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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6469

Chapter 6469 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Miller J.M.; Wright J.W., 1982:
Spot indole test evaluation of 4 reagents

Turgeon B.G.; Bauer W.D., 1983:
Spot inoculation of soybean glycine max cultivar williams roots with rhizobium japonicum

Brakefield P., 1979:
Spot number in maniola jurtina variation between generations and selection in marginal populations

Orton R.D.; Wright L.S.; Hess H., 1987:
Spot polymorphism in girella nigricans perciformes kyphosidae geographic and inter size class variation

Madjar J J.; Arpin M.; Buisson M.; Reboud J P., 1979:
Spot position of rat liver ribosomal proteins by 4 different 2 dimensional electrophoreses in poly acrylamide gel

Mcwhorter C.G.; Barrentine W.L., 1979:
Spot spraying for johnson grass sorghum halepense control in soybeans glycine max

Vinson J.A.; Evans J.F.; Holets H.E., 1983:
Spot test and colorimetric determination of amines with tri nitro benzene/

Kelly, S.; Des-Jardins, L., 1972:
Spot test for detection of sickling hemo globin

Bye R.; Lund W., 1986 :
Spot test for inorganic selenium in selenium supplementation tablets

Cooper, A.J.L., 1978:
Spot test for the detection of alpha keto glutaramic acid in human cerebro spinal fluid

Tassi G.C.; Sorzini M.R., 1980:
Spot test use of a micro method on whole blood in allergological diagnosis

Tewari, S.N.; Sharma, J.D., 1982:
Spot tests for cannabis materials

Marr C.D., 1984:
Spot tests for detection of tyrosinase

D.V.ies N.E.L.; Manglitz G.R., 1982:
Spotted alfalfa aphid therioaphis maculata homoptera aphididae water stress amino acid content and plant resistance

Layher W.G.; Maughan O.E., 1985:
Spotted bass habitat evaluation using an unweighted geometric mean to determine hsi values

Layher W.G.; Maughan O.E., 1987:
Spotted bass habitat suitability related to fish occurrence and biomass and measurements of physicochemical variables

Howell J.F.; George D.A., 1979:
Spotted cutworm control in apple orchards with chlorpyrifos

Howell, J.F., 1978:
Spotted cutworm simulated damage to apples

Sutherland, D.L.; May, L.L., 1977:
Spotted dolphins stenella plagiodon under water observations using an unmanned submersible

D.C.mpos E.P.; Meira D.A., 1981:
Spotted fever a case

Gross, E.M.; Arbeli, Y.; Bearman, J.E.; Yagupsky, P.; Cohar, K.; Torok, V.; Goldwasser, R.A., 1984:
Spotted fever and murine typhus in the Negev desert region of Israel, 1981

Goddard, J.; Norment, B.R., 1986:
Spotted fever group rickettsiae in the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Uchida, T.; Mahara, F.; Tsuboi, Y.; Oya, A., 1985:
Spotted fever group rickettsiosis in Japan

Templeman W., 1986:
Spotted forms of the northern wolffish anarhichas denticulatus

Eddleman L.E.; Romo J.T., 1988:
Spotted knapweed germination response to stratification temperature and water stress

Tyser R.W.; Key C.H., 1988:
Spotted knapweed in natural area fescue grasslands an ecological assessment

Myers C.W., 1982:
Spotted poison frogs descriptions of 3 new dendrobates from western amazonia south america and resurrection of a lost species from chiriqui

Boere, G.C.; Zegers, P.M., 1976:
Spotted sandpiper tringa macularia new record new to the dutch avi fauna

Blandov Z.K.; Vakhrusheva M.P.; Malashenko A.M.; Osipov V.V., 1986:
Spotted sterile male a new mutation of dominant spotting on mouse chromosome 5

Kobatake, H.; Osaki, T.; Yoshioka, A.; Inouye, T., 1976:
Spotted wilt disease of tomatoes in japan

Lowther P., 1988:
Spotting pattern of the last laid egg of the house sparrow

Cohen D.M.; Nielsen J.G., 1982:
Spottobrotula amaculata new species of ophidiid fish from the philippines

