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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6472

Chapter 6472 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mcandrews J.H., 1987: Stable isotope fossil coleoptera and pollen stratigraphy in late quaternary sediments from ontario and new york state usa

Berger W.H., 1980: Stable isotope fractionation and differential dissolution in recent planktonic foraminifera from pacific box cores

Harrison, G. I.; Laishley, E. J.; Krouse, H. R., 1980: Stable isotope fractionation by clostridium pasteurianum 3. effect of selenite on the physiology and associated sulfur isotope fractionation during sulfite and sulfate reductions

Harrison, G. I.; Laishley, E. J.; Krouse, H. R., 1981: Stable isotope fractionation by clostridium pasteurianum 4. sulfur isotope fractionation during enzymatic trithionate thio sulfate and sulfite reductions

Harrison, G. I.; Laishley, E. J.; Krouse, H. R., 1982: Stable isotope fractionation by clostridium pasteurianum 5. effect of selenate on the physiology and associated sulfur isotope fractionation during sulfite and sulfate reductions

Laishley, E. J.; Krouse, H. R., 1978: Stable isotope fractionation by clostridium pasteurianum part 2 regulation of sulfite reductases by sulfur amino acids and their influence on sulfur isotope fractionation during sulfite ion and sulfate ion reduction

Grossman E.L., 1984: Stable isotope fractionation in live benthic foraminifera from the southern california usa borderland

Sahay K.S.N., 1982: Stable isotope geo hydrology of the lower maner basin andhra pradesh india

Nordstrom D.K., 1984: Stable isotope geochemistry of acid mine drainage experimental oxidation of pyrite

Swainbank I.G., 1988: Stable isotope metabolic studies of zinc nutrition in slum dwelling lactating women in the amazon valley brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471010

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471011

Yeung E.S., 1984: Stable isotope ratio analysis based on atomic hyperfine structure and optogalvanic spectroscopy

Sasekumar A., 1984: Stable isotope ratio as a tracer of mangrove carbon in malaysian ecosystems

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471015

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471017

Morris T.H., 1988: Stable isotope stratigraphy of the arctic ocean fram strait to central arctic

Christensen S.B., 1983: Stable isotope studies of anthra quinone intermediates in the afla toxin pathway

Durazzi J.T., 1981: Stable isotope studies of planktonic foraminifera in north atlantic core tops

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471021

White, R. H., 1978: Stable isotope studies on the biosynthesis of the thiazole moiety of thiamine in escherichia coli

Irving C.S., 1985: Stable isotope study on plasma taurine kinetics in rhesus monkey

Mueller W., 1979: Stable isotopes in a mollusk shell detection of upwelling events

Berger W.H., 1981: Stable isotopes in benthic foraminifera from ontong java plateau box cores erdc 112 and 123

Erlenkeuser H., 1985: Stable isotopes in benthic foraminifers of skagerrak northeast north sea core gik 15530 4 high resolution record of the younger dryas and the holocene

Roncucci, R.; Simon, M. J.; Jacques, G.; Lambelin, G., 1976: Stable isotopes in drug metabolism and pharmaco kinetics

Knyf M., 1985: Stable isotopes in human skeletons of southern ontario canada reconstructing paleodiet

Grossman E.L., 1987: Stable isotopes in modern benthic foraminifera a study of vital effect

Vilks G., 1988: Stable isotopes in planktonic and benthic foraminifera from arctic ocean surface sediments

Lutze G.F., 1981: Stable isotopes in recent larger foraminifera

O'shea K.J., 1988: Stable isotopes in sulfate minerals from the salina formation in southwestern ontario canada

Durazzi, J. T., 1977: Stable isotopes in the ostracod shell a preliminary study

Triana E., 1982: Stable isotopes of lithium in vivo differential distribution between plasma and cerebro spinal fluid

Wrolstad R.E., 1988: Stable isotopic carbon composition of the apples and their subfractions juice seeds sugars and nonvolatile acids

Jeuniaux C., 1986: Stable isotopic composition of chitin from arthropods recovered in archaeological contexts as paleoenvironmental indicators

Duplessy J C., 1986: Stable isotopic composition of coccoliths

Radtke R., 1987: Stable isotopic investigation of physiological and environmental changes recorded in shell carbonate from the giant clam tridacna maxima

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471039

Patterson C.C., 1984: Stable isotopic ratios of lead in surface waters of the central pacific

