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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6468

Chapter 6468 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Von Herbst T., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of major abdominal arteries

Behiravesh, M., 1974: Spontaneous rupture of middle 3rd of the esophagus

Ping K.H., 1987: Spontaneous rupture of ovarian endometriotic cysts a cause of acute abdomen in women

Skrzypiec R., 1979: Spontaneous rupture of placental blood vessel as a case of acute intra uterine fetal asphyxia

Boonyapisit S., 1983: Spontaneous rupture of primary hepatoma 63 cases with particular reference to the pathogenesis and rationale treatment by hepatic artery ligation

Jacob E.T., 1982: Spontaneous rupture of renal allo grafts

Denes F.T., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of renal angiomyolipoma

Neumaier C.E., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of renal angiomyolipoma with perinephric hemorrhage sonographic findings

Okajima E., 1986: Spontaneous rupture of renal leiomyosarcoma report of a case

Campbell D.A.Jr, 1981: Spontaneous rupture of renal pelvis after renal transplantation

Vaidyanathan S., 1979: Spontaneous rupture of renal pelvis during post obstructive diuresis

Huguier M., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of spleen complicating chronic pancreatitis

Diamond H., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of splenic artery and cerebro vascular accident with systemic lupus erythematosus

Moretti F., 1987: Spontaneous rupture of splenic artery aneurysm in pregnancy with maternal and fetal survival

Ciesielska G., 1986: Spontaneous rupture of splenic artery as a cause of death of a patient with cirrhosis

Lotem, M.; Bernheim, J.; Conforty, B., 1978: Spontaneous rupture of tendons a complication of hemo dialyzed patients treated for renal failure

Spencer J.D., 1988: Spontaneous rupture of tendons in dialysis and renal transplant patients

Bhatia, R.; Banerji, A. K.; Rao, M., 1977: Spontaneous rupture of the 3rd ventricle in obstructive hydrocephalus a radiographic diagnosis

Swannell A.J., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the achilles tendon in a patient with gout

Dostal, G.; Medrano, J.; Eigler, F. W., 1976: Spontaneous rupture of the allo grafted kidney

Mcswain N.E., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of the common bile duct

Goettinger W., 1987: Spontaneous rupture of the cornea after strontium irradiation of a squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva

Hubens A., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the cystic duct during pregnancy

Lundgaard J., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of the diaphragm

Batistich, A. T., 1978: Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus

Gracey D.R., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus

Jeong, U. G., 1975: Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467027

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467028

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467029

Logie J.R.C., 1986: Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus principles of management

Steenblock, U.; Enderlin, F., 1976: Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus report of 2 cases

Ando N., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of the extensor pollicis brevis tendon a case report

Mindlin A., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the extensor pollicis longus

Jupiter J.B., 1987: Spontaneous rupture of the extensor pollicis longus tendon

Ahmadi A., 1988: Spontaneous rupture of the extensor pollicis longus tendon following the removal of the trapezium

Caskey J., 1980: Spontaneous rupture of the iliac vein

Rosenfeld J.B., 1982: Spontaneous rupture of the kidney in a patient with acute auto immune disease

Weisenberger J., 1979: Spontaneous rupture of the liver a complication of oral anti coagulant therapy

Levitin, P. M.; Sweet, D.; Brunner, C. M.; Katholi, R. E.; Bolton, W. K., 1977: Spontaneous rupture of the liver an unusual complication of systemic lupus erythematosus

Westergaard L., 1980: Spontaneous rupture of the liver in pregnancy

Hibbard, L. T., 1976: Spontaneous rupture of the liver in pregnancy a report of 8 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467042

Naerhinen M., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the middle 3rd of the esophagus a case

Bobek, V.; Kocajda, J., 1978: Spontaneous rupture of the normal healthy spleen

Hoeltl, G.; Figdor, P. P., 1975: Spontaneous rupture of the renal collecting system

Vallely, J. F.; Sharpe, J. R.; Hayman, W. P.; Stiller, C. R.; Ulan, R. A., 1976: Spontaneous rupture of the renal pelvis complication of renal homo transplantation

Koucky C.J., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the renal pelvis during pregnancy presenting as acute abdomen

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467048

Sinclair D.J.M., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the spleen as the presenting feature of chronic myeloid leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467050

Ogawa K., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the spleen in acute myeloid leukemia

