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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6475

Chapter 6475 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kinoshita, K.; Nakagawa, T.; Ibaragi, K., 1976:
Statistical analysis of birth weight and post natal growth

Perecin D.; D.O.iveira C.A.L., 1979:
Statistical analysis of brevipalpus phoenicis in citrus based on negative binomial distributions

Matsui T., 1987:
Statistical analysis of browning in a model system of wasanbon sugar studies on wasanbon sugar part xx

Zefirov A.L.; Stolov E.L., 1982:
Statistical analysis of calcium accumulation by nerve terminals at repetitive stimulation

Matsukura H.; Tachiki T.; Takeda H.; Goda T.; Sakai K.; Tanabe T.; Muramatsu T., 1985:
Statistical analysis of carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism at end of extracorporeal circulation by computer graphic analysis

Sidorenko, G.I.; Afanas'ev, G.K.; Nikitin-Ya, G., 1975:
Statistical analysis of cardiac rhythm using moments of higher orders asymmetry and excess

Tashev D.; Vassilev I.; Valev V.; Kovacheva N., 1984:
Statistical analysis of caste polymorphism of camponotus ligniperda hymenoptera formicidae

Enatsu A.; Kato K.; Otaki S.; Kikuchi S., 1980:
Statistical analysis of cataract surgery in a clinic

Sampe Y.; Yago K.; Kato K.; Kawata H., 1986:
Statistical analysis of cataract surgery in patients over 80 years of age

Ross S.M., 1985:
Statistical analysis of cell directions in applied current experiments

Barilyak I.R.; Shnyrev A.N., 1980:
Statistical analysis of changes in the amniotic fluid volume in rats

Daniele, A.; Neroni, M., 1978:
Statistical analysis of clinical breast cancer by computer

Jackson M.K.; Hutton C.E.; Kleyle R.M.; Tomich C.E., 1987:
Statistical analysis of clinical radiographic and histologic features of temporomandibular arthropathy

Nakamura K.; Yoshii M.; Nanjyo B., 1988:
Statistical analysis of congenital upper and lower limb malformations

Hirtzel C.S.; Quon J.E., 1981:
Statistical analysis of continuous ozone measurements

Pachepskii Y.A.; Shcherbakov R.A.; Varallyai D.; Raikai K., 1982:
Statistical analysis of correlations between water retention capacity and other physical properties of the soil

Russo D., 1984:
Statistical analysis of crop yield soil water relationships in heterogeneous soil under trickle irrigation

Bresler E.; Dagan G.; Hanks R.J., 1982:
Statistical analysis of crop yield under controlled line source irrigation

Miglani G.S.; Ampy F.R., 1981:
Statistical analysis of cryptic variation in drosophila melanogaster alcohol dehydrogenase

Lee J., 1985:
Statistical analysis of data that are ordinal and highly subjective

White G.C.; Ebehhardt L.E., 1980:
Statistical analysis of deer odocoileus virginianus odocoileus hemionus and elk cervus canadensis pellet group data

Ogasawara K.; Igarashi Y., 1988:
Statistical analysis of diabetic retinopathy

Musselman R.C.; Mccool P.M.; Younglove T.; Teso R.R.; Oshima R.J., 1986:
Statistical analysis of differences in response of beans to ozone

Pogrebov V.B.; Dzhus V.E., 1987:
Statistical analysis of distribution of the white sea zoobenthic mass forms according to the results of underwater stereophotography

Kraemer H.C.; Jacklin C.N., 1979:
Statistical analysis of dyadic social behavior

Komasa, Y.; Matsuo, K.; Okazaki, J.; Izaki, K.; Yasugata, K.; Miura, K.; Fujita, M.; Doi, T.; Miki, M.; Et-Al, 1980:
Statistical analysis of edentulous patients 1. general examination

Memom A.G., 1983:
Statistical analysis of effect of age and season on the concentration of various metals in normal and diseased heart muscle

George C.; Kopetzky M.T., 1982:
Statistical analysis of effect of anoxia on rate on change of ventricular pressure

Negi S.S., 1985:
Statistical analysis of environmental parameters in the miscellaneous broad leaved forests of lower sirmour hills himachal pradesh india

Hill, W.J.; Ferguson, W.S., 1979:
Statistical analysis of epidemiological data from a chromium chemical manufacturing plant

Knox, S.; Whitfield, M.; Turner, D.R.; Liddicoat, M.I., 1986:
Statistical analysis of estuarine profiles iii. application to nitrate nitrite and ammonium in the tamar estuary uk

Besag J.; Kempton R., 1986:
Statistical analysis of field experiments using neighboring plots

Hammond, S.; Keyhani-Rofagha, S.; O'Toole, R.V., 1987:
Statistical analysis of fine needle aspiration cytology of the breast. A review of 678 cases plus 4,265 cases from the literature

Williams J., 1985:
Statistical analysis of fluctuations in red grouse lagopus lagopus scoticus bag data

Morikawa Y.; E.A., 1981:
Statistical analysis of foreign bodies

De-Jong-Brink, M.; Jager, J.C.; Bolwerk, E.L.M.; Jong, J.T.L., 1985:
Statistical analysis of frequencies and proportions of cytologically classified spermatogenic cells in the hermaphroditic snail lymnaea stagnalis 1. a study of diurnal variations

De-Jong-Brink, M.; Jager, J.C.; Jong, J.T.L., 1985:
Statistical analysis of frequencies and proportions of cytologically classified spermatogenic cells in the hermaphroditic snail lymnaea stagnalis 2. effects of copulation

Sidorov B.M.; Shul'govskii V.V.; Kotlyar B.I., 1979:
Statistical analysis of functional properties of neurons in the cat motor cortex

Baker, A.J.; Peterson, R.L.; Eger, J.L.; Manning, T.H., 1978:
Statistical analysis of geographic variation in the skull of the arctic hare lepus arcticus

Kashiwaya K.; Yamamoto A.; Fukuyama K., 1988:
Statistical analysis of grain size distribution in pleistocene sediments from lake biwa japan

Kuroda S.; Sumioka H.; Yoshitake N., 1981:
Statistical analysis of growth curve of the silkworm bombyx mori under restricted feeding by the index

Pollini C., 1985:
Statistical analysis of growth curves in teratology

Schoen E.D.; Jager J.C.; Van Verseveld H.W.; Stouthamer A.H., 1985:
Statistical analysis of growth limitations in paracoccus denitrificans an experiment with a completely randomized 2 way factorial design with replications

Spicer C.C.; Lawrence C.J.; Southall D.P., 1987:
Statistical analysis of heart rates in subsequent victims of sudden infant death syndrome

Ogugbuaja V.O., 1985:
Statistical analysis of heavy metal concentrations from lake sediments

Berger Vachon C.; Duquewnel J., 1981:
Statistical analysis of hesitations on diagnosis in skull and brain computed tomography examinations

Archie J.W., 1985:
Statistical analysis of heterozygosity data independent sample comparisons

Lenzi P.; D'alessandro R.; Azzaroni A.; Parmeggiani P.L., 1981:
Statistical analysis of hippocampal influences on the responsiveness of the primary auditory area in the cat

Dubrova Y.E., 1986:
Statistical analysis of human abnormal alpha and beta globins

T.B.Cell Malig Study Group (Japan), 1981:
Statistical analysis of immunologic clinical and histo pathologic data on lymphoid malignancies in japan

Lashkevich V.A.; Kodkind G.Kh; Myskin A.A., 1980:
Statistical analysis of infectivity titration of some viruses by the plaque method

Nakagami M.; Fujibayashi K.; Hori M.; Yamamoto Y.; Inuzuka I.; Yamada K.; Nomura T.; Inafuku S.; Ishigami H.; Takimoto I., 1985:
Statistical analysis of inpatients at aichi medical university japan

Merzhanova G.Kh; Varashkevich S.A.; Dorokhov V.B., 1981:
Statistical analysis of inter neuronal functional connections during conditioning

Tan W.Y.; D'angelo H., 1979:
Statistical analysis of joint effects of major genes and poly genes in quantitative genetics

Mirkin, B.M.; Rozenberg, G.S.; Kashapov, R.S., 1975:
Statistical analysis of latitudinal ceno ordination systems

Johnson D.E.; Chaudhuri U.N.; Kanemasu E.T., 1983:
Statistical analysis of line source sprinkler experiments and other nonrandomized experiments using multi variate methods

Pogrebov V.B., 1984:
Statistical analysis of littorina saxatilis movements

Wellek S.; Dunkelberg H., 1981:
Statistical analysis of long term tests for carcinogenesis by means of the random censorship model

