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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6471

Chapter 6471 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470000

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470001

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470003

Sakai, T.; Sasaki, M.; Suzuki, T., 1978: Stability of pulverized drone honey bee brood as a diet for mass rearing of predaceous insects effects of storing conditions and gamma irradiation on the development of a lady beetle harmonia axyridis

Sawai Y., 1984: Stability of purified cobra naja naja atra venom toxoid

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470006

Tate, W. P.; Petersen, G. B., 1975: Stability of pyrimidine oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides released during degradation of dna with formic acid di phenylamine reagent

Pecar, M.; Kujundzic, N.; Pazman, J., 1977: Stability of pyrrolidone 5 hydroxamato iron iii chelates

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470009

Boldt P., 1983: Stability of quinones toward water synthesis of a 1 7 naphtho quinone

Rahal, K.; Gergaud, G.; Bouanchaud, D. H., 1978: Stability of r plasmids belonging to different incompatibility groups in vibrio cholerae eltor

Albrycht, H.; Wysokinska, T., 1976: Stability of rabies vaccines

Hays, M. T., 1976: Stability of radio thyroxine plasma disappearance curve despite catharsis and unblocked thyroidal uptake of radio iodide

Cook J.D., 1987: Stability of radioiodinated ferritin

Lewis N.F., 1982: Stability of radurized indian mackerel rastrelliger kanagurta as a function of temperature

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470016

Groseclose R.D., 1982: Stability of rat lung and liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 enzyme activities to storage purified microsomal fraction post mitochondrial fraction and whole tissue

Grotjan H.E.Jr, 1986: Stability of rat pituitary gonadotropins during nonreducing sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Etherington, D. J., 1977: Stability of rat skin collagen during recovery from under nutrition

Allen L.G., 1985: Stability of ratings of the structural importance of text idea units in folk stories

El Zanfaly H.T., 1982: Stability of ready to use macconkey agar for coliform enumeration

Spiegel, S. J.; Tifft, E. C. Jr, 1977: Stability of reagents for use in an automated atp bio luminescence assay system

Taylor L.R., 1986: Stability of real interacting populations in space and time implications alternatives and the negative binomial k c

Iwasaki K., 1984: Stability of receptor complexes in the rat liver bound to glucocorticoids of different biopotencies

Ichii S., 1984: Stability of receptor complexes in the rat ventral prostate and seminal vesicle bound to androgens thermodynamic study

Dikarev S.D., 1979: Stability of recombinant plasmid pas 8 and its derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470027

Karpova T., 1984: Stability of recombinant plasmids containing the ars sequence of yeast extrachromosomal ribosomal dna in several strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gnanadesikan, S.; Prahlad, I. C.; Palaniappan, A.; Vijayakumar, J.; Parasuraman, D., 1976: Stability of reconstituted freeze dried small pox vaccine

Zadow J.G., 1984: Stability of reconstituted whey protein concentrates to ultra heat treatment processing

Buchholz D.H., 1983: Stability of red cell antigens and plasma coagulation factors stored in new formulation plastic blood containers

Buchholz D.H., 1983: Stability of red cell antigens during prolonged storage in citrate phosphate dextrose and a new preservative solution

Yamamoto Y.L., 1988: Stability of regional cerebral glucose metabolism in the normal brain measured by positron emission tomography

Beres J.A., 1980: Stability of renal transplant function with alternate day cortico steroid therapy

Hunt R.S., 1987: Stability of resistance among pinus contorta provenances to lophodermella concolor needle cast

Pavek J.J., 1985: Stability of resistance of potato solanum tuberosum to strains of verticillium dahliae from different vegetative compatibility groups

Klein, J. D.; Strangert, K.; Collier, A. M., 1975: Stability of respiratory syncytial virus in a new bentonite holding medium

Ingervall B., 1984: Stability of results and function of the masticatory system in patients treated with the herren type of activator

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470039

Takashima, Y.; Nakajima, T.; Tanaka, S.; Washitake, M.; Anmo, T.; Matsumaru, H., 1979: Stability of retinol analogs 9. stability of vitamin a acetate in aqueous ethanolic solutions and quantitative analysis of its decomposition products by high performance liquid chromatography

