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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6466

Chapter 6466 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Howard M.T., 1985: Spondee recognition threshold as a function of set size

Sandberg F., 1987: Spondianthus preussii var glaber engler pharmacological screening and occurrence of triterpenes

Mcguire K., 1982: Spondweni virus infection in a foreign resident of upper volta

O'brien J.P., 1985: Spondylarthrography the demonstration of spondylolysis by apophyseal joint arthrography

Sirot J., 1987: Spondylitis and osteomyelitis caused by kingella kingae in children

Willemsen N., 1986: Spondylitis brucellosa

Vuksic B., 1982: Spondylitis erosiva report on 9 patients

Burg C.G., 1982: Spondylo arthropathy associated with hidr adenitis suppurativa and acne conglobata

Borde M., 1981: Spondylo costal dys ostosis 3 cases in a family

Devos, E. A.; Leroy, J. G.; Braeckman, J. J.; Vanden-Bulcke, L. J.; Langer, L. O., 1978: Spondylo costal dys ostosis and urinary tract anomaly definition and review of an entity

Horan F.T., 1981: Spondylo costal dys ostosis in south african sisters

Kozlowski K., 1981: Spondylo costal dysplasia severe and moderate types 8 cases

Modena, V.; Migone, N.; Daneo, V.; Carbonara, A. O.; Di-Vittorio, S.; Viara, M., 1978: Spondylo discitis and ankylosing spondylitis hla typing and nosological implications

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465015

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465018

Rimoin D.L., 1982: Spondylo humero femoral hypoplasia giant cell chondro dysplasia a neo natally lethal short limb skeletal dysplasia

Hash C.J., 1979: Spondylo listhesis after multiple bilateral laminectomies and facetectomies for lumbar spondylosis follow up review

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465021

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465022

Perri G., 1980: Spondylo metaphyseal dysplasia

Kozlowski, K.; Barylak, A.; Middleton, R. W.; Rybakowa, M.; Thomas, P.; Walecki, J., 1976: Spondylo metaphyseal dysplasias report of a case of common type and 3 pairs of siblings of new varieties

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465025

Solomon, L.; Jimenez, B.; Reiner, L., 1978: Spondylo thoracic dys ostosis report of 2 cases and review of the literature

Stein H.L., 1988: Spondyloarthropathy from long term hemodialysis

Sampson H.W., 1988: Spondyloarthropathy in progressive ankylosis ank ank mice morphological features

Kricun M.E., 1988: Spondyloarthropathy of the cervical spine in long term hemodialysis

Ohashi, H.; Sugio, Y.; Kajii, T., 1987: Spondylocostal dysostosis report of three patients

Preus M., 1986: Spondylocostal spondylothoracic dysostosis the clinical basis for prognosticating and genetic counseling

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465032

Guesne Girault M.C., 1987: Spondylodiscitis in a child

Mariani R., 1986: Spondylodiscitis in children after lumbar puncture one case

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465035

Arthornthurasook A., 1981: Spondylolisthesis

Waugh T.R., 1986: Spondylolisthesis and related conditions pathology clinical picture and treatment

Monib H., 1984: Spondylolisthesis as cause of sciatica results of total laminectomy with posterior intervertebral body fusion in 66 cases

Bjerkreim I., 1981: Spondylolisthesis in children and adolescents

Laurent L E., 1988: Spondylolisthesis in children under 12 years of age long term results of 56 patients treated conservatively or operatively

Gross M., 1987: Spondylolisthesis in pilots a follow up study

Saraste H., 1986: Spondylolysis and pregnancy a risk analysis

Hagen R., 1988: Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis treatment by internal fixation and bone grafting of the defect

Simper L.B., 1986: Spondylolysis in eskimo skeletons

Thomazy V., 1988: Spondylolysis in osteopetrosis

Ogilvie, J. W.; Sherman, J., 1987: Spondylolysis in scheuermann's disease

Robin G.C., 1987: Spondylolysis in the upper lumbar spine a study of 32 patients

Gilula L.A., 1984: Spondylolysis of the lumbar spine demonstration of defects and laminal fragmentation

Haughton V.M., 1982: Spondylolysis studied with computed tomography

Hutton, W. C.; Cyron, B. M., 1978: Spondylolysis the role of the posterior elements in resisting the inter vertebral compressive force

Kristal H., 1988: Spondylometaphyseal dysplasia further heterogeneity

Khalifa H.H., 1987: Spondylometaphyseal dysplasia report of three familial cases

Aromaa A., 1981: Spondylosis deformans and diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyper ostosis in finland

