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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6473

Chapter 6473 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tjallingii Beukers G., 1983: Standard list of dutch names for macro fungi

Ezaki H., 1984: Standard liver function and hepatic fibrosis in rats with obstructive jaundice and biliary drainage

Hume, M., 1977: Standard management of venous thrombosis

Sauer, E. G. F., 1978: Standard measurements for comparative investigations of aepyornithid egg shells size and shape

Gorecki A., 1981: Standard metabolic rate and thermo regulation in 5 species of mongolian small mammals

Heisler N., 1980: Standard metabolic rate critical oxygen tension and aerobic scope for spontaneous activity of trout salmo gairdneri and carp cyprinus carpio in acidified water

Hurst R.J., 1987: Standard metabolic rate of polar bears under simulated denning conditions

Gaidamakina A.M., 1981: Standard method for determining the autonomic nervous system tonus in the norm and pathology

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472009

Hierholzer G., 1988: Standard method for the investigation of bone transplants ceramics or other material in a human bony layer

Coussio J.D., 1985: Standard method for the systematic preparation and fractionation of plant extracts to trace their pharmacological activity and for chemical study

Kirton A.H., 1987: Standard methods and procedures for goat carcass evaluation jointing and tissue separation

Jones A., 1983: Standard methods for counting somatic cells in bovine milk in south africa

Heimpel, H., 1976: Standard methods for the localization of red cell degradation by means of body surface measurements

Harner L.M., 1988: Standard morbidity ratios for work related amputations and fractures by occupation 1979 1981

Ferro, D. N.; Lowe, A. D.; Ordish, R. G.; Somerfield, K. G.; Watt, J. C., 1977: Standard names for common insects of new zealand

Sadek, A.; Teleb, F., 1978: Standard nanno fossil zones of egypt part 1 maastrichtian

Sadek, A.; Teleb, F., 1978: Standard nanno fossil zones of egypt part 2 paleocene

Dahlin, L., 1977: Standard of living health and utilization of social and health services a survey of the population of 3 districts in malmo

Vacca A., 1979: Standard of the sub cutaneous fat in school children at bari italy

Chappell M.A., 1981: Standard operative temperatures and cost of thermo regulation in the arctic ground squirrel spermophilus undulatus

Bartholomew G.A., 1981: Standard operative temperatures and thermal energetics of the antelope ground squirrel ammospermophilus leucurus

Luk'yanova E.V., 1985: Standard parameters of the contractile function and volume of heart chambers in sectoral scanning

Hammershoy O., 1980: Standard patch test results in 3225 consecutive danish patients 1973 1977

Beneit J.V., 1984: Standard patch tests in agricultural workers

Mcintosh, K.; Cherry, J. D.; Benenson, A. S.; Connor, J. D.; Alling, D. W.; Rolfe, U. T.; Todd, W. A.; Schanberger, J. E.; Mattheis, M. J., 1977: Standard per cutaneous re vaccination of children who received primary per cutaneous vaccination

Cherry, J. D.; Connor, J. D.; Mcintosh, K.; Benenson, A. S.; Alling, D. W.; Rolfe, U. T.; Schanberger, J. E.; Mattheis, M. J., 1977: Standard per cutaneous re vaccination of children who received primary sub cutaneous vaccination

Kroon S., 1983: Standard photo patch testing with musk ambrette

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472030

Geldreich E.E., 1983: Standard plate count a comparison of pour plate and spread plate methods

Tolonen, K.; Ruuhijarvi, R., 1976: Standard pollen diagrams from the salpausselka region of southern finland

Fischer W.R., 1987: Standard potentials e o of iron iii oxides under reducing conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472034

Ehling, U. H.; Machemer, L.; Buselmaier, W.; Dycka, J.; Frohberg, H.; Kratochvilova, J.; Lang, R.; Lorke, D.; Mueller, D.; Et-Al, 1978: Standard protocol for the dominant lethal test on male mice set up by the work group dominant lethal mutations of the ad hoc committee chemo genetics

Hukami, K.; Shimamoto, S., 1984: Standard pseudoisochromatic plates part 1 2. evaluation of each screening plate

