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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6479

Chapter 6479 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hsu C T., 1979: Stereospecific hydrogen loss in the conversion of deuterium labeled iso butyrate to beta hydroxy iso butyrate in pseudomonas putida the stereochemistry of beta hydroxy iso butyrate dehydrogenase

Nambara, T.; Ikegawa, S.; Hirayama, T.; Hosoda, H., 1978: Stereospecific hydrogen transfer from carbon 4 to carbon 6 during enzymatic transformation of cholesterol into cholestenone

Simon H., 1980: Stereospecific hydrogenations with immobilized microbial cells or enzymes

Baratti J., 1982: Stereospecific hydrolysis by soluble and immobilized lipases

Watanabe K., 1985: Stereospecific hydrolysis of 2 oxazolidinone esters and separation of products with an immobilized lipase column

Yoshimura H., 1985: Stereospecific hydrolysis of 8 alpha 9 alpha and 8 beta 9 beta epoxyhexahydrocannabinols in the mouse in vivo and in vitro

Drozd J.W., 1986: Stereospecific hydrolysis of d 1 menthyl acetate by bacillus subtilis mass transfer reaction interactions in a liquid liquid system

Heinz, E.; Tulloch, A. P.; Spencer, J. F. T., 1969: Stereospecific hydroxylation of long chain compounds by a species of torulopsis inst auto radiography glycosides fatty acids

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478008

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478009

Crooks P.A., 1985: Stereospecific in vivo n methylation of nicotine in the guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478011

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478012

Siest G., 1986: Stereospecific induction of rat liver bilirubin udp glucuronosyltransferase and lauric acid 12 hydroxylation by the isomers of 2 phenylpropionic acid

Sprecher H., 1986: Stereospecific induction of starfish oocyte maturation by 8r hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478015

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478016

Heidenreich O., 1982: Stereospecific inhibition by ozolinone of stimulated chloride secretion in rabbit descending colon

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478018

Kador, P. F.; Goosey, J. D.; Sharpless, N. E.; Kolish, J.; Miller, D. D., 1981: Stereospecific inhibition of aldose reductase ec

Teitelbaum S.L., 1980: Stereospecific inhibition of alkaline phosphatase by levo tetramisole prevents in vitro cartilage calcification

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478021

Sewell R.D.E., 1982: Stereospecific inhibition of oxo tremorine induced anti nociception by dextro isomers of opioid antagonists comparison with opioid receptor agonists

Lagarde M., 1983: Stereospecific inhibition of prostaglandin h 2 induced platelet aggregation by lip oxygenase products of eicosaenoic acids

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478024

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478025

Hosoda, H.; Yamashita, K.; Nambara, T., 1976: Stereospecific introduction of deuterium into ring d of estrogens

Ronchetti, F.; Russo, G.; Longhi, R.; Sportoletti, G., 1978: Stereospecific introduction of tritium in the 16 alpha or 16 beta position of cholesterol

Kripalani, K. J.; Zein-El-Abdin, A.; Dean, A. V.; Schreiber, E. C., 1976: Stereospecific inversion of levo alpha methyl fluorene 2 acetic acid to its dextro enantiomer in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478029

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478030

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478031

Vasil'ev, V. Yu ; Severin, E. S., 1976: Stereospecific labilization of the proton during enzymatic trans amination of 4 amino butyrate

Bower J.D., 1982: Stereospecific lactate absorption during peritoneal dialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478034

Steranka L.R., 1981: Stereospecific long term effects of amphetamine on striatal dopamine neurons in rats

Pasutto F.M., 1982: Stereospecific metabolic reduction of ketones

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478037

Parker D.W., 1987: Stereospecific methylenecyclopropylacetyl coenzyme a inactivation of general acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase from pig kidney

Neumeyer J.L., 1985: Stereospecific microbiological 10 o demethylation of r levo 10 11 dimethoxyaporphines

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478040

Vetter W., 1985: Stereospecific modulation of the calcium channel in human erythrocytes by cholesterol and its oxidized derivatives

Mclaughlin P.J., 1985: Stereospecific modulation of tumorigenicity by opioid antagonists