Lagier, R., 1977: Spondylosis in the whale an anatomico radiological study of an osteophyte

Connor J.M., 1988: Spondylothoracic and spondylocostal dysostosis hereditary forms of spinal deformity

Baruchin A., 1988: Spondylothoracic dysplasia a report of ten cases with follow up

Bonnal J., 1987: Spondylotic myelopathy treatment and prognosis

Mueller W.E.G., 1988: Sponge aggregation factor identification of the specific collagen binding site by means of a monoclonal antibody

Mueller W.E.G., 1986: Sponge aggregation factor in situ localization by fluorescent monoclonal antibody techniques

Kilborn, R. H.; Nomura, S.; Preston, K. R., 1981: Sponge and dough bread 1. reduction of fermentation time and bromate requirement by the incorporation of salt in the sponge

Kilborn R.H., 1982: Sponge and dough bread effects on fermentation time bromate and sponge salt upon the baking and physical dough properties of a canadian red spring wheat

Ulanova N.S., 1980: Sponge biopsy in clinical picture of childhood tuberculosis

Ruetzler, K.; Rieger, G., 1973: Sponge burrowing fine structure of cliona lampa penetrating calcareous substrata

Moss R., 1985: Sponge cake collapse and flour quality

Gignac H., 1983: Sponge constructed stromatactis mud mounds silurian of gaspe quebec canada

Teragawa C.K., 1986: Sponge dermal membrane morphology histology of cell mediated particle transport during skeletal growth

Dixon O.A., 1979: Sponge fauna of the upper silurian read bay formation somerset island district of franklin arctic canada

Garrone R., 1982: Sponge glyco conjugates immunological properties and localization by fluorescent antibodies and lectins

Standing J.D., 1983: Sponge inhabiting barnacles cirripedia archaeobalanidae of the carolinian province southeastern usa with the description of a new species of membranobalanus

Roberts, P. J.; Hayry, P., 1976: Sponge matrix allo grafts a model for analysis of killer cells infiltrating mouse allo grafts

Wulff J.L., 1984: Sponge mediated coral reef growth and rejuvenation

Guida, V. G., 1976: Sponge predation in the oyster reef community as demonstrated with cliona celata

Dorn A., 1986: Sponge secondary metabolites biochemical and ultrastructural localization of the antimitotic agent avarol in dysidea avara

Patel S., 1985: Sponge sentinel of heavy metals

Alexandrowicz, S. W., 1978: Sponge spicules from the lower carboniferous of the olkusz area poland

Lewis S.M., 1982: Sponge zoanthid associations functional interactions

Bergquist, P. R., 1978: Sponges

Mothes De Moraes B., 1985: Sponges collected by the oxford diving expedition to the cabo frio upwelling area rio de janeiro brazil

Vacelet, J., 1977: Sponges from dark submarine caves of the mediterranean and tropical regions

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465080

Rigby J.K., 1983: Sponges from the early devonian garra formation new south wales australia

Scott R.W., 1981: Sponges from the lower cretaceous mural limestone in arizona usa and northern mexico

Tanita, S., 1978: Sponges obtained by trawl net from sado strait japan

Alcolado, P. M., 1980: Sponges of cuba new records

Tendal O.S., 1979: Sponges of jan mayen norway

Rigby J.K., 1986: Sponges of the burgess shale middle cambrian british columbia canada

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465087

Rigby J.K., 1983: Sponges of the middle cambrian marjum limestone from the house range and drum mountains of western millard county utah usa

Vacelet, J.; Vasseur, P.; Levi, C., 1976: Sponges of the outer point on coral reefs off tulear southwest madagascar

Ogawa Y., 1987: Spongicola levigata new species a new shrimp associated with a hexactinellid sponge from the east china sea decapoda stenopodidae

Goy J.W., 1980: Spongicoloides galapagensis new species of shrimp representing the 1st record of the genus from the pacific ocean crustacea decapoda stenopodidea

Baba K., 1983: Spongicoloides hawaiiensis new species of shrimp decapoda stenopodidea from the hawaiian islands usa

Couck A.M., 1979: Spongiform alterations in brain biopsies of pre senile dementia

Gray, E. G., 1986: Spongiform encephalopathy a neurocytologist's viewpoint with a note on alzheimer's disease

Goto H., 1984: Spongiform encephalopathy in mice inoculated with scrapie material of sheep origin

Goto H., 1986: Spongiform encephalopathy in sheep scrapie electron microscopic observations

Kertesz A., 1980: Spongiform encephalopathy of long duration a family study

Young S., 1982: Spongiform encephalopathy of rocky mountain elk cervus elaphus nelsoni

