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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6483

Chapter 6483 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cowan D.H.; Graham J., 1983: Stimulation of human tumor colony formation by platelet lysate

Zetter B.R.; Antoniades H.N., 1979: Stimulation of human vascular endothelial cell growth by a platelet derived growth factor and thrombin

Jackson C.A.; Greaves M.; Preston F.E., 1982: Stimulation of human venous prostacyclin synthesis by dipyridamole

Bloksma N.; Schmiermann P.; De Reuver M.; Van Dijk H.; Willers J., 1982: Stimulation of humoral and cellular immunity by viscum preparations

Treiber, W.; Lapp, W. S., 1978: Stimulation of humoral immune response to a thymic independent antigen in mice immuno suppressed by a graft vs host reaction

Hrsak I.; Tomasic J.; Pavelic K.; Valinger Z., 1979: Stimulation of humoral immunity by peptido glycan monomer from brevibacterium divaricatum

Skurkovich, S. V.; Klinova, E. G.; Eremkina, E. I., 1976: Stimulation of humoral immunity to surface antigens of leukemic cells using interferon containing serum

Assem E.S.K.; Wan B.Y.C., 1982: Stimulation of hydrogen ion secretion from the isolated mouse stomach by sodium fluoride

Rosenkrans A.M.; Krasna A.I., 1984: Stimulation of hydrogen photoproduction in algae by removal of oxygen by reagents that combine reversibly with oxygen

Rennenberg H.; Filner P., 1982: Stimulation of hydrogen sulfate emission from pumpkin cucurbita pepo cultivar small sugar pumpkin leaves by inhibition of glutathione synthesis

Yokoyama, M. T.; Davis, C. L., 1971: Stimulation of hydrogenation of linoleate in treponema sp borrelia sp strain b 25 by reduced methyl viologen and by reduced benzyl viologen

Schacht, J.; Agranoff, B. W., 1974: Stimulation of hydrolysis of phosphatidic acid by cholinergic agents in guinea pig synaptosomes

Sanghvi, A.; Parikh, B., 1978: Stimulation of hydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity after a single dose of the porphyrogenic chemical allylisopropyl acetamide

Simpson P., 1985: Stimulation of hypertrophy of cultured neonatal rat heart cells through an alpha 1 adrenergic receptor and induction of beating through an alpha 1 adrenergic and beta 1 adrenergic receptor interaction evidence for independent regulation of growth and beating

Nikolarakis K.E.; Almeida O.F.X.; Herz A., 1986: Stimulation of hypothalamic beta endorphin and dynorphin release by corticotropin releasing factor in vitro

Fuller R.W.; Macdermot J., 1986: Stimulation of ige sensitized human alveolar macrophages by anti ige is unaffected by sodium cromoglycate

Manzer D.S.; Littlefield B.A., 1988: Stimulation of igg production by glucocorticoids in human myeloma lymphoblasts

Roubinian, J. R.; Lane, M. A.; Slomich, M.; Blair, P. B., 1976: Stimulation of immune mechanisms against mammary tumors by incomplete thymus derived cell depletion

Boeryd, B.; Nilsson, T.; Lindholm, L.; Lange, S.; Hallgren, B.; Stallberg, G., 1978: Stimulation of immune reactivity by methoxy substituted glycerol ethers incorporated into the feed

Okunewick, J. P.; Meredith, R. F.; Brozovich, B.; Weaver, E. V., 1978: Stimulation of immune response in hybrid mice following rauscher virus infection

Micksche, M.; Cerni, C.; Kokron, O.; Titscher, R.; Wrba, H., 1977: Stimulation of immune response in lung cancer patients by vitamin a therapy

Micksche, M.; Cerni, C.; Kokron, O.; Titscher, R.; Wrba, H., 1978: Stimulation of immune response in lung cancer patients by vitamin a therapy

Ivashchenko M.E.; Liozner A.L.; Belevskaya R.G.; Khaitov R.M., 1986: Stimulation of immune response to an immobilized antigen with b activin in vitro

Hagan P.; Behnke J.M.; Parish H.A., 1981: Stimulation of immunity to nematospiroides dubius in mice using larvae attenuated by cobalt 60 irradiation