Lipshutz, M.; Mcqueen, D. A.; Rosner, F., 1977: Spontaneous rupture of the spleen in homo zygous hemo globin c disease

Osborne C.A., 1985: Spontaneous rupture of the spleen in primary plasma cell leukemia scintigraphic pathologic correlation

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467054

Pijpers P.M., 1987: Spontaneous rupture of the spleen in third trimester of pregnancy report of a case and review of the literature

Dintsman M., 1984: Spontaneous rupture of the stomach

Shisslak C., 1986: Spontaneous rupture of the stomach a complication of bulimia

Decker G.A.G., 1986: Spontaneous rupture of the urinary bladder delayed sequel of pelvic irradiation a case report

Georgescu M., 1980: Spontaneous rupture of the urinary bladder with misleading uro peritoneum

Polujanski M., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of the uterus in pregnancy

Lalos, O.; Lumdstrom, P.; Probst, F. P., 1977: Spontaneous rupture of the uterus in the 3rd trimester with a living fetus expelled into the abdominal cavity

Krstajic V., 1980: Spontaneous rupture of the uterus in the final stage of pregnancy

Zuspan F.P., 1987: Spontaneous rupture of uteroovarian veins in pregnancy two case reports

Camlibel F.T., 1981: Spontaneous rupture of uterus caused by placenta percreta

Pogodina A.N., 1986: Spontaneous ruptures of the esophagus

Munoz E.R., 1988: Spontaneous second chromosome recessive lethals in a drosophila melanogaster repair deficient mei 9a mutant

Cepeda C., 1985: Spontaneous secondarily generalized seizures induced by a single microinjection of kainic acid into unilateral amygdala in cats

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467071

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467072

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467073

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467074

Das, A.; Ilczuk, Z., 1978: Spontaneous segregation of a hetero zygous di ploid of aspergillus niger

Baumgartner U., 1982: Spontaneous segregation of receptors for peanut and helix pomatia agglutinins to the uropod region of polarized lymphocytes

Harriman, A. E., 1978: Spontaneous seizing in open field tests by mongolian gerbils fed magnesium at different rates

Yoon, C. H.; Peterson, J. S.; Corrow, D., 1976: Spontaneous seizures a new mutation in syrian golden hamsters

Akada R., 1986: Spontaneous selfing intraclonal conjugation in the ciliate euplotes patella syngen 2 takes place without a change in mating type expression

Huamonte F.U., 1980: Spontaneous separation of epi retinal membranes

Goffi V., 1985: Spontaneous separation of macular epiretinal membrane

Messner, K. H., 1977: Spontaneous separation of pre retinal macular fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467084

Davey, G. C.; Currie, G. A.; Alexander, P., 1976: Spontaneous shedding and antibody induced modulation of histo compatibility antigens on murine lymphomata correlation with metastatic capacity

De-Broe, M. E.; Wieme, R. J.; Logghe, G. N.; Roels, F., 1977: Spontaneous shedding of plasma membrane fragments by human cells in vivo and in vitro

Mistler-Lachman, J. L., 1977: Spontaneous shift in encoding dimensions among elderly subjects

Abdou N.I., 1988: Spontaneous shift of anti dna antibody idiotypes in systemic lupus erythematosus

Wollnik F., 1982: Spontaneous short term fluctuations in the daily pattern of heart rate body temperature and loco motor activity in the laboratory rat

Schmidt C.G., 1988: Spontaneous sister chromatid exchange in normal bone marrow and ph positive chronic myelocytic leukemia

Sutou S., 1981: Spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges in chinese hamster cells in vivo and in vitro

Mironova L.L., 1982: Spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges in cultured african green monkey cells

Ghosh R.K., 1979: Spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges in cultured human lymphocytes

Piron, R. D., 1978: Spontaneous skeletal deformities in the zebra danio brachydanio rerio bred for fish toxicity tests

Simpkins J.W., 1984: Spontaneous skin flushing episodes in the aging female rat

Penneys N.S., 1980: Spontaneous skin tearing during systemic cortico steroid treatment

Mizgireuv I.V., 1980: Spontaneous skin tumors in amphibia

Westmoreland, B. F.; Groover, R. V.; Klass, D. W., 1976: Spontaneous sleep and induced arousal a depth electro encephalographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467099

