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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6482

Chapter 6482 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhirnov O.P., 1986: Stimulation of alphavirus reproduction in a cell culture by alkaline ph

Vilim V.; Wilhelm J.; Brzak P.; Hurych J., 1987: Stimulation of alveolar macrophages by mineral dusts in vitro luminol dependent chemiluminescence study

Hannuniemi R.; Holopainen I.; Korpi E.R.; Oja S.S., 1985: Stimulation of amino acid accumulation in neuroblastoma and astrocytoma cells by l histidine

Tews, J. K.; Woodcock, N. A.; Harper, A. E., 1970: Stimulation of amino acid transport in rat liver slices by epinephrine glucagon and 3 5 amp

Horak, J.; Kotyk, A.; Rihova, L., 1978: Stimulation of amino acid transport in saccharomyces cerevisiae by metabolic inhibitors

Fafournoux P.; Remesy C.; Demigne C., 1982: Stimulation of amino acid transport into liver cells from rats adapted to a high protein diet

Ando M.; Nagata Y., 1986: Stimulation of amino acid uptake and sodium potassium atpase activity by norepinephrine in superior cervical sympathetic ganglia excised from adult rats

Woo K.C.; Osmond C.B., 1982: Stimulation of ammonia and 2 oxo glutarate dependent oxygen evolution in isolated chloroplasts by di carboxylates and the role of the chloroplast in photo respiratory nitrogen re cycling

Yu, H. L.; Giammarco, R.; Goldstein, M. B.; Stinebaugh, B. J.; Halperin, M. L., 1976: Stimulation of ammonia production and excretion in the rabbit by inorganic phosphate study of control mechanisms

Weber F.L.Jr; Veach G.; Friedman D.W., 1982: Stimulation of ammonia production from glutamine by intra luminal glucose in small intestine of dogs

Terao N.; Tannen R.L., 1980: Stimulation of ammoniagenesis by acute acidosis evidence for a urinary inhibitor

Melton L.B.; Frazier L.W.; Vanatta J.C., 1979: Stimulation of ammonium ion excretion in the toad urinary bladder by an extract of human urine

Golbus M.S.; Djalali M.; Klagsbrun M.; Kaback M.M.; Levenson R.M.; Epstein C.J., 1980: Stimulation of amniotic fluid cell growth by cartilage growth factor

Chettur, L.; Christensen, E.; Philip, J., 1978: Stimulation of amniotic fluid cells by fibroblast growth factor

Crampton J.R.; Gibbons L.C.; Rees W.D.W., 1988: Stimulation of amphibian gastroduodenal bicarbonate secretion by sucralfate and aluminum role of local prostaglandin metabolism

Komabayashi T.; Nakano K.; Nakamura T.; Tsuboi M., 1983: Stimulation of amylase and sialic acid releases from dog submandibular gland slices by pilocarpine or high potassium ion medium a possible role of calmodulin for their releases

Argent, B. E.; Case, R. M.; Scratcherd, T., 1971: Stimulation of amylase secretion from the perfused cat pancreas by potassium and other alkali metal ions

Ben Mahrez K.; Sougakoff W.; Nakayama M.; Kohiyama M., 1988: Stimulation of an alpha like dna polymerase by v myc related protein of halobacterium halobium

Mohan V.P.; Malathi V.G.; Mazumder R., 1980: Stimulation of an artemia salina atpase activity by eukaryotic messenger rna

Specter, S.; Cimprich, R.; Friedman, H.; Chedid, L., 1978: Stimulation of an enhanced in vitro immune response by a synthetic adjuvant muramyl di peptide

Pavlishin V.V.; Savtsova Z.D.; Gyulling E.V., 1983: Stimulation of an immune response to live influenza vaccine in mice by levamisole

Garg L.C.; Narang N., 1985: Stimulation of an n ethylmaleimide sensitive atpase in the collecting duct segments of the rat nephron by metabolic acidosis

Yoshino M.; Murakami K.; Katsumata Y.; Takabayashi A.; Mori S., 1986: Stimulation of anaerobic metabolism by alpha 1 adrenergic blockade in rats at high altitude hypoxia