Vossen H., 1985: Standard pseudoisochromatic plates part 2

Crova M., 1985: Standard radiography in recurrent dislocation of the shoulder

Elwood, J. H.; Robertson, D. J.; Gardner, D. G.; Groth, R. H., 1976: Standard reference gases and analytical procedures for use in gas turbine exhaust measurements

Mangum, B. W., 1974: Standard reference materials 933 and 934 the national bureau of standards precision thermometers for the clinical laboratory

Mavrodineanu, R.; Lazar, J. W., 1973: Standard reference materials standard quartz cuvettes for high accuracy spectrophotometry

Vetter H., 1982: Standard risk factors for lung cancer cardiac infarct apoplexy diabetes mellitus and their changes in psycho social context

Wycliffe, M. J.; Job, S. V., 1977: Standard routine and active oxygen consumption of a fresh water shrimp

Vazhenin, I. G.; Egorov, V. V.; Lontsikh, S. V.; Shafrinskii-Yu, S., 1977: Standard samples of soil masses and their preparation and use

Osborne, D.; Davis, L. J. Jr, 1978: Standard scores for wechsler memory scale sub tests

Mrvos S.R., 1984: Standard scores for womens weight training

Feterfy P., 1983: Standard sera in solid phase immunoassays

Steyn, D. G.; Hamilton-Bruce, R. J.; Zuurmond, T. J.; Pharo, R., 1975: Standard serum chemical and hematological values in the chacma baboon papio ursinus

Jacotot B., 1987: Standard serum levels of esterified fatty acids in healthy women

Sarlo A.M., 1988: Standard solutes for classification of solvent systems in countercurrent chromatography

Golovchenko O.M., 1981: Standard solution for determination of tri glycerides in blood serum

Gorbunova R.G., 1982: Standard solutions for electrometry

Collins D.N., 1987: Standard specimens for stain calibration and their application to the papanicolaou stain

Ito, H., 1976: Standard specimens of isoetes echinospora var asiatica

Efimov, A. V., 1986: Standard structures in protein molecules i. alpha beta hairpins

Efimov, A. V., 1986: Standard structures in protein molecules ii. beta alpha hairpins

Buzica, M., 1977: Standard suction plate apparatus realized with available materials and improvement of the methodology in view of the determinations made in the 1 2.5 pf range

Van Klingeren B., 1982: Standard suspension test influence of bovine albumin saline and water of standard hardness on microbiocidal effect values

Ovchinnikov, V. I., 1976: Standard table of the characteristics of black saxaul stands in the turkmen ssr ussr

Faintuch J., 1987: Standard tables for anthropometric assessment a systematic study in an adult brazilian population

Pauckova V., 1980: Standard test set and a computer generated diagnostic register for gram negative fermentative rods

Morgan M.S., 1985: Standard threshold shift criteria an investigation of the most reliable indicator of noise induced hearing loss

Sklyanskaya O.A., 1986: Standard two phase x ray methods for stomach examination in the diagnosis of chronic gastritis

Fujimoto, J.; Hata, M.; Kondo, M.; Hirota, M.; Shima, K., 1986: Standard values and prediction equations for respiratory function measurements iii. closing volume measurements in healthy japanese

Meisei H., 1986: Standard values and prediction equations for respiratory function measurements lung volume ventilatory function and pulmonary diffusion in healthy adults

Shima K., 1987: Standard values and prediction equations of pulmonary functions studies of 1041 healthy japanese subjects

Stankiewicz D., 1982: Standard values of biochemical indexes of blood serum and urine of syrian hamsters bred in cages made of various materials

Sharikova S.V., 1983: Standard values of blood constituents in free ranging hamadryas baboons in the forests of abkhazia ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472069

Weller W., 1981: Standard values of rhesus monkey macaca mulatta in long term controlled maintenance

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472071

Takishima T., 1982: Standard values of the maximal expiratory flow volume curve normalized by total lung capacity

Gardner R.M., 1982: Standard waveforms for spirometer testing

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472074

Sher L.D., 1988: Standardization and analysis of digitized photographic data in the longitudinal documentation of cataractous growth

