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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6484

Chapter 6484 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bihler I.; Prayag R.A.; Charles P.; Sawh P.C., 1986:
Stimulation of sodium pump in cardiac myocytes and intact ventricles by low doses of digitaloids is independent of beta adrenergic stimulation

Quintanilla, A.; Lewy, P.R.; Levin, N.W.; Kessler, R.H., 1973:
Stimulation of sodium re absorption by di nitro phenol in the dog kidney

Loeschke, K.; Uhlich, E.; Kinne, R., 1974:
Stimulation of sodium transport and sodium ion potassium ion atpase activity in the hypertrophying rat cecum

Frega, N.S.; Weinberg, J.M.; Ross, B.D.; Leaf, A., 1977:
Stimulation of sodium transport by glucose in the perfused kidney

Schmidt K.; Kukovetz W.R., 1986:
Stimulation of soluble coronary arterial guanylate cyclase by sin 1 3 morpholinosydnonimine

Derubertis, F.R.; Craven, P.A., 1977:
Stimulation of soluble guanylate cyclase activity and cellular accumulation of cyclic gmp by the carcinogen 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide brief communication

Mauro M.C.; Nef C.; Fallot J., 1986:
Stimulation of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from anther culture of vitis vinifera cultivar cabernet sauvignon

Kaneto A.; Sato H.; Kaneko T.; Yanaihara C.; Yanaihara N.; Kosaka K., 1981:
Stimulation of somatostatin pancreatic poly peptide glucagon and insulin secretion by acetyl choline infused intra pancreatically in dogs

Aguila, M.C.; McCann, S.M., 1985:
Stimulation of somatostatin release from median eminence tissue incubated in vitro by taurine and related amino acids

Despert F.; Rolland J.C.; Poulain M., 1981:
Stimulation of somatotropin secretion comparison of the arginine insulin and propranolol glucagon tests in 62 children of small height

Spivak, M.Y. ; Lisovenko, V.H., 1978:
Stimulation of some immune reactions under the effect of erwinia carotovora phage 62 dna

Lindeberg G., 1985:
Stimulation of some litter decomposing basidiomycetes by shikimic acid

Purse J.G.; Lee T.S.; Pryce R.J., 1985:
Stimulation of soybean glycine max callus growth by s lathyrine

DeVietti, T.L.; Kirkpatrick, B.R., 1977:
Stimulation of specific regions of brain in rats modifies retention for newly acquired and old habits

Debre, P., 1978:
Stimulation of specific suppressor thymus derived cells in new born responder mice by the ter polymer containing l glutamic acid l alanine and l tyrosine

Suzuki, N.; Garbers, D.L., 1984:
Stimulation of sperm respiration rates by speract and resact at alkaline extracellular pH

Nakamura, M.; Suzuki, A.; Okinaga, S.; Arai, K., 1984:
Stimulation of spermatid phospho fructo kinase ec by fructose 2 6 bis phosphate from rat testes

Finkel, D.M.; Phillips, J.L.; Snyder, P.J., 1985 :
Stimulation of spermatogenesis by gonadotropins in men with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

Sokolove P.G.; Melrose G.R.; Gordon T.M.; O'neill M.C., 1983:
Stimulation of spermatogonial dna synthesis in slug limax maximus gonad by a factor released from cerebral ganglia under the influence of long days

Takashima F.; Weil C.; Billard R.; Crim L.W.; Fostier A., 1984:
Stimulation of spermiation by lhrh analog in carp

Courtois F.; Takashima F.; Billard R., 1986:
Stimulation of spermiation following repeated injection of carp pituitary homogenates in the carp

Rybicki, K.J.; Longhurst, J.C.; Kaufman, M.P., 1983:
Stimulation of splanchnic afferents reflexly relaxes tracheal smooth muscle in dogs

Osheroff, P.L.; Webb, D.R., 1978:
Stimulation of splenic prostaglandin levels by di nitro phenylated protein antigens

Beucher F., 1982:
Stimulation of splenic t cells on syngeneic mono layers of epidermal basal cells in mice regulation by lyt 1 plus and lyt 2 plus cell subsets

Morinaga T.; Tanaka M.; Minoura K., 1981:
Stimulation of spore germination in pilobolus crystallinus by broth filtrate

Pun, P.P.T.; Pennington, D.W., 1981:
Stimulation of sporulation by adenosine 5' di phosphate 3' di phosphate in a conditionally asporogenous rifampin resistant mutant of bacillus subtilis

Sacks, L.E., 1982:
Stimulation of sporulation of Clostridium perfringens by papaverine

Maas, J.L., 1976:
Stimulation of sporulation of phytophthora fragariae

Rommerts F.F.G.; Hoogerbrugge J.W.; Van Der Molen H.J., 1986:
Stimulation of steroid production in isolated rat leydig cells by unknown factors in testicular fluid differs from the effects of luteinizing hormone or lhrh

Temple, R.; Wolff, J., 1973:
Stimulation of steroid secretion by anti micro tubular agents

Marshall, V.M.; Bramley, A.J., 1984:
Stimulation of Streptococcus thermophilus growth in mastitic milk

Inoue S.; Nishizawa Y.; Nagai S., 1982:
Stimulation of streptomycin formation by streptomyces griseus grown in a phosphate deficient culture

Dickstein Y.; Schwartz H.; Gross J.; Gordon A., 1983:
Stimulation of sugar transport in cultured heart cells by tri iodo thyronine covalently bound to red blood cells and by tri iodo thyronine in the presence of serum

Pinkett, M.O.; Perlman, R.L., 1975:
Stimulation of sugar transport in rat diaphragm by 8 bromo cyclic gmp

Y.K.T.; Gould M.K., 1981:
Stimulation of sugar transport in rat soleus muscle by prolonged cooling at 0 celsius

Sandberg, A.L.; Mudrick, L.L.; Cisar, J.O.; Metcalf, J.A.; Malech, H.L., 1988:
Stimulation of superoxide and lactoferrin release from polymorphonuclear leukocytes by the type 2 fimbrial lectin of Actinomyces viscosus T14V

