Status and foraging distribution of white pelicans pelecanus erythrorhynchos prince albert national park saskatchewan canada

Trottier, G.C.; Breneman, R.J.; Young, N.A.

Canadian Field-Naturalist 94(4): 383-390


Accession: 006475106

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The white pelican (P. erythrorhynchos) population breeding at Lavallee Lake, Prince Albert National Park has increased since 1938. Pelicans fledge increased from 700-1500 between 1938-1940 to a high of 2696 in 1976. Nesting islands decreased from 3-1 but subcolonies increased from 3-15 over that period. Nesting shifted from treeless areas to areas with an overstory of coniferous forest. Most foraging during the breeding season was outside the park at Montreal Lake.