Yoshino M.; Murakami K.; Katsumata Y.; Takabayashi A.; Mori S., 1987: Stimulation of anaerobic metabolism in rats at high altitude hypoxia adrenergic effects dependent on dietary states

Hamburger A.W.; Lurie K.A.; Condon M.E., 1987: Stimulation of anchorage independent growth of human tumor cells by interleukin 1

Moestl E.; Choi H.S.; Bamberg E., 1985: Stimulation of androgen and estrogen concentrations in plasma of cows after administration of a synthetic glucocorticoid flumethasone at the end of gestation

Sanyal, M. K.; Villee, C. A., 1977: Stimulation of androgen biosynthesis in rat fetal testes in vitro by gonadotropins

Tsui, H. W., 1976: Stimulation of androgen production by the lizard testis site of action of ovine follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone

Popkin R.; Fraser H.M.; Jonassen J., 1983: Stimulation of androstenedione and progesterone release by lhrh and lhrh agonist from isolated rat pre ovulatory follicles

Dusseau J.W.; Hutchins P.M.; Malbasa D.S., 1986: Stimulation of angiogenesis by adenosine on the chick chorioallantoic membrane

Sernia C.; Reid I.A., 1980: Stimulation of angiotensinogen production a dose related effect of angiotensin ii in the conscious dog

Zor, U.; Kaneko, T.; Schneider, H. P. G.; Mccann, S. M.; Lowe, I. P.; Bloom, G.; Borland, B.; Field, J. B., 1969: Stimulation of anterior pituitary adenyl cyclase activity and cyclic amp by hypothalamic extract and prostaglandin e 1

Grandison L., 1984: Stimulation of anterior pituitary prolactin release by melittin an activator of phospho lipase a 2

Betteridge, A.; Wallis, M., 1978: Stimulation of anterior pituitary prostaglandin e content and somatotropin growth hormone synthesis by phospho lipase a

Mcevoy, R. C.; Madson, K. L.; Elde, R. P., 1977: Stimulation of anti glucagon antibodies in rabbits

Flatt P.R.; Swanston Flatt S.K., 1981: Stimulation of anti glucagon antibodies in rabbits and guinea pigs using a glucagon carbodiimide albumin conjugate

Wabuke Bunoti M.A.N.; Taku A.; Garman R.; Fan D.P., 1984: Stimulation of anti influenza cytolytic t lymphocytes by a synthetic peptide of the influenza hemagglutinin can be modulated by at least 3 independent helper factors

Wabuke Bunoti M.A.N.; Fan D.P.; Braciale T.J., 1981: Stimulation of anti influenza cytolytic t lymphocytes by cyanogen bromide cleavage fragments of the viral hem agglutinin

Potop, I.; Boeru, V.; Prahoveanu, E.; Simionescu, L.; Petrescu, A.; Popescu, A., 1977: Stimulation of anti influenza serum antibody formation in the rat using bovine thymus poly peptide extract

Wainberg, M. A.; Deutsch, V.; Weiss, D. W., 1976: Stimulation of anti tumor immunity in guinea pigs by methanol extraction residue of bcg

Mesropyan, N. P.; Balabadzhyan, N. G., 1978: Stimulation of anti tumor immunity in vivo by rna excreted from spleen cells of tumor bearing mice

Gotlieb-Stematsky, T.; Rannon, L.; Vonsover, A.; Varsano, N., 1978: Stimulation of antibodies to epstein barr virus in acute viral infections

Milcu S.M.; Boeru V.; Prahoveanu E.; Zimel A.; Ghinea E.; Petrescu A., 1979: Stimulation of antibody formation and inhibition of 256 walker carcino sarcoma development in rats treated with low molecular weight thymic poly peptides

Zheleznikova G.F.; Ogurtsov R.P.; Aksenov O.A., 1980: Stimulation of antibody formation in mice by endogenous and exogenous interferon

Mel'nikov O.F.; Diesperova A.A.; Bakai E.A.; Rudoi A.I., 1982: Stimulation of antibody genesis in the rat spleen by local action of variable magnetic field on the breast region

Lawrence, D. A.; Weigle, W. O., 1974: Stimulation of antibody production to the hapten 2 4 di nitro benzene by affinity labeled murine lymphoid cells part 1 ability of affinity labeled murine lymphoid cells to activate the in vivo immune response