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472076

Thorsen J., 1986: Standardization and application of the elisa for infectious bronchitis

Chelyshev M.M., 1982: Standardization and automatic plotting of zones of interest in the processing of scintigrams of the head and neck

Altman, P. L., 1975: Standardization and biosciences communications

Gross E.A., 1981: Standardization and calibration of whole body auto radiography for routine semi quantitative analysis of the distribution of carbon 14 labeled compounds in animal tissues

Tamarit J., 1979: Standardization and clinical application of a radio immunoassay for human calcitonin

Shirasaki K., 1987: Standardization and clinical application of the egogram for adolescence

Wong, K. H.; Barrera, O.; Sutton, A.; May, J.; Hochstein, D. H.; Robbins, J. D.; Robbins, J. B.; Parkman, P. D.; Seligmann, E. B. Jr, 1977: Standardization and control of meningococcal vaccines group a and group c poly saccharides

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472084

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472085

Coltorti E.A., 1986: Standardization and evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay as a screening test for the seroepidemiology of human hydatidosis

Santillan G., 1987: Standardization and evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for diagnosis and seroepidemiology of human trichinosis

Darling, C. L., 1975: Standardization and evaluation of the christie atkins munch peterson reaction for the prompt presumptive identification of streptococcus agalactiae lancefield group b in clinical material

Naslund I., 1982: Standardization and new trends in local chemo therapy of superficial bladder tumors

Tan R., 1986: Standardization and quality control of sperm concentration and sperm motility counts in semen analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472092

Sobin, L. H., 1977: Standardization and the histo pathology of tumors

Short J A., 1987: Standardization and validation of the multidimensional observation scale for elderly subjects moses

Schmidt, R. M.; Holland, S., 1974: Standardization in abnormal hemo globin detection an evaluation of hemo globin electrophoresis kits

Janouskova J., 1980: Standardization in clinical bacteriology comparison of minitek and enterotube with provisional diagnostic register and with differential diagnosis for computer storage of antibiotic resistance

Oshima N., 1979: Standardization in inoculation procedure and effect of a resistance gene on infection of tomato protoplasts with tobacco mosaic virus rna

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472099

Sheremet B.V., 1987: Standardization in soil science

Thompson W.R., 1987: Standardization indices of cardiac hypertrophy in weight lifters

Haneberg B., 1987: Standardization of a chemiluminescence method for the measurement of meningococcal opsonins using ethanol fixed meningococci

Perez E.M., 1987: Standardization of a chicken embryo liver culture

Akiyama I., 1986: Standardization of a cold caloric test

Albini A., 1980: Standardization of a colorimetric method for titration of sulfhydryl groups in human serum following some kinetic considerations

Shibata, A.; Ludvigsen, C. W-Jr ; Naber, S. P.; Mcdaniel, M. L.; Lacy, P. E., 1976: Standardization of a digestion filtration method for isolation of pancreatic islets

Lundbergh P., 1988: Standardization of a filter paper technique for blood sampling

Ciappi G., 1984: Standardization of a gas chromatographic method for the measurement of pulmonary carbon monoxide transfer

Greiss M.A., 1988: Standardization of a homologous antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity adcc assay for bioclinical use

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472110

Tavelin W., 1981: Standardization of a method for detecting chromogenesis of staphylococci

Narayanan K.M., 1984: Standardization of a method for transfer of phospho lipids from ghee residue to ghee

Varela J.A., 1984: Standardization of a micromethod of passive hemagglutination for the detection of bovine rhinotracheitis

Herhahn D., 1984: Standardization of a model of escherichia coli pyelo nephritis in rats

Wagner H P., 1982: Standardization of a myelopoietic progenitor cell assay by the use of human cryo preserved mononuclear blood and bone marrow cells

Elliott L.H., 1987: Standardization of a plaque assay for lassa virus

Peterson, L. R.; Hall, W. H.; Zinnemann, H. H.; Gerding, D. N., 1977: Standardization of a preparative ultra centrifuge method for quantitative determination of protein binding of 7 antibiotics

Siddiqi, S. Z.; Chughtai, M. U. D., 1976: Standardization of a process for the production of mango flavored milk

