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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6467

Chapter 6467 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chadov, B. F., 1976: Spontaneous formation of translocations and nonhomologous chromosome pairing in drosophila melanogaster part 3 spontaneous transformation of compound autosomes into structurally normal autosomes and the formation of di ploid oocytes in females with compounds

Soos A., 1980: Spontaneous fracture following alloplastic hip replacement

Drueke T., 1981: Spontaneous fracture in a hemo dialyzed woman probably associated with the oral intake of aluminum gel

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466003

Sleijfer D., 1987: Spontaneous fracture of the catheter of a totally implantable venous access port case report of a rare complication

Pallardy G., 1987: Spontaneous fracture of the sternum

Lefebvre J., 1987: Spontaneous fractures during hyperthyroidism report of 2 cases

Christensen M.S., 1979: Spontaneous fractures following renal transplantation clinical and biochemical aspects bone mineral content and bone morphometry

Petersen N.S., 1987: Spontaneous fragmentation of several proteins in drosophila pupae

Kanazu A., 1987: Spontaneous fragmentation of the rat erythrocyte

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466010

Veidenheimer M.C., 1983: Spontaneous free perforation of the small intestine

Hayden, D. W.; King, N. W.; Murthy, A. S. K., 1976: Spontaneous frenkelia infection in a laboratory reared rat

Kurn, N.; Colb, M.; Shapiro, L., 1978: Spontaneous frequency of a developmental mutant in volvox carteri

Procicchiani G., 1979: Spontaneous fusion and formation of hybrids between c 1300 neuro blastoma cells and lymphoid cells in mixed cultures

Rahil K.S., 1980: Spontaneous fusion between ehrlich ascites tumor cells and host cells in vivo kinetics of hybridization and concurrent changes in the histo compatibility profile of the tumor after propagation in different host strains

Miller B.E., 1988: Spontaneous fusion between metastatic mammary tumor subpopulations

Donaghue T.P., 1983: Spontaneous fusion in vivo between normal host and tumor cells possible contribution to tumor progression and metastasis studied with a lectin resistant mutant tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466018

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466019

Kuwahara H., 1980: Spontaneous gangrene of the scrotum and penis fourniers gangrene

Bonow, R. O.; Josephson, M. E., 1977: Spontaneous gap phenomenon in atrio ventricular conduction produced by his bundle extra systoles

Markowitz S.K., 1988: Spontaneous gas formation in a sterile renal cell carcinoma

Thibert P., 1981: Spontaneous gastric erosions and ulcerations in bb wistar rats

Yun Y K., 1980: Spontaneous gastric perforation in the new born

De La Fuente A.A., 1981: Spontaneous gastric rupture in neo nates

Brooks R.J., 1982: Spontaneous gastric squamous cell carcinomas and other neoplasms in greenland collard lemmings dicrostonyx groenlandicus

Dubois A., 1981: Spontaneous gastric ulcers in a rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Deinhardt F., 1981: Spontaneous generalized herpesvirus hominis infection of a lowland gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla

Gilmore S.A., 1980: Spontaneous generalized spike wave discharges in the electro corticograms of albino rats

Budakova N.N., 1980: Spontaneous generation of a loco motor rhythm

Demopoulos H.B., 1979: Spontaneous generation of adriamycin semi quinone radicals at physiologic ph

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466032

Schiffmann, E.; Martin, G. R., 1970: Spontaneous generation of cross links in aldehyde containing collagen

Lassiter R.B.H., 1982: Spontaneous genetic hypertension in the rat and its relationship to reduced alternating current cochlear potentials implications for preservation of human hearing

Panina L.I., 1983: Spontaneous genetic transformation of bacillus licheniformis with chromosomal and plasmid dna

Conner S., 1982: Spontaneous germinal matrix and intra ventricular hemorrhage in prematurely born rabbits

Van-Marck, E. A. E.; Jacob, W.; Deelder, A. M.; Gigase, P. L. J., 1978: Spontaneous glomerular basement membrane changes in the golden syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus a light and electron microscope study

