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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6470

Chapter 6470 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Feldman R.L., 1986: St segment response to acute coronary occlusion coronary hemodynamic and angiographic determinants of direction of st segment shift

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Sugimoto T., 1988: St t isointegral analysis of exercise stress body surface mapping for identifying ischemic areas in patients with angina pectoris

Turk J., 1982: St t segment changes in patients with essential hypertension

Shibata A., 1983: St t variability of paced beats in patients with permanent pacemakers

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Kyosola, K.; Chambers, D.; Cankovic-Darracott, S.; Braimbridge, M. V., 1985: St thomas' hospital cardioplegia for myocardial preservation during prolonged aortic cross clamping

Rosen K.G., 1985: St waveform changes of the fetal electrocardiogram during labor a clinical study

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469008

Beighton, P.; Myers, H. S.; Aldridge, S. J.; Sedgewick, J.; Eickhoff, S., 1986: St. helena familial genu valgum

Arom, K. V.; Nicoloff, D. M.; Kersten, T. E.; Lindsay, W. G.; Northrup, W. F. Iii, 1987: St. jude medical prosthesis valve related deaths and complications

Kusuda R., 1985: Stab culture and frozen storage of pasteurella piscicida

Rao R.V., 1980: Stab injury of neck

Thomson J.P.S., 1987: Stab injury the experience of an east london england uk hospital 1978 1983

Green, M. A., 1978: Stab wound dynamics a recording technique for use in medico legal investigations

Maisto O., 1981: Stab wound of the cervical esophagus a case

Lindfors K.K., 1987: Stab wound to the extremities indication for angiography

De Kock M.L.S., 1983: Stab wounds associated with hematuria a review of 67 cases

Boome R.S., 1988: Stab wounds involving the brachial plexus

Adebahr G., 1986: Stab wounds of skull and brain

Kudchadkar A., 1980: Stab wounds of the abdomen observe or explore

Addonizio J.C., 1983: Stab wounds of the kidney conservation management in flank penetration

Smith M.S., 1987: Stab wounds to the abdomen failure of blunt probing to predict peritoneal penetration

Kebarle P., 1984: Stabilities and hydrogen bonding in complexes of oxonium ion and methoxonium ion with crown ethers from measurements of gas phase ion molecule equilibria

Rowe D.T., 1985: Stabilities and interrelations of multiple species of human adenovirus type 5 early region 1 proteins in infected and transformed cells

Yamabe S., 1987: Stabilities and structures in cluster ions of five membered heterocyclic compounds containing oxygen nitrogen and sulfur atoms

Gupta V.D., 1988: Stabilities and thermodynamic functions of the complexes of dimethyltin iv ion with some amino acids

Hemminki K., 1986: Stabilities of 7 alkylguanosine and 7 deoxyguanosines formed by phosphoramide mustard and nitrogen mustard

Ficht T.A., 1983: Stabilities of avian sarcoma virus rna comparison of subgenomic and genomic species with cellular messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469029

Greiff, D.; Rightsel, W. A., 1969: Stabilities of dried suspensions of influenza virus sealed in a vacuum or under different gases

Beyer G J., 1988: Stabilities of lanthanide protein complexes

Tagashira Y., 1981: Stabilities of nearest neighbor doublets in double helical dna determined by fitting calculated melting profiles to observed profiles

Kang P H., 1979: Stabilities of pesticide mixtures the physical stabilities of the mixtures of emulsifiable concentrates

Pack M Y., 1987: Stabilities of plasmid vectors in zymomonas mobilis

Walker J.M., 1984: Stabilities of some constituents of marmoset callithrix jacchus plasma under various conditions of storage

Greiff, D., 1970: Stabilities of suspensions of influenza virus dried by sublimation of ice in vacuo to different contents of residual moisture and sealed under different gases

Bishop F.C., 1987: Stabilities of synthetic magnesian calcites in aqueous solution comparison with biogenic materials