Hori N.; Yamasaki Y.; Arima K.; Yanagawa M.; Sugimura Y.; Tajima K.; Tochigi H.; Kato H.; Saito K.; Tada S., 1982:
Statistical analysis of male infertility

Kalinichenko V.P.; Minkin M.B., 1984:
Statistical analysis of mechanisms of the soil mantle structure development in the dry steppe

Raghuvanshi S.S.; Singh R.K., 1986:
Statistical analysis of meiotic behavior of 27 genotypes of lens culinaris medic

Azais J M.; Denis J B.; Douaire G., 1982:
Statistical analysis of meiotic chromosome configurations in tri ploids

Denis J B.; Bernard M.; Arnoux J.; Cauderon Y., 1982:
Statistical analysis of meiotic configurations during development of monosomic series in courtot soft wheat triticum aestivum ssp vulgare cultivar courtot

IIdaka K.; Takimoto T.; Ueda Y.; Mizoguchi K.; Inage Z.; Maeda J.; Hirabayashi K.; Kure N.; Ono H., 1986:
Statistical analysis of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis clinicopathological study

Cembrowski, G.S.; Westgard, J.O.; Conover, W.J.; Toren, E.C., 1979:
Statistical analysis of method comparison data. Testing normality

Reading, J.C.; Lazarus, H.M., 1976:
Statistical analysis of molecular weight distribution of macro molecules

Balas E.A.; Taraba I., 1984:
Statistical analysis of monitoring examinations in a chronic peritoneal dialysis program

Wevelsiep, K., 1978:
Statistical analysis of multi input nonlinear systems by optimal linearization

Vaid Raizada V.K., 1983:
Statistical analysis of multi racial group characteristics and inter racial conflict

Khan, M.A.; Khan, N., 1978:
Statistical analysis of muscle fiber types from 4 human skeletal muscles

Kreuzberg, K.H.; Richter, O.; Martin, W.; Betz, A., 1977:
Statistical analysis of nadh oscillations in the yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis fermenting on different sugars

Azuma E.; Ara H.; Isago H.; Enomoto K.; Asakura K.; Kataura A., 1985:
Statistical analysis of nasal allergy treated at sapporo medical college japan

Babson B.L.; Bergstrom R.W.; Samuelson M.A.; Seigneur C.; Waggoner A.; Malm W.C., 1982:
Statistical analysis of nephelometer regional field data

Kiyatkin E.A., 1982:
Statistical analysis of neuronal impulse activity in the diencephalon during immobilization emotional stress in rats

Casey H.; Clarke R.T., 1979:
Statistical analysis of nitrate concentrations from the river frome dorset england uk for the period 1965 1976

Steedman W.M.; Iggo A.; Molony V.; Korogod S.; Zachary S. , 1983:
Statistical analysis of ongoing activity of neurons in the substantia gelatinosa and in lamina iii of cat spinal cord

Takai S.; Oshima H.; Nishimura R.; Hidai H.; Hosaka M.; Kodaira T.; Takeda T.; Ogawa K.; Kubota Y.; Noguchi K.; E.A., 1983:
Statistical analysis of out patients and in patients at department of urology yokohama city university hospital japan during 1982

Iwamoto T.; Nishimura R.; Hosaka M.; Kodaira T.; Takeda T.; Ogawa K.; Kubota Y.; Kitajima N.; Noguchi K.; E.A., 1984:
Statistical analysis of outpatients and inpatients at department of urology yokohama city university hospital japan in 1983

Kodama H.; E.A., 1987:
Statistical analysis of patients with epistaxis treated at sapporo medical college hospital japan

Kagawa S.; Kojima K.; Takigawa H.; Kurokawa K., 1988:
Statistical analysis of pediatric urology

Zinchenko, A.A.; Rumsh, L.D.; Antonov, V.K., 1976:
Statistical analysis of pepsin specificity in protein hydrolysis

Norwood T.E., 1986:
Statistical analysis of pharmaceutical stability data

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1985:
Statistical analysis of phytocenotic homogeneity i. distribution of the total species diversity and evenness indices as a homogeneity measure

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1985:
Statistical analysis of phytocenotic homogeneity ii. species frequency distribution and frequency distribution of the standing biomass as a function of the area size

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1985:
Statistical analysis of phytocenotic homogeneity iii. spatial distributions of species and their standing biomass as a function of the area size

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1985:
Statistical analysis of phytocenotic homogeneity iv. species number and mean biomass value as functions of the area size

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1985:
Statistical analysis of phytocenotic homogeneity v. frequency distributions of similarity and distance coefficients as a function of the area size

Aldrich, T.E., 1981:
Statistical analysis of potential cancer clusters

Hanyuda, Y., 1988:
Statistical analysis of prognosis in liver cirrhosis with reference to prediction of the high risk group for hepatocellular carcinoma

Bassant, M.H., 1976:
Statistical analysis of pyramidal cell activity in the rabbit dorsal hippocampus

Keiper W.; Schnakenberg J.; Stieve H., 1984:
Statistical analysis of quantum bump parameters in limulus ventral photoreceptors

Silver C.A.; Dunn D., 1988:
Statistical analysis of rare events in groundwater

Senba, M.; Nakamura, T.; Itakura, H., 1985:
Statistical analysis of relationship between iron accumulation and hepatitis B surface antigen

Shepard C.C., 1982:
Statistical analysis of results obtained by 2 methods for testing drug activity against mycobacterium leprae

Ogawa T.; Tanaka Y.; Sugimura T., 1982:
Statistical analysis of results of a survey on antibody against swine influenza virus in pigs by single radial hemolysis and hem agglutination inhibition tests

Doutre, L.P.; Périssat, J.; Dost, C.; Albalat, F.; Chastan, P., 1980:
Statistical analysis of results of operative treatment of 223 cases of left colon cancer

Yokoyama Y.; Aizawa F.; Otonashi K.; Suzuki W., 1980:
Statistical analysis of retinal detachment surgery

Burtseva, E.I.; Kononov, K.E., 1979:
Statistical analysis of saline meadow vegetation of the lena river russian sfsr ussr floodplain 3. quantitative classification

Perecin D., 1979:
Statistical analysis of soil illuviated clay based on the negative binomial distribution

Kozar F.; Szentkiralyi F., 1979:
Statistical analysis of some climatic variables affecting the beginning of san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus homoptera coccoidea males swarming

Morkoc F.; Biggar J.W.; Millar R.J.; Nielsen D.R., 1985:
Statistical analysis of sorghum sorghum vulgare yield a stochastic approach

Diggle, P.J.; Besag, J.; Gleaves, J.T., 1976:
Statistical analysis of spatial point patterns by means of distance methods

Stoyan D., 1987:
Statistical analysis of spatial point processes a soft core model and cross correlations of marks

Mary J.Y.; Guiguet M.; Sainteny F.; Dumenil D.; Frindel E., 1983:
Statistical analysis of splenic colony histology an attempt to confirm that external factors could affect the channeling of pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells differentiation

Labzina, N.G.; Ryabchenko, N.I., 1968:
Statistical analysis of spontaneous chromosome aberrations in ascites tumor cells

Fennell R.S.IIi; Love J.T.; Carter R.L.; Hudson T.M.; Pfaff W.W.; Howard R.J.; Van Deusen W.; Garin E.H.; Iravani A.; E.A., 1986:
Statistical analysis of statural growth following kidney transplantation

Aoki, T.; Abe, K., 1988:
Statistical analysis of sudden death due to tumor in cases autopsied in the tokyo japan medical examiner's office

Pyke D.A.; Thompson J.N., 1986:
Statistical analysis of survival and removal rate experiments

Filatovs G.J.; Mcginness J.E.; Williams L.Jr, 1980:
Statistical analysis of switching in melanin

Tomomasa, T.; Hsu, J.Y.; Shigeta, M.; Itoh, K.; Ohyama, H.; Terashima, N.; Kambe, Y.; Aoki, S.; Kuroume, T., 1986:
Statistical analysis of symptoms and signs in pediatric patients with peptic ulcer

Origasa, H.; Watanabe, Y.; Miyake, H.; Sawasaki, H., 1983:
Statistical analysis of the association between medical record management and the level of information processing performance

Ota, T.; Kimura, M., 1970:
Statistical analysis of the base composition of genes using data on the amino acid composition of proteins

Mccuen R.H.; Rawl W.J.; Brakensiek D.L., 1981:
Statistical analysis of the brooks corey and the green ampt parameters across soil textures

Hamilton M.A., 1986:
Statistical analysis of the cladoceran reproductivity test

Undt, W.; Schuster, E., 1978:
Statistical analysis of the daily birth rate in Vienna