Stoltenburg Didinger G., 1987: Spongiform encephalopathy with extensive involvement of white matter

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465100

Liwnicz B.H., 1982: Spongiform like changes in alzheimers disease an ultrastructural study

Brooks, B. R.; Swarz, J. R.; Johnson, R. T., 1980: Spongiform polio encephalo myelopathy caused by a murine retrovirus 1. pathogenesis of infection in new born mice

Swarz, J. R.; Brooks, B. R.; Johnson, R. T., 1981: Spongiform polio encephalo myelopathy caused by a murine retrovirus 2. ultrastructural localization of virus replication and spongiform changes in the central nervous system

Maidhof A., 1982: Spongilla gutenbergiana new species a fresh water sponge from the middle eocene of messel west germany

Gullotta, F.; Fliedner, E., 1972: Spongio blastomas astro cytomas and rosenthal fibers ultrastructural tissue culture and enzyme histochemical investigations

Bennett P., 1985: Spongiose spumellarian radiolaria the functional morphology of the radiolarian skeleton with a description of spongostaurus new genus

Bannasch P., 1983: Spongiosis hepatis in rats treated with low doses of hepatotropic nitrosamines

Zerban H., 1981: Spongiosis hepatis specific changes of the peri sinusoidal liver cells induced in rats by n nitroso morpholine

Stief C., 1987: Spongiosolysis a new surgical treatment of impotence caused by distal venous leakage

Cerny A., 1979: Spongipellis delectans new record a new polypore for czechoslovakia

Askew T.M., 1988: Spongivory in pleurotomariid gastropods

Latypov-Yu-Ya, 1976: Spongonaria new record rugosa in the ussr

Galle A., 1983: Spongophyllidae rugosa of bohemian czechoslovakia silurian and devonian

Gindrat D., 1979: Spongospora subterranea plasmodiophoromycetes cultures on agar substrates

El-Najjar, M. Y.; Robertson, A. L-Jr, 1976: Spongy bones in prehistoric america

Hooper, P. T., 1975: Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals part 1 morphology

Hooper, P. T., 1975: Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals part 2 chemical analysis and vascular permeability studies

Hooper, P. T., 1975: Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals part 3 occurrence and pathogenesis hepato cerebral disease caused by hyper ammonemia

Goodman R.M., 1983: Spongy degeneration of the brain in israel a retrospective study

Namiki H., 1979: Spongy degeneration of the central nervous system an instance of the rare juvenile form

Huang K., 1984: Spongy degeneration of the central nervous system in infancy

Towfighi, J.; Friedman, Z.; Maisels, M. J., 1977: Spongy degeneration of the central nervous system van bogaert bertrand type in a new born infant a light and electron microscopic study

Rushton, D. I., 1968: Spongy degeneration of the white matter of the central nervous system associated with hyper glycinuria human

Jellinger, K.; Seitelberger, F., 1970: Spongy glio neuronal dystrophy in infancy and childhood

Videbaek A., 1984: Spongy lymphoid myelo fibrosis as a predictor of hairy cell leukemia or a variant of hairy cell leukemia without hairy cells

Polz W., 1982: Spongy spiculae as component of agglutinated dwelling tubes of annelids from the ottanangian of kaltenbach creek northeast of miesbach subalpine molasse upper bavaria west germany

Kvitnitskii Ryzhov Yu N., 1981: Spongy state of the central nervous system

Erickson E.R., 1986: Spontaneous 19 year regression of oat cell carcinoma with scalene node metastasis

Schroeder T.M., 1985: Spontaneous 6 thioguanine resistant lymphocytes in fanconi anemia patients and their heterozygous parents

Leonardi D.E., 1985: Spontaneous abortion after amniocentesis in women with a history of spontaneous abortion

Jones H.W.Jr, 1979: Spontaneous abortion after mid trimester amnio centesis

Stys S.J., 1984: Spontaneous abortion among insulin dependent diabetic women

Taylor Robinson D., 1984: Spontaneous abortion an infectious etiology

Betts S., 1983: Spontaneous abortion and diabetes mellitus

Harris D.R.Jr, 1988: Spontaneous abortion and general illness symptoms among semiconductor manufacturers

Susser E., 1983: Spontaneous abortion and induced abortion an adjustment for the presence of induced abortion when estimating the rate of spontaneous abortion from cross sectional studies

Menger I., 1986: Spontaneous abortion and interpregnancy interval

Kuti V., 1979: Spontaneous abortion and magnesium intake

Robert D., 1986: Spontaneous abortion and occupation

Mcgillivray B., 1986: Spontaneous abortion and pregnancy outcome after normal first trimester ultrasound examination