Nilsson, A., 1976: Spontaneous solidago canadensis solidago virgaurea hybrid in sweden and denmark

Adetugbo, K.; Milstein, C., 1978: Spontaneous somatic frameshift mutation in a mouse myeloma

Sparrow, A. H.; Sparrow, R. C., 1976: Spontaneous somatic mutation frequencies for flower color in several tradescantia species and hybrids

Ichikawa S., 1984: Spontaneous somatic mutation frequencies in the stamen hairs of 14 different tradescantia clones heterozygous for flower color

Adetugbo, K., 1978: Spontaneous somatic mutations structural studies on mutant immuno globulins

De-Bertoldi, M.; Caten, C. E., 1976: Spontaneous somatic segregation in a strain of humicola

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467107

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467108

Wallesch C W., 1987: Spontaneous speech in senile dementia and aphasia implications for a neurolinguistic model of language production

Friberg, J.; Tilly-Friberg, I., 1977: Spontaneous sperm agglutination in ejaculates from men with head to head or tail to tail sperm agglutinating antibodies in serum

Hedger M.P., 1983: Spontaneous spermatogenic failure in the marsupial mouse antechinus stuartii dasyuridae marsupialia

Warter J.M., 1987: Spontaneous spike and wave discharges in thalamus and cortex in a rat model of genetic petit mal like seizures

Nose T., 1980: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma a case

Savoiardo M., 1980: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma arising from ruptured vascular malformation a case

Van Veelen C.W.M., 1984: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma etiological considerations

Ivan L.P., 1979: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma in a youngster

Ghanem, Q.; Ivan, L. P., 1978: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma in an 8 year old boy

Edmonson M.B., 1979: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma in the young

D'ecclesia G., 1980: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma report of a case with complete recovery

Davies Jones G.A.B., 1986: Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma with spontaneous resolution

Et Al, 1984: Spontaneous spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Burikov, A. A.; Medvedev, S. D., 1976: Spontaneous spindle like activity and the recruitment response

Giralt M., 1979: Spontaneous spleen rupture as the presenting feature and cause of death in chronic myelogenous leukemia

Triginer J., 1979: Spontaneous spleen rupture as the presenting feature in chronic myelo monocytic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467125

Cogbill T.H., 1987: Spontaneous splenic rupture in infectious mononucleosis

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467127

Winrob H., 1981: Spontaneous splenic rupture in infectious mononucleosis sonographic diagnosis and follow up

Shah S., 1980: Spontaneous splenic rupture in plasma cell leukemia

Ueno F., 1979: Spontaneous spleno renal shunt and its clinical significance in a case of liver cirrhosis

Goebel F D., 1987: Spontaneous splenorenal shunt in hepatic cirrhosis

Chasin L., 1986: Spontaneous splicing mutations at the dihydrofolate reductase locus in chinese hamster ovary cells

Cancilla P.A., 1984: Spontaneous spongy degeneration of the mouse brain

Weiseman J.R., 1985: Spontaneous startle activity in newborn infants

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467135

Gilot-Delhalle, J., 1976: Spontaneous sterility and sterility induced by ethyl methanesulfonate in nigella damascena

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467137

Pressley M., 1987: Spontaneous strategy use perspectives from metacognitive theory

Isner, J.; Macdonald, J. S.; Schein, P. S., 1977: Spontaneous streptococcus pneumoniae peritonitis in a patient with metastatic gastric cancer a case report and etiologic consideration

Lander P.H., 1985: Spontaneous stress fractures of the femoral neck

Kunze K., 1988: Spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage expert system for appraisal of the prognosis and computer supported decision for therapy

Parkinson, D.; West, M., 1977: Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage 1st from an intra cranial and then from a spinal arterio venous malformation case report

Voigt K., 1986: Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage as manifestation of an acoustic neurinoma

Boarini D.J., 1987: Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage in young adults

Leman P., 1985: Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage plea for standard system of grading

Macdougall M.L., 1987: Spontaneous subcapsular and perinephric hemorrhage in end stage kidney disease clinical and ct findings

Coll M.E., 1988: Spontaneous subcapsular renal hematoma diagnosis and management

Dwars B.J., 1988: Spontaneous subclavian vein thrombosis a successful combined approach of local thrombolytic therapy followed by first rib resection

Mclellan, N. J.; Prasad, R.; Punt, J., 1986: Spontaneous subhyaloid and retinal hemorrhages in an infant