Dobbelaer, R.; Knops, J.; Meulepas, E.; Uydebrouck, M., 1977: Standardization of a purified protein derivative preparation in guinea pigs and in man

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472120

Thraenhart, O.; Kuwert, E. K., 1976: Standardization of a rapid modified micro neuraminidase inhibition test for influenza virus neuraminidase antibody assay and comparison with the who method

Frigola, A., 1977: Standardization of a simple method for the determination of anti thrombin activity

Vettore, L.; De-Matteis, M. C.; Corvi, C.; Zandegiacomo, M., 1978: Standardization of a simple method for the estimation of hemo globin a 2

Mccullough, K. C.; Parkinson, D., 1984: Standardization of a spot test elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for the rapid screening of sera and hybridoma cell products 1. determination of the optimum buffering system

Mccullough, K. C.; Parkinson, D., 1984: Standardization of a spot test elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for the rapid screening of sera and hybridoma cell products 2. the determination of binding capacity binding ratio and coefficient of variation of different elisa plates in sandwich and indirect elisa

Rzeczkowski C., 1984: Standardization of a test of speech perception in noise

Von-Voss, H.; Petrich, C.; Tomaschoff, J.; Goebel, U., 1976: Standardization of adp induced platelet aggregation

Ribon, A.; Gavencak, J., 1978: Standardization of allergen extracts

Czarny D., 1980: Standardization of allergen extracts by inhibition of radio allergo sorbent test skin test and chemical composition

Yui Y., 1983: Standardization of allergen extracts evaluation of in vitro methods for determination of the potency of allergen extracts

Aas, K.; Backman, A.; Belin, L.; Weeke, B., 1978: Standardization of allergen extracts with appropriate methods the combined use of skin prick testing and radio allergo sorbent tests

De Vries K., 1985: Standardization of allergenic extracts of aspergillus fumigatus liberation of immunoglobulin e binding components during cultivation

Baldo B.A., 1984: Standardization of allergens qualitative definition of house dust mite dermatophagoides pteronyssinus extracts following electroblotting and detection of components with antibody and lectin probes

Lee M.L., 1985: Standardization of alumina and silica adsorbents used for chemical class separations of polycyclic aromatic compounds

Barriere, Y., 1977: Standardization of an alfalfa artificial inoculation technique by pure cultures of pseudopeziza medicaginis evaluation of 24 alfalfa varieties for common leaf spot resistance

Tello, C. M.; Ferro, V.; Avila, P., 1987: Standardization of an analytical method for analgesics derived from aniline

Fruchart J C., 1987: Standardization of an enzymometric assay for apolipoprotein a i by using mixtures of monoclonal antibodies

Spurlock S.L., 1984: Standardization of an experimental disease model of streptococcus zooepidemicus in the equine

Laubscher E.W., 1987: Standardization of an experimental micro bread baking technique for evaluation of wheat cultivars

Itoh M., 1986: Standardization of an intelligence scale for the elderly

Goosen D.J., 1984: Standardization of anesthesia for radio renography with primates under laboratory conditions

Poller, L., 1978: Standardization of anti coagulant control

Hodge, W.; Ciak, J.; Tramont, E. C., 1976: Standardization of anti microbial disc susceptibility test for anaerobic bacteria

Basten A., 1983: Standardization of antigen e in ragweed pollen extracts using a mono clonal antibody based enzyme immunoassay

Sneath P.H.A., 1983: Standardization of antigens from aspergillus fumigatus

Pshukov Yu H., 1983: Standardization of aqueous extracts

Mechon E., 1982: Standardization of aroclor lots for individual peak gas chromatographic calibration

Shafranov, B. V., 1976: Standardization of artificial lighting in buildings

Singh R., 1981: Standardization of assay procedure and some properties of rnase from aspergillus candidus

Divakaran, R.; Philip, M. P.; Lakshmanan, A. J.; Sadanandan, K.; Murugesan, M.; Somanathan, A. R.; Bayamma, K. V.; Damodaran, N. P., 1985: Standardization of ayurvedic medicines 1. single plant drugs part 1. gas chromatographic profiles as an approach to fingerprint standards for oil bearing drugs

