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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6474

Chapter 6474 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Macgregor A.W.; Matsuo R.R., 1982:
Starch degradation in endosperms of barley and wheat kernels during initial stages of germination

Levi, C.; Gibbs, M., 1976:
Starch degradation in isolated spinach chloroplasts

Levi, C.; Gibbs, M., 1984:
Starch Degradation in Synchronously Grown Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Characterization of the Amylase

Cardemil, L.; Varner, J.E., 1984:
Starch Degradation Metabolism towards Sucrose Synthesis in Germinating Araucaria araucana Seeds

Chary S.J.; Reddy S.M., 1985:
Starch degrading enzymes of two species of fusarium

El-Metainy, A.Y.; Abou-Youssef, A.Y.; El-Haddad, M., 1977:
Starch degrading isozymes in triticum aestivum triticum pyramidal and their interspecific hybrid

Vieitez A.M.; Ballester A.; Garcia M.T.; Vieitez E., 1980:
Starch depletion and anatomical changes during the rooting of castanea sativa cuttings

Chang C.W., 1980:
Starch depletion and sugars in developing cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar coker 1o0 leaves

Adams C.A.; Rinne R.W.; Fjerstad M.C., 1980:
Starch deposition and carbohydrase activities in developing and germinating soybean glycine max cultivar wells seeds

Obata-Sasamoto, H.; Suzuki, H., 1978:
Starch deposition in potato callus cultures

Weaver M.O.; Otey F.H., 1982:
Starch derivatives as potential soil stabilizers

Marihart J., 1988:
Starch derivatives for remoistenable gummed tapes

Pepper D.; Orchard A.C.J., 1981:
Starch effluent concentration

Dunkle R.L.; Shasha B.S., 1988:
Starch encapsulated bacillus thuringiensis a potential new method for increasing environmental stability of entomopathogens

Voliva C.; Moessen G.W.; Matthysse A.G., 1982:
Starch enhanced synthesis and release of amylolytic enzymes from normal and crown gall tumor tobacco tissue culture cells

Abe A.; Iwasaki K., 1984:
Starch estimation method for enzymatic analysis of corn silage formula feed and ingredients of formula feed

E.S.adany R.M.A.; Foda Y.H.; E.S.adany F.M., 1980:
Starch extracted from mango seeds mangifera indica as a new source of starch

Kreuzberg K., 1984:
Starch fermentation via a formate producing pathway in chlamydomonas reinhardii chlorogonium elongatum and chlorella fusca

Wyler, R.; Solms, J., 1981 :
Starch flavor complexes 1. characterization of complexes with iodometric titration and analytical determination of the complex partners

Wyler, R.; Solms, J., 1982:
Starch flavor complexes 2. iso thermal formation of starch flavor complexes with selected flavor compounds

Wyler, R.; Solms, J., 1982:
Starch flavor complexes 3. stability of dried starch flavor complexes and other flavor preparations

Canbaz M.; Yenson M., 1979:
Starch flour and starched solid foods as exogenous sources of glucuronic acid for body

Stankovic, Z.S., 1978:
Starch formation in isolated pea chloroplasts

Mengel K.; Judel G.K.; Friedrich B.; Moecklinghoff G., 1984:
Starch formation in wheat kernels during the grain filling period

Chociej J.; Konitz A.; Tomasik P., 1985:
Starch formulations containing elemental sulfur

Raghunandan K.V.; Jolly C.I., 1987:
Starch from dioscorea bulbifera

Chen J H.; Hou H H., 1981:
Starch fructan and invertase in corn leaves infected with sclerospora sacchari

Kuracina T.A.; Lorenz K.; Kulp K., 1987:
Starch functionality as affected by amylases from different sources

Odermatt F., 1981:
Starch gel electrophoresis as a method for determining the species of the black aphids of the aphis fabae group homoptera aphididae

Shaw, C.R.; Prasad, R., 1970:
Starch gel electrophoresis of enzymes a compilation of recipes

Yoshiyasu K., 1979:
Starch gel electrophoresis of hemo globins of fresh water salmonid fishes in southwest japan part 3 ayu plecoglossus altivelis a fish closely related to salmonidae

Braman, J.C.; Stalnaker, C.B.; Farley, T.M.; Klar, G.T., 1977:
Starch gel electrophoresis of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and cutthroat trout salmo clarki hemo globins

Quiros C.F., 1981:
Starch gel electrophoresis technique used with alfalfa medicago sativa and other medicago species

Del Lama M.A.; Mestriner M.A., 1984:
Starch gel electrophoretic patterns of exo peptidase phenotypes in 14 different species of bees

Prychodko, W.; Goodman, M.; Singal, B.M.; Weiss, M.L.; Ishimoto, G.; Tanaka, T., 1971:
Starch gel electrophoretic variants of erythrocyte 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase in asian macaques

Williams M.R.; Bowler P., 1982:
Starch gelatinization a morphological study of triticeae and other starches

Grzybowski, R.A.; Donnelly, B.J., 1977:
Starch gelatinization in cooked spaghetti

Eliasson A C., 1985:
Starch gelatinization in the presence of emulsifiers a morphological study of wheat starch

Biliaderis C.G.; Maurice T.J.; Vose J.R., 1980:
Starch gelatinization phenomena studied by differential scanning calorimetry

Wilkinson H.P., 1983:
Starch grain casts and molds in eocene tertiary fossil mangrove hypocotyls

Boyer, C.D.; Daniels, R.R.; Shannon, J.C., 1977:
Starch granule amyloplast development in endosperm of several zea mays genotypes affecting kernel poly saccharides

Hostak M.S.; Henson C.A.; Duke S.H.; Vandenbosch K.A., 1987:
Starch granule distribution between cell types of alfalfa nodules as affected by symbiotic development

Wellendorf M., 1979:
Starch granules in seeds of aesculus spp

Czaja A.T., 1980:
Starch granules in vegetation microscopic and sub microscopic morphology and evolution

Baruch D.W.; Meredith P.; Jenkins L.D.; Simmons L.D., 1979:
Starch granules of developing wheat kernels

Czaja A.T., 1982:
Starch granules of the potato plant in the course of their individual development

Seski, A.G.; Amirikia, H., 1976:
Starch granuloma syndrome. Starch peritonitis as an iatrogenic disease

Coruslu E.; Pekin B., 1983:
Starch hydrolysates with very low degrees of poly dispersity

Khan A.R.; Robinson R.J.; Johnson J.A., 1980:
Starch hydrolysis by acid and microwave energy

Dhawale M.R.; Ingledew W.M., 1983:
Starch hydrolysis by de repressed mutants of schwanniomyces castellii

Glennie C.W., 1988:
Starch hydrolysis during sorghum beer brewing

Limberger, G.E.; Vysotskaya, N.N., 1976:
Starch hydrolysis in bark tissues of 1 year old apple shoots as a function of temperature

Bolach E.; Lesniak W.; Ziobrowski J., 1985:
Starch hydrolysis in citric acid fermentation

Mccracken, D.A.; Rutherford, W.M., 1980:
Starch in fungi 4. the lipo protein amylose precipitating factor

Gorin N.; Berkholst C.E.M., 1982:
Starch in petals of cut roses cultivar sonia as a probable criterion of picking

Bressler S.L.; Meeuse B.J.D., 1984:
Starch in prasinophycean algae

Watkins, C.B.; Reid, M.S.; Harman, J.E.; Padfield, C.A.S., 1982:
Starch iodine pattern as a maturity index for apples malus sylvestris cultivar granny smith 2. differences between districts and relationship to storage disorders and yield

Reid, M.S.; Padfield, C.A.S.; Watkins, C.B.; Harman, J.E., 1982:
Starch iodine pattern as a maturity index for cultivar granny smith apples malus sylvestris 1. comparison with flesh firmness and soluble solids content

Morrison W.R., 1981:
Starch lipids a reappraisal

Madhusudanan K.N.; Nandakumar S., 1984:
Starch localization in shoot apex during ontogeny of pineapple

Batey I.L., 1985:
Starch losses in dry milling of wheat the australian experience

Haissig B.E.; Dickson R.E., 1979:
Starch measurement in plant tissue using enzymatic hydrolysis

Adams P.R., 1985:
Starch metabolic growth characteristics of humicola grisea var thermoidea

Adams C.A.; Broman T.H.; Rinne R.W., 1981:
Starch metabolism in developing and germinating soybean glycine max seeds is independent of beta amylase activity

Boninsegna, J.A.; Sayavedra, G., 1978:
Starch metabolism in healthy and tomato bushy stunt virus infected lycopersicon esculentum plants

Schmidt J.; John M., 1979:
Starch metabolism in pseudomonas stutzeri part 1 studies on malto tetraose forming amylase

Schmidt, J.; John, M., 1979:
Starch metabolism in pseudomonas stutzeri part 2 purification and properties of a dextrin glycosyl transferase ec disproportionating enzyme and amylo maltase

Sindelar L.; Makovcova O.; Hanusova M., 1980:
Starch metabolism in the leaves of cucumber infected with cucumber mosaic virus as related to yields

Lindberg B.; Engdahl K A.; Ahlberg P., 1983:
Starch microspheres micro calorimetric determination of kinetics and heat of enzymatic degradation

Bandyopadhyay, A.K.; Chaudhuri, B.; Bhattacharjee, P.K., 1980:
Starch paste granulation 1. effects of dextrinized corn starch mucilages as binding agents on granulation and tablet quality

Kumar, A.; Sanwal, G.G., 1983:
Starch phosphorylase ec from mature banana musa paradisiaca leaves 1. kinetics and inhibition studies at optimum ph

Kumar, A.; Sanwal, G.G., 1984:
Starch phosphorylase ec from tapioca manihot utilissima tuber isolation and some physico chemical properties

Kumar, A.; Sanwal, G.G., 1983:
Starch phosphorylase from mature banana musa paradisiaca leaves 2. aromatic amino acid inhibition at ph 7.0