Malkowski K., 1987: Stable isotopic records of the kapp starostin formation permian spitsbergen norway

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471042

Ward P.D., 1983: Stable isotopic studies of nautilus macromphalus new caledonia and nautilus pompilius fiji

Schimmelmann, A.; Deniro, M. J., 1986: Stable isotopic studies on chitin ii. the carbon 13 carbon 12 and nitrogen 15 nitrogen 14 ratios in arthropod chitin

Schimmelmann, A.; Deniro, M. J., 1986: Stable isotopic studies on chitin iii. the deuterium to hydrogen and oxygen to 18 oxygen 16 ratios in arthropod chitin

Biolzi M., 1983: Stable isotopic study of oligocene miocene sediments from deep sea drilling project site 354 equatorial atlantic

Dunbar R.B., 1986: Stable isotopic variation in pteropods and atlantids from north pacific sediment traps

Serianni A.S., 1988: Stable isotopically substituted carbohydrates an improved synthesis of 6 carbon 13 aldohexoses

Mahony, D. E.; Moore, T. I., 1976: Stable l forms of clostridium perfringens and their growth on glass surfaces

Mahony, D. E., 1977: Stable l forms of clostridium perfringens growth toxin production and pathogenicity

Wong C.S., 1981: Stable lead isotopes as a tracer in coastal waters

Petit D., 1986: Stable lead isotopes ratios in major french rivers and estuaries

Bunzl, K.; Kracke, W.; Kreuzer, W., 1980: Stable lead lead 210 and polonium 210 in the liver and kidneys of cattle 2. animals from an area near an abandoned lead mine

Bychkovskaya, I. B.; Stanzhevskaya, T. I., 1978: Stable lethal damage in descendants of irradiated yeast cells part 2 effect of irradiated medium

Karp M., 1988: Stable light producing escherichia coli

Cushing, J. M., 1976: Stable limit cycles of time dependent multi species interactions

Nedyalkov S., 1984: Stable line of turkey embryo cells transformed by the myelocytomatosis virus strain mc 31

Rozen S., 1985: Stable long chain fluoroxy compounds and their chemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471059

Moses R.E., 1983: Stable low molecular weight dna in xeroderma pigmentosum cells

Gray J.S., 1984: Stable macrofauna community structure despite fluctuating food supply in subtidal soft sediments of oslofjord norway

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471062

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471063

Uchimiya H., 1987: Stable maintenance of foreign dna in transformed cell lines of rice oryza sativa l

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471065

Ramsey, W. S.; Dworkin, M., 1970: Stable messenger rna and germination of myxococcus xanthus micro cysts

Kobayashi Y., 1982: Stable micro tubules in starfish asterias amurensis sperm flagellum their structures and heterogeneity of tubulin

Kulkarni K.R., 1988: Stable modified electrodes for flow injection amperometry application to the determination of thiocyanate

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471069

Kempe, T. D.; Swyryd, E. A.; Bruist, M.; Stark, G. R., 1976: Stable mutants of mammalian cells that over produce the 1st 3 enzymes of pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis

Lam, G. T.; Morton, H. E., 1974: Stable mycoplasma antigen preparations for indirect hem agglutination tests

Deniro M.J., 1986: Stable nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios in bone collagen as indices of prehistoric dietary dependence on marine and terrestrial resources in southern california usa

Parker P.L., 1983: Stable nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios of beach tars on south texas usa barrier islands

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471074

Eppley R.W., 1984: Stable nitrogen isotopes in zooplankton some geographic and temporal variations in the north pacific

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471076

Walbot V., 1986: Stable non mutator stocks of maize have sequences homologous to the mu 1 transposable element

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471078

Harf A., 1985: Stable normocapnia during high frequency body surface oscillation in rabbits

Jasman R.L., 1985: Stable oil in water emulsions preparation and use as vaccine vehicles for lipophilic adjuvants

Freed J.H., 1983: Stable oligo saccharide micro heterogeneity at individual glycosylation sites of a murine major histo compatibility antigen derived from a b cell lymphoma

Yamamoto M., 1988: Stable osteosynthesis by interlocking cylinder nailing for fractures of the femur and tibia

Chakrabarti N.K., 1985: Stable pathogenicity in xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae

Bryan, D. M.; Pell, S. D.; Kumar, R.; Clarke, M. J.; Rodriguez, V.; Sherban, M.; Charkoudian, J., 1988: Stable pentaammineruthenium iii complexes of reductic acids synthesis linkage isomers and autoxidation kinetics

Bhargava, S. C.; Saxena, R. P., 1977: Stable periodic solutions of the reactive diffusive volterra system of equations

Finogenova N.A., 1980: Stable phagocytic deficiency of circulatory monocytes in children with generalized forms of histiocytosis x

Oettinger H.F., 1985: Stable phenotypic expression by chick chondroblasts in long term suspension cultures as determined by proteoglycan analysis

Ishii T., 1987: Stable phospholipid membrane supported on porous filter paper

Loesch, W. T. Jr ; Arlinghaus, R. B., 1975: Stable poly peptides associated with the 250s mengo virus induced rna polymerase structure

Lasek R.J., 1982: Stable polymers of the axonal cytoskeleton the axoplasmic ghost

Gourley, R. S.; Lawrence, C. E., 1977: Stable population analysis in periodic environments

Caswell H., 1982: Stable population structure and reproductive value for populations with complex life cycles

Schiessler, A.; Kless, H.; Unger, V.; Grosse-Siestrup, C.; Buecherl, E. S., 1978: Stable post operative phase after total artificial heart replacement in animal experiments

Zagorski W., 1988: Stable preparation of yeast mitochondria and mitoplasts synthesizing specific polypeptides

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471096

Sviridova T.A., 1985: Stable protease from galleria mellonella larvae dissolves murine zonae pellucidae

Morgan A.C., 1984: Stable quantitative differences of antigen expression in human melanoma cells isolated by flow cytometric cell sorting

Karal'nik B.V., 1983: Stable reagent for determining erythrocyte rosette forming cells in guinea pigs

Rust, J. H. Jr ; Berman, S.; Habig, W. H.; Marshall, J. D. Jr ; Cavanaugh, D. C., 1972: Stable reagent for the detection of antibody to the specific fraction i antigen of yersinia pestis

Messerli F.H., 1984: Stable red cell mass despite contracted plasma volume in men with essential hypertension

Wold B.J., 1985: Stable reduction of thymidine kinase activity in cells expressing high levels of anti sense rna

Renales L.D., 1981: Stable remissions in myasthenia gravis

Wormington W.M., 1986: Stable repression of ribosomal protein l 1 synthesis in xenopus oocytes by microinjection of antisense rna

Sylvester, J. E.; Cashel, M., 1980: Stable rna dna rna polymerase complexes can accompany formation of a single phospho di ester bond

Dennis, P. P., 1972: Stable rna synthesis during the cell division cycle in slowly growing escherichia coli b r

Srinivasan, P. R.; Young, D. V.; Maas, W., 1973: Stable rna synthesis in stringent rel plus and relaxed rel minus poly amine auxotrophs of escherichia coli strain k 12

Riou J.Y., 1984: Stable serum resistance of neisseria gonorrhoeae as an epidemiological marker

Kiselev I.M., 1979: Stable shifts of systemic arterial pressure in controlled experiment with feedback

Heijmans H.J.A.M., 1984: Stable size distribution of populations reproducing by fission into 2 unequal parts

Rifai A., 1982: Stable soluble model immune complexes made with a versatile multivalent affinity labeling antigen

Przyjazny A., 1984: Stable standard solutions for gas chromatographic determination of volatile thiols

Martin R.G., 1986: Stable stem loop and cruciform dna structures isolation of mutants with rearrangements of the palindromic sequence at the sv 40 replication origin

Et Al, 1988: Stable storage conditions of immobiline chemicals for isoelectric focusing

Nakao S., 1986: Stable structure of thermophilic proton atpase beta subunit

Lee W.H., 1986: Stable subunit pattern of carbon monoxide dehydrogenases from pseudomonas carboxydohydrogena and pseudomonas carboxydovorans

Malinin, G. I., 1977: Stable sudanophilia of bound lipids in tissue culture cells is a staining artifact

Winner, W. E.; Bewley, J. D.; Krouse, H. R.; Brown, H. M., 1978: Stable sulfur isotope analysis of sulfur di oxide pollution impact on vegetation

Smith B.P., 1980: Stable swimming by diagonal phase synchrony in arthropods

Matyas, T. A.; King, M. G., 1976: Stable t wave effects during improvement of heart rate control with bio feedback

