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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6478

Chapter 6478 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kolb, V.M.; Hua, D.H.; Duax, W.L., 1987:
Stereochemistry of long lasting opiates 2. delta selective opiate antagonists and their agonist analogues

Aberhart D.J.; Gould S.J.; Lin H J.; Thiruvengadam T.K.; Weiller B.H., 1983:
Stereochemistry of lysine 2 3 amino mutase isolated from clostridium subterminale strain sb 4

Kelland, J.G.; Palcic, M.M.; Pickard, M.A.; Vederas, J.C., 1985:
Stereochemistry of lysine formation by meso diaminopimelate decarboxylase ec from wheat triticum vulgaris germ use of proton carbon 13 nmr shift correlation to detect stereospecific deuterium labeling

Furuhata, K.; Ogura, H.; Harada, Y.; Iitaka, Y., 1977:
Stereochemistry of macrolides part 2 crystal structure of p bromobenzoyl picromycin

Ogura, H.; Furuhata, K.; Harada, Y.; Iitaka, Y., 1978:
Stereochemistry of macrolides part 3 x ray crystal structure analysis of 11 4 bis o p bromobenzoyl oleandomycin

Kirner, J.F.; Reed, C.A.; Scheidt, W.R., 1977:
Stereochemistry of manganese porphyrins part 3 molecular stereochemistry of alpha beta gamma delta tetra phenylporphinato 1 methyl imidazole manganese ii

Asada, Y.; Tanizawa, K.; Sawada, S.; Suzuki, T.; Misono, H.; Soda, K., 1981:
Stereochemistry of meso alpha epsilon di amino pimelate decarboxylase ec reaction the 1st evidence for pyridoxal 5' phosphate dependent decarboxylation with inversion of configuration

Gal, J., 1977:
Stereochemistry of metabolism of amphetamines use of levo methoxy alpha trifluoromethylphenyl acetyl chloride for gas liquid chromatography resolution of chiral amines

Sato Y.; Oda T.; Inoue J.; Kunugi M.; Suzuki K.T., 1984:
Stereochemistry of microbial hydrogenation of levo alpha santonin to dextro 1 2 di hydro alpha santonin by streptomyces cinereocrocatus nrri 3443

Oda, T.; Sato, Y., 1983:
Stereochemistry of microbial transformation of dextro 2' demethoxydehydro griseofulvin and levo 2' demethoxydehydro griseofulvin by streptomyces cinereocrocatus

Zanotti, G.; Del-Pra, A.; Cano, F.H.; Garcia-Blanco, S., 1977:
Stereochemistry of muscarinic antagonists part 1 crystal and molecular structure of 2 di phenylaminoethyltrimethyl ammonium iodide

Zanotti, G.; Valle, G.; Del-Pra, A., 1978:
Stereochemistry of muscarinic antagonists part 4 conformational flexibility of the cholinergic antagonist 3 3 di phenylpropyltrimethyl ammonium iodide

W.L.N.Y.; Fisher R.R., 1982:
Stereochemistry of nadph nadp transhydrogenation catalyzed by bovine heart mitochondrial pyridine di nucleotide transhydrogenase

Krick W.; Marner F J.; Jaenicke L., 1984:
Stereochemistry of natural irones di hydro irones and their precursors

Sundaralingam, M.; Arora, S.K., 1969:
Stereochemistry of nucleic acids and their constituents part 9 the conformation of the antibiotic puromycin di hydro chloride penta hydrate

Frankel, E.N.; Garwood, R.F.; Vinson, J.R.; Weedon, B.C.L., 1982:
Stereochemistry of olefin and fatty acid oxidation 2. photo sensitized oxidation of hexene and hepta 2 5 diene isomers

Frankel, E.N.; Garwood, R.F.; Khambay, B.P.S.; Moss, G.P.; Weedon, B.C.L., 1984:
Stereochemistry of olefin and fatty acid oxidation 3. the allylic hydroperoxides from the autoxidation of methyl oleate

Elmes, P.S.; Jackson, W.R., 1982:
Stereochemistry of organo metallic compounds 21. asymmetric addition of hydrogen cyanide to alkenes catalyzed by zero valent metal compounds

Mikolajczyk, M.; Omelanczuk, J.; Abdukakharov, W.S.; Miller, A.; Wieczorek, A.W.; Karolak-Wojciechowska, J., 1982:
Stereochemistry of organo phosphorus cyclic compounds 15. synthesis of tetra methyl ammonium salt of 2 oxo 2 thio 1 3 2 oxazaphosphorinan and its crystal and molecular structures

Asada, Y.; Tanizawa, K.; Nakamura, K.; Moriguchi, M.; Soda, K., 1984:
Stereochemistry of ornithine decarboxylase ec reaction

Bardi R.; Piazzesi A.M.; Toniolo C.; Sukumar M.; Balaram P., 1986:
Stereochemistry of peptides containing 1 aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid solution and solid state conformations of tert butyloxycarbonylmethylamido 1 aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid 1 aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid

Poulos T.L.; Kraut J., 1980:
Stereochemistry of peroxidase catalysis

Misiura K.; Silverton J.V.; Stec W.J., 1985:
Stereochemistry of phosphorus nitrogen bond cleavage 1st crystal and structural assignment in cyclic phosphoramidofluoridates

Chimirri A.; Grasso S.; Monforte P., 1980:
Stereochemistry of phthalazino 2 3 b phthalazine 5 12 14h 7h dione by lanthanide induced nmr shifts

Buggy, M.J.; Britton, G.; Goodwin, T.W., 1969:
Stereochemistry of phytoene biosynthesis by isolated chloroplasts

Naraoka H.; Harada K., 1986 :
Stereochemistry of piperazine 2 5 dione formation by self condensation of dl amino acid esters

Eckstein, F.; Armstrong, V.W.; Sternbach, H., 1976:
Stereochemistry of polymerization by dna dependent rna polymerase ec from escherichia coli an investigation with a dia stereomeric atp analog

Tanizawa, K.; Yoshimura, T.; Asada, Y.; Sawada, S.; Misono, H.; Soda, K., 1982:
Stereochemistry of proton abstraction catalyzed by lysine omega amino transferase ec and ornithine omega amino transferase ec

Rose, I.A., 1970:
Stereochemistry of pyruvate kinase, pyruvate carboxylase, and malate enzyme reactions

Turchin K.F.; Sheinker Y.N.; Vorob'eva V.Ya; Mikhlina E.E.; Yakhontov L.N., 1986:
Stereochemistry of quinuclidines containing a substituent with aryl heteroaryl nuclei in the 3rd position

Robins, D.J., 1983:
Stereochemistry of reactions catalyzed by arginine decarboxylase ec and ornithine decarboxylase ec

Gerdes, H.J.; Leistner, E., 1979:
Stereochemistry of reactions catalyzed by l lysine decarboxylase ec and di amine oxidase ec

Bouclier, M.; Jung, M.J.; Lippert, B., 1979:
Stereochemistry of reactions catalyzed by mammalian brain l glutamate 1 carboxy lyase ec and 4 amino butyrate 2 oxo glutarate amino transferase ec