Samsa G.P., 1987: Standardization of bacterial numbers on penicylinders used in disinfectant testing interlaboratory study

Sainte Laudy J., 1987: Standardization of basophil degranulation for pharmacological studies

Passing H., 1981: Standardization of bcg vaccine by bacterial weight variables influencing the uniformity of the product

Kerry P.J., 1983: Standardization of beta thrombo globulin and platelet factor 4 a collaborative study to investigate the sources and extent of variation in the measurement of platelet specific proteins

Curtis A.D., 1985: Standardization of beta thromboglobulin and platelet factor 4 a collaborative study to establish international standards for beta thromboglobulin and platelet factor 4

Noda H., 1984: Standardization of bovine e rosette assay and enumeration of lymphocyte subpopulations

Shimizu M., 1987: Standardization of bromelin for use in routine one stage antibody screening

Kohler D., 1981: Standardization of bronchial responsiveness in children

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472160

Zapol'skaya, N. A.; Pavlitskaya, E. D.; Fedorova, A. V.; Shamov, V. P., 1976: Standardization of carbon 14 entering the human body with food products

Roslyakov, V. A., 1978: Standardization of color vision of flying personnel using state optical institute anomaloscopes

Ruegsegger, P.; Hangartner, T.; Keller, H. U.; Hinderling, T., 1978: Standardization of computed tomography images by means of a material selective beam hardening correction

Lazarev I.M., 1983: Standardization of cytological conclusions in identification of adenoma and cancer of the rectum

Newcombe R.G., 1979: Standardization of denver developmental screening test for cardiff children

Platts Mills T.A.E., 1985: Standardization of dermatophagoides pteronyssinus assessment of potency and allergen content in 10 coded extracts

Richter Heinrich E., 1980: Standardization of different physiological measuring values in a psycho physiological stress test in patients with essential hypertension

Islam M.S., 1988: Standardization of different spirometers

Oldfather J.E., 1979: Standardization of direct susceptibility test for blood cultures

Spegazzini E.D., 1987: Standardization of drugs of plant origin analytical micrography of panax ginseng meyer and panax quinquefolium

Ford, R. M., 1978: Standardization of early drug trials in allergic diseases with references to a trial of doxantrazole

Stewart D.E., 1979: Standardization of electro cardiographic interpretive statements a menu for word processing

Newman J.A., 1986: Standardization of elisa for avian influenza virus antibodies in turkeys

Olinger G.N., 1985: Standardization of end systolic pressure volume relation in the dog

Bergmeyer, U., 1972: Standardization of enzyme assays

Shiota H., 1982: Standardization of evaluation of antibiotic ophthalmic solution and ointment

Shiota H., 1986: Standardization of evaluation of antimicrobial ophthalmic solution and ointment 1985

Barrowcliffe, T. W.; Kirkwood, T. B. L., 1980: Standardization of factor viii 1. calibration of british standards for factor viii clotting activity

Kirkwood, T. B. L.; Barrowcliffe, T. W., 1980: Standardization of factor viii 2. a british standard for factor viii related antigen

Barrowcliffe, T. W.; Tydeman, M. S.; Kirkwood, T. B. L.; Thomas, D. P., 1983: Standardization of factor viii 3. establishment of a stable reference plasma for factor viii related activities

Barrowcliffe, T. W.; Curtis, A. D.; Thomas, D. P., 1983: Standardization of factor viii 4. establishment of the 3rd international standard for factor viii c concentrate

Positano M., 1985: Standardization of factor viii establishment and use of secondary standards

Nanda G.S., 1983: Standardization of factors involved in establishment of yellow rust puccinia striiformis on wheat seedlings under laboratory conditions

Maddison S.E., 1980: Standardization of fiax for schistosomiasis using crude cercarial and adult worm antigens

Vincent P.C., 1980: Standardization of flow micro fluorometers using glutaraldehyde fixed lymphocytes

Greene C., 1985: Standardization of fluorescent anti nuclear antibody testing assessment of different substrates

Will J.A., 1982: Standardization of formaldehyde induced fluorescence and its measurement to quantify serotonin emission in pulmonary neuro endocrine cells