Cossman J., 1988: Stable t3 negative and t2 positive subclones derived from the mosaic human t cell leukemia cell line cem

Koryakin A.M., 1986: Stable tachycardia as a cause of cardiac insufficiency

Kato, H.; Sagai, T.; Yosida, T. H., 1973: Stable telocentric chromosomes produced by centric fission in chinese hamster cells in vitro

Southern, D. I., 1969: Stable telocentric chromosomes produced following centric mis division in myrmeleotettix maculatus

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471127

Soll D., 1983: Stable transcription complex formation of eukaryotic transfer rna genes is dependent on a limited separation of the 2 intra genic control regions

Roeder R.G., 1985: Stable transcription complex on a class iii gene in a minichromosome

Brown D.D., 1982: Stable transcription complexes of xenopus laevis 5s rna genes a means to maintain the differentiated state

Sulitzeanu D., 1987: Stable transfection of a human lymphoma line by subgenomic fragments of epstein barr virus dna to measure humoral and cellular immunity to the corresponding proteins

Bank A., 1984: Stable transfer and expression of exogenous human globin genes in human erythroleukemia k 562 cells

Jay G., 1985: Stable transfer and restricted expression of a cloned class i gene encoding a secreted transplantation like antigen

Graham F.L., 1987: Stable transfer of a mouse dihydrofolate reductase gene into a deficient cell line using human adenovirus vector

Schieder O., 1987: Stable transformation of moth bean vigna aconitifolia via direct gene transfer

Portolani, M.; Borgatti, M.; Corallin, A.; Cassai, E.; Grossi, M. P.; Barbanti-Brodano, G.; Possati, L., 1978: Stable transformation of mouse rabbit and monkey cells and abortive transformation of human cells by bk virus a human papovavirus

Jami J., 1983: Stable transformation of mouse terato carcinoma stem cells with the dominant selective marker eco gpt and retention of their developmental potentialities

Swain W.F., 1987: Stable transformation of soybean by electroporation and root formation from transformed callus

Swain W.F., 1988: Stable transformation of soybean callus by dna coated gold particles

Bogorad L., 1986: Stable transformation of the cyanobacterium synechocystis sp pcc 6803 induced by uv irradiation

Bates G.W., 1986: Stable transformation of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi by electroporation evidence for plasmid concatenation

Sonne Holm S., 1980: Stable trochanteric fractures a comparative analysis of 4 methods of internal fixation

Turelli M., 1986: Stable underdominance and the evolutionary invasion of empty niches

Slack, N. H.; Brady, M. F.; Murphy, G.; Dekernion, J.; Cerny, J.; Fisher, H.; Flanigan, R.; Fowler, J.; Gibbons, R.; Et-Al, 1984: Stable vs. partial response in advanced prostate cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471146

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471147

Mortel K.F., 1982: Stable xenon computed tomography cerebral blood flow measurements computed by a single compartment double integration model in normal aging and dementia

Samii M., 1987: Stable xenon ct effects of xenon inhalation on eeg and cardio respiratory parameters in the human

Moossy J., 1988: Stable xenon enhanced computed tomography in the study of clinical and pathologic correlates of focal ischemia in baboons

Guerineau M., 1979: Stable yeast transformation with chimeric plasmids using a 2 millimicron circular dna less strain as a recipient

Cosman D., 1988: Stably transmitted triple promoter retroviral vectors and their use in transformation of primary mammalian cells

Neill W.A., 1985: Staccato left anterior descending artery occlusion a recognizable subset of unstable angina

Danko, G., 1975: Stachybotryo toxicosis and immuno suppression

Lacicowa B., 1986: Stachybotrys bisbyi srinivasan barron isolated from soil in poland

Misra, P. C., 1976: Stachybotrys renispora new species

Geng B Y., 1983: Stachyophyton new genus discovered from the lower devonian of yunnan china and its significance

Webb J.A., 1982: Stachyose synthesis in isolated mesophyll cells of cucurbita pepo var melopepo f torticollis

Madore, M. A.; Mitchell, D. E.; Boyd, C. M., 1988: Stachyose synthesis in source leaf tissues of the cam plant xerosicyos danguyi h. humb

