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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6465

Chapter 6465 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ring, R. A., 1978: Spiracular gills of the pupa of the inter tidal crane fly limonia marmorata diptera tipulidae

Vinogradskaya, O. N.; Detinova, T. S., 1978: Spiracular index value as an indicator of moisture loving and drought resistant characteristics of anopheles mosquitoes part 1 mosquitoes of africa

Gullan P.J., 1983: Spiracular structure of adult females of apiomorpha hemiptera coccoidea eriococcidae

Saletu B., 1984: Spiral aftereffect in psychosomatic patients a psychophysiological investigation and multivariate data analysis

Kupriyanov V.V., 1983: Spiral arrangement of muscular elements in the wall of blood vessels and its significance for hemodynamics

Vaclavinkova V., 1984: Spiral artery lesions in relation to metabolic control in diabetes mellitus

Battaglia D.E., 1985: Spiral asters and cytoplasmic rotation in sea urchin eggs induction in strongylocentrotus purpuratus eggs by elevated temperature

Ohiwa, T.; Tazawa, M.; Kamiya, N., 1976: Spiral cell wall growth in zygnemataceae

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464008

Hawkins I.F.Jr, 1985: Spiral exchange cannula for the occluded drainage catheter

Grynpas M.D., 1982: Spiral fracture of cortical bone

Feldman M.L., 1979: Spiral ganglion cell counts in an age graded series of rat cochleas

Aran J M., 1982: Spiral ganglion changes after massive amino glycoside treatment in the guinea pig counts and ultrastructure

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464013

Hoslin R., 1980: Spiral grain in beech fagus sylvatica variability and heredity

Ortega J.K.E., 1980: Spiral growth in the radially expanding piloboloid mutants of phycomyces blakesleeanus

Madelin, M. F.; Toomer, D. K.; Ryan, J., 1978: Spiral growth of fungus colonies

Campbell K.A.S., 1979: Spiral growth of mycelial and reproductive hyphae

Koske, R. E., 1977: Spiral growth of phycomyces some new observations in the northern and southern hemispheres

Chiu D.T.W., 1986: Spiral interrupted suturing technique for microvascular anastomosis a comparative study

Berczi S. , 1980: Spiral lattice symmetry mirror bilateral symmetry the trend of evolution in plant lattices

Davis T.A., 1979: Spiral mechanism in arenga pinnata

Fukui, K.; Asai, H., 1976: Spiral motion of paramecium caudatum in a small capillary glass tube

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464023

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464024

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464025

Vollrath F., 1988: Spiral orientation of araneus diadematus orb webs built during vertical rotation

Allison D.J., 1988: Spiral shaped biliary endoprosthesis initial study

Roland, M., 1975: Spiral stent for tubo plasty safety and efficacy

Nokkala C., 1985: Spiral structures of meiotic chromosomes in plants

Catsaras M., 1981: Spiral system and bacteriological analysis of prepared food

Ter-Welle, B. J. H., 1975: Spiral thickenings in the axial parenchyma of chrysobalanaceae

Anno Y., 1987: Spiral tube obstruction due to progressive inflation of the intraluminal bubble during nitrous oxide oxygen anesthesia

Faulk W.P., 1984: Spiral uteroplacental arteries of the human placental bed show the presence of amniotic basement membrane antigens

Korovina, V. M., 1975: Spiral valve in the intestine of the baltic herring clupea harengus membras

Morozova O.L., 1980: Spiral wave circulation frequency and form of excitation impulse

Panfilov A.V., 1981: Spiral waves in heart theoretical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464037

Mizuno A., 1982: Spirality of cell bodies in genus spirillum and genus rhodospirillum under scanning electron microscopy

Mukherjee T.M., 1981: Spiralled collagen in amyloid kidney a case and a hypothesis with review of the literature

Schroeder R., 1983: Spiraloconulus giganteus new species a new lituolid foraminifer from the dogger of northwestern sardinia italy

Himes R.H., 1981: Spirals and para crystals induced by vinca alkaloids evidence that micro tubule associated proteins act as poly cations

Jouglard J., 1987: Spiramycin and toxicoderma resembling allergic vasculitis

Schofield I.D.F., 1979: Spiramycin as a selective dental plaque control agent laboratory data