Duri Z.J.; Hanson J.R., 1984:
Stereochemistry of reduction of a gibberellin delta 1 unsaturated ketone/

Charlton, P.A.; Young, D.W.; Birdsall, B.; Feeney, J.; Roberts, G.C.K., 1985:
Stereochemistry of reduction of the vitamin folic acid by dihydrofolate reductase ec

Lyons, C.W.; Taylor, D.R., 1976:
Stereochemistry of sapelin b correlation with sapelin d anomalies in the use of shift reagents for determining the absolute configurations of alpha glycols

Zanarotti A., 1982:
Stereochemistry of silychristin mild dehydrogenation of flavanonols

Miles, E.W.; Houck, D.R.; Floss, H.G., 1982:
Stereochemistry of sodium borohydride reduction of tryptophan synthase ec of escherichia coli and its amino acid schiff bases

Remko M.; Durinda J.; Heger J., 1984:
Stereochemistry of some biologically active azachalcones

Glanzmann M.; Karalai C.; Ostersehlt B.; Schoen U.; Frese C.; Winterfeldt E., 1982:
Stereochemistry of spiro piperidine cyclizations histrionico toxin 1

Pandey U.C.; Singhal A.K.; Barua N.C.; Sharma R.P.; Baruah J.N.; Watanabe K.; Kulanthaivel P.; Herz W., 1984:
Stereochemistry of strictic acid and related furano di terpenes from conyza japonica and grangea maderaspatana

Jaunich S.; Frahm A.W., 1986:
Stereochemistry of substituted glutaric acids ii syntheses of substituted 3 4 fluorophenylglutaric acids

Kueppers, H.; Hesse, K.F., 1987:
Stereochemistry of substituted isomeric 3 oxa 7 aza bicyclo 3.3.1 nonan 9 ones

Saidkhodzhaev, A.I.; Malikov, V.M., 1978:
Stereochemistry of terpenoid coumarins

Nasirov S.M.; Saidkhodzhaev A.I.; Khasanov T.Kh; Yagudaev M.R.; Malikov V.M., 1985:
Stereochemistry of terpenoid coumarins crystal and molecular structure of samarkandin

Leete E., 1987:
Stereochemistry of the 1 2 migration of the carboxyl group that occurs during the biosynthesis of tropic acid from phenylalanine

Pattabiraman, T.N.; Lawson, W.B., 1972:
Stereochemistry of the active site of alpha chymotrypsin ec the influence of polar groups in locked substrates

Boyd F.L.Jr; Baker D.C., 1986:
Stereochemistry of the addition of organometallic reagents to methyl 2 3 o isopropylidene beta d ribopentodialdo 1 4 furanoside

Manukov E.N.; Vyglazov O.G.; Chuiko V.A., 1986:
Stereochemistry of the addition of the grignard reagent to terpene ketones with a seven membered cycle

Hempel, A.; Camerman, N.; Camerman, A., 1982:
Stereochemistry of the anti tumor agent 4 4' 1 2 propanediyl bis 4 piperazine 2 6 dione crystal and molecular structures of the racemate icrf 159 and a soluble enantiomer icrf 187

Brazhnikova, M.G.; Zbarsky, V.B., 1976:
Stereochemistry of the antibiotic carminomycin

Tsai, M.D.; Weaver, J.; Floss, H.G.; Conn, E.E.; Creveling, R.K.; Mazelis, M., 1978:
Stereochemistry of the beta cyano alanine synthetase ec and s alkyl cysteine lyase ec reactions

Schlatter H R.; Graf W., 1980:
Stereochemistry of the carbon 8 alkylation of 7 oxo 13 17 seco steroids

Merkelbach I.I.; Becht H.G.M.; Buck H.M., 1985:
Stereochemistry of the carbon skeleton rearrangements dependent on coenzyme b 12 mndo quantum chemical calculations

Kumagai, H.; Yamada, H.; Sawada, S.; Schleicher, E.; Mascaro, K.; Floss, H.G., 1977:
Stereochemistry of the conversion of serine and tyrosine into pyruvate by tyrosine phenol lyase ec

Komatsubara, S.; Kisumi, M.; Chibata, I.; Gregorio, M.M.V.; Mueller, U.S.; Crout, D.H.G., 1977:
Stereochemistry of the conversions in vivo of l threonine and d threonine into 2 oxo butanoic acid by the l threonine dehydratase and d threonine dehydratase of serratia marcescens/

Crout, D.H.G.; Gregorio, M.V.M.; Muller, U.S.; Komatsubara, S.; Kisumi, M.; Chibata, I., 1980:
Stereochemistry of the conversions of l threonine and d threonine into 2 oxo butanoate by the l threonine and d threonine dehydratases ec 4.2.1. of serratia marcescens

Kannan R.; Williams D.H., 1987:
Stereochemistry of the cyclic tripeptide antibiotic ws 43708a

Crout, D.H.G.; Littlechild, J.; Mitchell, M.B.; Morrey, S.M., 1984:
Stereochemistry of the decarboxylation of alpha acetolactate 2 hydroxy 2 methyl 3 oxobutanoate by the acetolactate decarboxylase ec of klebsiella aerogenes

Orr, G.R.; Gould, S.J.; Pegg, A.E.; Seely, J.E.; Coward, J.K., 1984:
Stereochemistry of the decarboxylation of l ornithine with ornithine decarboxylase ec from mouse kidney

Snipes, C.E.; Brillinger, G.U.; Sellers, L.; Mascaro, L.; Floss, H.G., 1977:
Stereochemistry of the deoxy tdp glucose oxido reductase ec reaction

Rose, I.A.; O-Connell, E.L.; Noce, P.; Utter, M.F.; Wood, H.G.; Willard, J.M.Cooper, T.G.; Benziman, M., 1969:
Stereochemistry of the enzymatic carboxylation of phosphoenol pyruvate

Richards J.C.; Spenser I.D., 1982:
Stereochemistry of the enzymic decarboxylation of l arginine and of l ornithine

Walder, L.; Rytz, G.; Meier, K.; Scheffold, R., 1978:
Stereochemistry of the formation and cleavage of the cobalt carbon bond in a vitamin b 12 model

Livesey J.C.; Anders M.W.; Langvardt P.W.; Putzig C.L.; Reitz R.H., 1982:
Stereochemistry of the glutathione dependent bio transformation of vic di halo alkanes to alkenes

Defaye J.; Driguez H.; Henrissat B.; Bar Guilloux E., 1983:
Stereochemistry of the hydrolysis of alpha alpha trehalose by trehalase determined by using a labeled substrate

Clifford, K.H., 1980:
Stereochemistry of the hydrolysis of trehalose by the enzyme trehalase ec prepared from the flesh fly sarcophaga barbata

Yang, S.K.; Mccourt, D.W.; Gelboin, H.V.; Miller, J.R.; Roller, P.P., 1977:
Stereochemistry of the hydrolysis products and their acetonides of 2 stereo isomeric benzo a pyrene 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxides

Polito, A.J.; Sweeley, C.C., 1971:
Stereochemistry of the hydroxylation in 4 hydroxy sphinganine formation and the steric course of hydrogen elimination in sphing 4 enine biosynthesis

Danzin, C.; Claverie, N.; Jung, M.J., 1984:
Stereochemistry of the inactivation of 4 amino butyrate 2 oxo glutarate amino transferase ec and l glutamate 1 carboxylase ec by 4 amino hex 5 ynoic acid enantiomers

Pang, C.P.; White, R.L.; Abraham, E.P.; Crout, D.H.; Lutstorf, M.; Morgan, P.J.; Derome, A.E., 1984:
Stereochemistry of the incorporation of valine methyl groups into methylene groups in cephalosporin C

Rautenstrauch V.; Willhalm B.; Thommen W.; Ohloff G., 1984:
Stereochemistry of the irones

Palcic, M.M.; Antoun, M.; Tanizawa, K.; Soda, K.; Floss, H.G., 1985:
Stereochemistry of the kynureninase ec reaction

Freer I.; Pedrocchi Fantoni G.; Picken D.J.; Overton K.H., 1981:
Stereochemistry of the leucine 2 3 amino mutase from tissue cultures of andrographis paniculata

Eckstein, F.; Romaniuk, P.J.; Heideman, W.; Storm, D.R., 1981:
Stereochemistry of the mammalian adenylate cyclase reaction

Beckett, A.H.; Gibson, G.G., 1978:
Stereochemistry of the metabolic incorporation of oxygen into dextro n benzyl amphetamine and levo n benzyl amphetamine

Loewus, M.W.; Loewus, F.A.; Brillinger, G.U.; Otsuka, H.; Floss, H.G., 1980:
Stereochemistry of the myo inositol 1 phosphate synthase ec reaction

Glaser R.; Peng Q J.; Perlin A.S., 1988:
Stereochemistry of the n methyl group in salts of tropane alkaloids

Hammerschmidt F.; Voellenkle H., 1986:
Stereochemistry of the phosphate phosphonate rearrangement

Rodriguez Hahn L.; Esquivel B.; Ortega A.; Garcia J.; Diaz E.; Cardenas J.; Sorinao Garcia M.; Toscano A., 1985:
Stereochemistry of the photo induced addition of nucleophiles to the enone of decompostin

Voss, D.; Gerdes, J.; Leistner, E., 1985:
Stereochemistry of the reaction catalyzed by glutamic acid decarboxylase ec from a higher plant hordeum vulgare

Kapke, G.; Davis, L., 1976:
Stereochemistry of the reaction of sheep liver threonine dehydratase ec nmr and optical rotatory dispersion study of its reaction pathway and products

Mcchesney J.D.; Thompson T.N., 1985:
Stereochemistry of the reductive alkylation of alpha beta epoxy ketones

Blumenkopf T.A.; Heathcock C.H., 1983:
Stereochemistry of the sakurai reaction additions to cyclo hexenones and cyclo heptenones

Gustafson, M.E.; Miller, D.; Davis, P.J.; Rosazza, J.P.; Chang, C.J.; Floss, H.G., 1977:
Stereochemistry of the side chain dehydrogenation of n benzyloxycarbonyl s tryptophan by chromobacterium violaceum/

Calverley M.J.; Harley Mason J.; Quarrie S.A.; Edwards P.D., 1981:
Stereochemistry of the solvolytic c d ring cleavage of the 1 2 3 4 6 7 12 12b octa hydro indolo 2 3 a quinolizine system

Gunasegaran R.; Nair A.G.R., 1985:
Stereochemistry of thevefolic acids

Panosyan A.G., 1985:
Stereochemistry of trihydroxyoctadecadienoic acids from bryonia alba

Sonnenbichler J.; Madubunyi I.; Scheer H., 1987:
Stereochemistry of two hydroxybiflavanonols from garcinia cola nuts

Ruzic-Toros, Z.; Rogic, V.; Kojic-Prodic, B., 1980:
Stereochemistry of unsaturated amino sugars 4. structure of per acetylated 2 3 di deoxy alpha d erythro aldo pyranose

Kojic-Prodic, B.; Rogic, V.; Ruzic-Toros, Z., 1976:
Stereochemistry of unsaturated amino sugars part 1 the crystal and molecular structure of per acetylated 2 3 di deoxy alpha d threo aldo pyranose

Birnbaum, G.I.; Findlay, J.A.; Krepinsky, J.J., 1978:
Stereochemistry of valerenane sesqui terpenoids crystal structure of valerenolic acid

Hill, R.K.; Sawada, S.; Arfin, S.M., 1979:
Stereochemistry of valine and iso leucine biosynthesis 4. synthesis configuration and enzymatic specificity of alpha aceto lactate and alpha aceto alpha hydroxy butyrate

Bernhard H.; Kratky C.; Reischl W.; Zbiral E., 1985:
Stereochemistry of vitamin d 3 epoxides x ray structure analysis of 5 6 7 8 10 19 tris epoxide

Namba, K.; Iwata, K., 1988:
Stereochronoscopic study of the optic cup in glaucoma ii. location and frequency of optic cup change

Lenoir M.; Puel J L.; Pujol R., 1987:
Stereocilia and tectorial membrane development in the rat cochlea an sem study

Eppstein, D.A.; Schryver, B.B.; Marsh, Y.V., 1986:
Stereoconfiguration markedly affects the biochemical and biological properties of phosphorothioate analogs of 2' 5' oligoadenylate core adenylyl 2' 5' adenylyl 2' 5' adenosine

Mukherjee R.; D.M.deiros C.L.C., 1988:
Stereoconfiguration of sequoyitol by high resolution proton nmr

Hogberg T.; Ulff B., 1984:
Stereoconservative reductive methylamination and dimethylamination of isomeric 3 3 diarylpropenals synthetic and mechanistic studies on control of the stereochemistry

Ihara M.; Kirihara T.; Kawaguchi A.; Tsuruta M.; Fukumoto K.; Kametani T., 1987:
Stereocontrolled construction of octahydroquinolizines octahydroindolizines hexahydrobenzo a quinolizines and an octahydroindolo 2 3 a quinolizine by an intramolecular double michael reaction synthesis of racemic epilupinine

Pauls H.W.; Fraser Reid B., 1985:
Stereocontrolled conversion of allylic alcohols into vicinal cis diols new syntheses of methyl alpha l digitoxoside and methyl 2 deoxy alpha l fucoside

Veenstra S.J.; Fortgens H.P.; Vijn R.J.; B.S.; Speckamp W.N., 1987:
Stereocontrolled formation of 1 2 dihydroindoles

Lesimple P.; Beua J M.; Sinay P., 1987:
Stereocontrolled preparation of c 2 deoxy alpha d glyucopyranosyl and c 2 deoxy beta d glucopyranosyl compounds from tributyl 2 deoxy alpha d glucopyranosylstannanes and tributyl 2 deoxy beta d glucopyranosylstannanes

Pauls, H.W.; Fraser-Reid, B., 1984:
Stereocontrolled routes to cis hydroxyamino sugars 6. a synthesis of garosamine