Langone J.J., 1986: Stereospecific monoclonal antibodies to nicotine and cotinine and their use in elisa

Goldstein A., 1980: Stereospecific nicotine receptors on rat brain membranes

Zanirato V., 1987: Stereospecific nitromethane conjugate addition to 4 oxygenated 2 substituted cyclopent 2 enones a simple approach to prostaglandins

Goldstein A., 1979: Stereospecific opiate binding in bovine adrenal medulla

Abood, L. G.; Atkinson, H. G.; Macneil, M., 1976: Stereospecific opiate binding in human erythrocyte membranes and changes in heroin addicts

Martin R., 1985: Stereospecific opiate binding in living human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478049

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478050

Pispisa B., 1982: Stereospecific oxidation of ascorbic acid by chiral association complexes between poly peptides and iron iii chelate ions

Simpson J.H., 1987: Stereospecific palladium catalyzed coupling reactions of vinyl iodides with acetylenic tin reagents

Schillinger, E.; Ehrenberg, I.; Luebke, K., 1978: Stereospecific plasma binding of gliflumide a new anti diabetic drug

Mizushima S., 1988: Stereospecific positioning of the cis acting sequence with respect to the canonical promoter is required for activation of the omp c gene by a positive regulator omp r in escherichia coli

Vadlamani N.L., 1987: Stereospecific potentiation of opiate analgesia by cocaine predominant role of noradrenaline

Tanaka O., 1980: Stereospecific preparation of mono glucosides of optically active trans 1 2 cyclo hexanediols by enzymic trans d glucosylation and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy of the resulting mono d gluco pyranosides

Roth, S. H., 1978: Stereospecific presynaptic inhibitory effect of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol on cholinergic transmission in the myenteric plexus of the guinea pig

Bus, J.; Lok, C. M., 1978: Stereospecific proton nmr analysis of tri methyl silyl derivatives of glycerides with a chiral shift reagent

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478059

Olsen G.D., 1980: Stereospecific radio immunoassay of alpha levo acetyl methadol

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478061

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478062

De-Jong, L. P. A.; Wolring, G. Z., 1984: Stereospecific reactivation by some hagedorn oximes of acetyl cholin esterases ec from various species including man inhibited by soman

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478064

Lovell, R. A.; Freedman, D. X., 1976: Stereospecific receptor sites for lsd in rat brain effects of neuro transmitters amine antagonists and other psychotropic drugs

Goetzl E.J., 1984: Stereospecific receptors for substance p on cultured human im 9 lymphoblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478067

Degner K., 1982: Stereospecific reduction of 3 oxo and 7 oxo groups of oxo cholanic acids in isolated perfused rat liver

Francavilla M., 1982: Stereospecific reduction of geraniol to r dextro citronellol by saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lin, J. T.; Heftmann, E., 1981: Stereospecific reduction of progesterone by pisum sativum cultivar progress no. 9

Simon H., 1981: Stereospecific reductions of 2 en 1 ols catalyzed by clostridium kluyveri

Fiechter A., 1985: Stereospecific reductions of ketones and oxo acid esters using continuously growing cultures of thermoanaerobium brockii

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478073

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478074

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478075

Suzuki K., 1986: Stereospecific responses to r dextro and s levo quizalofop ethyl in tissues of several plants

Kyle Lillegard J., 1983: Stereospecific reversible binding of tritium labeled d glucose to crude membrane fractions prepared from rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478078

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478079

Ivanov, L. L.; Botvinik, M. M., 1976: Stereospecific selection of nucleophilic compounds in the chymotrypsin catalyzed formation of the peptide bond

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478081

Shefer, S.; Cheng, F. W.; Batta, A. K.; Dayal, B.; Tint, G. S.; Salen, G.; Mosbach, E. H., 1978: Stereospecific side chain hydroxylations in the biosynthesis of cheno deoxy cholic acid

Collet A., 1980: Stereospecific stimulation of brown adipocyte respiration by catecholamines via beta 1 adreno receptors

Fueldner H.H., 1982: Stereospecific substitution of oxygen 18 for sulfur in nucleoside phosphoro thioates