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464044

De Albuquerque B.W.P., 1979: Spiranthera guianensis new record rutaceae cusparieae for brazil

Robyns A., 1984: Spiranthera leopoldiana new species of rutaceae from bolivia

Matlai I.I., 1984: Spiranthes amoena new record for the ukrainian flora ussr

Sheviak C.J., 1984: Spiranthes diluvialis new species orchidaceae from the western usa

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464049

Catling V.R., 1988: Spiranthes nebulorum new species orchidaceae from southern mexico and guatemala

Catling P.M., 1983: Spiranthes ovalis var erostellata new variety orchidaceae a new autogamous variety from the eastern usa

Copper P., 1981: Spirapora crispula new genus new species of late ordovician tabulate coral from manitoulin island ontario canada

Jaffar W.N., 1984: Spire index and preferred surface orientation in some land snails

Rocchini R., 1987: Spiricella unguiculus rang 1827 gastropoda euthyneura umbraculidae in the mediterranean

Langeheim R.L.Jr, 1984: Spiriferellina lata in the uppermost chesterian in the bird spring group at arrow canyon clark county nevada usa

Keyes, S. W.; Pitrat, C. W., 1978: Spiriferid brachiopods from the traverse group of michigan usa cyrtinacea

Pitrat, C. W., 1977: Spiriferid brachiopods from the traverse group of michigan usa orthospirifer

Boucot A.J., 1983: Spirifids from the lower devonian strata of southwest ellesmere island arctic canada

Winet, H.; Keller, S. R., 1976: Spirillum sp swimming theory and observations of propulsion by the flagellar bundle

O'connell M.C., 1982: Spirit possession and role stress among the xesibe of eastern transkei south africa

Williams, P. J.; Strauss, C. R., 1978: Spirit recovered from heap fermented grape marc nature origin and removal of the off odor

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464062

Piacenza-Lorenzo, P. L., 1978: Spiro 5 5 undecane sesqui terpene analogs bridging vinyl ether and vinyl acetal formation via intra molecular attack by an enol during bromination

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464064

Devadas B., 1987: Spiro and bicyclic nucleosides preparation of new structural types from ribose adducts of diaminomaleonitrile

Cheng M C., 1986: Spiro asymmetric induction synthesis of optically pure alpha hydroxy acid derivatives by alkylation of a chiral glycolate enolate

Zaretskii, V. V.; Knyazev, M. D.; Aslibekyan, I. S.; Borovkov, A. I.; Kolganova, L. A., 1978: Spiro bicycle ergometry in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464068

Eugster C.H., 1983: Spiro coleons synthesis and characterization of 4 dia stereomeric spiro methyl cyclo propane substructures revision of the configuration at carbon 12 and carbon 15 of coleon p and derivatives and coleon z derivatives x ray analysis of lanugon j and of further spiro coleons

Kawada, M.; Kawano, Y.; Sugihara, H.; Takei, S.; Imada, I., 1981: Spiro cyclo propane compounds 1. synthesis and reactivity of spiro cyclo propane 1 2' 2h indol 3' 1'h ones

Kawada, M.; Sugihara, H.; Mikami, I.; Kawai, K.; Kuzuna, S.; Noguchi, S.; Sanno, Y., 1981: Spiro cyclo propane compounds 2. synthesis and biological activities of spiro cyclo propane 1 2' 2h indol 3' 1'h ones

Krol, V. A.; Khamrakulova, D. S., 1977: Spiro ergometric evaluation of the effectiveness of cardiac glycoside treatment of patients with cardiac insufficiency

Fomina N.G., 1983: Spiro ergometric evaluation of the efficacy of rehabilitation following surgery to apply aortal valve prosthesis

Komarov, F. I.; Ol'binskaya, L. I.; Severova, T. M., 1976: Spiro ergometric study on the functional condition of the cardio vascular system in patients with cardiac ischemia in the diagnosis of the initial phase of cardiac insufficiency

Schmuelling R M., 1980: Spiro ergometrical criteria in the noninvasive evaluation of work induced variation in lactic acid levels and acid base equilibrium during unsteady state exercise

Knyazev, M. D.; Borovkov, A. I.; Aslibekyan, I. S., 1978: Spiro ergometry in evaluating the long term results of operations for aortico coronary shunt

