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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6485

Chapter 6485 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Betteridge D.J., 1986: Stimulus induced release of endogenous catecholamines from human washed platelets

Meyer J., 1986: Stimulus induced vulnerability in the early and late postinfarction phase

Slangen J.L., 1983: Stimulus information and habituation of the visual event related potential and the skin conductance reaction under task relevance conditions

Schulze, H. H.; Schuster, B., 1977: Stimulus information and processing time in pitch perception

Wilkie, D. M., 1987: Stimulus intensity affects pigeons' timing behavior implications for an internal clock model

Zielinski, K.; Walasek, G., 1977: Stimulus intensity and conditioned suppression magnitude dependence upon the type of comparison and stage of training

Nissen, M. J., 1977: Stimulus intensity and information processing

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484007

Knott, V. J.; Venables, P. H., 1978: Stimulus intensity control and the cortical evoked response in smokers and nonsmokers

Jakubowska, E.; Zielinski, K., 1978: Stimulus intensity effects on acute extinction of the conditioned emotional response in rats

Swezey, R. W., 1977: Stimulus intensity effects upon recall and retention

Shucard, D. W.; Shucard, J. L., 1978: Stimulus intensity expectation and visual evoked brain potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484012

Dragutinovich S., 1987: Stimulus intensity reducers are they sensation seekers extraverts and strong nervous types?

Van Epps D.E., 1985: Stimulus interactions in release of superoxide anion from human neutrophils further evidence for multiple pathways of activation

Alford, G. S.; Turner, S. M., 1976: Stimulus interference and conditioned inhibition of auditory hallucinations

Crews S.J., 1986: Stimulus investigative range in the perimetry of retinitis pigmentosa some preliminary findings

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484017

Yaniv H., 1985: Stimulus location in egocentric space as a determinant of apparent visual size

Monahan, J. S.; Steronko, R. J., 1977: Stimulus luminance and dich optic pattern masking

Striefel S., 1987: Stimulus manipulation versus delayed feedback for teaching missing minuend problems to difficult to teach students

Nahinsky, I. D.; Oeschger, D. E.; O'leary, D., 1977: Stimulus memory and contextual cues in the abstraction process

Nelson K., 1979: Stimulus mode and concept formation in preschool children

Eisenberg H.M., 1985: Stimulus offset p 3 and temporal resolution of uncertainty

Haines E., 1983: Stimulus omission and dis habituation of the skin conductance response

Packer J.S., 1987: Stimulus omission and dishabituation of the electrodermal orienting response the allocation of processing resources

Barry R.J., 1984: Stimulus omission and the orienting response

O'gorman J.G., 1987: Stimulus omission and the orienting response latency differences suggest different mechanisms

Wilhelm, H.; Lovaas, O. I., 1976: Stimulus over selectivity a common feature in autism and mental retardation

Salzberg C.L., 1982: Stimulus over selectivity in a match to sample paradigm by severely retarded youth

Freeman B.J., 1984: Stimulus over selectivity in autistic and mentally retarded children a research note

Gersten R., 1983: Stimulus over selectivity in autistic trainable mentally retarded and nonhandicapped children comparative research controlling chronological rather than mental age

Lancioni G.E., 1985: Stimulus overselectivity in trainable mentally retarded children establishing functional control of simultaneous multiple stimuli

Neff D.L., 1985: Stimulus parameters governing confusion effects in forward masking

Gruhn J.J., 1984: Stimulus parameters that produce age differences in block design performance

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484035

Putney J.W.Jr, 1980: Stimulus permeability coupling in rat lacrimal gland

Anisman H., 1985: Stimulus perseveration in a water maze following exposure to controllable and uncontrollable shock

Falk, J. L.; Kline, D. W., 1978: Stimulus persistence in critical flicker fusion over arousal or under activation

Silverstein, M. L.; Ebner, E., 1976: Stimulus position as an encoding variable in brief visual presentations

Schwantes, F. M., 1978: Stimulus position functions in tachistoscopic identification tasks scanning rehearsal and order of report

Fagen J.W., 1984: Stimulus preference and its effect on visual habituation and dis habituation in 4 month old infants/