Georges, M.; Mackay, D.; Fraser-Reid, B., 1984:
Stereocontrolled routes to cis hydroxyamino sugars 7. a synthesis of holacosamine

Witiak D.T.; Rotella D.P.; Filppi J.A.; Gallucci J., 1987:
Stereocontrolled syntheses for the six diastereomeric 1 2 dihydroxy 4 5 diaminocyclohexanes platinum ii complexes and p 388 antitumor properties

Baggiolini E.G.; Pizzolato G.; Uskokovic M.R., 1988:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of 19 epiajmalicine from loganin aglucone

Hoye T.R.; Suhadolnik J.C., 1986:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of 2 5 linked bistetrahydrofurans via the triepoxide cascade reaction

Kametani T.; Tsubuki M.; Higurashi K.; Honda T., 1986:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of 2 deoxycrustecdysone and related compounds

Umemura T.; Mori K., 1987:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of 2r 3r 5r 13s 14r dextro aplidiasphingosine a marine terpenoid

Ortuno R.M.; Bigorra J.; Font J., 1988:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of 3s 4s 5s 3 alkyl 4 hydroxy 5 methyl 2 3h dihydrofuranones and derivatives configurational assignment of some clinostemon mahuba and plexaura flava metabolites

Kovac, P.; Glaudemans, C.P.J., 1988:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of 6' deoxy 6' fluoro derivatives of methyl alpha sophoroside methyl alpha laminaribioside methyl alpha kojibioside and methyl alpha nigeroside

Mulzer J.; Salimi N., 1986:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of all four stereoisomers of verrucarinolactone from r 2 3 o isopropylidene glyceraldehyde

Tschamber T.; Waespe Sarcevic N.; Tamm C., 1986:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of an epimer of the carbon 19 to carbon 27 segment of rifamycin s

Wattanasin S.; Kathawala F.G.; Boeckman R.K.Jr, 1985:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of cis fused hydroisoquinolines by an intramolecular diels alder reaction of z dienes

Gould T.J.; Balestra M.; Wittman M.D.; Gary J.A.; Rossano L.T.; Kallmerten J., 1987:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of highly oxygenated acyclic systems via the enolate claisen rearrangement of o protected allylic glycolates

Niwa H.; Mori T.; Hasegawa T.; Yamada K., 1986:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of polyfunctionalized trans hydrindan systems a model study toward anisatin

Backvall J.E.; Bystrom S.E.; Nystrom J.E., 1985:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of r r and r s 5 hydroxy 2 methylhexanoic acid lactones pheromone of the carpenter bee xylocopa hirutissima via palladium catalyzed reactions

Michael J.P.; Ting P.C.; Bartlett P.A., 1985:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of tetrahydrofurans and tetrahydropyrans using thallium iii induced cyclizations

Kametani T.; Kigawa M.; Tsubuki M.; Honda T., 1988:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of the brassinolide side chain formal synthesis of brassinolide

Sauve, G.; Schwartz, D.A.; Ruest, L.; Deslongchamps, P., 1984:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of the carbon 1 to carbon 7 fragment of erythronolide a a model study using the 1 7 dioxaspiro 5.5 undecane system

Otera J.; Misawa H.; Onishi T.; Suzuki S.; Fujita Y., 1986:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of vitamin a through a double elimination reaction a novel convergent carbon 10 plus carbon 10 route

Baggiolini E.G.; Iacobelli J.A.; Hennessy B.M.; Batcho A.D.; Sereno J.F.; Uskokovic M.R., 1986:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of 1 alpha 25 dihydroxycholecalciferol and 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyergocalciferol

Batcho A.D.; Sereno J.F.; Baggiolini E.G.; Hennessy B.M.; Uskokovic M.R., 1985:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyergocalciferol

Wakamatsu K.; Kigoshi H.; Niiyama K.; Niwa H.; Yamada K., 1986:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of dextro tutin and dextro asteromurin a toxic picrotoxane sesquiterpenes

Niwa H.; Wakamatsu K.; Hida T.; Niiyama K.; Kigoshi H.; Yamada M.; Nagase H.; Suzuki M.; Yamada K., 1984:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of levo picrotoxinin and dextro coriamyrtin via a common isotwistane intermediate

Nicolaou K.C.; Veale C.A.; Webber S.E.; Katerinopoulos H., 1985:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of lipoxin a

Nicolaou K.C.; Webber S.E.; Ramphal J.; Abe Y., 1987:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of lipoxins a 5 and b 5

Hudlicky T.; Natchus M.G.; Sinai Zingde G., 1987:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of pentalenenes via 2 plus 3 and 4 plus 1 cyclopentene annulation methodologies

Chakraborti A.K.; Ghatak U.R., 1987:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of racemic 9 10 secoabieta 8 11 13 trien 18 10 olide a minor component of distilled tall oil

Williams R.M.; Armstrong R.W.; Dung J S., 1985:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of racemic and dextro bicyclomycin

Niwa H.; Hasegawa T.; Ban N.; Yamada K., 1987:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of racemic norpatchoulenol and two metabolites of patchouli alcohol racemic hydroxypatchouli alcohol and the corresponding racemic carboxylic acid

Neukom C.; Richardson D.P.; Myerson J.H.; Bartlett P.A., 1986:
Stereocontrolled total synthesis of racemic tirandamycin a

French M.C.; Hall C.R.; Harrison J.M.; Inch T.D.; Sellers D.J.; Smith A.P.; Upshall D.G.; Watts P., 1985:
Stereodependent bioactivation of r dextro ethyl s propyl methylphosphonothioate is the s oxide the active metabolite

Hirama M.; Shigemoto T.; Ito S., 1987:
Stereodivergent total synthesis of n acetylacosamine and n benzoylristosamine

Dhingra, M.M.; Sarma, R.H.; Giessner-Prettre, C.; Pullman, B., 1978:
Stereodynamics of dimer segments of RNA in aqueous solution

Zegar I.S.; Prakash A.S.; Harvey R.G.; Lebreton P.R., 1985:
Stereoelectronic aspects of the intercalative binding properties of 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene metabolites with dna

Yakovlev G.I.; Bocharov A.L.; Moiseev G.P.; Mikhailov S.N., 1985:
Stereoelectronic effects in enzymatic cleavage of dinucleoside phosphates by rnase

Chang J W.A.; Gorenstein D.G., 1987:
Stereoelectronic effects on the conformation and kinetics of nucleophilic displacement reactions in epimeric six membered ring phosphonate diesters

Eisenberger F.; Gumpinger R.; Miller K.; Horbaschek H.; Sklebitz H., 1985:
Stereofluoroscopy in endourology

Westheimer, G.; McKee, S.P., 1980:
Stereogram design for testing local stereopsis

Graf Von Keyserlingk D.; D.B.eser R.; Poeck K., 1983:
Stereographic reconstruction of human brain computed tomography series

Morita, T.; Tsuchida, S., 1984:
Stereographic urethral pressure profile

Fournie J J.; Puzo G., 1985:
Stereoisomer differentiation of 2 acetamido 2 deoxyhexose by mass spectrometric measurement of relative gas phase alkali ion affinities