Haynes, S.G.; Eaker, E.D.; Feinleib, M., 1983:
Spouse behavior and coronary heart disease in men prospective results from the framingham heart study 1. concordance of risk factors and the relationship of psycho social status to coronary incidence

Eaker, E.D.; Haynes, S.G.; Feinleib, M., 1983:
Spouse behavior and coronary heart disease in men prospective results from the framingham heart study 2. modification of risk in type a husbands according to the social and psychological status of their wives

Barrett-Connor, E.; Suarez, L., 1982:
Spouse concordance for fasting plasma glucose in non-diabetics

Suarez, L.; Criqui, M.H.; Barrett-Connor, E., 1983:
Spouse concordance for systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Venters M.H.; Jacobs D.R.Jr; Luepker R.V.; Maiman L.A.; Gillum R.F., 1984:
Spouse concordance of smoking patterns the minnesota usa heart survey

Black D.R.; Lantz C.E., 1984:
Spouse involvement and a possible long term follow up trap in weight loss

Emmelkamp P.M.G.; D.L.nge I., 1983:
Spouse involvement in the treatment of obsessive compulsive patients

Basavarajappa K.G.; Norris M.J.; Halli S.S., 1988:
Spouse selection in canada 1921 1978 an examination by age sex and religion

Guttman R.; Zoahr A.; Willerman L.; Kahneman I., 1988:
Spouse similarities in personality traits for intraethnic and interethnic marriages in israel

Mcintyre Kingsolver K.; Lichtenstein E.; Mermelstein R.J., 1986:
Spouse training in a multicomponent smoking cessation program

Helmick, J.W.; Watamori, T.S.; Palmer, J.M., 1976:
Spouses' understanding of the communication disabilities of aphasic patients

Marcinik, E.J., 1986:
Sprain and strain injuries in the Navy: the possible role of physical fitness in their prevention

Eisner, T.; Aneshansley, D.J., 1982:
Spray aiming in bombardier beetles: jet deflection by the coanda effect

Walker D.J.; Donegan L., 1984:
Spray application of insecticides to protect sundrying fish from blowfly infestation during the wet season in malawi

Harbaugh B.K.; Wilfret G.J., 1980:
Spray chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium production with controlled release fertilizer and trickle irrigation

Voigt R.; Wunsch G., 1985:
Spray coating of spherical microgranules by means of non aqueous varnish film formers

Igono, M.O.; Steevens, B.J.; Shanklin, M.D.; Johnson, H.D., 1985:
Spray cooling effects on milk production, milk, and rectal temperatures of cows during a moderate temperate summer season

Campos O.F.; Huber J.T.; Morrill J.L.; Brownson R.K.; Dayton A.D.; Harrison H.J.S.; Warner R.G., 1982:
Spray dried fish solubles or soy protein concentrate in milk replacer formulations

Iwami K.; Hattori M.; Nakatani S.; Ibuki F., 1987:
Spray dried gliadin powders inclusive of linoleic acid microcapsules their preservability digestibility and application to bread making

Andrews M.; Flower L.S.; Johnstone D.R.; Turner C.R., 1983:
Spray droplet assessment and insecticide drift studies during the large scale aerial application on endosulfan to control glossina morsitans in botswana

Qureshi F.A.; Vanden Born W.H., 1979:
Spray droplet distribution and herbicide uptake in sequential applications of diclofop methyl and 4 chloro o tolyloxy acetic acid for weed control in barley

Main, J.H.; Clydesdale, F.M.; Francis, F.J., 1978:
Spray drying antho cyanin concentrates for use as food colorants

Beatus Y.; Raziel A.; Rosenberg M.; Kopelman I.J., 1985:
Spray drying microencapsulation of paprika oleoresin

Plattner H.; Bachmann L., 1979:
Spray freezing of cells and cell fractions

Spillman J.J., 1984:
Spray impaction retention and adhesion an introduction to basic characteristics

Yamaguchi, T.; Ito, I., 1975:
Spray inoculation with conidial suspension of fusarium nivale leaf spot fungus of rice plant

Young E., 1982:
Spray materials and washing solution affect apple malus domestica foliar analyses

Schroeder, W.J.; Sutton, R.A.; Selhime, A.G., 1977:
Spray oil effects on diaprepes abbreviatus on citrus in florida usa