Baltisberger M., 1984: Stachys beckeana labiatae in albania and yugoslavia

Nelson J.B., 1981: Stachys labiatae in southeastern usa

Larsson H.A., 1987: Stachys officinalis still present in stehag skane sweden

Asai, Y., 1987: Stachys palustris l. newly naturalized in hokkaido northern japan

Guldmann, J. M.; Shefer, D., 1976: Stack height as a means for air quality control a mathematical programming approach

Koburger J.A., 1980: Stack pouring of petri plates a potential source of error

Tschermak Woess E., 1979: Stacked chloroplasts in botrydiopsis alpina and formation and multiplication of stigmata in botrydiopsis and heterococcus

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471169

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471170

Fermandjian S., 1988: Stacking and edge to edge associations of antitumoral ellipticine derivatives are controlled in solution by interactions involving their nitrogen sites

Inoue M., 1986: Stacking and hydrogen bonding interactions between phenylalanine and guanine nucleotide crystal structure of l phenylalanine 7 methyl gmp complex

Naumov, A. V.; Rait, A. S.; Rait, V. K., 1981: Stacking as the factor determining enzymatic co polymerization of ribo nucleoside 5' di phosphates

Douros W.J., 1987: Stacking behavior of an intertidal abalone an adaptive response or a consequence of space limitation

Cahoon M.E., 1980: Stacking in lipid vesicle tubulin mixtures is an artifact of negative staining

Sugiyama K., 1983: Stacking interaction of indole ring with thiazolium ring and effect on hydrogen deuterium exchange reaction of thiamin

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471177

Satyanarayana S., 1983: Stacking interactions in mixed ligand complexes of divalent metal ions adenine or cytosine as a primary ligand and tryptophan or histidine hydro chloride as a secondary ligand

Maki A.H., 1987: Stacking interactions of tryptophan residues and nucleotide bases in complexes formed between escherichia coli single stranded dna binding protein and heavy atom modified polyuridylic acid a study by optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gruzdev, A. D.; Kishchenko, G. P., 1978: Stacking of dna in deoxy ribo nucleo protein fibers of polytene chromosomes

Lenz O., 1982: Stacking of spruce picea excelsa silver fir abies alba and scotch pine pinus sylvestris saw timber in the forest

Grignon C., 1982: Stacking of the thylakoids of 2 leguminosae differential responses to hydrogen ion and divalent cations

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471183

Tazawa, I.; Koike, T.; Inoue, Y., 1980: Stacking properties of a highly hydrophobic di nucleotide sequence n 6 n 6 di methyladenylyl 3' 5' n 6 n 6 dimethyl adenosine occurring in 16s 18s ribosomal rna

Thielke, C., 1972: Stacks of cisternae in higher fungi

Terra L.S., 1981: Stactobia intermedia new species in the iberian peninsula trichoptera hydroptilidae

Botosaneanu L., 1980: Stactobia pacatoria new species from lebanon trichoptera hydroptilidae its aquatic stages and their constructions

Granett, J.; Retnakaran, A., 1977: Stadial susceptibility of eastern spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae to the insect growth regulator dimilin

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471190

Zimmerman A., 1980: Staff attitudes and treatment effectiveness

Marky I., 1987: Staff attitudes before and after the inception of a pediatric oncology unit

Klenow D.J., 1979: Staff based ideologies in a hemo dialysis unit

Book, H. E.; Sadavoy, J.; Silver, D., 1978: Staff counter transference to borderline patients on an in patient unit

Wistedt B., 1987: Staff observation aggression scale soas presentation and evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471196

Schulman J.L., 1985: Staff patient ratio and type of interaction on a child psychiatry inpatient unit

Lourie I., 1984: Staff perceptions of work environment in a state psychiatric hospital

Channon R.A., 1987: Staff resistance to interpretive psychotherapy in the inpatient community meeting

Aviram O., 1987: Staff roles in a total living situation the case of an israeli residential school

Durham T.W., 1987: Staff turnover as a function of performance in a public residential facility

Flynn, M. C.; Reeves, D. J.; Speake, B.; Whelan, E., 1986: Staff's estimations of the performance of mentally handicapped adults on a test of moral knowledge

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471203

Salman, L.; Leffler, M.; Reddi, T.; Yamane, G.; Chaudhyr, A., 1986: Stafne's bone defect simulating dentigerous cyst of the mandible

Dickstein H., 1979: Stage 1 adeno carcinoma of the endometrium a clinical and histo pathological study of 65 cases treated with pre operative radium