Szakal Quin G.; Graham D.G.; Millington D.S.; Maltby D.A.; Mcphail A.T., 1986:
Stereoisomer effects on the paul knorr synthesis of pyrroles

Guenther C.; Mosandl A., 1987:
Stereoisomeric aroma xv. chirospecific analysis of natural aroma components 3 methyl 4 octanolide quercus or whisky lactone

Bernard, E.M.; Wong, B.; Armstrong, D., 1985:
Stereoisomeric configuration of arabinitol in serum, urine, and tissues in invasive candidiasis

Singer, G.; Heusinger, G.; Mosandl, A.; Burschka, C., 1987:
Stereoisomeric flavor compounds xvi. structure and properties of optically pure 2 methyl 4 propyl 1 3 oxathiane 3 oxides

Mosandl A.; Deger W., 1987:
Stereoisomeric flavor compounds xvii. chiral carboxylic esters synthesis and properties

Gessner M.; Deger W.; Mosandl A., 1988:
Stereoisomeric flavor compounds xxi. chiral aroma compounds in foods

Guenther, C.; Mosandl, A., 1986:
Stereoisomeric flavor substances xii. 3 methyl 4 octanolide quercus lactone whisky lactone structure and properties of the stereoisomers

Mosandl A.; Gessner M., 1988:
Stereoisomeric flavor substances xxiii. delta lactone flavor compounds structure and properties of the enantiomers

Stefanovic M.; Mladenovic S.; Dermanovic M.; Matic S.; Karanovic L.; Krstanovic I., 1984:
Stereoisomeric pyranocoumarins khellactone esters chromones and furanochromones from peucedanum austriaca

Maerki Fischer E.; Eugster C.H., 1988:
Stereoisomeric sinensiaxanthins and sinensiachromes separation and absolute configuration

U.S.; Masuda H.; Muraki H., 1986:
Stereoisomers of 2 3 butanediol and acetoin in wines and their correspondence to organoleptic evaluation

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Stereologic studies on testosterone and thyroxine effects on adrenal cortex of thyroparathyroidectomized rats

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Stereological analyses of leukemic cells

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Briarty, L.G., 1980:
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Stereological analysis of the dermal system of fruit of the grape vitis vinifera

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Stereological analysis of the surface area and the vasculature of terminal villi in the term human placenta

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Stereological and biochemical analysis of prolactin and growth hormone secreting rat pituitary cells in culture. Stereology combined with non-parametrical statistics

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Stereological changes in rat parietal cells after vagotomy and antrectomy

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Stereological characteristics and enzymatic activity of myo cardial capillaries in some variants of pathology and death based on the results of urgent autopsies

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Stereological determination of orientations second order quantities and correlations for random spatial fiber systems

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Stereological estimates of nuclear volume in normal mucosa and carcinoma in situ of the human urinary bladder

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Stereological estimation of average cell volume in monolayer culture by combined light microscopy and electron microscopy

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Stereological method for determination of the surface area of the mammalian neo cortex

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Stereological method for the determination of the volumetric density of the myo cardial arterial bed in histological sections

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Stereological method for unfolding size shape distribution of spheroidal organelles from electron micrographs

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Stereological methods for measuring internal leaf structure variables

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Stereomeric composition of urinary lysinoalanine after ingestion of free or protein bound lysinoalanine in rats

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Stereoscopic comparator with primary use for optic discs

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Stereoscopic exfoliated epithelial cells

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Stereoscopic images in confocal (tandem scanning) microscopy

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Stereoscopic scanning electron microscopy of the chromosomes in Vicia faba (broad beans)

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Stereoscopic technique in digital subtraction angiography

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Stereoscopic vision with alternating presentation of stereo pairs

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Stereoscopic vision with central scotomata

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Stereoscopy of conjunctival epithelial cells using impression cytology i. observation of normal eyes

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Stereoselective constructive of functionalized cis 1 2 dialkylcyclohexanecarboxylates a novel synthesis of racemic geijerone and gamma elemene

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Stereoselective conversion of vitamin d 3 into its 3 beta halogenated derivatives the synthesis of a 1 alpha hydroxy 3 beta fluoro vitamin d 3 analog

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Stereoselective determination of beta s gamma r and beta r gamma s 4 3 4 acetyl 3 hydroxy 2 propylphenoxypropylthio gamma hydroxy beta methylbenzenebutanoic acid in human and rat plasma by normal phase high performance liquid chromatography

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Stereoselective determination of racemic pindolol in rat plasma and its application

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Stereoselective deuteration at carbon 2 of the gibberellins

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Stereoselective disposition of fenfluramine enantiomers in the rat

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Stereoselective disposition of flupenthixol influence on steady state plasma concentrations in schizophrenic patients

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Stereoselective disposition of hydratropic acid in rat

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Stereoselective effect of beta endorphin on the production of analgesia and the spinal release of methionine enkephalin in rats

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Stereoselective effects in the formation of mixed copper complexes with proline and some other alpha amino acids/

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Stereoselective effects of 1 2 5 di methoxy 4 methylphenyl 2 amino propane on schedule controlled behavior

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Stereoselective effects of cis cyclo propyl bis dioxo piperazine and trans cyclo propyl bis dioxo piperazine related to icrf 159 on metastases of a hamster lung adeno carcinoma

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Stereoselective effects of disopyramide enantiomers in humans

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Stereoselective enzymatic oxidation and reduction system for the production of d levo pantoyl lactone from a racemic mixture of pantoyl lactone

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Stereoselective enzyme catalyzed oxidation reduction reactions of thio acetals thio acetal sulfoxides by fungi

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Stereoselective epimerization of pilocarpine in aqueous solution as determined by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

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Stereoselective epoxidation of germacradienes by enzymes and selective trans annular cyclization of germacradienes and their epoxides

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Stereoselective glucuronidation as a probe of induced forms of udp glucuronyltransferase ec in rabbits

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Stereoselective glycosylation of steroid alcohols using 2 3 4 6 tetra o pivaloyl alpha d glucopyranosylbromide pivalobromoglucose and 2 3 4 6 tetra o o toluoyl alpha d glucopyranosylbromide

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Stereoselective hydrogen elimination at carbon 2 in the transformation of 5 beta pregnane 3 11 20 trione by septomyxa affinis

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Stereoselective hydrolysis of amino acids esters catalyzed by beta cyclodextrin l or d histidine compounds

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Stereoselective hydrolysis of nitrophenylcarbonates of menthols and borneol in the presence of alpha and beta cyclodextrins

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Stereoselective hydrolysis of optically active isomeric isopulegol acetates by rhodotorula mucilaginosa and bacillus sp

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Stereoselective hydroxylation at the aliphatic carbon of 7 8 and 9 10 dihydrobenzo a pyrenes by rat liver microsomes

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Stereoselective hydroxylation of hexo barbital enantiomers by rat liver microsomes

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Stereoselective indolizidine synthesis preparation of stereo isomers of gephyro toxin 223ab

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Stereoselective inhibition of prolactin secretion by levo hw 165 a novel 3 3 hydroxyphenyl n n propylpiperidine congener further support for similarities between central dopamine autoreceptors and pituitary lactotroph dopamine receptors