Owens, J.M.; Bennett, G.W., 1978:
Spray particle size distribution in greenhouse ultra low volume applications to poinsettia

Matuo T.; Baba K.J., 1981:
Spray retention by citrus leaves in high volume application

Sharma, M.P.; Vandenborn, W.H.; Mcbeath, D.K., 1978:
Spray retention foliar penetration translocation and selectivity of asulam in wild oats and flax

Forti, G.C.; Trieff, N.M.; Ramanujam, V.M.S.; Kilian, D.J., 1977:
Spray technique for applying stripmix cellulose acetate to thin layer chromatography plates for tritiated organic compounds

Koen T.B.; Jones K.M.; Longley S.B., 1988:
Spray thinning strategies for red delicious apple using naphthaleneacetic acid and ethephon

Samberg, Y.; Hornstein, K.; Cuperstein, E.; Gottfried, R., 1977:
Spray vaccination of chickens with an experimental vaccine against Newcastle disease

Yadin, H., 1976:
Spray vaccination of turkeys against Newcastle disease

Schroeder M.H.; Sturges D.L., 1980:
Spraying of big sagebrush artemisia tridentata ssp vaseyana with 2 4 d causes negligible stream contamination

Nilsson H.; Aamisepp A., 1984:
Spraying of couch agropyron repens with glyphosate roundup in different volumes of deionized water and tap water a glasshouse experiment

Chang R.; Ward C.R.; Ashdown D., 1980:
Spread and characterization of chemical resistance of biotype d greenbugs schizaphis graminum in texas usa

Jorgensen K.; Schadegg E., 1987:
Spread and control of cherry leaf spot disease in sour cherries

Peterson G.W., 1984:
Spread and damage of western x disease of chokecherry prunus virginiana in eastern nebraska usa plantings

Botha M.C.; Jones M.; D.K.erk W.A.; Yamamoto N., 1985:
Spread and distribution of human t cell leukemia virus type i reactive antibody among baboons and monkeys in the northern and eastern transvaal south africa

Ambros M., 1983:
Spread and ecology of the mite neopodocinum mrciaki new record mesostigmata macrochelidae in the territory of slovakia czechoslovakia

Podger, F.D.; Kile, G.A.; Watling, R.; Fryer, J., 1978:
Spread and effects of armillaria luteobubalina new species in an australian eucalyptus regnans plantation

Burrichter E.; Pott R., 1983:
Spread and history of the practice of lopping and present day evidence in northwestern germany

Houston D.R., 1985:
Spread and increase of ceratocystis ulmi with cultural characteristics of the aggressive strain in northeastern north america

Jasnic S., 1979:
Spread and intensity of virus disease incidence on paprika in vojvodina yugoslavia with special reference to tobacco mosaic virus and tomato mosaic virus

Camprag D.; Durkic J.; Sekulic R.; Talji R.; Keresi T., 1981:
Spread and population density of carabidae coleoptera under field crops in backa yugoslavia 1975 1979 especially wheat and sugar beet

Kowarik I.; Boecker R., 1984:
Spread establishment and acclimatization of ailanthus altissima in central europe

Anderson D.; Watson R., 1980:
Spread of a disease with gamma distributed latent and infectious periods

Burch, G.E.; Wajszczuk, W.J.; Cronvich, J.A., 1970:
Spread of activation in the antero lateral papillary muscle of the left ventricle of the dog under normal and pathologic conditions

Sawada, H.; Ishii, K.; Matsumura, A.; Nakazono, N.; Hyodo, N.; Chiba, S.; Furumoto, H., 1975:
Spread of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus in virgin soil hokkaido japan observation with serological surveys

Kuzyakhmetov, G.G., 1978:
Spread of algae by atmospheric air in winter

Baker F.A.; French D.W., 1980:
Spread of arceuthobium pusillum and rates of infection and mortality in black spruce picea mariana stands

Marks, G.C.; Almond, C.A.; Edgar, J.G.; Kile, G.A., 1976:
Spread of armillaria spp in the bark of eucalyptus obliqua and eucalyptus globulus ssp bicostata

Dunleavy J.M., 1985 :
Spread of bacterial tan spot of soybean glycine max in the field