Ivanov V.A., 1982: Spiro ergometry in the evaluation of remote results following surgical treatment of aortic coarctation

Klein I., 1983: Spiro germanium effects on hematopoietic stem cells and survival of normal of tumor bearing mice

Fujimaki, T.; Otomasu, H., 1982: Spiro hetero cyclic compounds 5. synthesis of spiro homo phthalimide 4 4' 4' h pyran compounds

Joshi, K. C.; Jain, R.; Sharma, V., 1986: Spiro heterocycles part vii. synthesis and antibacterial activity of some fluorine containing spiroazetidine 2 3' 3h indole 2' 4 1'h diones

Peterson M.J., 1988: Spiro hydantoin aldose reductase inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464082

Ah-Kow, G.; Terrier, F.; Lessard, F., 1978: Spiro meisenheimer complexes from 7 2 hydroxyethoxy 4 nitro benzofurazan and 7 2 hydroxyethoxy 4 nitro benzofuroxan a kinetic study in aqueous solution

Peterson M.J., 1982: Spiro oxazolidinedione aldose reductase inhibitors

Szarvasi, E.; Festal, D.; Grand, M.; Depin, J. C.; Chabert, J., 1976: Spiro piperidine 4 6 thiazolo 3 2 a pyrimidines with anti depressant and blood platelet aggregation inhibitory activities

Blaszczyk K., 1987: Spiro steroids via the barbier grignard reaction of steroidal ketones with allyl bromide and magnesium

Buchi, G.; Berthet, D.; Decorzant, R.; Grieder, A.; Hauser, A., 1976: Spiro vetivanes from fulvenes

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464088

Vincx M., 1988: Spirobolbolaimus bathyalis new genus new species nematoda microlaimidae from the mediterranean calvi

Hoffman, R. L., 1980: Spiroboloid millipedes 11. status of spirobolus nattereri and some species traditionally associated with it rhinocricidae

Strathmann M.F., 1984: Spirobranchus giganteus breaks a rule for suspension feeders

Fusco, A. C.; Overstreet, R. M., 1978: Spirocamallanus cricotus new species and spirocamallanus halitrophus new species nematoda camallanidea from fishes in the northern gulf of mexico

Arya S.N., 1984: Spirocamallanus meszarosi new species from a fresh water fish from india

Fusco, A. C.; Brooks, D. R., 1978: Spirocamallanus penneri new species nematoda camallanidae from trachycorystes insignis pisces doradidae in colombia

Brodey, R. S.; Thomson, R. G.; Sayer, P. D.; Eugster, B., 1977: Spirocerca lupi infection in dogs in kenya

Breznak, J. A.; Canale-Parola, E., 1969: Spirochaeta aurantia a pigmented facultatively anaerobic spirochete

Greenberg, E. P.; Canale-Parola, E., 1976: Spirochaeta halophila new species a facultative anaerobe from a high salinity pond

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464099

Butcher E.C., 1988: Spirochetal antigens and lymphoid cell surface markers in lyme synovitis comparison with rheumatoid synovium and tonsillar lymphoid tissue

Dobbelaere F., 1985: Spirochetal borrelia burgdorferi meningoradiculitis following arthropod bite

Ambrosio F., 1981: Spirochetal jaundice and acute respiratory distress

Pickens, E. G.; Gerloff, R. K.; Burgdorfer, W., 1968: Spirochete from the rabbit tick haemaphysalis leporispalustris part 1 isolation and preliminary characterization

Kayser, A.; Adrian, M., 1978: Spirochetes direction of coiling

Barbour A.G., 1983: Spirochetes in ixodes dammini and mammals from connecticut usa

Burgdorfer W., 1988: Spirochetes in mammals and ticks acari ixodidae from a focus of lyme borreliosis in california usa

Richards, C. S., 1978: Spirochetes in planorbid mollusks

Bingham R.W., 1985: Spirochetes in the equine cecum

Chappell W.A., 1986: Spirochetes in ticks and antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus from connecticut new york state and north carolina usa

Et Al, 1983: Spirochetes isolated from the blood of 2 patients with lyme disease

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464111

Khan A.G., 1980: Spirochetosis anemia and its influence on erythrocyte size in normal and dwarf chickens

Jewell D.P., 1987: Spirochetosis of the human rectum associated with an intraepithelial mast cell and ige plasma cell response