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478085

Feigel M., 1987: Stereospecific syntheses and spectroscopic properties of isomeric 2 4 6 8 undecatetraenes new hydrocarbons from the marine brown alga giffordia mitchellae part iv

Duncia J.V., 1981: Stereospecific syntheses of both dia stereomers of racemic 2 amino 4 methyl 5 hexenoic acid

Voelter W., 1984: Stereospecific syntheses of d ossamine and d tolyposamine

Huffman J.C., 1985: Stereospecific syntheses of the 4 diastereomeric 2 amino 5 phenoxycyclopentanols

Swanson G.C., 1979: Stereospecific syntheses of the dia stereomeric r s alpha bisabolols a caveat on the assignment of stereochemistry to natural alpha bisabolol

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478091

Agranoff B.W., 1982: Stereospecific synthesis and enzyme studies of cdp di acyl glycerols

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478093

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478094

Fuganti, C.; Grasselli, P., 1978: Stereospecific synthesis from noncarbohydrate precursors of the deoxy and methyl branched deoxy sugars l amicetose l mycarose and l olivomycose

Faber, L.; Wiegrebe, W., 1976: Stereospecific synthesis of 2 9 11 12 13 13a 14 hexa hydro di benzo f h pyrrolo 1 2 b iso quinolines

Jung M., 1985: Stereospecific synthesis of 2r 5r hept 6 yne 2 5 diamine a potent and selective enzyme activated irreversible inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase

Morell, J. L.; Fleckenstein, P.; Gross, E., 1977: Stereospecific synthesis of 2s 3r 2 amino 3 mercapto butyric acid an intermediate for incorporation into beta methyl lanthionine containing peptides

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478099

Saniere M., 1980: Stereospecific synthesis of 4 deoxy tetroses and d xylo pentoses and d arabino pentoses with branching at the 2nd carbon

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478101

Martelli G., 1987: Stereospecific synthesis of a chiral intermediate for the preparation of thienamycin penems and carbapenems use of the nitro group as a hydroxy protecting group

Alderweireldt F.C., 1980: Stereospecific synthesis of a novel series of pyridine nucleosides

Baraniak, J.; Reimschussel, W.; Rudzinski, J.; Stec, W. J., 1984: Stereospecific synthesis of adenosine cyclic sulfur 35 labeled 3' 5' r p phosphorothioates and sulfur 35 labeled s p phosphorothioates

Kajiwara, M.; Lee, S. F.; Scott, A. I.; Akhtar, M.; Jones, C. R.; Jordan, P. M., 1978: Stereospecific synthesis of chiral acetic acid from glycine

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478106

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478107

Rakoff, H.; Emken, E. A., 1977: Stereospecific synthesis of cis and trans fatty esters

Nicotra, F.; Ronchetti, F.; Russo, G., 1978: Stereospecific synthesis of delta 24 sterols labeled on the 26 methyl or 27 methyl group

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478110

Frater G., 1979: Stereospecific synthesis of dextro 3r 4r 4 methyl 3 heptanol the enantiomer of a pheromone of the smaller european elm bark beetle scolytus multistriatus

Pandit U.K., 1987: Stereospecific synthesis of dextro and levo sesbanimide a

White, J. D.; Haefliger, W. E.; Dimsdale, M. J., 1970: Stereospecific synthesis of dl cyclopenin and dl cyclopenol

Hajdu J., 1983: Stereospecific synthesis of ether phospho lipids preparation of 1 alkyl 2 acylamino 2 deoxy glycero phosphoryl cholines

Sakai K., 1985: Stereospecific synthesis of functionalized cyclopentane derivatives

Kumar N., 1984: Stereospecific synthesis of hexa hydro benzopyrrolo iso quinoline and tetra hydro benz iso quinoline derivatives

Sum, P. E.; Weiler, L., 1978: Stereospecific synthesis of levo alpha multistriatin from d glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478118

Ok K D., 1986: Stereospecific synthesis of methyl 6 deoxy beta l idopyranoside

Burzynska M.H., 1982: Stereospecific synthesis of methyl d l hex 2 ulo pyranosides from furan compounds