Greene, W. C.; Goldman, C. K.; Marshall, S. T.; Fleisher, T. A.; Waldmann, T. A., 1981: Stimulation of immuno globulin biosynthesis in human b cells by wheat germ agglutinin 1. evidence that wheat germ agglutinin can produce both a positive and negative signal for activation of human lymphocytes

Wakabayshi, I.; Miyazawa, Y.; Kanda, M.; Miki, N.; Demura, R.; Demura, H.; Shizume, K., 1977: Stimulation of immuno reactive somatostatin release from hypothalamic synaptosomes by high potassium ion concentration and dopamine

Suter M.; Kobisch M.; Nicolet J., 1985: Stimulation of immunoglobulin containing cells and isotype specific antibody response in experimental mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection in specific pathogen free pigs

Ralph P.; Jeong G.; Welte K.; Mertelsmann R.; Rabin H.; Henderson L.E.; Souza L.M.; Boone T.C.; Robb R.J., 1984: Stimulation of immunoglobulin secretion in human b lymphocytes as a direct effect of high concentrations of interleukin 2

Jakes, K.; Zinder, N. D., 1974: Stimulation of in vitro colicin f 3 action by messenger rna and message analogues

Byrne, P. V.; Heit, W.; Kubanek, B., 1978: Stimulation of in vitro granulocyte macrophage colony formation by mouse heart conditioned medium

Bauer E.A.; Cooper T.W.; Huang J.S.; Altman J.; Deuel T.F., 1985: Stimulation of in vitro human skin collagenase expression by platelet derived growth factor

Neubauer R.H.; Goldstein L.; Rabin H.; Stebbing N., 1985: Stimulation of in vitro immunoglobulin production by interferon alpha

Ohashi A.; Schatz G., 1980: Stimulation of in vitro mitochondrial protein synthesis by yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cytoplasmic extracts is caused by guanyl nucleotides

Hasegawa E.; Hayashi H.; Asakura S.; Kamiya R., 1987: Stimulation of in vitro motility of chlamydomonas axonemes by inhibition of cyclic amp dependent phosphorylation

Cooper C.W.; Obie J.F.; Lewis K.R.; Farndon J.R.; Wells S.A.Jr, 1981: Stimulation of in vitro release of calcitonin from rat and human c cells by cimetidine

Tomi H.; Sasaki Y.; Kamikubo T., 1983: Stimulation of in vitro rna synthesis by dna loosely bound proteins treated with gibberellin a 3

Grierson D.; Kear R.J.; Thompson J.R.; Garcia Mora R., 1982: Stimulation of in vitro rna synthesis by pre treating plants with auxins is due to auxin induced ethylene production

Sassone Corsi P.; Dougherty J.P.; Wasylyk B.; Chambon P., 1984: Stimulation of in vitro transcription from heterologous promoters by the sv 40 enhancer

Wildeman A.G.; Sassone Corsi P.; Grundstrom T.; Zenke M.; Chambon P., 1984: Stimulation of in vitro transcription from the sv 40 early promoter by the enhancer involves a specific trans acting factor

Leinwand, L.; Ruddle, F. H., 1977: Stimulation of in vitro translation of messenger rna by actinomycin d and cordycepin

Elam M.B.; Simkevich C.P.; Solomon S.S.; Wilcox H.G.; Heimberg M., 1988: Stimulation of in vitro triglyceride synthesis in the rat hepatocyte by growth hormone treatment in vivo

Spangelo B.L.; Hall N.R.S.; Ross P.C.; Goldstein A.L., 1987: Stimulation of in vivo antibody production and concanavalin a induced mouse spleen cell mitogenesis by prolactin

Scanes C.G.; Harvey S.; Rivier J.; Vale W., 1986: Stimulation of in vivo growth hormone secretion in young chickens by rat hypothalamic growth hormone releasing factor and synthetic analogues

Jha M.; Kumar A.; Kumar H.D., 1986: Stimulation of in vivo nitrate reductase activity in the thermal cyanobacterium oscillatoria princeps under microaerobic conditions

Fedurov V.V., 1980: Stimulation of incorporation of carbon 14 labeled p hydroxy benzoate and carbon 14 labeled mevalonate into ubi quinone in regenerating rat liver tissue