Di Francesco J., 1985: Stability accuracy and eye movements in eidetic imagery

Chen Z., 1986: Stability analyses of introduced sugarcane varieties

Akhter S.A., 1986: Stability analysis for grain development and yield in maize zea mays

Yadava H.S., 1987: Stability analysis for grain yield in kodo millet

Yadava, T. P.; Kumar, P., 1978: Stability analysis for pod yield and maturity in bunch group of groundnut arachis hypogaea

Bharaj T.S., 1982: Stability analysis for yield components in sugarcane saccharum sp

Singh R.M., 1985: Stability analysis in dry beans phaseolus vulgaris

Gill K.S., 1983: Stability analysis in durum wheat triticum durum

Pandey S.C., 1983: Stability analysis in tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Freedman H.I., 1979: Stability analysis of a predator prey system with mutual interference and density dependent death rates

Leung H.K., 1984: Stability analysis of a stochastic model for bio molecular selection

Okazaki M., 1980: Stability analysis of commensal and mutual relations with competitive assimilation in continuous mixed culture

Eisen, M.; Schiller, J., 1977: Stability analysis of normal and neoplastic growth

Gatto, M.; Rinaldi, S., 1977: Stability analysis of predator prey models via the liapunov method

Mehra R.B., 1981: Stability analysis of root yield and oil content in vetiver vetiveria zizaniodes

Rotenberg M., 1979: Stability analysis of the 2 compartment model of cell proliferation

Goldstein R.A., 1980: Stability analysis of the time delay in host parasitoid model

Bains K.S., 1984: Stability analysis of varietal mixtures in chick pea cicer arietinum

Huehn, M., 1987: Stability analysis of winter rape brassica napus l. by using plant density and mean yield per plant

Sastry E.V.D., 1981: Stability analysis of yield and yield components in some indian and mexican cultivars of wheat triticum aestivum

Dumbre A.D., 1988: Stability analysis of yield in wheat

Acharya, S.; Sharma, K. D., 1985: Stability analysis over locations vs. unilocation testing under created environments in rice oryza sativa

Singh G., 1984: Stability analysis over seasons and locations of multilines of wheat triticum aestivum

Lefkovitch L.P., 1986: Stability analysis where do we stand

Mariotti, J. A.; Oyarzabal, E. S.; Osa, J. M.; Bulacio, A. N. R.; Almada, G. H., 1976: Stability and adaptability analysis of sugarcane genotypes part 1 interactions within an experimental site

Yadava T.P., 1982: Stability and adaptation in soybean glycine max

Mahajan R.K., 1981: Stability and adaptation of some rice oryza sativa varieties in different maturity groups

Sapra R.L., 1983: Stability and adaptation studies in opium poppy papaver somniferum

Heyworth, C. M.; Neumann, E. F.; Wynn, C. H., 1981: Stability and aggregation properties of human liver acid beta d galactosidase ec

Randhawa A.S., 1984: Stability and associations among various characters under different sowing dates in wheat triticum aestivum

Smith A.B.IIi, 1980: Stability and attractiveness related to age of scent marks of saddle back tamarins saguinus fuscicollis

Cottrell M., 1988: Stability and attractivity in associative memory networks

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469074

Swick K.E., 1981: Stability and bifurcation in age dependent population dynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469076

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469077

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469078

Pegg A.E., 1983: Stability and capacity of di methyl nitrosamine induced o 6 methyl guanine repair system in rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469080

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469081

Truss C.V., 1985: Stability and change in adult personality over 12 and 20 years

Hoyle S.G., 1985: Stability and change in childhood and adolescent friendships

Damon, W.; Hart, D., 1986: Stability and change in children's self understanding

Klein P.S., 1988: Stability and change in interaction of israeli mothers and infants

Bentler P.M., 1986: Stability and change in personality a longitudinal study from early adolescence to young adulthood

Simmons D.R., 1981: Stability and change in the material culture of queen charlotte sound new zealand in the 18th century

