysm

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463218

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463219

Vijayakumar S., 1986: Spinal axis irradiation with electrons measurements of attenuation by the spinal processes

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463221

Johnson P., 1987: Spinal bone mineral after 5 weeks of bed rest

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463223

Burke, R.; Lundberg, A.; Weight, F., 1971: Spinal border cell origin of the ventral spino cerebellar tract

Clayton K., 1980: Spinal bracing in the institutionalized person with scoliosis

Shinoda, Y.; Arnold, A. P.; Asanuma, H., 1976: Spinal branching of cortico spinal axons in the cat

Asanuma H., 1979: Spinal branching of pyramidal tract neurons in the monkey

Shinoda, Y.; Ghez, C.; Arnold, A., 1977: Spinal branching of rubro spinal axons in the cat

Arabi K., 1987: Spinal brucellosis

Al-Hiti, K.; Thomas, B. J.; Al-Tikrity, S. A.; Ettinger, K. V.; Fremlin, J. H.; Dabek, J. T., 1976: Spinal calcium its in vivo measurement in man

Zhang R., 1980: Spinal canal block caused by central disc protrusion

Yelland J.D.N., 1979: Spinal canal stenosis in adult with hypo phosphatemic vitamin d resistant rickets

Severi P., 1985: Spinal carcinomatous metastases retrospective study of 67 surgically treated cases

Saran R.K., 1984: Spinal catecholaminergic control of human cardiovascular functions

Auff E., 1982: Spinal cavernous hem angioma intra dural extramedullary underlying repeated subarachnoid hemorrhage

Levenson S.M., 1981: Spinal cerebro spinal fluid leak demonstrated by retrograde myelo scintigraphy

Theiss D., 1986: Spinal cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and cephalad spread of substances within the subarachnoid space

Kennedy, P.; Cavanagh, J. B., 1976: Spinal changes in the neuropathy of thallium poisoning a case with neuro pathological studies

Buccafusco J.J., 1987: Spinal cholinergic neurons and the expression of morphine withdrawal symptoms in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463240

Kroon H.M., 1988: Spinal chordoma radiologic features in 14 cases

Huvos A.G., 1979: Spinal chordomas

Riccio A., 1981: Spinal chordomas in infancy a case and an analysis of the literature

Shannon H.S., 1987: Spinal column damage from water ski jumping

Tasto, R. N., 1978: Spinal column deformity in a pile surfperch damalichthys vacca

De-Riu, P. L.; Falzoi, A., 1978: Spinal compensation of postural cerebral asymmetries

Abbruzzese, M.; Favale, E.; Leandri, M.; Ratto, S., 1978: Spinal components of the cerebral somato sensory evoked response in normal man the s wave

Lukert B.P., 1988: Spinal compression fractures in osteoporotic women patterns and relationship to hyperkyphosis

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463249

Sartor K., 1980: Spinal computed tomography new perspectives in the diagnosis of the spine and spinal cord

Volk S.A., 1984: Spinal computed tomography scanning in the evaluation of metastatic disease

Ngai J., 1986: Spinal configuration during lifting

Kleinbok I.Ya, 1986: Spinal control of afferent temperature information in cats

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463254

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463255

Neff N.H., 1984: Spinal cord acetyl choline content the consequence of transection or treatment with the neuro toxin 6 amino nicotinamide

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463257

Pantoja G., 1985: Spinal cord and cerebral blood flow responses to subarachnoid injection of local anesthetics with and without epinephrine

Jessen, C.; Mayer, E. T., 1971: Spinal cord and hypothalamus as core sensors of temperature in the conscious dog part 1 equivalence of responses

Jessen, C.; Ludwig, O., 1971: Spinal cord and hypothalamus as core sensors of temperature in the conscious dog part 2 addition of signals

Jessen, C.; Simon, E., 1971: Spinal cord and hypothalamus as core sensors of temperature in the conscious dog part 3 identity of functions

Averill, R. T.; Campbell, E. W-Jr, 1978: Spinal cord and nerve root lesions in children presenting with urinary dys function

Martin J.R., 1982: Spinal cord and optic nerve de myelination in experimental herpes simplex virus type 2 infection

Abe H., 1985: Spinal cord and root injuries due to glass fragments and acupuncture needles

Landman G.H.M., 1983: Spinal cord angiography and radio cinematography in arterio venous malformations

Shiozawa, Z.; Tanaka, Y.; Makino, N.; Sugita, K. I., 1978: Spinal cord angiography using 4x magnification

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463267

Slade W.R.Jr, 1979: Spinal cord arterio venous malformations

Frank J., 1988: Spinal cord artifacts from truncation errors during mr imaging

Crawford R.A., 1979: Spinal cord blood flow and conduction during experimental cord compression in normotensive and hypotensive dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463271