Nikcevich D.A.; Duffie G.P.; Young M.R.; Ellis N.K.; Kaufman G.E.; Wepsic H.T., 1987 :
Stimulation of suppressor cells in the bone marrow and spleens of high dose cyclophosphamide treated c57b1 6 mice

Groesbeck, M.D.; Parlow, A.F.; Daughaday, W.H., 1987:
Stimulation of supranormal growth in prepubertal, adult plateaued, and hypophysectomized female rats by large doses of rat growth hormone: physiological effects and adverse consequences

Miller, B.E.; Hook, G.E., 1988:
Stimulation of surfactant phospholipid biosynthesis in the lungs of rats treated with silica

Brady J.; Bolen J.B.; Radonovich M.; Salzman N.; Khoury G., 1984:
Stimulation of sv 40 late gene expression by sv 40 tumor antigen

Kobinger, W.; Walland, A.; Kadatz, R., 1976:
Stimulation of sympathetic cardio vascular centers by ra 642 a new pyrimidopyrimidine derivative 2 2 4 8 bis di ethylamino pyrimido 5 4 d pyrimidine 2 6 di yldi 2 methoxyethylimino di ethanol

Gandhi C.R.; Ross D.H., 1987:
Stimulation of synaptosomal atp dependent calcium uptake by n ethylmaleimide

Tripathi R.K.; Kahl G., 1982:
Stimulation of synthesis and translational activity of poly adenylated messenger rna in wounded potato tubers by 2 4 d

Durr I.F.; Shukairy Z., 1981:
Stimulation of synthesis of mevalonate derived nonsterols by ascorbate and glutathione in liver

Klucinski W.; Miernik E.; Szeleszczuk B.; Zaleska M., 1986:
Stimulation of t lymphocytes of the blood and milk of cows in vitro by lithium ions

Prager, G.N.; Voigt, W.; Hsia, S.L., 1973:
Stimulation of tauro deoxy cholate 7 alpha hydroxylase of rat liver by cyclic amp and saturated fatty acids

Kuhn W.F.; Gewirtz D.A., 1988:
Stimulation of taurocholate and glucocholate efflux from the rat hepatocyte by arginine vasopressin

Shetty H.S.; Safeeulla K.M., 1979:
Stimulation of telio spore germination in smut fungi

D.P.trocellis B.; D.P.trocellis L.; Maharajan V.; Quagliarotti G.; Minei R., 1986:
Stimulation of tentacle regeneration in hydra by phorbol ester tpa

Duvall D.; Norris D.O., 1980:
Stimulation of terrestrial substrate preferences and loco motor activity in newly transformed tiger salamanders ambystoma tigrinum by exogenous or endogenous thyroxine

Lattaud C., 1982:
Stimulation of testicular androgen in vivo by cerebral hormone in the oligochaete annelid eisenia foetida var typica

Reddy, B.V.; Madhubala, R.; Reddy, P.R., 1986:
Stimulation of testicular ornithine decarboxylase activity by arginine vasopressin

Lawrence, N.R.; Davies, A.G., 1977:
Stimulation of testicular protein synthesis in vivo by gonadotropins and growth hormone in hypophysectomized adult mice

Tsutsui K.; Shimizu A.; Kawashima S.; Ishii S., 1986:
Stimulation of testicular responsiveness to fsh by hypophysectomy in mice

Erickson, G.F.; Ryan, K.J., 1976:
Stimulation of testosterone production in isolated rabbit thecal tissue by luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone di butyryl cyclic amp prostaglandin f 2 alpha and prostaglandin e 2

Huhtaniemi, I.T.; Korenbrot, C.C.; Serón-Ferré, M.; Foster, D.B.; Parer, J.T.; Jaffe, R.B., 1977:
Stimulation of testosterone production in vivo and in vitro in the male rhesus monkey fetus in late gestation

Enouf J.; Giraud F.; Bredouy R.; Bourdeau N.; Levy Toledano S., 1987:
Stimulation of the 23 kd protein cyclic amp dependent phosphorylation by inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate in human platelet membrane vesicles

Kudriashov B.A.; Umarova B.A.; Strukova S.M.; Strukova S.M.; Lyapina L.A., 1980:
Stimulation of the 2nd anti coagulating system with dfp alpha thrombin

Kuo, C.F.; Fridovich, I., 1988:
Stimulation of the activity of horseradish peroxidase by nitrogenous compounds

Loeken M.R.; Khoury G.; Brady J., 1986:
Stimulation of the adenovirus e 2 promoter by sv 40 t antigen or e 1a occurs by different mechanisms

Bonanou Tzedaki S.A.; Setchenska M.S.; Arnstein H.R.V., 1986:
Stimulation of the adenylate cyclase activity of rabbit bone marrow immature erythroblasts by erythropoietin and hemin

Varga B.; Zsolnai B.; Bernard A., 1979:
Stimulation of the alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic receptors in human ovarian vasculature in vitro

Vanderleyden, J.; Peeters, C.; Verachtert, H.; Bertrand, H., 1980:
Stimulation of the alternative oxidase of Neurospora crassa by Nucleoside phosphates

Poli, G.; Secchi, C.; Bonizzi, L.; Guttinger, M., 1986:
Stimulation of the antibody response after treatment with thymomodulin in mice immunodepressed with cyclophosphamide and in aging mice

Boll, J.; Emch, F.; Scherrer, M., 1976:
Stimulation of the aortic and carotid chemo receptor drive by low doses of chlorpromazine

Goris J.; Merlevede W., 1988:
Stimulation of the atp magnesium dependent protein phosphatase by p nitrophenyl phosphate

Colamonici O.R.; Rosolen A.; Cole D.; Kirsch I.; Felix C.; Poplack D.G.; Neckers L.M., 1988:
Stimulation of the beta subunit of the il 2 receptor induces mhc unrestricted cytotoxicity in t acute lymphoblastic leukemic cells and normal thymocytes

Sterner D.C.; Zaks W.J.; Creutz C.E., 1985:
Stimulation of the calcium dependent polymerization of synexin by cis unsaturated fatty acids

Jacobs, L.; Comroe, J.H.J., 1968:
Stimulation of the carotid chemo receptors of the dog by dopamine autonomic hexamethonium autonomic propranolol autonomic