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465143

Kline, Jennie; Stein, Zena-A; Susser, Mervyn; Warburton, Dorothy, 1978: Spontaneous abortion and the use of sugar substitutes (saccharin)

Therkelsen A.J., 1987: Spontaneous abortion following mid trimester amniocentesis clinical significance of placental perforation and blood stained amniotic fluid

Goldman J.A., 1988: Spontaneous abortion in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus the effect of preconceptional diabetic control

Mcdonald J.C., 1988: Spontaneous abortion in women employed in plastics manufacture

Sandler D.P., 1981: Spontaneous abortion over time comparing occurrence in 2 cohorts of women a generation apart

Sadigh H., 1981: Spontaneous abortion rate in patients with endometriosis

Newton J.R., 1988: Spontaneous abortion rate in ultrasonographically viable pregnancies

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465151

Tokuhata G.K., 1983: Spontaneous abortions after the three mile island pennsylvania usa nuclear accident a life table analysis

Heidam L.Z., 1983: Spontaneous abortions among factory workers the importance of gravidity control

Vainio H., 1980: Spontaneous abortions among female chemical workers in finland

Figa Talamanca I., 1984: Spontaneous abortions among female industrial workers

Svele J., 1986: Spontaneous abortions among laboratory workers

Heidam L.Z., 1984: Spontaneous abortions among laboratory workers a follow up study

Vainio H., 1980: Spontaneous abortions among women employed in the metal industry in finland

Kyyronen P., 1985: Spontaneous abortions among women employed in the plastics industry

Hemminki K., 1986: Spontaneous abortions among women working in the pharmaceutical industry

Lindbohm M L., 1985: Spontaneous abortions and malformations in the offspring of nurses exposed to anesthetic gases cytostatic drugs and other potential hazards in hospitals based on registered information of outcome

Vainio H., 1983: Spontaneous abortions and reproductive selection mechanisms in the rubber and leather industry in finland

Dejmek, J., 1978: Spontaneous abortions and the mutation load of the population

Hemminki E., 1980: Spontaneous abortions by occupation and social class in finland

Vainio H., 1982: Spontaneous abortions in an industrialized community in finland

Vainio H., 1982: Spontaneous abortions in hospital staff engaged in sterilizing instruments with chemical agents

Lazar P., 1979: Spontaneous abortions in sibship of children with congenital malformation or malignant disease

Morgan D.P., 1984: Spontaneous abortions still births and birth defects in families of agricultural pilots

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465169

Rohles F.H.Jr, 1981: Spontaneous accidental hypo thermia in the elderly

Sherlock R.A., 1987: Spontaneous action potential initiation and propagation in regenerating cell segments of acetabularia mediterranea

Knier J., 1983: Spontaneous action potentials and resting potential shifts in fertilized eggs of the tunicate clavelina

Yasinovskii V.G., 1983: Spontaneous action potentials in acetabularia during morphogenesis

Woods, W. T.; Urthaler, F.; James, T. N., 1976: Spontaneous action potentials of cells in the canine sinus node

Schlichter L.C., 1983: Spontaneous action potentials produced by sodium and chloride channels in maturing rana pipiens oocytes

Boyd W.H., 1985: Spontaneous action potentials recorded from the isolated whole encapsulated bovine pituitary gland changes induced by certain physiological agents

Barbacid M., 1983: Spontaneous activation of a human proto oncogene

Ziccardi R.J., 1982: Spontaneous activation of complement c 1 by an intra molecular auto catalytic mechanism

Mar V.L., 1982: Spontaneous activation of latent cytomegalovirus from murine spleen explants role of lymphocytes and macrophages in release and replication of virus

Kaufman S., 1982: Spontaneous activation of phenyl alanine hydroxylase in rat liver extracts

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465182

Dubois L., 1979: Spontaneous activities of female vs male new borns

Hashimura S., 1981: Spontaneous activity and action potential of an identified onchidium verruculatum pacemaker neuron

Stern, J. S.; Johnson, P. R., 1977: Spontaneous activity and adipose cellularity in the genetically obese zucker rat fafa

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465187

Balfour D.J.K., 1987: Spontaneous activity and brain 5 hydroxyindole levels measured in rats tested in two designs of elevated x maze

Zucker H., 1987: Spontaneous activity and eating behavior in common marmosets callithrix jacchus

Piquard F., 1980: Spontaneous activity and food requirements for maintenance and for growth in the genetically obese zucker rat

Murakami, H.; Kinoshita, K., 1977: Spontaneous activity and heat avoidance of mice