Miura A.B., 1985: Spontaneous glomerular immunoglobulin a deposition in ddy mice an animal model of immunoglobulin a nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466039

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466040

Kodama H., 1983: Spontaneous glomerulo nephritis in chickens of the field flocks

Mueller-Peddinghaus, R.; Trautwein, G. , 1977: Spontaneous glomerulo nephritis in dogs part 1 classification and immuno pathology

Mueller-Peddinghaus, R. R.; Trautwein, G., 1977: Spontaneous glomerulo nephritis in dogs part 2 correlation of glomerulo nephritis with age chronic interstitial nephritis and extrarenal lesions

Wilson C.B., 1984: Spontaneous glomerulonephritis in rabbits role of a glomerular capillary antigen

Roth S., 1979: Spontaneous glycosylation of glycosamino glycan substrates by adherent fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466046

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466047

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466048

Nathenson S.G., 1983: Spontaneous h 2 mutants provide evidence that a copy mechanism analogous to gene conversion generates polymorphism in the major histo compatibility complex

Fagot J., 1987: Spontaneous hand usage and handedness in a troop of baboons

Kurischko C., 1986: Spontaneous haploidization in early zygote progeny and its use for mapping in the yeast yarrowia lipolytica

Siracusa G., 1982: Spontaneous hardening of the zona pellucida of mouse oocytes during in vitro culture

De-Felici, M.; Salustri, A.; Siracusa, G., 1985: Spontaneous hardening of the zona pellucida of mouse oocytes during in vitro culture ii. the effect of follicular fluid and glycosaminoglycans

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466055

Bonnevie O., 1984: Spontaneous healing of duodenal ulcers

Maekawa Y., 1986: Spontaneous healing of hand eczema in children

Edner, G.; Forster, D. M. C.; Steiner, L.; Bergvall, U., 1978: Spontaneous healing of intra cranial aneurysms after subarachnoid hemorrhage case report

Frey H., 1984: Spontaneous healing of psoriasis

Kamata K., 1981: Spontaneous healing of traumatic aneurysm occurring after brain tumor removal

Jimenez Cruz J.F., 1986: Spontaneous healing of ureterogenital fistulas selection criteria

Takino Y., 1988: Spontaneous heart failure in balb c mice

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466063

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466064

Henis Y., 1985: Spontaneous heating and the damage it causes to commercially stored soybeans in israel

Westermarck-Rosendahl, C.; Ylimaki, A., 1978: Spontaneous heating in newly harvested wheat and rye part 1 thermogenesis and its effect on grain quality

Westermarck-Rosendahl, C., 1978: Spontaneous heating in newly harvested wheat and rye part 2 effects on the technological quality of flour

Draper L.R., 1983: Spontaneous helper factor production by nonadherent rabbit lymphoid cells and its feedback regulation by adherent cells

Frick P.G., 1983: Spontaneous hematologic recovery from bone marrow aplasia after accidental 10 fold over dosage with radio phosphorus

Shreiner, D. P., 1976: Spontaneous hematologic remission in agnogenic myeloid metaplasia

Schroder, K. E.; Mair, I. W. S., 1978: Spontaneous hematoma in the head and neck

Yonekawa Y., 1988: Spontaneous hematomyelia properly diagnosed with magnetic resonance imaging

Pratt, J. H.; Shamblin, W. R., 1968: Spontaneous hemo thorax as a direct complication of hemo peritoneum human

Kreuzer H., 1985: Spontaneous hemodynamic improvement or stabilization and associated biopsy findings in patients with congestive cardiomyopathy

Quesneau-Guilmont, B.; Masliah, J.; Alcindor, L. G.; Bignon, J.; Lambre, C. R., 1988: Spontaneous hemolytic activity of rat alveolar lining material

Primatesta P.M., 1984: Spontaneous hemoperitoneum due to nongynecological cause

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466077

Hinzpeter, E. N.; Knoebel, H.; Freund, J., 1978: Spontaneous hemophthalmus in leukemia