Connelly, J.C.; McCallister, L.W.; Kaufman, M.P., 1987:
Stimulation of the caudal ventrolateral medulla decreases total lung resistance in dogs

Banos Z.; Szeri I.; Anderlik P.; Radnai B., 1979:
Stimulation of the cellular immune response to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection in suckling mice

Saade N.E.; Tekian A.; Tamari J.W.; Banna N.R.; Jabbur S.J., 1981:
Stimulation of the cerebral peduncles modulates tooth pulp evoked firing of trigeminal caudalis neurons

Nunley, J.A.; Agnew, J.; Smith, G.L.; Murphy, P., 1975:
Stimulation of the chinchillas ossicular chain with an implanted hearing device

S.A.naud R.; Lachance R.; Dupont A.; Labrie F., 1986:
Stimulation of the circulating levels of glycoprotein hormone alpha subunit after combined administration of a lhrh agonist and flutamide in patients with cancer of the prostate

Ohsawa S.; Hori H.; Hata R I.; Nagai Y., 1984:
Stimulation of the collagen metabolism of articular chondrocytes in culture by a factor derived from polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Hook D.J.; Chang L.T.; Elander R.P.; Morin R.B., 1979:
Stimulation of the conversion of penicillin n to cephalosporin by ascorbic acid alpha keto glutarate and iron ii in cell free extracts of strains of cephalosporium acremonium

Delbeke D.; Dannies P.S., 1985:
Stimulation of the cyclic amp and the calcium messenger systems together reverse dopaminergic inhibition of prolactin release

Holmes T.J.Jr; John V.; Vennerstrom J.; Kulmacz R.K.; Lands W.E.M., 1984:
Stimulation of the cyclooxygenase activity of prostaglandin h synthase by salicylate derived quinhydrones

Boudier, C.; Holle, C.; Bieth, J.G., 1981:
Stimulation of the elastolytic activity of leukocyte elastase by leukocyte cathepsin G

Guerini D.; Krebs J.; Carafoli E., 1987:
Stimulation of the erythrocyte calcium atpase and of bovine brain cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase by chemically modified calmodulin

Ogawa Y., 1981:
Stimulation of the flowering of pharbitis nil by gibberellin a 3 time dependent action at the apex

Publicover S.J.; Duncan C.J., 1980:
Stimulation of the frequency of miniature end plate potential at the frog neuro muscular junction by extracellular ethylene glycol bis tetra acetic acid

Jakinovich, W.Jr, 1985:
Stimulation of the gerbil's gustatory receptors by methylglycopyranosides

Golubtsova, V.M.; Shcherbakova, E.Y. ; Smirnov, V.A.; Runkovskaya, L.Y., 1976:
Stimulation of the germination of the conidia of aspergillus niger a citric acid producer under the action of mutagenic factors

Korc M.; Williams J.A.; Goldfine I.D., 1979:
Stimulation of the glucose transport system in isolated mouse pancreatic acini by cholecystokinin and analogs

Richards, L.G.; Lage, G.L., 1977:
Stimulation of the glucuronidation of digitoxigenin mono digitoxoside by liver homogenates from spirono lactone pre treated rats

Surendranathan, K.K.; Madhusudanan-Nair, P., 1976:
Stimulation of the glyoxylate shunt in gamma irradiated banana

Romeo, J.; Scheraga, M.; Umbreit, W.W., 1977:
Stimulation of the growth and respiration of a methylotrophic bacterium by morphine

Yamaguchi, T.; Street, H.E., 1977:
Stimulation of the growth of excised cultured roots of soybean by abscisic acid

Phang J.M.; Downing S.J.; Yeh G.C.; Smith R.J.; Williams J.A., 1979:
Stimulation of the hexose mono phosphate pentose pathway by delta 1 pyrroline 5 carboxylic acid in human fibroblasts

Giblin F.J.; Nies D.E.; Reddy V.N., 1981:
Stimulation of the hexose mono phosphate shunt in rabbit lens in response to the oxidation of glutathione

Bennun A.; Needle M.A.; Debari V.A., 1985 :
Stimulation of the hexose monophosphate pathway in the human erythrocyte by manganese evidence for manganese dependent nadph peroxidase activity

Kolínová, M.; Chocholová, L., 1977:
Stimulation of the hippocampus and its effect on electrographic manifestations of the brain in unrestrained rats

Carrillo, A.J., 1981:
Stimulation of the hippocampus and ovulation in the rat: specific or nonspecific effects

Chan S.Y.W.; Tang L.C.H.; M.H.K., 1983:
Stimulation of the human spermatozoal fertilizing ability by di butyryl cyclic amp and theophylline in vitro

Tate, S.S.; Meister, A., 1974:
Stimulation of the hydrolytic activity and decrease of the trans peptidase activity of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase by maleate identity of the rat kidney maleate stimulated glutaminase and gamma glutamyl trans peptidase

Smythe G.A.; Gleeson R.M.; Stead B.H., 1987:
Stimulation of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and inhibition of growth hormone release via increased central noradrenaline neuronal activity by urethane anesthesia in the rat blockade by clonidine

Donovan, B.T.; Ter-Haar, M.B., 1977:
Stimulation of the hypothalamus and follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone secretion in the ferret

Van-Dijk, H.; Testerink, J.; Noordegraaf, E., 1976:
Stimulation of the immune response against sheep red blood cells by reduction of cortico sterone plasma levels mediation by mononuclear phagocytes

Idova G.V.; Cheido M.A., 1987:
Stimulation of the immune response in cyproheptadine induced blockade of serotonin receptors

Beuscher N.; Kopanski L., 1985 :
Stimulation of the immune response using baptisia tinctoria contents

Burger, M., 1977:
Stimulation of the in vitro immune response by factors present in the human serum

Lowy I.; Theze J.; Chedid L., 1980:
Stimulation of the in vivo di nitro phenyl antibody response to the di nitro phenyl conjugate of l glutamic acid l alanine l tyrosine polymer by a synthetic adjuvant muramyl di peptide target cells for adjuvant activity and isotypic pattern of muramyl di peptide stimulated response