Kumar A.; Sanwal G.G., 1982:
Starch phosphorylase from tapioca manihot utilissima leaves absence of pyridoxal phosphate

Chang T C.; S.J.C., 1986:
Starch phosphorylase inhibitor from sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivar tainon 65

Mateyka C.; Schnarrenberger C., 1984:
Starch phosphorylase isoenzymes in mesophyll and bundle sheath cells of corn zea mays cultivar inrafrueh leaves

Mangat B.S.; Kerson G., 1982:
Starch producing polytoma uvella lacks sucrose and sucrose metabolizing enzymes

Schwardt E.; Kempf W., 1987:
Starch production from preserved potato gratings

Christiansen E.; Ericsson A., 1986:
Starch reserves in picea abies in relation to defense reaction against a bark beetle transmitted blue stain fungus ceratocystis polonica

Sharma S.N.; Pant R.C., 1979:
Starch soluble sugars and amylolytic enzymes in the germinating pigeon pea cajanus cajan seeds

Carrillo P.J.; Gilbert S.G.; Daun H., 1988:
Starch solute interaction in water sorption as affected by pretreatment

Nakano, H.; Maeda, E., 1978:
Starch statolith in the lamina joint of rice plants

Zagorski S.; Lewak S., 1980:
Starch statolith involvement in growth and geo tropic reaction of apple malus domestica cultivar antonowka embryo axes

Wargo P.M., 1979:
Starch storage and radial growth in woody roots of sugar maple

Gallaher, R.N.; Brown, R.H., 1977:
Starch storage in 4 carbon vs 3 carbon grass leaf cells as related to nitrogen deficiency

Niyomporn B.; Parn Amphand O.; Suphavilai R.; Plakornkul P.; Damrongdej S., 1985:
Starch sucrose glucose fructose and acidity in thai fruit

Terra N.N.; Garcia E.; Lajolo F.M., 1983:
Starch sugar transformation during banana musa acuminata ripening the behavior of udp glucose pyro phosphorylase sucrose synthetase and invertase

Freemont, A.J.; Porter, M.L.; Tomlinson, I.; Clague, R.B.; Jayson, M.I., 1984 :
Starch synovitis

Ching T.M.; Poklemba C.J.; Metzger R.J., 1983:
Starch synthesis in shriveled and plump triticale triticosecale seeds

Shannon, J.C.; Creech, R.G.; Loerch, J.D., 1970:
Starch synthesis studies in zea mays m part 2 molecular distribution of radioactivity in starch

Mares, D.J.; Hawker, J.S.; Possingham, J.V., 1978:
Starch synthesizing enzymes in chloroplasts of developing leaves of spinach spinacia oleracea

Sakalo, V.D.; Gorovaya, L.P., 1977:
Starch synthesizing enzymes of pea seedling amyloplasts

Baxter, E.D.; Duffus, C.M., 1973:
Starch synthetase comparison of udp glucose and adp glucose as glucosyl donors in immature barley endosperm

Ishida K I.; Takeuchi T., 1981:
Starch to repress syneresis curdlan gel

Garcia E.; Lajolo F.M., 1988:
Starch transformation during banana ripening the amylase and glucosidase behavior

Thorpe T.A.; Joy R.W.Iv; Leung D.W.M., 1986:
Starch turnover in shoot forming tobacco nicotiana tabacum callus

L.C.T.; Hao O.J.; Hsueh K.P., 1986:
Starch waste treatment by the activated sludge system

Riley R.T., 1983:
Starch xanthate encapsulated pesticides a preliminary toxicological evaluation

Stark J.R.; Aisien A.O.; Palmer G.H., 1983:
Starches from nigerian sorghum

Garwood, D.L.; Shannon, J.C.; Creech, R.G., 1976:
Starches of endosperms possessing different alleles at the amylose extender locus in zea mays

Baker H.G.; Baker I., 1982:
Starchy and starchless pollen in the onagraceae

Antonelli P.L.; Kazarinoff N.D., 1984:
Starfish acanthaster planci predation of a growing coral reef community

Jangoux, M., 1978:
Starfish echinodermata asteroidea collected by m v calamar in the open sea off guyana and venezuela

Belyaev, G.M.; Moskalev, L.I., 1986:
Starfish of the genus styracaster porcellanasteridae 1. styracaster longispinus new species from the long armed species group

Meijer L.; Zarutskie P., 1987:
Starfish oocyte maturation 1 methyladenine triggers a drop of cyclic amp concentration related to the hormone dependent period

Kishimoto, T.; Cayer, M.L.; Kanatani, H., 1976:
Starfish oocyte maturation and reduction of di sulfide bond on oocyte surface

Tubb D.J.; Kopf G.S.; Garbers D.L., 1979:
Starfish pisaster giganteus and horseshoe crab limulus polyphemus egg factors cause elevations of cyclic nucleotide concentrations in spermatozoa from starfish and horseshoe crabs

Johnson C.H.; Epel D., 1982:
Starfish pisaster ochraceus oocyte maturation and fertilization intra cellular ph is not involved in activation

Duggins D.O., 1983:
Starfish pycnopodia helianthoides predation and the creation of mosaic patterns in a kelp dominated community

Dini, A.; Mellon, F.A.; Minale, L.; Pizza, C.; Riccio, R.; Self, R.; Zollo, F., 1983:
Starfish saponins 11. isolation and partial characterization of the saponins from the starfish marthasterias glacialis

Bruno, I.; Minale, L.; Pizza, C.; Zollo, F.; Riccio, R.; Mellon, F.M., 1984:
Starfish saponins 14. structures of the steroidal glycoside sulfates from the starfish marthasterias glacialis

Minale, L.; Riccio, R.; Greco, O.S.; Pusset, J.; Menou, J.L., 1985:
Starfish saponins 16. composition of the steroidal glycoside sulfates from the starfish luidia maculata

Riccio, R.; Pizza, C.; Squillace-Greco, O.; Minale, L., 1985:
Starfish saponins 17. steroidal glycoside sulfates from the starfish ophidiaster ophidianus and hacelia attenuata

Riccio, R.; Greco, O.S.; Minale, L.; Pusset, J.; Menou, J.L., 1985:
Starfish saponins 18. steroidal glycoside sulfates from the starfish linckia laevigata

Riccio, R.; Zollo, F.; Finamore, E.; Minale, L.; Laurent, D.; Bargibant, G.; Pusset, J., 1985:
Starfish saponins 19. a novel steroidal glycoside sulfate from the starfishes protoreaster nodosus and pentaceraster alveolatus

De-Simone, F.; Dini, A.; Finamore, E.; Minale, L.; Pizza, C.; Riccio, R., 1979:
Starfish saponins 4. sapogenins from the starfish astropecten aurantiacus and marthasterias glacialis

Riccio, R.; Dini, A.; Minale, L.; Pizza, C.; Zollo, F.; Sevenet, T., 1982 :
Starfish saponins 7. structure of luzonicoside a further steroidal cyclic glycoside from the pacific starfish echinaster luzonicus

De-Correa, R.S.; Riccio, R.; Minale, L.; Duque, C., 1985:
Starfish saponins part 21. steroidal glycosides from the starfish oreaster reticulatus

Riccio, R.; Iorizzi, M.; Greco, O.S.; Minale, L.; Debray, M.; Menou, J.L., 1985:
Starfish saponins part 22. asterosaponins from the starfish halityle regularis a novel 22 23 epoxysteroidal glycoside sulfate

Iorizzi, M.; Minale, L.; Riccio, R.; Debray, M.; Menou, J.L., 1986:
Starfish saponins part 23. steroidal glycosides from the starfish halityle regularis

Riccio, R.; Iorizzi, M.; Minale, L.; Oshima, Y.; Yasumoto, T., 1988:
Starfish saponins part 34. novel steroidal glycoside sulfates from the starfish asterias amurensis

Zollo, F.; Finamore, E.; Minale, L., 1987:
Starfish saponins xxxi. novel polyhydroxysteroids and steroidal glycosides from the starfish sphaerodiscus placenta

Belyaev, G.M.; Moskalev, L.I., 1986:
Starfishes of the genus styracaster porcellanasteridae 3. generic composition geographical and vertical distribution

Fiore C.; Cianchetti A.; Santoni G., 1980:
Stargardts disease with autosomal dominant inheritance report of an affected family

Charney, R.E.; Kraushar, M.F.; Appel, N., 1982:
Stargardt's type macular dystrophy associated with retinitis pigmentosa

Hopkins B.; Van Wulfften Palthe T., 1985:
Staring in infancy

Feare, C.J.; Swannack, K.P., 1978:
Starling damage and its prevention at an open fronted calf yard

Gochfeld, M., 1978:
Starling roost site selection preference for palm trees

Feare C.J.; Wadsworth J.T., 1981:
Starling sturnus vulgaris damage on farms using the complete diet system of feeding dairy cows

Dolbeer R.A.; Stickley A.R.Jr; Woronecki P.P., 1979:
Starling sturnus vulgaris damage to sprouting wheat in tennessee and kentucky usa

Johnson R.J.; Cole P.H.; Stroup W.W., 1985:
Starling sturnus vulgaris response to 3 auditory stimuli

Lang, N.J., 1977:
Starria zimbabweensis new genus new species cyanophyceae a filament tri radiate in transverse section

Cunningham, C.L.; Brown, J.S.; Roberts, S., 1976:
Start box goal box confinement durations as determinants of self punitive behavior

Maeda T.; Sugiyama H.; Tani Y.; Miyake S.; Oka Y.; Ogawa H.; Komori T.; Soma T.; Kishimoto S., 1987:
Start of mu chain production by the further two step rearrangements of immunoglobulin heavy chain genes on one chromosome from a dj h dj h configuration in an abelson virus transformed cell line evidence of secondary dj h complex formation

Lehman P.J., 1983:
Start up and operating characteristics of a rotating biological contacter facility in a cold climate

Johnson J.A., 1981:
Start up and operation of an oxygen activated advanced waste water treatment system