Battaglia G.B., 1985: Stage 1 and 2 carcinoma of the cervix review of complications in 140 cases treated in the years 1971 1980

Audet Lapointe P., 1983: Stage 1b cancer of the cervix 261 case histories

Griffith, D.; Johnston, W. A., 1977: Stage 2 processing and the divided attention effect

Lent, H.; Jurberg, J., 1977: Stage 5 nymphs of phimophorus spissicornis hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae

Morales P., 1979: Stage a 2 prostatic carcinoma should staging system be re classified

Morales P., 1981: Stage a prostate cancer from pathologists viewpoint

Buck A.S., 1983: Stage a prostatic carcinoma and repeat trans urethral resection a reappraisal 5 years later

Stamey T.A., 1988: Stage a versus stage b adenocarcinoma of the prostate morphological comparison and biological significance

Mulder L.J.M., 1984: Stage analysis of the reaction process using brain evoked potentials and reaction time

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471215

Zedeler K., 1987: Stage and pattern of metastases in patients with breast cancer

Mahmoud A.A.F., 1986: Stage and species specificity of antigens encoded by two geographic strains of schistosoma mansoni messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471220

Mirre C., 1986: Stage and tissue specific expression of a collagen gene during drosophila melanogaster development

Greene M.I., 1987: Stage and tissue specific expression of the neu oncogene in rat development

Hunt C., 1986: Stage at diagnosis of cancer varies with the age of the patient

Wise D.H., 1985: Stage biased overwintering survival of the filmy dome spider araneae linyphiidae

Talent J.A., 1985: Stage boundaries within the devonian implications for application to australian sequences

Tazhedinov, I. T., 1987: Stage by stage diagnostic procedure in the assessment of the tumorotropicity of radiopharmaceutical preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471227

Semenyuk M.I., 1981: Stage by stage rehabilitative treatment of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer in central raion hospital

Oswald M.J., 1987: Stage c adenocarcinoma of the prostate an analysis of 551 patients treated with external beam radiation

Sitnikov V.P., 1981: Stage combined anesthesia in children undergoing ear surgery

Et Al, 1984: Stage d 1 adeno carcinoma of the prostate

Muhlach W.L., 1981: Stage dependency in eliciting target dependent enhanced neurite outgrowth from rana pipiens spinal cord explants in vitro

Liversage R.A., 1982: Stage dependency of fore limb regeneration on nerves in post metamorphic froglets of xenopus laevis

Yamagata H., 1982: Stage dependency of high temperature effect on homologous chromosome pairing in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring rye secale cereale cultivar petkus f 1 plants

Chiboka O., 1981: Stage dependency of the effect of fetal decapitation on gestation and parturition in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471236

Canick J.A., 1985: Stage dependent changes in steroidogenic enzymes and estrogen receptors during spermatogenesis in the testis of the dogfish squalus acanthias

Tainaka K., 1985: Stage dependent density effect on yeast populations

Saito A., 1986: Stage dependent difference in the kinetics of the cytoplasmic accumulation of newly synthesized 18s and 28s ribosomal rna in xenopus laevis embryonic cells

Moor R.M., 1987: Stage dependent effects of inhibiting rnas and protein synthesis on meiotic maturation of bovine oocytes in vitro

Stocum D.L., 1985: Stage dependent effects of retinoic acid on regenerating urodele limbs

Lombardi B., 1985: Stage dependent enhanced induction of hepatocellular carcinomas in rats administered a 2nd dose of diethylnitrosamine

Winking H., 1983: Stage dependent enzymatic activities in spermatogenesis of mice with the standard karyotype and chromosomal variants with impaired fertility

Varnier O.E., 1985: Stage dependent induction of prenatal tumors in mice by the kirsten and moloney strains of murine sarcoma viruses

Jung A., 1986: Stage dependent inhibition of chloroquine on plasmodium falciparum in vitro

Griswold M.D., 1987: Stage dependent levels of specific messenger rna transcripts in sertoli cells

Bockman R.S., 1980: Stage dependent reduction in t lymphocyte colony formation in hodgkins disease coincidence with monocyte synthesis of prostaglandins

Holder N.H.K., 1986: Stage dependent restoration of sensory dorsal columns following spinal cord transection in anuran tadpoles