Mitropoulos K.A., 1983: Stability and clearance of small uni lamellar liposomes studies with normal and lipo protein deficient mice

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469089

De-Voe, I. W.; Thompson, J.; Costerton, J. W.; Macleod, R. A., 1970: Stability and comparitive transport capacity of cells mureinoplasts and true protoplasts of a gram negative bacterium

Loo T.L., 1981: Stability and compatibility of anti tumor agents in glass and plastic containers

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469092

Damon R.A.Jr, 1981: Stability and complexation of cyanidin 3 glucoside and raspberry juice extract in the presence of selected cations

Blasquez V., 1982: Stability and components of mature sv 40

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469095

Pfeiffer S.I., 1983: Stability and concurrent validity of the peabody individual achievement test

Shishov B.A., 1979: Stability and conservatism of cell composition of the nervous system in nematodes catecholaminergic neurons

Maasch H.J., 1986: Stability and decay of allergenic extracts

Drebes G., 1988: Stability and deformation of diatom chloroplasts during food uptake of the parasitic dinoflagellate paulsenella dinophyta

Newcomb A.F., 1984: Stability and determinants of sociometric status and friendship choice a longitudinal perspective

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469101

Mendrovski L., 1980: Stability and distinctiveness in interaction of mother and neo nate

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469103

Suffling R., 1983: Stability and diversity in boreal and mixed temperate forests a demographic approach

Zettler J.L., 1983: Stability and effectiveness of fenitrothion on corn to control stored product insects

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469106

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469109

Vishkautsan R., 1986: Stability and enamine imine tautomerism in 1 2 and 2 5 dihydropyrimidines

Agnew T.T., 1982: Stability and exploitation in 2 species discrete time population models with delay

Hassan H.M., 1988: Stability and expression of a plasmid containing killer toxin complementary dna in batch and chemostat cultures of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Schilperoort R.A., 1987: Stability and expression of transferred dna in f1 tobacco transformants studied at various states of differentiation

Scott M.A., 1984: Stability and extinction of laboratory populations of zooplankton preyed on by the backswimmer notonecta

Anilkumar T.B., 1987: Stability and fitness of mancozeb resistant strains of helminthosporium halodes drechs

Zatula, E. I.; Konev, F. A.; Bugrim, N. A.; Timoshenko, N. V., 1977: Stability and formulation of solutions of cardenolides of foxglove digitalis lanata for injections

Vigneron C., 1983: Stability and functional properties of hemo globin freeze dried in the presence of 4 protective substances after prolonged storage dose effect relationships

Whiting R.C., 1984: Stability and gel strength of frankfurter batters made with reduced sodium chloride

Chaudhary, B. S.; Paroda, R. S.; Singh, V. P., 1978: Stability and genetic architecture of harvest index in wheat triticum aestivum

Maggio J.C., 1986: Stability and genetic improvement of maize zea mays yield in argentina

Jockusch, H., 1968: Stability and genetic variation of a structural protein

Currie B., 1981: Stability and geometry of hydrogen bonded complexes of peptides

Pay T.W.F., 1979: Stability and immunogenicity of empty particles of foot and mouth disease virus

Bredeche M., 1981: Stability and immunogenicity of the fresh bcg vaccine applied with a new multiple puncture device

Sundaram T.K., 1988: Stability and immunological cross reactivity of malate dehydrogenases from mesophilic and thermophilic sources

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469126

Markham P.D., 1986: Stability and inactivation of human t cell lymphotropic virus type lymphadenopathy associated virus under clinical and laboratory environments

Theiss J.C., 1987: Stability and inactivation of mutagenic drugs and their metabolites in the urine of patients administered antineoplastic therapy

Tombs, M. P.; Blake, G. G., 1982: Stability and inhibition of aspergillus and rhizopus arrhizus lipases ec

Kisumi M., 1985: Stability and instability of a cloned mutant allele of the proline gene in serratia marcescens use of a mini f plasmid in the proline overproducing mutant