Schraewer R., 1988:
Start up characteristics of anaerobic bioreactors for purification of high charged starch waste water

Rintala J., 1987:
Start up of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor for treating thermomechanical pulping effluents

Wilkie A.; Colleran E., 1984:
Start up of anaerobic filters containing different support materials using pig slurry supernatant

Schmidell W.; Craveiro A.M.; Varella R.F.; Peres C.S.; Hirata Y.S., 1986:
Start up of biodigesters for solid wastes

Yamane T.; Sada E.; Takamatsu T., 1979:
Start up of chemostat application of fed batch culture

Lane A.G., 1986:
Start up operating requirements and granule formation during upflow sludge bed treatment of a strong food processing effluent

Stover E.L., 1980:
Start up problems at a plant treating food processing waste water

Hansen B.E.; Garrison W.E.; Smith D.L., 1980:
Start up problems of sludge de watering facility

Keys, J.E.; Pearson, R.E.; Weinland, B.T., 1979:
Starter culture, temperature, and antibiotic residue in fermentation of mastitic milk to feed dairy calves

Kriel, J.B.; Holzapfel, W.H., 1977:
Starter cultures part 2 practical aspects concerning starter cultures and handling

Winfree R.A.; Stickney R.R., 1984:
Starter diets for channel catfish ictalurus punctatus effects of dietary protein on growth and carcass composition

Reeves D.W.; Touchton J.T.; Burmester C.H., 1986:
Starter fertilizer combinations and placement for conventional and no tillage corn

Touchton J.T.; Rickerl D.H.; Burmester C.H.; Reeves D.W., 1986:
Starter fertilizer combinations and placement for conventional and no tillage cotton gossypium hirsutum

Oyer L.J.; Touchton J.T., 1988:
Starter fertilizer combinations and placement for conventional and no tillage peanuts

Sij J.W.; Turner F.T.; Craigmiles J.P., 1979:
Starter nitrogen fertilization in soybean glycine max cultivar bragg culture

Hoepflinger, F.; Kuehne, F., 1983:
Starting a family the wish for a child and birth control in swiss married couples results of a representative survey 1. starting a family and the wish for a child

Diezinger F.; Anderson J.R., 1986:
Starting from scratch a first look at a displacement activity in group living rhesus monkeys

Wilson R.M.; Clarke P.; Barkes H.; Heller S.R.; Tattersall R.B., 1986:
Starting insulin treatment as an outpatient report to 100 consecutive patients followed up for at least one year

Govorova, G.F., 1976:
Starting material and some questions dealing with the selection of strawberries for immunity to diseases

Tyurin Y.S.; Novoselova E.L., 1984:
Starting material for selecting the hairy vetch vicia villosa in the nonchernozem zone

Zvonov B.M., 1980:
Starting mechanism of acoustic orientation of nidifugous birds gallus gallus

Maurer, H.R.; Weiss, G.; Laerum, O.D., 1976:
Starting procedures for the isolation and purification of granulocyte chalone activities

Goldstein S.F., 1979:
Starting transients in sea urchin sperm flagella

Armus H.L., 1986:
Startle and reward based avoidance avoidance conflict

Eisner, T.; Adams, P.A., 1975:
Startle behavior in an ascalaphid neuroptera

Sáenz-Lope, E.; Herranz, F.J.; Masdeu, J.C., 1984:
Startle epilepsy: a clinical study

Jordan W.P.; Leaton R.N., 1982:
Startle habituation in rats after lesions in the brachium of the inferior colliculus

Anderson, D.C.; Crowell, C.R.; Brown, J.S., 1985:
Startle potentiation and heart rate as affected by fear and hunger

Rylander, R.; Dancer, A., 1978:
Startle reactions to simulated sonic booms influence of habituation boom level and background noise

Goldberg, J.; Anderson, D.E.; Wilder, S., 1979:
Startle reflex habituation in children with cerebral palsy

Wu, M.F.; Krueger, J.; Ison, J.R.; Gerrard, R.L., 1984:
Startle reflex inhibition in the rat: its persistence after extended repetition of the inhibitory stimulus

Cranney, J., 1987:
Startle responding and context conditioning. Naloxone pretreatment and stimulus intensity

Horlington, M., 1970:
Startle response circadian rhythm in rats lack of correlation with motor activity

Blaxter J.H.S.; Hoss D.E., 1981:
Startle response in herring clupea harengus the effect of sound stimulus frequency size of fish and selective interference with the acoustico lateralis system

Vaughan F.A., 1983:
Startle responses of blue jays cyanocitta cristata to visual stimuli presented during feeding

Kirkby, R.J., 1976:
Startle responsivity following telencephalic lesions in the rat

Flynn B.P.; Stadnik J.G., 1979:
Startup of a powdered activated carbon activated sludge treatment system

Kennedy K.J.; Droste R.L., 1985:
Startup to anaerobic downflow stationary fixed film reactors

Moriarty, F., 1978:
Starvation and growth in the gastropod planorbarius corneus

Mcnamara J.M.; Houston A.I., 1987:
Starvation and predation as factors limiting population size

Cascarano, J.; Migler, R.A.; Wilson, M.A., 1978:
Starvation and re feeding in rats effect on organismic respiration cytoplasmic constituents of liver and succinic dehydrogenase ec activity in liver kidney and heart

Goudey Perriere F.; Brousse Gaury P., 1982:
Starvation and sexual readiness in female blabera fusca dictyoptera blaberidae at the onset of the imaginal life

Ecknauer, R., 1978:
Starvation and sucrase activity in small intestinal mucosa an evaluation of different tissue preparations and reference systems

Moon, T.W.; Johnston, I.A., 1980:
Starvation and the activities of glycolytic and gluconeogenic enzymes in skeletal muscles and liver of the plaice pleuronectes platessa

Renaud J.M.; Moon T.W., 1980:
Starvation and the metabolism of hepatocytes isolated from the american eel anguilla rostrata

Threlkeld, S.T., 1976:
Starvation and the size structure of zoo plankton communities

Devi V.U.; Rao Y.P.; Rao D.G.V.P., 1986:
Starvation as a stress factor influencing the metabolism of a tropical intertidal gastropod morula granulata duclos

Giojalas, L.C.; De-Montenegro, S.S.C., 1986:
Starvation effect on reproductive efficiency in males of triatoma infestans klug. 1834 hemiptera reduviidae

Wu, S.Y.; Klein, D.A., 1976 :
Starvation effects on Escherichia coli and aquatic bacterial responses to nutrient addition and secondary warming stresses

Grinberg, D.R.; Ramirez, I.; Vilaro, S.; Reina, M.; Llobera, M.; Herrera, E., 1985:
Starvation enhances lipoprotein lipase ec activity in the liver of the newborn rat

Sofianidou, T.S.; Pirovetsi-Vassiliadou, M.; Kiriakopoulou-Sklavounou, P., 1977:
Starvation experiments on tadpoles and some newly metamorphosed species of anura bombina variegata bufo viridis hyla arborea rana dalmatina

Testerink G.J., 1981:
Starvation in a field population of litter inhabiting collembola methods for determining food reserves in small arthropods

Tessier A.J.; Henry L.L.; Goulden C.E.; Durand M.W., 1983:
Starvation in daphnia energy reserves and reproductive allocation

Rosati G.; Verni F.; Nobili R.; Angeli M., 1981:
Starvation in euplotes crassus ciliata hypotrichida ultrastructure modifications and effects on reproduction

Rouland C.; Goudey Perriere F.; Brousse Gaury P., 1981:
Starvation in females and gonadotropic effects of 2 juvenile hormone analogs during the 1st reproductive cycle of labidura riparia insecta dermaptera

Goodman, M.N.; Ruderman, N.B., 1980:
Starvation in the rat 1. effect of age and obesity on organ weights rna dna and protein

Goodman, M.N.; Larsen, P.R.; Kaplan, M.M.; Aoki, T.T.; Young, V.R.; Ruderman, N.B., 1980:
Starvation in the rat 2. effect of age and obesity on protein sparing and fuel metabolism

Hirons G.; Hardy A.; Stanley P., 1979:
Starvation in young tawny owls

Fassoulaki A.; Eger E.I.II, 1986:
Starvation increases the solubility of volatile anesthetics in rat liver

Knuth U.A.; Friesen H.G., 1983:
Starvation induced anestrus effect of chronic food restriction on body weight its influence on estrous cycle and gonadotropin secretion in rats

Nilsson J.R., 1984:
Starvation induced autophagy in tetrahymena pyriformis

Novitsky, J.A.; Morita, R.Y., 1978:
Starvation induced baro tolerance as a survival mechanism of a psychrophilic marine vibrio in the waters of the antarctic convergence

Hansen, B.A.; Poulsen, H.E., 1986:
Starvation induced changes in quantitative measures of liver function in the rat

Thompson C.S.; Debnam E.S., 1986:
Starvation induced changes in the autoradiographic localization of valine uptake by rat small intestine

Narimiya M.; Yamada H.; Matsuba I.; Ikeda Y.; Tanese T.; Abe M., 1981:
Starvation induced changes of glucagon and insulin secretion from the isolated perfused pancreata of islet activating protein treated rats

Mueller M.J.; Seitz H.J., 1981:
Starvation induced changes of hepatic glucose metabolism in hypo thyroid and hyper thyroid rats in vivo

Jenkins D.E.; Schultz J.E.; Matin A., 1988:
Starvation induced cross protection against heat or hydrogen peroxide challenge in escherichia coli

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Starvation induced inhibition of insulin release

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Starvation induced mortality of young sea caught jack mackerel trachurus symmetricus determined with histological and morphological methods

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Starvation longevity of loxosceles laeta araneae

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Starvation metabolism in the cerithiids cerithidea cingulata gmelin and cerithium coralium kiener

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Starvation of marine flounder squid and laboratory mice and its effect on the intestinal microbiota

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Starvation of prototheca zopfii