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467150

Tanaka Y., 1983: Spontaneous subperiosteal hematoma of the orbit

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467153

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467154

Hodgson H.J.F., 1981: Spontaneous suppressor cell function in inflammatory bowel disease

Paganelli R., 1981: Spontaneous suppressor cells for mitogen responsiveness of cord blood lymphocytes

Deliveliotis A., 1981: Spontaneous suppuration of solitary renal cysts 2 cases and a brief review of the literature

Sato F., 1982: Spontaneous sweat secretion in calcium free strontium medium

Corner M.A., 1984: Spontaneous swimming rhythms in larval anurans xenopus laevis and discoglossus pictus

Yuille A.L., 1988: Spontaneous symmetry breaking energy functions and the emergence of orientation selective cortical cells

Purnyn' S.L., 1985: Spontaneous sympathetic activity of sciatic nerve in rabbit

Aceves J., 1987: Spontaneous synaptic potentials in dopamine denervated neostriatal neurons

Velumyan A.A., 1981: Spontaneous synchronized bursting activity in the isolated spinal cord of frogs

Gorny, D.; Billewicz-Stankiewicz, J.; Kleinrok, A., 1977: Spontaneous synthesis of acetyl choline in the rat brain after beta adrenergic receptor blockade

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467165

Larsson, R.; Karlsson, E.; Molin, L., 1977: Spontaneous systemic lupus erythematosus and acetylator phenotype

Unanue E.R., 1982: Spontaneous t cell lymphokine production and enhanced macrophage ia expression and tumoricidal activity in mrl ipr mice

Kitthawee S., 1981: Spontaneous tandem duplication in a drosophila kikkawai chromosome

Roth J., 1981: Spontaneous tandem genetic duplications in salmonella typhimurium arise by unequal recombination between ribosomal rna rrn cistrons

Brem S., 1987: Spontaneous temporary remission in primary cns lymphoma

Hawke, M.; Kwok, P.; Shankar, L.; Wang, R. G., 1988: Spontaneous temporomandibular joint fistula into the external auditory canal

Glitsch, H. G.; Pott, L., 1975: Spontaneous tension oscillations in guinea pig atrial trabeculae

Campbell S.S., 1985: Spontaneous termination of ad libitum sleep episodes with special reference to rapid eye movement sleep

Wellens H.J.J., 1981: Spontaneous termination of circus movement tachy cardia using an atrio ventricular accessory pathway incidence site of block and mechanisms

Bleifeld W., 1985: Spontaneous termination of reciprocating tachycardia owing to interaction of dual atrioventricular nodal pathways in patients with an accessory pathway

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467176

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467177

Barrett, H. C.; Hutchison, D. J., 1978: Spontaneous tetra ploidy in apomictic seedlings of citrus

Weinges K.F., 1987: Spontaneous thrombocyte aggregation and blood sugar profiles under human and porcine insulin therapy in children with type i diabetes mellitus

Ulrich C., 1986: Spontaneous thrombolysis of a large caval thrombus after insertion of an inferior vena cava filter diagnosis and follow up by ultrasound

Besser M., 1982: Spontaneous thrombosis in giant intra cranial aneurysms

Besser M., 1982: Spontaneous thrombosis of a giant intra cranial aneurysm and ipsilateral internal carotid artery a case

Colosimo C.Jr, 1983: Spontaneous thrombosis of an aneurysm of the great vein of galen

Wakasa H., 1982: Spontaneous thrombosis of an azygos anterior cerebral artery aneurysm

Bartumeus F., 1984: Spontaneous thrombosis of an intra cranial aneurysm

Iaconetta G., 1988: Spontaneous thrombosis of aneurysm of the vein of galen

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467187

Hyder J.W., 1987: Spontaneous thrombosis of the internal jugular vein

Ghoshhajra, K., 1977: Spontaneous thymic hemorrhage in an adult

Ungar H., 1982: Spontaneous thymic tumors in the fat sand rat psammomys obesus

Hinsull, S. M.; Bellamy, D., 1977: Spontaneous thymoma in an inbred strain of rat

Onyekaba C.O., 1986: Spontaneous thyroid follicular adenoma in a laboratory mouse mus musculus

Elling, F.; Hald, B.; Jacobsen, C.; Krogh, P., 1975: Spontaneous toxic nephropathy in poultry associated with ochra toxin a