Lattuada N., 1985: Spontaneous hemopneumothorax a clinical case

Robertson H., 1986: Spontaneous hemorrhage in previously ischemic pale cerebral infarcts

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466081

Shuangshoti S., 1982: Spontaneous hemorrhagic necrosis of chromophobe adenoma with clinical presentations simulating rupture of aneurysm

Zerhouni E.A., 1988: Spontaneous hepatic hemorrhage clinical and ct findings

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466084

Andzhaparidze A.G., 1987: Spontaneous hepatitis a with a fatal outcome in macaca mulatta monkeys

Lam T S., 1987: Spontaneous hepatitis b e antigen to antibody seroconversion and reversion in chinese patients with chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Balayan M.S., 1985: Spontaneous hepatitis in macaca fascicularis treated with immunosuppressing drugs

Titova I.P., 1987: Spontaneous hepatitis similar to hepatitis a in african green monkeys

Wiley L., 1982: Spontaneous hepato cellular neoplasms and hepatic hem angio sarcomas in several strains of mice

Kasuga A., 1986: Spontaneous hepatocellular carcinomas in lungfish

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466091

Riemenschneider T., 1981: Spontaneous hetero graft aortic valve failure

Boice M.L., 1983: Spontaneous hetero ploidy in 1 cell mouse embryos

Morange M., 1983: Spontaneous high expression of heat shock proteins in mouse embryonal carcinoma cells and ectoderm from day 8 mouse embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466095

Eggleston P.A., 1986: Spontaneous histamine release after exposure to hyperosmolar solutions

Lichtenstein L.M., 1979: Spontaneous histamine secretion from leukocytes in the presence of strontium

Foreman, J. C., 1977: Spontaneous histamine secretion from mast cells in the presence of strontium

Hefter H., 1986: Spontaneous history of asymptomatic internal carotid occlusion

Schmelzer, K.; Gippert, R.; Weissenfels, M.; Beczner, L., 1975: Spontaneous host plants of broad bean wilt virus part 1 communication

Schmelzer, K.; Stahl, P.; Gebhart, C., 1977: Spontaneous host plants of broad bean wilt virus part 3

Schmelzer, K.; Stahl, P., 1977: Spontaneous hosts of broad bean wilt virus part 2

Pross, H. F.; Baines, M. G.; Rubin, P.; Shragge, P.; Patterson, M. S., 1981: Spontaneous human lymphocyte mediated cyto toxicity against tumor target cells 9. the quantitation of natural killer cell activity

Pross, H. F.; Baines, M. G., 1976: Spontaneous human lymphocyte mediated cyto toxicity against tumor target cells part 1 the effect of malignant disease

Pross, H. F.; Baines, M. G.; Jondal, M., 1977: Spontaneous human lymphocyte mediated cyto toxicity against tumor target cells part 2 is the complement receptor necessarily present on the killer cells

Pross, H. F.; Luk, S. S.; Baines, M. G., 1978: Spontaneous human lymphocyte mediated cyto toxicity against tumor target cells part 5 the role of serum derived heterologous membrane antigens

Baines M.G., 1979: Spontaneous human lymphocyte mediated cyto toxicity against tumor target cells part 7 the effect of immuno deficiency disease

Platsoucas C.D., 1987: Spontaneous human t cell cytotoxicity against murine hybridomas expressing the okt3 monoclonal antibody comparison with natural killer cell activity

Omel'chenko V.S., 1984: Spontaneous hybridization and population structure of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivars with respect to heteromorphism of flowering

Dorofeev, V. F., 1969: Spontaneous hybridization in wheat m populations of transcaucasia

Nilsson, A., 1977: Spontaneous hybrids between cerastium arvense and cerastium tomentosum

Strohofer S., 1988: Spontaneous hydrogen peroxide release from alveolar macrophages of patients with active sarcoidosis comparison with cigarette smokers