Lawrence, D. A.; Weigle, W. O., 1976: Stimulation of antibody production to the hapten 2 4 di nitro benzene by affinity labeled murine lymphoid cells part 2 suppressive activity of an excess of thymocytes

Kinnaert, P.; Mahieu, A.; Van-Geertruyden, N., 1978: Stimulation of antibody synthesis induced by surgical trauma in rats

Van Den Elsen J.H.M.; Van Den Broek M.F.; Klasen I.S.; Van Den Berg W.B., 1988: Stimulation of antigen specific murine t cell clones in vitro with antigen pulsed adherent cells fixed to a carrier

Lukashova R.G.; Bezvershenko I.A.; Boiko M.G., 1983: Stimulation of antigen thy 1 expression in mice bone marrow cells by thymus extracts

Ehrhart, L. A.; Holderbaum, D., 1977: Stimulation of aortic protein synthesis in experimental rabbit athero sclerosis

Nemecek G.M.; Coughlin S.R.; Handley D.A.; Moskowitz M.A., 1986: Stimulation of aortic smooth muscle cell mitogenesis by serotonin

Wright G.L.; Rogerson M.E.; Mccumbee W.D., 1986: Stimulation of aortic tissue calcium uptake by an extract of spontaneously hypertensive rats erythrocytes possessing hypertensive properties

Palmer L.G.; Speez N., 1986: Stimulation of apical sodium permeability and basolateral sodium pump of toad urinary bladder by aldosterone

Blakeman, J. P.; Parbery, D. G., 1977: Stimulation of appressorium formation in colletotrichum acutatum by phylloplane bacteria

Piper P.J.; Samhoun M.N., 1982: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism and generation of thromboxane a 2 by leukotriene b 4 leukotriene c 4 and leukotriene d 4 in guinea pig lung in vitro

Kouzan S.; Nolan R.D.; Fournier T.; Bignon J.; Eling T.E.; Brody A.R., 1988: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism by adherence of alveolar macrophages to a plastic substrate modulation by fetal bovine serum

Levine L.; Fujiki H., 1985: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism by different types of tumor promoters

Xiao D M.; Levine L., 1986: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism differences in potencies of recombinant human interleukin 1 alpha and interleukin 1 beta on two cell types

Feyen J.H.M.; Van Der Wilt G.; Moonen P.; Di Bon A.; Nijweide P.J., 1984: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism in primary cultures of osteoblast like cells by hormones and drugs

Ohuchi K.; Sugawara T.; Watanabe M.; Hirasawa N.; Tsurufuji S.; Fujiki H.; Sugimura T.; Christensen S.B., 1987: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism in rat peritoneal macrophages by thapsigargin a non 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate tpa type tumor promoter

Bokoch G.M.; Reed P.W., 1980: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism in the polymorphonuclear leukocyte by an n formylated peptide comparison with ionophore a 23187

Krug H.; Berndt J., 1987: Stimulation of arachidonic acid metabolism via phospholipase a 2 by triethyl lead

Abraham R.T.; Mckinney M.M.; Forray C.; Shipley G.D.; Handwerger B.S., 1986: Stimulation of arachidonic acid release and eicosanoid biosynthesis in an interleukin 2 dependent t cell line

Nakashima, S.; Nagata, K. I.; Ueeda, K.; Nozawa, Y., 1988: Stimulation of arachidonic acid release by guanine nucleotide in saponin permeabilized neutrophils evidence for involvement of gtp binding protein in phospholipase a 2 activation

Wilson, O. H.; Holden, J. T., 1969: Stimulation of arginine transport in osmotically shocked escherichia coli w cells by purified arginine binding protein fractions

Chabab A.; Sultan C.; Fenart O.; Descomps B., 1986: Stimulation of aromatase activity by dihydrotestosterone in human skin fibroblasts

Erickson, G. F.; Hsueh, A. J. W., 1978: Stimulation of aromatase activity by follicle stimulating hormone in rat granulosa cells in vivo and in vitro