Feldman M., 1982: Stage dependent secretion of androgen binding protein by rat seminiferous tubules

Ebendal T., 1979: Stage dependent stimulation of neurite outgrowth exerted by nerve growth factor and chick heart in cultured embryonic ganglia

Dura J M., 1981: Stage dependent synthesis of heat shock induced proteins in early embryos of drosophila melanogaster

Ulvik N.M., 1983: Stage dependent topographical relationship of spermatogonia and early spermatocytes to sertoli sertoli interspaces in the rat testis

Vanderberg J.P., 1985: Stage dependent toxicity of n acetylglucosamine to plasmodium falciparum

Hansson V., 1982: Stage dependent variation in manganese ii sensitive adenylate cyclase activity in spermatids and fsh sensitive adenylate cyclase in sertoli cells

Dahl E., 1981: Stage dependent variations in volume density and size of sertoli cell vesicles in the rat testis

Juhasz B., 1984: Stage distribution and survival rates of cervical cancer at the department of gynecology and obstetrics of the debrecen medical university hungary 1970 1980

Gabbard G.O., 1979: Stage fright

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471264

Avanzi S., 1981: Stage heterogeneity of generative and vegetative cells in pollen grains of dehiscent anthers of 2 cultivars of malus domestica golden delicious and starkrimson

Saltz A., 1981: Stage i and grade iii endometrial carcinoma evaluation of treatment and recommendations for management

D'ancona V.L., 1984: Stage i and ii carcinoma of the cervix critical review of 140 cases treated in the decade 1971 1980

Ponticelli P., 1982: Stage i and ii hodgkins disease presenting in infradiaphragmatic nodes

Shibuya, H.; Kamiyama, R. I.; Watanabe, I.; Horiuchi, J. I.; Suzuki, S., 1987: Stage i and ii waldeyer's ring and oral sinonasal non hodgkin's lymphoma

Otero J., 1985: Stage i b carcinoma of the cervix

Nahhas, W. A.; Abt, A. B.; Mortel, R., 1977: Stage i b glassy cell carcinoma of the cervix with ovarian metastases

Hreshchyshyn M.M., 1982: Stage i borderline ovarian tumors

Roland T.A., 1985: Stage i carcinoma of the endometrium a 5 year experience utilizing preoperative cesium

Muirhead W., 1983: Stage i endometrial adeno carcinoma treatment results in 835 patients

Hansen U., 1985: Stage i endometrial carcinoma a review of 140 patients primarily treated by surgery only

Perez C., 1984: Stage i grade iii adeno carcinoma of the endometrium treated with surgery and irradiation sites of failure and correlation of failure rate with irradiation technique

Cabanillas F., 1986: Stage i ii follicular lymphoma treatment results for 76 patients

Rosso R., 1987: Stage i ii melanoma the value of metastatic work up

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471279

Who-Collab-Cent-Eval-Methods-Diagn-Treat-Melanoma-Writ-Comm, 1978: Stage i melanoma of the limbs assessment of prognosis by levels of invasion and maximum thickness

Morabito A., 1980: Stage i melanoma of the limbs evaluation of prognosis by levels of invasion and maximum tumor thickness

Veronesi, U.; Adamus, J.; Bandiera, D. C.; Brennhovd, I. O.; Caceres, E.; Cascinelli, N.; Claudio, F.; Ikonopisov, R. L.; Javorskj, V. V.; Et-Al, 1980: Stage i melanoma of the limbs immediate vs. delayed node dissection

Bufalino R., 1981: Stage i melanoma of the skin evaluation of prognosis according to histologic characteristics

Bufalino R., 1980: Stage i melanoma of the skin the problem of resection margins

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471285

Heron C.W., 1987: Stage i nonseminomatous germ cell tumors of the testis radiologic follow up after orchidectomy

Symmonds R.E., 1979: Stage i squamous cell cancer of the vulva

Ranstam J., 1984: Stage i squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva

Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471289

Crnkovich, M. J.; Leopold, K.; Hoppe, R. T.; Mauch, P. M., 1987: Stage i to iib hodgkin's disease the combined experience at stanford university california usa and the joint center for radiation therapy

Tsukada Y., 1988: Stage i uterine adenosarcoma a report of six cases

Figge D.C., 1982: Stage i vulvar cancer criteria for micro invasion

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Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471813

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Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471843

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Section 7, Chapter 6472, Accession 006471883

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