Edstrom J E.; Rydlander L.; Thyberg J., 1983:
Spread of balbiani ring derived messenger rna in chironomus tentans salivary gland cell cytoplasm

Duechting W.; Dehl G., 1980:
Spread of cancer cells in tissues modeling and simulation

Byrd, S.E.; Richardson, M.; Gill, G.; Hanafee, W.; Ljung, B.M., 1984:
Spread of carcinoma of the base of the tongue as detected by computer tomography

Hirabayashi, Y.; Yoshizawa, Y.; Ogawa, T.; Inoue, S.; Matsuda, I., 1985:
Spread of cervical, thoracic and lumbar epidural analgesia following the drip infusion technique of local anesthetics

Vonderlage, M., 1981:
Spread of contraction in rabbit ear artery preparations in response to stimulation by norepinephrine

Lipps P.E., 1988:
Spread of corn anthracnose from surface residues in continuous corn and corn soybean rotation plots

Araujo, E.; Moreno, R., 1980:
Spread of cowpea vigna unguiculata foliar diseases in different cropping systems 2. mycosis

Lessios H.A.; Robertson D.R.; Cubit J.D., 1984:
Spread of diadema antillarum mass mortality through the caribbean

Prokopenko, L.I.; Artamoshin, A.D.; Frolova, A.A., 1977:
Spread of diphyllobothriasis into the ussr and prevention of formation of new invasion foci part 1 natural premises for diphyllobothriasis spread and current situation in some areas of the ussr

Brainerd C.J.; Kingma J.; Howe M.L., 1986:
Spread of encoding and the development of organization in memory

Apostolou, G.A.; Zarmakoupis, P.K.; Mastrokostopoulos, G.T., 1981:
Spread of epidural anesthesia and the lateral position

Mars, N.J.; Thompson, P.M.; Wilkus, R.J., 1985:
Spread of epileptic seizure activity in humans

Jorgensen R.J.; Andersen S., 1984:
Spread of equine lungworm dictyocaulus arnfieldi larvae from feces by pilobolus fungi

Hawksworth F.G.; Scharpf R.F., 1986:
Spread of european mistletoe viscum album in california usa

El'kina G.A.; Trush V.D., 1980:
Spread of evoked responses to electrical stimulation of the rabbit cortex at different levels of spatial synchronization of cortical potentials

Kosharskaya I.L., 1979:
Spread of excitation in the heart in electrical stimulation of the atrio ventricular valves

Hunter G.G.; Douglas M.H., 1984:
Spread of exotic conifers on south island rangelands new zealand

Schulte-Steinberg, O.; Rahlfs, V.W., 1977:
Spread of extradural analgesia following caudal injection in children. A statistical study

Filice, G.A.; Andrews, J.S.Jr ; Hudgins, M.P.; Fraser, D.W., 1978:
Spread of haemophilus influenzae secondary illness in household contacts of patients with haemophilus influenzae meningitis

Markus R.; Precht K.; Lindenau K.; Richter H.; Baumgarten R.; Fengler J.D., 1981:
Spread of hepatitis b by regular hemo dialysis treatment

Abghari S.Z.; Stulting R.D.; Nigida S.M.Jr; Downer D.N.; Nahmias A.J., 1986:
Spread of herpes simplex virus and establishment of latency after corneal infection in inbred mice

Klein, R.J.; Czelusniak, S.M., 1987:
Spread of herpes simplex virus in lymph nodes after experimental infection of mice

Dyson, H.; Shimeld, C.; Hill, T.J.; Blyth, W.A.; Easty, D.L., 1987:
Spread of herpes simplex virus within ocular nerves of the mouse: demonstration of viral antigen in whole mounts of eye tissue

Jørgensen, R.J.; Rønne, H.; Helsted, C.; Iskander, A.R., 1982:
Spread of infective Dictyocaulus viviparus larvae in pasture and to grazing cattle: experimental evidence of the role of Pilobolus fungi

Ghosh M.R., 1980:
Spread of infestation of lipaphis erysimi and its population composition at different growth phases of indian mustard plant brassica juncea ssp juncea

Kolbenstvedt A.; Dullerud R.; Kolmannskog F., 1981:
Spread of intra abdominal effusions and computed tomography in diagnosis of intra abdominal abscesses