Raeside J.I.; Berthelon M C.; Sanchez P.; Jaez J.M., 1988: Stimulation of aromatase activity in immature porcine leydig cells by fibroblast growth factor fgf

Weniger J P.; Zeis A., 1988: Stimulation of aromatase activity in the fetal rat testis by cyclic amp and fsh

Armstrong, D. T.; Papkoff, H., 1976: Stimulation of aromatization of exogenous and endogenous androgens in ovaries of hypophysectomized rats in vivo by follicle stimulating hormone

Haragus, S.; Uza, G., 1978: Stimulation of arterial baroceptors by arterial pumping local and general effects therapeutical implications

Fleisher L.N.; Tall A.R.; Witte L.D.; Miller R.W.; Cannon P.J., 1982: Stimulation of arterial endothelial cell prostacyclin synthesis by high density lipo proteins

Dusseau J.W.; Hutchins P.M., 1979: Stimulation of arteriolar number by salbutamol in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Chenery R.J.; Mclean A.E.M., 1980: Stimulation of aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activity in cultured cells by human and animal sera a new in vitro approach to human drug metabolism

Nebert, D. W.; Friedman, R. M., 1973: Stimulation of aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase induction in cell cultures by interferon

Gies J.P.; Dorey C.K., 1981: Stimulation of aryl sulfatase in rat peritoneal macrophages exposed to bone in vitro

Tseng L.; Liu H.C., 1981: Stimulation of aryl sulfo transferase activity by progestins in human endometrium in vitro

Dahmus, M. E., 1976: Stimulation of ascites tumor rna polymerase ii by protein kinase

Furuya K.; Naito A., 1980: Stimulation of asco spore germination by phenolic compounds in members of the sordariaceae

Sancesario G.; Kreutzberg G.W., 1986: Stimulation of astrocytes affects cytotoxic brain edema

Smith, D. W.; Boerner, P., 1975: Stimulation of atp dependent in vitro dna replication by factors from the periplasmic space of escherichia coli

Wilkinson K.K.; Audhya T.K., 1981: Stimulation of atp dependent proteolysis requires ubiquitin with the carboxyl terminal sequence arginine glycine glycine

Kelman S.N.; Sullivan S.G.; Stern A., 1983: Stimulation of atp hydrolysis by chloroquine and primaquine in human red blood cells

Ohashi, A.; Sinohara, H., 1978: Stimulation of atp of cytosol type delta amino levulinate synthase ec of rat liver

Southard J.H.; Lutz M.F.; Ametani M.S.; Belzer F.O., 1984: Stimulation of atp synthesis in hypo thermically perfused dog kidneys by adenosine and phosphate

Scherer G.F.E., 1984: Stimulation of atpase activity by auxin is dependent on atp concentration

Lesniak A.P.; Haug A.; Ries S.K., 1986: Stimulation of atpase activity in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar conquest root plasma membrane after treatment of intact tissues and cell free extracts with triacontanol

Shigekawa, M.; Akowitz, A. A.; Katz, A. M., 1978: Stimulation of atpase activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum by adenylyl methylene di phosphate

Macmanus J.P.; Whitfield J.F., 1981: Stimulation of auto phosphorylation of liver cell membrane proteins by calcium and partial hepatectomy

Smith, J. B., 1978: Stimulation of autologous and allogeneic human thymus derived cells by bone marrow derived cells occurs through separate bone marrow derived cell antigen systems

Negami A.; Sasaki H.; Isomatsu M.; Yamamura H., 1985: Stimulation of autophosphorylation of rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase by glycogen synthase on glycogen particles

Arteca, R. N., 1982: Stimulation of auxin induced ethylene production in mung bean hypocotyl segments by 5 5' di thio bis 2 nitro benzoic acid

Fujii, T.; Shimokoriyama, M., 1974: Stimulation of avena sativa coleoptile growth by reduction of oxygen supply

Wideman R.F.Jr; Braun E.J., 1981: Stimulation of avian renal phosphate secretion by parathyroid hormone

Shannon H.E., 1983: Stimulation of avoidance behavior by buprenorphine in rats

Maene L.J.; Debergh P.C., 1982: Stimulation of axillary shoot development of cordyline terminalis cultivar celestine queen by foliar sprays of 6 benzylamino purine