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Starvation related alterations in the free radical tissue defense mechanisms in rats

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Starvation resistance of larvae of the japanese sand eel ammodytes personatus

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Starvation results in decreased initiation factor activity in rat skeletal muscle

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Starvation risk and flock size of the social forager when there is a flocking cost

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Starvation stimulates pancreatic prostaglandin e content

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Starvation survival patterns of 16 freshly isolated open ocean bacteria

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Starved tetrahymena synthesize and maintain an excess of 5s ribosomal rna in their cytoplasm

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Starved tetrahymena thermophila cells that are unable to mount an effective heat shock response selectively degrade their ribosomal rna

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Stasis a coevolutionary model

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Stasis of indium 111 di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid in the posterior fossa in patients with cerebellar degeneration

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Stasis syndrome following abdominal colectomy report of a case

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Stat biochemical tests in the division of laboratory medicine fukuoka university japan hospital

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Stat endocardial biopsies

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State 1 state 2 transition in leaves and its association with atp induced chlorophyll fluorescence quenching

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State 1 state 2 transitions in a uni cellular green algae analysis of in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence induction curves in the presence of 3 3 4 di chlorophenyl 1 1 dimethyl urea

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State 1 state ii transitions in the thermophilic blue green alga cyanobacterium synechococcus lividus

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State after pancreatitis cicatricial pancreas as a clinico pathological term histologic pancreatographic study

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State analysis of fermentation using a mass spectrometer with membrane probe

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State and content of potassium in three swedish soils as affected by cropping and potassium application

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State and degree of utilization of benthic food resources by benthophagous fish of the tsimlyansk reservoir russian sfsr ussr

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State and development of quality of distilled water in pharmacies in southern moravia region czechoslovakia

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State and development of the injury threshold concept as a decision orientated system

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State and distribution of potassium and sodium ions in frog skeletal muscle

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State and elemental chemical composition of wheat grown on soils polluted with cadmium and lead

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State and local agency participation in federal air quality control regions

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State and local fern floras of the usa supplement ii

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State and national resources for community spill disaster preparedness in the usa

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State and organization of polyoma virus DNA sequences in transformed rat cell lines

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State and personality in depressed and panic patients

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State and perspectives for studying the development of beef cattle husbandry

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State and problems of the preservation of threatened and rare plants and plant communities in strandza sakar region bulgaria

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State and prospects for studying laws of higher nervous activity following the long term program brain

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State and prospects for the development of electro cardiology

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State and prospects for the study of phyto nematodes in the turkmen ssr

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State and prospects of antibiotic therapy

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State and prospects of chemo therapy in viral infections

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State and prospects of microbiological control of insects

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State and prospects of scientific information in pharmacology toxicology and chemo therapy

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State and prospects of the development of rehabilitation in cardiology

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State and tendencies of mortality rate in the developing countries

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State and trait components of test anxiety and their implications for treatment

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State and trait in psychiatric practice

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State anxiety as a function of skill level and proximity to competition

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State behavior of preterm infants as a function of development individual and sex differences

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State consideration of the rivers zeta and moraca yugoslavia based on the chemical control

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State d1 prostatic adenocarcinoma significance of nuclear dna ploidy patterns studied by flow cytometry

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State dependence of upper airway respiratory moto neurons functions of the cricothyroid and naso labial muscles of the unanesthetized rat

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State dependency of diapause egg production by corpora cardiaca and corpora allata complex of the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae

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State dependent activity in monkey visual cortex i. single cell activity in v1 and v4 visual tasks

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State dependent activity in monkey visual cortex. II. Retinal and extraretinal factors in V4

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State dependent dissociation of food consumption and maze running in rats

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State dependent interactions in the anti histamine induced disruption of a radiation induced conditioned taste aversion

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State dependent learning and morphine tolerance

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State dependent learning induced by low intensity electrical stimulation of the caudate or amygdala nuclei in rats

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State dependent recall can be induced by protein synthesis inhibition behavioral and morphological observations

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State dependent retention in humans induced by alterations in affective state

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State dependent retention induced by postacquisition exposure to pentobarbital or shock stress in rats

Lowe G., 1988:
State dependent retrieval effects with social drugs

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State effects on concomitant cardiac and behavioral responses to a rocking stimulus in human new borns

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State growth and productivity of the natural stands of tilia argentea in northeast bulgaria

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State i state ii transitions in porphyridium cruentum observations on photosystem i by epr

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State i state ii transitions in the green alga scenedesmus obliquus

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State ii carcinoma of the endometrium results of therapy and prognostic factors

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State implementation of permit requirements under the 1977 clean air act amendments

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State laws and the practice of lay midwifery

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State measures and sleep stages

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State modifications of thymocyte plasma membrane proteins and lipids by mitogenic doses of concanavalin A: a Raman study on isolated membrane vesicles

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State of accessory nasal sinuses in patients with diseases of the respiratory system

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State of acidity as an indicator of quality care in obstetrics

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State of actin during the cycle of cohesiveness of the cytoplasm in parthenogenetically activated sea urchin paracentrotus lividus egg

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State of adenovirus 2 dna in the nucleus and its mode of transcription studies with isolated viral dna protein complexes and isolated nuclei

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State of adhesion of mussels and its control

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State of adrenergic and cholinergic systems in schizophrenic patients in the process of psycho pharmaco therapy

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State of adrenergic nerve structure and cholinergic nerve structure in the rabbit heart after sensitization and anaphylactic shock

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State of aggregation of the blood in rabbits with experimental hypoparathyrodism

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State of aggregation of the calcium magnesium atpase studied using chemical cross linking

Napier R.M.; East J.M.; Lee A.G., 1987:
State of aggregation of the calcium magnesium atpase studied using saturation transfer esr

Sobolev V.I.; Dingamtar N., 1982:
State of alpha 1 adrenergic reactions and beta 1 adrenergic reactions in cold acclimation

Yamagishi T.; Yamauchi F.; Shibasaki K., 1981:
State of aromatic amino acid residues in soybean 11s globulin heated in the presence of n ethyl maleimide by derivative spectrophotometry

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State of art and trends in magnetic resonance tomography of the central nervous system

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State of association of band 3 protein from bovine erythrocyte membrane in nonionic detergent

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State of atmospheric pollution in industrial regions of bulgaria during the period of 1972 1974

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State of awakeness during visual fixation in preterm infants

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State of bifido flora in cosmonauts before and after space flights

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State of bin ocular vision in school children

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State of blood coagulation during prolonged hypo kinesia

Torubarova, N.A., 1977:
State of bone marrow stroma in hemopoietic hypoplasia in children

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State of bronchial patency during treatment with beta blockers

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State of carbohydrate metabolism and activity of a series of hormonal factors in patients with ischemic heart disease and coronary athero sclerosis

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State of catecholamine metabolism in botulinic intoxication and possible ways for its correction

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State of cellular and humoral immunity in chronic renal insufficiency due to glomerulo nephritis

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State of cellular and humoral immunity in patients with benign tumors and ovarian tumor like formations

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State of cellular immunity and phagocytes in mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in guinea pigs

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State of cellular immunity in infant children during sepsis and its treatment with levamisole

Reznik B.Ya; Minkov I.P., 1981:
State of cellular membranes and problems with use of membrane stabilizing drugs in children with pneumonia

Vinichuk S.M., 1984:
State of central and cerebral circulation in healthy people and in patients with initial manifestations of cerebral blood supply insufficiency

Tsygankov A.T., 1980:
State of central and regional hemodynamics in cardio myopathy

Rakhumaa I.E.; Sulling T A.A., 1987:
State of central hemodynamics in ischemic heart disease patients after aortocoronary shunting

Vinichun S.M., 1985:
State of cerebral and systemic circulation in ischemic stroke in patients with disorders of cardiac rhythm

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State of cerebral blood circulation in experimental acute coronary insufficiency

Sokolov V.I., 1985:
State of cerebral hemodynamics and ventricular system during head down tilt

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State of cerebral hemodynamics in patients with acute disturbances of the cerebral blood circulation

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State of cerebral hemodynamics in patients with cerebral atherosclerosis and healthy subjects under dosed physical load

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State of cerebral structures and cerebral hemodynamics in healthy children and in children with vegetovascular dystonia

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State of cerebro spinal fluid dynamics central and peripheral hemodynamics in children with infantile cerebral paralysis

Argunova L.L., 1986:
State of certain adrenergic reactions of albino rats in experimental hyperthyroidism

Shcherbak L.F., 1982:
State of certain enzymes of glycolysis and tri carboxylic cycle in intact and de nervated skeletal muscles of rats during cooling

Tregubenko Y.A.; Shvedov L.M.; Steblyanko V.I., 1981:
State of certain indices of t lymphocytes under oxygen at high pressure

Chernitskii A.G., 1979:
State of chloride cells at different life cycle stages of the baltic salmon salmo salar

Khvedynich O.A.; Serdyuk L.S., 1986:
State of chromatin in the nuclei of triticale embryo sac cells

Danilova A.I., 1980:
State of circulation in conjunctival vessels of diabetic patients

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State of contractile ability of the right lateral myo cardium and pulmonary hemodynamics in patients with cirrhosis of the liver based on clinical instrumental and morphological studies

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State of coronary vessels in ischemic heart disease cases as shown by data of angiographic and morphological studies

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State of differentiation of bovine epithelial lens cells in vitro modulation of the synthesis and of the polymerization of specific proteins crystallins and nonspecific proteins in relation to cell divisions

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State of dna grooves in mono nucleosomes and oligo nucleosomes and complexes of dna with histone fractions

Gerasimova V.V., 1980:
State of dna structural integrity in tissues of different age rats

Grosberg A.Yu; Zhestkov A.V., 1985:
State of dna toroidal globule persistent macromolecule in a low molecular solvent

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State of effector lymphocyte subpopulations in the blood of patients with affections of the large intestine mucosa

Gritsuk A.I.; Glotov N.A.; Osipenko A.V., 1983:
State of energy metabolism in muscular tissue under hypo kinesia of different duration