Giolas T.G., 1987: Standardization of four videotaped tests of speechreading ranging in task difficulty

Rottenburg, W., 1968: Standardization of frost resistence studies applied on outer epidermal cells of allium cepa m

Shakirov T.T., 1981: Standardization of fruticin

Pelkonen K., 1981: Standardization of genetic factors in experimental animals inbred strains and f 1 hybrids

Polonyi J., 1981: Standardization of glutaraldehyde for use in electron microscopy

Wahl R., 1986: Standardization of grass pollen extracts by means of skin prick test immunochemical methods and radioallergosorbent test inhibition

Sadahiro, S.; Kondo, S.; Kondo, H.; Ohsaka, A.; Fukushima, H.; Murata, R., 1978: Standardization of habu trimeresurus flavoviridis snake venom toxoid

Samylina I.A., 1988: Standardization of hawthorn fruit raw material

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472196

Uthemann H., 1981: Standardization of hepatitis b immuno globulins

Nissen N.I., 1983: Standardization of high resolution flow cytometric dna analysis by the simultaneous use of chicken and trout red blood cells as internal reference standards

Shukla T.R., 1984: Standardization of hindi wechsler adult intelligence scale revised verbal short scale

Magan A., 1985: Standardization of home made salt sugar solution for the treatment of acute diarrheal diseases of childhood in nigeria

Csizer, Z.; Zsidai, J.; Korossy, S.; Halmai, Z., 1975: Standardization of house dust allergens by means of skin testing

Csizer Z., 1980: Standardization of house dust extracts by radio allergo sorbent test inhibition

De Vries K., 1985: Standardization of house dust mite extracts liberation of allergenic and antigenic components in relation to extraction conditions

Litwin, J., 1970: Standardization of human di ploid cell cultivation

Litwin, J., 1971: Standardization of human di ploid fibroblast cultivation centrifugation procedure

Litwin, J., 1971: Standardization of human di ploid fibroblast cultivation trypsinization procedure

Reimer, C. B.; Maddison, S. E., 1976: Standardization of human immuno globulin quantitation a review of current status and problems

Azaryan R.A., 1985: Standardization of hypericum perforatum herb

Et Al, 1987: Standardization of ico 1 monoclonal antibodies against monomorphic ia like dr antigens

Rethy L., 1986: Standardization of immuno modulants results and problems

Belpaire F., 1981: Standardization of immunoassays for the quantitation of plasma apo b protein

Watkins G.L., 1981: Standardization of immunochemical determinations of serum albumin

Oehling, A.; Subira, M. L., 1976: Standardization of in vitro methods in the diagnosis of allergic diseases

Webster R.G., 1985: Standardization of inactivated h 5n 2 influenza vaccine and efficacy against lethal a chicken pennsylvania 1370 83 infection

Lenz, P. H.; Wien, G. H.; Toth, J. M., 1975: Standardization of incubation time and temperature for 8 radio immunoassays

Newhouse M.T., 1981: Standardization of inhalation provocation tests 2 techniques of aerosol generation and inhalation compared

Cockcroft, D. W.; Berscheid, B. A., 1982: Standardization of inhalation provocation tests dose vs. concentration of histamine

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472218

Matthews, P. R. J.; Collins, P., 1978: Standardization of inocula for assessing the virulence of strains of mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare in chickens

Stein U., 1985: Standardization of inoculation and incubation in testing botrytis cinerea resistance of new grapevine varieties

Secker A., 1988: Standardization of inoculum size for disc susceptibility testing a preliminary report of a spectrophotometric method

Jacquemin R., 1984: Standardization of iodine 123

Beckers H.J., 1986: Standardization of isolation of salmonella from foods and feeds

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472224

Ordog V., 1981: Standardization of laboratory alga tests

Thakur R.S., 1980: Standardization of leaf sampling technique for mineral composition of leaves of mango cultivar chausa

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472228

Laragh J.H., 1984: Standardization of m mode echocardiographic left ventricular anatomic measurements

Stoddard A.M., 1979: Standardization of measures prior to cluster analysis

Popkov V.A., 1983: Standardization of measuring the melting point as an index of drug quality