Huynh Dinh T., 1982: Stereospecific synthesis of muscarines and allo muscarines in d and l series

Nisato D., 1987: Stereospecific synthesis of n protected statine and its analogues via chiral tetramic acid

Carpy A., 1984: Stereospecific synthesis of new 5 substituted 6 methyl 4 5 dihydro 2h pyridazin 3 ones x ray assignment study

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478124

Hofer O., 1980: Stereospecific synthesis of optically active benzo bi cyclic ring systems coordinated to tri carbonyl chromium with predetermined absolute configurations

Pacheco H., 1982: Stereospecific synthesis of pyrimidine nucleosides using the hilbert johnson method

Kajiwara M., 1987: Stereospecific synthesis of r 2 deuterium glycine by means of microbial reduction and a determination of its absolute configuration by cd spectra

Zon G., 1979: Stereospecific synthesis of r iso phosphamide and s iso phosphamide

Vig, O. P.; Sharma, S. D.; Vig, R.; Kumar, S. D., 1977: Stereospecific synthesis of racemic dehydro curcumene and racemic ar turmerone

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478130

Mehra U., 1985: Stereospecific synthesis of some novel cis 1 aza analogs of cepham

Gupta P.K., 1980: Stereospecific synthesis of some poly cyclic cis beta lactams

Naidu M.S.R., 1984: Stereospecific synthesis of some z and e 1 arylsulfonyl 2 phenylsulfonyl styrenes

Ugliengo P., 1988: Stereospecific synthesis of squalenoid epoxide vinyl ethers as inhibitors of 2 3 oxidosqualene cyclase

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478135

Wolf W.M., 1984: Stereospecific synthesis of tabtoxin

Byon, C. Y.; Gut, M., 1976: Stereospecific synthesis of the 4 20 22 epoxy cholesterols and of z 20 22 dehydro cholesterol

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478138

Gardiner J.M., 1988: Stereospecific synthesis of the cyclopenta e phenanthridine ring system tetracyclic and pentacyclic analogues of cephalotaxus alkaloids

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478140

Russo G., 1982: Stereospecific synthesis of the phosphono analogs of alpha d glucose 1 phosphate and beta d glucose 1 phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478142

Cook J.M., 1981: Stereospecific synthesis of trans 1 3 di substituted 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro beta carbolines

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478144

Koreeda, M.; Koizumi, N.; Teicher, B. A., 1976: Stereospecific synthesis of z 20 22 di dehydro cholesterol

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478146

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478147

Emken E.A., 1987: Stereospecific synthesis of z z 3 5 tetradecadienoic acid a component of attagenus elongatulus casey pheromone

Jaenicke L., 1983: Stereospecific synthetic of cis trans di substituted tetra hydro furan

Etheredge S.J., 1981: Stereospecific total syntheses of racemic coriolin and racemic coriolin b

Tanno N., 1987: Stereospecific total synthesis of 9 aminoanthracyclines dextro 9 amino 9 deoxydaunomycin and related compounds

Confalone, P. N.; Pizzolato, G.; Baggiolini, E. G.; Lollar, D.; Uskokovic, M. R., 1977: Stereospecific total synthesis of dextro biotin from l dextro cysteine

Burk, L. A.; Soffer, M. D., 1976: Stereospecific total synthesis of dextro epsilon cadinene and levo gamma 2 cadinene

Glinski J.A., 1981: Stereospecific total synthesis of racemic cassi purine an alkaloid from rhizophoraceae

Frincke J.M., 1981: Stereospecific total synthesis of racemic vetiselinenol

Rickards R.W., 1984: Stereospecific total synthesis of the cyclo hexene oxide antibiotic eupenoxide

Kondo K., 1980: Stereospecific total synthesis of the potent synthetic pyrethroid nrdc 182 s cyano 3 phenoxyphenylmethyl 1 r 3 r cis 3 2 2 dichlorovinyl 2 2 dimethyl cyclo propanecarboxylate

Djerassi C., 1981: Stereospecific transformation of 2 2 di methyl cyclo butanols into optically active 1 2 cis di substituted cyclo propanes

