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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6477

Chapter 6477 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smirnov V.N., 1983: Stellate cells in the intima of human aorta application of alkaline dissociation method in the analysis of the vessel wall cellular content

Wake K., 1984: Stellate cells vitamin a storing cells are the primary site of collagen synthesis in nonparenchymal cells in the liver

Dalbiez C., 1985: Stellate fibrin fibronectin microclot formation from keratinocytes and fibroblasts stimulated by plasma from patients with psoriasis

Sakurai T., 1985: Stellate ganglion block for the relief of tinnitus in vibration disease

Matsuura M., 1981: Stellate ganglion block therapy in central serous chorio retinopathy

Ullrich, J., 1975: Stellate ganglion block under electro encephalographic control in the treatment of complicated cervical migraine

Cesarman E., 1984: Stellate ganglion blockade and atropine do not affect the electrocardiographic changes of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Beckman D.L., 1981: Stellate ganglion influence on static compliance and surface layer lipids in cat lungs

Svendgaard N.A., 1988: Stellate ganglion innervation of the vertebro basilar arterial system demonstrated in the rat with anterograde and retrograde wga hrp tracing

Beckman D.L., 1984: Stellate ganglion stimulation with alpha and beta adrenergic blockade effect on lung lipids and compliance in cats

Coles W.H., 1984: Stellate iron lines in the corneal epithelium after radial keratotomy

Guacci P., 1986: Stellate maculopathy due to salmonella typhi a case report

Dahl A L., 1984: Stellate neurons in rat dorsal cochlear nucleus studied with combined golgi impregnation and electron microscopy synaptic connections and mutual coupling by gap junctions

Shatalova O.L., 1987: Stellate reticuloendotheliocytes in liver cirrhosis

Shatalova O.L., 1986: Stellate reticuloendotheliocytes of the liver in chronic hepatitis

Fadeeva T.A., 1981: Stellate sturgeon acipenser stellatus size age composition during the marine period of life

Swennen C., 1981: Stellers eider polysticta stelleri new record for the netherlands

Lobkov, E. G., 1978: Stellers sea eagle haliaeetus pelagicus on the kamchatka peninsula ussr

Becker, D. A., 1978: Stem abscission in tumbleweeds of the chenopodiaceae kochia

Timmins, P.; Court, W. E., 1976: Stem alkaloids of rauwolfia obscura

Sabri, N. N.; Court, W. E., 1978: Stem alkaloids of rauwolfla vomitoria

Tewfik S.A., 1982: Stem analysis tracheid dimensions and wood specific gravity of pinus brutia trees

Narang, A. K., 1978: Stem anatomy of crotalaria and tephrosia

Gulenkova, M. A., 1977: Stem anatomy of orobus vernus

Mehta I.J., 1982: Stem anatomy of parthenium argentatum parthenium incanum and their natural hybrids

Mishkina V.A., 1985: Stem anatomy peculiarities of triticale lines as related to extent of their resistance to lodging

Webb, E., 1981: Stem anatomy phyllotaxy and stem proto xylem tracheids in several species of ophioglossum 1. ophioglossum petiolatum and ophioglossum crotalophorides

Campana R.J., 1984: Stem and branch distribution of wetwood and relationship of wounding to bleeding in american elm trees

Wolgast L.J., 1979: Stem and clump counts as predictors of crown area in bear oak quercus ilicifolia

Herrera R.A., 1979: Stem and leaf contribution to the chemical composition of cynodon dactylon cultivar coast cross 1

Gastaldo R.A., 1984: Stem and leaf cuticle of karinopteris source of cuticles from the indiana usa paper coal

Zalasky, H., 1978: Stem and leaf spot infections caused by septoria musiva and septoria populicola on poplar seedlings

Minton N.A., 1981: Stem and root density in kenaf hibiscus cannabinus and roselle hibiscus sabdariffa at different harvest dates

Rolfe B.G., 1985: Stem and root nodulation of the tropical legume sesbania rostrata by rhizobium strains ors 571 and we 7

Siepmann R., 1979: Stem and root rot of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

Sharp J.G., 1987: Stem and stromal cell reconstitution of lethally irradiated mice following transplantation of hematopoietic tissue from donors of various ages

Alexander K.G., 1984: Stem anoxia temporarily interrupts translocation of carbon 11 photosynthate in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar large russian