Ipatov V.S.; Kirikova L.A., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the degree of quantization of the vegetative cover

Kirchman, D.; Sigda, J.; Kapuscinski, R.; Mitchell, R., 1982:
Statistical analysis of the direct count method for enumerating bacteria

Murakami N.; Sakata Y., 1979:
Statistical analysis of the discharge patterns of medullary temperature responsive neurons in rabbits

Kuznetosv, N.N.; Kuznetsov, V.N., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the distribution of 3 spp. of fruit tree mites in apple tree crown as a basis for the rapid evaluation of their population density

Yoder J.A., 1983:
Statistical analysis of the distribution of fish eggs and larvae on the southeastern usa continental shelf with comments on oceanographic processes that may affect larval survival

Mirkin B.M.; Yanturin S.I., 1982:
Statistical analysis of the effect of a fertilizer and weather conditions on meadow horizontal structure

Tiao G.C.; Ledolter J.; Hudak G.B., 1982:
Statistical analysis of the effect of car inspection and maintenance programs on the ambient carbon mon oxide concentrations in oregon usa

Pite, M.T.R., 1977:
Statistical analysis of the effect of climatic factors on rhythms of activity of natural populations of drosophilidae in the sintra colares region portugal

Mirkin B.M.; Yanturin S.I., 1981:
Statistical analysis of the effect of fertilizers and weather conditions on the horizontal meadow structure population level

Mirkin, B.M.; Yanturin, S.I., 1981:
Statistical analysis of the effect of fertilizers and weather on horizontal meadow structure 1. aims of the study and general description of the object

Nakagawa M.; Matsuda K.; Kawanami K.; Yokoyama T., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the efficacy of surgical correction and postoperative recurrence of exodeviation in reoperations

Sliwczynska Dura B., 1983:
Statistical analysis of the epidemiology of leukemia morbidity in the city of krakow poland during the period 1961 1968

Burtseva, E.I.; Kononov, K.E., 1984:
Statistical analysis of the flora of solonchakish meadows of the lena river floodplain russian sfsr ussr 4. compositional ordination with respect to moisture and the species classification of the flora as a function of salinization and moisture

Bostick, P.E., 1981:
Statistical analysis of the flora of the carolinas usa 1. the carolina spectrum

Polgar A.A.; Smirnova V.S.; Zinkevich V.A., 1980:
Statistical analysis of the flow structure of miniature end plate potentials under different effects on the transmitter substance secretion process

Baudoin, R.; Bischler, H., 1978:
Statistical analysis of the genus plagiochasma study of the subgenus plagiochasma in africa

Rieb J P.; Guinier D., 1981:
Statistical analysis of the horizontal distribution culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae larvae of a river deposit

Matsuda K.; Yokoyama T.; Nakagawa M.; Kozaki M.; Tanaka H.; Nakagishi H.; Wada H., 1986:
Statistical analysis of the incidence of hyperopia by month of birth

Kholodov V.I.; Kiseleva M.I., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the influence of various sediments on the abundance of macrobenthic and meiobenthic organisms

Kammacher, P.; Zygomala, A.M., 1987:
Statistical analysis of the karyotype of pinus nigra var salzmanni asch. and groebn

Deribas V.I.; Ostan'kovich A.A.; Pogozhev I.B.; Sitnikov A.P.; Fedorova O.P., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the leukocyte formula component ratio in adaptive reaction

Wirth, V.; Brinckmann, B., 1977:
Statistical analysis of the lichen vegetation of an avenue in freiburg southwest germany with regard to injurious anthropogenous influences

Horowitz J.; Barakat S., 1979:
Statistical analysis of the maximum concentration of an air pollutant effects of auto correlation and nonstationarity

Amphlett G.E.; Delow G.F., 1984:
Statistical analysis of the micronucleus test

Orimo T.; Yanagihashi T.; Akami K.; Namiki T.; Nakase K.; Kimura A.; Kamishi H.; Moori J.; Matsuyama A.; E.A., 1984:
Statistical analysis of the obstetric cases at the department of obstetrics and gynecology yokohama city university school of medicine japan

Inoue T.; Otsu S., 1987:
Statistical analysis of the organ weights in 1000 autopsy cases of japanese over 60 years old

Siguenza J.A.; D.A.dres I.; Ibarz J.M.; Reinoso Suarez F., 1983:
Statistical analysis of the parameters which define the visual evoked cortical potentials during stages of the sleep wakefulness cycle

Dunn, W.J.I.i ; Wold, S., 1978:
Statistical analysis of the partition coefficient

Dunn, G., 1980:
Statistical analysis of the patterns of spore formation in Bacillus subtilis

Takayama E., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the phoniatric examination using conditioned voices its clinical implication for daily work

Kwiatkowska, A.J.; Symonides, E., 1986:
Statistical analysis of the phytocenosis homogeneity vi. frequency distribution of the total species diversity and evenness indices as a function of the area size summing up discussion

Nakata S.; Matsuo Y.; Shimizu N.; Kawashima K.; Imai K.; Yamanaka H.; Kurosawa I.; Kiren H.; Miki M.; Shimizu K., 1988:
Statistical analysis of the prostatic cancer patients found between 1985 and 1986 in gumma prefecture japan

Shuster J.J.; Kaufman H.E.; Nesburn A.B., 1981:
Statistical analysis of the rate of recurrence of herpesvirus ocular epithelial disease

Schaeffer, D.J.; Long, M.C.; Janardan, K.G., 1974:
Statistical analysis of the recovery of coliform organisms on gelman and millipore filters

Berdov B.A.; Denisenko O.N.; Popov A.A.; Kolcherina A.A., 1983:
Statistical analysis of the results of combined treatment of patients with rectal cancer

Moeller, F., 1975:
Statistical analysis of the significance of the progeny test with special reference to the genetic evaluation of frisona race bulls in italy

Spirov, A.V.; Mikhailovskii, G.E.; Zelikman, E.A.; Kozlov-Yu, P., 1984:
Statistical analysis of the spatial temporal structure of a population of mass zooplanktonic species in the barents sea 2. dynamics of a large scale spatial populational structure

Spirov, A.V.; Mikhailovskii, G.E.; Zelikman, E.A.; Kozlov-Yu, P., 1982:
Statistical analysis of the spatial temporal structure of populations of mass zoo planktonic species in the barents sea ussr 1. large scale spatial structure of populations

Kashirkin A.D.; Agafonov R.A.; Baranova R.A.; Tikhonova N.A.; Shkalikov V.A., 1986:
Statistical analysis of the sporulation of the causative agent of blast on rice leaves

Zvaigzne G.V.; Brogan D.A.; Bernstein L.H., 1986:
Statistical analysis of the stability of the standard curve for some syva emit enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique assays

Menesguen A.; Laurec A., 1984:
Statistical analysis of the temporal evolution of hydrobiological parameters in the flooding docks at le havre france

Karazhanov K.D.; Khaibullin A.S.; Antropov V.N., 1980:
Statistical analysis of time series during a study of salinization and de salinization processes in soils of irrigated massifs

Kano K.; Adachi Y.; Ide M.; Nagai T.; Morimitsu T.; Tono T.; Matsumoto I., 1987:
Statistical analysis of tracheo bronchial and esophageal foreign bodies

Bisantis C.; Romeo G.; Fiorentino F.; Colosi P.; Provenzano F., 1981:
Statistical analysis of treatments in the therapy of diabetic retinopathy

Jensen A.; Cheng Z., 1987:
Statistical analysis of trend monitoring data of heavy metals in flounder platichthys flesus

Dhone S.N.; Deshpande W.M.; Moharir S.K., 1986:
Statistical analysis of two methods used in nitrate nitrogen determination

Kato, M.; Aonuma, H.; Namishima, S.; Chun, Z.Y.; Watanabe, I., 1987:
Statistical analysis of typical and atypical retinitis pigmentosa 1. incidence and characteristics of each type

Kato, M.; Aonuma, H.; Namishima, S.; Chun, Z.Y.; Watanabe, I., 1987:
Statistical analysis of typical and atypical retinitis pigmentosa 2. visual functions in each type

Lower, W.R.; Tsutakawa, R.K., 1978:
Statistical analysis of urinary delta amino levulinic acid excretion in the white footed mouse associated with lead smelting

Malik Z.; Jairajpuri S., 1983:
Statistical analysis of variability in xiphinema americanum

Bellavoir A.; Suleau J.; Jouen F.; Pons J., 1984:
Statistical analysis of variables associated with fractures of the bones of the face