Hendricks D., 1986: Spontaneous hydrogen peroxide release from alveolar macrophages of some cigarette smokers

Smith, P. T.; Hirst, M.; Gowdey, C. W., 1978: Spontaneous hydrolysis of heroin in buffered solution

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466116

Buxton A., 1981: Spontaneous hyper calcemia in maintenance dialysis patients an association with atypical osteo malacia and fractures

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466118

Barker J.L., 1981: Spontaneous hyper polarizations at the membrane of cultured mouse dorsal root ganglion cells

Sakuranaga M., 1981: Spontaneous hyper polarizations in pyramidal cells of chronically stimulated rabbit hippocampus

Puschett J.B., 1986: Spontaneous hypercalcemia in patients undergoing dialysis etiologic and therapeutic considerations

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466122

Feron V.J., 1986: Spontaneous hyperplastic and metaplastic duct epithelium in the sublingual salivary glands of wistar rats

Heston W.E., 1981: Spontaneous hyperplastic and neoplastic lesions of the uterus in mice

Mccumbee W.D., 1987: Spontaneous hypertension a humoral component

Svendson, U. G., 1977: Spontaneous hypertension and hypertensive vascular disease in the nzb strain of mice

Klein E.C., 1987: Spontaneous hypertension and its sequelae in woolly monkeys lagothrix lagotricha

Wexler B.C., 1981: Spontaneous hypertension in cross suckled rats

Bovee K.C., 1988: Spontaneous hypertension in dogs five cases 1981 1983

Magro A.M., 1982: Spontaneous hypertension in fawn hooded rats

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466131

Feer H., 1983: Spontaneous hypertensive rats behavioral and cortico sterone response depend on circadian phase

Egan K.M., 1987: Spontaneous hyphema and corneal hemorrhage as complications of microbial keratitis

Beltrame G., 1986: Spontaneous hyphema during systemic anticoagulation

Srinivasan B.D., 1979: Spontaneous hyphema secondary to vascular tuft of pupillary margin of the iris

Langlois, M.; Robert, G.; Nawar, T.; Caron, C., 1978: Spontaneous hypo glycemia and chronic renal insufficiency

Steinhardt M.I., 1981: Spontaneous hypo glycemia associated with hem angio cytoma of the kidney

Rutsky, E. A.; Mcdaniel, H. G.; Tharpe, D. L.; Alred, G.; Pek, S., 1978: Spontaneous hypo glycemia in chronic renal failure

Peitzman, S. J.; Agarwal, B. N., 1977: Spontaneous hypo glycemia in end stage renal failure

Makinen T., 1981: Spontaneous hypo thyroidism after anti thyroid treatment of hyper thyroid graves disease

Lamberg B A., 1981: Spontaneous hypo thyroidism in symptomless auto immune thyroiditis a long term follow up study

Cho, B. Y.; Lee, H. K.; Koh, C. S.; Min, H. K., 1987: Spontaneous hypoglycemia and insulin autoantibodies in a patient with graves' disease

Lerman P.H., 1981: Spontaneous idiopathic hematoma of the spermatic cord 2 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466144

Klimpel G.R., 1988: Spontaneous ifn beta production a common feature of natural suppressor systems

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466146

Hasko S.M., 1984: Spontaneous ignition hazards in stockpiles of cellulosic materials criteria for safe storage

Eisen, J., 1970: Spontaneous ileal evisceration through the anus due to recto sigmoid rupture

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466149

Cram L.S., 1986: Spontaneous immortalization rate of cultured chinese hamster cells

Daniel, P.; Baillet, J., 1976: Spontaneous immune adherence during viral hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466152

Deshayes, L.; Levy, D.; Parodi, A. L.; Levy, J. P., 1980: Spontaneous immune response of bovine leukemia virus infected cattle against 5 viral proteins

Tatarsky I., 1981: Spontaneous immuno globulin changes in human plasma cell dyscrasia