Shimomura T.; Fujihara K., 1980: Stimulation of axillary shoot formation of cuttings of hylocereus trigonus cactaceae by pre soaking in benzyl adenine solution

Jandl R.C.; Adirim T.A.; Schur P.H., 1987: Stimulation of b cell differentiation by adherent mononuclear cells in systemic lupus erythematosus

Chiplunkar S.; Langhorne J.; Kaufmann S.H.E., 1986: Stimulation of b cell growth and differentiation by murine recombinant interleukin 1

Brian A.A., 1988: Stimulation of b cell proliferation by membrane associated molecules from activated t cells

Campbell P.A.; Hartman A.L.; Abel C.A., 1982: Stimulation of b cells but not t cells or thymocytes by a sialic acid specific lectin

Rothstein T.L., 1986: Stimulation of b cells by sequential addition of anti immunoglobulin antibody and cytochalasin

Ghaderi A.A.; Richardson P.; Cardona C.; Millsun M.J.; Ling N.; Gillis S.; Ledbetter J.; Gordon J., 1988: Stimulation of b chronic lymphocytic leukemia populations by recombinant interleukin 4 and other defined growth promoting agents

Guenther W.; Diezel W.; Soennichsen N., 1984: Stimulation of b lymphocytes by sera from patients with psoriatic arthritis

Morita, T. N.; Woodburn, M. J., 1977: Stimulation of bacillus cereus growth by protein in cooked rice combinations

Buchanan, A. M.; Yang, M. K.; Rosenthal, S. L.; Ko, M. M., 1977: Stimulation of bacillus subtilis membrane atpase by cationic bactericidal agents

Clark P.O.; Leach F.R., 1980: Stimulation of bacillus subtilis transformation by spermidine

George, J. R.; Fitzgerald, J. W., 1981: Stimulation of bacterial aryl sulfatase ec activity by aryl amines evidence for substrate activation

Murray R.E.; Cooksey K.E.; Priscu J.C., 1986: Stimulation of bacterial dna synthesis by algal exudates in attached algal bacterial consortia

Tso W W.; Fung W P., 1980: Stimulation of bacterial oxygen consumption by panax ginseng root extract

Chykaliuk P.B.; Peeper T.F.; Basler E., 1982: Stimulation of basipetal herbicide translocation with gaf 141

Zheutlin L.M.; Ackerman S.J.; Gleich G.J.; Thomas L.L., 1984: Stimulation of basophil and rat mast cell histamine release by eosinophil granule derived cationic proteins

Mikhlin, E. D.; Radina, V. P.; Martynova, E. M., 1978: Stimulation of beet and carrot growth by products of thermophilic methane fermentation

Holtzman, S. G.; Jewett, R. E., 1973: Stimulation of behavior in the rat by cyclazocine effects of naloxone

Belitskii, G. A.; Bogush, T. A.; Khesina, A. Ya ; Shabad, L. M., 1975: Stimulation of benzo a pyrene in tumor cell cultures by n 6 o 2 di butyryl cyclic amp or fatty acids

Pong S S.; Dehaven R.; Wang C.C., 1981: Stimulation of benzodiazepine binding to rat brain membranes and solubilized receptor complex by avermectin b 1a and gamma amino butyric acid

Karobath M.; Sperk G., 1979: Stimulation of benzodiazepine receptor binding by gamma amino butyric acid

Szaniszlo P.J.; Kang M.S.; Cabib E., 1985: Stimulation of beta 1 3 glucan synthetase of various fungi by nucleoside triphosphates generalized regulatory mechanism for cell wall biosynthesis

Adashi E.Y.; Hsueh A.J.W., 1981: Stimulation of beta 2 adrenergic responsiveness by follicle stimulating hormone in rat granulosa cells in vitro and in vivo

Goldschmidt P.L.; Frances H.; Simon P., 1984: Stimulation of beta adrenergic receptors and spontaneous motor activity in mice

Jaim-Etcheverry, G.; Zieher, L. M., 1975: Stimulation of beta adrenergic receptors in the pineal gland increases the noradrenaline stores of its sympathetic nerves