Matsumaru H., 1979: Stability of retinol analogs part 8 pyrolysis and photolysis of retinoic acid in aqueous ethanolic solution

Siminovitch L., 1986: Stability of retrovirally transduced markers in a rat cell line

Knudsen, P.; Hubbell, W. L., 1978: Stability of rhod opsin in detergent solutions

Pyrch D.A., 1979: Stability of rhodamine wt in saline waters

Yuan, D.; Shen, V., 1975: Stability of ribosomal and transfer rna in escherichia coli strain b r after treatment with edta and rifampin

Hurst, A.; Hughes, A., 1978: Stability of ribosomes of staphylococcus aureus strain s 6 sublethally heated in different buffers

Misher L., 1988: Stability of rna in developing xenopus embryos and identification of a destabilizing sequence in tfiiia messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470048

Jahn, C. L.; Baran, M. M.; Bachvarova, R., 1976: Stability of rna synthesized by the mouse oocyte during its major growth phase

Turner T., 1985: Stability of rocky intertidal surfgrass beds persistence preemption and recovery

Gorbulev V.G., 1986: Stability of rubella virus after long term persistence in human cell line

Vodas, K.; Karadzhov, S., 1987: Stability of salmonella abortus ovis against some disinfectants

Hubbell W.L., 1984: Stability of salt bridges in membrane proteins

Stamer, J. R.; Stoyla, B. O., 1978: Stability of sauerkraut packaged in plastic bags

Olivier C.E., 1985: Stability of schistosoma mansoni progeny to antischistosomal drugs

Strandell T., 1981: Stability of scintillation detectors

Chapman A.R.O., 1981: Stability of sea urchin dominated barren grounds following destructive grazing of kelp in st margarets bay eastern canada

Woods, E. F., 1977: Stability of segments of rabbit alpha tropo myosin

Leidy R.B., 1987: Stability of selected pesticide formulations and combinations in aqueous media

Eklund S.A., 1985: Stability of selected plaque species and their relationship to caries in a child population over 2 years

Leach C.R., 1987: Stability of self incompatibility systems

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470062

Peterman R.M., 1981: Stability of semi arid savanna grazing systems

Tryding N., 1981: Stability of serum and blood constituents during mail transport

Ulvik R.J., 1984: Stability of serum ferritin in healthy subjects

Brown W.A., 1987: Stability of serum neuroleptic and prolactin concentrations during short term and long term treatment of schizophrenic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470067

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470068

Antonellis B., 1982: Stability of shark and human lens fiber cell membranes

Peng I.C., 1985: Stability of shell egg and liquid yolk to lipid oxidation

Dekosky S.T., 1986: Stability of sialogangliosides in kindled hippocampus

Gerba C.P., 1980: Stability of simian rotavirus in fresh and estuarine water

Gregoriadis G., 1982: Stability of small uni lamellar liposomes in serum and clearance from the circulation the effect of the phospho lipid and cholesterol components

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470074

Thomas J., 1987: Stability of sodium dithiocarbamate derived from 2 methylamino 1 phenylpropan 1 ol in a mixture of dioxane water and methanol water

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470076

Kock J.S., 1980: Stability of sodium hypo chlorite solutions and their effectiveness against conidia of penicillium expansum

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470079

Gogotov I.N., 1981: Stability of solubilized and membrane bound hydrogenase of rhodopseudomonas capsulata b 10

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470081

Finley P.R., 1979: Stability of solutions of human granulocyte lactate dehydrogenase stored at different temperatures

Gatenbeck S., 1986: Stability of solvent formation in clostridium acetobutylicum during repeated subculturing

Taylor P.J., 1979: Stability of some aryloxy prostaglandin analogs

Sooch, B. S.; Thakur, M. R.; Mayee, C. D., 1976: Stability of some chili capsicum annuum genotypes against virus diseases

Madec C., 1987: Stability of some fatty acids and fatty esters in seawater after chlorine addition

Perez Lorenzo A., 1986: Stability of some hematologic indicators in refrigerated blood

Cantarella, M.; Ragosta, G., 1975: Stability of some hydrolytic enzymes in gel form

Osman M.S., 1981: Stability of some local emulsifiable concentrates under tropical and shelf stored conditions