Betz E.H., 1980: Spontaneous immuno glomerulo nephritis in wistar rats

Kishimoto S., 1985: Spontaneous immunoglobulin a secretion and lack of mitogen responsive b cells in systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466157

Liden G., 1982: Spontaneous improvement in ears with middle ear disease

Roberts Thomson I.C., 1985: Spontaneous improvement in pancreatic function in chronic pancreatitis

Kovacs G.T., 1985: Spontaneous improvement in semen quality regression towards the mean

Macewen G.D., 1986: Spontaneous improvement of post traumatic tibia valga

Tos M., 1981: Spontaneous improvement of secretory otitis a long term study

Tos M., 1980: Spontaneous improvement of secretory otitis and impedance screening

Dryagin Yu M., 1983: Spontaneous impulse activity of the caudate nucleus head after suppression of the brain substantia nigra

Burchiel K.J., 1984: Spontaneous impulse generation in normal and de nervated dorsal root ganglia sensitivity to alpha adrenergic stimulation and hypoxia

Nathanson L., 1980: Spontaneous in vitro cyto toxicity against autochthonous human melanoma cells

Pernis B., 1982: Spontaneous in vitro differentiation of antigen specific lymphocytes from a patient with immuno globulin m gammopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466169

Binder C., 1984: Spontaneous in vitro immuno globulin secretion at the diagnosis of insulin dependent diabetes

Edler L., 1983: Spontaneous in vitro malignant transformation in a xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblast line

Conscience J F., 1983: Spontaneous in vitro malignant transformation of a basophil mast cell line

Cram L.S., 1986: Spontaneous in vitro neoplastic evolution recurrent chromosome changes of newly immortalized chinese hamster cells

Cram L.S., 1987: Spontaneous in vitro neoplastic evolution selection of specific karyotypes in chinese hamster cells

Braun J., 1983: Spontaneous in vitro occurrence and long term culture of murine b lympho blast cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466176

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466177

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466178

Slocum S.K., 1984: Spontaneous in vitro transformation of human fibroblasts

Wallevik, K., 1976: Spontaneous in vivo isomerization of bovine serum albumin as a determinant of its normal catabolism

Vogel, Z.; Miron, T.; Altstein, M.; Wilchek, M., 1978: Spontaneous inactivation of enkephalin

Shelkovnikov S.A., 1980: Spontaneous inactivation of ritetronium in aqueous buffer solutions and physiological media

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466183

Germida J.J., 1984: Spontaneous induction of bacterio phage during growth of azospirillum brasilense in complex media

Besaeva, S. G.; Mikhailov, A. A.; Petrova, T. M.; Tur, A. I.; Bystrova, E. V., 1987: Spontaneous induction of bacteriophages in bacillus thuringiensis

Kushner S.R., 1985: Spontaneous induction of colicin e 1 in escherichia coli strains deficient in both exonucleases i and v

Lonai, P.; Decleve, A.; Kaplan, H. S., 1974: Spontaneous induction of endogenous murine leukemia virus related antigen expression during short term in vitro incubation of mouse lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466188

Fotter R., 1987: Spontaneous infarction in the omentum majus demonstrated by computed tomography

Harris P., 1979: Spontaneous infected pneumatocele secondary to chronic otitis media

Mamula D., 1984: Spontaneous infection of 2 brassica varieties with radish mosaic virus

Shaikenov B., 1980: Spontaneous infection of birds with trichinella pseudospiralis

Werner, H.; Springer, D.; Koehler, H., 1977: Spontaneous infection of marmoset monkeys saguinus oedipus with a trypanosoma cruzi like strain isolation and identification

Prokopic, J.; Sterba, J., 1978: Spontaneous infection of white laboratory mice with emmonsia crescens under natural conditions

Austin J., 1985: Spontaneous infection or vaccination as cause of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

Peckman C., 1987: Spontaneous inhibition of bacterial growth in experimental gram negative endophthalmitis