Sundberg P., 1979:
Statistical analysis of variation in characters in tetrastemma laminariae nemertini with a re description of the species

Burtseva, E.I.; Kononov, K.E.; Mirkin, B.M., 1984:
Statistical analysis of vegetation of solonchak meadows of the river lena alluvial plain russian sfsr ussr 5. use of ordination results for the classification of syntaxa

Mizuno S.; Hamajima N.; Sasaki R.; Aoki K., 1981 :
Statistical analysis of waiting time between chloramphenicol intake and onset of aplastic anemia by using uniform waiting time model

Troller, J.A., 1977:
Statistical analysis of water activity measurements obtained with the sina scope

Dawson, C.H., 1977:
Statistical analysis of white blood cell data directed to the detection of malignancy in untreated patients

Bolzern P.; Fronza G.; Runca E.; Ueberhuber C., 1982:
Statistical analysis of winter sulfur di oxide concentration data in vienna austria

Hanaoka Y.; Hoshi K.; Kiriyama T.; Shimizu T.; Misu H.; Shintani M.; Kimura F.; Hasmimoto M.; Minaguchi K.; Suzuki K., 1987:
Statistical analysis of written documents of expert opinion provided by the department of forensic odontology of tokyo dental college tokyo japan from 1964 to 1987

Nebe, K.H.; Schirren, C., 1980:
Statistical analysis on andrological patients 1. frequencies

Ojha, A.K.; Johri, G.N., 1978:
Statistical analysis on certain observations regarding the incidence of dracontiasis in the village of phulpura madhya pradesh india

Hayashi, S.; Shiozuka, Y.; Yamato, T.; Yashi, M.H.; Kobayashi, K.; Inoue, M.; Kenjo, T.; Fujii, A., 1980:
Statistical analysis on infertile women in a family planning clinic

Hanihara K.; Yamauchi A.; Mizoguchi Y., 1983:
Statistical analysis on kinship among skeletal remains excavated from a neolithic site at uwasato iwate prefecture japan

Hori N.; Urata H.; Matsumoto J.; Tajima K.; Tada S., 1985:
Statistical analysis on outpatients in the urological department of national tsu hospital japan in 1984

Shiraishi K.; Horikawa M.; Abe J.; E.A., 1988:
Statistical analysis on pulmonary function parameters in 283 pediatric and adult patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis

Aoki, T.; Abe, K., 1986:
Statistical analysis on sudden death from internal cause in cases autopsied in the tokyo japan medical examiner's office ii

Aoki, T.; Abe, K., 1986:
Statistical analysis on sudden death from internal cause in cases autopsied in the tokyo medical examiner's office 1

Morgan R.M.; Kundomal Y.R.; Hupp E.W., 1982:
Statistical analysis system probit analysis for cadmium mortality

Jewell T.K.; Adrian D.D., 1982:
Statistical analysis to derive improved storm water quality models

Berezkin D.P.; Filatov V.N., 1985:
Statistical analysis using the method of angular transformation of the efficacy of treatment of patients with malignant tumors

Anderson S.H.; Cassel D.K., 1986:
Statistical and autoregressive analysis of soil physical properties of portsmouth sandy loam

Nimura K.; Kimura S.; Hayakawa M.; Fujioka T., 1980:
Statistical and clinical observations of uro lithiasis during the 7 year period 1972 1978 at the department of urology shizuoka red cross hospital japan

Niimura K.; Kimura S.; Hayakawa M.; Fujioka T., 1980:
Statistical and clinical studies on tumors of the urinary bladder

Romaguera C.; Grimalt F., 1980:
Statistical and comparative study of 4600 patients tested in barcelona spain 1973 1977

Rossetti, R., 1976:
Statistical and epidemiological reliefs on the incidence of salmonellosis in valdinievole district

Zubiri A., 1984:
Statistical and epidemiological studies in oncology

Saier M.H.Jr; Mccaldon P., 1988:
Statistical and functional analyses of viral and cellular proteins witn amino terminal amphipathic alpha helices with large hydrophobic moments importance to macromolecular recognition and organelle targeting

McLaren, C.E.; Brittenham, G.M.; Hasselblad, V., 1987:
Statistical and graphical evaluation of erythrocyte volume distributions

Wille K H., 1987:
Statistical and stereometrical investigations of the bovine cecum during intrauterine development

Byers E.; Stephens D.B., 1983:
Statistical and stochastic analyses of hydraulic conductivity and particle size in a fluvial sand

Jayant, K., 1977:
Statistical appraisal of the association of smoking and chewing habits to oral and pharyngeal cancers

Maul A.; Block J.C.; E.S.aarawi A.H., 1985:
Statistical approach for comparison between methods of bacterial enumeration in drinking water

Chavan R.R.; Shah J.J., 1983:
Statistical approach for the understanding of secondary phloem in 125 tropical dicotyledons

Artley, C.W.; Clark, J.W., 1969:
Statistical approach to evaluating the method of Morgan and Vryonis for enumerating Treponema pallidum

Harada K.; Ohwada A., 1983:
Statistical approach to finding probable feeding attractants for juvenile yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata

Harada K., 1983:
Statistical approach to finding probable feeding attractants for oriental weatherfish misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Harada K.; Hirano M., 1983:
Statistical approach to finding probable feeding attractants for young herbivorous abalone haliotis discus

Wolberg, W.H.; Tanner, M.A.; Loh, W.Y.; Vanichsetakul, N., 1987:
Statistical approach to fine needle aspiration diagnosis of breast masses

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Statistical approach to infiltration inflow analyses

Zhuravleva N.A., 1987:
Statistical approach to the evaluation of phytocenotic competition for mineral nutrients in a meadow cenosis

Icha A., 1985:
Statistical approach to thermohaline turbulent convection

Silver C.A., 1986:
Statistical approaches to groundwater monitoring

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Statistical approaches to r values and the pollen vegetation relationship

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Statistical approaches to the classification of alcohol and drug addiction

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Statistical argument for a presynaptic origin of the second positive component of somesthetic primary cortex evoked potential elicited by central afferent stimulation

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Statistical aspects of epidemiological studies in occupational medicine

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Statistical aspects of hydatid disease in Greek adults

Caudwell, A., 1977:
Statistical aspects of infectivity test for yellows diseases and virus diseases transmitted according to a persistent manner advantages of broad bean vicia faba as test plant for yellow diseases

Mukhomorov V.K., 1987:
Statistical aspects of the correlation between the derivatives and analogs of mercaptoethylamine and their electronic parameters

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Statistical aspects of the design and testing of decompression tables

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Statistical aspects of the design of biological tests for the detection of low geno toxic activity

Kooijman S.A.L.M., 1983:
Statistical aspects of the determination of mortality rates in bioassays

Kirkwood T.B.L.; Seagroatt V.A.; Smith S.J., 1986 :
Statistical aspects of the planning and analysis of collaborative studies on biological standards

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Statistical aspects of the quality of an experimental design part 1 choice of an experiment

Christiansen, S., 1978:
Statistical aspects of the treponemal counts in the treponema pallidum immobilization test

Choudhary B.L.; Bhargava P.N., 1986:
Statistical assessment of effect of sowing and fertilizer application on the yields of sorghum sorghum bicolor and pigeonpea cajanus cajan

Lemay M.; Stafford J.L.; Sandor T.; Albert M.; Haykal H.; Zamani A., 1986:
Statistical assessment of perceptual computed tomographic scan ratings in patients with alzheimer type dementia

Kimura, D.K., 1977:
Statistical assessment of the age length key

Yamakura T., 1985:
Statistical basis for the 3 2 power law system frequency distribution of individual weight stem diameter and height in plant stands viii

Green D.G.; Reichelt R.E.; Bradbury R.H., 1988:
Statistical behavior of the gmdh algorithm

Wawersik J., 1980:
Statistical calculations from ph values

Middlebrooks E.J., 1976:
Statistical calculations how to solve statistical problems

Saguy I.; Drew B., 1987:
Statistical calibration of instruments using water activity determination as an example

Uvarov, V.G.; Orlova, T.V., 1977:
Statistical characteristics of evoked responses to light in the analysis of inter central relations

Baev K.V.; Degtyarenko A.M., 1980:
Statistical characteristics of impulse activity of neurons in cat spinal loco motor centers

Gertsyk V.V.; Rode A.A., 1980:
Statistical characteristics of moisture balance elements in chernozems under uncut steppe and oak woods

Oreshkina, N.S., 1978:
Statistical characteristics of some physical properties of soddy podzolic soils in varying bio geocenoses

Kozhova, O.M.; Mamontova, L.M., 1976:
Statistical characteristics of the bacterio plankton of the bratsk reservoir ussr