Takatsu A., 1987: Standardization of methodology to evaluate capsicum spp resistance to xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria doidge dye and virulence of the bacterial isolates

Reshetnyak V.Yu, 1987: Standardization of methods for characterizing the nature of drug coloration

Zaremba, M.; Zukowska-Nytko, K.; Grala-Kaluzna, A.; Kacprzak-Wiatr, A.; Piotrowski, J.; Grygiel, J.; Borowski, J., 1981: Standardization of methods for the determination of bacterial sensitivity of 6 n n 1' 6' hexyleno formamidino penicillic acid preparation hx

Shukla R.K., 1986: Standardization of methods for the estimation of thiocyanate and iodine in foodstuff

Turkova V., 1979: Standardization of methods for the preparation of seed proteins of allium cepa

Blaschke, J. R.; Forche, E.; Neumann, K. H., 1977: Standardization of micro fluorometric estimation of ploidy levels in plant cells

Bordner, R. H., 1978: Standardization of microbiological methods for analysis of water/

Arsov, A.; Golc, S., 1976: Standardization of milk products individual standards for trapist and edam cheeses

Juttner C., 1986: Standardization of monoclonal antibodies for use in autologous bone marrow transplantation for common acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Brusilovskii A.I., 1986: Standardization of morphometric methods for studying human placenta

Kacker, S. K.; Ghosh, P.; Pancholy, M.; Rajpal, 1977: Standardization of normal threshold of hearing in india a preliminary study

Unnikrishnan K.P., 1987: Standardization of nursery techniques of acacia albida del under north indian moist climatic condition

Lal P., 1987: Standardization of nursery techniques of albizia procera benth under north indian moist tropical climatic conditions

Haertridge Esh K., 1983: Standardization of osmo conditioning of okra abelmoschus esculentus cultivar perkins green dwarf seed

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472247

Bose S.K., 1984: Standardization of parameters for the mycobacillin synthetase activity

Karnaukh, N. G.; Lekhan, V. N.; Karnaukh, L. A., 1976: Standardization of permissible parameters for the micro climate in hot shops of the southern ukrainian ssr ussr during performance of heavy tasks

Valchev, V.; Mihaylova, V.; Polykar, A.; Mircheva, Y., 1975: Standardization of pertussis vaccine part 2 producing a national reference preparation

Sharma, R. B.; Ghildyal, B. P., 1976: Standardization of phosphorus 32 activity determination method in soil root cores for root distribution studies

Dutt, O.; Khera, M. S., 1976: Standardization of phosphorus 32 injection technique for root distribution studies on maize

Prytkov Yu N., 1986: Standardization of phosphorus in the diet of young cattle as a function of the type of fodder

Freireich E.J., 1981: Standardization of platelet function tests

Bagdasaryan T.A., 1982: Standardization of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in water

Thomas D.P., 1982: Standardization of pre kallikrein activator the 1st british reference preparation for pre kallikrein activator

Thomas D.P., 1985: Standardization of prekallikrein activator the 1st international standard for prekallikrein activator

Polyakova A.N., 1982: Standardization of preparations intended for the sero diagnosis of arboviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472260

Molineux, G.; Schofield, R.; Hendry, J. H.; Testa, N. G., 1987: Standardization of procedures for ectopic marrow grafting ii. influence on recipients of radiation dose and field size

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472262

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472263

Hubbard A.R., 1988: Standardization of protein c in plasma establishment of an international standard

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472265

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472266

Klimenko V.G., 1985: Standardization of quality indices for the drug sibazon

Taylor W.A., 1979: Standardization of radio allergo sorbent test and allergen extracts in terms of the who standard for immuno globulin e

Sul'kin, A. G., 1977: Standardization of radio isotope therapy apparati

Bornmann M., 1983: Standardization of radio renography in de hydrated and re hydrated primates under laboratory conditions

Arya, S. C., 1975: Standardization of reference preparations factors influencing assay of attenuated polioviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472272

Kern, E. B., 1977: Standardization of rhino manometry

Marshall, P. N.; Bentley, S. A.; Lewis, S. M., 1978: Standardization of romanowsky stains the relationship between stain composition and performance