Ho P T.; Kuo W.H.; Hsieh W.T., 1979: Stimulation of incorporation of deoxy thymidine di phosphate into permeable escherichia coli cells

Azizkhan J.; Sullivan R.; Azizkhan R.; Zetter B.R.; Klagsbrun M., 1983: Stimulation of increased capillary endothelial cell motility by chondro sarcoma cell derived factors

Tallevi S.G.; Dicosmo F., 1988: Stimulation of indole alkaloid content in vanadium treated catharanthus roseus suspension cultures

Smith J.I.; Smart N.J.; Kurz W.G.W.; Misawa M., 1987: Stimulation of indole alkaloid production in cell suspension cultures of catharanthus roseus by abscisic acid

Orlova T.G.; Bokhon'ko A.I.; Mamontova T.V.; Kognovitskaya A.I., 1985: Stimulation of induction of interferon production with calcium chloride

Bailey, D. A.; Weiler, T. C., 1984: Stimulation of inflorescence expansion in florists hydrangea hydrangea macrophylla cultivar merritt's supreme

Bone L.W.; Bottjer K.P., 1985: Stimulation of ingestion in trichostrongylus colubriformis nematoda

Wirtshafter D.; Trifunovic R., 1988: Stimulation of ingestive behaviors following injections of excitatory amino acid antagonists into the median raphe nucleus

Lofberg J.; Nynas Mccoy A.; Olsson C.; Jonsson L.; Perris R., 1985: Stimulation of initial neural crest cell migration in the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum embryo by tissue grafts and extracellular matrix transplanted on microcarriers

Clemens M.J.; Echetebu C.O.; Tileray V.J.; Pain V.M., 1980: Stimulation of initiation factor eif 2 by a rat liver protein with gdpase activity

Takhar A.P.S.; Kirk C.J., 1981: Stimulation of inorganic phosphate incorporation into phosphatidyl inositol in rat thoracic aorta mediated through calcium mobilizing vasopressin receptors

Ducis I.; Kandrach A.; Racker E., 1988: Stimulation of inorganic phosphorus 32 transport into human erythrocyte ghosts and reconstituted vesicles by magnesium and hemoglobin

Volonte C.; Parries G.S.; Racker E., 1988: Stimulation of inositol incorporation into lipids of pc12 cells by nerve growth factor and bradykinin

Berman M.I.; Thomas C.G.Jr; Nayfeh S.N., 1987: Stimulation of inositol phosphate formation in frtl 5 rat thyroid cells by catecholamines and its relationship to changes in calcium 45 efflux and cyclic amp accumulation

Amar S.; Kitabgi P.; Vincent J P., 1987: Stimulation of inositol phosphate production by neurotensin in neuroblastoma n1e115 cells implication of gtp binding proteins and relationship with the cyclic gmp response

Fowler C.J.; Court J.A.; Tiger G.; Bjorklund P E.; Candy J.M., 1987: Stimulation of inositol phospholipid breakdown in rat cortical and hippocampal miniprisms by noradrenaline 5 hydroxytryptamine and carbachol some methodological aspects

Rubin R.P., 1984: Stimulation of inositol trisphosphate accumulation and amylase secretion by caerulein in pancreatic acini

Hruska K.A.; Moskowitz D.; Esbrit P.; Civitelli R.; Westbrook S.; Huskey M., 1987: Stimulation of inositol trisphosphate and diacylglycerol production in renal tubular cells by parathyroid hormone

Charest R.; Prpic V.; Exton J.H.; Blackmore P.F., 1985: Stimulation of inositol trisphosphate formation in hepatocytes by vasopressin adrenaline and angiotensin ii and its relationship to changes in cytosolic free calcium ii

Schebalin, M.; Said, S. I.; Makhlouf, G. M., 1977: Stimulation of insulin and glucagon secretion by vasoactive intestinal peptide

Foltzer C.; Haffen K.; Kedinger M.; Mialhe P., 1982: Stimulation of insulin and glucagon secretion in organ culture of chick endocrine pancreas during embryonic life and after hatching