Brauer, F., 1977: Stability of some population models with delay

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470091

Arya S.S., 1980: Stability of sorbic acid in aqueous solutions

Chirife J., 1986: Stability of sorbic acid in model food systems of reduced water activity sugar solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470094

Vendeland J.S., 1984: Stability of soybean glycine max harvest index

Kano, Y.; Silengo, L.; Imamoto, F., 1976: Stability of spacer sequences of pre ribosomal rna in escherichia coli

Lee J S., 1988: Stability of spheroplasts from saccharomyces cerevisiae d 71 and zygosaccharomyces rouxii sr s

Freixa I.Baque E., 1981: Stability of spontaneous electro dermal activity in the kitten

Kalimullina, F. R.; Ignat'ev, L. A., 1978: Stability of spring wheat plants in connection with the character of high temperature effect part 1 gradually rising and sudden action

Kalimullina, F. R.; Ignat'ev, L. A., 1980: Stability of spring wheat plants in relation to the character of high temperature effect 2. single and repeated action

Rabey, F.; Janssen, R. J.; Kelley, L. M., 1969: Stability of st louis encephalitis virus in the airborne state

Krishnamoorthi K.P., 1984: Stability of stabilization pond method for anaerobically treated slaughter house effluent

Larsen J.W., 1980: Stability of standard curves prepared for emit homogeneous enzyme immunoassay kits stored at room temperature after reconstitution

Chordash, R. A.; Potter, N. N., 1976: Stability of staphylococcal entero toxin a to selected conditions encountered in foods

Naumann H.D., 1979: Stability of sterile beef and beef extract to protease and lipase from pseudomonas fragi

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470106

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470107

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470108

Earnest R.W., 1983: Stability of streptococcus mutans and its relationship to caries in a child population over 2 years

Pilyavskaya, A. S.; Tsyperovich, A. S.; Polikarpova, N. I., 1978: Stability of streptomyces griseus carboxy peptidase

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470111

Roose, M. L.; Gottlieb, L. D., 1978: Stability of structural gene number in di ploid species with different amounts of nuclear dna and different chromosome numbers

Kagawa Y., 1986: Stability of structures of the epsilon subunit and terminator of thermophilic atpase

Bonney, W. W.; Johnson, J.; Robinson, R. A.; Lachenbruch, P. A.; Leafgreen, R., 1986: Stability of sublines in the r 3327 h rat prostatic tumor

Rathbone, E. B.; Lee, C. K.; Birch, G. G., 1980: Stability of sugar acetates in citric acid solution

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470116

Baruffaldi, R.; Tsukuda, S.; Colombo, A. J., 1976: Stability of sunflower oil helianthus annuus effects of certain anti oxidants

Kayes J.B., 1984: Stability of suspensions in the presence of nonionic water soluble cellulose polymers

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470119

Ruckenstein E., 1980: Stability of symmetric and unsymmetric thin liquid films to short and long wavelength perturbations

Newstead J.D., 1979: Stability of synaptosomal gamma amino butyric acid levels and their use in determining the in vivo effects of drugs convulsant agents

Matson C.F., 1988: Stability of t 2 ht 2 and t 2 tetraol in biological fluids

Trusal L.R., 1985: Stability of t 2 mycotoxin in aqueous media

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470124

Spalding J., 1986: Stability of teacher temperament ratings over 6 and 12 months

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470126

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470127

Bourne R.B., 1987: Stability of ten configurations of the hoffmann external fixation frame

Timakovskaya, A. F.; Mirgorodskaya, O. A.; Selezneva, A. A.; Moskvichev, B. V.; Samsonov, G. V., 1976: Stability of terrilytin immobilized by the incorporation into gel of the cation exchanger kmt

Rago, W. V. Jr, 1978: Stability of territorial and aggressive behavior in profoundly mentally retarded institutionalized male adults/

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470131

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470132

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470133

Cells S., 1979: Stability of the 2 active x phenotype in tri ploid somatic cells

Mistry Y., 1980: Stability of the 3rd international standard for acth accelerated degradation study using different bioassays and iso electric focusing

Storring, P. L.; Greaves, P. L.; Mussett, M. V.; Bangham, D. R. , 1975: Stability of the 4th international standard for insulin

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470137

O'leary D.J., 1986: Stability of the accommodative dark focus after periods of maintained accommodation