Samsonova, V.P., 1976:
Statistical characteristics of the exchange cation content in the profile of soddy podzolic soil

Breev K.A.; Minarzh Y.K., 1979:
Statistical characteristics of the host parasite relationships of the northern cattle grub hypoderma bovis hypodermatidae in various parts of its distribution area

Melendreras F.A.; Ortuno A., 1984:
Statistical characterization of lemon

Gaikawad, S.T.; Goel, S.K., 1977:
Statistical characterization of soil profile trends

Tenke C.E., 1986:
Statistical characterization of the electroencephalogram the use of the power spectrum as a measure of ergodicity

Millie D.F.; Hersh C.M., 1987:
Statistical characterizations of the atrazine induced photosynthetic inhibition of cyclotella meneghiniana bacillariophyta

Alden R.W.IIi; Butt A.J., 1987:
Statistical classification of the toxicity and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon contamination of sediments from a highly industrialized seaport

Van Der Linde A., 1988:
Statistical comment on a new method for noncompartmental pharmacokinetic analysis

Abe K.; Mori C.; Nishio T.; Saito M.; Haneda N.; Tomita Y.; Soeda T., 1980:
Statistical comparison of echo cardiographically determined left ventricular size estimated by x y digitizer system between normotensive and early hypertensive children the shimane japan heart study

White K.D.; Tittlebaum M.E., 1984:
Statistical comparison of heavy metal concentrations in various louisiana usa sediments

Fails, A.M.; Verlander, J.M., 1977:
Statistical comparison of power spectra a computer program

Schnell G.D.; Watt D.J.; Douglas M.E., 1985:
Statistical comparison of proximity matrices applications in animal behavior

Ossuna Marti M.C.; Perez Pont M.L., 1988:
Statistical comparison of some methods to determine 7 chloro 1 3 dihydro 1 methyl 5 phenyl 2h 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 one diazepam

Hudes E.S.; Shoemaker C.A., 1984:
Statistical comparison of spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae development on balsam fir abies balsamea and on red spruce picea rubens and black spruce picea mariana

Novikova, E.B.; Gudkov, V.P.; Kudaeva, L.M.; Petukhova, G.N., 1987:
Statistical comparison of the biophysical characteristics of biologically active points in healthy people and in various groups of patients

Farina J.B.; Llabres M., 1987:
Statistical comparison of the dissolution curves of controlled release solid oral dosage forms

Marman, J.L.; Praiss, D.E.; Debenedictis, T.J., 1978:
Statistical comparison of the parameters of semen analysis of whole semen vs the fractions of the split ejaculate

Walker, T.I., 1977:
Statistical comparison of the results from 6 analytical chemistry laboratories of the mercury content of muscle tissue of 2 species of sharks

Misra R.K., 1980:
Statistical comparisons of several growth curves of the von bertalanffy type

Desousa D.J.; Rouse A.A.; Smolon W.J., 1984:
Statistical consequences of reducing the number of rabbits utilized in eye irritation testing data on 67 petrochemicals

Nelson J.D.; Ward R.C., 1981:
Statistical considerations and sampling techniques for ground water quality monitoring

Choquet, C.G.; Ferroni, G.D.; Leduc, L.G.; Robinson, J.A., 1988:
Statistical considerations associated with the use of the heterotrophic activity method for estimating v max and k' for aquatic environments

Ishikawa T.; Kanagawa H., 1981:
Statistical considerations concerning the disposal of dairy bulls used for artificial insemination in hokkaido japan 1958 1979

Keisling T.C.; Mullinix B., 1979:
Statistical considerations for evaluating micro nutrient tests

Bangdiwala S.I.; Anzola Perez E.; Glizer I.M., 1985:
Statistical considerations for the interpretation of commonly utilized road traffic accident indicators implications for developing countries

Ludwig D.A., 1979:
Statistical considerations for the uni variate analysis of repeated measures experiments

Roberts E.M., 1982:
Statistical considerations in coal sampling and emission monitoring

Gudmundsson G., 1986:
Statistical considerations in the analysis of catch at age observations

Capizzi T.; Oppenheimer L.; Mehta H.; Naimie H.; Fair J.L., 1985:
Statistical considerations in the evaluation of chronic aquatic toxicity studies

Karpinski K.F.; Hayward S.; Tryphonas H., 1987:
Statistical considerations in the quantitation of serum immunoglobulin levels using the elisa

Laudisio V.; Piastra M.; Iacovacci V.; Epifani U.; Leopizzi G., 1984:
Statistical considerations on 295 cases of parturition in epidural anesthesia

Metz, A.; Madoerin, M.; Deyssenroth, H., 1977:
Statistical considerations on the behavior of total cholesterol of specific pathogen free rats during a survival study

Sandor T.; Spears J.R., 1985:
Statistical considerations on the precision of assessing blood vessel diameter in cine coronary angiography

Jesdinsky H., 1981:
Statistical considerations with regard to the european cooperative trial on strepto kinase treatment in acute myo cardial infarction

Sejnowski, T.J., 1977:
Statistical constraints on synaptic plasticity

Brown B.W.Jr, 1980:
Statistical controversies in the design of clinical trials some personal views

Meyers, R.E.; Ziegler, E.N., 1978:
Statistical correlation between ambient sulfate concentration and sulfur di oxide concentration total suspended particulates and relative humidity for 13 eastern states

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Statistical correlation between delta aminolevulinic acid dehydratase ec activity and blood lead in exposed and non exposed human populations a tentative model

Robbins, K.T.; Gray, L.; Michaels, L., 1988:
Statistical correlations among supraglottic cancers

Cesa, F.; Martinelli, M.; Pietropolli, A.; Rossi, E.; Taramanni, C.; Vizzone, A.; Zanetti, U., 1987:
Statistical correlations between changes of maternal hematic crisis and fetal flowmetry in women with eph gestosis

Cressey P.J.; Campbell W.P.; Wrigley C.W.; Griffin W.B., 1987:
Statistical correlations between quality attributes and grain protein composition for 60 advanced lines of crossbred wheat

Campbell W.P.; Wrigley C.W.; Cressey P.J.; Slack C.R., 1987:
Statistical correlations between quality attributes and grain protein composition for 71 hexaploid wheats used as breeding parents

Legait, H.; Mur, J.M.; Bauchot, R., 1976:
Statistical correlations linking the hypophyseal and epiphyseal volumes to body weight and brain weight in simians and man

Park W.G.; Meng K H., 1988:
Statistical correlations of indices of obesity with levels of cholesterol fasting blood sugar and blood pressure

Forster M.R., 1986:
Statistical covariance as a measure of phylogenetic relationship

Patterson H.D.; Weatherup S.T.C., 1984:
Statistical criteria for distinctness between cultivars of herbage crops/

Danno, M., 1976:
Statistical criteria for the cytology of gastric cancer a proposal of distance index

Paterson L.J., 1984:
Statistical criteria for uniformity in wheat barley and oats

Stockholm E., 1980:
Statistical data for basic traits of grapho analysis international grapho analysis society trait norm project

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Statistical data for modern japanese crania distance coefficients based on metric data

Marini, P.P.; Reale, C., 1973:
Statistical data on acute poisonings in catania in the period from 1969 to 1973

Mamiev A.K.; Sultanova L.M.; Nikolaeva N.I.; Gabrielyan S.S.; Turaeva S.M., 1987:
Statistical data on hereditary nervous diseases in the ashkhabad and krasnovodsk regions of the turkmen ssr ussr

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Statistical data on outpatients and inpatients in the department of pediatrics in fukuoka university chikushi hospital japan in the first year

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Statistical data on outpatients in the department of dermatology in fukuoka university hospital japan in 1983

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Statistical data on outpatients in the department of dermatology in fukuoka university hospital japan in 1984

Kobayashi S.; Abe Y.; Takano Y.; Ichioka T.; Shibata K.; Hatamoto A.; Funakoshi S.; Furukawa T.; Nishimura M.; E.A., 1986:
Statistical data on outpatients in the department of dermatology in fukuoka university hospital japan in 1985

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Statistical data on outpatients in the department of dermatology in fukuoka university hospital japan in 1986

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Statistical data on the frequency of trichomonas vaginalis in the female population in terni italy from 1974 to 1978

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Statistical data on women treated in the infertility clinic at shimane medical university izumo japan

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Statistical decision rules concerning synteny or independence between markers

Verriest G.; Haurez F.; Pierart P., 1982 :
Statistical demonstration of minor color vision abnormalities

Arnett, D.W., 1978:
Statistical dependence between neighboring retinal ganglion cells in goldfish