Ruveda E.A., 1984: Stereospecific transformation of grindelic acid into the antifeedant 6 alpha hydroxygrindelic acid its 6 beta epimer and other related natural diterpene acids

Schwartz H.L., 1985: Stereospecific transport of triiodothyronine from plasma to cytosol and from cytosol to nucleus in rat liver kidney brain and heart

Oppenheimer J.H., 1986: Stereospecific transport of triiodothyronine to cytoplasm and nucleus in gh 1 cells

Mueller W.E., 1987: Stereospecific tritiated qnb binding to human erythrocyte membranes associated with muscarinic cholinergic receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478163

Bidlack J.M., 1980: Stereospecific tritium labeled nicotine binding to intact and solubilized rat brain membranes and evidence for its noncholinergic nature

Knaus E.E., 1983: Stereospecific vicinal oxy amination of n substituted 1 2 3 6 tetra hydro pyridines and 1 2 di hydro pyridines by n chloro n metallo carbamates

Hoskin F.C.G., 1979: Stereospecificity and active site requirements in a dfp hydrolyzing enzyme

Felle H., 1981: Stereospecificity and electrogenicity of amino acid transport in riccia fluitans

Richards J.H., 1979: Stereospecificity and mechanism of adenosyl cobalamin dependent diol dehydratase catalysis and inactivation with meso 2 3 butanediol and racemic 2 3 butanediol as substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478169

Stegink, L.; Coon, M. J., 1968: Stereospecificity and other properties of highly purified enz beta hydroxy beta methylglutaryl coenzyme a cleavage enzyme from bovine liver

Young I.G., 1983: Stereospecificity and requirements for activity of the respiratory nadh dehydrogenase of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478172

Benezra C., 1987: Stereospecificity in allergic contact dermatitis to simple substituted methylene lactone derivatives

Tang C C., 1983: Stereospecificity in biological activities of the optical isomers of o ethyl o phenyl s 2 ethyloxyethyl phosphorothioate

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478175

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478176

Lee, P. W.; Allahyari, R.; Fukuto, T. R., 1976: Stereospecificity in the metabolism of the chiral isomers of fonofos by mouse liver microsomal mixed function oxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478178

Hodgson E., 1988: Stereospecificity in the oxidation of phorate and phorate sulfoxide by purified fad containing monooxygenase and cytochrome p 450 isozymes

Yamamura S., 1979: Stereospecificity in thermal isomerization of pre iso calamendiol a 10 membered ring sesqui terpene an application of molecular mechanics calculations

Smith W.T., 1985: Stereospecificity of 2 methylpiperidine binding to a nicotinic up regulatory site in the rat brain p 2 preparation

Slater J.H., 1982: Stereospecificity of 2 mono chloro propionate dehalogenation by the 2 dehalogenases of pseudomonas putida pp 3 evidence for 2 different dehalogenation mechanisms

Arnold R., 1986: Stereospecificity of a new reaction of l ascorbic acid with cis and trans olefinic 1 4 dicarbonyl compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478184

Wioland N., 1983: Stereospecificity of action on the retina of the alpha amino adipic acid morphological and electro physiological study

Kochetova L.M., 1982: Stereospecificity of active centers of acyl cholin esterases

Stampf, J. L.; Benezra, C.; Asakawa, Y., 1982: Stereospecificity of allergic contact dermatitis to enantiomers 3. experimentally induced allergic contact dermatitis to a natural sesqui terpene di aldehyde polygodial in guinea pigs

Prescott J.M., 1983: Stereospecificity of amino acid hydroxamate inhibition of amino peptidases

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478189

Buech, H.; Knabe, J.; Buzello, W.; Rummel, W., 1970: Stereospecificity of anesthetic activity distribution inactivation and protein binding of the optical antipodes of 2 n methylated barbiturates

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478191

Nathanson J.A., 1988: Stereospecificity of beta adrenergic antagonists r enantiomers show increased selectivity for beta 2 receptors in ciliary process

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478193

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478194

Satoh T., 1986: Stereospecificity of diacylglycerol for stimulus response coupling in platelets