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484042

Fagen J.W., 1980: Stimulus preference reinforcer effectiveness and relational responding in infants

White K.G., 1985: Stimulus presentation frequency in brightness discrimination and generalization a test of adaptation level and signal detection interpretations

Clifton R.K., 1982: Stimulus presentation probability influences new borns head orientation to sound

Pachella, R. G.; Miller, J. O., 1976: Stimulus probability and same different classification

Callahan M.F., 1979: Stimulus processing and stimulus selection in rats with hippocampal lesions

Van Eijndhoven J.H.M., 1986: Stimulus processing during apparent unconsciousness in anesthetized volunteers

Moller A.R., 1987: Stimulus properties influencing the responses of inferior colliculus neurons to amplitude modulated sounds

Patrick G., 1988: Stimulus properties of 1 3 4 methylenedioxyphenyl 2 aminopropane mda analogs

Mcbennett S.T., 1980: Stimulus properties of anti depressants in the rat

Glennon R.A., 1987: Stimulus properties of benzodiazepines correlations with binding affinities therapeutic potency and structure activity relationships sar

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484053

Millard W.J., 1979: Stimulus properties of conspecific behavior

Schechter, M. D., 1978: Stimulus properties of dextro amphetamine as compared to levo amphetamine

Buchman, I.; Zeiler, M. D., 1975: Stimulus properties of fixed interval responses

Winter, J. C., 1978: Stimulus properties of phenethylamine hallucinogens and lsd the role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484058

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484059

Mcmath E., 1985: Stimulus pulse number effect on lingual vibrotactile thresholds

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484061

Stevens, D. A.; Wixon, D. R., 1976: Stimulus quality and assessments of relative importance of positive stimulus and negative stimulus

Mcbride R.L., 1985: Stimulus range influences intensity and hedonic ratings of flavor

Reeder R., 1983: Stimulus range number of categories and the virtual exponent

Raichle M.E., 1984: Stimulus rate dependence of regional cerebral blood flow in human striate cortex demonstrated by positron emission tomography

Yantareva L.I., 1979: Stimulus recognition as a factor of formation of the effective properties of a signal

Thornton A.R.D., 1987: Stimulus recording and subject factors influencing abr diagnostic criteria

Kowalik P.A., 1988: Stimulus recycling and ring disk masking

Jahnke, J. C.; Nowaczyk, R. H.; Wozniak, W., 1976: Stimulus redundancy and immediate recall

Atnip, G. W., 1977: Stimulus reinforcer and response reinforcer contingencies in autoshaping operant classical and omission training procedures in rats

Ayres J.J.B., 1979: Stimulus reinforcer and response reinforcer relations in the control of conditioned appetitive head poking goal tracking in rats

Schwartz, B., 1978: Stimulus reinforcer contingencies and local behavioral contrast

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484073

Kanoh M., 1983: Stimulus repetition and an amplitude increase of the occipital late positive component in the human visual evoked potential

Thierjung C., 1986: Stimulus requirements for pregnancy initiation in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus change with time of mating during the receptive period

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484076

Buntin, J. D., 1977: Stimulus requirements for squab induced crop sac growth and nest occupation in ring doves streptopelia risoria

Ichikawa R., 1981: Stimulus response characteristics of fast adapting units in the mandibular lingual mucosa of the cat

Ichikawa R., 1982: Stimulus response characteristics of fast adapting units in the mandibular mucosa of the cat

Mcclain L., 1983: Stimulus response compatibility affects auditory stroop interference

Miller J., 1982: Stimulus response compatibility and the motor system

Whitaker L.A., 1980: Stimulus response compatibility effect in left right discriminations

Feinstein M.H., 1987: Stimulus response compatibility in the programming of speech

Brebner J., 1983: Stimulus response compatibility the relative effects of relevant spatial and nonspatial variables

Lamkin G.E., 1988: Stimulus response coupling in fresh and stored granulocytes

Bianca, V. D.; Bellavite, P.; De-Togni, P.; Fumarulo, R.; Rossi, F., 1983: Stimulus response coupling in human neutrophils 1. role of monovalent cations in the respiratory and secretory response to n formylmethionylleucylphenyl alanine