Nakahama, H.; Ishii, N.; Yamamoto, M.; Fujii, H.; Obata, T., 1975:
Statistical dependency as a measure to evaluate markov properties of stochastic point processes

Nilsen A.M.; Engen S., 1985:
Statistical derivation of a standardized procedure for counting expectorated alveolar macrophages as indicators of occupational air pollution

Roesch P., 1982:
Statistical description of isotope exchange processes a multi site model for the oxygen exchange

Romanovskii M.G., 1986:
Statistical description of polymorphism in betula pendula var carelica

Kopteva N.A.; Sisyukin Y.M., 1983:
Statistical description of the agro meteorological background of processes in agricultural production

Mult-Risk-Factor-Intervention-Trial-Group, 1977:
Statistical design considerations in the national heart and lung institute multiple risk factor intervention trial

Haseman, J.K.; Hoel, D.G., 1979:
Statistical design of toxicity assays: role of genetic structure of test animal population

Federer W.T., 1979:
Statistical designs and response models for mixture of cultivars

Slade, N.A., 1977 :
Statistical detection of density dependence from a series of sequential censuses

Reid, M.H.; Dublin, A.B., 1979:
Statistical detection of nonvisible isodense subdural fluid collections

Hallett, J.W.; Greenwood, L.H.; Yrizarry, J.M.; Pierson, W.P.; Robison, J.G.; Brown, S.B., 1985:
Statistical determinants of success and complications of thrombolytic therapy for arterial occlusion of lower extremity

Nikolov K.M.; Gil'manov T.G., 1982:
Statistical determination of cyclicity in the dynamics of populational density based on rodents

Trautmann N.M.; Macculloch C.E.; Oglesby R.T., 1982:
Statistical determination of data requirements for assessment of lake restoration programs

Bryden M.P.; Sprott D.A., 1981:
Statistical determination of degree of laterality

Shiga T.; Sekiya M.; Maeda N.; Oka S., 1985:
Statistical determination of red cell adhesion to material surface by varying shear force

Tsai E.C., 1985:
Statistical determination of the optimal sample size of secondary effluent biochemical oxygen demand at 5 days and suspended solids

Grayson D.A., 1987:
Statistical diagnosis and the influence of diagnostic error

Hilden J., 1984:
Statistical diagnosis based on conditional independence does not require it

Aitchison J.; Lauder I.J., 1979:
Statistical diagnosis from imprecise data

Ikeda M., 1982:
Statistical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Smith, H.J.; Newman, J.D.; Hoffman, H.J.; Fetterly, K., 1982:
Statistical discrimination among vocalizations of individual squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

Berghaus, G., 1978:
Statistical discrimination between alcoholics and nonalcoholic by use of fatty infiltration fatty acid pattern and enzyme activities of the human liver

Makhmetov, B.B., 1978:
Statistical distribution analysis of dominant plants in desert associations of the northern aral region ussr

Oreshkina, N.S.; Zablotskii, V.R., 1977:
Statistical distribution and variation of physical properties of forest soddy podzolic soil

Manucharov A.S.; Bondarev Y.P., 1980:
Statistical distribution of porosity weight and volume of soil aggregates

Laisk, A.; Oja, V.; Kull, K., 1980:
Statistical distribution of stomatal apertures of vicia faba and hordeum vulgare cultivar maja and spannungsphase of stomatal opening

Kornilov, S.G.; V'yushkova, V.P., 1976:
Statistical distribution of the results of river zoo plankton samplings

Hafley, W.L.; Schreuder, H.T., 1977:
Statistical distributions for fitting diameter and height data in even aged stands

Berger A.; Melice J.L.; Demuth C., 1982:
Statistical distributions of daily and high atmospheric sulfur di oxide concentrations

Kornberg, R.D.; Stryer, L., 1988:
Statistical distributions of nucleosomes: nonrandom locations by a stochastic mechanism

Hewitt J.S.; Dexter A.R., 1984:
Statistical distributions of root maximum growth pressures root buckling stresses and soil penetration strengths

Guidotti A., 1985:
Statistical distributive patterns of the weight of alive and viable new born

Dolisi C.; Suisse G.; Delpont E.; Grellier P.; Roche J.L., 1987:
Statistical eeg detection of patients with intracranial tumors study of a sample of 40 quantitative evaluations

Pegels, C.C., 1978:
Statistical effects of varying blood life span from 14 28 days

Kersten D., 1987:
Statistical efficiency for the detection of visual noise

Giannini, R.; Raddi, P.; Vannella, S., 1978:
Statistical efficiency in pinus pinea and pinus pinaster progeny test part 2 heritability estimate and its reliability

Raffaello, G.; Paolo, R.; Stefano, V., 1978:
Statistical efficiency in pinus pinea and pinus pinaster progeny tests

Lambeth C.C.; Gladstone W.T.; Stonecyhper R.W., 1983:
Statistical efficiency of row and noncontiguous family plots in genetic tests of loblolly pine

Loo-Dinkins, J.A.; Tauer, C.G., 1987:
Statistical efficiency of six progeny test field designs on three loblolly pine pinus taeda l. site types

Lee C.H., 1983:
Statistical efficiency varies with plot size number of replications and seedlots sampled

Lattanzi, V.; Scardapane, R.; Nardelli, G.M.; Giorgino, R., 1978:
Statistical elaboration of experimental data in a study of biologic rhythms cosinor analysis evaluation of urinary catecholamine excretion in control subjects

Morales, S., 1977:
Statistical epidemiological report on anti tuberculosis activities of the san roque hospital of san salvador de jujuy 1966 1975

Dahiya I.S.; Dahiya D.J.; Kuhad M.S.; Karwasra S.P.S., 1988:
Statistical equations for estimating field capacity wilting point and available water capacity of soils from their saturation percentage

Goldstein, N.P., 1979:
Statistical errors in radiation monitoring using continuous collecting and counting

Piontkovskii S.A., 1985:
Statistical estimates of mezo scale structure of biological fields of tropic zone and their connection with fields of physical and chemical elements

Andriyuk, K.I.; Iutyns'ka, H.O., 1976:
Statistical estimation of moisture as an ecological factor of micro flora development in irrigated soils in the south of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Stryjewska E.; Rubel S.; Henrion A.; Henrion G., 1987:
Statistical estimation of the influence of mineralization methods on the results of heavy metal determination in cereals by the dpasv method

Haffner, H.T.; Mallach, H.J.; Schubring, G., 1988:
Statistical evaluation of 60000 blood alcohol values for the period 1964 1983 part i. general epidemiological data

Haffner, H.T.; Mallach, H.J.; Schubring, G., 1988:
Statistical evaluation of 60000 blood alcohol values for the period 1964 1983 part ii. high blood alcohol levels greater than or equal to 3.0 parts per thousand

Huhtikangas A.; Huurre A.; Hiltunen R.; Partanen A., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of a number of glandular lipid constituents in ferns of 3 dryopteris species

Feroldi P.; Frata P.; Baroncelli G.; Belletti S., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of a total dose dose rate relationship in oral tongue cancer iridium 192 implants

Sprague E.D.; Larrabee C.E.Jr; Halsall H.B., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of alternative models application to ligand protein binding

Cohen E.; Saguy I., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of arrhenius model and its applicability in prediction of food quality losses

Drescher K.; Timm J.; Rensing L.; Graf G.; Cornelius G., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of biological rhythms in short nonsynchronous time series

Dolfin G.C.; Dolfin A.M.; Giana M.; Saccone V.; Miglio C.; Siliquini G.P.; Caranzano M., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of changes in blood bilirubin in the new born

Harada K.; Fukuda K.; Sugihara M., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of chemotaxes with special reference to repellence activity of food for oriental weatherfish misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Clifton, D.K.; Aksel, S.; Bremner, W.J.; Steiner, R.A.; Soules, M.R., 1988:
Statistical evaluation of coincident prolactin and luteinizing hormone pulses during the normal menstrual cycle

Paule, R.C.; Mandel, J., 1978:
Statistical evaluation of college of american pathologists survey results for calcium potassium and blood urea nitrogen

Wiemann, H., 1977:
Statistical evaluation of correlated rating data

Vandercook C.E.; Navarro J.L.; Smolensky D.C.; Nelson D.B.; Park G.L., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of data for detecting adulteration of california usa navel orange juice

O'Brien, T.C.; Rastogi, S.; Tauraso, N.M., 1971:
Statistical evaluation of diluents and automatic diluting and pipetting machines in influenza serology