Wagner J.; Schuemann H.J., 1979: Stimulation of beta adrenoceptors by dobutamine in the guinea pig atrium and tracheal chain

Hartling O.J.; Trap Jensen J., 1982: Stimulation of beta adrenoceptors in the exercising human fore arm

Rosati C.; Hannaert P.; Dausse J P.; Braquet P.; Garay R., 1986: Stimulation of beta adrenoceptors inhibits calcium dependent potassium channels in mouse macrophages

Mendelson S.D.; Gorzalka B.B., 1988: Stimulation of beta adrenoceptors inhibits lordosis behavior in the female rat

Petraglia F.; Penalva A.; Genazzani A.R.; Mueller E.E., 1982: Stimulation of beta endorphin and beta lipotropin release from the anterior but not the neuro intermediate pituitary lobe in the rat after acute administration of serotonin acting drugs

Kirillova V.S.; Likhacheva L.I.; Gorlov Yu I.; Zharova L.G., 1981: Stimulation of beta galactosidase activity in yeast protoplasts with exogenous rna

Chowdhuri, M. R.; Sen, P. C.; Mandal, S. B.; Chakrabarti, P., 1978: Stimulation of beta lactamase activity in escherichia coli

Flemstrom G., 1980: Stimulation of bi carbonate transport in isolated proximal bull frog rana catesbeiana duodenum by prostaglandins

Heylings J.R.; Feldman M., 1986: Stimulation of bicarbonate secretion by the prostaglandin e 2 analog enprostil studies in human stomach and rat duodenum

Hayashi H.; Fukuyama K.; Yamasaki F., 1983: Stimulation of bile acid biosynthesis by clofibrate

Hartmann W.; Hotz J.; Ormai S.; Aufgebauer J.; Schneider F.; Goebell H., 1980: Stimulation of bile and pancreatic secretion by duodenal perfusion with sodium tauro cholate in the cat compared with jejunal and ileal perfusion

Berger J.; Schneeman B.O., 1986: Stimulation of bile pancreatic zinc protein and carboxypeptidase secretion in response to various proteins in the rat

Patel T.B.; Rashed H.M.; Dyson J.; Waller F.M., 1987: Stimulation of biliary glutathione secretion by sulfonylureas

Kapitulnik, J.; Ostrow, J. D., 1978: Stimulation of bilirubin catabolism in jaundiced gunn rats by an inducer of microsomal mixed function mono oxygenases

Thaler, M. M.; Dawber, N. H., 1977: Stimulation of bilirubin formation in liver of new born rats by fasting and glucagon

Nesis, K. N., 1976: Stimulation of bio luminescence in cephalopods

Sweeney B.M.; Fork D.C.; Satoh K., 1983: Stimulation of bio luminescence in dinoflagellates by red light

Meisel-Mikolajczyk, F.; Grzelak-Puczynska, I., 1976: Stimulation of blastic transformation of rabbit lymphocytes by means of endo toxins of bacteroides fragilis

Bender N.; Kirchmaier C.; Bartsch B.; Lindenborn D.; Breddin K., 1979: Stimulation of blood platelets by extracts of sub cutaneous tissue

Long T.F.; Murdock L.L., 1983: Stimulation of blow fly phormia regina feeding behavior by octopaminergic drugs

Liu, C. C.; Baylink, D. J., 1977: Stimulation of bone formation and bone resorption by fluoride in thyro parathyroidectomized rats

Greenberg, A. R.; Kamel, I. L.; Dubin, S.; Miller, A., 1978: Stimulation of bone formation by a swelling end osseous implant

Nerubay J.; Marganit B.; Bubis J.J.; Tadmor A.; Katznelson A., 1986: Stimulation of bone formation by electrical current on spinal fusion

Chyun Y.S.; Raisz L.G., 1984: Stimulation of bone formation by prostaglandin e 2

Duarte L.R., 1983: Stimulation of bone growth by ultrasound

Crapper R.M.; Vairo G.; Hamilton J.A.; Clark Lewis I.; Schrader J.W., 1985: Stimulation of bone marrow derived and peritoneal macrophages by a t lymphocyte derived hemopoietic growth factor persisting cell stimulating factor