Leijh P.C.J.; Van Den Barselaar M.T.; Daha M.R.; Van Furth R., 1982:
Stimulation of the intra cellular killing of staphylococcus aureus by monocytes regulation by immuno globulin g and complement c 3 complement c 3b complement b and complement bb

Morita, H.; Shiraishi, A., 1968:
Stimulation of the labellar sugar receptor of the flesh fly by mono di and saccharides boettcherisca peregrina

Havekes L.M.; Schouten D.; D.W.t E.C.M.; Cohen L.H.; Griffioen M.; Van Hinsbergh V.W.M.; Princen H.M.G., 1986:
Stimulation of the low density receptor activity in the human hepatoma cell line hep g 2 by high density serum fractions

Traficante, L.J.; Shenkman, L.; Rotrosen, J.; Gershon, S., 1978:
Stimulation of the membrane bound magnesium dependent atpase of mouse neuro blastoma by concanavalin a and wheat germ agglutinin

Simakov Y.G., 1983:
Stimulation of the metabolism of partially destroyed microorganisms from activated sludge

Sano M.; Senjo M.; Ishibashi T.; Imai Y., 1985:
Stimulation of the microsomal acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyltransferase by high cholesterol diets in rabbit liver and small intestine

Babaeva A.G.; Kraskina N.A.; Yudina N.V., 1980:
Stimulation of the mitotic activity of hepatocytes and kupffer cells in the liver of nonoperated mice by thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes from partially hepatectomized syngeneic donors

Długońska, H., 1986:
Stimulation of the mouse monocytes by Listeria monocytogenes

Moraru K.V., 1980:
Stimulation of the mutation process in plants with solar radiation

Baxter, R.C.; Carlson, C.C.; Pogell, B.M., 1972:
Stimulation of the neutral activity of rabbit liver fructose 1 6 di phosphatase by fatty acids

Gupta, P.K.; Sirover, M.A., 1981:
Stimulation of the nuclear uracil DNA glycosylase in proliferating human fibroblasts

Kupers R.C.; Vos B.P.J.; Gybels J.M., 1988:
Stimulation of the nucleus paraventricularis thalami suppresses scratching and biting behavior of arthritic rats and exerts a powerful effect on tests for acute pain

Iino, M.; Takagi, S.F., 1978:
Stimulation of the olfactory epithelium with odorants in gaseous and aqueous phases

Tsuboi M.; Komabayashi T.; Nakano K.; Izawa T., 1985:
Stimulation of the oxygen uptake by histamine in dog submandibular gland slices

De-Matteis, F.; Gibbs, A.H., 1975:
Stimulation of the pathway of porphyrin synthesis in the liver of rats and mice by griseofulvin 3 5 di ethoxycarbonyl 1 4 di hydro collidine and related drugs evidence for 2 basically different mechanisms

Emmers R., 1985:
Stimulation of the periaqueductal gray subdues sensitized pain in morphine dependent and meperidine dependent rats

Beleslin, D.B.; Samardzic, R., 1976:
Stimulation of the peristaltic reflex by sodium chloride in guinea pig isolated ileum

Delaveau, P.; Lallouette, P.; Tessier, A.M., 1980:
Stimulation of the phagocytic activity of R.E.S. by plant extracts

Perlik, F., 1976:
Stimulation of the phagocytic activity of the res in adjuvant arthritis in the rat

Seryczynska, H.; Kamionek, M., 1977:
Stimulation of the phagocytic cells of galleria mellonella by microorganisms

Mori, K.J.; Izumi, H.; Seto, A., 1981:
Stimulation of the proliferation of hemopoietic stem cells in irradiated bone marrow cell culture

Gospodarowicz D.; Cohen D.C.; Massoglia S.L., 1983:
Stimulation of the proliferation of the madin darby canine kidney epithelial cell line by high density lipo proteins and their induction of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity

Wu, J.M.; Cheung, C.P.; Suhadolnik, R.J., 1978:
Stimulation of the protein synthetic process by cyclic amp and hexose phosphates in gel filtered rabbit reticulocyte lysates

Guerini D.; Krebs J.; Carafoli E., 1984:
Stimulation of the purified erythrocyte calcium atpase by tryptic fragments of calmodulin

Minami S., 1984:
Stimulation of the raphe nuclei produces electroencephalographic spikes in the hippocampus of the normal rabbit

Demin A.A.; Lebedev V.P., 1985 :
Stimulation of the recovery processes in peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum

Nilsen Hamilton M.; Hamilton R.T.; Allen W.R.; Massoglia S.L., 1981:
Stimulation of the release of 2 glyco proteins from mouse 3t3 cells by growth factors and agents that increase intra lysosomal ph

Takano, Y.; Imai, K.; Tanaka, A.; Fujimori, K.; Yamada, M.; Yamamoto, K., 1984:
Stimulation of the release of lysosomal and nonlysosomal granular enzymes from macrophages treated with monensin

Tanaka A.; Nagao S.; Nagao R.; Kotani S.; Shiba T.; Kusumoto S., 1979:
Stimulation of the res of mice by muramyl di peptide

Lichtenstein, A., 1987:
Stimulation of the respiratory burst of murine peritoneal inflammatory neutrophils by conjugation with tumor cells

Filyukova O.B.; Snastina T.I.; Belotskii S.M.; Marchuk A.I.; Timin E.N.; Bazanova E.B., 1987:
Stimulation of the respiratory burst of neutrophils of healthy donors by different concentrations of staphylococcus aureus

Oi, S.; Uamamoto, T., 1979:
Stimulation of the rhodanese ec formation in trametes sanguinea by glycyl glycine

Humphray H.P.; Coote J.E.; Skidmore I.F., 1980:
Stimulation of the secretion of plasminogen activator from activated murine macrophages by micro tubule disrupting agents and deuterium oxide

Bratcher R.L.; Kanik Ennulat C.L.; Logue P.J.; Dunham P.B., 1983:
Stimulation of the sodium potassium pump in lk sheep erythrocytes by immuno globulin fragments