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State of gas exchange and water electrolyte composition in tissues of various rat organs with a predominantly fatty diet

Ermakov E.V.; Kirillov V.A.; Gavrilenko Y.V., 1981:
State of gastric mucosa and duodenal mucosa in some diseases of the large intestine

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State of gastric secretion in intestinal helminthiases

Larionov, N.P., 1978:
State of glycolytic system in a hypertrophied heart

Schunk W.; Kurt J., 1986:
State of health and care of the old in housing settlement and in a home for aged people in erfurt east germany

Fischer H D., 1985:
State of health and stress factors in occupation the mass media profession

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State of health in dockers employed at trans shipment

Forycki, Z., 1979:
State of health of shipyard painters as index of exposure to the action of organic solvents

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State of health of workers employed in phosphate production 1. selected diagnosis and laboratory indices

Gadomska, J.; Lukowicz-Ratajczak, J.; Byczkowski, S., 1985:
State of health of workers employed in phosphate production 2. hematologic and selected immunologic tests

Welizarowicz, A.; Byczkowski, S.; Gedrojc, D.; Lopacinska, B.; Cejrowski, S., 1985:
State of health of workers employed in phosphate production 3. general and specialized medical examinations

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State of health of workers exposed to sulfur dusts

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State of healthy cows grazing on cultivated irrigated pastures with differing doses of potassium fertilizers

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State of hemodynamics and some biochemical indices of blood in critical contusions of the heart

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State of hemodynamics in patients with chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases according to radio cardiographic data

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State of hemodynamics in pregnant women with mitral stenosis

Burkovskaya, T.E., 1977:
State of hemopoiesis during irradiation simulating the radiation exposure in prolonged space flight

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State of hemopoiesis in rats during chronic exposure to tritium oxide/

Zlochevskaya L.L., 1981 :
State of hemopoiesis under cryo destruction and cryo ray treatment of experimental tumors

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State of hemostasis in erysipelas patients with hemorrhagic syndrome

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State of hemostasis in patients with auto immune thrombocytopenic purpura

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State of hemostasis in various forms of pancreatitis

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State of hepatitis B viral DNA in a human hepatoma cell line

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State of hepatitis b virus dna in hepatocytes of patients with hepatitis b surface antigen positive and antigen negative liver diseases

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State of hepatitis b virus dna in leukocytes of hepatitis b patients

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State of higher nervous activity and some indices of experimental psychological studies in elderly persons

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State of hormonal homeostasis in lung cancer patients under combined and radiation treatment

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State of hydrolase and their inhibitor system in the blood serum under cold stress

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State of hypothalamic hypophyseal neuro secretory system during hyperbaric oxygenation

Belikova, M.A.; Ivanova, L.N.; Yurisova, M.N., 1978:
State of hypothalamic hypophyseal neuro secretory system in the gerbil rhombomys opimus during dehydration

Malysheva, S.F.; Romanova, O.A.; Slivinskaya, Z.P., 1978:
State of immune responses in patients with soft tissue sarcomas treated surgically

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State of immune system in patients with multiple myeloma during polychemotherapy

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State of immunity in patients on chronic hemo dialysis

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State of immunogenesis and hemostasis in patients with aggravated chronic glomerulonephritis treated with thymalin

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State of immunologic reactivity in patients with auto immune hemolytic anemia

Fedyshin P.S.; Opanasyuk N.D.; Tokareva G.A., 1980:
State of immunological reactivity in patients with chronic diseases of the liver

Dyka, V.Ye, 1976:
State of indices of nonspecific body resistance after appendectomy

Evdokimova N.Yu, 1984:
State of insulin receptors of the fatty tissue in patients with an elevated level of contra insulin hormones with and without concomitant diabetes mellitus

Fedorovskii L.L.; Moroz B.B.; Grozdov S.P.; Lebedeva G.A.; Kendysh I.N., 1979:
State of intestines of parenterally fed rats during acute radiation sickness

Han S.L.; Stimson E.R.; Maxfield F.R.; Leach S.J.; Scheraga H.A., 1980:
State of ionization of 5 leucine enkephalin in the crystal and in solution

Uspenskaya N.Ya; Novakova A.A.; Aleksandrov A.Yu; Kuz'min R.N.; Kononenko A.A.; Rubin A.B., 1983:
State of iron in sub chromatophore fragments of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides by means of gamma resonance spectroscopy

Scherer P.; Sauer C., 1982:
State of iron in the archaebacterium methanosarcina barkeri grown on different carbon sources as studied by moessbauer spectroscopy

Zharenkov V.P., 1983:
State of irrigated soils in the lower course of the river bolshoi uzen ussr

Averkina R.F.; Suchkova N.I., 1980:
State of kidneys in female cba mice and in their progeny during introduction of blood serum and lymphoid cells from syngenic donors with experimental nephroso nephritis

Laskov V.B., 1980:
State of kinesthetic sensitivity in patients with latent and subclinical course of alcoholic poly neuritis

Shuntov V.P., 1986:
State of knowledge of long term cyclic changes in fish abundance in far eastern seas

Tagi Zade N.S., 1985:
State of lacrimal ducts in persons exposed to the action of pesticides

Kotenko T.V.; Zybina N.N.; Zubtsovskii O.V.; Syromyatnikova N.V., 1980:
State of lipid metabolism in bronchi ectatic disease

Nikalayenka H.V.; Zharykaw I.S.; Arlowski V.I., 1982:
State of lipid metabolism in paramphistomiasis of cattle

Sutkovoi D.A.; Kravchuk G.P.; Baraboi V.A.; Beloshitskii P.V., 1985:
State of lipid peroxidation and thymus dependent immune system in patients with allergic diseases of respiratory organs during rehabilitation in mountain climate

Khafaga, E.R.; Koch, H., 1980:
State of maturity and quality of karkadeh hibiscus sabdariffa var sabdariffa 2. antho cyanins

Atanadze, S.N., 1978:
State of measles immunity during multiple sclerosis

Sorokina A.D.; Tongur A.M.; Deborin G.A., 1983:
State of membrane lipid component in the course of gramicidin synthesis

Musaev N.A.; Vorob'ev L.N., 1983:
State of membrane potassium channels of plant cells and regulation of their photoelectrical activity

Nica-Udangiu, S.; Ionescu, R.; Nica-Udangiu, L.; Popovici, E., 1981:
State of mental health and social and familial background as explanatory factors of poor university performance

Perutz M.F., 1981:
State of met hemo globin in normal adults and in patients with hereditary met hemo globinemia

Popov V.G.; Smetnev A.S.; Lazutin V.K.; Beskrovnova N.N.; Gerasimova O.B., 1979:
State of micro circulation in different zones of the heart in patients with myo cardial infarction complicated by congestive circulatory insufficiency

Vasyutkova, L.A., 1978:
State of micro circulation in patients with diabetes mellitus according to the results of conjunctival bio microscopy

Khabr, E.M.; Trotsyuk, V.V., 1978:
State of micro circulation in patients with hypertension using conjunctival bio microscopy data

Duma Z.V., 1982:
State of micro circulation in patients with pneumonia during complex treatment including heparin

Danilova A.I., 1979:
State of micro circulation in relatives of diabetic patients

Pavlishchuk, S.A., 1977:
State of micro circulatory hemostasis in patients with arterial hypertension and its changes under the effect of heparin

Bezuglov, M.F.; Ivanova, A.V.; Belikov, E.S.; Tenigin, P.A., 1985:
State of microcirculation and system of hemostasis in sjogren's disease sjogren's syndrome and parenchymatous parotitis

Chernin V.V.; Mishin V.I.; Pavlova N.I.; Zotov L.A., 1986:
State of microcirculation as related to gastric functions and structural changes in the gastroduodenal zone in relapsing peptic ulcer

Zubkova, S.M.; Sokolova, Z.A., 1978:
State of mitochondria and chromatin of nerve cell nuclei of the cerebral cortex during laser irradiation

Slepneva L.V.; Remizova M.I.; Kochetygov N.I., 1985:
State of mitochondrial metabolism and lysosomal apparatus of rabbit liver cells in burn shock

Kolyada A.Yu; Koblyakov V.A.; Pan'shin O.A.; Karamysheva A.F.; Sennitskaya L.V., 1980:
State of mono oxygenase enzyme system in repeated administration of di ethyl nitrosamine

Kozhina G.V.; Person R.S.; Smetanin B.N., 1985:
State of motoneurons and monosynaptic reflex arc prior to a simple random movement

Ryabov S.I.; Ryss E.S.; Lutoshkin M.B., 1985:
State of mucosa of the upper portions of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with chronic renal diseases

Pazardzhikliev, D., 1981:
State of nasal breathing among founders from b'deshtnost metallurgy plant chirpan bulgaria

Semagina R.N., 1983:
State of natural renewal of the common yew taxus baccata in black sea forests of the caucasian reservation ussr

Buinov B.B., 1984:
State of natural resistance and humoral immunity in patients with endemic and diffuse toxic goiter

Rusanov G.M., 1983:
State of natural resources in the volga river cis estuarine offshore zone and prospects for their further changes

Drozdovskaya T.M.; Korotchenko V.V.; Cherpak B.D.; Bangura I.S., 1980:
State of nerve elements of the thyroid gland and extramural ganglions innervating it at early stages of experimental goiter

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State of nervous and vascular systems in combined radiation therapy of cervical cancer

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State of neuro endocrine apparatuses of the kidneys in vaso renal hypertension as a criterion for predicting the results of surgical intervention

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State of neuro humoral regulation systems in open heart surgery under ketamine anesthesia

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State of neuro humoral regulatory systems in circulatory insufficiency

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State of neuro secretory hypothalamic nuclei during forced molting in chickens

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State of nissl substance in the neuronal organizations of medulla oblongata nuclei during various periods of food deprivation and satiation in albino rats

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State of nitrogen metabolism in animal and human carriers of salmonella bacteria