Ebara A., 1985: Spontaneous activity and pacemaker property of neurons in the cardiac ganglion of an isopod ligia exotica

Tempesta E., 1979: Spontaneous activity and responses of reticular neurons in mono amine depleted rats

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465194

Bloom F.E., 1981: Spontaneous activity in perfused hypothalamic slices dependence on calcium content of perfusate

Temchin A.N., 1983: Spontaneous activity in pigeon single auditory nerve fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465198

Taylor, E. W., 1970: Spontaneous activity in the cardio accelerator nerves of the crayfish astacus pallipes lereboullet

Fuchs E., 1988: Spontaneous activity in tree shrews tupaia belangeri recorded by passive ir detectors

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465201

Von Cramon D., 1979: Spontaneous activity of autonomic functions in coma due to drug over dose

Latham, A.; Paul, D. H., 1971: Spontaneous activity of cerebellar purkinje cells and their responses to impulses in climbing fibers

Raab A., 1982: Spontaneous activity of dorsal raphe neurons during defensive and offensive encounters in the tree shrew tupaia belangeri

Section 7, Chapter 6466 , Accession 006465205

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465206

Tirayan A.S., 1981: Spontaneous activity of guinea pig tenia coli cells in solutions containing sodium calcium and lithium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465208

Feldman S., 1980: Spontaneous activity of mediobasal hypothalamic neurons following de afferentations and lesions

Zakharov I.S., 1979: Spontaneous activity of mollusk neurons as a model for screening anti convulsants

Radil-Weiss, T.; Lakocevic, L.; Damjanovic, Z., 1970: Spontaneous activity of neurons in the visceral ganglion of aplysia depilans

Mukhametov, L. M.; Rizzolatti, G.; Tradardi, V., 1970: Spontaneous activity of neurons of nucleus reticularis thalami in freely moving cats

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465213

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465214

Ornhagen H.C., 1980: Spontaneous activity of rat portal vein at normal and elevated hydrostatic pressure

Findlay, A. L. R.; Hayward, J. N., 1969: Spontaneous activity of single neurons in the hypothalamus of rabbits during sleep and waking rabbit

Macleod, N. K., 1976: Spontaneous activity of single neurons in the olfactory bulb of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and its modulation by olfactory stimulation with amino acids

Zhuravlev, B. V., 1976: Spontaneous activity of the lateral hypothalamic neurons in hungry and satiated rabbits

Belcari, P.; Francesconi, A.; Maioli, C.; Strata, P., 1977: Spontaneous activity of the purkinje cells in the pigeon cerebellum

Ohye, C.; Bouchard, R.; Boucher, R.; Poirier, L. J., 1970: Spontaneous activity of the putamen after chronic interruption of the dopaminergic pathway effect of l dopa

Geboes K., 1985: Spontaneous adenocarcinoma of the ascending colon in wistar rats the intracytoplasmic presence of a campylobacter like bacterium

Merkle W., 1986: Spontaneous adrenal hemorrhage in adults

Fowler A.K., 1980: Spontaneous adrenal tumors in the aged ovariectomized nih swiss mouse without enhanced retrovirus expression

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465224

Takeda T., 1982: Spontaneous age associated amyloidosis in senescence accelerated mouse

Miller J., 1983: Spontaneous age regression a clinical report

Brunt D.J., 1984: Spontaneous agglutination of red cells with a positive direct anti globulin test in various media

Faller D.V., 1986: Spontaneous aggregation as a mechanism for human monocyte purification

Chino, H.; Hirayama, Y.; Kiyomoto, Y.; Downer, R. G. H.; Takahashi, K., 1986: Spontaneous aggregation of locust locusta migratoria lipophorin during hemolymph collection

Sussman, I. I.; Weiss, H. J., 1976: Spontaneous aggregation of low molecular weight factor viii and its prevention by 2 millimolar calcium chloride

Holme T., 1981: Spontaneous aggregation of streptococcus mitis atcc 903

Vignais P.V., 1982: Spontaneous aggregation of the mitochondrial natural atpase inhibitor in salt solutions as demonstrated by gel filtration and neutron scattering application to the concomitant purification of the atpase inhibitor and f 1 atpase

Lerche D., 1982: Spontaneous aggregation of washed human erythrocytes in isotonic media of reduced ionic strength conclusions about the spatial arrangement of the amino terminal part of the glycophorins

Dalen, A. B., 1976: Spontaneous alpha toxin mutants of staphylococcus aureus

Cossman J., 1985: Spontaneous alteration of idiotype in a monoclonal b cell lymphoma escape from detection by anti idiotype