Constanti A., 1985: Spontaneous inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in guinea pig neocortex and olfactory cortex neurons

Vol'kenshtein M.V., 1982: Spontaneous initiation of the form elements in cell layers with elastic properties

Peterson P.A., 1986: Spontaneous insertions into cosmid vector a warning

Timofeeva O.A., 1983: Spontaneous inter ictal spikes in rabbits during kindling electrical stimulation of the hippocampus

Mcnamara J.O., 1979: Spontaneous inter ictal spiking in the awake kindled rat

Nafe L.A., 1981: Spontaneous inter vertebral disc extrusion with associated myelopathy in a cat

Nguyen, B. T.; Stadtsbaeder, S., 1976: Spontaneous interaction in vitro between lymphocytes and syngeneic peritoneal macrophages of mice

Chadov, B. F.; Chadova, E. V., 1980: Spontaneous interchanges in females of drosophila melanogaster 1. formation of half translocations in xx and xxy females

Blach Olszewska Z., 1984: Spontaneous interferon in viral infection in mice

Lidin, B.; Adams, A., 1975: Spontaneous interferon production and epstein barr virus antigen expression in 2 human lymphoid cell lines and their somatic cell hybrids

Tachibana T., 1982: Spontaneous interferon production and growth of lympho blastoid cells in serum free medium

Demartini J.C., 1988: Spontaneous interferon production by pulmonary leukocytes is associated with lentivirus induced lymphoid interstitial pneumonia

Coro Caraballo R., 1980: Spontaneous internal biliary fistulae 10 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466212

Sulzman, F. M.; Fuller, C. A.; Moore-Ede, M. C., 1977: Spontaneous internal de synchronization of circadian rhythms in the squirrel monkey

Cockburn D.M., 1987: Spontaneous internal jugular vein thrombosis and venous stasis retinopathy

Pernis B., 1984: Spontaneous internalization of class i major histo compatibility complex molecules in t lymphoid cells

Neilson, E. G.; Mccafferty, E.; Feldman, A.; Clayman, M. D.; Zakheim, B.; Korngold, R., 1984: Spontaneous interstitial nephritis in kdkd mice 1. an experimental model of autoimmune renal disease

Kelly, C. J.; Korngold, R.; Mann, R.; Clayman, M.; Haverty, T.; Neilson, E. G., 1986: Spontaneous interstitial nephritis in kdkd mice ii. characterization of a tubular antigen specific h 2k restricted lyt 2 positive effector t cell that mediates destructive tubulointerstitial injury

Joniau M., 1985: Spontaneous intervesicular transfer of anionic phospholipids differing in the nature of their polar headgroup

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466219

Kitchens C.S., 1984: Spontaneous intra abdominal hemorrhage in hemophilia

Mauersberger, W.; Cuevas-Solorzano, J. A., 1977: Spontaneous intra cerebellar hematoma during childhood caused by spongio blastoma of the 4th ventricle

Mauersberger, W.; Fuchs, E. C.; Ebhardt, G., 1977: Spontaneous intra cerebellar hematoma in childhood

Tsuyuzaki M., 1980: Spontaneous intra cerebral hematomas in children

Hurwitz B.S., 1981: Spontaneous intra corneal hemorrhage caused by aphakic contact lens wear

Awidi A.S., 1982: Spontaneous intra cranial bleeding in hemorrhagic diathesis

Ohtsuki H., 1983: Spontaneous intra cranial extradural hematoma

Uozumi T., 1982: Spontaneous intra cranial hemorrhage caused by oligodendro glioma a case and review of the literature

Et Al, 1983: Spontaneous intra cranial hemorrhage during pregnancy and labor 7 cases

Mcmyn, J. K., 1977: Spontaneous intra mural esophageal perforation

Pachter H.L., 1982: Spontaneous intra mural perforation of the esophagus a case and review of the literature

Keer W.F., 1980: Spontaneous intra mural rupture and intra mural hematoma of esophagus