Sharma, B. D., 1975: Stem apices from the jurassic of amarjola in the rajmahal hills india

Court W.E., 1984: Stem bark alkaloids of rauvolfia caffra

Court W.E., 1980: Stem bark alkaloids of Rauwolfia macrophylla

Court W.E., 1979: Stem bark alkaloids of rauwolfia volkensii

Court W.E., 1982: Stem bark alkaloids of rauwolfia vomitoria

Richter J., 1983: Stem base rot of dieffenbachia maculata caused by phytophthora mexicana

Dwivedi R.S., 1987: Stem blight and fruit rot of solanum incanum caused by phomopsis vexans a new record

Clements R.O., 1984: Stem borer larval infestation of ryegrass lolium perenne swards under rotationally grazed and cut conditions

Moore, D.; Clements, R. O., 1985: Stem boring diptera in perennial ryegrass lolium perenne cultivar s 24 in relation to fertilizer ii. the effect of varying the timing of fertilizer application

Moore, D.; Clements, R. O., 1984: Stem boring diptera in perennial ryegrass lolium perenne in relation to fertilizer 1. nitrogen level and form

Telfer, E. S.; Cairns, A., 1978: Stem breakage by moose

Lal B., 1987: Stem canker and die back diseases of certain fruit trees

Dick M., 1985: Stem canker of one year old pinus radiata

Averre C.W., 1982: Stem canker of sweet potato ipomoea batatas induced by fusarium solani

Hide, G. A.; Read, P. J.; Sandison, J. P., 1985: Stem canker rhizoctonia solani of maincrop potatoes i. development of the disease

Hide, G. A.; Read, P. J.; Sandison, J. P., 1985: Stem canker rhizoctonia solani of maincrop potatoes ii. effects on growth and yield

Kreja L., 1983: Stem cell and immunological parameters in mice during the latency period and after the development of chemically induced leukemia

Emmelot P., 1984: Stem cell carcinoma in the small intestine of mice treated transplacentally with n ethyl n nitrosourea some quantitative and histological aspects

Wiseman, L. L.; Senn, J. S.; Miller, R. G.; Price, G. B., 1976: Stem cell characterization of neutropenia velocity sedimentation and mass culture analysis

David C.N., 1979: Stem cell growth and differentiation in hydra attenuata part 1 regulation of the self renewal probability in multi clone aggregates

David C.N., 1979: Stem cell growth and differentiation in hydra attenuata part 2 regulation of nerve and nematocyte differentiation in multi clone aggregates

Reed, R. J.; Dhurandhar, H. N., 1977: Stem cell immuno blastic lymphoma a variant of bone marrow derived lymphocytic lymphoma

Yoffey J.M., 1987: Stem cell kinetics correlation of in vivo and in vitro data

Maes J., 1980: Stem cell kinetics in spleen and bone marrow after single and fractionated irradiation of infant mice

Harrison, D. E.; Astle, C. M.; Doubleday, J. W., 1977: Stem cell lines from old immuno deficient donors give normal responses in young recipients

Wright E.G., 1987: Stem cell maintenance and commitment to differentiation in long term cultures of murine marrow obtained from different spatial locations in the femur

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476063

Necas, E.; Znojil, V.; Vacha, J., 1988: Stem cell number versus the fraction synthesizing dna

Bagby, G. C. Jr, 1978: Stem cell proliferation and emergence in a case of chronic granulocytic leukemia the role of the spleen

Necas E., 1982: Stem cell proliferation inhibitor in blood of mice injected with hydroxy urea

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476067

Necas E., 1985: Stem cells an autonomous cell producing system

Ropke, C., 1977: Stem cells and small lymphocytes of congenitally asplenic athymic mice quantitative and auto radiographic results

Khaitov, R. M.; Petrov, R. V.; Gambarov, S. S.; Norimov, A. S.; Blinov, V. A., 1976: Stem cells and thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes during tumor growth

Khaitov, R. M.; Petrov, R. V.; Gambarov, S. S.; Norimov, A. Sh ; Blinov, V. A., 1976: Stem cells and thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in tumor growth

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476072

David C.N., 1987: Stem cells of hydra magnipapillata can differentiate into somatic cells and germ line cells