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463272

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463273

Wohns R., 1980: Spinal cord blood flow in experimental transient traumatic paraplegia

Tator C.H., 1986: Spinal cord blood flow measured with microspheres following spinal cord injury in the rat

Snow P.J., 1981: Spinal cord collaterals from axons of type ii slowly adapting units in the cat

Griffiths, I. R.; Pitts, L. H.; Crawford, R. A.; Trench, J. G., 1978: Spinal cord compression and blood flow part 1 the effect of raised cerebro spinal fluid pressure on spinal cord blood flow

Jones D.B., 1986: Spinal cord compression as the first presentation of lymphoma a review of 15 cases

Bouchez, B.; Arnott, G.; Combelles, G.; Pruvo, J. P., 1986: Spinal cord compression by a thoracic intervertebral disc herniation a complication of scheuermann's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6464, Accession 006463280

Park P., 1988: Spinal cord compression by epidural metastases fibrosarcoma experiments in rats

Hebestreit H P., 1987: Spinal cord compression by extensive epidural lipoma a case report

Pecker J., 1982: Spinal cord compression by extradural fat after prolonged cortico steroid therapy a case

Cromwell, L. D.; Kerber, C., 1978: Spinal cord compression by extramedullary hematopoiesis in agnogenic myeloid metaplasia

Van Turnhout J.M., 1979: Spinal cord compression by extramedullary hemopoietic tissue in pyruvate kinase deficiency caused hemolytic anemia

Tedeschi G., 1980: Spinal cord compression by tuberculous epiduritis 2 cases

Delecour M., 1984: Spinal cord compression by vertebral angioma during pregnancy a case relieved by embolization

Steimle, R.; Pageaut, G.; Jacquet, G.; Gehin, P.; Sexe, C. B., 1975: Spinal cord compression caused by spinal aneurysmal bone cyst

Sweriduk S.T., 1987: Spinal cord compression due to ethmoid adenocarcinoma

Richards F.II, 1988: Spinal cord compression due to extramedullary hematopoiesis in thalassemia long term follow up after radiotherapy

Jabbari, B.; Pierce, J. F., 1977: Spinal cord compression due to pseudomonas in a heroin addict case report

Arroyo J., 1985: Spinal cord compression in a thalassemic patient

Case D., 1985: Spinal cord compression in breast cancer

Kido D.K., 1982: Spinal cord compression in diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyper ostosis

Shishkin I.P., 1982: Spinal cord compression in hodgkins disease

Friedman, M.; Kim, T. H.; Panahon, A. M., 1976: Spinal cord compression in malignant lymphoma treatment and results

Todd D., 1986: Spinal cord compression in multiple myeloma who gets it?

Kjeldsberg C.R., 1982: Spinal cord compression in mycosis fungoides

Mansour A., 1985: Spinal cord compression in neuroblastoma

Gruszkiewicz, J.; Doron, Y.; Borovich, B.; Zaaroor, M., 1987: Spinal cord compression in paget's disease of bone with reference to sarcomatous degeneration and calcitonin treatment

Cross, J. N.; Morgan, O. S.; Gibbs, W. N.; Cheruvanky, I., 1977: Spinal cord compression in thalassemia

Wasi P., 1981: Spinal cord compression in thalassemia 12 cases and recommendations for treatment

Cohen W.A., 1987: Spinal cord compression induced by steroid therapy ct findings

Pompili A., 1982: Spinal cord compression with rapid inception in a child with non hodgkins lymphoma

Dinapoli R.P., 1980: Spinal cord compression with special reference to metastatic epidural tumors

Jell R.M., 1981: Spinal cord concussion

Jell R.M., 1983: Spinal cord concussion in frogs rana pipiens a study of reflex changes

Vangilder J.C., 1981: Spinal cord conduction pathway for cerebellar evoked potentials from c fibers

Peters C., 1984: Spinal cord contains neurotrophic activity for spinal nerve sensory neurons late developmental appearance of a survival factor distinct from nerve growth factor

Wrathall J.R., 1985: Spinal cord contusion in the rat behavioral analysis of functional neurologic impairment

Wrathall J.R., 1985: Spinal cord contusion in the rat morphometric analyses of alterations in the spinal cord

Harvey F., 1985: Spinal cord contusion in the rat production of graded reproducible injury groups

Dolman C.L., 1980: Spinal cord damage a rare complication of purulent meningitis

Keen G., 1987: Spinal cord damage and operations for coarctation of the aorta etiology practice and prospects

Sawicka E., 1981: Spinal cord damage as a complication of renal artery embolization in patients with renal carcinoma

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