Jenkinson L.R., 1981: Spontaneous intra peritoneal rupture of the urinary bladder

Aquini M.G., 1987: Spontaneous intracerebellar hematoma during childhood

Lester J., 1986: Spontaneous intracerebral hematomas clinical and computer tomographic findings and long term outcome after surgical treatment

Guerrero Sola A., 1988: Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage

Garner J.B., 1985: Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage an analysis of factors affecting prognosis

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466237

Almaani, W. S.; Awidi, A. S., 1986: Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage secondary to von willebrand's disease

Chopra S., 1985: Spontaneous intramural gastric hematoma a unique presentation for hemophilia

Indar R., 1987: Spontaneous intraperitoneal rupture of a neurogenic bladder the importance of ascitic fluid urea and electrolytes in diagnosis

Bhargava S., 1987: Spontaneous intraventricular hemorrhage

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466242

Roper J.A., 1985: Spontaneous ir duplications generated at mitosis in aspergillus nidulans further evidence of a preferential site of transposed attachment

Crosby W.H., 1984: Spontaneous iron overload in alpha thalassemic mice

Hagihara, P. F.; Parker, J. C.; Griffen, W. O. Jr, 1977: Spontaneous ischemic colitis

Burton, C., 1970: Spontaneous ischemic infarction of the spinal cord with traumatic sequela

Brant W.E., 1988: Spontaneous isolated mesenteric fibromatosis report of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466248

Ward J.A., 1981: Spontaneous kicking in month old infants manifestation of a human central loco motor program

Glebova N.S., 1981: Spontaneous l transformation in actinomycetes

Tylleskar, J.; Finnstrom, O.; Leijon, I.; Hedenskog, S.; Ryden, G., 1979: Spontaneous labor and elective induction a prospective randomized study 1. effects on mother and fetus

Leijon, I.; Finnstrom, O.; Hedenskog, S.; Ryden, G.; Tylleskar, J., 1980: Spontaneous labor and elective induction a prospective randomized study 2. bilirubin levels in the neo natal period

Tylleskar J., 1979: Spontaneous labor and elective induction a prospective randomized study behavioral assessment and neurological examination in the new born period

Calder A.A., 1982: Spontaneous labor when should the membranes be ruptured?

Hayes C., 1986: Spontaneous lambda o r mutations suppress inhibition of bacteriophage growth by nonimmune exclusion phenotype of defective lambda prophage

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466256

Sigelman, J.; Ketover, B. P.; Coleman, D. J., 1978: Spontaneous lens rupture following pars plana vitrectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466258

Greenman D.L., 1980: Spontaneous lesions in control balb c female mice

Osborne Pellegrin M.J., 1982: Spontaneous lesions in the rat caudal artery effects of diet induced hyper cholesterolemia alone and in association with hypertension

Hartnagel R.E.Jr, 1986: Spontaneous lesions in the sternums of growing rats

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466263

Schwarz, H.; Thiel, H. J.; Schaefer, W., 1977: Spontaneous leukemia of akr mice successful passive immunization with goat antibodies against isolated glyco protein gp 71 of friend leukemia virus

Swanson S.K., 1982: Spontaneous leukemia viruses lymphomagenic ecotropic viruses of akr mice

Lezhava, T. A.; Khmaladze, E. V., 1978: Spontaneous level of quantitative structural changes of chromosomes in old age

Platonova V.I., 1979: Spontaneous level of sister chromatid exchanges and their distribution in human cells

Ungerer A., 1987: Spontaneous light or dark preference in albino mice

Thompson M., 1986: Spontaneous lipid bilayer transmembrane electrical oscillations induced by concanavalin a polysaccharide interaction

Storey B.T., 1982: Spontaneous lipid per oxidation in rabbit epididymal spermatozoa its effect on sperm motility

Storey B.T., 1987: Spontaneous lipid peroxidation and production of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide in human spermatozoa superoxide dismutase as major enzyme protectant against oxygen toxicity