Cairnie, A. B.; Lala, P. K.; Osmond, D. G., 1976: Stem cells of renewing cell populations proceedings of a symposium in tribute to c p leblond on the occasion on his 65th birthday montreal canada october 1975

Norimov A.Sh, 1980: Stem cells t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes under acute hypoxia

Ennos R.A., 1984: Stem color and pleiotropy of genes determining flower color in the common morning glory ipomoea purpurea

Voss B.K., 1986: Stem cutoff enhances selection for improved iron efficiency of soybean glycine max

Mckell C.M., 1979: Stem cutting propagation of big sagebrush artemisia tridentata

Tate R.L., 1984: Stem decay in central park new york city usa

Szyska L.A., 1984: Stem diameter age relationship of tamarix ramosissima in central utah usa

Monk C.D., 1981: Stem diameter and dry weight relationships in tsuga canadensis

Klepper, B.; Browning, V. D.; Taylor, H. M., 1971: Stem diameter in relation to plant water status

Diaz Munoz F., 1983: Stem diameter variations in cotton gossypium hirsutum under field conditions

Lassoie J.P., 1979: Stem dimensional fluctuations in douglas fir of different crown classes

Da-Ponte, J. J.; Mattos, J. K. A.; Da-Ponte, M. A.; Leite, F. M.; Monte, E. V.; Almeida, F. C. G., 1977: Stem dry rot of manihot utilissima the behavior of 10 cassava varieties

Marks P.L., 1987: Stem dynamics of the shrub alnus incana ssp rugosa transition matrix models

Barber F.J., 1981: Stem eccentricity in coastal western hemlock tsuga heterophylla

Guttridge, C. G., 1973: Stem elongation and runnering in the mutant strawberry fragaria vesca arborea

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476090

Wellensiek, S. J., 1976: Stem elongation of dwarf silene armeria as influenced by generative condition and gibberellic acid

Orkwiszewski J.A.J., 1985: Stem elongation of xanthium plants presented in terms of relative elemental rates

Chen, P. M.; Spotts, R. A.; Mellenthin, W. M., 1981: Stem end decay and quality of low oxygen stored pears pyrus communis cultivar d'anjou

Muehlbauer F.J., 1984: Stem excision as a means of simulating hail injury on cultivar alaska peas pisum sativum

Wagner E., 1985: Stem extension rate in light grown plants effects of photoperiodic and thermoperiodic treatments on the endogenous circadian rhythm in chenopodium rubrum

Thomas V., 1986: Stem fasciation in hibiscus rosa sinensis l

Linskens H.F., 1985: Stem fasciation in lilium henryi caused by nematodes

Easi D.A., 1984: Stem flow on western juniper juniperus occidentalis trees

Matsumoto M., 1984: Stem form expressed by a stem form vector and its comparison with others

Roulund H., 1979: Stem form of cuttings related to age and position of norway spruce scions picea abies

Green, P. B.; Brooks, K. E., 1978: Stem formation from a succulent leaf its bearing on theories of axiation

Santucci A., 1986: Stem fracture in total hip arthroplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476104

Muscato D., 1980: Stem growth per unit of leaf area a measure of tree vigor

Beraha, L.; Towner, D. B.; Camp, T. H., 1976: Stem gumming and blight and stem end rot of texas cantaloupes caused by diplodia natalensis

Chumakovskii, N. N., 1986: Stem height and drought resistance in wheat in relation to abscisic acid and ethylene level in leaves

Strelin G.S., 1979: Stem hemopoietic cell migration in dogs

Lemeneva L.N., 1979: Stem hemopoietic cells in thymectomized mice

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476111

Askew S.J., 1980: Stem lesions canker and dieback of skimmia japonica

Macpherson D.J., 1985: Stem melanosis a disease of spring wheat caused by pseudomonas cichorii

Picard J., 1987: Stem microanalysis detection of hepatosplenolymphatic thorotrast disease

Donovan S.K., 1984: Stem morphology of the recent crinoid chladocrinus decorus

Spiers A.G., 1988: Stem necrosis of populus deltoides x populus trichocarpa in new zealand caused by xanthomonas campestris pathovar populi

Teranaka M., 1986: Stem necrosis of tomato caused by pseudomonas corrugata

Van Den Berg E., 1987: Stem nematode ditylenchus dipsaci on lucerne in the cape province south africa