Harrington F.P., 1987: Spirocyclic penicillins

Bih Q R., 1987: Spirocyclic sesquiterpene synthesis via quinone methide coupling reactions anhydro beta rotunol

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464116

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464117

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464118

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464119

Kawada, M.; Sugihara, H.; Imada, I., 1986: Spirocyclopropane compounds vi. synthesis of spirobenzo b thiophene 2 3h 1' cyclopropan 3 ones

Augsten H., 1986: Spirodela polyrhiza a biotest system for screening of phytoactive substances

Andres Yu P., 1986: Spiroergometric evaluation of cardiac pumping function reserves at varying time after closed mitral comissurotomy

Whelan R.D.H., 1986: Spirogermanium a novel antitumor agent expressing a lack of cross resistance in vitro with a range of standard antitumor drugs

Peneva M., 1984: Spirographic indices among workers from superphosphate production exposed to fluorine effect

Lellouch J., 1980: Spirographic reference values mathematical models and practical use

Liot F., 1982: Spirographic variation in paraplegics according to posture in air and in water

Srivastava M., 1984: Spirogyra colligata var ranchiensis new variety from bihar india

Simons J., 1987: Spirogyra spp and accompanying algae from dune waters in the netherlands

Barron G.L., 1981: Spirogyromyces vermicola new genus new species of unusual fungus living in the gut of free living nematodes rhabditis

Joshi, K. C.; Chand, P.; Dandia, A. , 1984: Spiroheterocycles 2. reactions of fluorine containing indole 2 3 diones with 1 2 phenylenediamines and 2 3 diaminopyridine in different media

Al Muhtadi F.J., 1986: Spiroindans from cannabis sativa

Onisko B.C., 1988: Spiroketal synthesis preparation of functionalized 1 7 dioxaspiro 5 5 undecanes

Silverberg A., 1984: Spirolucidine a new lycopodium alkaloid

Locquin Linard M., 1988: Spiromastix grisea new species and its relationship to other onygenaceae with helical appendages

Plunkett, E. R.; Barbela, T.; Mitchel, B., 1976: Spirometer evaluation in the industrial setting

Heinonen E., 1987: Spirometers a field test evaluation

Selikoff I.J., 1988: Spirometric abnormalities among asbestos insulation workers

Franchini I., 1980: Spirometric alterations in chromium exposed welders

Bovet, P.; Lob, M.; Grandjean, M., 1977: Spirometric alterations in workers in the chromium electroplating industry

Lategola, M. T.; Flux, M.; Lyne, P. J., 1977: Spirometric assessment of potential respiratory impairment in general aviation airmen

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464143

Collier, A. M.; Pimmel, R. L.; Hasselblad, V.; Clyde, W. A. Jr ; Knelson, J. H.; Brooks, J. G., 1978: Spirometric changes in normal children with upper respiratory infections

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464145

Stein M., 1980: Spirometric classification of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Rhoades, R. B.; Leifer, K. N.; Bloom, F. L.; Wittig, H. J., 1976: Spirometric comparison of carbuterol and isoproterenol aerosol therapy in bronchial asthma a double blind matched pair study of 28 adults and a double blind crossover study of 18 children

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Meenakshi S., 1984: Spirometric data in south indian subjects 60 80 years of age

Murphy D.M.F., 1983: Spirometric diagnosis of upper airway obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464151

Mansson I., 1984: Spirometric indices in the assessment of laryngeal obstruction

Temple W., 1985: Spirometric lung age estimation for motivating smoking cessation

Ehrlich D., 1982: Spirometric lung function

Mustafa, K. Y., 1977: Spirometric lung function tests in normal men of african ethnic origin

Mekonnen Y., 1985: Spirometric lung function tests in normal non smoking ethiopian men and women

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464157

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464158

Palka M.J., 1982: Spirometric predicted values for teenage boys relation to body composition and exercise performance

Sanchis J., 1983: Spirometric response to a broncho dilator reference values for healthy children and adolescents

Dey S.K., 1988: Spirometric standards for non smokers and smokers of india eastern region

Maragno L., 1986: Spirometric studies for the evaluation of physical fitness inadequate results in the modality and time specifications of the ministerial decree of february 18 1982