Corazzola S., 1986: Spontaneous toxoplasmosis in canaries serinus canaria and other small passerine cage birds

Haberman M.A., 1987: Spontaneous trance as a possible cause for persistent symptoms in the medically ill

Haberman M.A., 1986: Spontaneous trance or dissociation a suicide attempt in a schizophrenic vietnam veteran

Kawano, N.; Yada, K.; Ogawa, Y.; Sasaki, K., 1977: Spontaneous trans dural extension of malignant astro cytoma case report

Saito H., 1985: Spontaneous transection of raimondi peritoneal catheter

Thompson T.E., 1987: Spontaneous transfer of ganglioside gm 1 between phospholipid vesicles

Thompson T.E., 1985: Spontaneous transfer of gangliotetraosylceramide between phospholipid vesicles

Premack D., 1988: Spontaneous transfer of matching by infant chimpanzees pan troglodytes

Thompson T.E., 1983: Spontaneous transfer of sphingomyelin between phospho lipid bi layers

Seebacher, C.; Heidenbluth, I., 1977: Spontaneous transformation in lymphocyte transformation test of patients with atopic dermatitis and other allergic skin diseases

Courtois, Y.; Simonneau, L.; Tassin, J.; Laurent, M. V.; Malaise, E., 1978: Spontaneous transformation of bovine lens epithelial cells kinetic analysis and differentiation in mono layers and in nude mice

Azzarone, B.; Pedulla, D., 1976: Spontaneous transformation of human fibroblast cultures derived from bronchial carcinomata

Haanen C., 1980: Spontaneous transformation of low density lymphocytes as parameter of activity in hodgkins disease

Mosevitskii, M. I.; Vinogradskaya, G. R., 1980: Spontaneous transformation specificity in bacillus subtilis 2. genetic exchanges on solid media

Little J.B. , 1987: Spontaneous transformation to anchorage independent growth of a xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblast cell strain

Guerdoux, J. L., 1972: Spontaneous transformations of a nicotinic mutant in coprinus radiatus study of nic 2 homothallic or di ploid strains

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467210

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467211

Moorthy, A. S.; Mitra, J.; Yerganian, G., 1976: Spontaneous translocation in an inbred line of chinese hamster

Santos J.L., 1983: Spontaneous translocations between b chromosome and the normal complement in the grasshopper eyprepocnemis plorans

Dencher N.A., 1986: Spontaneous transmembrane insertion of membrane proteins into lipid vesicles facilitated by short chain lecithins

Pohlreich P., 1980: Spontaneous transplantable lymphatic leukemia in lewis rat kph lw i

Silk D.B.A., 1988: Spontaneous transpyloric passage and performance of fine bore polyurethane feeding tubes a controlled clinical trial

Aulaqi, A., 1977: Spontaneous transverse mesocolic hernia

Khuri Bulos N.A., 1986: Spontaneous transverse mesocolic hernia with transverse colon obstruction

Leon R.J.C., 1986: Spontaneous tree establishment in the pampa argentina an experimental approach

Talusan A.G., 1980: Spontaneous trends in ocular pressure in untreated ocular hypertension

Basina I.G., 1982: Spontaneous tri ploid varieties of apple and their progeny

Russo F., 1982: Spontaneous tri ploidy in progenies of mono embryonic hybrids of citrus reticulata cultivar clementine comune x citrus deliciosa cultivar avana mandarin and citrus reticulata cultivar clementine comune x citrus nobilis cultivar king of siam

Gold, J. R.; Avise, J. C., 1976: Spontaneous tri ploidy in the california roach hesperoleucus symmetricus pisces cyprinidae

Butorina A.K., 1985: Spontaneous triploid of karelian birch

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467226

De-Bruyere, M.; Lachapelle, J. M.; Anguita, T., 1977: Spontaneous tritiated thymidine incorporation by circulating lymphocytes of normal subjects relative proportion of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells

Magyar K., 1984: Spontaneous tritium labeled noradrenaline release from the main pulmonary artery of the rabbit induced by sodium pump inhibition

Abrahamsen A.F., 1981: Spontaneous tritium labeled thymidine uptake in histological subgroups of human b cell lymphomas

Haney A.F., 1983: Spontaneous tumor cell killing by human blood monocytes and human peritoneal macrophages lack of alteration by endo toxin or quenchers of reactive oxygen species