Storey B.T., 1985: Spontaneous lipid peroxidation in rabbit and mouse epididymal spermatozoa dependence of rate on temperature and oxygen concentration

Sundheim G., 1988: Spontaneous lipolysis in bovine milk combined effects of cream skim milk and lipoprotein lipase activity

Celis H., 1988: Spontaneous liposome formation by detergent extraction with isopentanol

Reynolds T.B., 1986: Spontaneous liver cell adenoma in children

Von Zychlinski J., 1981: Spontaneous liver cirrhosis in alb jena and jena alb guinea pigs

Kupczyk K., 1980: Spontaneous liver rupture

Luckert P.H., 1979: Spontaneous liver tumors in aged germ free wistar rats

Lessani M., 1985: Spontaneous localized myositis ossificans with radicular topography in a five year old

Fonberg E., 1979: Spontaneous loco motor activity and food and water intake in rats with medial amygdala lesions

Crenesse D., 1983: Spontaneous loco motor activity in dogs with free access to food and water

Lints C.V., 1984: Spontaneous locomotor activity and life span a test of the rate of living theory in drosophila melanogaster

Bismuth H., 1983: Spontaneous long term acceptance of rt 1 incompatible liver allo grafts in inbred rats analysis of the immune status

Bismuth H., 1983: Spontaneous long term survival of liver allo grafts in inbred rats comparison between semi allogeneic and fully allogeneic strain combinations

White R.P., 1988: Spontaneous loss and reselection of resistance in extremely resistant myzus persicae sulzer

Rajewsky K., 1979: Spontaneous loss and subsequent stimulation of h 2 expression in clones of a hetero zygous lymphoma cell line

Barr J.G., 1981: Spontaneous loss and transfer of plasmid mediated k 21 antigen synthesis in klebsiella pneumoniae

Jayaraman K., 1983: Spontaneous loss of a high molecular weight plasmid and the biocide of bacillus thuringiensis var israeliensis

Rajani H.B., 1984: Spontaneous loss of drug resistance under laboratory conditions in clinical isolates of escherichia coli

Shields, R. P.; Vandevelde, M., 1978: Spontaneous lower motor neuron disease in rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus

Stevenson S., 1983: Spontaneous lower motor neuron disease with neuro fibrillary accumulation in young pigs

Knepper M.A., 1986: Spontaneous luminal disequilibrium ph in s 3 proximal tubules role in ammonia and bicarbonate transport

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466294

Tralka, T. S.; Costa, J.; Sindelar, W. F.; Rabson, A.; Gullino, P. M.; Henson, E.; Chu, E. W.; O'conor, G. T., 1977: Spontaneous lympho sarcoma arising in a nude mouse characterization in vivo and in vitro

Deitch E.A., 1985: Spontaneous lymphocyte activity an important but neglected component of the immunologic profile of the thermally injured patient

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466297

Shiftan, T. A.; Caviles, A. P-Jr ; Mendelsohn, J., 1978: Spontaneous lymphocyte proliferation and depressed cellular immunity in hodgkins disease

Ranney R.R., 1983: Spontaneous lymphocyte proliferation and the periodontal status of young adults

Semenzato, G.; Amadori, G.; Tosato, F.; Gasparotto, G., 1977: Spontaneous lymphocyte transformation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Haanen C., 1981: Spontaneous lymphocyte transformation in relation to the number of circulating lymphocytes in hodgkins disease

Mataney, C. F.; Gupta, S. C.; Iyer, P. K. R., 1975: Spontaneous lymphoid leukemia in mice

Arvilommi, H.; Rasanen, L.; Laatikainen, A.; Karhumaki, E., 1978: Spontaneous lymphokine production by human bone marrow derived lymphocytes

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466322

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466323

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466372

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466373

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466389

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466516

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466517

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466581

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466590

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466741

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466748

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466849

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466850

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466867

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466868

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466881

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466882

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466883

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466886

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466887

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Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466896

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466897

Section 7, Chapter 6467, Accession 006466898

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