Russell C.C., 1979: Stem nematode infection of resistant and susceptible cultivars of alfalfa medicago sativa

Pillai A., 1985: Stem node leaf continuum in acacia

Yoshida S., 1979: Stem nodules in aeschynomene indica and their capacity of nitrogen fixation

Zuercher, E. R., 1986: Stem ontogeny of wych elm ulmus glabra huds. under normal and long day conditions

Yagdyev, A., 1975: Stem pests on turanga in the turkmen ssr ussr

Hohenadl, R.; Alcubilla, M.; Rehfuess, K. E., 1978: Stem phloem analysis as diagnostic tool to evaluate the nutritional status of conifers

Eggert, D. A.; Kanemoto, N. Y., 1977: Stem phloem of a middle pennsylvanian lepidodendron

Sharkey T.D., 1987: Stem photosynthesis in a desert ephemeral eriogonum inflatum characterization of leaf and stem carbon dioxide fixation and water vapor exchange under controlled conditions

Osmond C.B., 1987: Stem photosynthesis in a desert ephemeral eriogonum inflatum morphology stomatal conductance and water use efficiency in field populations

Pressman E., 1981: Stem pithiness in tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar hosen eilon plants the effect of water stress and the role of abscisic acid

Wall R.E. , 1986: Stem pitting and annual ring discoloration in yellow birch betula alleghaniensis

Caye G., 1980: Stem polymorphism analysis in posidonia oceanica

Farrar R.M.Jr, 1987: Stem profile functions for predicting multiple product volumes in natural longleaf pines

Rothwell G.W., 1979: Stem root transition of an upper pennsylvanian woody lycopsid

Engelhard, A. W.; Crane, G. L.; Mellinger, H. C., 1976: Stem rot a new disease on chrysanthemum incited by fusarium solani

Chase A.R., 1982: Stem rot and shattering of easter cactus rhipsalidopsis gaertneri caused by drechslera cactivora

Mccain A.H., 1982: Stem rot and wilt of exacum affine caused by nectria haematococca

El Gholl N.E., 1982: Stem rot cutting rot and leaf spot of dieffenbachia maculata cultivar perfection incited by fusarium solani

Wang Z N., 1984: Stem rot of sugarcane in taiwan

Martens, J. W.; Mckenzie, R. I. H., 1976: Stem rust of oats in canada in 1975

Martens, J. W.; Mckenzie, R. I. H., 1976: Stem rust of oats in canada in 1976

Martens, J. W., 1978: Stem rust of oats in canada in 1977

Kislev M.E., 1982: Stem rust of wheat 3300 years old found in israel

Green, G. J., 1976: Stem rust of wheat barley and rye in canada in 1975

Green, G. J., 1976: Stem rust of wheat barley and rye in canada in 1976

Green, G. J., 1978: Stem rust of wheat barley and rye in canada in 1977

Green G.J., 1979: Stem rust of wheat barley and rye in canada in 1978

Hamilton K., 1985: Stem rust resistance gene from cultivar triumph 64 identified in 4 other winter wheats triticum aestivum

Martinsson O., 1980: Stem rusts in lodgepole pine pinus contorta provenance trials

Martin P.G., 1984: Stem spermatogonial survival and incidence of reciprocal translocations in the gamma irradiated boar

Luer C.A., 1985: Stem structure and its bearing on the systematics of pleurothallidinae orchidaceae

Trifonova E.L., 1980: Stem structure of some representatives of the family lamiaceae in connection with the evolution of life forms

Evans, M. E.; Rawlinson, C. J., 1977: Stem sugars a possible factor affecting the resistance of wheat to pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides

Singh P., 1983: Stem temperature diurnal relation to leaf conductance in vicia faba

Damkor T.S., 1986: Stem thinning in potato as a pre selection index

Acad-Sin-Peking-Inst-Bot-6th-Lab-Res-Group-Differ, 1977: Stem tip cultures of malus in vitro

Buzzell R.I., 1987: Stem tip necrosis a hypersensitive temperature dependent dominant gene reaction of soybean to infection by soybean mosaic virus

Pallardy S.G., 1985: Stem vascular anatomy and leaf area in seedlings of 6 black walnut juglans nigra families