De-Togni, P.; Bianca, V. D.; Bellavite, P.; Grzeskowiak, M.; Rossi, F., 1983: Stimulus response coupling in human neutrophils 2. relationships between the effects of changes of external ionic composition on the properties of n formylmethionylleucylphenyl alanine receptors and on the respiratory and secretory responses

Rink T.J., 1984: Stimulus response coupling in human platelets changes evoked by platelet activating factor in cytoplasmic free calcium monitored with the fluorescent calcium indicator quin 2

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484089

Weissmann G., 1983: Stimulus response coupling in sponge cell aggregation evidence for calcium as an intra cellular messenger

Mccrohan C.R., 1987: Stimulus response coupling in the contraction of tentacles of the suctorian protozoon heliophrya erhardi

Korchak, H. M.; Rutherford, L. E.; Weissmann, G., 1984: Stimulus response coupling in the human neutrophil 1. kinetic analysis of changes in calcium permeability

Korchak, H. M.; Vienne, K.; Rutherford, L. E.; Wilkenfeld, C.; Finkelstein, M. C.; Weissmann, G., 1984: Stimulus response coupling in the human neutrophil 2. temporal analysis of changes in cytosolic calcium and calcium efflux

Rutherford L.E., 1984: Stimulus response coupling in the human neutrophil differential requirements for receptor occupancy in neutrophil responses to a chemo attractant

Weissmann G., 1982: Stimulus response coupling in the human neutrophil the role of anion fluxes in de granulation

Weissmann G., 1980: Stimulus response coupling in the human neutrophil trans membrane potential and the role of extracellular sodium ion

Barger A.C., 1987: Stimulus response curve of the renal baroreceptor effect of converting enzyme inhibition and changes in salt intake

Barer, G. R.; Howard, P.; Shaw, J. W., 1970: Stimulus response curves for the pulmonary vascular bed to hypoxia and hypercapnia

Cassidy S.S., 1984: Stimulus response curves of the lung inflation cardio depressor reflex

Knibestol, M., 1973: Stimulus response functions of rapidly adapting mechano receptors in the human glabrous skin area

Knibestol, M., 1975: Stimulus response functions of slowly adapting mechano receptors in the human glabrous skin area

Harrison, M. R.; Paul, W. E., 1973: Stimulus response in the mixed lymphocyte reaction

Lea S.E.G., 1984: Stimulus response overshadowing effects of signaled reward on instrumental responding as measured by response rate and resistance to change

Walker W.I., 1982: Stimulus response profile analysis a comprehensive quantitative approach to the study of sensory coding and information processing

Satoh T., 1985: Stimulus response relation of tooth pulp units in rat trigeminal nucleus

Byrne, J. H.; Castellucci, V. F.; Carew, T. J.; Kandel, E. R., 1978: Stimulus response relations and stability of mechano receptor and motor neurons mediating defensive gill withdrawal reflex in aplysia

Hahn, J. F., 1971: Stimulus response relationships in 1st order sensory fibers from cat vibrissae

Bartoletti M., 1979: Stimulus response relationships in a quickly learned escape from shock effects of morphine

Mayer M.S., 1983: Stimulus response relationships of insect olfaction correlations among neuro physiological and behavioral measures of response

Szczechura J., 1979: Stimulus response spatial contiguity vs stimulus response spatial discontiguity in auditory spatial tasks part 1 acquisition by normal dogs

Seno, M., 1977: Stimulus response theory of membranes

Vargas L.G., 1987: Stimulus response with reciprocal kernels the rise and fall of sensation

Berg W.K., 1986: Stimulus rise time intensity and bandwidth effects on acoustic startle amplitude and probability

Degen Horowitz F., 1986: Stimulus salience and relational task performance

Lines C.R., 1983: Stimulus sampling and the use of distal visual cues in rats with lesions of the superior colliculus

Sasek, J.; Fargo, M. A., 1976: Stimulus satiation alternation in rats as a function of varied choice point exposures

Scarpa A., 1986: Stimulus secretion coupling in bovine parathyroid cells dissociation between secretion and net changes in cytosolic calcium