Lichtenstein A., 1986: Spontaneous tumor cytolysis mediated by inflammatory neutrophils dependence on divalent cations and reduced oxygen intermediates

Et Al, 1982: Spontaneous tumor in tianjin albino 2 strain mice

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467233

Den Otter W., 1987: Spontaneous tumor rejection is not always due to a complete cellular rejection

Hosoda, S.; Suzuki, H.; Suzuki, M., 1976: Spontaneous tumors and atypical proliferation of pancreatic acinar cells in mastomys natalensis

Pour, P.; Kmoch, N.; Greiser, E.; Mohr, U.; Althoff, J.; Cardesa, A., 1976: Spontaneous tumors and common diseases in 2 colonies of syrian hamsters part 1 incidence and sites

Pour, P.; Mohr, U.; Cardesa, A.; Althoff, J.; Kmoch, N., 1976: Spontaneous tumors and common diseases in 2 colonies of syrian hamsters part 2 respiratory tract and digestive system

Pour, P.; Mohr, U.; Althoff, J.; Cardesa, A.; Kmoch, N., 1976: Spontaneous tumors and common diseases in 2 colonies of syrian hamsters part 3 uro genital system and endocrine glands

Pour, P.; Mohr, U.; Althoff, J.; Cardesa, A.; Kmoch, N., 1976: Spontaneous tumors and common diseases in 2 colonies of syrian hamsters part 4 vascular and lymphatic systems and lesions of other sites

Stepan K., 1979: Spontaneous tumors and common diseases in 3 types of hamsters

Goerttler K., 1984: Spontaneous tumors and lifespan of female nmri mice of the outbred stock sut nmrt during a lifetime study

Amano R., 1984: Spontaneous tumors arising in a nude mouse which has high tendency of metastasis

Finch C.E., 1987: Spontaneous tumors in aging female mice are more prevalent in the lateral pituitary zones

Romanov A.N., 1983: Spontaneous tumors in co 57br mice

Bokelman D.L., 1982: Spontaneous tumors in control f 344 and charles river cd rats and charles river cd 1 and b 6c 3hf 1 mice

Ito N., 1984: Spontaneous tumors in f 344 ducrj rats

Hayashi Y., 1983: Spontaneous tumors in f 344 ducrj rats

Et Al, 1987: Spontaneous tumors in f344 ducrj rats from 12 control groups of chronic and oncogenicity studies

Szankowska, Z.; Notopulos, N.; Knothe, A., 1975: Spontaneous tumors in japanese quails

Palotay J.L., 1983: Spontaneous tumors in long term vasectomized mice increased incidence and association with anti sperm immunity

Goerttler K., 1982: Spontaneous tumors in male and female specified pathogen free sprague dawley rats outbred stock sut sdt

Stutman O., 1979: Spontaneous tumors in nude mice effect of the viable yellow gene

Revazova E.S., 1985: Spontaneous tumors in nude rats

Anisimov, V. N.; Aleksandrov, V. A.; Klimashevskii, V. F.; Kolodin, V. I.; Likhachev, A. Ya ; Okulov, V. B.; Pozharisskii, K. M.; Savel'eva, O. P., 1978: Spontaneous tumors in rats bred at the rappolovo nursery of the ussr academy of medical sciences

Anisimov, V. N., 1976: Spontaneous tumors in rats of different strains

Dreyfuss Y., 1979: Spontaneous tumors in sprague dawley and long evans rats and in their f 1 hybrids carcinogenic effect of total body x irradiation

Kroes R., 1980: Spontaneous tumors in the pituitary gland of old wistar rats a morphological and immuno cytochemical study

Bomhard, E.; Karbe, E.; Loeser, E., 1986: Spontaneous tumors of 2000 wistar tno w.70 rats in two year carcinogenicity studies

Rowe W.P., 1984: Spontaneous tumors of nfs mice congenic for ecotropic murine leukemia virus induction loci

Kudow S., 1987: Spontaneous tumors of the central nervous system of fischer 344 ducrj rats

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467261

Ward Bailey P.F., 1983: Spontaneous tumors of the prostate gland in inbred strains of mice

Williams K.L., 1983: Spontaneous turning behavior by dictyostelium discoideum slugs

Navratil J., 1986: Spontaneous ultraweak radiation of tissues in the ear nose and throat area