Anderson, A., 1976: Stimulation of insulin biosynthesis in isolated mouse islets by l leucine 2 amino norbornane 2 carboxylic acid and alpha keto iso caproic acid

Kadota S.; Fantus I.G.; Deragon G.; Guyda H.J.; Posner B.I., 1987: Stimulation of insulin like growth factor ii receptor binding and insulin receptor kinase activity in rat adipocytes effects of vanadate and hydrogen peroxide

Malaisse W.J.; Mathias P.C.F., 1985: Stimulation of insulin release by an organic calcium agonist

Henquin J C.; Garrino M G.; Nenquin M., 1987: Stimulation of insulin release by benzoic acid derivatives related to the non sulfonylurea moiety of glibenclamide structural requirements and cellular mechanisms

Aleyassine, H.; Gardiner, R. J., 1976: Stimulation of insulin release by elevated pressure gradient

Masiello P.; Wollheim C.B.; Janjic D.; Gjinovci A.; Blondel B.; Praz G.A.; Renold A.E., 1982: Stimulation of insulin release by glucose in a transplantable rat islet cell tumor

Sener A.; Malaisse W.J., 1980: Stimulation of insulin release by l glutamine

Niki I.; Tamagawa T.; Niki H.; Niki A.; Koide T.; Sakamoto N., 1986: Stimulation of insulin release by maitotoxin an activator of voltage dependent calcium channels

Arkhammar P.; Nilsson T.; Berggren P O., 1986: Stimulation of insulin release by the phorbol ester 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate in the clonal cell line rinm 5f despite a lowering of the free cytoplasmic calcium concentration

Siegel E.G.; Creutzfeldt W., 1985: Stimulation of insulin release in isolated rat islets by gastric inhibitory polypeptide in physiological concentrations and its relation to islet cyclic amp content

Mandarino L.; Itoh M.; Blanchard W.; Patton G.; Gerich J., 1980: Stimulation of insulin release in the absence of extracellular calcium by iso butylmethyl xanthine and its inhibition by somatostatin

Brunt L.M.; Veldhuis J.D.; Dilley W.G.; Farndon J.R.; Santen R.J.; Leight G.S.; Wells S.A.Jr, 1985: Stimulation of insulin secretion by a rapid intravenous calcium infusion in patients with beta cell neoplasms of the pancreas

Perret J.P.; Guiffray N.; Mottaz P., 1983: Stimulation of insulin secretion by alimentary medium chain fatty acids in the nonweaned rabbit

Floyd, J. C. Jr ; Fajans, S. S.; Conn, J. W.; Knopf, R. F.; Rull, J., 1966: Stimulation of insulin secretion by amino acids human intra venous

Curry D.L.; Bennett L.L.; Li C.H., 1987: Stimulation of insulin secretion by beta endorphins i 27 and i 31

Torres Aleman I.; Mason Garcia M.; Schally A.V., 1984: Stimulation of insulin secretion by corticotropin releasing factor in anesthetized rats

Crespin, S. R.; Greenough, W. B. Iii ; Steinberg, D., 1969: Stimulation of insulin secretion by infusion of free fatty acids

Crespin, S. R.; Greenough, W. B. Iii ; Steinberg, D., 1973: Stimulation of insulin secretion by long chain free fatty acids a direct pancreatic effect

Ahmad N.; Sharma S.D.; Rastogi A.K.; Kidwai J.R.; Mathur K.B., 1984: Stimulation of insulin secretion by peptides analogous to the carboxyl terminal tetrapeptide amide of cholecystokinin

Morgan N.G.; Montague W., 1984: Stimulation of insulin secretion from isolated rat islets of langerhans by melittin

Beloff Chain A.; Billingham N.; Cowthorne M.A., 1980: Stimulation of insulin secretion from mouse pancreatic islets maintained in tissue culture by the pituitary neuro intermediate lobe of the genetically obese mouse ob ob

Stefan Y.; Meda P.; Neufeld M.; Orci L., 1987: Stimulation of insulin secretion reveals heterogeneity of pancreatic b cells in vivo

Wielgus J.J., 1983: Stimulation of inter molt cuticle deposition by a hemolymph trophic factor in the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta

Askarkhodzhaev N.A.; Tazulakhova E.B.; Ershov F.I., 1979: Stimulation of interferon production

Labzo S.S.; Novokhatskii A.S.; Kabirov Sh K.; Knyazeva V.F., 1980: Stimulation of interferon production by natural and synthetic inducers in human tonsillar cell cultures

Wehner A.P., 1984: Stimulation of interferons and endorphins enkephalins by electro aerosol inhalation an experimental approach for testing an expanded hypothesis

Trechsel U.; Evequoz V.; Fleisch H., 1985: Stimulation of interleukin 1 and 3 production by retinoic acid in vitro

Kinnaird A.; Garland J., 1985: Stimulation of interleukin 3 dependent cell growth by specific antibody

Maser, C.; Janssens, P. A.; Hanke, W., 1982: Stimulation of interrenal secretion in amphibia 1. direct effects of electrolyte concentration on steroid release

Kashiwazaki K.; Hibbs M.S.; Seyer J.M.; Mainardi C.L.; Kang A.H., 1986: Stimulation of interstitial collagenase in co cultures of rat hepatocytes and sinusoidal cells

Chartier M.M.; Millet C.; Martelly E.; Lopez E.; Warrot S., 1979: Stimulation of intestinal absorption of calcium in the eel anguilla anguilla by vitamin d 3 and 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3

Perez Schael I.; Flores J., 1985: Stimulation of intestinal adenylate cyclase by cholera toxin in malnourished rats

Matsuda, T.; Maeda, S.; Baba, A.; Iwata, H., 1977: Stimulation of intestinal calcium atpase activity by cysteine

Spencer, R.; Charman, M.; Lawson, D. E. M., 1978: Stimulation of intestinal calcium binding protein messenger rna synthesis in the nucleus of vitamin d deficient chicks by 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol

Pahuja D.N.; Deluca H.F., 1981: Stimulation of intestinal calcium transport and bone calcium mobilization by prolactin in vitamin d deficient rats

Pickering, A. D., 1976: Stimulation of intestinal degeneration by estradiol and testosterone implantation in the migrating river lamprey lampetra fluviatilis

Vigna S.R.; Gorbman A., 1979: Stimulation of intestinal lipase secretion by porcine cholecystokinin in the hagfish eptatretus stouti

Kimberg, D. V.; Field, M.; Johnson, J.; Henderson, A.; Gershon, E., 1971: Stimulation of intestinal mucosal adenyl cyclase by cholera entero toxin and prostaglandins

Wilcox H.G.; Tso P.; Heimberg M., 1988: Stimulation of intestinal secretion of apolipoprotein ai by triiodothyronine

Levens N.R.; Peach M.J.; Carey R.M.; Poat J.A.; Munday K.A., 1980: Stimulation of intestinal sodium and water transport in vivo by angiotensin ii 9 and analogs

Swaab, D. F.; Visser, M.; Tilders, F. J. H., 1976: Stimulation of intra uterine growth in rat by alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone

Mego J.L., 1985: Stimulation of intralysosomal proteolysis by cysteinyl glycine a product of the action of gamma glutamyl transpeptidase on glutathione

Goswami A.; Rosenberg I.N., 1983: Stimulation of iodo thyronine outer ring mono deiodinase by di hydro lipoamide

Manis J.; Kim G., 1979: Stimulation of iron absorption by poly chlorinated aromatic hydro carbons

Burger R.M.; Horwitz S.B.; Peisach J., 1985: Stimulation of iron ii bleomycin activity by phosphate containing compounds

Vanni, P.; Vincenzini, M. T.; Vincieri, F.; Baccari, V., 1977: Stimulation of iso citrate lyase biosynthesis by hydroxylamine and hydrazine

Ferenz H J.; Diehl I., 1983: Stimulation of juvenile hormone biosynthesis in vitro by locust locusta migratoria allatotropin

Tertrin-Clary, C.; Dela-Llosa, P., 1978: Stimulation of juvenile rat ovarian adenylate cyclase by some lutropin derivatives

Benezra D.; Gery I., 1979: Stimulation of keratocyte metabolism by products of lymphoid cells

Kolotilova, A. I.; Glushankov, E. P.; Epifanova-Yu, E., 1976: Stimulation of keto pentose and sedo heptulose formation by epinephrine and cyclic amp in rat liver homogenates

Rosario P.; Medina J.M., 1982: Stimulation of ketogenesis by propionate in isolated rat hepatocytes an explanation for ketosis associated with propionic acidemia and methyl malonic acidemia?