Racsko P., 1987: Stability and instability of an adaptive resource replacement strategy in an agroecological production system

Van De Hulst H.C., 1984: Stability and instability of production of early glasshouse tomatoes in the netherlands

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469133

Vijaya M., 1988: Stability and kinetic properties of amyloglucosidase immobilized on magnetic iron oxide using silane glutaraldehyde method

Nannipieri, P.; Ceccanti, B.; Cervelli, S.; Sequi, P., 1978: Stability and kinetic properties of humus urease complexes

Galushko N.A., 1984: Stability and kinetic properties of soil amylase

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469137

Evans S.M., 1980: Stability and lability in the evolution of behavior in nereid polychaetes

Andersen, O., 1978: Stability and maturation of escherichia coli ribosomal rna

Harrington W.F., 1983: Stability and melting kinetics of structural domains in the myosin rod

Leeman S.E., 1982: Stability and metabolism of intra venously administered neurotensin in the rat

Vasilenko V.E., 1986: Stability and migration of a preparation of 2 2 dimethylhydrazide of succinic acid in the soil surface and ground water

Zamaraev A.G., 1979: Stability and migration of chloro choline chloride in soil and water

Tischenko V.M., 1979: Stability and mobility of the collagen structure

Stubblefield R.D., 1980: Stability and molar absorptivity of afla toxin m 1 in acetonitrile benzene 1 9

Jensen U.H., 1984: Stability and motion after traumatic dislocation of the knee

Colman A., 1985: Stability and movement of messenger rna species and their encoded proteins in xenopus oocytes

Miller, I. R., 1975: Stability and origin of biological information proceedings of the 1st aharon katzir katchalsky conference

Inoue Y., 1987: Stability and oscillation properties of thermoluminescent charge pairs in the oxygen evolving system depleted of chloride or the 33 kda extrinsic protein

Ladde G.S., 1979: Stability and oscillations in single species processes with past memory

Hache, A.; Seitz, H. P., 1978: Stability and oscillations in the steady state of a model system of active proton transport in photosynthesis

De Meis L., 1985: Stability and partial reactions of soluble and membrane bound sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase

Van Den Berg L., 1982: Stability and performance of anaerobic fixed film reactors during hydraulic overloading at 10 35 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469157

Ekman J., 1984: Stability and persistence of an age structured avian population in a seasonal environment

Waller H.D., 1987: Stability and pharmacokinetics of iodine 131 m iodobenzylguanidine in patients

Yano T., 1980: Stability and phase plane analyses of continuous phenol bio degradation a simple case

Yano Y., 1980: Stability and phase plane analyses of continuous yeast culture on ammonium hydroxide a complicated case

Kortt A.A., 1984: Stability and physicochemical properties of a trypsin inhibitor from winged bean seed psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Komjathy, Z. L.; Mathies, J. C.; Parker, J. A.; Schreiber, H. A., 1976: Stability and precision of a new ampuled quality control system for ph and blood gas measurements

Dunn B.E., 1986: Stability and predictability of cognitive and social characteristics from age 2 to age 9

Medina M.Jr, 1985: Stability and predictive validity of the teacher rating scale

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469166

Sih A., 1979: Stability and prey behavioral responses to predator density

Furukawa, Y.; Nishida, T., 1979: Stability and properties of lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase ec

Roth, D. G.; Deuel, T. F., 1974: Stability and regulation of phospho ribosyl pyro phosphate synthetase ec from rat liver

Mcclain E.F., 1981: Stability and relative importance of general and specific combining ability for forage yield in orchard grass dactylis glomerata

Rasmussen K.V., 1987: Stability and replication control of escherichia coli minichromosomes

Ho L.S., 1986: Stability and reproducibility of the biologic activity of premixed short acting and intermediate acting insulins

Abeger A., 1986: Stability and retention capacity of multilamellar liposomes with cardiotonics

Vaughan D.S., 1980: Stability and return times of leslie matrices with density dependent survival applications to fish populations