Beck D.E., 1984: Stem volume and taper functions for yellow poplar liriodendron tulipifera in the southern appalachians usa

Currie, D.; Toes, E., 1978: Stem volume loss due to severe diplodia infection in a young pinus radiata stand

Ilstedt B., 1986: Stem volume of intraprovenance and interprovenance families of picea abies

Martin P., 1982: Stem xylem as a possible pathway for mineral re translocation from senescing leaves to the ear in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar kolibri

Enright N.J., 1987: Stemflow as a nutrient source for nikau palm rhopalostylis sapida in a new zealand forest

Sallata M.K., 1985: Stemflow throughfall and rainfall interception on pinus merkusii stand in a tropical rainforest at cikole lembang north bandung west java indonesia

Sharma R., 1984: Stemonaria new genus in the stemonitaceae and 2 new species of stemonitis myxomycetes

Kostermans A.J.G.H., 1981: Stemonoporus dipterocarpaceae a monograph 1

Kosterans A.J.G.H., 1981: Stemonoporus dipterocarpaceae a monograph 2

Greller, A. M.; Gunatilleke, I. A. U. N.; Jayasuriya, A. H. M.; Gunatilleke, C. V. S.; Balasubramaniam, S.; Dassanayake, M. D., 1987: Stemonoporus dipterocarpaceae dominated montane forests in the adam's peak wilderness sri lanka

Sakata, K.; Aoki, K.; Chang, C. F.; Sakurai, A.; Tamura, S.; Murakoshi, S., 1978: Stemospironine a new insecticidal alkaloid of stemona japonica isolation structural determination and activity

Hazard, E. I.; Savage, K. E., 1970: Stempellia lunata new species microsporida nosematidae in larvae of the mosquito culex pilosus collected in florida

Nitiyevskaya V.Y., 1984: Stemphyliosis of legumes

Sivan, J.; Barkai-Golan, R., 1976: Stemphylium botryosum f lactucae its development in vitro and its pathogenicity to lettuce leaves

Miller, M. E.; Taber, R. A.; Amador, J. M., 1978: Stemphylium vesicarium blight of onion in south texas usa

Raghavendra-Rao, N. N.; Pavgi, M. S., 1975: Stemphylium vesicarium leaf blight of onion

Knox Davies P.S., 1984: Stemphylium vesicarium on lucerne medicago sativa seeds in south africa

Gapasin D.P., 1980: Stems and tubers for rearing sweet potato weevil cylas formicarius elegantulus

Horak, J., 1978: Stenalia bilyi new species from tadzhik ssr ussr coleoptera mordellidae

Kvamme, T.; Bakke, A., 1977: Stenamma westwoodi new record hymenoptera formicidae new to norway

Magniez, G., 1978: Stenasellids of france crustacea isopoda asellota of underground waters ancient fauna with recent settlements

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476182

Magniez G., 1982: Stenasellus chapmani new species crustacea isopoda asellota from the underground waters of borneo sarawak

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476184

Van Bree P.J.H., 1981: Stenella clymene a rediscovered tropical dolphin of the atlantic

Rajak R.C., 1981: Stenella embelia new species from india

Brown H.P., 1987: Stenelmis cheryl new name a well known riffle beetle coleoptera elmidae

White, D. S.; Brown, H. P., 1976: Stenelmis gammoni new species from north carolina usa coleoptera elmidae

White D.S., 1982: Stenelmis morsei new species of riffle beetle coleoptera dryopoidea elmidae from south carolina usa

Wellnhofer, P., 1978: Steneosaurus sp vertebrae from the lower malm of sengenthal near neumarkt in the oberpfaltz

Emmanouel N.G., 1981: Steneotarsonemus hatzinikolisi new species of mite from the family tarsonemidae prostigmata a pest of wheat in greece

Emmanouel N., 1980: Steneotarsonemus konoi new species from gramineae acari tarsonemidae

Stern P.J., 1981: Stener lesion after lateral dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint indication for open reduction

Puthz, V., 1979: Steninae 166. new neotropical stenus species staphylinidae coleoptera

Puthz, V., 1982: Steninae 187. stenus leileri new species species from malaysia staphylinidae coleoptera

Hromadka, L., 1979: Steninae 6. stenus hanami new species from japan staphylinidae coleoptera

