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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6474

Chapter 6474 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473028

Kulp K., 1987: Starch functionality as affected by amylases from different sources

Odermatt F., 1981: Starch gel electrophoresis as a method for determining the species of the black aphids of the aphis fabae group homoptera aphididae

Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473032

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473034

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473057

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473063

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473071

Reid, M. S.; Padfield, C. A. S.; Watkins, C. B.; Harman, J. E., 1982: Starch iodine pattern as a maturity index for cultivar granny smith apples malus sylvestris 1. comparison with flesh firmness and soluble solids content

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473092

Su J C., 1986: Starch phosphorylase inhibitor from sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivar tainon 65

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473124

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473130

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473202

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473215

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473218

Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473219

Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473220

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473224

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473235

Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473236

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473248

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473263

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473265

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473269

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473276

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473288

Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473289

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Section 7, Chapter 6474, Accession 006473509

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