Braeunlich M.; Hohenegger M.; Stopp M., 1979: Stimulation of kidney function in rats after bilateral resection of superficial kidney cortex

Braeunlich H.; Fleck C.; Weise C.; Stopp M., 1979: Stimulation of kidney function in rats of different ages injured by nephro toxic agents

Netrval, J., 1977: Stimulation of l asparaginase production in escherichia coli by organic and amino acids

Shibatani, T.; Kakimoto, T.; Chibata, I., 1979: Stimulation of l aspartate beta decarboxylase ec formation by l glutamate in pseudomonas dacunhae and improved production of l alanine

Pajunen, A. E. I.; Virransalo, E. L.; Hietala, O. A.; Piha, R. S., 1978: Stimulation of l ornithine decarboxylase ec and s adenosyl l methionine decarboxylase ec by beta p chlorophenyl gamma amino butyric acid in mouse tissues

Kushak R.; Basova N.; Beker V.; Feldmane A., 1984: Stimulation of l tryptophan transport by disaccharides and polysaccharides in the small intestine of chicks gallus domesticus

Lange A.P.; Secher N.J.; Nielsen F.H.; Pedersen G.T., 1981: Stimulation of labor in cases of premature rupture of the membranes at or near term a consecutive randomized study of prostaglandin e 2 tablets and intra venous oxytocin

Aboud, M.; Pastan, I., 1973: Stimulation of lac transcription by cyclic gdp 2 prime or 3 prime di phosphate and transfer rna

Tangkrisanavinont V., 1984: Stimulation of lacrimal secretion by sympathetic nerve impulses in the rabbit

Zinov'ev Yu V.; Kozlov S.A.; Kiselev E.N., 1986: Stimulation of lactate consumption rate in the liver in long term fasting as a factor of increasing resistance to hypoxic hypoxia

Nath, K. R.; Wagner, B. J., 1973: Stimulation of lactic acid bacteria by a micrococcus sp isolate evidence for multiple effects

Shehata, A. E.; Magdoub, M. N. I.; Fayed, E. O.; Hofi, A. A., 1980: Stimulation of lactic starter cultures by filtrates from milk cultures of some proteolytic spore formers 3. bacillus pumilus culture filtrates

Magdoub, M. N. I.; Shehata, A. E.; Fayed, E. O.; Hofi, A. A., 1980: Stimulation of lactic starter cultures by filtration from milk cultures of some proteolytic spore formers 2. bacillus cereus culture filtrates

Gilliland, S. E.; Speck, M. L.; Woodard, J. R-Jr, 1972: Stimulation of lactic streptococci in milk by beta galactosidase ec

Bolander, F. F-Jr ; Topper, Y. J., 1980: Stimulation of lactose synthetase ec activity and casein synthesis in mouse mammary explants by estradiol

Cody C.A.; Larsen F.E.; Fritts R.Jr, 1985: Stimulation of lateral branch development in tree fruit nursery stock with gibberellin plus benzyladenine

Larson, R. A., 1978: Stimulation of lateral branching of azaleas with dikegulac sodium atrinal

Ja'afar H.; Pakianathan S.W., 1979: Stimulation of lateral root production and bud break with growth regulators in hevea budded stumps

Ellsworth J.L.; Brown C.; Cooper A.D., 1988: Stimulation of ldl receptor activity in hep g2 cells by a serum factors

Smith, C. M.; Deluca, H. F.; Tanaka, Y.; Mahaffey, K. R., 1978: Stimulation of lead absorption by vitamin d administration

Schauer U.J.W.; Schauer I.; Thielmann K.; Ruehling K., 1984: Stimulation of lecithin cholesterol acyl transfer by intravenous injection of heparin

Chen C H.; Albers J.J., 1986: Stimulation of lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase activity by apolipoprotein a ii in the presence of apolipoprotein a i

