Statistical survey of the patients with mycosis in 1985 at dermatology of yokohama city kowan hospital japan

Ishii, N.; Ishikawa, K.; Arai, M.; Kurosawa, T.; Kawaguchi, H.; Miyakawa, J.; Miyakawa, K.; Nakajima, H.

Yokohama Medical Journal 37(5): 375-382


Accession: 006474932

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A statistical survey of the patients with mycosis at Department of Dermatology of Yokohama City Kowan Hospital on 1985 was made. The out-patients observed were 3390 in number and comprised 432 cases with mycosis (12.7%). These out-patients with mycosis comprised 339 cases with dermatophytoses (78.5%), 78 cases with candidiasis (18.1%), 14 cases with tinea versicolor (3.2%) and 1 case with deep fungus infection (0.2%). Tinea pedis occupied 77.6% of dermatophytoses, and Trichophyton rubrum was most prominent by culture. Kerion celsi was seen in only one case with deep fungus infection.