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State of nonspecific and specific defense factors in anaphylactic shock caused by cotton fiber allergen

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State of nonspecific brain systems in some hypothalamic syndromes

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State of nonspecific resistance in germ free and escherichia coli mono contaminated miniature piglets

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State of nuclear chromatin in brain neurons under multi modal effects on the body

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State of nutrition of the population of krakow

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State of ocular refraction during a study week in students of 1 year training schools for turners

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State of organic acids in salty rice miso

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State of peri infarction and necrotic zones in various complications of myo cardial infarction according to early electro cardiograms 35 precordial leads

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State of peripheral blood and bone marrow hemopoiesis in dogs after duodenectomy

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State of peripheral blood circulation in patients with thrombo obliterating diseases of lower extremity arteries according to radio isotopic data

Almazov I.I.; Lobova N.M.; Zhumambaeva R.M.; Zyryanov A.M., 1982:
State of peripheral blood flow and oxygen regimen in the tissues of patients with circulatory insufficiency and the dynamics of these parameters under the effect of peripheral vaso dilators

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State of peripheral hemodynamics evaluated by rheo vasography in patients with lumbo sacral radiculitis

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State of peripheral neuroregulatory mechanisms of rats stomach in gastric carcinogenesis caused by 3 methylcholanthrene

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State of pest biotopical population and toxicity of insecticides on clover

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State of phagocytic activity in patients with breast tumors

Manukova, M.A., 1976:
State of phagocytic immunity in albino mice with experimental staphylococcal sepsis treated with doxycycline and pentoxyl

Mortensen J.; Groth S.; Lange P., 1987:
State of physical training after rowing for 41 days in the atlantic ocean

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State of pollution on the italian coast summer 1976

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State of populations and the problem of protection of baltic seals

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State of porphyrin metabolism in persons engaged in the production of chlorine by mercuric electrolysis method

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State of primary hemostasis in patients with thrombocythemia syndrome

Akopov S.E.; Gabrielyan E.S., 1986:
State of prostacyclin control of the platelet vascular wall system in patients with cerebral circulatory disorders

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State of proteinase serum inhibitors in patients operated on for pulmonary tuberculosis

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State of proteins and free amino acids in wheat chloroplasts during hardening

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State of pulmonary blood flow and central hemodynamics in healthy people during breathing a helium oxygen mixture

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State of pulmonary circulation in ischemic heart disease patients in velo ergometric exercises and acute strophanthin tests data on right heart and pulmonary artery catheterization

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State of pulmonary surfactant in various animals species

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State of reactivity in children with iron deficiency anemia by the adrenaline test

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State of refraction and image quality of the frogs eye

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State of regional hemodynamics in patients with vibration disease under sanatorium treatment rheographic study

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State of renal hemodynamics in diabetes mellitus patients

Gorodetskaya M.E.; Kes' A.S.; Kuznetsov N.T., 1979:
State of research of the aral sea

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State of respiration and oxidative phosphorylation and activity of liver mitochondrial enzymes under a toxic effect

Abdrashitov E.Kh, 1983:
State of respiratory organs of rats bred in production colonies

Rashetnikaw U.M.; Laptsyeva V.K.; Shandrykava L.M.; Masny M.M.; Dreitsar U.F.; Al'fyarovich I.P., 1982:
State of ribosomes in dormant and germinating rye seeds

Anon, 1980:
State of selected stocks of tuna and billfish in the pacific and indian oceans

Khlebtovskii E.S.; Manelis Z.S., 1987:
State of skin autoflora in patients with encephalomyelopolyradiculoneuritis with a protracted course

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State of sodium potassium atpase in rat erythrocyte membranes in botulism

Efremova L.V.; Yushchuk N.D.; Tendetnik Y.Y., 1984:
State of some factors of cellular and humoral immunity in salmonellosis and alimentary toxicoinfections

Sterlin G.S.; Pushnitsina A.D.; Sil'chenko N.N.; Klestova O.V., 1979:
State of some hemopoietic organs in rats during total and subtotal irradiation and auto transplantation of bone marrow

Rubins A.Ya, 1981:
State of some indices of immunity and nonspecific responsiveness during treatment of patients with rubro mycosis

Nazarov I.P., 1981:
State of some neuro endocrine systems in patients in operative and post operative periods under sustained ganglionic block with normotension

Yurchenko T.N.; Belonozhko A.P., 1982:
State of some redox enzymes in cornea cells after cryo preservation cytochemical study

Konyk, O.Yu, 1977:
State of spatial synchronization of electrical activity in cat brain cortex during nembutal sleep

Anderson, J.M.; Tyler, J.M., 1980:
State of spectrin phosphorylation does not affect erythrocyte shape or spectrin binding to erythrocyte membranes

Orlov A.Ya; Il'yushenko A.F., 1982:
State of spruce re growth in clear cut areas of birch forests in the southern taiga russian sfsr ussr

Gunnarsson K.; Einarsson E.; Jonsson G., 1986:
State of stocks and environmental conditions in icelandic waters 1985 fishing prospects for 1986

Anon, 1987:
State of stocks and environmental conditions in icelandic waters in 1986 fishing prospects in 1987

Gummer A.W.; Johnstone B.M., 1983:
State of stress within the basilar membrane a reevaluation of the membrane misnomer

Vlasyuk, P.A., 1978:
State of studies on trace elements and prospects of their further development in the ukrainian ssr and the moldavian ssr ussr

David L.L.; Shearer T.R., 1984:
State of sulfhydryl in selenite cataract

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State of systemic hemodynamics in a case of juxtaglomerular cell tumor

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State of t and b immunity systems in experimental amyloidosis

Kogosova L.S.; Bal'tseva L.B.; Petrashenko A.I., 1981:
State of t system and b system immunity in patients with 1st identified destructive pulmonary tuberculosis treated with combined therapy

Slavnov, V.N.; Epshtein, E.V.; Malinkovich, V.D.; Luchitskii, E.V.; Yakovlev, A.A.; Markov, V.V., 1976:
State of the adreno corticotropic function of the hypophysis in endocrine diseases

Kovalenko T.N., 1981:
State of the aero hematic barrier in hyperoxia

Syarhyeichyk A.A., 1982:
State of the anatomic and morphological structure of cucumber and corn leaves during boron deficiency

Gansburskii A.N., 1985:
State of the aortic endothelium under conditions of a chronic stress

Jennings W., 1984:
State of the art gas chromatography instrumental design

Begg C.B.; Pocock S.J.; Freedman L.; Zelen M., 1987:
State of the art in comparative cancer clinical trials

Panish J.F., 1979:
State of the art management of patients with polypoid lesions of the colon current concepts and controversies

Paulson, J.E., 1985:
State of the art of alexithymia measurement

Krenkel P.A.; French R.H., 1982:
State of the art of modeling surface water impoundments

IItuka T.; Okano T.; Wada A., 1988:
State of the art of the utilization of thermal effluents and its future r and d plannings

Ol'shanskii V.O.; Bityutskii P.G.; Dar'yalova S.L., 1987:
State of the art treatment of laryngeal cancer

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State of the biliary tract in patients with systemic scleroderma

Chemezov S.V., 1984:
State of the blood channel in the eyeball vascular tunic and of the retrobulbar formations in experimental venous congestion

Panchenko V.M.; Tsitron A.O.; Burkovskii M.Yu, 1981:
State of the blood coagulation system in urological patients before and after surgery

Andreenko G.V.; Lyutova L.V.; Benyumova O.E., 1980:
State of the blood fibrinolytic and kinin systems after physical exertion

Zarembskii R.A.; Belyakov N.A.; Shershneva L.K.; Obolenskii S.V., 1987:
State of the blood kallikrein kinin system in acute lung impairments

Vizir A.D.; Korobeinik F.G.; Burchak E.N., 1981:
State of the blood kinin system in chronic cholecystitis patients with pain syndrome

Namazova A.A.; Bairamov M.A.; Safieva A.G.; Gabuchiya A.K., 1980:
State of the blood kinin system in new born infants with sepsis

Kresyun V.I., 1985:
State of the brain mitochondrial membrane under stress and its medicamental correction

Akhundov, R.F.; Alieva, R.K. ; Alizade, G.A.; Vinokurova, M.I.; Rustamzade-Ch, V., 1980:
State of the broncho pulmonary apparatus in workers of rolling and tube rolling shops of the v. i. lenin azerbaijan ussr tube rolling mill

Sveshnikov A.A.; Khanes G.S.; Degtyarev V.E.; Mingazova N.B., 1984:
State of the capillary blood flow and blood coagulation system in chronic osteomyelitis

Tsygankov A.T.; Dorogoi A.P., 1981:
State of the cardio portal blood flow in chronic ischemic heart disease

Gel'tishcheva E.A., 1980:
State of the cardio vascular system in adolescents performing precise visual operations during exposure to occupational noise

Yusupova, N.Y. ; Kudaiberdiev, Z.M.; Narbekov, O.N., 1976:
State of the cardio vascular system in patients with decompensated mitral valve disease living in alpine areas

Plenov N.N.; Gul'ko S.N.; Pikul'skaya A.F.; Parpalei I.A., 1981:
State of the cardio vascular system in workers exposed to lead

Gutnik R.B.; Yaralova P.V.; Muravova L.P.; Kovalkina L.A.; Khazan L.D.; Kucher I.I.; Chaikovskaya M.Yu, 1981:
State of the cardio vascular system of donors after multiple frequently conducted plasmapheresis

Pagava I.K.; Mdivani M.B.; Babunashvili N.A., 1979:
State of the cardio vascular system of healthy infants

Churadze, T.A., 1976:
State of the central nervous system in infants with toxic forms of pneumonia

Kuznetsov, N.A.; Istomin, N.P.; Kukhareva, N.S., 1978:
State of the contraction relaxation mechanism and bio electric activity of the myo cardium in acute arterial occlusion

Kukharchuk, V.V., 1976:
State of the coronary bed and some indices of hemodynamics and myo cardial contractility in fibrillation arrhythmia