Matsuda, I.; Wada, M.; Takahashi, H.; Ikeda, K.; Morita, K.; Yura, M.; Takii, T.; Sanjoh, Y., 1984:
Spread of lumbar epidural analgesia and the epidural pressure following the drip infusion technique of local anesthetics

Shalaev S.A.; Chalisov I.A., 1980:
Spread of lung cancer metastases through intra pulmonary lymphatic collectors

Knoke J.K.; Gordon D.T.; Louie R.; Madden L.V., 1983:
Spread of maize dwarf mosaic virus from johnson grass sorghum halepense to corn zea mays

Asanuma, H.; Rosen, I., 1973:
Spread of mono synaptic and poly synaptic connections within cats motor cortex

Mal'tseva, N.M., 1976:
Spread of oligo nitrophilic microorganisms in nature

Mcwhorter C.G.; Barrentine W.L., 1988:
Spread of paraffinic oil on leaf surfaces of johnsongrass sorghum halepense

Barmore C.R.; Brown G.E., 1982:
Spread of penicillium digitatum and penicillium italicum during contact between citrus fruits

Okinshevich E.A.; Sigaeva L.A.; Sukhareva M.E.; Petrova M.S.; Naumova M.K.; Finkel' M.P.; Bashturova N.T.; Motylina E.A.; Vinnichekm N.D.; E.A., 1982:
Spread of pertussis among adults under present conditions

Blokhina I.N.; Ivanova N.I.; Mazepa V.N.; Kulakov L.A.; Boronin A.M., 1985:
Spread of phage resistant strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Moore, I., 1976:
Spread of platystethus cornutus in the usa coleoptera staphylinidae

Mccanny, S.J.; Bough, M.; Cavers, P.B., 1988:
Spread of proso millet panicum miliaceum l. in ontario canada i. rate of spread and crop susceptibility

Mccanny, S.J.; Cavers, P.B., 1988:
Spread of proso millet panicum miliaceum l. in ontario canada ii. dispersal by combines

Smitley D.R.; Mccarter S.M., 1982:
Spread of pseudomonas syringae var tomato and role of epiphytic populations and environmental conditions in disease development

Hughes C.; Bauer E.; Roberts A.P., 1981:
Spread of r plasmids among escherichia coli causing urinary tract infection

Mayr A., 1983:
Spread of refuse associated pathogens by domestic community and field vermin as vehicles with special regard to human health

Richaud C.; Breton F.; Jouven J.C.; Casanova P.; Kohler J.L., 1982:
Spread of renal cancer to the vena cava surgical problems

Alasaarela, E., 1979:
Spread of river and waste waters in the northeastern part of the bothnian bay baltic sea 2. dispersion and influence of river and waste waters in summer and in winter

Grimwood, K.; Abbott, G.D.; Fergusson, D.M.; Jennings, L.C.; Allan, J.M., 1983:
Spread of rotavirus within families: a community based study

Ayliffe, G.A.; Geddes, A.M.; Pearson, J.E.; Williams, T.C., 1979:
Spread of Salmonella typhi in a maternity hospital

Limar' T.E.; Sidorenko O.D., 1980:
Spread of sulfate reducing bacteria in the soil and in rhizosphere and rhizoplane of rice

Post W., 1988:
Spread of the double crested cormorant into interior of the southeastern usa

Nauman, C.E.; Austin, D.F., 1978:
Spread of the exotic fern lygodium microphyllum in florida usa

Nicolaysen, K., 1976:
Spread of the junction potential in the transverse tubular system in hagfish slow muscle fibers

Pelz H.J., 1984:
Spread of the musk rat in the west germany

Grzyb Z.S., 1984:
Spread of the plum pox virus in the cultivar italian prune orchard

Matile H.; Ferrari E.; Aeschlimann A.; Wyler R., 1981:
Spread of tick borne encephalitis in switzerland

Shukla V.D.; Anjaneyulu A., 1981:
Spread of tungro virus disease in rice crops of different ages

Shukla V.D.; Anjaneyulu A., 1982:
Spread of tungro virus in mixed populations of susceptible and tolerant rice cultivars