Viljanen B.C., 1982: Spirometric studies in nonsmoking healthy adults

Knudson R.J., 1979: Spirometric testing number of tests required and selection of data

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464165

Inoue T., 1984: Spirometrically gated xenon 133 ventilation imaging and phase analysis for assessment of regional lung function

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464167

Murphy E.A., 1988: Spirometry and chest wall dimensions in achondroplasia

Matthys H., 1980: Spirometry and flow volume curve

Widimsky J., 1981: Spirometry and gas exchange in chronic pulmonary thrombo embolism

Jones S.B., 1986: Spirometry as a preoperative screening test in morbidly obese patients

Dab I., 1982: Spirometry at adolescence

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464173

Speizer F.E., 1983: Spirometry in children methodology for obtaining optimal results for clinical and epidemiologic studies

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Dolan T.F.Jr, 1982: Spirometry with positive airway pressure a simple method of evaluating obstructive lung disease in children

Davis R.D., 1983: Spiromustine a new agent entering clinical trials

Kelley J.A., 1986: Spiromustine analogues relationships between structure plasma stability antitumor activity

Ochs, H. R.; Greenblatt, D. J.; Bodem, G.; Smith, T. W., 1978: Spirono lactone

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464189

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464190

Ramsay, L.; Asbury, M.; Shelton, J.; Harrison, I., 1977: Spirono lactone and canrenoate k relative potency at steady state

Hall R., 1981: Spirono lactone and diabetic keto acidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464193

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464194

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464195

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464196

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464197

Rossier, B. C.; Wilce, P. A.; Edelman, I. S., 1977: Spirono lactone antagonism of aldo sterone action on sodium ion transport and rna metabolism in toad bladder epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464199

Yamashita K., 1979: Spirono lactone bodies a study with transmission electron microscope and freeze fracture replication

Martin H.F., 1981: Spirono lactone bodies an immuno peroxidase study with biochemical correlation

Saruta T., 1981: Spirono lactone bodies in aldo steronomas and in the attached adrenals enzyme histochemical study of 19 cases of primary aldo steronism and a case of aldo steronism due to bilateral diffuse hyperplasia of the zona glomerulosa

Karim, A.; Hribar, J.; Doherty, M.; Aksamit, W.; Chappelow, D.; Brown, E.; Markos, C.; Chinn, L. J.; Liang, D.; Et-Al, 1977: Spirono lactone diversity in metabolic pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6465 , Accession 006464204

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464205

Schrier R.W., 1979: Spirono lactone induced hyper chloremic acidosis in cirrhosis

Conn, J. W.; Hinerman, D. L., 1977: Spirono lactone induced inhibition of aldo sterone biosynthesis in primary aldo steronism morphological and functional studies

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464208

Serrano P., 1981: Spirono lactone intolerance in refractory heart failure probable alteration of aldo sterone receptors

Hendler, N. H., 1978: Spirono lactone prophylaxis in manic depressive disease

Phelps, D. L.; Karim, A., 1977: Spirono lactone relationship between concentrations of dethio acetylated metabolite in human serum and milk

Santen, R. J.; Kulin, H. E.; Loriaux, D. L.; Friend, J., 1976: Spirono lactone stimulation of gonadotropin secretion in boys with delayed adolescence

Korey A.G., 1981: Spirono lactone therapy in infants with congestive heart failure secondary to congenital heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464214

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464215

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464216

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464217

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464218

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464219

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464220

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464221

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464223

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464224

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464225

Lowe C.M., 1984: Spironoura roberti new species nematoda kathlaniidae from the malayan box tortoise cuora amboinensis

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Melchreit R., 1984: Spiroperidol binding sites on mouse lymphoid cells effects of ascorbic acid and psychotropic drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464229

Johnson K.G., 1981: Spirophyton in alluvial tidal facies of the catskill deltaic complex new york usa possible biological control of ichno fossil distribution

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Chen Y.X., 1987: Spiroplasma culicicola new species from the salt marsh mosquito aedes sollicitans

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Clark T.B., 1986: Spiroplasma kunkelii new species characterization of the etiological agent of corn stunt disease

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Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464239

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Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464248

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Hanneberg, P. , 1977: Spitsbergen a travel goal for biologists

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464277

Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464278

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Section 7, Chapter 6465, Accession 006464916

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