Erlij, D.; Grinstein, S., 1976:
Stimulation of the sodium pump by azide and high internal sodium: changes in the number of pumping sites and turnover rate

Venosa, R.A., 1978:
Stimulation of the sodium pump by hypotonic solutions in skeletal muscle

Kiwerski, J., 1986:
Stimulation of the spinal cord in the treatment of traumatic injuries of cervical spine

Schreurs, B.G., 1988:
Stimulation of the spinal trigeminal nucleus supports classical conditioning of the rabbit's nictitating membrane response

Guitton, D.; Crommelinck, M.; Roucoux, A., 1980:
Stimulation of the superior colliculus in the alert cat 1. eye movements and neck electro myographic activity evoked when the head is restrained

Roucoux, A.; Guitton, D.; Crommelinck, M., 1980:
Stimulation of the superior colliculus in the alert cat 2. eye and head movements evoked when the head is unrestrained

Krisch, H.M.; Van-Houwe, G., 1976:
Stimulation of the synthesis of bacterio phage t 4 gene 32 protein by uv light irradiation

Kumar, S.; Das, D.K.; Dorfman, A.E.; Asato, N., 1977:
Stimulation of the synthesis of hepatic fatty acid synthesizing enzymes of hypophysectomized rats by 3 5 3 l tri iodo thyronine

Nabeshima Y I.; Ogata K., 1980:
Stimulation of the synthesis of ribosomal proteins in regenerating rat liver with special reference to the increase in the amounts of effective messenger rna for ribosomal proteins

Bolton N.J.; Ruokonen A.O.; Vihko R.K., 1985:
Stimulation of the synthesis of steroids and steroid sulfates in human testicular tissue in vitro by human chorionic gonadotropin and by 8 bromocyclic amp

Rosoff P.M.; Cantley L.C., 1985:
Stimulation of the t 3 t cell receptor associated calcium influx enhances the activity of the sodium hydrogen exchanger in a leukemic human t cell line

Chocholová, L.; Kolínová, M.; Fischer, J., 1977:
Stimulation of the thalamus and its effect on electrographic manifestations of the brain in unrestrained rats

Kim J J.P.; Mehler A.H., 1981:
Stimulation of the transfer reaction of aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases by cations

Fredricks, W.W.; Gehl, J.M., 1971:
Stimulation of the transhydrogenase activity of spinach d ferredoxin nadp reductase by ferredoxin

Cox, G.S.; Weissbach, H., 1975:
Stimulation of the uptake of soluble proteins into isolated hela nuclei by pancreatic dnase

Mikhlin E.D.; Radina V.P.; Konovalov S.A.; Vorotilo S.P.; Sarishvili N.G.; Reitblat B.B.; Perfil'ev G.D.; Gudkov S.A.; Gudkov A.V., 1984:
Stimulation of the yeasts and lactic acid bacteria growth by hydrolysates of candida guilliermondii and saccharomyces vini cells

Bagheri, S.A.; Bolt, M.G.; Boyer, J.L.; Palmer, R.H., 1978:
Stimulation of thymidine incorporation in mouse liver and biliary tract epithelium by litho cholate and deoxy cholate

Braeuer R.; Danz M.; Urban H.; Waldmann G., 1979:
Stimulation of thymocytes in vitro by serum of 2 acetylamino fluorene treated rats

Burk, M.W.; Yu, S.; Burk, K.R.; Mckhann, C.F., 1977:
Stimulation of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes by tumor cells in culture

Skelly R.R.; Munkenbeck P.; Morrison D.C., 1979:
Stimulation of thymus derived cell independent antibody responses by hapten lipo poly saccharides without repeating polymeric structure

Bergholtz, B.; Albrechtsen, D.; Thorsby, E., 1977:
Stimulation of thymus derived lymphocytes by autologous nonthymus derived lymphoid cells participation of hl a d

Guglielmi P.; Preud'homme J.L., 1980:
Stimulation of thymus derived lymphocytes by protein a from staphylococcus aureus in bone marrow derived chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Atkinson S.; Kendall Taylor P., 1981:
Stimulation of thyroid hormone secretion in vitro by thyroid stimulating antibodies

Gorowski, T.; Bednarski, A., 1974:
Stimulation of thyroid iodine uptake with thyrotropin

Schneider, P.B., 1970:
Stimulation of thyroidal phospho lipid turnover by osmotic shock

Fedotov V.P.; Komolov I.S.; Peres Arce K.A.; Morozova L.G., 1980:
Stimulation of thyrotropin production by estradiol in adeno hypophyseal cell cultures from intact and ovariectomized rats

Imamura J.; Harada H., 1981:
Stimulation of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun pollen embryogenesis by anaerobic treatments

Zatsepina G.N.; Kolomiets A.A., 1988:
Stimulation of tradescantia action potential with electric current

Mcgahan M.C.; Bentley P.J., 1982:
Stimulation of trans epithelial sodium and chloride transport by ascorbic acid induction of sodium channels in inhibited by amiloride

Rizzo, P.J.; Pedersen, K.; Cherry, J.H., 1977:
Stimulation of transcription by a soluble factor isolated from soybean hypocotyl by 2 4 d affinity chromatography

Grigor'ev, M.Iu.; Kol'tover, V.K., 1987:
Stimulation of transcription in mouse liver cells by nitrogen oxide free radicals

Gronostajski, R.M.; Knox, J.; Berry, D.; Miyamoto, N.G., 1988:
Stimulation of transcription in vitro by binding sites for nuclear factor I

Ringuette M.; Liu W.C.; Jay E.; Y.K.K Y.; Krause M.O., 1979:
Stimulation of transcription of chromatin by specific small nuclear rna

Vasil'ev Y.M.; Moizhess T.G., 1982:
Stimulation of transplantability of tumor cells in connective tissue cells capsule around a polymeric plate

Biddle, C., 1976:
Stimulation of transplanted 3 methyl cholanthrene induced sarcomas in mice by specific immune and by normal serum

Oza H.; Meanock S.J.; Davies A.G., 1982:
Stimulation of transport of alpha amino iso butyric acid into the testes of immature mice in vivo by fsh

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Stimulation of tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid release by calcium chelators in synaptosomes