Puthz, V., 1976: Steninae coleoptera staphylinidae from ghana part 2

Puthz V., 1986: Steninae coleoptera staphylinidae from pakistan

Willemse F., 1979: Stenobothrus clavatus new species from greece orthoptera acrididae

Koehler G., 1985: Stenobothrus crassipes new record orthoptera acrididae first evidence for the area of east germany

Rossi A.E., 1983: Stenocarpella macrospora equals diplodia macrospora and stenocarpella maydis equals diplodia maydis compared as pathogens of corn zea mays

Karaman G.S., 1979: Stenocorophium bowmani new genus new species of the family corophiidae from the palau islands southern pacific ocean crustacea amphipoda

Ratcliffe, B. C., 1978: Stenocrates new species from brazil coleoptera scarabaeidae

Ulibarri, E. A., 1978: Stenodrepanum leguminosae caesalpinieae

Ramachandran P., 1981: Stenoductus chondromorphi new species sporozoa cephalina from the polydesmoid millipede chondromorpha kelaarti

Ramachandran, P., 1976: Stenoductus gordanus new species cephalina monoductidae infecting the spirobolid millipede narceus gordanus from florida in the usa

Janardanan K.P., 1987: Stenoductus ktenostrepti new species apicomplexa cephalina from the millipede ktenostreptus calcaratus demange

Eichlin T.D., 1980: Stenolechia bathrodyas a recently introduced pest of ornamental conifers in southern coastal california usa lepidoptera gelechiidae

Kvamme, T., 1978: Stenolophus mixtus new record an expanding carabid beetle new to norway

Hanya T., 1983: Stenols and phytol in lake sediments from syowa and vestfold oases in the antarctic

Heinzer F., 1979: Stenols and stanols in the oxic and anoxic waters of the black sea

Meyer Berthaud B., 1984: Stenomyelon from the upper tournaisian of the montagne noire france

Liechti, P. M., 1978: Stenonema mayfly records for kansas

Carle, F. L.; Lewis, P. A., 1978: Stenonema meririvulanum new species ephemeroptera heptageniidae from eastern north america

Peters W.L., 1981: Stenonema mexicana heptageniidae ephemeroptera in southern central america

Lewis P.A., 1979: Stenonema sinclairi new species of mayfly from eastern usa ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Svistun V.I., 1979: Stenons horse equus stenonis from late pliocene deposits in the western black sea area of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Currie P.J., 1985: Stenonychosaurus inequalis saurischia theropoda from the judith river oldman formation of alberta canada new findings on metatarsal structure

Crone R.A., 1980: Stenopeic and interference vision

Gasc, C.; Ormieres, R.; Bouix, G., 1975: Stenophora dahomeensis new species a eugregarine parasite of habrodesmus falx a diplopod myriapod from south dahomey new observations on the genus stenophora

Gasc, C.; Ormieres, R., 1977: Stenophora oxydesmi new species eugregarine parasite of oxydesmus granulosus myriapoda polydesmidae of dahomey

Parui P., 1981: Stenopogon and michotamia diptera asilidae from india

Haitlinger R., 1986: Stenopolipus julii new species acari prostigmata podapolipidae from vietnam

Coffman W.P., 1980: Stenopsyche kodaikanalensis new species of stenopsyche from south india trichoptera stenopsychidae

Picard J., 1983: Stenoptilia nepetellae new species from southeastern france lepidoptera pterophoridae

Devaney D.M., 1980: Stenopus pyrsonotus new species of stenopodidean shrimp from the indo west pacific region crustacea decapoda

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476227

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476228

Dunnich N.R., 1987: Stenoses in dialysis fistulas treatment with percutaneous angioplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476230

Hort W., 1981: Stenoses of arterioles and small intra mural arteries of human hearts a quantitative study

Scholz V., 1980: Stenoses of the brachiocephalic common carotid and subclavian arteries

Taghavy A., 1981: Stenoses of the cerebral arteries in pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Merei F.T., 1981: Stenoses of the distal segments of the internal carotid artery

Gradinaru V., 1981: Stenosing papillo odditis associated with chole lithiasis difficulties errors of diagnosis and particularities of surgical treatment

Schweitzer G.J., 1982: Stenosing peroneal teno vaginitis

Brezovsky P., 1981: Stenosing processes due to endo tracheal intubation and tracheostomy in children

