Stem apices from the jurassic of amarjola in the rajmahal hills india

Sharma, B.D.

Botanique 6(1): 25-32


Accession: 006476037

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Two kinds of stem apices are described which are tentatively named as stem A and stem B. Stem A possesses a massive stem apex which is protected by spirally arranged and closely placed leaves. Inner leaves are narrow, curved and have a dense growth of scales on their lateral sides. Outer leaves are biconvex and without scales. Vascular bundles are collateral, endarch and 5-7 in a leaf, two adaxial and five abaxial. Stem B possesses radial leaves in the center which later on become narrow, curved structures. Outer leaves are more or less similar to those described in stem A. Leaves have no scales on their lateral sides, but scales are present throughout the ground tissue between the leaves. Bundles are 5-7 in each leaf. They are arranged in a single row and in a saucer shaped manner. Stem A is compared with the Bennettitales and stem B with the Pentoxyleae.