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472275

Wadstrom T., 1985: Standardization of salt aggregation test for reproducible determination of cell surface hydrophobicity with special reference to staphylococcus species

Janssens M.B.J.A., 1987: Standardization of serological tests for rheumatoid factor measurement

Schouten F.J.M., 1982: Standardization of serum cholesterol assays by use of serum calibrators and direct addition of liebermann burchard reagent

Klein, B., 1978: Standardization of serum protein analyses

Szathmary, J.; Hegedus, L.; Koller, M.; Benko, A., 1973: Standardization of small pox vaccines and human anti vaccinia immuno globulin

Sabbagha, R. E.; Hughey, M., 1978: Standardization of sonar cephalometry and gestational age

Postek, M. T., 1978: Standardization of specimens for scanning electron microscopy the specimen disc permanent stub system

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472284

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472285

Koenders, A.; Thorpe, S. M., 1983: Standardization of steroid receptor assays in human breast cancer 2. samples with low receptor content

Thorpe, S. M.; Koenders, A., 1986: Standardization of steroid receptor assays in human breast cancer iii. selection of reference material for intra laboratory and inter laboratory quality control

Koenders, A.; Thorpe, S. M., 1986: Standardization of steroid receptor assays in human breast cancer iv. long term within laboratory and between laboratory variation of estrogen and progesterone receptor assays

Prentice H.G., 1986: Standardization of t cell depletion in hla matched bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472290

Et Al, 1981: Standardization of terminology of lower urinary tract function terminology related to neuro muscular dys function of the lower urinary tract

Zacharski, L. R.; Rosenstein, R., 1978: Standardization of the 1 stage assay for factor viii anti hemophilic factor

Santi L., 1979: Standardization of the alkaline elution procedure using x ray damaged nuclear dna

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Roumeliotou Karayannis A., 1985: Standardization of the antibody to hepatitis b surface antigen concentration

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Krolak, M.; Blaszczyk, B., 1987: Standardization of the complement fixation test cft in brucellosis ii. antigen

Krolak, M.; Blaszczyk, B., 1987: Standardization of the complement fixation test cft in brucellosis iii. hemolytic system

Krolak, M.; Blaszczyk, B., 1987: Standardization of the complement fixation test cft in brucellosis iv. incubation conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472316

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472319

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472337

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472338

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472341

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472342

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Habahpasheva N.A., 1985: Standardization on elisa for detection of antibodies to orthopoxviruses

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Leitner H., 1987: Standardized adjustment and dosimetry in total body irradiation with three dimensional compensators

Lindholm N.B., 1980: Standardized allergen provocation test variation in bronchial response

Bell, T. K., 1970: Standardized annular assay of dual radio isotopes on a well type sodium iodide crystal

Handreg W., 1984: Standardized anonymous interrogations of patients in the field of the stationary medical care in all institutions of a district as a leading instrument in public health

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472370

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472371

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472372

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Krueger H., 1987: Standardized microscopic spore size measurement discussion of conditions and practicability

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Larsson S., 1979: Standardized observation procedures in brain injury research

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Foldspang A., 1987: Standardized performance tests and vocational rehabilitation prognosis

Emneus H., 1982: Standardized photo electric technique as routine method for selection of amputation level

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Schuldt H., 1984: Standardized symptoms on the basis of low level mixed pathology in energetic medicine

Leach D., 1986: Standardized technique for determining the center of gravity of body and limb segments of horses

Harker L.A., 1979: Standardized template bleeding time in dogs

Clayton H.M., 1984: Standardized terminology for the description and analysis of equine locomotion

Willmuth M., 1985: Standardized test meals in assessment of eating behavior in bulimia nervosa consumption of feared foods when vomiting is prevented

Soreide O., 1987: Standardized treatment of colorectal cancer a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472448

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Coll-Am-Pathol, 1976: Standards for an inter laboratory proficiency testing program

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472552

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472553

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472558

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472559

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472560

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472561

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472562

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472563

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472566

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472579

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Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472590

Section 7, Chapter 6473, Accession 006472591

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