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Stereoselective interaction of a tridentate schiff base complex of nickel ii and amino acids

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Stereoselective interaction of sulfinpyrazone with racemic warfarin and its separated enantiomorphs in man

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Stereoselective introduction of hydroxy groups into the 24 25 and 26 positions of the cholesterol side chain

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Stereoselective introduction of hydroxy groups into the cholesterol side chain preparation of 24r 24 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 24s 24 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 25r 25 26 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 25s 25 26 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 by asymmetric synthesis

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Stereoselective introduction of steroid side chains synthesis of cheno deoxy cholic acid

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Stereoselective muscarinic acetyl choline and opiate receptors in human phagocytic leukocytes

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Stereoselective olefin formation from the dehydration of 1 p alkoxyphenyl 1 2 diphenylbutan 1 ols application to the synthesis of tamoxifen

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Stereoselective pharmacokinetics of ketoprofen in the rat. Influence of route of administration

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Stereoselective preparations of tropine

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Stereoselective reduction of non cyclic carbonyl compounds by some eumycetes

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Stereoselective syntheses of tetrahydrolipstatin and of an analogue potent pancreatic lipase inhibitors containing a beta lactone moiety

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Stereoselective synthesis of 3 d glycopyranosylpropenes by use of allylsilanes

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Stereoselective synthesis of 5 e vitamin d 3 and 5 z vitamin d 3 19 alkanoic acids via vitamin d 3 sulfur di oxide adducts/

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Stereoselective synthesis of 7 e 9 z 7 9 dodecadien 1 yl acetate e 9 11 dodecadien 1 yl acetate and of 9 z 11 e 9 11 tetradecadien 1 yl acetate by palladium catalyzed reactions

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Stereoselective synthesis of alcohols 11. double stereo differentiation in the addition of crotyl boronates to aldehydes prelog djerassi lactone

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Stereoselective synthesis of alcohols 12. synthesis of the carbon 9 to carbon 13 partial structure of methynolide

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Stereoselective synthesis of alcohols 15. stereoselective synthesis of alpha alkyl alpha beta dihydroxy carboxylic ester derivatives synthesis of dextro viridifloric acid

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Stereoselective synthesis of alcohols 17. stereoselective synthesis of optically active alpha multistriatin the attractant of the smaller european elm bark beetle scolytus multistriatus

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Stereoselective synthesis of alcohols 6. asymmetric synthesis of 4 penten 2 ol via allyl boronates of chiral glycols

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Stereoselective synthesis of alpha alkylazetidinones by a free radical chain reaction

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Stereoselective synthesis of an analog of podophyllotoxin by an intramolecular diels alder reaction

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Stereoselective synthesis of beta sinensal via a pi allyl nickel ii complex

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Stereoselective synthesis of both enantiomers of disparlure from d glucose

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Stereoselective synthesis of c glycosyl compounds via michael addition of trimethylsilyl enol ethers and enamines to hex 1 enopyran 3 uloses

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Stereoselective synthesis of chaulmoogric acid and related fatty acid from 2 racemic cyclo pentenecarboxylic acid by bacillus subtilis atcc 7059

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Stereoselective synthesis of crinosterol 22 e 24 s ergosta 5 22 dien 3 beta ol

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Stereoselective synthesis of cyclo propyl sugars

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Stereoselective synthesis of desmethoxy dextro verruculogen tr 2

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Stereoselective synthesis of di peptides by asymmetric reduction of dehydro peptides catalyzed by chiral rhodium complexes

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Stereoselective synthesis of dinucleoside phosphate aryl esters by using new condensing reagents arenesulfonyl 5 pyridin 2 yl tetrazole

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Stereoselective synthesis of e e z and e e conjugated dienes via alkylation of 3 sulfolenes as the key step

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Stereoselective synthesis of ectocarpene and its antipode via microbiological asymmetric hydrolysis

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Stereoselective synthesis of erythro serricornin 4 r 6 r 7 s 4 6 di methyl 7 hydroxy nonan 3 one and 4 s 6 r 7 s 4 6 di methyl 7 hydroxy nonan 3 one stereo isomers of the sex pheromone of cigarette beetle

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Stereoselective synthesis of functionalized 2 oxabicyclo 3.3.0 octanes

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Stereoselective synthesis of functionalized carbo cycles by cyclo addition to levo glucosenone

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Stereoselective synthesis of isovaline iva and iva containing dipeptides for use in peptide synthesis

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Stereoselective synthesis of levo acorenone and levo acorenone b the absolute configuration of natural levo acorenone

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Stereoselective synthesis of levo alpha multistriatin from d glucose

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Stereoselective synthesis of levo estafiatin

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Stereoselective synthesis of long chain 1 o beta d maltosyl 3 o alkyl sn glycerols

Tanaka H.; Nagai Y.; Irie H.; Uyeo S.; Kuno A., 1979:
Stereoselective synthesis of lycoranes 2 3 3a 4 5 7 tetra hydro 1h pyrrolo 3 2 1 de phenanthridines derived from alkaloids lycorine and caranine

Mellin C.; Hacksell U., 1987:
Stereoselective synthesis of methoxy substituted 1 2 3 4 4a 5 10 10a octahydrobenzo g quinolines

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Stereoselective synthesis of methyl beta racemic novioside

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Stereoselective synthesis of monocyclic beta lactams from the reaction of acid chlorides mixed anhydrides with substituted imines

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Stereoselective synthesis of multifidenes and related structures synthetic chemistry of cis di substituted alken 1 yl cyclo pentenes

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Stereoselective synthesis of new chiral synthons from d mannitol

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Stereoselective synthesis of optically active dictyopterene a and dictyopterene b and their geometrical isomers

Mori K.; Iwasawa H., 1980:
Stereoselective synthesis of optically active forms of delta multi striatin the attractant for european populations of the smaller european elm bark beetle scolytus multistriatus

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Stereoselective synthesis of plant growth promoting steroids brassinolide castasterone typhasterol and their 28 nor analogs

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Stereoselective synthesis of polyols precursors by allylic sulfinyl anion addition to chiral alkoxy aldehydes

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Stereoselective synthesis of racemic ancistrofuran and its stereoisomers

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Stereoselective synthesis of racemic e 6 iso propyl 3 9 dimethyl 5 8 decadienyl acetate the racemate of the yellow scale aonidiella citrina pheromone and its z isomer

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Stereoselective synthesis of racemic echinolone

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Stereoselective synthesis of racemic elemanolide di lactones related to vernolepin

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Stereoselective synthesis of racemic semburin and racemic semburin using a common bi cyclic precursor

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Stereoselective synthesis of racemic senepoxide and racemic crotepoxide

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Stereoselective synthesis of s 2 deoxy alpha d glycosylphosphorodithioates and of their 2r 2 deoxy 2 deuterio analogues novel route to c 2 deuterium labeled 2 deoxymonosaccharides

Masuda S.; Kuwahara S.; Suguro T.; Mori K., 1981:
Stereoselective synthesis of s e 6 iso propyl 3 9 dimethyl 5 8 decadienyl acetate the s enantiomer of the yellow scale aonidiella citrina pheromone