Fisher, J.; Calkins, W. G., 1978: Spontaneous umbilical hernia rupture a report of 3 cases

Chovnick A., 1979: Spontaneous unequal exchange in the rosy region of drosophila melanogaster

Felekis B., 1981: Spontaneous unilateral exophthalmos consecutive to arterio venous fistulae exclusively fed by branches of the external carotid artery

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467268

Gallager D.W., 1982: Spontaneous unit activity of neurons within the dorsal raphe nucleus of the neo natal rat

Manchanda S.K., 1980: Spontaneous unit activity of purkinje cells in the developing rat cerebellum

Waterston R.H., 1984: Spontaneous unstable unc 22 iv mutations in caenorhabditis elegans var bergerac

Opelz, G.; Gale, R. P.; Univ-Calif-Los-Ang-Bone-Marrow-Transplant-Team , 1977: Spontaneous uptake of tritiated thymidine by lymphocytes of bone marrow transplant recipients

Kedia K., 1982: Spontaneous uretero ileal colostomy

Jostmeyer H.H., 1985: Spontaneous urinary bladder tumors in da han rats a feasible model of human bladder cancer

Khan, A. U.; Malek, R. S., 1976: Spontaneous urinary extravasation

Tomoyoshi T., 1985: Spontaneous urinary extravasation due to chronic ureteral obstruction

Powell, T.; Stevenson, G. A., 1977: Spontaneous urinary extravasation in nonacute ureteric obstruction a report of 4 cases

Awad S.A., 1982: Spontaneous urinary extravasation secondary to primary ureteric carcinoma

Noakes D.E., 1984: Spontaneous uterine activity and plasma progesterone and estrogens in the ewe with live and still born lambs/

Adler H.J., 1982: Spontaneous uterine neoplasms in the fat sand rat psammomys obesus

Dainer M.J., 1981: Spontaneous uterine rupture

Macphee, D. G., 1977: Spontaneous uv and ionizing radiation mutagenesis in 2 auxotrophic strains of salmonella typhimurium carrying an r plasmid

Nechiporenko V.Kh, 1986: Spontaneous variability and associative capacity of chromosomes in buffalo and domestic cow hybrids

Lown B., 1988: Spontaneous variability and circadian distribution of ectopic activity in patients with malignant ventricular arrhythmia

Garcia Barreto D., 1985: Spontaneous variability and detection of repetitive extrasystoles during simulated acute antiarrhythmic testing

James L.S., 1981: Spontaneous variability in minute ventilation oxygen consumption and heart rate of low birth weight infants

Toivonen L., 1987: Spontaneous variability in the frequency of ventricular premature complexes over prolonged intervals and implications for antiarrhythmic treatment

Sokolova, Z. G.; Efremenkova, L. M.; Vinogradova, K. A.; Silaev, A. B., 1975: Spontaneous variability of antibiotic biosynthesis in relation to morphogenesis in actinomyces chromogenes var trienicus

Morganroth J., 1980: Spontaneous variability of complex ventricular arrhythmias detected by long term electro cardiographic recording

Bloemer H., 1988: Spontaneous variability of complex ventricular premature beats over an observation period of up to 4 years

Daraseliya, G. L.; Daushvili, L. P., 1978: Spontaneous variability of mycobacterium brevicale with respect to carotenoid synthesis

Brusca A., 1984: Spontaneous variability of premature ventricular complexes in ischemic patients and subjects without clinical signs of cardiovascular disease

Section 7, Chapter 6468, Accession 006467293

Chistova T.D., 1986: Spontaneous variability of streptomyces albogriseolus

Vanek Z., 1980: Spontaneous variability of streptomyces glomeratus a producer of the anthracycline antibiotics beromycins

Uzhkurenas A.P., 1985: Spontaneous variability of streptomyces griseus lysing staphylococci

Hallstrom A., 1987: Spontaneous variability of ventricular arrhythmias in patients at increased risk for sudden death after acute myocardial infarction consecutive ambulatory electrocardiographic recordings of 88 patients

Bloemer H., 1987: Spontaneous variability of ventricular premature beats criteria for the evaluation of antiarrhythmic drug effects with respect to the length of the control interval

Temin H.M., 1982: Spontaneous variation and synthesis in the u 3 region of the long terminal repeat of an avian retrovirus

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