Perl A.; Gonzalez Cabello R.; Gergely P., 1983: Stimulation of lectin dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity against adherent hep 2 cells by carrageenan

Smith D.M.; Sugden P.H., 1983: Stimulation of left atrial protein synthesis rates by increased left atrial filling pressures in the perfused working rat heart in vitro

Grigoryan E.N.; Mal'chevskaya I.V.; Mitashov V.I.; Titov M.I.; Rubina A.Yu; Vinogradova V.A., 1987: Stimulation of lens regeneration from the ventral iris cells in newts

Abeles, F. B.; Lonski, J., 1969: Stimulation of lettuce d seed germination by ethylene lactuca sativa d

Knight S.L.; Mitchell C.A., 1983: Stimulation of lettuce lactuca sativa productivity by manipulation of diurnal temperature and light

Mitsumoto Y.; Sato K.; Mohri T., 1988: Stimulation of leucine transport by a mitogen through intracellular calcium increase in human peripheral lymphocytes

Mitsumoto Y.; Mohri T., 1987: Stimulation of leucine transport by a phorbol ester through activation of protein kinase c and sodium proton exchanger

Omura S.; Tanaka Y.; Kitao C.; Tanaka H.; Iwai Y., 1980: Stimulation of leucomycin production by magnesium phosphate and its relevance to nitrogen catabolite regulation

Emmrich J.; Seim H., 1985: Stimulation of leukocyte migration by l carnitine

Sakamoto H.; Firkin F.C.; Chesterman C.N., 1984: Stimulation of leukocyte phagocytic activity by the platelet release reaction

Maclouf J.; De Laclos B.F.; Borgeat P., 1982: Stimulation of leukotriene biosynthesis in human blood leukocytes by platelet derived 12 hydro per oxy eicosatetraenoic acid

Sharpe R.M.; Doogan D.G.; Cooper I., 1982: Stimulation of leydig cell testosterone secretion in vitro and in vivo in hypophysectomized rats by an agonist of lhrh

Nava L.E.; Malacara J.M., 1987: Stimulation of lhrh release from perifused hypothalamic fragments by phospholipase a 2

Szurop I.; Nagy A.; Jochle W., 1985: Stimulation of libido in pubertal and mature boars with prostaglandin f 2 alpha analogs clinical observations

Takahama U., 1980: Stimulation of light induced lipid per oxidation by salts in isolated chloroplasts in the presence of carbonyl cyanide m chlorophenyl hydrazone

Breuil, C.; Shindler, D. B.; Sijher, J. S.; Kushner, D. J., 1978: Stimulation of lipase production during bacterial growth on alkanes

Bitman J.; Weyant J.R.; Wood D.L.; Wrenn T.R., 1979: Stimulation of lipid absorption in young rats by cholesterol early time changes and effects on pento barbital sleeping time

Yokozawa T.; Kobayashi T.; Oura H.; Kawashima Y., 1984: Stimulation of lipid and sugar metabolism in ginsenoside rb 2 treated rats

Hayes G.R.; Lucas J.J., 1983: Stimulation of lipid linked oligo saccharide assembly during oviduct differentiation

Takahama U., 1979: Stimulation of lipid per oxidation and carotenoid bleaching by deuterium oxide in illuminated chloroplast fragments participation of singlet molecular oxygen in the reactions

Yonaha M.; Saito M.; Sagai M., 1983: Stimulation of lipid per oxidation by methyl mercury in rats

Dougherty J.J.; Hoekstra W.G., 1982: Stimulation of lipid per oxidation in vivo by injected selenite and lack of stimulation by selenate

Ivanov, V. V.; Kuznetsova, G. P.; Archakov, A. I., 1978: Stimulation of lipid per oxidation with acrylonitrile in rat liver

Klimczak J.; Wisniewska Knypl J.M.; Kolakowski J., 1984: Stimulation of lipid peroxidation and heme oxygenase activity with inhibition of cytochrome p 450 monooxygenase in the liver of rats repeatedly exposed to cadmium

Yalcin A.S.; Kocak Toker N.; Uysal M.; Aykac G.; Sivas A.; Oz H., 1986: Stimulation of lipid peroxidation and impairment of glutathione dependent defense system in the liver of rats repeatedly treated with carbon tetrachloride