Piazza M.; Guadagnino V.; Picciotto L.; D.M.rcato R.; Chirianni A.; Armignacco O., 1979:
Spread of type b viral hepatitis among drug addicts

Asano, Y.; Iwayama, S.; Miyata, T.; Yazaki, T.; Ozaki, T.; Tsuzuki, K.; Ito, S.; Takahashi, M., 1980:
Spread of varicella in hospitalized children having no direct contact with an indicator zoster case and its prevention by a live vaccine

Tullo, A.B.; Shimeld, C.; Blyth, W.A.; Hill, T.J.; Easty, D.L., 1982:
Spread of virus and distribution of latent infection following ocular herpes simplex in the non-immune and immune mouse

Rosenberger, D.A.; Jones, A.L., 1977 :
Spread of x disease in michigan usa peach orchards

Rebrova, R.N.; Iushchenko, G.V.; Tarasova, L.V.; Dunaev, V.I.; Syromiatnikova, V.A., 1981:
Spread of Yersinia among patients with acute intestinal infections

Dati S.; Guerrier D.; Macino W., 1985:
Spread out ovarian bilateral fibroma observation on a clinic case

Andersen, J.A.; Pallesen, R.M., 1979:
Spread to the nipple and areola in carcinoma of the breast

Elowson A.M., 1984:
Spread wing postures and the water repellency of feathers a test of rijkes hypothesis

Hennemann W.W.IIi, 1984:
Spread winged behavior of double crested and flightless cormorants phalacrocorax auritus and phalacrocorax harrisi wing drying or thermo regulation?

Clark R.G.; Ohmart R.D., 1985:
Spread winged posture of turkey vultures cathartes aura single or multiple function

Maruyama S.; Ohta M.; Homma K., 1984:
Spreading and clustering of oviposition pattern in japanese quail after partial or complete hypothalamic deafferentation of the infundibular complex

Weigmann Haass R., 1976:
Spreading and distribution of the euphausiacea crustacea in the upwelling region of northwest africa meteor cruise 19 1970 and 26 1972

Buerges, G.; Gal, T., 1981:
Spreading and manner of life of curculio elephas coleoptera curculionidae in hungary 1. spread damage swarming and sex ratio

Pizzey J.A.; Witkowski J.A.; Jones G.E., 1987:
Spreading behavior of cultured fibroblasts from carriers of duchenne muscular dystrophy

Heaysman J.E.M.; Pegrum S.M.; Preston T.M., 1982:
Spreading chick heart fibroblasts a correlated study using phase contrast microscopy reflection interference microscopy transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Tikal, K., 1977:
Spreading depression analysis of contact behavior of rats

Amir H.; Rouquerol T.; Amir A., 1987:
Spreading effect of oil residues from refineries on the evolution of organic matter and microbial density of an agricultural soil

Kubat, J., 1977:
Spreading electro encephalographic depression elicited by controlled deformation of the rat cerebral cortex

Opritov, V.A., 1978:
Spreading excitation and transport of assimilates in the phloem

Lyubetskaya O.S.; Gorina E.I.; Orazov K.N., 1986:
Spreading of antagonist microbes to the causal agent of fusarial wilt and cotton black root rot in zonal types soils in the turkmen ssr ussr

Kimber S.J.; Surani M.A.H., 1982:
Spreading of blastomeres from 8 cell mouse embryos on lectin coated beads

Lindskog, S.; Pierce, A., 1988:
Spreading of dentinoclasts on various substrata in vitro

Straznicky C.; Tay D., 1981:
Spreading of hemi retinal projections in the ipsilateral tectum following unilateral enucleation a study of optic nerve regeneration in xenopus with 1 compound eye

Dimic, N., 1985:
Spreading of lithocolletis blancardella f. and its presence in yugoslavia and bosnia and herzegovina

Proskuryakova, A.M.; Markovich, N.Y., 1984:
Spreading of mass species of aedes mosquitoes from breeding sites in the steppe zone of the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr central tuva lowland 2. distance of flight for aedes sticticus aedes cinereus and aedes caspius caspius

Verger, R.; Pattus, F., 1976:
Spreading of membranes at the air water interface

Kuhtreiber W.M.; Serras F.; Van Den Biggelaar J.A.M., 1987:
Spreading of microinjected horseradish peroxidase to nondescendant cells in embryos of patella mollusca gastropoda