Ruiz-Carrillo, A.; Eder, G.; Lurz, R.; Puigdomenech, P., 1980: Stability and reversibility of higher ordered structure of interphase chromatin continuity of dna is not required for maintenance of folded structure

Jones B.L., 1979: Stability and selection in self reproducing macro molecular systems

Sleytr U.B., 1985: Stability and self assembly of the s layer protein of the cell wall of bacillus stearothermophilus

Goto, S.; Odawara, Y.; Nakano, M.; Araki, Y., 1978: Stability and serum albumin binding of diuretics in aqueous solution

Chermenskii D.N., 1979: Stability and specificity of extracellular protein inhibitor of trypsin from actinomyces janthinus 118

Mihanovic B., 1980: Stability and stabilization of proteins in chicken egg white in relation to thermal stabilization technique

Koval'chuk T.V., 1980: Stability and stabilization of solutions containing cysteine

Sikyta B., 1986: Stability and storage of escherichia coli mutants hyperproducing beta galactosidase

Lintner, P.; Burri, C.; Claes, L.; Plank, E.; Rueter, A., 1978: Stability and stress of implant by compression plate and combination osteosynthesis of the femoral shaft

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Walter G.G., 1980: Stability and structure of compartmental models of ecosystems

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Burke M., 1986: Stability and substructure of cardiac myosin subfragment 1 and isolation and properties of its heavy chain subunit

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Hinds J.W., 1983: Stability and synaptic density and spine volume in dentate gyrus of aged rats

Bewley J.D., 1982: Stability and synthesis of phospho lipids during desiccation and re hydration of a desiccation tolerant moss tortula ruralis and a desiccation intolerant moss cratoneuron filicinum

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Sherer C., 1985: Stability and utility of the unique human small cell carcinoma line shp 77

Ursin E., 1982: Stability and variability in the marine ecosystem

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469210

Basilio C.P., 1982: Stability assay of allantoin in lotions and creams by high pressure liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469212

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469213

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469214

Ledda M., 1982: Stability at low temperatures of neuronal micro tubules in spinal ganglia and dorsal roots of the lizard lacerta muralis

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469216

Macdonald N., 1987: Stability boundaries for nonreducible distributed delays

Cheryan, M.; Van-Wyk, P. J.; Richardson, T.; Olson, N. F., 1976: Stability characteristics of pepsin immobilized on protein coated glass used for continuous milk coagulation

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469219

Singh S.P., 1986: Stability comparison of intercropping and monocropping systems

Von Elbe J.H., 1986: Stability comparison of two betacyanin pigments amaranthin and betanine

Schwegler H., 1981: Stability concepts for biological systems

Pfeiffer S.I., 1983: Stability concurrent and predictive validity of the peabody picture vocabulary test revised

Williamson G.B., 1979: Stability conditions in plant defense guilds

Pottier D., 1985: Stability conditions of cell populations in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469226

Fukase S., 1979: Stability constant of copper with fulvic acid

Yu T.R., 1987: Stability constant of iron ii chelates with soluble ligands from incubated soils

Pinnavaia T.J., 1982: Stability constant of the 1 to 1 complex of sodium with gmp

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Sindhwani S.K., 1987: Stability constants and thermodynamic parameters of binary complexes of 2 hydroxy 1 4 naphthoquinone monosemicarbazone hnqs with some lanthanons

Midgley D., 1987: Stability constants for hypochloritoborate and hypobromitoborate complex ions in aqueous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469235

Bresnahan, W. T.; Grant, C. L.; Weber, J. H., 1978: Stability constants for the complexation of copper ii ions with water and soil fulvic acids measured by an ion selective electrode

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Bregadze V.G., 1987: Stability constants of cobalt nickel copper and zinc ions with dna influence of ionic strength

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469240

Raman K.V., 1984: Stability constants of complexes of metals with humic acid and fulvic acid under nonacid conditions

Schneider H., 1984: Stability constants of complexes of monensin and lasalocid with alkali metal and alkaline earth metal ions in protic and polar aprotic solvents