Schneider, A. S.; Herz, R.; Rosenheck, K., 1977: Stimulus secretion coupling in chromaffin cells isolated from bovine adrenal medulla

Adams M., 1987: Stimulus secretion coupling in cultured chromaffin cells dependency on external sodium and on dihydropyridine sensitive calcium channels

Desy Audet L., 1981: Stimulus secretion coupling in exocrine pancreas possible role of calmodulin

Heisler S., 1981: Stimulus secretion coupling in exocrine pancreas role of protein carboxy methylation

Sonenberg M., 1981: Stimulus secretion coupling in isolated adrenal chromaffin cells calcium channel activation and possible role of cytoskeletal elements

Baker P.F., 1983: Stimulus secretion coupling in isolated bovine adrenal medullary cells

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484124

Kanno, T.; Nishimura, O., 1976: Stimulus secretion coupling in pancreatic acinar cells inhibitory effects of calcium removal and manganese addition on pancreozymin induced amylase release

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484126

Paterson B.M., 1982: Stimulus secretion coupling in rat mast cells inactivation of extracellular calcium dependent secretion

Singh M., 1980: Stimulus secretion coupling in rat pancreas role of sodium calcium and cyclic nucleotides studied by x 537a and brx 537a

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484129

Putney, J. W-Jr ; Vandewalle, C. M.; Leslie, B. A., 1978: Stimulus secretion coupling in the rat lacrimal gland

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Owen, A.; Sener, A.; Malaisse, W. J., 1983: Stimulus secretion coupling of glucose induced insulin release 51. divalent cations and atpase activity in pancreatic islets

Malaisse W.J., 1980: Stimulus secretion coupling of glucose induced insulin release effect of intra cellular acidification upon calcium efflux from islet cells

Malaisse, W. J.; Sener, A.; Koser, M.; Herchuelz, A., 1976: Stimulus secretion coupling of glucose induced insulin release metabolism of alpha d glucose and beta d glucose in isolated islets

Malaisse W.J., 1979: Stimulus secretion coupling of glucose induced insulin release part 19 regulation of rubidium 86 efflux from perifused islets

Malaisse W.J., 1982: Stimulus secretion coupling of glucose induced insulin release thiol di sulfide balance in pancreatic islets

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Albano, J.; Bhoola, K. D.; Heap, P. F.; Lemon, M. J. C., 1976: Stimulus secretion coupling role of cyclic amp cyclic gmp and calcium in mediating enzyme kallikrein secretion in the submandibular gland

Grenier J.F., 1980: Stimulus secretion coupling role of cyclic gmp and calcium in the regulation of secretion from rat exocrine pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484142

Siegel, R. K., 1977: Stimulus selection and tracking during urination autoshaping directed behavior with toilet targets

Naatanen R., 1987: Stimulus selection during auditory spatial attention as expressed by event related potentials

Luongo, A. F., 1976: Stimulus selection in discriminative taste aversion learning in the rat

Spear N.E., 1984: Stimulus selection in passive avoidance learning and retention weanling periadolescent and young adult rats

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484148

Mclaughlin, F. J.; Deni, R.; Drake, D. I.; Borrebach, D. E.; Cavallaro, S. A., 1978: Stimulus self selection and the assessment of visual preferences in 4 month old infants

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484163

Ewert J P., 1988: Stimulus specific long term habituation of visually guided orienting behavior toward prey in toads a carbon 14 2dg study

Lindgren J.A., 1985: Stimulus specific neutrophil aggregation evaluation of possible mechanisms for the stimulus response apparatus

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484166

Garner W.R., 1981: Stimulus specific processing consequences of pattern goodness

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484172

Gold W.M., 1983: Stimulus specificity of the generation of leukotrienes by dog masto cytoma cells

Warzak W.J., 1981: Stimulus stringing by pigeons

Kresch J.A., 1983: Stimulus stringing by pigeons conditional strings

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484225

Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484226

Sheppard C., 1980: Stirofos impregnated cattle ear tags at 4 rates for horn fly haematobia irritans control

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484237

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484264

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Section 7, Chapter 6485, Accession 006484287

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