Johns K.L., 1985: Stability of the amino acid content of nerve endings after administration of gamma aminobutyrate agonists and antagonists

Kaufmann A., 1979: Stability of the amorphous state in the system water 1 2 propanediol

Boutron P., 1985: Stability of the amorphous state in the system water 1 2 propanediol methanol

Boutron, P.; Kaufmann, A., 1978: Stability of the amorphous state in the system water glycerol di methyl sulfoxide

Kaufmann A., 1979: Stability of the amorphous state in the system water glycerol ethylene glycol

Hakim, A. A., 1977: Stability of the antigen expression in the spontaneous mammary adeno carcinoma during cultivation and absorption with immune serum

Zelenkova N.K., 1979: Stability of the ascitic fluid immuno depressive factor dna to pancreatic dnase

Williams J.C., 1981: Stability of the atp pool in coxiella burnetii influence of ph and substrate

Pawar, V. M.; Ramakrishnan, N., 1977: Stability of the baculovirus of spodoptera litura fabricius

Smith A., 1980: Stability of the calcium di oxalate complex

Swenson C.A., 1983: Stability of the calcium specific and calcium magnesium domains of troponin c effect of ph

Brown S.A., 1981: Stability of the canine shoulder joint an in vitro analysis

Merriam, V., 1977: Stability of the carrier state in bacterio phage m 13 infected cells

Mandels M., 1980: Stability of the cellulase of trichoderma reesei under use conditions

Panjabi, M. M.; White, A. A-Iii ; Keller, D.; Southwick, W. O.; Friedlaender, G., 1978: Stability of the cervical spine under tension

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470154

Hyman R.W., 1982: Stability of the cloned joint region of herpes simplex virus dna

Smith R.E., 1981: Stability of the collagen phenotype and decreased collagen production in serial sub cultures of rabbit corneal endothelial cells

Jones, D. H.; Northcote, D. H., 1984: Stability of the complex formed between french bean phaseolus vulgaris phenylalanine ammonia lyase ec and its transition state analog

Shidei V.Z., 1985: Stability of the conformation of immunoglobulins g in chronic lympholeukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470159

Graf, E.; Alexa, M., 1980: Stability of the dia stereomeric aloin a and aloin b and their main decomposition product 4 hydroxy aloin

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470161

Mcmahon R.C., 1983: Stability of the drug misuse scale of the millon clinical multi axial inventory

Champalbert G., 1982: Stability of the elementary chemical constitution and protein richness of the hypo neustonic copepod anomalocera patersoni

Thieme H.R., 1985: Stability of the endemic equilibrium in epidemic models with subpopulations

Groleau D., 1982: Stability of the endo beta 1 4 glucanase from and beta 1 4 glucosidase bacteroides succinogenes

Pretzer, D.; Repta, A. J., 1987: Stability of the experimental anticancer agent 4 methoxyphenylsulfonylhydrazonoacetic acid nsc 267213 i. kinetics and mechanism of degradation

Pretzer, D.; Repta, A. J., 1987: Stability of the experimental anticancer agent 4 methoxyphenylsulfonylhydrazonoacetic acid nsc 267213 ii. effect of structural modification on stability and mechanism of degradation

Kleven S.H., 1985: Stability of the f strain of mycoplasma gallisepticum in various diluents at 4 22 and 37 celsius

Von Cranach M., 1979: Stability of the factor structure in the association for methodology and documentation in psychiatry scale

Ikeda S., 1988: Stability of the folded chain beta structure of a homopolypeptide based on time resolved potentiometric titrations

Rossi, C., 1977: Stability of the formulae of mathematical demography/

Butler A.J., 1983: Stability of the fouling communities on the pilings of 2 piers in south australia

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470173

Hardy M.H., 1988: Stability of the glandular morphogenesis produced by retinoids in the newborn hamster cheek pouch in vitro

Wood J.D., 1980: Stability of the glutamate content of synaptosomes during their preparation

Kuno T., 1986: Stability of the hexagonal lattice structure formed by an r form lipopolysaccharide of klebsiella decrease in the stability by electrodialysis and recovery by addition of the magnesium

Kuno T., 1986: Stability of the hexagonal lattice structure formed by an r form lipopolysaccharide of klebsiella study of long range stability