Suzuki H., 1981:
Statistical evaluation of factors influencing the prognosis of patients with adult acute leukemia

Barov V., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of field trials without replications of the tested treatments replicating the control

Gupta, B.S., 1978:
Statistical evaluation of forage yield from cenchrus setigerus under arid conditions of rajasthan india

Gupta, B.S.; Kalla, J.C.; Rao, J.S., 1974:
Statistical evaluation of forage yield of marvel grass under arid conditions of rajasthan india

Kalla, J.C., 1977:
Statistical evaluation of fuel yield and morphological variates for some promising energy plantation tree species in western rajasthan india

Schmidt B., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of germination figures compiled by the fachgruppe saatgut from seed samples tested for the purpose of certification in the years 1977 1978 and 1979

Geery P.R.; Holub R.E.; Keen R.R., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of ground applied ultra low volume malathion on natural populations of aedes vexans and culex species

Agnese G.; Risso D.; D.F.ora S., 1984:
Statistical evaluation of inter laboratory and intra laboratory variations of the ames test as related to the genetic stability of salmonella typhimurium tester strains

Pola P.; Tondi P.; Dal Lago A.; Serricchio M.; Flore R., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of long term l carnitine therapy in hyper lipo proteinemias

Paik C M.; Chung K C., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of multiple regression formulae of oxygen uptake on speed gradient and body weight in treadmill walking

Yoshioka, S.; Aso, Y.; Uchiyama, M., 1988:
Statistical evaluation of non isothermal prediction of drug stability ii. experimental design for practical drug products

Yoshioka S.; Aso Y.; Uchiyama M., 1987:
Statistical evaluation of nonisothermal prediction of drug stability

Boumans, L.J.; Rodenburg, M.; Maas, A.J., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of nystagmus in cupulometry

Montaldo S.; Canu A.M.; Ferreli A.; Nivoli G., 1984:
Statistical evaluation of pathologies concomitant to pulmonary silicosis and their influence in determining death

Alvarez F.R.; Diaz R.C.; Zarza A.M.D.; Calva M.G.R.; Contreras M.J.N., 1979:
Statistical evaluation of pelvi pneumography in the diagnosis of poly cystic ovary

Jovanović, U.J., 1976:
Statistical evaluation of polygraphic investigations of pentoxifylline

Takagi S.; Tagawa K.; Matsuyama S.; Mizutani T.; Togo Y., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of preterm deliveries in the nihon university maternity service japan

Sackmann Muriel F.; Goldar D.; Pavlovsky S., 1979:
Statistical evaluation of prognostic factors in 709 acute lympho blastic leukemia patients

Aubuchon J.P., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of red cell antibody panels

Wyatt, CL.; Trivedi, M.; Anderson, DR., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of remotely sensed thermal data for deer census

Haidmayer R.; Pfeiffer K.P.; Kenner T.; Kurz R., 1982:
Statistical evaluation of respiratory control in infants to assess possible risk for the sudden infant death syndrome

Ward R.C.; Loftis J.C.; Nielsen K.S.; Anderson R.D., 1979:
Statistical evaluation of sampling frequencies in monitoring networks

Myalkovskaya S.A.; Breev K.A., 1982:
Statistical evaluation of sampling value during registration of fleas siphonaptera from the little suslik

Malek D.M.; Munroe J.H.; Schmitt D.J.; Korth B., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of sensory judges

Gaito, J.; Nobrega, J.N.; Gaito, S.T., 1978:
Statistical evaluation of several aspects concerning the oscillation effect

Vercauteren P.; Meulepas E.; Vlietinck R.; Cassiman J J.; Van Den Berghe H., 1984:
Statistical evaluation of sister chromatid exchanges

Rubino F.; Febbi M.R.; Jacovelli G.; Mastrogregori A., 1987:
Statistical evaluation of some psychological characteristics revealed in a course for minibasketball instructors

Matsuo R.R.; Dexter J.E.; Kosmolak F.G.; Leisle D., 1982:
Statistical evaluation of tests for assessing spaghetti making quality of durum wheat triticum durum

Jamil N.; Ahmad I., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of the assay procedures for reserpine in aqueous solutions

Barbazza R.; Calabro S.; Dal Farra F.; Tessarin C.; Agosto L.; Menozzi V., 1984:
Statistical evaluation of the behavior over time of autopsies executed from 1962 1981 in the belluno district italy

B"rlev I., 1987:
Statistical evaluation of the changes in wheat yields during a long period of time

Kohberger R.C., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of the direct linear plot method for estimation of enzyme kinetic parameters

Varjas G.; Jozsef G.; Gyenes G.; Petranyi J.; Bozoky L.; Pataki G., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of the dose distribution charts of the national computerized treatment planning network

Heltshe J.F., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of the jackknife estimate of diversity when using quadrat samples

Jensen B.; Moller S.; Bentzon M.W., 1981:
Statistical evaluation of the lymphocyte proliferation assay with nonstimulated cultures

Hetson G.; Share J.; Frommer J.; Kronman J.H., 1988:
Statistical evaluation of the position of the mandibular foramen

Backdahl, M.; Carstensen, J.; Auer, G.; Tallroth, E., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of the prognostic value of nuclear dna content in papillary follicular and medullary thyroid tumors

Ieda K.; Kono N.; Ura S.; Ishimoto K.; Yamamoto S.; Koh K.; Yukawa H.; Sakaguchi M., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of the relationship between gall stones or previous cholecystectomy and cancer of the large bowel

Cavenaghi L.; Gallo G.G.; Leali G.M.; Vianello S., 1987:
Statistical evaluation of the results obtained with the analytical methods used for the quality control of medicines

Ulfvarson, U., 1977:
Statistical evaluation of the results of measurements of occupational exposure to air contaminants a suggested method of dealing with short period samples taken during 1 whole shift when noncompliance with occupational health standards is being determine

Floria F.; Bara I.I., 1982:
Statistical evaluation of the variability of some characteristics of papaver somniferum under the influence of treatment with an alkylating agent

Waerstad K.R.; Mcclellan G.H., 1980:
Statistical evaluation of thermally modified sulfur as a coating agent for urea granules

Phadke, M.S.; Grupe, M.R.; Tiao, G.C., 1978:
Statistical evaluation of trends in ambient concentrations of nitric oxide in los angeles

Inoue Y.; Tanaka Miyamoto K., 1987:
Statistical evaluation of variations in electrolytic enrichment factors of tritium

Osborne G.E.; Lausier J.M.; Lawing W.D.; Smith M., 1982:
Statistical evaluation of vehicle effect on anti perspirant activity with a limited number of subjects

D.R.uck A.; D.B.e S.; Kayembe D., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of visual functions in dominant and recessive autosomal pigmentary retinopathy

Favetto G.; Resnik S.; Chirife J.; Fontan C.F., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of water activity measurements obtained with the vaisala humicap humidity meter

Knuuttila M.; Lappalainen R.; Alakuijala P.; Lammi S., 1985:
Statistical evidence for the relation between citrate and carbonate in human cortical bone

Niespodziewanski M.; Gluchowski W.; Wojcik A., 1979:
Statistical evidence of protein polymorphism in blood serum of hens

Trout J.R., 1985:
Statistical examination of association of official analytical chemists use dilution method for testing disinfectant efficacy

Miya K.; Uenishi H.; Hashimoto T.; Takao H.; Kida H.; Kunieda K.; Azuma S.; Tanemura H.; Furuta T.; E.A., 1987:
Statistical examinations on cholelithiasis cases operated during past 10 years

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Statistical relationship in between body measurements of ophicephalus gachua

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Statistical relationships among the 1st 3 formant frequencies in vowel segments in continuous speech

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Statistical relationships between hailfall and damage to wheat

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Statistical relationships between high molecular weight subunits of glutenin and breadmaking quality of canadian grown wheats

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Statistical relationships between the moisture and oil contents of 3 new zealand mackerel species

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Statistical relationships of dendrocalamus strictus in mixed deciduous forest of forest of garhwal himalayas india

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Statistical reliability of comparison based on the citation impact of scientific publications

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Statistical reliability of the law for the quantity of muscle fibers in mammal muscle

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Statistical remarks on patients hospitalized during the last 5 years because of burns and submitted to intensive treatment

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Statistical remarks on the angle included between the plane of the foramen magnum and the plane of the clivus boogards angle

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Statistical research on the anatomo radiological features of the sphenoidal sinus and sella turcica

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Statistical review of foreign bodies at asahikawa medical school japan during the last 10 years

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Statistical review of surgical patient with gastric cancer

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Statistical review of the x ray permeable foreign bodies in the thoracic and abdominal portion of esophagus

