Stemflow throughfall and rainfall interception on pinus merkusii stand in a tropical rainforest at cikole lembang north bandung west java indonesia

Pudjiharta, A.; Sallata, M.K.

Buletin Penelitian Hutan 471: 49-62


Accession: 006476165

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The study which was carried out in the Cikole forest, Lembang, North Bandung Forest District was aimed at finding the rainfall interception of 10, 15 and 20-year old Pinus merkusii stand which grew closely together. In this study quadratic sample plots of 10 .times. 10 meters used. Each age class is represented by two replicated plots. Total rainfall (Po), throughfall (Pt) and stemflow (S) were measured. Correlation between rainfall, stemflow and crown interception were checked by regression analysis. The total rainfall recorded was 1794 mm. In a 10 years old Pinus merkusii stand the rationing of the total rainfall was as follows: crown interception 15.8%, throughfall 51.5% and stemflow 32.6%. In a 15 years old stand, these items were 22.4%, 48.7% and 28.8%, while in a 20 years old Pinus stand, 30.67%, 46.4% and 22.8%, respectively. Analysis of available data showed that linear correlations hold between rainfall and stemflow, rainfall and throughfall, rainfall and crown interception. The study indicated that the interception in Pinus merkusii plantation increased with the age of the stand.