Thomas J.O., 1981: Stability of the higher order structure of chicken erythrocyte chromatin in solution

Friberg S., 1987: Stability of the hip joint after reduction of late diagnosed congenital dislocation of the hip

Murray A., 1986: Stability of the human body investigated by sway magnetometry

Leake R.E., 1983: Stability of the human nuclear estrogen receptor influence of temperature and ionic strength

Grootenboer H.J., 1988: Stability of the human spine a biomechanical study

Lugosi L., 1987: Stability of the hungarian national bcg reference preparations trend of viability during 4 7 years storage at 4 c

Hubacek J., 1983: Stability of the hybrid plasmid pim 138 and its curing by some eliminating agents

Suffness M., 1985: Stability of the in vivo p 388 leukemia model in evaluation of antitumor activity of natural products

Benz, E. Jr ; Turner, P.; Barker, J.; Nienhuis, A., 1977: Stability of the individual globin genes during erythroid differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470187

Maly, E. J., 1978: Stability of the interaction between didinium and paramecium effects of dispersal and predator time lag

Wood, G. W.; Thornton, D. H., 1978: Stability of the international reference preparation of newcastle disease vaccine live

Karnup, S. V., 1976: Stability of the interrelationships between cortical neuron impulsation and the electro encephalogram

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470191

Maurizot J C., 1982: Stability of the lac repressor headpiece against thermal denaturation and tryptic hydrolysis

Nickerson K.W., 1985: Stability of the larvicidal activity of bacillus thuringiensis ssp israelensis amino acid modification and denaturants

Rogiers, V., 1978: Stability of the long chain nonesterified fatty acid pattern in plasma and blood during different storage conditions

Goch, H.; Schiller, B.; Korbecki, M., 1979: Stability of the lyophilized fab' 2 fragments of horse tetanus antibodies isolated by affinity chromatography

Ellis E.IIi, 1987: Stability of the mandible after advancement and use of dental plus skeletal maxillomandibular fixation an experimental investigation in macaca mulatta

Carlson D.S., 1988: Stability of the mandible following advancement a comparison of three postsurgical fixation techniques

Davis, E. E.; Slettedahl, R. W., 1976: Stability of the mccarthy scales over a 1 year period

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470199

Kabakov A.Yu, 1985: Stability of the membrane potential of mouse liver cells during some disturbances

Lall B., 1979: Stability of the minced flesh of argentine argentina silus and roundnose grenadier coryphaenoides rupestris during storage at minus 10 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470202

Chevallier A., 1981: Stability of the myogenic cell line in avian limb bud development

Buchanan D.B., 1985: Stability of the northern flicker hybrid zone in historical times implications for adaptive speciation theory

Lin, H. S., 1968: Stability of the nucleic acids of neopl l cells after infection with the meningo pneumonitis agent chlamydia psittaci

Ashton G.C., 1981: Stability of the o phthalaldehyde histamine complex

Bourne R.B., 1988: Stability of the original hoffmann and ao tubular external fixation devices

Kalow W., 1983: Stability of the paraoxonase phenotyping ratio in collections of human sera with differing storage times

Davidson R.S., 1985: Stability of the personality and symptom scales of the millon clinical multiaxial inventory

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470210

Bandu M T., 1982: Stability of the phenotypic reversion of x ray transformed c 3h 10t 1 2 cells depends on cellular proliferation after sub cultivation at low cell density

Il'ichev V.G., 1982: Stability of the phyto plankton phosphorus model with time lag

Protsenko, D. F.; Emchuk, V. G.; Komarenko, N. I., 1977: Stability of the pigment complex and activity of chlorophyllase as an index of winter hardiness of wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470214

Thomas D., 1984: Stability of the plasmid ptg 201 during continuous culture of escherichia coli bz 18 immobilized in a gel of carrageenan without selection pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470216

Lassmann, G.; Damerau, W.; Schwarz, D.; Kleine, R.; Frohne, M., 1977: Stability of the protein structure of leucine amino peptidase under guanidine hydro chloride esr and biochemical studies

Smiryaev A.V., 1983: Stability of the quantitative character in a model of cultivar system

Rane M.S., 1983: Stability of the races of xanthomonas campestris pathovar malvacearum

