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Spring bloom in a hyper eutrophic lake lake kasumigaura japan 4. inductive factors for phyto plankton bloom

Masaki, A.; Seki, H.

Water Research 18(7): 869-876


ISSN/ISBN: 0043-1354
Accession: 006468300

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The limiting factor for inducing the spring bloom of phytoplankters in 1980 at Tsuchiura Harbor of Lake Kasumigaura was temperature. The bloom started at a water temperature higher than 10.degree. C and lasted until the temperature was up to .apprx. 20.degree. C. The concentration of inorganic N in the lake had a profound effect on the induction of the spring bloom as a nonlimiting factor. Other inorganic nutrients contributed mostly to the species succession of phytoplankters comprising the spring bloom.

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