Olivecrona T., 1983: Stereospecificity of different lipases

Nowak T., 1982: Stereospecificity of e and z phosphoenol alpha keto butyrate with chicken liver phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase and related phosphoenol pyruvate utilizing enzymes

Mcgaw B.A., 1980: Stereospecificity of enzymatic dehydrogenation during tiglate biosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478199

Watanabe, Y.; Fujiwara, M.; Yoshida, R.; Hayaishi, O., 1980: Stereospecificity of hepatic l tryptophan 2 3 di oxygenase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478201

Yamada M., 1980: Stereospecificity of hydrogen transfer by pyridine nucleotide dependent enoyl reductases in fatty acid synthesis studies with enzymes obtained from developing castor bean ricinus communis seeds and chlorella vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478203

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478204

Hugli T.E., 1984: Stereospecificity of leukotriene b 4 and structure function relationships for chemotaxis of human neutrophils

Paltauf, F.; Wagner, E., 1976: Stereospecificity of lipases enzymatic hydrolysis of enantiomeric alkyldiacyl glycerols and di alkylacyl glycerols by lipo protein lipase

Kolattukudy P.E., 1980: Stereospecificity of malonyl coenzyme a decarboxylase acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase and fatty acid synthetase from the uropygial gland of goose

Bresnick E., 1979: Stereospecificity of metabolism of benzo a pyrene to racemic trans 7 8 di hydroxy 7 8 di hydro benzo a pyrene by rat liver nuclear enzymes

Thakker, D. R.; Yagi, H.; Levin, W.; Lu, A. Y. H.; Conney, A. H.; Jerina, D. M., 1977: Stereospecificity of microsomal and purified epoxide hydrase from rat liver hydration of arene oxides of poly cyclic hydro carbons

Maltby D.A., 1986: Stereospecificity of monoacylglycerol acyltransferase activity from rat intestine and suckling rat liver

Tanimura T., 1981: Stereospecificity of multiple receptor sites in a labellar sugar receptor of the flesh fly boettcherisca peregrina for amino acids and small peptides

Cantrill R.C., 1979: Stereospecificity of neuronal gamma amino butyric acid transport

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478213

Oshima, G.; Nagasawa, K., 1979: Stereospecificity of peptidyl di peptide hydrolase ec angiotensin i converting enzyme

Heinrich H.C., 1983: Stereospecificity of phenyl alanine plasma kinetics and hydroxylation in man following oral application of a stable isotope labeled pseudo racemic mixture of l phenyl alanine and d phenyl alanine

Retey, J.; Bartl, K.; Ripp, E.; Hull, W. E., 1977: Stereospecificity of phenyl pyruvate tautomerase ec a convenient method for the preparation of chirally labeled phenyl pyruvates

Praendler, R.; Scheel, D.; Sandermann, H. Jr ; Grisebach, H., 1977: Stereospecificity of plant microsomal cinnamic acid 4 hydroxylase

Raymond K.N., 1985: Stereospecificity of siderophore mediated iron uptake in rhodotorula pilimanae as probed by enantiorhodotorulic acid and isomers of chromic rhodotorulate

Voltattorni C.B., 1986: Stereospecificity of sodium borohydride reduction of pig kidney dopa decarboxylase

Vederas, J. C.; Reingold, I. D.; Sellers, H. W., 1979: Stereospecificity of sodium borohydride reduction of tyrosine decarboxylase ec from streptococcus faecalis

Schroeder L.A., 1985: Stereospecificity of sp 1 and sp 2 substance p receptors

Bryant S.H., 1987: Stereospecificity of the chloride ion channel the action of chiral clofibric acid analogues

Wallnoefer P.R., 1987: Stereospecificity of the degradation of veratrylglycerol beta 2 4 dichlorophenyl ether a model compound for lignin bound xenobiotic residues by phanerochaete chrysosporium corynebacterium equi and photosensitized riboflavin

Raevskii K.S., 1984: Stereospecificity of the effect of carbidine on brain tyrosine hydroxylase activity

Raevskii K.S., 1982: Stereospecificity of the effect of flupenthixol isomers on substrate inhibition of brain tyrosine hydroxylase