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Stimulation of tumor cell growth in vitro: a critical evaluation of immunologic specificity

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Stimulation of uric acid release from the perfused rat liver by platelet activating factor or potassium

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Stimulation of ventilation by warfarin

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Stimulation of ventromedial hypothalamus induces cold defense responses in conscious rabbits

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Stimulation of virginal oviposition by male factor and its effect on spontaneous nervous activity in Bombyx mori

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Stimulation of vitellogenin synthesis in the rhodnius prolixus male by a juvenile hormone mimetic

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Stimulation of vitellogenin uptake in stage IV xenopus oocytes by treatment with chorionic gonadotropin in vitro

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Stimulation of volume flow and ion flux by abscisic acid in excised root systems of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar redland pioneer

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Stimulation of weak acid uptake and increase in cell sap ph as evidence for fusicoccin induced and potassium induced cytosol alkalinization

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Buntrock, P.; Jentzsch, K.D.; Heder, G., 1982:
Stimulation of wound healing using brain extract with fibroblast growth factor activity 2. histological and morphometric examination of cells and capillaries

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Stimulation of yeast phospho fructo kinase ec activity by fructose 2 6 bis phosphate

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Stimulation of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial protein synthesis by post polysomal supernatants from yeast rat liver and escherichia coli

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Stimulation on mixed function oxidation by nadph in perfused mouse livers studies with saponin permeabilized tissue

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Stimulation or blocking of the periurethral region an enlarging of conservative therapeutic management in urgency and urge incontinence

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Stimulation or inhibition of interferon production depending on time of cyclo heximide administration

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Stimulation produced analgesia and suppression of behavior in the rat

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Stimulation produced analgesia in rats assessment by 2 pain tests and correlation with self stimulation

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Stimulation rate modulates effects of the dihydropyridine cgp 28392 4 2 difluoromethoxyphenyl 1 4 5 7 tetrahydro 2 methyl 5 oxofuro 3 4 b pyridine 3 carboxylate on cardiac calcium dependent action potentials

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Stimulation rate of lithium powered pacemakers in the event of battery depletion

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Stimulation retards teeth eruption and eye opening in the rat

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Stimulation seeking and hyperactivity in young children

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Stimulation techniques and response characteristics of the M and F waves and H reflex in dogs

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Stimulation test of the adeno hypophysis with arginine gonadotropin releasing hormone and thyrotropin releasing hormone in 45 xo patients with turners syndrome

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Stimulation test of urinary 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid for diagnosis of carcinoid syndrome due to carcinoid tumors deriving from the middle intestine

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Stimulation threshold studies and the effect of anti arrhythmic drugs

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Stimulation times in electrical excitation as dependent on the length of the excited units

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Stimulation upon intensive illumination of reversal electron flow from the acceptor to the donor part of photosystem ii

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Stimulation with autologous lympho blastoid cell lines lysis of epstein barr virus positive and epstein barr virus negative cell lines by 2 phenotypically distinguishable effector cell populations

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Stimulation with cerulein an analog of cholecystokinin octapeptide of tritiated spiroperidol binding after prolonged administration of neuroleptics

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Stimulation with dendritic cells decreases or obviates the cd4 positive helper cell requirement in cytotoxic t lymphocyte responses

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Stimulation with estrogen and progesterone of lhrh release from perifused adult female rat hypothalami correlation with the luteinizing hormone surge

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Stimulation with LH of progesterone production by rabbit corpora lutea in vitro

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Stimulative action of bentonite on serratia marcescens 3. sorption and catalysis as potential factors associated with stimulative action of bentonite

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Stimulative effect of barium on p amino hippurate transport in rat kidney cortical slices

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Stimulative effect of bovine serum albumin on the transport activity of serine in membrane vesicles from escherichia coli

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Stimulative effect of glia maturation factor and acetylcholine on active amino acid uptake and calcium magnesium atpase activity in nodose ganglia excised from adult rats

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Stimulative effect of guanylyl imido di phosphate on the vasopressin induced increment of osmotic water flow of the toad bladder

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Stimulative effect of nerve growth factor on alpha aminoisobutyric acid uptake and sodium potassium atpase activity in superior cervical sympathetic ganglia excised from adult rats

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Stimulative effect of potassium phosphate on infection of cucumber leaves by conidia of botrytis cinerea

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Stimulative effect of prostaglandins on production of hexosamine containing substances by cultured fibroblasts part 2 early effect of various prostaglandins at various doses

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Stimulative effect of serum on the growth of hela cells suppressed in a potassium deficient chemically defined medium

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Stimulative effect of somatostatin on cell proliferation in cultured chondrocytes

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Stimulative effect of some micro algae upon mycelial growth and fruitbody formation of agaricus bisporus

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Stimulative effects of elemental sulfur in the presence of ammonium on chile and broccoli growth in calcareous soils

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Stimulative effects of some fruit saps on development of gray mold disease on cucumber plant

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Stimulative effects of the various compounds on the acetic acid production by acetobacter pasteurianus no. 2 studies on the substances to stimulate acetic acid fermentation 9

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Stimulative effects on rhizogenesis in chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cuttings

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Stimulator and inhibitor amino acids of growth of corynebacterium sepedonicum in synthetic media

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Stimulator t cells and the regulation and growth factors produced in the murine mixed leukocyte reaction

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Stimulator with wireless energy transmission

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Stimulators and inhibitors of hepatic porphyrin formation in human sera

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Stimulators and inhibitors of lymphocyte DNA synthesis in supernatants from human lymphoid cell lines

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Stimulatory ability of human leukemic cells in the allogeneic mixed leukocyte reaction

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Stimulatory action of angiotensin II on water and electrolyte transport by the proximal colon of the rat

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Stimulatory action of Brassica oleracea var. sabauda (Savoy) on mycobacteria and mycobacterial infection

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Stimulatory action of gonadotropins and prostaglandins on cyclic amp production by isolated rat granulosa cells

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Stimulatory action of oxytocin on neurons of the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve

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Stimulatory action of sodium dodecyl sulfate on the lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase ec reaction in human plasma

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Stimulatory action of some chemical carcinogens on organ cultures of rat stomach