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Stereoselective synthesis of side chain of glaucasterol using palladium 0 catalyst

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Stereoselective synthesis of solanesol and all trans deca prenol

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Stereoselective synthesis of some isomers of dodecadien 1 ol compounds related to the pine moth dendrolimus spectabilis sex pheromone

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Stereoselective synthesis of tert butyl 2 amino 2 5 dideoxy l lyxo pentanoate formal synthesis of l daunosamine

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Stereoselective synthesis of the 20 hydroxyecdysone side chain

Kametani T.; Honda T.; Shiratori Y.; Matsumoto H.; Fukumoto K., 1981:
Stereoselective synthesis of the basic skeleton of aphidicolan type di terpenes via intra molecular diels alder cyclization synthetic approach to aphidicolin

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Stereoselective synthesis of the beta 2 adrenergic blocking agent ips 339 tert butylamine 3 hydroxy 2 propyloximino 4 fluorene hydro chloride from optically active precursors

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Stereoselective synthesis of the macro cycle segment of verrucarin j

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Stereoselective synthesis of the major component of a mosquito oviposition attractant pheromone from a beta lithiopropionate equivalent

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Stereoselective synthesis of the plant growth promoting steroids dolicholide and dolichosterone

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Stereoselective synthesis of the proposed american coneflower juvenile hormone mimic some observations on the cyclo propyl carbinyl rearrangement in substituted systems

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Stereoselective synthesis of the sex pheromone of heliothis armigera

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Stereoselective synthesis of trans 2 aryl 3 2 pyridyl aziridines from an alpha silyl carbanion

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Stereoselective synthesis of trans 6a 8 beta di methyl 1 beta hydroxy 4 5 4 methoxy benzohydrindane

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Stereoselective synthesis of unsaturated 18 carbon hydroxy fatty acids the self defensive substances

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Stereoselective synthesis of withaferin a and 27 deoxy withaferin a

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Stereoselective synthesis of z 11 eicosenyl acetate and e 11 eicosenyl acetate

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Stereoselective synthesis of z and e 1 3 alkadienes from aldehydes using organotitanium and lithium reagents

Doolittle R.E.; Solomon J.D., 1986:
Stereoselective synthesis of z e 3 5 tetradecadienyl acetate sex attractant for carpenterworm moth prionoxystus robiniae lepidoptera cossidae and effect of isomers and monounsaturated acetates on its attractiveness

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Stereoselective synthesis via claisen rearrangements of the marine sterols occelasterol patinosterol and 22 23 di hydro occelasterol

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Stereoselective thio glycoside syntheses 4. a new approach to 1 4 linked 1 thio di saccharides and a synthesis of thio maltose

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Stereoselective thioglycoside syntheses 6. aryl 4 thiomaltooligosaccharides as chromogenic substrates for kinetic studies with alpha amylase ec

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Stereoselective thiol dependent transfer of lactate in mammalian erythrocytes

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Stereoselective total syntheses of racemic chanoclavine i and racemic iso chanoclavine i by an intra molecular nitrone olefin cyclo addition

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Stereoselective total syntheses of racemic gymnomitrol and racemic gymnomitrene

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Stereoselective total syntheses of racemic iso agatho lactone and racemic 12 alpha hydroxy spongia 13 16 14 diene 2 marine sponge metabolites

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Stereoselective total syntheses of racemic sinularene and of racemic 5 epi sinularene via intra molecular type i magnesium ene reaction

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Stereoselective total syntheses of the fungi toxic hydro quinones racemic zonarol and racemic iso zonarol

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Stereoselective total syntheses of the naturally occurring enantiomers of n acetylneuraminic acid and 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulosonic acid a new and stereospecific approach to sialo and 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulosonic acid conjugates

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Stereoselective total syntheses of the racemic di o methyl ethers of agatharesinol sequirin a and hinokiresinol and of racemic tri o methyl sequirin e characteristic norlignans of coniferae

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Stereoselective total synthesis of 1 alpha 25s 26 tri hydroxy cholecalciferol/

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Stereoselective total synthesis of anthracyclinones

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Stereoselective total synthesis of copa and ylango sesqui terpenoids copacamphor dextro copaborenol dextro copa iso borneol levo ylango camphor levo ylango borneol ylango iso borneol

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Stereoselective total synthesis of copa and ylango sesqui terpenoids levo copacamphene levo cyclo copacamphene dextro sativene dextro cyclo sativene

Piers, E.; Britton, R.W.; Geraghty, M.B.; Keziere, R.J.; Smillie, R.D., 1975:
Stereoselective total synthesis of copa and ylango sesqui terpenoids preparation of levo 1s 4s 5r 7r 1 7 di methyl 4 isopropyl bi cyclo 3.2.1 octa 6 8 dione and dextro 1r 4s 5s 7s 1 7 di methyl 4 isopropyl bi cyclo 3.2.1 octa 6 8 dione

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Stereoselective total synthesis of dextro brefeldin a

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Stereoselective total synthesis of di terpene resin acids

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Stereoselective total synthesis of natural phytol and derivatives thereof use of these compounds in the synthesis of natural vitamin k 1

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic 3 oxosilphinene through intramolecular diels alder reaction

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic 3s 4r 3r 4s faranal and a dia stereo isomeric mixture of 6 e 10 z 3 4 7 11 tetra methyl trideca 6 10 dienal faranal the trail pheromone of the pharaohs ant monomorium pharaonis

Marshall J.A.; Lebreton J.; Dehoff B.S.; Jenson T.M., 1987:
Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic aristolactone and racemic epiaristolactone via 2 3 wittig ring contraction

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic eperuane 8 beta 15 diol and racemic labdane 8 alpha 15 diol

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic grandisol an improved convenient procedure

Rosini, G.; Geier, M.; Marotta, E.; Petrini, M.; Ballini, R., 1986:
Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic grandisol via 3 oximino 1 4 4 trimethylbicyclo 3.2.o heptane an improved practical procedure

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic gymnomitrol via reduction alkylation of alpha cyano ketones

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic ishwarone

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic iso costic acid and racemic 3 oxo iso costic acid

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic isocelorbicol

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic nimbidiol

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic saframycin b

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic subergorgic acid a new type of angular triquinane sesquiterpene

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Stereoselective total synthesis of racemic trichodiene biogenetic precursor of the trichothecane sesqui terpenoids

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Stereoselective total synthesis of testosterone and androsterone via a b ring construction of the steroidal ring system by intramolecular diels alder reaction

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Stereoselective total synthesis of the antitumor antibiotic levo bactobolin

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Stereoselective total synthesis of the complement inhibitor k 76 dihydrobenzofuran derivative

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Stereoselective transformation of the alkaloid lycorine to o demethyl ungiminorine and ungiminorine

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Stereoselective transformations in the thymidine series

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Stereoselectively and isoenzyme selectivity of monoamine oxidase inhibitors enantiomers of amphetamine n methylamphetamine and deprenyl