Takahashi, M.; Pour, P., 1978: Spontaneous alterations in the pancreas of the aging syrian golden hamster

Schnaudigel O.E., 1981: Spontaneous alterations in unused silicon buckling material

Lalonde, R.; Manseau, M.; Botez, M. I., 1988: Spontaneous alternation and exploration in staggerer mutant mice

Botez M.I., 1986: Spontaneous alternation and habituation in lurcher mutant mice

Botez M.I., 1987: Spontaneous alternation and habituation in purkinje cell degeneration mutant mice

Terry, W. S., 1978: Spontaneous alternation behavior as a function of intertrial detention environment

Galey, D.; Jaffard, R.; Le-Moal, M., 1976: Spontaneous alternation disturbance after lesions of the ventral mesencephalic tegmentum in the rat

Irons T., 1979: Spontaneous alternation in chicks using social reward

Syme G.J., 1981: Spontaneous alternation in the white rat a learning memory phenomenon

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465246

Tanii, K.; Kogi, K., 1976: Spontaneous alternation of the working arm in 1 arm cranking

Zamir A., 1986: Spontaneous amplification of yeast cen ars plasmids

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465249

Chai, C. K., 1978: Spontaneous amyloidosis in low leukocyte count mice renal effects

Kapp L.N., 1986: Spontaneous and 3 aminobenzamide induced sister chromatid exchange frequencies estimated by ring chromosome analysis

Berger, H.; Brammar, W. J.; Yanofsky, C., 1968: Spontaneous and 3 chloro 7 methoxy 9 3 chloroethyl amino propylamino acridine di hydro chloride mutagen induced frameshift mutations in the a gene of escherichia coli enz tryptophan synthase uv mutagen

Schreck C.B., 1988: Spontaneous and acth induced interrenal steroidogenesis in juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch effects of monovalent ions and osmolality in vitro

Saez J., 1981: Spontaneous and acth induced maturation of the responsiveness of ovine fetal adrenal cells to in vitro stimulation by acth and cholera toxin

Piccoli G., 1982: Spontaneous and active sheep erythrocyte tests to evaluate cellular immunity in uremia

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465256

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465257

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465258

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465259

Holmgren, B.; Urba-Holmgren, R.; Valdes, M., 1976: Spontaneous and amphetamine induced head shaking in infant rats

Gupta, S.; Fernandes, G.; Nair, M.; Good, R. A., 1978: Spontaneous and antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity by human thymus derived cell sub populations

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465262

Peter, H. H.; Knoop, F.; Kalden, J. R., 1976: Spontaneous and antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity in melanoma patients and healthy control persons

Meyer Zum Buschenfelde K H., 1987: Spontaneous and antibody dependent cellular immune reactions to ethanol altered hepatoma cells

Sakai D.K., 1981: Spontaneous and antibody dependent hemolysis activities of fish sera and inapplicability of mammalian complements to the immune hemolysis reaction of fishes

Andrews, C. J. H., 1978: Spontaneous and bile salt stimulated bile secretion in the adelie penguin pygoscelis adeliae

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465267

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465268

Buchholz, D., 1976: Spontaneous and centrally induced behaviors in normal and thalamic opossums

Jeney A., 1979: Spontaneous and chemically induced transformation of mouse fibroblasts in culture biochemical aspects of the transformed cells

Lew P.D., 1988: Spontaneous and chemoattractant induced oscillations of cytosolic free calcium in single adherent human neutrophils

Et Al, 1985: Spontaneous and cold pressor test induced prostaglandin biosynthesis by human heart

Isenberg, G.; Czlonkowska, A.; Rieske, E., 1978: Spontaneous and concanavalin a induced agglutination of chick embryo neuronal cells

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465274

Wright D.H., 1984: Spontaneous and concanavalin a induced suppressor activity in control and hodgkins disease patients

Braunsteiner H., 1981: Spontaneous and concanavalin a induced suppressor lymphocytes a comparative study

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465277

Tassoni G., 1987: Spontaneous and conditioned behavior of wistar and long evans rats

Pirch J.H., 1982: Spontaneous and cortically evoked unit activity in the caudate nucleus after systemic morphine

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465280

Oja S.S., 1981: Spontaneous and de polarization induced efflux of hypo taurine from mouse cerebral cortex slices comparison with taurine and gamma amino butyric acid

Epstein R., 1984: Spontaneous and deferred imitation in the pigeon columba livia

Fibiger H.C., 1984: Spontaneous and delayed spatial alternation following damage to specific neuronal elements within the nucleus medianus raphe