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Stimulatory action of verapamil on transport of organic acids in rat kidney cortical slices

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Stimulatory and cyto toxic activity on human adult and fetal lymphocytes by heterologous anti human fetal lymphocyte sera

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effect of carbon dioxide on the electrogenesis of plasmalemma in the root hair

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of cyclic AMP on lymphocytes from atopic children

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of estrogen on uterine DNA synthesis

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of glyceollin and iaa on sporulation and growth of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of guanine nucleotides on arginine vasotocin sensitive adenylate cyclase in the epithelial cell membranes of the bull frog rana catesbeiana bladder

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of guanyl 5 yl imido di phosphate on adenylate cyclase activity of cardiac sarcolemma

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of guanyl nucleotides on fat cell adenylate cyclase

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of human follicular fluid on amphibian rana pipiens oocyte maturation and ovulation in vitro

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of manganous and iron on epinephrine oxidation

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of ovarian steroids on gonadotropin secretion in ovariectomized rats after anterior hypothalamic de afferentation

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of progesterone on follicular development in the hypophysectomized fsh luteinizing hormone treated hamster

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of substance P on rat submandibular secretion

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Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of synthetic lhrh on reproductive activity of the male indian weaver bird ploceus philippinus

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Stimulatory and inhibitory reflexes from somatic receptors: effect on renin release

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Stimulatory and protective effects of benzodiazepines on gamma amino butyric acid receptors labeled with tritium labeled muscimol

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Stimulatory and radio protective laser light effect on experimental animals

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Stimulatory cells in the generation of t cell mediated cyto toxicity potent stimulation activity of a small radio resistant spleen cell population

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Stimulatory effect of 5 aza cytidine on 7s antibody production in rats

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Stimulatory effect of a gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist buserelin in in vitro and in vivo testosterone production by the frog rana esculenta testis

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Stimulatory effect of a sorbent on the biosynthesis of clavulanic acid by streptomyces clavuligerus atcc 27064

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Stimulatory effect of a traditional herbal medicine, Unkeito on LH-RH release

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Stimulatory effect of abscisic acid on the growth and development of cylindrocarpon destructans

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Stimulatory effect of acetylcholine on immunoreactive corticotropin releasing factor release form the rat hypothalamus in vitro

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Stimulatory effect of acid glyco peptide of ehrlich ascites tumor on cell multiplication

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Stimulatory effect of acute baclofen administration on human growth hormone secretion

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Stimulatory effect of adenosine on hepatic adenine nucleotide and energy charge levels in shocked rats

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Stimulatory effect of alloxan diabetes on the gluconeogenesis from alanine and glutamine in rabbit hepatocytes

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Stimulatory effect of ammonium on streptomycin formation by streptomyces griseus growing on a glucose minimal medium

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Stimulatory effect of an aminopeptidase inhibitor on human bone marrow granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells mediated by the interaction of t lymphocytes

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Stimulatory effect of an extract of mycobacterium tuberculosis on the blastogenesis of lymphocytes studied by the micro culture method

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Stimulatory effect of anna pavala sindhooram and its constituent iodo benzene on thyroxine biosynthesis in hypo thyroid rats

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Stimulatory effect of arginine on acetylglutamate synthesis in isolated mitochondria of mouse and rat liver

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Stimulatory effect of aspartic acid on colistin production by bacillus polymyxa

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Stimulatory effect of bestatin a new specific inhibitor of amino peptidases on the blastogenesis of guinea pig lymphocytes

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Stimulatory effect of beta estradiol treatment on alpha amino butyric acid degradative enzymes within rat cerebellar cortex

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Stimulatory effect of bile acids on insulin induced choleresis in the rat

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Stimulatory effect of bleomycin on the synthesis of acidic glycosamino glycans in cultured fibroblasts derived from rat carrageenan granuloma

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Stimulatory effect of blood platelet factor(s) on glycolysis in cell cultures

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Stimulatory effect of brussels sprouts and cabbage on human drug metabolism

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Stimulatory effect of calcitonin on calcium excretion into bile of thyro parathyroidectomized rats

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Stimulatory effect of calcium on photo activation of the water oxidation system in dark grown spruce picea abies chloroplasts

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Stimulatory effect of certain plant sphingolipids on fruiting of Schizophyllum commune

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Stimulatory effect of ceruloplasmin ec on hemolysis caused by the action of xanthine oxidase ec on acetaldehyde

Lovstad R.A., 1982:
Stimulatory effect of ceruloplasmin on iron ii induced oxidation of oxy hemo globin

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Stimulatory effect of chlorpromazine on prolactin secretion in anencephalic infants

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Stimulatory effect of cisplatin on production of lipid peroxidation in renal tissues

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Stimulatory effect of clebopride on human prolactin secretion

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Stimulatory effect of cold adaptation on glucose utilization by brown adipose tissue. Relationship with changes in the glucose transporter system

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Stimulatory effect of corticotropin on cortisol biosynthetic pathway in guinea pig adreno cortical cells

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Stimulatory effect of cyanide on aniline p hydroxylation in rat liver microsomes

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Stimulatory effect of cyclodextrins on the production of lankacidin group antibiotics by streptomyces species

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Stimulatory effect of di hydroxyphenyl compounds on the aero tolerance of spirillum volutans and campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni

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Stimulatory effect of dietary lipid and cholestyramine on hepatic 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase

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Stimulatory effect of estradiol on paraventricular and arcuate nuclei in the hypothalamus of adult and old female rats

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Stimulatory effect of ethanol on gluconeogenesis from lactate in the isolated liver cells of the eel anguilla japonica

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Stimulatory effect of exogenous catecholamines on plasma human growth hormone concentrations in presence of beta adrenergic blockade

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Stimulatory effect of follicle stimulating hormone in vitro on the extracellularly active cyclic amp phospho di esterase in the pre pubertal rat ovary

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Stimulatory effect of fusicoccin on growth and rnase ec activity in spirodela oligorrhiza