Rastetter W.H., 1981: Stereospecificity of the enterobactin receptor of escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478228

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478229

Collins J.F., 1980: Stereospecificity of the glio toxic and anti neuro toxic actions of alpha amino adipate

Feldman, H. B.; Szczepanik, P. A.; Havre, P.; Corrall, R. J. M.; Yu, L. C.; Rodman, H. M.; Rosner, B. A.; Klein, P. D.; Landau, B. R., 1977: Stereospecificity of the hydrogen transfer catalyzed by human placental aldose reductase ec

Uzan A., 1981: Stereospecificity of the in vitro and in vivo blockade of beta receptors by fm 24 1 2 bi cyclo 2 2 1 hept 2 ylphenoxy 3 1 methylethylamino 2 propanol hydro chloride a slowly reversible ligand

Oppenheimer, N. J.; Arnold, L. J. Jr ; Kaplan, N. O., 1978: Stereospecificity of the intra molecular association of reduced pyridine coenzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478235

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478236

Corrall, R. J. M.; Rodman, H. M.; Margolis, J.; Landau, B. R., 1974: Stereospecificity of the oxidation of ethanol by catalase

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478238

Stevens C.M., 1979: Stereospecificity of the reducto isomerase catalyzed step in the pathway of biosynthesis of valine and leucine

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478240

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478241

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478242

Tatum, C.; Vederas, J.; Schleicher, E.; Benkovic, S. J.; Floss, H., 1977: Stereospecificity of thymidylate synthetase

Pardridge W.M., 1987: Stereospecificity of triiodothyronine transport into brain liver and salivary gland role of carrier mediated and plasma protein mediated transport

Medda, R.; Santaniello, E.; Manzocchi, A.; Ioppolo, A.; Biondi, P. A.; Floris, G., 1987: Stereospecificity of two plant diamine oxidases on 2 methyl 1 4 diaminobutane

Khristova, E. I.; Petkov, D. D., 1976: Stereospecificity of uro kinase ec

Suttie J.W., 1983: Stereospecificity of vitamin k epoxide reductase

Section 7, Chapter 6479, Accession 006478248

Talwar K.K., 1985: Stereostructure of norkhusinoloxide a new antipodal 14 carbon terpenoid from vetiver oil confirmation of stereostructural features by biological evaluation a new tool for prediction of stereostructure in cadinanes

Hikino H., 1987: Stereostructure of rengyol and isorengyol phenylethanoids of forsythia suspensa

Rahman K., 1988: Stereostructure of subulacine n oxide a new pyrrolizidine alkaloid from heliotropium subulatum

Poulter C.D., 1985: Stereostructure of the archaebacterial 40 carbon diol

Talwar K.K., 1987: Stereostructure of vetidiol a new antipodal sesquiterpene diol from vetiver oil a novel role of biological activity to predict the position and stereochemistry of one of the hydroxyl group

Todaro L.J., 1987: Stereostructures of geodiamilides a and b novel cyclodepsipeptides from the marine sponge geodia sp

Kalsi P.S., 1985: Stereostructures of inunal and isoalloalantolactone two biologically active sesquiterpene lactones from inula racemosa

Hirata Y., 1986: Stereostructures of two biflavanones from stellera chamaejasme

Nelson P.B., 1982: Stereotactic aspiration of a brain abscess using the therapeutic computed tomography scanner a case

Suzuki J., 1988: Stereotactic aspiration of putaminal hemorrhage using a double track aspiration technique

Boethius, J.; Collins, V. P.; Edner, G.; Lewander, R.; Zajicek, J., 1978: Stereotactic biopsies and computer tomography in gliomas

Gruskin P., 1987: Stereotactic biopsy and brachytherapy of brain tumors

Kitz K., 1987: Stereotactic biopsy in brain tumors

Kiessling M., 1980: Stereotactic biopsy of brain tumors

Allegranza A., 1983: Stereotactic biopsy of deep brain tumors in infancy and childhood

Edner G., 1981: Stereotactic biopsy of intra cranial space occupying lesions

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