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470220

Korhola M.P., 1986: Stability of the recombinant plasmid carrying the bacillus amyloliquefaciens alpha amylase gene in bacillus subtilis

Rogers A.H., 1979: Stability of the resident micro flora and the bacteriocinogeny of streptococcus mutans as factors affecting its establishment in specific pathogen free rats

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470223

Nielsen S., 1985: Stability of the shoulder joint cadaver study of stabilizing structures

Batygin N.F., 1982: Stability of the stimulatory effect of pre irradiation of agricultural plant seeds

Zu Z., 1986: Stability of the structure of red earths and its significance in soil classification

Doktorova M., 1987: Stability of the system of agriculture in the district of ceske budejovice czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470228

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470229

Chesney M.A., 1987: Stability of the type a structured interview and related questionnaires in a 10 year follow up of an adult cohort of twins

Perkash I., 1981: Stability of the upper lumbar spine following progressive disruptions and the application of individual internal and external fixation devices

Lugosi L., 1982: Stability of the viability of the dried bcg vaccine pasteur strain 1173 p2 stored at 4 celsius for 540 days a statistical study

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470233

Covin, T. M., 1977: Stability of the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised for 9 year olds with learning difficulties

Ellis R., 1981: Stability of the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised for a sample of exceptional children

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470236

Monteiro A.R., 1986: Stability of thermolabile lt enterotoxin produced from enterotoxigenic escherichia coli strains maintained in vitro

Nahata M.C., 1982: Stability of thiamin hydro chloride re packaged in disposable syringes

Beetner, G.; Tsao, T.; Frey, A.; Lorenz, K., 1976: Stability of thiamine and riboflavine during extrusion processing of triticale

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470240

Jain R.K., 1984: Stability of thin viscoelastic films between permeable membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470242

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470243

Fermanian T., 1986: Stability of tissue culture medium ph as a function of autoclaving time and culture plant material

Montag A., 1988: Stability of tocopherols in vegetable oils

Hyver C., 1980: Stability of transformation systems representable by tree graphs extension to structures of biological importance

Richards F.M., 1985: Stability of transmembrane regions in bacteriorhodopsin studied by progressive proteolysis

Hewitt, H. B.; Blake, E. R., 1978: Stability of transplanted murine tumor systems after storage of cells at minus 196 celsius for up to 13 years

Hansson, L.; Berglund, M.; Ohman, R., 1986: Stability of treatment outcome in short term psychiatric care a six month follow up of a controlled study of patient involvement

Jones M.F., 1981: Stability of tri fluoro thymidine hydrolysis in buffered aqueous solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470251

Privalov P.L., 1980: Stability of troponin c

Nielsen, H. K.; Klein, A.; Hurrell, R. F., 1985: Stability of tryptophan during food processing and storage 2. a comparison of methods used for the measurement of tryptophan losses in processed foods

Nielsen, H. K.; De-Weck, D.; Finot, P. A.; Liardon, R.; Hurrell, R. F., 1985: Stability of tryptophan during food processing storage 1. comparative losses of tryptophan lysine and methionine in different model systems

Lin C.M., 1984: Stability of tubulin polymers formed with di deoxy guanosine nucleotides in the presence and absence of micro tubule associated proteins

Papadakis J., 1987: Stability of two forms of rappaport vassiliadis enrichment medium

Taguri M., 1987: Stability of two prediction schemes for hourly nitrogen oxide concentrations by a regression model

Schuy S., 1985: Stability of ultrasound osteosynthesis

Slawson, V.; Mead, J. F., 1972: Stability of unsaturated methyl esters of fatty acids on surfaces

Fujita T., 1985: Stability of unwashed and washed fish mince during frozen storage

Esteban M., 1988: Stability of vaccinia virus dna during persistent infections accumulation of left end deletions and of tandem repeats at both ends of the viral genome and prevention by interferon

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470263

Wiessler M., 1984: Stability of various alpha esters of 1 n methyl n nitrosaminomethanol in vitro and in vivo

Johnson E.K., 1987: Stability of venoms from the northern pacific rattlesnake crotalus viridis oreganus

Mccollum W.H., 1981: Stability of viability and immunizing potency of lyophilized modified equine arteritis live virus vaccine