Metcalf, D.; Kolber, S., 1976: Stimulation of bone marrow derived lymphocyte colony formation in vitro by sera from patients with leukemia or lymphoma

Prouse P.J.; Bonner B.; Gumpel J.M.; Reid C.D.L., 1985: Stimulation of bone marrow erythropoiesis by t lymphocytes of anemic patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Yamaguchi M.; Mochizuki A.; Okada S., 1982: Stimulation of bone resorption by comparatively high dose of zinc in rats

Kimman T.G.; Lowik C.W.G.M.; Van De Wee Pals L.J.A.; Thesingh C.W.; Defize P.; Kamp E.M.; Bijvoet O.L.M., 1987: Stimulation of bone resorption by inflamed nasal mucosa dermonecrotic toxin containing conditioned medium from pasteurella multocida and purified dermonecrotic toxin from pasteurella multocida

Meghji S.; Sandy J.R.; Scutt A.M.; Harvey W.; Harris M., 1988: Stimulation of bone resorption by lipoxygenase metabolites of arachidonic acid

Gustafson G.T.; Ljunggren O.; Boonekamp P.; Lerner U., 1986: Stimulation of bone resorption in cultured mouse calvaria by lysine bradykinin kallidin a potential mediator of bone resorption linking anaphylaxis processes to rarefying osteitis

Ljunggren O.; Lerner U.H., 1988: Stimulation of bone resorption in cultured mouse calvaria by methionine lysine bradykinin

Tashjian A.H.Jr; Ivey J.L., 1981: Stimulation of bone resorption in organ culture by cholera toxin

Ibbotson K.J.; Twardzik D.R.; D'souza S.M.; Hargreaves W.R.; Todaro G.J.; Mundy G.R., 1985: Stimulation of bone resorption in vitro by synthetic transforming growth factor alpha

Carlson J.H.; Bergstrom D.A.; Walters J.R., 1987: Stimulation of both d 1 and d 2 dopamine receptors appears necessary for full expression of postsynaptic effects of dopamine agonists a neurophysiological study

Suzuki T.; Wang J.H., 1986: Stimulation of bovine cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump and blocking of phospholamban phosphorylation and dephosphorylation by a phospholamban monoclonal antibody

Krulewitz A.H.; Fanburg B.L., 1986: Stimulation of bovine endothelial cell angiotensin i converting enzyme activity by cyclic amp related agents

Moscarello M.A.; Mitranic M.M.; Vella G., 1985: Stimulation of bovine milk galactosyltransferase activity by bovine colostrum n acetylglucosaminyltransferase i

Mallik M.A.B.; Tesfai K., 1987: Stimulation of bradyrhizobium japonicum by allelochemicals from green plants

Matsuda, T.; Yonehara, N.; Ichida, S.; Yoshida, H., 1978: Stimulation of brain acetyl coenzyme a hydrolase ec by atp and atp analogs

Zamenhof, S., 1976: Stimulation of brain development in chick embryo by elevated temperature

Le Petit J.; Nobili O.; Boyer J., 1986: Stimulation of brain lipase activity by polyamines comparison with the effect of acth

Dow Edwards D.L.; Freed L.A.; Milhorat T.H., 1988: Stimulation of brain metabolism by perinatal cocaine exposure

Mickley G.A.; Stevens K.E., 1986: Stimulation of brain muscarinic acetylcholine receptors acutely reverses radiogenic hypodipsia

Chapman G.E.; Greenwood C.E., 1988: Stimulation of brain sodium potassium atpase by norepinephrine but not taurine

Ronnback L.; Hansson E., 1986: Stimulation of brain stem protein synthesis by morphine

Iwasaki K.; Matsuzawa T., 1985: Stimulation of branched chain amino acid metabolism by l ornithine and l arginine the changes in serum glucose free fatty acids and hormones and urinary urea concentrations

Welshons W.V.; Murphy C.S.; Koch R.; Calaf G.; Jordan V.C., 1987: Stimulation of breast cancer cells in vitro by the environmental estrogen enterolactone and the phytoestrogen equol

Fletcher D.J.; Hanson M.A.; Moore P.J.; Nijhuis J.G.; Parkes M.J., 1988: Stimulation of breathing movements by l 5 hydroxytryptophan in fetal sheep during normoxia and hypoxia