Benjamin, S. P.; Dustan, H. P.; Gifford, R. W-Jr ; Meaney, T. F.; Mercer, R. D.; Stewart, B. H., 1976: Stenosing renal artery disease in children clinico pathologic correlation in 20 surgically treated cases

Wuendrich B., 1987: Stenosing tendovaginitis of the extensor carpi ulnaris

Burgess, R. C.; Watson, H. K., 1987: Stenosing tenosynovitis in dupuytren's contracture

Wood M.B., 1986: Stenosing tenosynovitis of the extensor carpi ulnaris

Dichgans J., 1987: Stenosis and occlusion of the subclavian artery ultrasonographic and clinical findings

Viville C., 1985: Stenosis and reflux after surgery of the ureterovesical junction in children indications for surgery and results of 460 ureterovesical implantations

Jardon C.F., 1984: Stenosis by bending and curling of intra cranial internal carotid artery associated with ipsilateral intra cranial aneurysms 5 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476245

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476246

Aberg M., 1982: Stenosis following end in end micro arterial anastomosis an angiographic comparison with the end to end technique

Debrun G., 1985: Stenosis of afferent vessels of intracranial arteriovenous malformations

Aterman K., 1986: Stenosis of individual pulmonary veins radiologic findings

Teirstein A.S., 1985: Stenosis of main bronchi mimicking fixed upper airway obstruction in sarcoidosis

Kuzhukbaev Kh, 1986: Stenosis of pulmonary arteries with an intact interventricular septum

Macartney F.J., 1983: Stenosis of pulmonary veins with ventricular septal defect a cause of premature pulmonary hypertension in infancy

Campbell D.J., 1982: Stenosis of the colon following acute pancreatitis

Chrostodoulopoulos J., 1984: Stenosis of the colon in pancreatitis

Mcdonald, E. J-Jr ; Malone, J. M.; Gooding, G. W.; Eisenberg, R. L.; Mani, R. L., 1976: Stenosis of the deep femoral artery an evaluation of the accuracy of single plane antero posterior arteriograms

Waga S., 1982: Stenosis of the intra cranial internal carotid artery by a cranio pharyngioma a case

Kleinsasser O., 1987: Stenosis of the larynx following teflon injection

Fouchard J., 1988: Stenosis of the left main coronary artery a study of 54 cases

Figueiredo L.T., 1986: Stenosis of the neural canal

Kawai K., 1981: Stenosis of the papilla of vater

Thaker, P.; Weingarten, L.; Friedman, I. H., 1977: Stenosis of the small intestine due to nonocclusive ischemic disease

Perez Alfranca J.M., 1987: Stenosis of the small intestine due to transitory ischemia

Widmer L.K., 1980: Stenosis of the superficial femoral artery by an epithelioid sarcoma

Werner Brzezinska H., 1982: Stenosis of the ureteral meatus on the side opposite a ureteral replacement a rare complication of the boari operation 1 case

Gianturco C., 1986: Stenosis of the vena cava preliminary assessment of treatment with expandable metallic stents

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476486

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476503

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476504

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476796

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476799

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476829

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476832

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476833

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476835

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476837

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476838

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476873

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476874

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476889

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476890

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476897

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476898

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476904

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476912

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476913

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476914

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476915

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476916

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476917

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476918

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476919

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Camerman N., 1979: Stereochemistry of di hydro folate reductase inhibitor anti tumor agents molecular structure of bakers antifol triazinate nsc 139105 and insoluble bakers antifol nsc 113423

Menendez, J. C.; Sollhuber, M. M., 1987: Stereochemistry of diastereomeric 9 10 dimethoxy 1 3 4 6 7 11b hexahydrospirobenzo a quinolizin 2 5' imidazolidine 2' 4' diones

Jarosz S., 1986: Stereochemistry of diels alder reaction at high pressure asymmetric induction in the reaction of 1 methoxybuta 1 3 diene with sugar aldehydes

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476968

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476970

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Serkerov S.V., 1980: Stereochemistry of ferula oopoda guaianolides

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Bewick D.W., 1986: Stereochemistry of fluazifop butyl transformations in soil

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476980

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476982

Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476983

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Section 7, Chapter 6477, Accession 006476988

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