Brewin, N.; Cairns, J., 1977:
State of the dna replication fork during thymine deprivation of escherichia coli as observed by pulse labeling with tritiated thymidine

Kolomeets N.S., 1985:
State of the dna rna protein synthesizing apparatus in neurons of the cerebral sensomotor cortex of 30 day old rats

Pigulevskaya T.K.; Ivanov B.N.; Chernavina I.A.; Shmeleva V.L., 1983:
State of the electron transport chain of oat avena sativa chloroplasts in the case of excess zinc ions in the culture medium

Biswas, A.K.; Biswas, M.R., 1976:
State of the environment and its implications to resource policy development

Valenkevich, L.N., 1976:
State of the exocrine function of the human pancreas in aging

Zakharova L.V., 1981:
State of the extracellular and absorptive functions of digestion in typhoid fever

Natsiashvili E.Ya; Khuchua A.V.; Sturua N.S., 1987:
State of the gastric immune system in duodenal ulcer patients in relation to age

Polyak R.I.; Bakunov V.A., 1982:
State of the gastric mucosal tunic after extirpation of the pancreas or some of its parts

Okhrimovich L.M.; Chernyavskaya G.F.; Zhura I.I.; Kushnir L.P., 1982:
State of the gastric secretory apparatus in patients with chronic cholecystitis during treatment

Romanova, L.K.; Filippenko, L.N., 1975:
State of the glycocalyx of rat lung cells after sinistral pneumonectomy

Agamirova R.M.; Rybakova O.I., 1981:
State of the guinea pig sympatho adrenal system in the regeneration period after short term physical exertion

Parashchin V.M., 1984:
State of the hematotesticular barrier and developing germ cells under conditions of short term ischemia of the testes

Stepanova N.V., 1982:
State of the hepato biliary system in patients with alimentary obesity in association with cholecystitis

Kleiner A.I.; Sonkin I.S.; Volodchenko V.A.; Ostrovskaya I.S.; Timoshenko L.V.; Motlokhov V.N.; Timchenko A.N.; Smol'nikova L.S., 1981:
State of the hepato biliary system under the effect of benzanthrone

Barannikova I.A.; Boev A.A.; Bukovskaya O.S.; Efimova N.A.; Zenkevich G.A.; Latse Z.M., 1985:
State of the hypophysis and dynamics of gonadotropic hormone in blood of the sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti and the stellate sturgeon acipenser stellatus acipenseridae under various hormonal effects

Tyrtyshnikov, I.M.; Tarasenko, L.M., 1978:
State of the hypothalamic hypophyseal adrenal system at various stages of acute massive blood loss

Spesivtseva V.G.; Zubovskii G.A.; Lukomskii G.I.; Korovkina E.G.; Mamaeva G.G.; Ivanova N.A., 1981:
State of the hypothalamus hypophysis thyroid gland system in patients with eu thyroid and nodular goiter in the post operative period

Mosiyash S.S., 1984:
State of the ichthyofauna of istra reservoir russian sfsr ussr during recreational fishing

Stefani D.V.; Kharina E.A.; Kozhukhova O.A.; Prozorovskaya K.N.; Tsvetkova E.I.; Kapel'ko M.A.; Shterengarts B.P.; Sikharulidze G.I., 1985:
State of the immune system in children with nephropathy associated with hypoplastic dysplasia

Skosogorenko M.G., 1981:
State of the immunity t system in males with specific and nonspecific inflammatory diseases of genitalia

Pal'tsev M.A.; Esilevskii Y.M.; Chasovnikova N.N.; Shumkina L.M., 1982:
State of the juxtaglomerular apparatus and interstitial cells of renal medulla after administration of drugs and hyperbaric oxygenation

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State of the kallikrein kinin system in patients with thyro toxicosis

Paskhina, T.S.; Polyantseva, L.R.; Krinskaya, A.V.; Belolipetskaya-Yu, G.; Nartikova, V.F.; Rossinskaya, E.B.; Kargashin, I.A., 1977:
State of the kinin system and level of proteinase inhibitors in the blood serum in latent nephritis and nephrotic syndrome of various etiology

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State of the kinin system in burn shock and early toxemia

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State of the labyrinthine righting reflexes during administration of trace elements copper manganese and cobalt to rabbits

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State of the lactic acid lactate dehydrogenase system in the blood in acute myo cardial infarction

Eshchenko, V.A., 1978:
State of the langerhans islets in various animal species following 8 arensulfonylamino quinoline administration

Rizaev M.N.; Elkina L.B.; Kleinerman V.E.; Nazyrova L.A., 1981:
State of the lesser and greater circulation hemodynamics depending on the extent of the pathologic process in the lungs

Shevchenko R.N.; Gavrisyuk V.K., 1982:
State of the lesser circulation in patients with chronic bronchitis of toxicochemical etiology

Pinelis V.G.; Vakulina T.P.; Kozlov A.V.; Markov K.M., 1982:
State of the limb resistive vessels in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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State of the lipids in the purple membrane of halobacterium cutirubrum as seen by phosphorus 31 nmr

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State of the liver in ethrane anesthesia and surgery clinical and morphological comparative findings

Podlevskii A.F.; Vlasov N.N., 1986:
State of the liver in various forms of pseudotuberculosis

Kitaev, E.M., 1977:
State of the lungs long after irradiation

Belousova N.V., 1981 :
State of the lympho adenoid throat ring in lympho sarcoma patients

Archibald F.S.; Fridovich I., 1982:
State of the manganese in lactobacillus plantarum

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State of the mechanisms of thermogenesis in young rats grown under low temperature conditions

Gaikin A.V., 1985:
State of the microcirculatory bed of eye ball conjunctiva in physiological and pathological pregnancy

Koblyakov, V.A.; Kolyada, A.Y., 1978:
State of the microsomal oxygenase system in chronic administration of 2 acetylamino fluorene

Volozhin A.I.; Stupakov G.P.; Pavlova M.N.; Muradov I.Sh, 1979:
State of the mineral component of rat bone tissue in hypo kinesia and during the restorative period

Sisakyan S.A.; Matevosyan R.Sh, 1980:
State of the myo cardial capillary network in rats during myo cardial hypertrophy and under physical loading

Novozhilov V.A., 1981:
State of the myo cardial contractile capacity after operations on abdominal organs

Vikhert A.M.; Cherpachenko N.M., 1981:
State of the myo cardium in the extrainfarction zone

Lirman A.V.; Strenev F.V., 1986:
State of the myocardium in moderately pronounced iron deficiency anemia

Martynov Y.S.; Malkova E.V.; Nozdryukhina N.V., 1985:
State of the nervous system in acute pneumonias

Burneckis, E., 1978:
State of the nervous system of the heart after anaphylactic shock

Dedov V.I.; Norets T.A., 1981:
State of the neuro endocrine system in male rats of varying age during prolonged internal irradiation

Dedov V.I., 1986:
State of the neuroendocrine functional system as criterion estimating the biological effect of low doses at internal irradiation

Rudoi D.G.; Bobokhodzhaev I.Ya; Rudoi S.D.; Mansurova I.D.; Borshcheva L.I., 1986:
State of the pancreas in patients with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis

Arevshatyan G.S., 1982:
State of the parodontium in workers of a synthetic rubber mill

Gyarulaitis, A.B.; Bubinas, A.D., 1980:
State of the perch perca fluviatilis population in the kaunas hydro electric plant water reservoir lithuanian ssr ussr in 1961 1978 2. growth and nutrition

Gyarulaitis, A.B., 1979:
State of the perch perca fluviatilis population in the reservoir of the kaunas hydro electric station lithuanian ssr ussr in 1961 1978 1. biometrical characteristics

Gyarulaitis, A.B., 1981:
State of the perch population in the kaunas hydro electric plant reservoir lithuanian ssr ussr in 1961 1978 3. catch structure and population

Shmeleva V.L.; Parshina G.N.; Polimbetova F.A., 1981:
State of the photosynthetic electron transport chain in winter wheat during hardening

Tikhomirov A.A.; Sid'ko F.Ya, 1982:
State of the pigment apparatus and the formation of the structure of radish cenoses in relation to their productivity at varying light spectrum and intensity

Dilova, S.; Zeinalov-Yu ; Petkova, R., 1978:
State of the pigment protein complex in higher plants part 2 action of phospho lipase d

Trukhan M.N.; Barkovich E.N., 1983:
State of the population of malarial mosquitoes in the territory of the belorussian ssr ussr

Zivanovic, V., 1975:
State of the population of the cockchafer melolontha melolontha in western serbia yugoslavia during the 1974 flying season

Ovcharenko, E.P.; Nifatov, A.P., 1975:
State of the progeny of female rats poisoned with plutonium 239

Protsenko A.V.; Starosek V.N.; Protsenko V.A., 1981:
State of the proteolysis enzyme inhibitor system in acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis

Dorovatovskii V.A.; Mustafin A.Kh, 1986:
State of the pulmonary surfactant system in acute respiratory failure

Raevskii V.P.; Kondrat'ev A.N.; Fradkova G.V., 1986:
State of the regulatory system of the liquid state of the blood and blood clotting in patients with brain tumors during surgery under neuroleptanalgesia

Grin' N.V.; Ermachenko A.B.; Besedina E.I.; Govorunova N.N.; Nikolaenko V.D., 1981:
State of the reproductive function of animals during continuous inhalation of a mixture of mercury containing salts

Izraitel' N.A.; Titov L.P.; Kaskevich L.I.; Ananich I.M., 1981:
State of the secretory and serum immuno globulin system in tonsillitis

Il'icheva R.F.; Burd G.S.; Shelyakina L.A.; Sergeeva N.A., 1980:
State of the serotonin mono amine oxidase and histamine di amine oxidase systems in the circulating blood during ischemic insult

Boitsova, V.P.; Vedernikov, V.P., 1977:
State of the small intestine of rats as affected by iodine 131 strontium 89 and promethium 147 separately and in combination