Arntfield S.D., 1985: Stability of vicilin a legume seed storage protein with step wise electrostatic modification

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470269

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470270

Balaraman K., 1983: Stability of virulence in bacillus sphaericus

Goyke T., 1986: Stability of viruses in waste water sludge eluates

Dickey C.F., 1988: Stability of visual activity in amblyopic patients after visual maturity

Wygerde T., 1986: Stability of vitamin a beadlets in nonfat dry milk

Jackson H., 1983: Stability of vitamin a in pasteurized and ultra high temperature processed milks

Newmark, H. L.; Scheiner, J.; Marcus, M.; Prabhudesai, M., 1976: Stability of vitamin b 12 in the presence of ascorbic acid

Wassef S., 1980: Stability of vitamin b 12 in the presence of ascorbic acid in food and serum restoration by cyanide of apparent loss

Miller L.T., 1979: Stability of vitamin b 6 during bread making and storage of bread and flour

Funjiwara A., 1980: Stability of vitamin b 6 to light in liquid preparation

Lieberman L., 1984: Stability of vitamin c in fruits and fruit blends

Leerbeck, E.; Hjarde, W., 1975: Stability of vitamin k 3 in vitaminized mixed feeds

Ashoor S.H., 1988: Stability of vitamins a and c in fortified yogurt

Edmiston A.D., 1983: Stability of vitamins in fortified milk powders during a 2 year storage period

Lloyd J.V., 1982: Stability of von willebrand factor in blood stored at 4 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470285

Kozlov, E. I.; L'vova, M. Sh ; Ozerinina, T. V., 1983: Stability of water soluble vitamins and coenzymes 6. kinetics and the mechanism of hydrolysis of calcium d pantothenate

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470287

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470288

Kozlov, E. I.; L'vova, M. Sh ; Garber, N. I., 1988: Stability of water soluble vitamins and coenzymes viii. kinetics of the acid hydrolysis of nicotinoyl gamma aminobutyric acid

Ehara Y., 1986: Stability of wave ii and iv of auditory brainstem response components

Howard R.C., 1986: Stability of wechsler intelligence scale for children revised scores in a juvenile forensic sample

Dong H Z., 1980: Stability of wheat protoplasts during freezing thawing in relation to cold resistance of its varieties

Rana R.S., 1984: Stability of wheat varieties suitable for cultivation in normal as well as salt affected soils

Scruggs, T. E.; Mastropieri, M. A.; Monson, J. A.; Wade, J. P., 1984: Stability of whole vs. part perceptions of visual stimuli

Richards J.H., 1987: Stability of wild type and mutant rtem 1 beta lactamases effect of the disulfide bond

Takagi, N., 1976: Stability of x chromosome differentiation in mouse embryos reversal may not be responsible for the extreme x inactivation mosaicism in extraembryonic membranes

Norisuye T., 1987: Stability of xanthan in aqueous sodium chloride at elevated temperature

Turner D.H., 1986: Stability of xgcgcp gcgcyp and xgcgcyp helixes an empirical estimate of the energetics of hydrogen bonds in nucleic acids

Naykar N.Y., 1984: Stability of yield and yield components in foxtail millet setaria italica

Sharma D.R., 1979: Stability of yield and yield contributing characters in safflower carthamus tinctorius

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470301

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470338

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470347

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470388

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470412

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470443

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470444

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470445

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470446

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470481

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470482

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470500

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470501

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470502

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470539

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470541

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470567

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Sauer R.T., 1986: Stabilization of lambda repressor against thermal denaturation by site directed gly ala changes in alpha helix 3

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470589

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Kapurov K., 1985: Stabilization of moving sands with emulsified bituminous paste

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470593

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Yap K.S., 1984: Stabilization of natural rubber by a polymeric antioxidant

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Anderson C.B., 1980: Stabilization of normal variability in phyto hem agglutinin induced blastogenesis for improved quantitative applications

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470604

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470636

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470637

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470673

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470697

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470698

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470704

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470780

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470781

Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470782

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470833

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Section 7, Chapter 6471, Accession 006470989

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Greenaway W., 1988: Stable isotope evidence for the localization of some metabolic pathways in the bacterium paracoccus denitrificans

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