Ivanovskii-Yu, A.; Kulinich, N.M., 1980:
Stimulatory effect of gamma radiation and alkylating agents on artemia salina 3. incorporation of tritiated thymidine and tritiated uridine into artemia salina gamma irradiated or treated with 2 4 bis di azo acetyl butane at the stage of embryonal diapause

Ivanovskii-Yu, A., 1980 :
Stimulatory effect of gamma radiation and alkylating agents on the branchiopod artemia salina 1. increase in the life span of artemia salina after irradiation of eggs or treatment with alkylating agents

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Stimulatory effect of glucagon and di butyryl cyclic amp specifically on the sodium independent amino acid transport of chang liver cell

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Stimulatory effect of glucose 6 phosphate on the non mitochondrial calcium uptake in permeabilized hepatocytes and calcium release by inositol trisphosphate

Ben Hayyim G.; Neumann H., 1983:
Stimulatory effect of glycerol on growth and somatic embryogenesis in citrus callus cultures

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Stimulatory effect of ionophores on cyclic amp content in human mononuclear leukocytes

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Stimulatory effect of metoclopramide on the esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter of patients with progressive systemic sclerosis

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Stimulatory effect of n alkanes on ctp choline phosphate cytidyl transferase ec activity in rat liver microsomal membranes in vitro

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Stimulatory effect of pentobarbital and some anesthetics on gastric secretion in the continuously perfused stomach in rats under urethane anesthesia

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Stimulatory effect of poly d lysine on the onset of mitosis of g 2 cells of allium sativum root meristem

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Stimulatory effect of prostaglandins on the production of hexosamine containing substances by cultured fibroblasts part 3 induction of hyaluronic acid synthetase by prostaglandin f 2 alpha

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Stimulatory effect of reduced temperatures in the cultivation of potatoes under artificial conditions

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Stimulatory effect of some anti metabolites on the rooting response of hypocotyl cuttings of impatiens balsamina

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Stimulatory effect of substance p on the spontaneous release of newly synthesized tritiated dopamine from rat striatal slices a tetrodotoxin sensitive process

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Stimulatory effect of the herbicide 2 4 d on the heterotrophic microbial community in 3 fish ponds

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Stimulatory effect of the intestinal peptide phi peptide histidine iso leucine on glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis in isolated rat hepatocytes

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Stimulatory effect of theophylline on regulation of fetal breathing movements

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Stimulatory effect of Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase on the antibody response to various antigens

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Stimulatory effect of vitamin A on tumoricidal activity of rat alveolar macrophages

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Stimulatory effect on bone repair of a bone digest obtained from medium conditioned by chicken osteoclasts and rat bone fragments

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Stimulatory effects of 2 4 d and of 1 naphthyl acetic acid on sucrose level invertase activity and sucrose utilization in the latex of hevea brasiliensis d

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Stimulatory effects of 5 beta di hydro testosterone on the sexual behavior in the domestic chick

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Stimulatory effects of aluminum on tea plants camellia sinensis grown under low and high phosphorus supply

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Stimulatory effects of androgens on normal children's bone marrow in culture effects on erythroid burst forming units erythroid colony forming units and uroporphyrinogen i synthase activity

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Stimulatory effects of carbenicillin and ticarcillin on the adhesion and spreading of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Stimulatory effects of epidermal growth factor on dna synthesis in the gastrointestinal tract of the suckling mouse

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Stimulatory effects of fibronectin and EGF on migration of corneal epithelial cells

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Stimulatory effects of gamma radiation and alkylating agents on artemia salina 2. effects of gamma radiation and chemical mutagens on the growth of artemia salina

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Stimulatory effects of induced phagocytosis on the function of isolated thyroid cells

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Stimulatory effects of substance p and nerve growth factor on neurite outgrowth in embryonic chick dorsal root ganglia

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Stimulatory factor for transfer rna amino acylation possible product of modifier genes in drosophila melanogaster

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Stimulatory feedback action of estradiol and estrone on luteinizing hormone release in the ovariectomized rat roles different between limbic system and preoptic area

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Stimulatory influence of medroxyprogesterone acetate on the activity of sebaceous glands in the male rat

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Stimulatory protein kinase modulator the cation binding protein and megamodulin 1. binding cations in equilibrium dialysis

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Stimulatory protein kinase modulator the magnesium ion binding protein and magmodulin

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Stimulus control of free operant avoidance the contribution of response rate and incentive relations between multiple schedule components

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Stimulus control of hyperactivity

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Stimulus control of information processing in pigeon short term memory

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Stimulus control of responding by response reinforcer temporal contiguity

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Stimulus control of the pigeon's ability to peck a moving target

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Stimulus definition in conditional discriminations

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Stimulus dependent blockade of rana ridibunda sodium channels in the node of ranvier membrane by the quaternary anti arrhythmic agent n propyl ajmaline neo gilurytmal

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Stimulus dependent color specificity of monkey lateral geniculate neurons

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Stimulus dimensionality and infants' perceived movement in depth

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Stimulus dimensions or stimulus aspects a comparison of both concepts by similarity judgments

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Stimulus discriminability and conditioning history effects on response summation

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Stimulus discrimination in the diencephalon of Eigenmannia: the emergence and sharpening of a sensory filter

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Stimulus duration and conditioned reinforcing value measured by a learning tests procedure

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Stimulus duration as a measure of stimulus generalization

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Stimulus duration discrimination in the rabbit effects of hippocampectomy on discrimination and reversal learning

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Stimulus effects of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and its interaction with naltrexone and catecholamine blockers in rats

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Stimulus effects of intra venous lisuride in rhesus monkeys

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Stimulus effects of morphine in the monkey saimiri sciureus quantitative analysis of antagonism

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Stimulus effects on protein and electrolyte concentrations in parotid saliva

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Stimulus elicited investigation in apo morphine treated gerbils meriones unguiculatus

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Stimulus encoding by mentally retarded and nonretarded adults

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Stimulus enhancement dealing with stimulus compounding in systematic de sensitization

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Stimulus evoked and seizure related responses of extracellular calcium activity in spinal cord compared to those in cerebral cortex

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Stimulus evoked efflux of gamma aminobutyric acid from preloaded slices of the rabbit oviduct

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Stimulus evoked oral automatisms in the locked in syndrome

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