Kitterman J.A.; Liggins G.C.; Clements J.A.; Tooley W.H., 1979: Stimulation of breathing movements in fetal sheep by inhibitors of prostaglandin synthesis

Ptacek V., 1983: Stimulation of brood rearing of bumble bee queens hymenoptera bombidae by contacting honeybees apis mellifera preliminary report

Hoffmann A.; Zureck A.; Strey A., 1986: Stimulation of brucella clearance in rats after treatment with bcg

Davies F.T.Jr; Moser B.C., 1980: Stimulation of bud and shoot development of rieger begonia leaf cuttings with cyto kinins

Knypl J.S., 1980: Stimulation of bulb growth in onion allium cepa by n n di ethyl n 2 hydroxyethyl glycine

Yoshihara K.; Tanaka Y.; Hashida T.; Ura H.; Kamiya T.; Tanigawa Y.; Koide S.S., 1982: Stimulation of bull seminal calcium magnesium dependent endo nuclease by various dna binding proteins

Ohashi Y.; Tanaka Y.; Yoshihara K.; Kamiya T., 1985: Stimulation of bull seminal rnase by various basic proteins

Doak, G. A.; Zahler, W. L., 1979: Stimulation of bull sperm hyaluronidase ec by poly cations

Amsler K.; Donahue J.J.; Slayman C.W.; Adelberg E.A., 1985: Stimulation of bumetanide sensitive potassium transport in swiss 3t3 fibroblasts by serum and mitogenic hormones

Lindberg S.; Dolata J.; Mercke U., 1987: Stimulation of c fibers by ammonia vapor triggers a mucociliary defense reflex

Dubik D.; Dembinski T.C.; Shiu R.P.C., 1987: Stimulation of c myc oncogene expression associated with estrogen induced proliferation of human breast cancer cells

Nishiyama S.; Onosaka S.; Taguchi T.; Konishi Y.; Tanaka K.; Kinebuchi H., 1988: Stimulation of cadmium uptake by estradiol in the kidney of male rats treated with cadmium

Aldridge, A.; Parsons, W. D.; Neims, A. H., 1977: Stimulation of caffeine metabolism in the rat by 3 methyl cholanthrene

Care A.D.; Pickard D.W.; Ross R.; Garel J.M.; Redel J., 1981: Stimulation of calcitonin secretion rate by 25 26 di hydroxy cholecalciferol in vitamin d depleted pigs

Schopman W.; Slager E.; Hackeng W.H.L.; Mulder H., 1987: Stimulation of calcitonin secretory capacity by increased serum levels of testosterone in men treated with tamoxifen

Parod R.J.; Putney J.W.Jr, 1979: Stimulation of calcium 45 efflux from rat lacrimal gland slices by carbachol and epinephrine

Williams, J. A., 1976: Stimulation of calcium 45 efflux from rat pituitary by luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and other pituitary stimulants

Van-Breemen, C.; Wuytack, F.; Casteels, R., 1975: Stimulation of calcium 45 efflux from smooth muscle cells by metabolic inhibition and high potassium de polarization

Putney, J. W-Jr, 1976: Stimulation of calcium 45 influx in rat parotid gland by carbachol

Sulakhe, P. V.; St-Louis, P. J., 1977: Stimulation of calcium accumulation in cardiac sarcolemma by phosphorylase kinase

Sulakhe, P. V.; Leung, N. L. K.; St-Louis, P. J., 1976: Stimulation of calcium accumulation in cardiac sarcolemma by protein kinase ec

Kramer R.M.; Checani G.C.; Deykin D., 1987: Stimulation of calcium activated human platelet phospholipase a 2 by diacylglycerol

Solaro R.J.; Ruegg J.C., 1982: Stimulation of calcium binding and atpase activity of dog cardiac myo fibrils by ar l 115bs 2 methoxy 4 methylsulfinylphenyl 1h imidazo 4 5 b pyridine a novel cardiotonic agent

Nilius B., 1984: Stimulation of calcium dependent action potentials in mammalian ventricular myocardium by a novel dihydropyridine

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