Weltzien H.U., 1980: Spontaneous and detergent induced vesiculation of thymocyte plasma membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465285

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465286

Perachio A.A., 1985: Spontaneous and driven responses of semicircular canal primary afferents in the unanesthetized pigeon columba livia

Hart M.J., 1981: Spontaneous and drug induced concanavalin a capping of neutrophils from human infants and their mothers

Schwarting R., 1986: Spontaneous and drug induced locomotor activity after partial dopamine denervation of the ventral striatum

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465290

Iversen S.D., 1982: Spontaneous and drug induced rotation following localized 6 hydroxy dopamine and kainic acid induced lesions of the neo striatum

Ruskin J.N., 1988: Spontaneous and electrically induced ventricular arrhythmias during acute ischemia superimposed on 2 week old canine myocardial infarction

Pinsker H.M., 1986: Spontaneous and elicited bag cell discharges in gonadectomized aplysia

Morrison A.R., 1981: Spontaneous and elicited ponto geniculo occipital spikes in rats

Landau, R., 1977: Spontaneous and elicited smiles and vocalizations of infants in 4 israeli environments

Kohda, K.; Hakura, A.; Ninomiya, S. I.; Kawazoe, Y., 1986: Spontaneous and enzymatic activations of carcinogenic n butyl n' n' dimethyl n nitrosourea

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465297

Ohnishi, O., 1977: Spontaneous and ethyl methanesulfonate induced mutations controlling viability in drosophila melanogaster part 1 recessive lethal mutations

Ohnishi, O., 1977: Spontaneous and ethyl methanesulfonate induced mutations controlling viability in drosophila melanogaster part 2 homo zygous effect of poly genic mutations

Ohnishi, O., 1977: Spontaneous and ethyl methanesulfonate induced mutations controlling viability in drosophila melanogaster part 3 hetero zygous effect of poly genic mutations

Mageramova L.M., 1986: Spontaneous and ethylnitrosourea induced mutations and premutational lesions in repair deficient strains of drosophila melanogaster

Zurawska I., 1988: Spontaneous and evoked activities of interpositus nucleus neurons before and after lesion of the cerebellar cortex

Katz, B.; Miledi, R., 1969: Spontaneous and evoked activity of motor nerve endings in calcium ringer

Baker, M. A., 1971: Spontaneous and evoked activity of neurons in the somato sensory thalamus of the waking cat

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465331

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465332

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465362

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465396

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465401

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465423

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465424

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465453

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465454

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465458

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465459

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465477

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465478

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465489

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465490

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465549

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465550

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465578

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465579

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465635

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465636

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465676

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465677

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465745

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465746

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465749

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465750

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465751

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465752

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465753

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465754

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465761

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465762

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465878

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465879

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Yoshikawa M., 1980: Spontaneous emergence of an hfr strain with a cit plasmid from natural isolates of citrate positive escherichia coli of bovine origin

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Gatti, M.; Olivieri, G., 1976: Spontaneous endo re duplication in chinese hamster cell cultures part 2 analysis of the mitotic cell cycle

Hall R., 1983: Spontaneous endocrine cure of gigantism due to pituitary apoplexy

Kimmerle G., 1979: Spontaneous endocrine tumors in sprague dawley rats

De Martino C., 1980: Spontaneous endometrial deposition of immune complexes in aging nzb wf 1 mice possible role of oncornavirus antigens

Singh V.B., 1979: Spontaneous endometrial lesions in adult repeat breeder buffalo cows bubalus bubalis

Mor, N.; Lutsky, I., 1986: Spontaneous endometrial tumors of sabra rats

Granata G., 1984: Spontaneous endoreduplication tetraploidy and chromosome breakage in lymphocyte cultures from healthy subjects

Osborne Pellegrin M.J., 1986: Spontaneous endothelial injury and lipid accumulation in the rat caudal artery

Weill D., 1983: Spontaneous endothelial injury in the rat caudal artery

Harada H., 1987: Spontaneous enhancement of synchronous discharges of pyramidal cells and synchronization of recurrent inhibitions in the kindled hippocampus of the rabbit

Kulwin D.R., 1981: Spontaneous enophthalmos associated with chronic maxillary sinusitis

Gowen G.F., 1985: Spontaneous enterogastric reflux gastritis and esophagitis

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Martinek, Z.; Dahme, E., 1977: Spontaneous epilepsy in dogs long term studies on a group of genetically related animals

Albus H., 1985: Spontaneous epileptiform discharges in hippocampal slices induced by 4 aminopyridine

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465920

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465921

Rehm S., 1986: Spontaneous epithelial tumors of the skin in han wist and da han rats