Kovacevic J., 1979:
Spreading of natural grasslands in the macro region of slavonia and baranya yugoslavia

Hammer M., 1982:
Spreading of oribatid mites acari in the southern pacific

Katsumoto, T.; Takayama, H.; Takagi, A., 1978:
Spreading of pseudopodia and cytoplasmic organization in drug treated macrophages a study by negative staining technique

Mirek Z.; Trzcinska Tacik H., 1982:
Spreading of puccinellia distans along the roads in southern poland

Tannert, C.; Lux, W., 1981:
Spreading of red blood cell suspensions on paper as a simple test of cell deformability

Dinehart, S.M.; Sanchez, R.L., 1988:
Spreading pigmented actinic keratosis. An electron microscopic study

Anderson, L.K.; Stack, S.M.; Sherman, J.D., 1988:
Spreading synaptonemal complexes from Zea mays. I. No synaptic adjustment of inversion loops during pachytene

Garay, L.A., 1976:
Sprengels habenaria montevidensis

Onoyama K., 1981:
Spring aboveground activities of the harvester ant messor aciculatus with special reference to flight activity

Gauthier G.; Bedard J.; Huot J.; Bedard Y., 1984:
Spring accumulation of fat by greater snow geese chen caerulescens atlanticus in 2 staging habitats

Tsvtekova, A.A., 1975:
Spring activity of long tailed marmots in the aksu dzhabagly reservation western tien shan kirgiz ssr ussr

Young, H.; Bernard, R.F., 1978:
Spring and summer birds of the pigeon lake region wisconsin usa

Ketterson E.D.; Nolan V.Jr, 1987:
Spring and summer confinement of dark eyed juncos at autumn migratory destination suppresses normal autumn behavior

Korschgen L.J.; Porath W.R.; Torgerson O., 1980:
Spring and summer foods of deer odocoileus virginianus in the missouri ozarks usa

Obi A.; Conner J.V., 1986:
Spring and summer macroinvertebrate drift in the lower mississippi river louisiana usa

Kilcher M.R.; Lawrence R., 1979:
Spring and summer pastures for southwestern saskatchewan canada

Antonelis G.A.Jr; Fiscus C.H.; Delong R.L., 1985:
Spring and summer prey of california sea lions zalophus californianus at san miguel island california usa 1978 1979

Kirby R.E.; Cowardin L.M., 1986:
Spring and summer survival of female mallards anas platyrhynchos from northcentral minnesota usa

Ferron J.; Ouellet J.P.; Lemay Y., 1986:
Spring and summer time budgets and feeding behavior of the red squirrel tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Martin D.B.; Mengel L.J.; Novotny J.F.; Walburg C.H., 1981:
Spring and summer water levels in a missouri river reservoir effects on age 0 fish and zoo plankton

Hockett E.A.; Reid D.A., 1981:
Spring and winter genetic male sterile barley hordeum vulgare stocks

Warncke E., 1980:
Spring areas ecology vegetation and comments on similarity coefficients applied to plant communities

Village A., 1985:
Spring arrival times and assortative mating of kestrels in south scotland uk

Ellis R.P., 1986:
Spring barley cultivars bred at the scottish crop research institute scotland uk

Valverde R.A., 1985:
Spring beauty latent virus a new member of the bromovirus group

Ito Y., 1986:
Spring behavior of an australian paper wasp polistes humilis synoecus colony founding by haplometrosis and utilization of old nests

Ito Y.; Higashi S., 1987:
Spring behavior of ropalidia plebeiana hymenoptera vespidae within a huge aggregation of nests

Kownacki A., 1985:
Spring benthic macroinvertebrate communities of selected streams in the high caucasus azerbaijan ssr ussr

Hoffman R.D., 1982:
Spring bird use of muskrat ondatra zibethicus lodges

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Spurious sanguineous lacrimation

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Spurt release of oxytocin during surgical induction of labor in women

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Squeeze out from mixed monolayers of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and egg phosphatidylglycerol

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Squid fishing method by jigging machines

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Squid larvae of the family ommastrephidae cephalopoda

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