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469244

Stevenson, F. J., 1976: Stability constants of copper ion lead ion and cadmium ion complexes with humic acids

Kumari R., 1986: Stability constants of copper lead zinc manganese iron and cadmium complexes with humic acid from farmyard manure

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469247

Bendl J., 1982: Stability constants of d levo ribose complexes with calcium in diluted aqueous and methanolic solutions

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469255

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469261

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469262

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469263

Van Der Linden J.G.M., 1984: Stability constants of tin ii and calcium di phosphonate complexes

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469272

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469304

Paroda R.S., 1979: Stability in relation to homogeneous and heterogeneous populations in wheat

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469310

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469319

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469320

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469321

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469322

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469323

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469324

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469349

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469350

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469415

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469416

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469417

Section 7, Chapter 6470 , Accession 006469418

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469419

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469421

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469422

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469423

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469429

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469517

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469518

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469523

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469524

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Machado V.S., 1986: Stability of chloroplastic triazine resistance in rutabaga brassica napus ssp rapifera backcross generations

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469540

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469541

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Keogh B.K., 1988: Stability of cognitive performance of children with developmental delays

Lauffenburger D.A., 1985: Stability of colicin plasmids in continuous culture mathematical model and analysis

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Sudhakar Barik, 1981: Stability of commercial formulation of fenitrothion methyl parathion and parathion in anaerobic soils

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Weinberger D.R., 1988: Stability of ct scan findings in schizophrenia results of an 8 year follow up study

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Berg R., 1983: Stability of deep over bite correction

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Dooner H.K., 1987: Stability of deletion insertion and point mutations at the bronze locus in maize

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469595

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Lee R.L.H., 1987: Stability of dithranol anthralin in various vehicles

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469604

Hyodo, M.; Suzuki, K., 1978: Stability of dna replicating activity in permeabilized mouse cells during pre incubation

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469606

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469607

Poholek R., 1979: Stability of dried blood spots on paper as used in screening neo nates for hypo thyroidism

Ishitani T., 1982: Stability of dried laver porphyra yezoensis packaged in water permeable film

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469610

Graf U., 1982: Stability of drosophila melanogaster chromosomes replicating for the 1st time in a repair deficient cell

Briggs J.R., 1988: Stability of drug concentrations in plasma stored in serum separator blood collection tubes

Bronzetti G., 1987: Stability of drug metabolizing enzymes during the incubation conditions of the liver microsomal assay with non induced and induced mouse liver s 9 fractions

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Zheng H., 1985: Stability of drug resistance of pyronaridine resistant line of plasmodium berghei

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Seki, H.; Hayashi, T., 1982: Stability of drugs in aqueous solutions 3. kinetic studies on anaerobic hydrolysis of atp

Roseman T.J., 1979: Stability of e type prostaglandins in triacetin

Jacoby R.O., 1987: Stability of ectromelia virus strain nih 79 under various laboratory conditions

Pathak S.C., 1984: Stability of effectiveness of insecticides and varieties in the control of linseed budfly dasyneura lini barnes

Werlein H D., 1988: Stability of egg yolk foams

Levin J., 1980: Stability of ego defenses and endocrine responses in women prior to breast biopsy and 10 years later

Salamy A., 1979: Stability of electro encephalogram laterality effects

Kolotygina I.M., 1983: Stability of electrogenesis of liver cells in vitro and in vivo in inbred mice/

Mcfatridge J.A., 1985: Stability of elisa activity of barley yellow dwarf virus in leaf samples and extracts

Nakao H., 1987: Stability of emotional behaviors induced by hypothalamic stimulation in cats

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469687

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469688

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469697

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469698

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469724

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469725

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469742

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469743

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469829

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469830

Section 7 , Chapter 6470, Accession 006469831

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469849

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469850

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469851

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469879

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469880

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469887

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469888

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Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469910

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469911

Section 7, Chapter 6470, Accession 006469912

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