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Stereoselectivity and affinity in molecular pharmacology part 3 structural aspects in the mode of action of natural and synthetic auxins

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Stereoselectivity and affinity in molecular pharmacology part 4 a search for eudismic affinity correlations among angiotensin ii analogs

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Stereoselectivity and exciton cotton effects in mixed complexes of zinc ii

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Stereoselectivity and reactivity of alpha chymotrypsin modified at methionine 192

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Stereoselectivity and regioselectivity of udp glucuronosyl transferase ec toward vicinal di hydro diols of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons

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Stereoselectivity for dl amino acids by xylan

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Stereoselectivity in metabolism of the optical isomers of cyanofenphos o p cyano phenyl o ethylphenyl phosphonothioate in rats and liver microsomes

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Stereoselectivity in reactions of metal complexes 8. asymmetric synthesis of some amino acids by stereoselective trans amination of aliphatic keto acids in mixed ligand copper ii schiff base complexes/

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Stereoselectivity in reactions of metal complexes part 6 kinetic study of the inter conversion of cis n and trans n s aspartato n acetato amino acid cobalt iii complexes

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Stereoselectivity in reduction of steroidal 7 ketones

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Stereoselectivity in the binding of the bis acetylacetonato nitro cobalt iii moiety to purines and pyrimidines and their nucleosides an evaluation of the role of inter ligand interactions in stereoselectivity and the molecular and crystal structure of the bis acetylacetonatonitrodeoxy adenosine cobalt iii complex

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Stereoselectivity in the electrophile mediated cyclization of 2 3 5 tri o benzyl 1 2 dideoxy d arabino hex 1 enitol a stereocontrolled synthesis of 1 amino 2 5 anhydro 3 4 6 tri o benzyl 1 deoxy d glucitol

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Stereoselectivity in the enzymatic oxidation and nonenzymatic hydrogen exchange reactions of dihydroorotate

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Stereoselectivity in the epoxide hydrolase ec catalyzed hydrolysis of the stereo isomeric 3 tert butyl 1 2 epoxy cyclo hexanes further evidence for the topology of the enzyme active site

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Stereoselectivity in the hydroboration of c4 c methylene groups

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Stereoselectivity in the mechanism of acid hydrolysis of mitomycins

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Stereoselectivity in the metabolism of disopyramide enantiomers in rat and dog

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Stereoselectivity in the metabolism of drobuline racemic 1 iso propylamino 4 4 diphenyl 2 butanol a new anti arrhythmic agent

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Stereoselectivity in the metabolism of the beta adrenergic blocking agent racemic 1 tert butylamino 3 2 3 dimethylphenoxy 2 propanol hydrochloride xibenolol hydrochloride d 32 in man

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Stereoselectivity in the metabolism of tritiated noradrenaline during uptake into and efflux from the isolated rat vas deferens

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Stereoselectivity in the nucleophilic addition type polymerization of alpha amino acid n carboxy anhydride initiated by dia stereomeric di peptide amines

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Stereoselectivity in the synthesis of 5' alkylated nicotines

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Stereoselectivity in the wittig horner emmons synthesis of vinylphosphonates by the reaction of acylphosphonates with acyclic or heterocyclic phosphonoacetates

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Stereoselectivity of acetylcholinesterase arylester hydrolase and chymotrypsin toward 4 nitrophenylalkylphenylphosphinates

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Stereoselectivity of carbon 3 methylation of camphor and derivatives

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Stereoselectivity of differential routes of drug metabolism the fate of the enantiomers of carbon 14 mephenytoin in the dog

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Stereoselectivity of glycosylation with derivatives of 2 azido 2 deoxy d galacto pyranose the synthesis of a determinant oligo saccharide related to blood group a type 1

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Stereoselectivity of interaction of phosphoenol pyruvate analogs with various phosphoenol pyruvate utilizing enzymes

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Stereoselectivity of isozyme c of glutathione s transferase ec toward arene and aza arene oxides

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Stereoselectivity of muscarinic receptors in vivo and in vitro for oxotremorine analogs n 4 tertiary amino 2 butynyl 5 methyl 2 pyrrolidones

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Stereoselectivity of opiate antagonists in rat hippocampus and neo cortex responses to dextro and levo isomers of naloxone

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Stereoselectivity of photooxidation at the carbon 7 double bond of isocembrol and its derivatives

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Stereoselectivity of raney nickel catalyst in hydrogenolysis of a steroidal alpha beta unsaturated epoxide chemical synthesis of 3 beta benzoyloxy 5 alpha cholest 8 14 en 15 alpha ol

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Stereoselectivity of s sulpiride and r sulpiride for presynaptic and postsynaptic dopamine receptors in the canine kidney

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Stereoselectivity of some oxo tremorine antagonists containing 2 chiral centers

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Stereoselectivity of spinal neurotransmission effects of baclofen enantiomers on tail flick reflex in rats

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Stereoselectivity of the arene epoxide pathway of mephenytoin hydroxylation in man

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Stereoselectivity of the interaction of e 2 phosphoenolbutyrate and z 2 phosphoenolbutyrate with maize leaf phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase

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Stereoselectivity of the reaction of fluorine 18 acetylhypofluorite with glucals

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Stereoselectivity of the reduction of carvone and di hydro carvone by suspension cells of nicotiana tabacum

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Stereoselectivity of tocainide pharmacodynamics in vivo and in vitro

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Stereoselectivity of x irradiated amino acid enantiomers in oxygen 18 labeled water aqueous solution

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Stereospecific 1 2 hydride shift in the rearrangement of 16 beta hydroxy 17 oxosteroids to 17 beta hydroxy 16 ones with acid and base

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Stereospecific 1 2 migration of hydroxyl aryl and alkyl groups during the nitrosation of amino acids in hydrogen fluoride pyridine

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Stereospecific 1 4 additions of methyl cyano cuprate to enol phosphates of alpha beta epoxy cyclo hexanones application to the total synthesis of racemic alpha multistriatin

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Stereospecific absorption and degradation of cephalexin

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Stereospecific action of diltiazem on the mitochondrial sodium calcium exchange system and on sarcolemmal calcium channels

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Stereospecific action of pyrethroid insecticides on the y amino butyric acid receptor ionophore complex

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Stereospecific actions of morphine on single neurons in the brain stem of the rat

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Stereospecific acute neuronotoxicity of uncommon plant amino acids linked to human motor system disease

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Stereospecific aliphatic hydroxylation by iron hydrogen per oxide evidence for a stepwise process

Bey P.; Vevert J.P., 1980:
Stereospecific alkylation of the schiff base ester of alanine with 2 substituted e vinyl bromides and z vinyl bromides an efficient synthesis of 2 methyl e 3 4 didehydro glutamic acid a potent substrate induced irreversible inhibitor of l glutamate 1 decarboxylase

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Stereospecific analysis of tri acyl glycerides of cottonseed oil

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Stereospecific analysis of tri glycerides from apple seed endosperm

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Stereospecific analysis of triacylglycerols from cotton hydrogenation products and from their fraction

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Stereospecific and electrophoretic natures of bacterial 2 3 butanediol dehydrogenases

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