Partanen S., 1983: Spontaneous erythroid colony formation in erythrocytosis

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Trinez G., 1980: Spontaneous evolution of nontraumatic dissecting aneurysms of the cervical portion of the internal carotid artery radiological aspects

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Roberts W.C., 1982: Spontaneous exercise testing running as an early unmasker of underlying cardiac amyloidosis

Turner S.M., 1987: Spontaneous exposure and self control in the treatment of compulsive checking

Anderson L.W., 1986: Spontaneous expression of an endogenous retrovirus by the equine sarcoid derived mc 1 cell line

Pietsky D.S., 1988: Spontaneous expression of antibodies to dna of various species origin in sera of normal subjects and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Crystal R.G., 1986: Spontaneous expression of the c sis gene and release of a platelet derived growth factor like molecule by human alveolar macrophages

Crystal R.G., 1988: Spontaneous expression of the interleukin 2 receptor gene and presence of functional interleukin 2 receptors on t lymphocytes in the blood of individuals with active pulmonary sarcoidosis

Crivelli F., 1987: Spontaneous expulsion of decidualized pseudopolyps in pregnant women with uterine malformation

Okaniwa A., 1988: Spontaneous expulsion of micronuclei by enucleation in the micronucleus assay

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Kosaka B., 1983: Spontaneous facial expressions occurring at onset of focal seizure activity

Berry G., 1981: Spontaneous facial movement

Hobbins J.C., 1984: Spontaneous factor xi inhibitors 7 additional cases and a review of the literature

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465960

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465962

Wagner J.E., 1979: Spontaneous feline sporotrichosis a fine structural study

Riley E.P., 1986: Spontaneous fetal behavior after maternal exposure to ethanol

Leridon H., 1987: Spontaneous fetal death the role of the age of the mother of her parity and her previous history of abortions

Dysert G.A., 1987: Spontaneous fetal loss after demonstration of a live fetus in the first trimester

Ramcharan S., 1980: Spontaneous fetal losses in women using different contraceptives around the time of conception

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Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465969

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Faccini J.M., 1981: Spontaneous fibrous histiocytic neoplasms in rats

Lloyd M., 1983: Spontaneous field tested and tethered flight in healthy and infected magicicada septendecim

Franciolini F., 1987: Spontaneous firing and myelination of very small axons

Cuppini C., 1985: Spontaneous firing of regenerated motor axons by ethanol

Groves P.M., 1981: Spontaneous firing patterns of identified spiny neurons in the rat neo striatum

Wallace, S. J., 1977: Spontaneous fits after convulsions with fever

Takigawa M., 1981: Spontaneous flare up in 2 patients after intra dermal skin test with the contrast medium lipiodol uf

Hausler W.J.Jr, 1987: Spontaneous flight activity of aedes trivittatus diptera culicidae infected with trivittatus virus bunyaviridae california serogroup

Koch U., 1984: Spontaneous flow measurements of laryngo tracheal resistance in 30 tracheostoma patients

Pohl, P., 1976: Spontaneous fluctuation in rate of body rocking a methodological note

Nadirashvili S.A., 1981: Spontaneous fluctuations of cardio vascular functions in fetal guinea pigs

Mussgay L., 1987: Spontaneous fluctuations of electrical skin conductance and the actual clinical state in schizophrenics

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465983

Seregin G.I., 1987: Spontaneous fluctuations of the composition of alveolar air at rest and during exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465985

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Usher B.W., 1987: Spontaneous formation of an anti s alloantibody in association with mixed connective tissue disease

Ondrias K., 1988: Spontaneous formation of channels in planar lipid membranes prepared from synaptosomal lipids

Simmons M.J., 1988: Spontaneous formation of compound x chromosomes in drosophila melanogaster

Cirje M., 1983: Spontaneous formation of conjugates of alpha methyl dopa and dopa with serum proteins and experimental production of specific antibodies against these haptens

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465991

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465992

Section 7, Chapter 6466, Accession 006465993

Suhaciu G.H., 1984: Spontaneous formation of immunogenic conjugates by drug metabolites having an o or p aminophenolic structure in their molecule

Vacariu A., 1980: Spontaneous formation of immunogenic conjugates by o amino phenol and p amino phenol

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Zamaraeva N.V., 1985: Spontaneous formation of mixed colonies in hemopoietic cell cultures on soft agar

Newport J.W., 1983: Spontaneous formation of nucleus like structures around bacterio phage dna micro injected into xenopus eggs

Guazzo G.M., 1987: Spontaneous formation of regions with different properties in neural nets

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