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Statistical review on suicides in hokkaido district japan in the recent 10 years

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Statistical sampling of bacterial strains and its use in bacterial diversity measurement

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Statistical sampling strategies for averaging purposes in serially correlated biomedical data

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Statistical significance of molecule projections by single particle averaging

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Statistical significance of mutation frequencies and the power of statistical testing using the poisson distribution

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Statistical significance of some parameters affecting in vitro adhesion of streptococcus sanguis i nctc 7865

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Statistical significance of species clusters in association analysis

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Statistical significance tests for autoradiographic data

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Statistical status of pulmonary embolism in japan 2

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Statistical structure of the electro encephalogram rhythm interaction and individual properties of the brain self regulation mechanisms

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Statistical studies in oto rhinological disease associated with ocular findings

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Statistical studies of indices of cardiac rhythm regulation

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Statistical studies of long term infertile women in our infertile clinic

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Statistical studies of mortality and air pollution multiple regression analyses stratified by age group

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Statistical studies of occupational cervico brachial disorder

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Statistical studies on genetic polymorphisms of the blood 2. regional studies

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Statistical study of air pollutant concentrations via generalized gamma distributions

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Statistical study of alveolar process inclination analysis of results of tele radiographic examination of the head in sagittal and vertical projection in 1600 children referred for consultation in a specialized dento facial orthopedic unit

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Statistical study of an infertility clinic in the past 5 years

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Statistical study of early gastric cancer

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Statistical study of forest structure by the method of f h smith

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Statistical study of herpes zoster at department of dermatology kansai medical university japan

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Statistical study of metastatic skin cancer

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Statistical study of morphological features of seedlings of ranunculaceae

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Statistical study of outpatients with hematuria

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Statistical study of ozarkodina excavata and ozarkodina tuma lower devonian delta zone conodonts nevada usa

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Statistical study of pseudopapillitis vascularis

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Statistical study of results of Hemalog D

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Statistical study of seeds of juniperus species from greece with their determination keys

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Statistical study of skin tumors on the face over 5 years

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Statistical study of soil thecamoebae from the vicinity of lamto ivory coast

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Statistical study of staphylococcus aureus isolated from bacterial skin infections their sensitivities to antibiotics and coagulase types

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Statistical study of the behavior of the human electro encephalogram in the normal subject during contingent negative variation

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Statistical study of the correlation between mercury exposure time weighted average and urinary mercury concentrations in chloralkali workers

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Statistical study of the data file of biologically active compounds 5. considering the novelty of a chemical structure when predicting biological activity by an improved method of substructural analysis

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Statistical study of the data file of biologically active compounds 8. statistical analysis of sulfur organic compounds

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Statistical study of the freezing point of cows milk

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Statistical study of the information file on biologically active compounds 4. predicting biological activity of chemical compounds by means of an algorithm based on a logical structural approach

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Statistical study of the model independent method to describe the blood disappearance profile of intra venously administered drugs

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Statistical study of the silica interference on the quantitative analysis of mineral elements by spectrometry in a few vegetal samples poor in silica

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Statistical study of variability in some pure lines and hybrids of arabidopsis thaliana after different photoperiods dominance

Kuriya Y., 1980:
Statistical study on anthropometric measures and leg functions of ball game players

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Statistical study on arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure as a risk factor in retinopathy of prematurity

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Statistical study on bells paralysis

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Statistical study on bowen's disease

Mori, W.; Aoyama, H., 1983:
Statistical study on fulminant liver disease in Japan

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Statistical study on garlic allium related contact dermatitis

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Statistical study on infertile women

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Statistical study on moritas shinkeishitsu for 12 years

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Statistical study on nephrectomy 2nd report. observations on postoperative complications

Furusho T., 1984:
Statistical study on pleiotropy of the polygenic system responsible for non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Koinuma N., 1980:
Statistical study on radio transparent calculi of the upper urinary tract

Kitatsuji Y.; Kuroda T., 1983:
Statistical study on reverberation between 2 mutually excitatory neuron groups

Ito A.; Yoshikawa S., 1981:
Statistical study on suicides examined at department of legal medicine toho university japan from 1975 1979 differences in suicide methods by sex and age

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Statistical study on the clinical experience 1st section of conservative dentistry

Shimbori M., 1984:
Statistical study on the findings of physical checkups of obese subjects

Feral, C., 1976:
Statistical study on the presence of male external genitalia in females of ocenebra erinacea a gonochoristic gastropod mollusk

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Statistical study on the restorations of primary teeth comparison in 1965 1973 and 1978

Canarache A.; Simota C., 1986:
Statistical study on the variability of the soil physical parameters

Cichowicz, S.M.; Atkinson, J.C., 1978:
Statistical study to reduce the number of slides microscopically examined in the geotrichum mold count methods

Ivanov V.I., 1983:
Statistical substantiation of the absence of a threshold of the action of carcinogenic factors at the population level

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Statistical summary and analyses of event precipitation chemistry from the map3s network 1976 1983

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Statistical survey of 100 cases of sporotrichosis

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Statistical survey of blister diseases diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kagoshima university hospital japan from 1973 1982

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Statistical survey of bullous skin diseases diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of cutaneous tuberculosis diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of drug eruptions diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of malignant tumors diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of mycosis diagnosed at dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of papular urticaria diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of patients' satisfaction with the results of cleft lip and palate repair part two

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Statistical survey of psoriasis diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of pyodermas diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of saturation analysis calibration curve data for prednisolone prednisone and digoxin

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Statistical survey of skin diseases caused by animal parasitism diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of some virus diseases diagnosed at dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey of syphilis diagnosed at the dermatological clinic of kyushu university hospital japan from 1906 1980

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Statistical survey on the lesser acceptance of the canned tomato fruit juice among japanese and an attempt for the improvement

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Statistical surveys on molluscum contagiosum at the dermatological clinic of the university of occupational and environmental health from 1979 to 1984

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Statistical surveys on solitary tumor of the face

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Statistical synthesis of osmotic fragility curves

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Statistical techniques for wine consumption forecasting and forecasts for 1990 and 2000

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Statistical test for the comparison of samples from mutational spectra

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Statistical testing for seasonality in data with multiple peaks and troughs

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Statistical tests for moderator variables flaws in analyses recently proposed

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Statistical tests for natural selection on quantitative characters

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Statistical tests of the broken stick model of species abundance relations

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Statistical tests on two characteristics of the shapes of cluster diagrams

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Statistical tests to evaluate the viability of biological populations

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Statistical theory and clinical practice in predicting rare phenomena

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Statistical theory in clustering

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Statistical theory of chain scission and concurrent damage not associated with chain scission in linear polymers

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Statistical tools in soil biology 8. diversity and complexity in ecosystems comments on their adaptive value

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Statistical treatment applied to pharmacokinetic data

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Statistical treatment of the solomon four group design a meta analytic approach

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Statistical trend of some parasitic zoonoses of swine and cattle from chile

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Statistical value of various clinical parameters in predicting the presence of choledochal stones

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Statistical variability of biomedical data 2. the influence of serial correlation on power estimates and on comparative testing of samples

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Statistical variation of nerve conduction velocity an analysis in normal subjects and uremic patients

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Statistical variation of selected clinical pathological and biochemical measurements in rodents

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Statistical weights of thyroliberin conformers and averaging of calculated structure characteristics of the molecule

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Statistically inferred vs. empirically observed verbal performance iq differences in the wechsler adult intelligence scale revised

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Statistically significant hematopoietic effects of low blood lead levels

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Statisticosyntactic learning techniques

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Statistics and experimental design for behavioral and biological researchers an introduction

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Statistics and re investigation of the 4s variant of basic electro encephalogram activity

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Statistics and research work in agriculture

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Statistics concerning operations in the department of urology in kokura national hospital japan during the ten years from 1975 to 1984

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Statistics for assessing the clinical significance of psychotherapy techniques issues problems and new developments

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Statistics for deaths from poisoning 1973 to 1975 for england and wales uk

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Statistics for diagnostic procedures 3. philosophic and research design considerations

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Statistics for micro fossil concentration measurements employing samples spiked with marker grains

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Statistics in cellular typing

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Statistics of amplitude and spectrum of blasts propagated in the atmosphere

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Statistics of atmospheric turbulence within a natural black spruce forest canopy

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Statistics of di sulfide bond formation in proteins

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Statistics of dose cure relationships for irradiated tumors 1

Joensen, A.H., 1978:
Statistics of duck hunting in denmark 1966 1976

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Statistics of enumerating total coliforms in water samples by membrane filter procedures

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