Storozhenko N.V., 1985:
State of the soil absorption complex of leached chernozem under the effect of various methods of crop cultivation

Vakhrameeva, I.A.; Finkel', M.L., 1978:
State of the spinal inhibiting system in new born infants in the sleep cycle

Arutiunian, V.M.; Eganian, G.A.; Minasian, G.A., 1984:
State of the stomach and duodenum in patients with periodic disease

Nebol'sina, L.I.; Pinelis, V.G.; Kurbatov, V.S.; Nadezhdina, E.A.; Markov-Kh, M., 1978:
State of the sympathetico adrenal system and renin activity in blood of children with primary arterial hypertension during treatment with beta blocking agents

Sheveleva V.S.; Mel'nikov R.A.; Simonov N.N., 1980:
State of the sympatho adrenal system in patients with malignant tumors of the gastro intestinal tract

Aleksandrin G.P.; Smirnova E.V.; Frid I.A., 1980:
State of the sympatho adrenal system in some kinds of anesthesia in patients with cancer of the stomach and rectum

Agamirova R.M.; Rybakova O.I., 1983:
State of the sympathoadrenal system in the recovery period following a half hour run and prolonged administration of insulin

Skopenko E.V.; Bratus' N.I.; Vasil'ev A.N.; Parkhomets T.I.; Kucherenko N.E., 1984:
State of the system of cyclic nucleotides in rat brain at the initial stage of acute radiation injury

Plakhuta Plakutina G.I.; Savina E.A.; Afonin B.V., 1985:
State of the thyroid gland and cell system during prolonged centrifugation morphobiochemical examination

Ismagilov R.Z.; Potapov V.A., 1986:
State of the upper portions of the digestive tract in chronic renal insufficiency

Dollenz, A.O., 1978:
State of the vascular flora in puerto espora tierra del fuego chile contaminated by the oil spill from the tanker metula 2. survey of the southeastern entrance to the sea

Levina F.Ya, 1980:
State of the vegetation of the northern caspian semi desert in the area of the volga ural interfluve russian sfsr ussr during the drought of 1972

Rose, A.G., 1985:
State of the vein grafts, native coronary arteries, and myocardium and principal cause of death in patients dying after aortocoronary bypass grafting

Burtsev E.M.; Starodubtsev A.V., 1988:
State of the ventricular system and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in chronic brain diseases

Zouzias, D.; Prasad, I.; Basilico, C., 1977:
State of the viral dna in rat cells transformed by polyoma virus part 2 identification of the cells containing nonintegrated viral dna and the effect of viral mutations

Kulieva Z.T.; Vasil'eva O.M., 1984:
State of the visual function in long lived men of kedabek and lerik raions of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Polonskii, V.I.; Lisovskii, G.M., 1977:
State of the wheat pigment apparatus at high intensities of photosynthetically active radiation in a light culture

Panferova, N.E., 1978:
State of thermo regulation during prolonged stay under conditions of limited muscular activity

Beraya I.G., 1985:
State of thiamin metabolism at high doses of folic acid

Mekhtiev M.A.; Gauzer E.G.; Kerimov B.F., 1982:
State of thiol metabolism and its regulation in radiation and toxic injury to the body

Mekhtiev M.A.; Gauzr E.G.; Kerimov B.F., 1981:
State of thiol metabolism in animals after application of sodium selenite

Malashkhiya-Yu, A., 1977:
State of thymus derived and bone marrow derived immune systems in cerebro spinal fluid and peripheral blood in some infections and vascular diseases of the nervous system

Madeira V.M.C., 1984:
State of translocated calcium by sarcoplasmic reticulum inferred from kinetic analysis of calcium oxalate precipitation

Panait N.M.; Skripnik I.A.; Dyuval' Stroev M.R.; Netrebenko V.G., 1986:
State of trees and bushes introduced in the northwestern region of the black sea coast of the caucasus ussr

Zlatitskaya, N.N., 1976:
State of type ii dogiel neurons in the small intestinal wall in cats after single exposure to gravitational stress

Golikov P.P.; Nikolaeva N.Yu, 1984 :
State of type ii glucocorticoid receptors in the tissues of adrenalectomized rats

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State of various types of sensitivity in preschool children

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State problems and tendencies of the oral implantology

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State quality and effectiveness of prophylactic medical examinations of workers with dermatological diseases

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State regulation of chloramination

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State results and perspectives in the psychological research on job satisfaction presented by the example of teacher activity

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State sanitary supervision of industrial hygiene in the ussr

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State space analysis of the crayfish procambarus clarkii ganglionic transmission affected with suppression of inhibitory synaptic action

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State variations in the dynamics of extinction and origination

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State vector formalism for intra personal interpersonal and group interactions

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State vector model for contherm scraped surface heat exchanger used as an enzyme reactor in wheat starch conversions

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State vs. trait anxiety a case study in confirmatory factor analysis

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Statement on the application of 2 4 5 t for weed control in forests

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States of dissociated cells of the fresh water sponge ephydatia fluviatilis

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States of the tongue under the influence of aging

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States of wakefulness and ponto geniculo cortical activities in papio anubis

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Stathmokinetic analysis of human epidermal cells in vitro

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Stathmokinetic effect of cryoprotectors

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Stathmopoda basiplectra belongs to the family of walshiidae lepidoptera gelechioidea

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Stathmopoda filicula new species from colombia lepidoptera stathmopodidae

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Static and dynamic activity of warm receptors in boa constrictor

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Static and dynamic components of renal cortical brush border and basolateral membrane fluidity role of cholesterol

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Static and dynamic loading patterns in knee joints with deformities

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Static and dynamic radioanatomy of the wrist

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Static and dynamic response characteristics, receptive fields, and interaction with noxious input of midline medullary thermoresponsive neurons in the rat

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Static contraction of hindlimb muscles in cats reflexly relaxes tracheal smooth muscle

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Static gain and dynamics of cortisol secretory response to intra venous acth in unanesthetized dogs analysis by a linear mean squared estimator

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Static gray scale parathyroid ultrasonography is high resolution real time technique required

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Static photo skiascopy an efficient method for early detection and prophylaxis of amblyopia

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Static profile perimetry in glaucoma

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Static response of ir neurons of crotaline snakes normal distribution of inter spike intervals

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Static sensitivity of the primary endings of the muscle spindles

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Static spatial effects in motor cortex and area 5 quantitative relations in a 2 dimensional space

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Static stability tests during bone fracture healing animal experimental investigation

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Static stretch sensitivity of ia and ii afferents in the cat gastrocnemius

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Static testicular imaging utilizing thallium 201

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Static threshold examination of the peripheral nasal visual field in glaucoma

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Static vergence and accommodation population norms and orthoptics effects

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Static voltage ampere characteristics of biologically active sites on human skin

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Static vs. dynamic effects in motor cortex and area 5 comparison during movement time

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Static weight control in late pregnancy a case control study

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Static work elements and selected circulatory responses

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Statically controlled cooling rate device

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Statice virus y a virus related to bean yellow mosaic virus and clover yellow vein virus

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Statics, growth and functional adaptation

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Statics of the respiratory system and growth: an experimental and allometric approach

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Station and seasonal variations in phyto plankton of the lagoon of marano udine italy

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Station distribution of the partridge and its migration between lands in various seasons of the year in the foothills of the north caucasus

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Stational distribution and trophic links of flea beetles of the genus phyllotreta coleoptera chrysomelidae in tselinograd oblast kazakh ssr ussr

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Stationarity and normality test for biomedical data

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Stationarity of the somatosensory evoked potential

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Stationary and mobile laboratory units for air pollution control

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Stationary and moving mammography grids: comparative radiation dose

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Stationary cell populations of genetically differing homonuclear human strains

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Stationary experimental apparatus for determining soil thermo physical characteristics in field and laboratory conditions

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Stationary internal metabolic fluxes in polyenzyme systems the synthesis of lysine from acetate by corynebacterium glutamicum culture

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Stationary ionic states in human red blood cells

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Stationary ionic states of human erythrocytes

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Stationary magnetic field in combined treatment of patients with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

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Stationary observations on the population dynamics and variability of the genus colias in the area of paetz koenigs district wusterhausen east germany lepidoptera pieridae

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Stationary patterns suppress the perception of stroboscopic motion

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Stationary phase and the cell cycle of Dictyostelium discoideum in liquid nutrient medium

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Stationary phase focusing in capillary gas liquid chromatography enhancement of the maximum permissible sample size

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Stationary phase ligand density effects in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography of proteins

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Stationary phases for reversed phase liquid chromatography coating of silica by polymers of various polarities

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Stationary potential of the brain 1. basic studies

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Stationary potential of the brain 2. clinical studies

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Stationary potentials after median nerve stimulation changes with arm position

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Stationary probabilities and asymptotic behavior of a non markovian model with linear transition rule

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Stationary research of entomo complexes in arid zones of mongolia

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Stationary stage structure of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae population with stage dependent generation time

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Stationary states of the hartline ratliff model

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Stationary ultra filtration a radio tracer technique for studying stereoselective binding of racemic ligands

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Stationary waves recorded at the shoulder after median nerve stimulation

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Stations of laurus nobilis in marches italy/

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Stations of the thayer expedition to brazil 1865 1866

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Statistic analysis of relationships between hepatitis b surface antigen cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma

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Statistic analysis of substance p containing cells in the rabbit trigeminal ganglion

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Statistic approach of horizon definition

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Statistic contribution on the gradation of the neopl glioma neopl glio blastoma catamnesis and patients age

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Statistic data of hospitalized cerebrovascular patients epidemiology and risk factors from the medical history

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Statistic distribution type test in the pedogeochemical researches on the distribution of the trace elements in soil

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Statistic epidemiological survey on tuberculosis in the province of verona italy

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Statistic evaluation of the influence of species variation culture conditions surface wettability and fluid shear on attachment and biofilm development of marine bacteria

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