Galkin B.N.; Oleshko T.I.; Golovenko N.Ya; Zhilina Z.I.; Ershova O.N.; Vodzinskii S.V., 1988: Stimulation of lipid peroxidation in the rat liver microsomes by tetraphenylporphyrin and its complexes with metals

Azhar S.; Chen Y D.I.; Reaven G.M., 1983: Stimulation of lipo protein receptors and role of lipo protein and cellular cholesterol during gonadotropin induced de sensitization of steroidogenic response in luteinized rat ovary

Wiegand M.D.; Idler D.R., 1984: Stimulation of lipogenesis in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri ovary by carbohydrate rich gonadotropin in vitro

Kupiecki, F. P.; Schneider, D. I., 1970: Stimulation of lipolysis in adipose tissue in vitro by inhibitors of lipid mobilization

Kryski A.Jr; Kenno K.A.; Severson D.L., 1985: Stimulation of lipolysis in rat heart myocytes by isoproterenol

Farooqui, A. A.; Liss, L.; Horrocks, L. A., 1988: Stimulation of lipolytic enzymes in alzheimer's disease

Zigterman G.J.W.J.; Jansze M.; Snippe H.; Willers J.M.N., 1988: Stimulation of liposome induced humoral immune responses by non ionic block polymer surfactants in xid mice

Lindeberg G.; Lindeberg M.; Lundgren L.; Popoff T.; Theander O., 1980: Stimulation of litter decomposing basidiomycetes by flavonoids

De-Matteis, F.; Gibbs, A., 1972: Stimulation of liver 5 amino levulinate synthetase by drugs and its relevance to drug induced accumulation of cytochrome p 450 studies with phenyl butazone and 3 5 di ethoxycarbonyl 1 4 di hydro collidine

Boynton A.L.; Macmanus J.P.; Whitfield J.F., 1982: Stimulation of liver cell dna synthesis by oncomodulin an 11500 molecular weight calcium binding protein from hepatoma

Gilboe D.P.; Nuttall F.Q., 1982: Stimulation of liver glycogen particle synthase d phosphatase activity by caffeine amp and glucose 6 phosphate

Datta S.C.; Radin N.S., 1988: Stimulation of liver growth and dna synthesis by glucosylceramide

Wu S Y.; Chang T C.; Chang C C.; Chen F W., 1986: Stimulation of liver iodothyronine monodeiodinases is not direct action of tsh

Manjunath R.; Ramasarma T., 1985: Stimulation of liver tryptophan pyrrolase during heat exposure

Von Bulow V.; Weiland F., 1980: Stimulation of local solid tumor development of the nonproducer mareks disease tumor transplant jmv by virus induced immuno suppression

Yonemasu K.; Nakanishi A.; Sasaki T.; Kashiba S., 1983: Stimulation of loco motion of peripheral blood monocytes by human plasma fibronectin

Thorngren, K. G.; Hansson, L. I., 1977: Stimulation of longitudinal bone growth by hypophyseal hormones in the hypophysectomized rat

Shiroeda O.; Yamaguchi N.; Kawai K., 1987: Stimulation of low density lipoprotein receptor activity by conditioned medium from a human cancer cell line

Loten E.G.; Redshaw Loten J.C., 1986: Stimulation of low k m cyclic amp phosphodiesterase by sulfhydryl modification

Roesch, W.; Lux, G.; Schittenhelm, W.; Demling, L., 1976: Stimulation of lower esophageal sphincter pressure by cimetidine a double blind study

Von Seefeld H.; Weiss J.M.; Eberhardt H., 1985: Stimulation of lung maturity investigation of ambroxol in various animal models

Tanaka T.; Strauss J.F.IIi, 1982: Stimulation of luteal mitochondrial cholesterol side chain cleavage by cardio lipin

Saito, M.; Kumasaki, T.; Yaoi, Y.; Nishi, N.; Arimura, A.; Coy, D. H.; Schally, A. V., 1977: Stimulation of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone by 6 d leucine 10 deglycinamide luteinizing hormone releasing hormone ethylamide after sub cutaneous intra vaginal and intra rectal administration to women

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